Costa Rica Howler INTERNATIONAL Magazine - July 2021

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SUMMER VACATION GAME PLAN Fun for Kids, Happy for You, Healthy for Your Business by Joanna Blanco

Welcome, July!


ids start their long summer vacations, likely feeling happy and free with the prospect of no school for six to eight weeks. But most business-owner parents will not have the same amount of vacation time. So that gives us two priorities for the school break: keep our business going and keep our kids busy. Here are some ideas that can help make sure your kids stay active, healthy, and happy.

1. Summer camps These are great solutions for parents with full-time jobs, no space in their office, or young kids that demand a lot of attention. There may be a variety of choices around your home area. Check out each place carefully, especially regarding safety. Try to find others who have sent their kids to the summer camps you have in mind. Ask for recommendations and answers to all your questions to make sure it’s the right place for your kids.