Costa Rica Howler Magazine - August 2020

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Can you reach your Expat Insurance Agent by Call or Text 7 Days a Week by Whatsapp or Skype? Find us at WhatsApp at 512-295-4976, we would love to chat and learn about you! Just ask around, chances are your friends know of us. Are you working with an Agent who is only offering One or Two Insurance Plans? A reputable Expat Insurance Agent should have years of experience and offer more than one insurance option. There is no such thing “as one size fits all” with international medical insurance. Is your agent offering a global health plan which forces a new member to wait 60-90 days before actually offering medical coverage? This is simply not feasible and rather insulting. Does your agent charge an application or agent fee? Offshore Health Benefits, Ltd has never charged an agent or application fee and the rates listed by the insurance carriers online, are the same rates we pass on to our clients. We are Third Party Advocate working on your behalf.

Does your agent provide a list of Medical Global Insurance companies who perform poorly and should not be sold on the open market? We do, and we are happy to send over a list of such companies which should not be allowed to sell anywhere in the world. Does your Agent have a specific plan if a claim is denied? What is that plan? Call our team, we will explain many options in the appeal process.

"At Offshore Health Benefits, we do things a little different and have thousands of clients throughout Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, and the Caribbean. Let's talk, it may be time." 112~| Robert, #searchfindhowl | online Licensed Team Member Serving Latin America & Caribbean

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