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2019 | Annual Report


Zoo staff helped remove


abandoned crab traps

in Texas to save one of the whooping cranes' favorite foods, blue crabs.

Photo: Chip Methvin, 2017


2 | New additions to the Houston Zoo family 4 | Protect and provide 6 | Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands opens 8 | Showcasing Texas conservation sucess 10 | Sharing our mission 11 | Pantanal partners visiting the Zoo

12 | South America's Pantanal 14 | Saving sea turtles in the wild 15 | Keeping plastic out of our oceans 16 | Houston Venom Conference 17 | Madagascar partner connects with Collegiate Conservation Program 18 | Houston Zoo wins top award for education

20 | Reducing waste to save wildlife 22 | After-hour events help save animals in the wild 24 | Donor Events 26 | Our partners and affiliates

28 | Charting our progress 30 | Annual gifts

As a supporter of the Houston Zoo, you are part of the movement to save wildlife. While the outlook for the natural world can sometimes seem dire, the whooping crane featured on the cover of our 2019 Annual Report should give you hope. In the 1940s, the whooping crane population dropped to just 15 individuals. Today, thanks to protection efforts, the population stands at more than 500 birds. This is a powerful reminder that by acting together, we can secure a bright future for animals in the wild. Like whooping cranes, bald eagles and American alligators have also been brought back from the brink of extinction; all three species— and their conservation success stories—are represented in Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands, which opened Memorial Day weekend. This was the first entirely new exhibit to be completed as part of our centennial master plan. The verdant space in the heart of our Zoo serves as a functional wetland, attracting local birds, toads, and butterflies. The new exhibit also helped draw more than 2.2 million guests to our

STRATEGIC PLAN PRIORITIES Look for these icons to learn how activities outlined

rapidly changing Zoo. In line with ensuring our Zoo is accessible to all

in the 2019 Annual Report contributed to specific

Houstonians, more than 356,000 of those guests visited with free or

priorities of the Strategic Plan for the Houston Zoo.

deeply discounted admission.

For more information, visit:

In 2019, new animal births and arrivals were plentiful. Newborns


included Echo the ring-tailed lemur, Frida the Baird’s tapir, Jack the Schmidt’s red-tailed monkey, Bobbie the giraffe, and two clouded leopard cubs. We also welcomed a trio of energetic male gorillas, TJ, Leom, and Henry. As you will read throughout this report, we were able to make









significant progress on every front of our strategic plan. From expanding our sea turtle rescue efforts to building award-winning education programs, your generosity was essential. To put it simply, our Houston Zoo would not be what it is today without you. Thank you for being part of the movement to save wildlife.

Lee Ehmke President and CEO

Stacy Methvin Chair, Board of Directors

2 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

New additions to the Houston Zoo family


30,000 trees

replanted in Borneo's palm oil plantations to create safe homes for clouded leopards in the wild.


While we work to provide the highest quality of life for every individual animal at the Zoo, we are committed to protecting their species in the wild.


2019 Annual Report | 3









4 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

NORTH AMERICA ENDOTHELIOTROPIC HERPES VIRUS (EEHV) WORKSHOP Houston Zoo hosted the 2019 workshop in late March, thanks to the efforts of the veterinary and elephant teams and support from many Zoo staff. The cross collaboration from this animal care and research community helps drive the efforts for finding a vaccine.



from four continents



lectures, labs, demos and discussion panel

This work supports our strategic goal to create and manage an adaptable, proactive animal care, health, and welfare program to ensure the best quality of life for each animal in the zoo.

2019 Annual Report | 5

Protect and provide EEHV CASE AT THE ZOO

Shortly after the EEHV workshop, our two-year-old elephant baby, Joy, tested positive for an EEHV virus. At the height of her illness, Joy showed significant clinical signs and received round-the-clock care from April 4 through April 12 from the keepers and the Zoo’s veterinary medical team. Her intensive treatment protocol included antiviral medications, blood and plasma transfusions, and other supportive therapies. The Houston Zoo also received tremendous support from colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine, with whom the Zoo has a long-term relationship, as well as the local and elephant community at-large. Methai elephant, our 50-year-old matriarch, willingly donated over 17 units of blood which contributed significantly to Joy’s survival.

The Houston Zoo wishes to thank the Duncan Foundation for their support of this program.

JONAH SEA LION CATARACT SURGERY As cataract surgery becomes more well known to our aging human population, it’s equally common for aging animals. So much so, that there's a team of specialists who travel the world performing cataract surgery on pinnipeds. This duo, anesthesiologist Dr. James Bailey and ophthalmologist Dr. Carmen Colitz, visited the Houston Zoo to work with the Zoo’s veterinary and sea lion teams to remove cataracts from Jonah’s eyes. Jonah isn’t your typical patient, he’s a more-than-400-pound, nearly 22-year-old senior California sea lion. During the six-hour-long procedure, Dr. Colitz performed a successful bilateral cataract removal surgery on Jonah. During the surgery, marble-sized clouded lenses were removed from each of Jonah’s eyes to improve his vision. Today, Jonah is fully recovered, and swimming and learning with the other sea lions at the Zoo. Guests can see Jonah and the other four California sea lions in the McGovern Marine Mammal Habitat.

6 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands opens In the heart of the Zoo on the site of the former duck pond, the Houston Zoo has created a true wild wetland. Designed with living plants to filter the water for the Texas Wetlands’ animal residents and to flood and slowly release water to the bayous during heavy rains, the habitat demonstrates the importance and resilience of this valuable environment. Guests can enjoy a boardwalk stroll and experience a close-up view of these beautiful animals that Texans have helped save from extinction.




The Texas Wetlands exhibit supports several strategic goals; building animal habitats that create closer connections with wildlife to provide an emotional experience, aligning the Zoo's brand and mission to deepen connections with community, and operating sustainably to benefit the environment.

2019 Annual Report | 7


The Houston Zoo prevents over

400,000 plastic pieces

from entering Texas waterways each year.

The Houston Zoo is protecting local wildlife by being single-use plastic bottle, bag and straw free.

8 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

KPRC SAVING TEXAS In 2019, the Zoo once again partnered with KPRC to produce an extraordinary Photo: Name/Caption

documentary, "Saving Wildlife: Texas."  During the one-hour special, Houstonians learned how the Zoo is working to save animals right here in Texas like the whooping crane, Attwater’s prairie chicken, Houston toad, bats, sea turtles and more.

“When you talk about transformation that's taking place in the City of Houston, it's taking place right here at the Houston Zoo.” — Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner May 24, 2019


The physical structure and ability to act as a true, working wetland supports the Zoo’s strategic goal to develop and implement innovative programs for sustainable resource use.

2019 Annual Report | 9

Showcasing Texas conservation success


Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands at the Houston Zoo opened to the public on May 24, just in time to kick off Memorial Day weekend. During the opening ceremony, Houston Zoo President and CEO Lee Ehmke and Mayor Sylvester Turner addressed a crowd of donors, City

Bald eagle

Councilmembers, board members, and media to share

Sally Ride was found by a game warden in Sallisaw, OK with an injured wing. Complications from her injury led to her being unable to fly. She came to the Houston Zoo from the Tulsa Zoo.

remarks about the importance of wetlands, and how the Zoo is growing and changing to support Houston’s diverse needs. Also, 40 school children from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School celebrated the opening by placing the final animals, amphipods, into the working wetland. Amphipods are microscopic crustaceans and are important to the diversity of the working Wetlands biome.

Whooping crane Heiden and Angel came to Houston from the International Crane Foundation’s breeding facility in Baraboo, WI.

American alligator Photo: Students from St. Francis of Assisi joined Lee Ehmke and Mayor Turner in introducing amphipods into the habitat during the grand opening celebration.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop are between 5 and 7 years old. Beverly and Jim Postl won the the honor of naming the trio at the annual Zoo Ball in April.

10 | Houston Zoo, Inc.



wild giant anteaters

fitted with GPS tracking devices.

The tracking info will inform future Pantanal wildlife protection plans.

Sharing our mission The Houston Zoo traveled to Brazil with KPRC Channel 2 documenting the work the Zoo is doing to save animals in the Pantanal. We are opening a new exhibit at the Zoo next year highlighting the magnificent wildlife of the Pantanal, which will also feature the Zoo’s work to protect the wild counterparts of the animals that will be in the exhibit. The team spent two days on the Rio Cuiabá in Brazil following jaguars and another “giant” we are working to protect in the wild: giant otters. The Houston Zoo Saving Wildlife in the Pantanal KPRC 2 documentary will give viewers a glimpse of what wildlife, like jaguars, they will encounter in the Zoo’s newest Pantanal wildlife exhibit, set to open in 2020. Photo: Houston Zoo Pantanal Conservation Associate, Gabriel Massocato uses radio telemetry equipment to find wild giant armadillos for the KRPC special.


The Houston Zoo's partnership with KPRC furthers our strategic goal of ensuring all our visitors and supporters understand how their visit to the Zoo helps save animals in the wild.

2019 Annual Report | 11


“Gabriel taught me a great deal about communication, culture, and conservation as a whole.” PANTANAL (54,000–62,000 sq mi)

GABRIEL MASSOCATO Giant Armadillo Project Biologist, Houston Zoo Pantanal Conservation Associate

Gabriel was a guest professor for the Collegiate Conservation Program. One student reflected on her time with Gabriel stating “Gabriel is a testament to the quality of partnerships that the Houston Zoo creates all over the world. I expected to learn about Brazil and giant armadillos, but in just a week Gabriel taught me a great deal about communication, culture, and conservation as a whole.”

DR. DANILO KLUYBER Head Veterinarian for the Giant Armadillo Project

Dr. Kluyber received hands-on clinical training with Houston Zoo veterinary staff assisting with procedures on local species like sea turtles so he can apply new skills and lessons to saving wildlife in Brazil. He also learned more about the medical records keeping system from the veterinary technicians.

12 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

South America’s Pantanal OPENING IN 2020

This new exhibit will allow guests to explore the tropical wetlands of Brazil right here at the Houston Zoo. The lush habitat will highlight animals we are working to protect in the wild, including giant anteaters, tapirs, and more. Partnered with on-the-ground conservationists, the Zoo will offer visitors the chance to see these animals in an immersive and engaging way. Featuring large glass windows and areas to walk under, this exhibit gives guests the opportunity to view these animals up close and personal.

1. JAGUAR TRAIL Guests will experience an overhead jaguar bridge that will provide exciting opportunities for viewing along the path of the tropical wetlands of Brazil. 2. ANACONDA VIEWING AREA Encounter an anaconda in the riverine forest habitat as thick acrylic panes allow close up views of this nonvenomous constrictor. 3. MIXED SPECIES HABITAT After traversing a wooden bridge, the expanse of the grasslands landscape unfolds along the path and is home to the zoo’s tapir, giant anteater, capybara, and rheas.



4. PLANNING AND EXECUTION Utilizing a scaled model to understand the flooded mudbank topography with the vernacular architecture and themed exhibitry elements, the Houston Zoo collaborated with the design and construction team to bring the vision to life. 5. ENTRANCE SIGNAGE The conservation messaging starts on the south entry of the exhibit by welcoming guests to South America’s Pantanal under the eco-lodge with landscaped and elevated mudbanks to highlight biodiversity at the river’s edge.

South America's Pantanal exhibit fulfills several strategic goals for the Zoo—creating meaningful guest experiences by bringing our guests up close with a variety of wildlife we are protecting in the wild, and creating these experiences in a way that provides optimal care for our animals.

2019 Annual Report | 13



wild giant armadillos

fitted with GPS tracking devices. The tracking info will inform future Pantanal



wildlife protection plans.




14 | Houston Zoo, Inc.



wild sea turtles received care from the veterinary team.

Saving sea turtles in the wild Meet Cody and Andy, our new sea turtle hospital keepers. Recently the US Fish and Wildlife Services asked us to make the Zoo’s role in rehabilitating wild sea turtles more formal including the management of overall care for animals at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) facility in Galveston. The Houston Zoo has provided veterinary care for injured and cold stunned or stranded wild sea turtles on the upper Texas coast for over two decades. Andy and Cody had been contracted employees with NOAA and are now sea turtle hospital keepers for the Zoo, helping us with our wildlife-saving mission. Photo: Andy Krauss; Amy Chapman, also part of the Zoo's veterinary team; and Cody Macon

The Houston Zoo wishes to thank Chevron for the support of this conservation program.


This supports our strategic objective to maximize local opportunities to grow and highlight our contributions to local conservation programs by creating new and enhancing existing collaborative efforts for sea turtles.

2019 Annual Report | 15

Keeping plastic out of our oceans


In 2016, the Houston Zoo staff began participating in a single-use plastic reduction challenge held every July. Participation over the past four years has resulted in several operational changes both inside the Zoo and out. Our very own board members, Cullen Geiselman and Molly Voorhees, are also helping us to save sea turtles by changing how they operate their own businesses and offices. Molly is striving to have her company, Becks Prime, go single-use plastic free to protect sea turtles and Cullen brought the Zoo staff’s single-use plastic challenge to her office. They have now eliminated single-use plastic bottles to protect wildlife.

REFUSE Animal Nutrition has not purchased plastic storage bags since 2017, and packaging for nearly all produce and grain diets are now plastic-free.

REDUCE Design and Engineering has worked with Tellepsen Builders to eliminate their use of plastic bottles and k-cups on construction job sites.

“My officemates are super gung-ho on spreading the word now and have been speaking with the restaurants they frequent about using plastic-free options.”

REUSE Human Resources has transitioned to using reusable dishes for team lunches and events.

— Dr. Cullen Geiselman RECYCLE Elephant Department now recycles their grain bags into trash bags.

16 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Houston Venom Conference The Zoo’s Indian wildlife conservation partner, Murthy Kantimahanti flew to Houston in April to assist the Zoo with the Houston Venom Conference, held at Baylor College of Medicine. Created in 2013, the conference serves to educate physicians, nurses, EMS professionals, and nature enthusiasts about the management of snakebites. The Zoo brought Murthy in to share his experience on how to reduce snake bite incidents. Murthy has successfully eliminated snake bite incidents and retaliatory killing of snakes in 36 local villages in the Eastern Ghats, India. He has dispelled the fear around snakes by sharing guidelines on how to live safely alongside them and educating local communities on how snakes assist with rodent and disease control.


Protecting the counterparts of the species at the Zoo, in the wild, through collaboration and capacity building supports our strategy to maintain and enhance zoological community leadership in allocation of financial and human resources to support wildlife conservation.

2019 Annual Report | 17

Madagascar partner connects with Collegiate Conservation Program In 2019, a newly discovered mouse lemur species was named after Dr. Jonah Ratsimbazafy, our Conservation Associate in Madagascar. Dr. Jonah took a break from lemur-saving work in Madagascar and spent a week here in Houston to teach the Zoo’s Collegiate Conservation Program, sponsored by ExxonMobil. Jonah led the interns through discussions and activities focused on topics such as properly engaging and empowering local communities and effective conservation leadership.

“...He taught us what it means to be a conservation leader, and I learned from him how great the positive impact of the Houston Zoo can be, even as far away as Madagascar.” — Chase, CCP University student

18 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Houston Zoo wins top award for education The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) recognized the achievements of nearly 30 member facilities in the fields of conservation, education, research, exhibit design, marketing, diversity, and volunteer engagement during the annual Photo: DeAndra Ramsey, School Programs Coordinator, along with Lee Ehmke, President and CEO, accepts the education award on behalf of the Houston Zoo.

AZA conference in September in New Orleans. The Houston Zoo was awarded top honors for its Saving Wildlife School Partnership Program.


The Saving Wildlife School Partnership Program is a direct result of our strategic goal to inspire our school group audiences to partner with us to save wildlife.

2019 Annual Report | 19

SAVING WILDLIFE SCHOOL PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM Through this program the Zoo forms relationships with Houston area schools by connecting them by connecting them to wildlife saving actions.


The Houston Zoo reached


people in the school communities

Created more than


square feet of pollinator gardens

Recycled more than


pounds of paper

20 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Reducing waste to save wildlife


With 25 of our team members now LEED certified, our Zoo can do even more to operate sustainably, such as diverting food waste. So far, we’ve prevented 800 pounds of waste from heading to landfills. By helping reduce the need for landfill area, we can create more space for wildlife like bobcats. In 2019, we composted food waste from five events—Zoo


Ball, Asante Society’s Night at the Zoo, Brew at the Zoo, the Volunteer

LEED accredited

pounds of holiday string lights from landfills.

Appreciation Party, and even a wedding on Zoo grounds. And it’s not

staff members

just food we’re diverting—since 2016, we’ve diverted more than 20,000


wildlife-saving projects

in the works

Improved recycling facilities, keeping waste out of landfills and animal homes.


Photo: The Zoo's LEED certified staff.

The increased number of staff who have secured LEED accreditation is a direct result of our strategy to develop staff competency in sustainability concepts.

2019 Annual Report | 21

Houston Zoo Employee Successes


Zoo staff are encouraged to attend Saving Wildlife Training Opportunities to learn the principles of


conservation, contribute to wildlife protection activities, and realize their role in saving wildlife.

Houston Zoo and Galveston Bay Foundation

removed and properly disposed of 141 crab traps in 2019,

saving over 2,300 blue crabs


employees have participated

and many other animals like otters that can also get caught in the abandoned traps

in the Saving Wildlife Training Opportunities since 2019

Cleaning up the Surfside Jetty, staff and volunteers have protected sea turtles by removing:

137lbs. of fishing line

510 lbs. of recyclables

1,080 lbs. of trash

Staff have ID tagged

Staff documented



to inform future protection plans

living on zoo grounds to inform future protection plans

monarch butterflies

different species of wild bats

22 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

After-hours events help save animals in the wild In 2019, the Zoo continued hosting special events for the 21-and-up crowd, allowing this audience unique and fun ways to save animals in the wild. Brew at the Zoo and After Dark offered event attendees a chance to experience the Zoo in a different light while learning how they could take action to save animals in the wild. Plus, a portion of every event ticket directly supported the Zoo’s wildlife work around the world. On April 25, the Zoo held the second annual Brew at the Zoo to another sell-out crowd. This year’s event featured a larger layout with the addition of Cypress Circle and African Forest, exclusive VIP access, and an expanded beer menu to include a variety of ciders. The Zoo also stayed open late on the third Thursday in May, June, July, and August, for After Dark presented by TXU Energy. The 21-and-up crowd explored the Zoo without kids with a special themed party taking place each month. Guests celebrated the 90s in May’s #ThrowbackThursday event, Texas pride was prevalent in June’s Lone Star Soiree, Silent Disco made its return in July as it was wildly popular in 2018, and we concluded the series with All About The Bubbly in August.




Zoo Lights provides us an opportunity to meet several strategic goals; ensure a Zoo visit is synonymous with saving animals in the wild by supporting holiday light recycling and utilizing creative, artistic and interactive experiences to engage guests and provide opportunities to learn about the zoo animals and our mission.

2019 Annual Report | 23

TXU Energy Presents

Zoo Lights More than 270,000 visitors reveled at the sights and sounds of the holiday season at the eighth annual TXU Energy Presents Zoo Lights. Guests enjoyed holiday favorites like the Enchanted Forest and Candy the Zoo Lights Zebra, as well as new attractions like snow in Winter Wonderland and a 100-foot-long Infinity Tunnel of Light.


TXU Energy Coca-Cola H-E-B Houston Methodist KPRC Channel 2 SAVING ANIMALS IN THE WILD

Since 2016


pounds of holiday string lights

were recycled and diverted from landfill.

24 | Houston Zoo, Inc.







These programs help us achieve our strategic goals including ensuring our Zoo community understands how their visit/support saves wildlife and helps increase operational and restricted support by connecting our philanthropic community more closely to our mission.

2019 Annual Report | 25


Flights of Fancy Presented by Phillips 66

ASANTE SOCIETY AND FLOCK IN 2019 Our donor club members enjoyed events that were not only fun, but closely tied to our wildlifesaving mission.


Demi and Ron Rand Guests flocked to the Houston Zoo for a soaring celebration of our feathered friends at the Zoo and our efforts to protect their wild counterparts. With leadership from chairs Demi and Ron Rand, this Zoo Ball raised $782,000 for our animal care, education, and conservation programs. 1. DEMI AND RON RAND 2. RON AND JULIE FINCK, CATHY AND JOE CLEARY, AND BEVERLY AND JIM POSTL


Pantanal— South America’s Wetland Jewel

Days before the Kathrine G. McGovern Texas Wetlands opened to the public, Asante families got a sneak peek of the exhibit at a special preview event. Kids and adults alike loved exploring the new space and learning about the animals from our zookeepers.


Ginger Renfroe Blanton Renee Renfroe AUCTION CHAIR

Christina Lyons In anticipation of the opening of our new Pantanal exhibit, guests gathered to support the extraordinary work of our wildlife-saving partners. Thanks to chairs Ginger Renfroe Blanton and Renee Renfroe and auction chair

Between the tasty bites, mimosas, and

Christina Lyons for helping to raise $723,000

ambassador animals, it's no surprise that The

for wildlife conservation projects.

Beastly Brunch is Flock’s most popular annual event. At the 2019 brunch, guests got to meet


a highly endangered Houston toad and learn


how the Zoo is saving this local species.

26 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

NORTH AMERICA Bat Conservation International, Texas Friends of Laguna Atascosa NWR, Texas International Crane Foundation, Texas USFWS Ocelot Recovery Program, Texas Texas Black Bear Alliance, Texas Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas US Fish and Wildlife Service, United States of America USFWS Attwater’s Prairie Chicken Recovery Program, Texas USFWS Houston Toad Recovery Program, Texas

Our partners and affiliates The Houston Zoo ensures we are saving the wild counterparts of the animals we have at the Zoo by partnering with wildlife saving heroes and projects around the world. We provide training, technical, and financial support to our global community-based wildlife conservation partners that are committed to educating and strengthening local communities, conducting research, and reducing threats to save animals from extinction.


CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA Baird’s Tapir Survival Initiative, Central America Barranquilla Zoo, Colombia Charles Darwin Foundation, Ecuador UC Davis Latin America Program, Argentina Ecology Project International, Ecuador Lowland Tapir Conservation Initiative, Brazil MarAlliance, Central America Galapagos Tortoise Movement Ecology Project, Ecuador Giant Armadillo and Anteater Conservation, Brazil Panama Amphibian Rescue & Conservation Project, Panama Proyecto Titi, Colombia Wildtracks, Belize

The Houston Zoo is committed to ensuring 100% of the animals at the Zoo, are protected in the wild. Supporting wildlife conservation projects around the world helps us achieve this strategic objective.

2019 Annual Report | 27

ASIA Danau Girang Field Centre, Malaysia Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society, India Hutan: Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project, Malaysia Tiger Conservation Campaign, Malaysia Marianas Avifauna Recovery Project, Saipan and Guam, Mariana Islands Saving Vietnam's Wildlife, Vietnam Satucita Foundation-Painted Terrapin, Indonesia

AFRICA Conservation Heritage-Turambe, Rwanda Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Int'l, Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo Ewaso Lions, Kenya GERP Lemur Conservation, Madagascar Gorilla Doctors, Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center, Democratic Republic of Congo Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Kenya Hirola and Giraffe Conservation Program, Kenya Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation, Namibia Jane Goodall Institute, Africa Lion Guardians, Kenya Niassa Carnivore Project, Mozambique Okapi Conservation Project, Democratic Republic of Congo Painted Dog Conservation, Zimbabwe PRIDE Lion Conservation, Africa Ruaha Carnivore Project, Tanzania Rwanda Wildlife Conservation Association, Rwanda

BEHAVIOR CHANGE Houston Audubon Audubon Texas Galveston Bay Estuary Program Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Galveston Bay Area Chapter-Texas Master Naturalists

SAVING WILDLIFE Association of Zoos & Aquariums Center for Conservation Peace Building IUCN Conservation Planning Specialist Group IUCN Tapir Specialist Group Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders International Elephant Foundation International Rhino Foundation

Miami University of Ohio’s Project Dragonfly National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The Photo Ark Rice University Wildlife Conservation Network World Association of Zoos and Aquariums

28 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Charting our progress In 2002, the Houston Zoo became a non-profit organization after having been managed by the City of Houston for decades. Since then, we have realized incredible growth in attendance, revenue, conservation support, and more, as illustrated in the figures below. Your generosity has been key to our success, and we are deeply grateful for your continued investment as we seek to realize the full potential of our Houston Zoo.


Total Attendance 2003




Membership Households 2003


Zoo Staff 2003 200






2019 55,438

139%* 2011 367

2019 478

% Change 2003-2019

Total Revenues

239%* 2003






Conservation Support Provided

182%** 2003 N/A





This positive financial data is a result of our strategic focus to operate in a financially-sustainable manner through innovative business and operational practices.

* Since 2003 ** Since 2011

2019 Annual Report | 29







Admission Fees



City of Houston Management Fee






Membership Fees



Concession Payments








18% 13%


2019 CONTRIBUTIONS Centennial Campaign



Unrestricted Contributions



Special Events










2019 EXPENDITURES Animal & Exhibit Operations



Admissions, Membership & Marketing






Conservation & Education



Guest Program Events



Administrative, IT & All Other














12% 17% 17%

30 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Annual gifts $1,000,000+ Duncan Family Foundation

$100,000-$999,999 Laura and John Arnold BBVA Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages Estate of Dulane Myrtle Bourdeau H-E-B Kathrine G. McGovern John P. McGovern Foundation Phillips 66 TXU Energy Wildcat Foundation Constance and Jeff Woodman

$50,000-$99,999 Anonymous Bank of America Pat and Steve Chazen Cathy and Joe Cleary Disney Worldwide Services, Inc. ExxonMobil Houston Methodist Hospital LyondellBasell PNC Bank The Powell Foundation The Tapeats Fund

$10,000-$49,999 Michael Ainsworth and Karen Szauter Allionce Group Arne's Distributors, Inc.* Kathy Arthur Baker Botts L.L.P. The C.T. Bauer Foundation Ashley and Clark Beecher Bloomberg Philanthropies Bud Light Silver Eagle Distributors CenterPoint Energy CFP Foundation Stephen Charles Chevron Comcast ConocoPhillips Trang and Alan Cormack Elizabeth M. Cosgrove and Cameron D. Smith Caran Crooker Stacey and Peter DallePezze Susie and Joe Dilg Michael and Debra Dishberger* Emily Downing-Ishee and Jonathan Ishee Leigh and Bob Edwards Rikard Ekstrand Jenny Elkins Helen and J. Randolph Ewing Sidney and Don Faust Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation Trish Freeman and Bruce Patterson Kathleen A. Gallagher Kerry Galvin Cullen K. Geiselman* Annie and Bob Graham*

Rex Oliver Grey and Maria Victoria Grey Happy Hollow Foundation Courtney and Zac Harmon Harry G. and Pauline M. Austin Foundation Gillian and Don Hobson Houston Dynamo Rebecca and Bobby Jee Jill and Dunham Jewett Karen and Jim Johnson Junior League of Houston, Inc. JUST Goods, Inc. Diane and Don Kendall King & Spalding LLP Kim King KSBJ-God Listens Tessa Lesley and Carl Stutts Shelli and Steven J. Lindley Cornelia and Meredith Long Bruce Ludwig Macy's Joey and Karri Mahmoud Nancy D. McGregor and Neal S. Manne Marathon Oil Corporation Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation Audra and Sean McNicholas Memorial Hermann Stacy and Dee Methvin Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Suzanne and Bob Nimocks Alma and Edward Novotny Beverly and Jim Postl The Rand Group, LLC Ron and Demi Rand Macey and Harry Reasoner Tracie J. Renfroe and Amber Alonso* Republic National Distributing Company Laura and Tim Roberts Salim Samaha Maryjane and Bud Scherr Service Systems Associates Courtney and Bas Solleveld Charlotte and Terry Strange TC Energy Texas Capital Bank The Crain Foundation University of Houston Alumni Association The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Vinson & Elkins, L.L.P. Cynthia and Lee Walker Maria C. Walsh and James Hitchcock Randa and K.C. Weiner Karen Werner-Petak and Steven M. Petak Westside Tennis Club Whataburger* Zoological Society of San Diego


Joan and Stanford Alexander Alley Theatre* Abbi and Rob Antablin France Archambault and Calvin Embry Greg and Melinda Armstrong Jenna and Chad Arnold

Kimberly Ayres Melissa and Kenneth Baldwin Peggy and Bill Barnett Bastion Technologies, Inc. Rosi and Jorge Hernandez Beecher Reagan Advisors Matthew Bennett Bessemer Trust Laura and Vineet Bhatia Judy and Mark Blanchard Ileana Blanco and Gerard Desrochers Dianne and Michael Bowman Cynthia and Stephen Brown Ashley and Stephen Chruszczak Mary and Michael Chruszczak Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden Mary and Walter Crain Lisa and Peter Currie Posse Resources, LLC Mindy and Josh Davidson Jillian and Chris Day Denman/Newman Foundation and Mary Ann Newman Jan and Berk Donaldson Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin* Deborah and Marshall Dujka Anne and Charles Duncan Jimmy Dunne Lee C. Ehmke C.C. and Duke Ensell Evolve Concepts Inc. Ewing & Jones, PLLC Shari and Tom Fish Robin and Sammy Fleschler Lorrie and Mike Foreman Harriet and Joe Foster Rob Fuller and Cathryn Gabor Heidi and Luis Galito Prince Piotr Galitzine and Princess Maria-Anna Galitzine Kathy and Marty Goossen* Glenda and Russell Gordy Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association Harriet and Stuart Grossman Amanda and Steven Gyeszly Dr. Timothy Hale Katy Periodontics Susan and Earl Hesterberg Hildebrand Fund Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand Hines Interests L.P. Cathy and Steve Hollerbach Katrina and Andrew Husmann International Elephant Foundation Paige Jackson and Michael Manley Tandra Jackson and Derick Perkins Myrtle L. Jones Ryan Juarez-Hermosa and Peter Hermosa Ann and Stephen Kaufman* Carla Knobloch Connie and Matt Koenig Peggy A. Kostial Vicki and John Lange Patricia Lawson Christina Lyons* Joan Lyons Mike Mahlstedt and Kyle Dutton Kirby and Scott McCool Kimberly and Thomas McKay Diane and Dave Miller

Momentum Worldwide Sara Newman Sherri and Michael Nicol Palmer Foundation Port Houston Tommye and David Powell Professional Directional Edlyn and Dave Pursell Jennifer and Timothy Reagan Zelma and William Reid Renee Renfroe Christopher I. Rivers Lillie Robertson Beth Robertson Rebecca Roof Sybil F. Roos Angela and Chris Roth Saint Arnold Brewing Company* Leslie and Shannon Sasser Louis F. Schauer Lori and Paul Schomber Tejal Shah and Joshua Newcomer Penny and Mark Small Natalie and Jeremy Smith Tellepsen Builders Tenenbaum Jewelers* Texas A&M University The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Tramontina USA, Inc. Mardi and Mark Turner Venturi Outcomes Dava and Jim West Ann C. Wheeler and Gene Evans WRB Interests, Ltd. Susan and Austin Young

$2,500-$4,999 AC Family Partnership, LTD Neelo and Sami Ahmad Eric J. Alfuth Atlantic Trust Private Wealth Management Ellen and Richard Bachmann Cheryl Ballard Jones and Charles E. Jones Mary and Michael Bingham Christina and Bart Blackwell Leslie and Jack Blanton Ginger Blanton* Susan and Mickey Bloome Mary and Frank Bradley Kelli and Mike Bridges William Brilliant Elizabeth and Bill Brown Heather and John Burgess Bebe and Bob Burns Sharon and John Campbell Cheryl and Carl Carlucci Tena M. Chamberlain Susan Chin Devin Coffey Kari and Frank Coffey Shari Conner Robin and Joe Cunningham Bailey Dalton-Binion and Greg Binion Sherree and Norman Davis Carolyn and Platt Davis Jewel Day Carlos and Kristin de Aldecoa Bueno Michele and Jeff Dodson

2019 Annual Report | 31

Patty and Tom Dorsey Dr. E. R. Richter Elementary School Julie and Clay Edwards Kellie and Terry Ekeland Lynn and John Elsenhans Cindy and Brian Fiegel Tracy and James Fish Courtney and Alex Forshey Nan and Bob Franklin Mary and Woody Garmon Amy and Blair Garrou Clint Gill Marilynne and Fred Gorman Hillary and Tim Graves Lisa and Joel Gray Katie Gussler-Brown and Jeremy Brown Janet and Doug Hamel D. E. Harvey Builders Julia Hayes and Hector Castellanos Michele and William Hayes Kathryn Hite and Leo de Sousa Sabrina and Robert Horn Barbara and Charles Hurwitz Deborah O. Jennings Kathy and Dick Kimbrough Jennifer and JC Kneale Candy and Tom Knudson Julie A. Koch and Richard R. Humphreys Jacqui and Mike Koenig Kathy and Randy Lake Sharon H. Lane Stephanie and Rich Langenstein Jennifer and Chris Laporte Jacki Levett-Prinsep and Samuel Cole Robert J. Lorio The Lubrizol Foundation Janine and Kevin McArdle Deborah L. McCoy and Robert Keenan Teresa and John McLean Parker Meeks Amy Mehollin-Ray and Cameron Ray Ruthie and Adam Miller Sheila and Steven Miller Gloria Moser Brett Mossman Kathleen Mulacek Bobbie Nau Vanessa and Filippo Nenna Steve and Betty Newton Lisa and Michael O'Leary Pat and Jerry Oliver Sara and Randy Ortwein Oxiteno USA LLC Megan and Jonathan Parker Jill and John Parsons Tess K. Peterson Andrea Pola and Neil O'Sullivan Patricia G. Pratt Nancy and David Pustka Jay Ring Carolyn and Paul Rizza Kelly and David Rose Safeway Inc. Bobbi and Vic Samuels Save Animals Facing Extinction Melanie and Daniel Savitz Ashley and Adam Scheele Beth and Lee Schlanger

Betsy and Ed Schreiber Rick Schwartz Barbara and Joe Sheldon Maggie and Gregory Sheridan Herbert D. Simons Meredith and Jeffrey Sipes Barbara and Louis Sklar J.J. and Gerry Spedale Christine and Jan Spin Beverlee Steinberg and Chad Alexander Liz and Andy Stepanian Donald Stevenson and Cynthia Pickett-Stevenson Macey R. and Bob Stokes Florence K. and Hans Tang Clayton Tauber Texas Parks & Wildlife* Brian J. Thomas Candace Thomas Transwestern Commercial Services Verne H. Van Horn III Velasquez Elementary School Janie and Pat Wagner Vince J. Wall Pat and Jim Walzel Elizabeth and Peter Wareing Connie and Richard Webb Martha and Buzz White Connie and Tracey Williford Nina and Michael Zilkha

$1,000-$2,499 Benjamin Ackerley Shannon and John Addison Aasim Ali Nicole and Samir Ali Roxanne Almaraz and Chrissy Stegemoller Amboseli Trust For Elephants Margery Anderson and Farhad Bozorgmehr Kate and Ulf Andresen Carina and Brooks Antweil Jan Ashcraft Lopez and Ruben Lopez Denise and Philip Bahr CJ and Mark Bailey Carol Baker Amber and Matt Baker Kate and Taylor Stallings Myra W. Barber Carol and Larry Barbour Christina and Alex Baron William Barry Margaret and George Basu Sharon Beausoleil Jamie and Jarvis Belinne Rosemary J. Bell Zenobia and Darvell Bivens Terry L. Blome Blood Bros BBQ* Amanda and Terry Boffone Melissa Bogle Laurie and Milton Boniuk Catharine and Brandon Borders Jane Bowles and Francis Daunt Dianna and Harry Bowles Kristy and Chris Bradshaw Kathryn and Billy Bragan Britten Fund Kendall Woods

Roxanna Brom Karen Burrage Jennie and Richard Buxbaum Minda and Bill Caesar Jacob Calle* Michelle and Winfield Campbell Lynn and Win Campbell Pam Campion and Max Stetzer Christine Cangelosi-Kelley and Ryan Kelley Deborah and Gardner Cannon Lauren and Thomas Carlson Bonnie L. Carpenter Lacey and Ryan Carver Cathy Cates and Charles White Ellen Catoe and Scotty Rhoads John Chalaris Diane and Johnny Chaney Stephen and Julie Chen Sherene and Kris Chikelue Laura Clark Suzanne and Mark Clevenger Vivian M. Cline and Ed Bergman John Compton Ingrid Cordon and Hans Roth Jennifer and Ben Cowan Sara and Benjamin Cozad Wendy and Malcolm Crawford Heather and Dan Crowder Lana and Chip Cureton Sheryl and William Curtin Dallas Zoo & Aquarium* Nancy and Thomas Daly Claudette M. Danna Margaret and Warren Davis Sue Davis Trevor and Collette Davis Nadia Deeb-Newton and Phil Newton Linnet F. Deily John Deming Jeanine Denton Lara Dolnik and Bill Slusser Kelly and Ben Dotson Deborah Dunkum April Dunn McGee and William W. McGee Janie and Toby Ellis Erin and Lawrence Eribarne Nick Espinosa and Carlos Meltzer Connie and Eric Estopinal Schuyler Evans Marguerite and Bruce Ference Elizabeth and Russell Sellen Lyndsay and Travis Fincher Nanette Finger Nancy M. Fischer Cathy FitzGerald Mary Lou Flynn-DuPart and Michael DuPart Cheri and Andy Fossler Deborah and William Fowler Erin Fox and Gray Hancock Kristina and Kevin Frankel Rebecca and Peter Franklin Brenda and Chris Funk Kathleen M. Gallagher Alice and William Gamble Mary and Steven Gangelhoff Kimberly and Michael Gapinski Laura and Jerry Garcia Jean and Mark Gargiulo

Meg Gentle Amanda and Curtis George Margaret and Salvatore Giannetti Jeanie Giles Susan and Robert Gilmore Deborah and Burt Ginsburg Kristy Godwin and David Martin Heather and Sean Golden Barbara Segal Goldfield Diana and Michael Gomez Jesse and Mark Goodwin Tiffany and Brian Goodwin Lacey and Matt Goossen Claire and Joe Greenberg Beth and Douglas Grijalva Ellen R. Gritz and Milton D. Rosenau Richard L. Gruen Elizabeth Hanks and Steven Schroder Margaux and Adam Harbin Alice L. Harcrow Helene Harding and Patrick Briggs Beth Hartwell Stacee and Derek Hawkins Linda and Tracy Hester Kyle Hilberg Allison and David Hills Karen D. Hinson Lisa and Fred Hollins Rodney Honerkamp and Javier Cuellar MaryLee and Del House Edens Houston Taylor and Stuart Imel Karen Ippolito Sydney Isaacs David Jackson Kevin Jakubenas Catherine and Brian James Diane and Eric Jansen George Jett and Gwenda Brewer Leigh and Christopher Joseph Wade Kao Cindy and Lewis Kasner Krista Heidersbach and Mike Kelly Leslie and Donny Kilbourn Chloe and Jae Kim Robert Klotz Cindy Knebel and Wouter Miedema Janice Knight Lee P. Kobayashi Rena and Michael Koinis Kroger Food Stores Torsten Laabs Lise and Geoffrey Lanceley Nancy Langford Ann and Chad LaTour Janice G. Laurie Catherine Lee Clarke and Theis Clarke Elmer Lee Debby and Bill Leighton Vicki Lemrond Elizabeth and Charlie Leykum April and Barrett Lindsay Sara Lindsay Ting Liu-Schmidt and Engel Schmidt Roberta A. Lloyd and Don McWilliams Lara A. Longo-Gaines and Jason Gaines Ruben Lopez Travis Lovelady

32 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Kelley and Stephen Lubanko Lori and Philip Luna M. C. Byrd Wealth Management MacGregor Elementary School Audrey and Robert MacLean Karan and Scott Mactier Kelly Mai and Tommy Vo Walter Marshall Kathryn and George Martinez Lisa Mason Lynn and Marcel Mason Nancy and Joe Mathe Darcey Matthews Mary McBeth and Jim Crump Crystal and James McCelvey Jennifer and Ben McClure Margie and Lyman McDonald Mary Lou McElligott Nora and John McGowan Sheila McIlnay Russell McKinnon Sheryl and Michael McKinnon Hannah and Cal McNair Brittany and Ryan Mead Melcher Charitable Foundation Margey Meyer Amy and Jeff Miers Joshua C. Miles Melissa and Bill Miller Milwaukee County Zoo Whitney and Matthew Mixon Ginger and Bobby Moon Cara and Tanner Moran Josie and Phil Morgan Lauren and Brad Morgan Kathy Morin and Paul Block Mary Louise and Terence Mullervy Murillo Plastic Surgery* Matthew Nelson Teanna and Daniel Neskora Veronica Niebler-Hunt and John Stein Kathy and Bruce Nied Toni and Noel Noble Kathy and Phil Noble Sandra and Pat O'Donnell Laurie and Bradley O'Halla One Fifth Houston* Karen and Robert O'Neal Melinda O'Reilly Biba and Jon Parker Jane and Ed Parker Rita J. Peck Cheri and John Peper Ricardo Perazza Sarrah and Jim Petersen Laura and Charles Phipps Jan and George Pilko Amy and James Pipe Michele Pola Pamela and James Pool Nicole Porterpan-Cassell and Lewis Cassell Shirin Pourfathi and Saied Alavi Dawn and Perry Prather Charlotte Pratt Laura and Michael Puzio Janet and John Pyle Bradley Radoff Carroll and Hugh Ray Riel* Sunday Riley and Bruce Eames

Peggy and Bryan Roberts Shannon and Justin Robinson Regina J. Rogers Anat Ronen* Kristi and Bryan Roof Mary Rose Mary L. Ross Janet Rothwell and Andrew Simpson Randi and Scott Rubenstein Mark Ryan Salt Investment Partners LLC Judy and Carl Sandlin Camilla R. Sayers Candy and Gerald Schlief Sarah and Joshua Schwab Hannelore M. Schwarze Kelley and Jeff Scofield Cindi and Richard Scruggs Jordan and Dylan Seff Amelia Shelby-Nwokeji and Cordell Nwokeji Shipley Do-Nuts* Beth and David Slater Julia F. Smith Pam and Bill Smith Theresa and Will Smith Christine Smith-Byerly and Jim Byerly Lauren and David Sparrow Lise and John Spriggle Janet and H.J. Springer Tera and Jason Starr Jeaneen and Tim Stastny Sterling Kim and David Sterling Laura and Trevor Stolzenburg Stacy Strehlow and Joseph Perkinson Richard Stroud Katherine Tanner Shanna and Michael Thorvilson Nancy and Tim Timpani Elizabeth Tobin and Rob Priske Vicki Tomlinson Trentino Gelato* Betty and Jess Tutor Debbie Unchis and Brian Winquist Adrienne and Timothy Unger Ann and Michael Van Wagener Nancy and Thomas Verly Sally W. Vernon and Steven Magee Celia and Larry Veselka Diana and Jaime Villarreal Jennifer and John Vogel Rachael and Jason Volz Molly and Coert Voorhees Elena and Luke Walker Connie and Lawrence Wallace Christy Wang and Brandon Fuqua Mo and John Warren Geraldine and Louis Waters Mark Weatherwax Talytha and Vernon Webb Maggie and Robert Wegner Misty and Christopher Weihs Kelli and John Weinzierl Alston and Jordan White Amanda and Scott Wiesenborn Vasilia and Laurens Wilkes Linda Williams Hall Sandra and Karl Willmann Cynthia Winton Diana and Jack Wisdom

Jane and Jim Wise Elizabeth Wolfe Karen and Jim Work Gina and Joseph Wyszynski Jenny Yang and John Seo Kassia Yanosek and Christopher Gurr Ellen and Bing Yao

MATCHING GIFTS BP Foundation Inc. Chevron Humankind Employee Funds ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gift Program Houston Endowment Shell Oil Company Foundation

ENDOWMENT GIFTS Ryan Cartwright Endowment Estate of Alma Y. West

TRIBUTE GIFTS In memory of Steve Addiego In honor of volunteer M Kathy Arthur In honor of Ginger Blanton In honor of Joe and Cathy Cleary In honor of Trang and Alan Cormack In honor of Trang Cormack's Birthday In honor of Helen Gardner Crain and Peter Lacy Crain In honor of Mary McMahon Crain and Bluford Walter Crain In honor of Cullen Geiselman In honor of Victoria and Thomas Gorman In memory of Allan Korsakov In honor of Peggy Kostial, Board Member of the Houston Zoo In honor of Krista, Heather, Sophia, Priscilla, Corly & Kimberly In memory of Tessa Lesley In honor of Gary Margolis In memory of Kyle McWilliams, Jr. In honor of Renee Renfroe and Ginger Blanton In honor of The Roth Family In honor of Meg & Jose Solera In honor of Francis Beecher Strong In honor of Transwestern Companies In honor of Maria Walsh In memory of Charles West In honor of Austin and Susan Young

CENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN $1,000,000-$4,999,999 Anonymous The Brown Foundation, Inc. Duncan Family Foundation H-E-B Halliburton Albert and Ethel Herzstein Foundation The Wortham Foundation, Inc. $50,000-$999,999 Anonymous Aramark BBVA Braxton Davies Reed Charitable Foundation

Morgan and Chris Brown Bebe and Bob Burns CFP Foundation Trang and Alan Cormack Michael and Debra Dishberger Lynn and John Elsenhans Johanna A. Favrot Fund Trish Freeman and Bruce Patterson Rex Grey and Maria Grey Kathy and Randy Lake Jennifer and Chris Laporte Tessa Lesley and Carl Stutts Joey and Karri Mahmoud The Powell Foundation Linda and Jerry Rubenstein Scurlock Foundation Shell Tellepsen Family Constance and Jeff Woodman $1,000-$49,999 Cynthia and Stephen Brown Jan and Jack Cato Ingrid Cordon and Hans Roth Nancy and Thomas Daly Jonathan and Barbara Day Dickson-Allen Foundation Cheri and Andy Fossler Nan and Bob Franklin Barbara Segal Goldfield Sara and Phil Hawk Houck Family Foundation Melcher Charitable Foundation Sherri and Michael Nicol Beverly and Staman Ogilvie Poarch Family Foundation Bradley Radoff Sharon Roark Angela and Chris Roth Donald Stevenson and Cynthia Pickett-Stevenson The Strake Foundation

THE JOHN AND INGRID WERLER SOCIETY Dian Austin and Sandy Altman Jane L. Bowles Michael and Debra Dishberger Rob Fuller and Cathryn Gabor Judge Roberta Lloyd Jesse and Megan Ortega Sharon Roark Linda and Jerry Rubenstein Charlotte and J. Terry Strange Linda Suib Sandy Tietjen

All donors listed made contributions totaling $1,000 or more in 2019. Names in italics denote deceased individuals * Includes a gift-in-kind

Houston Zoo employees EXECUTIVE

Lee Ehmke — Lisa Avendano Roberto Espinosa Kristin Finney Ellen Grodjesk Deborah Johnson Sheryl Kolasinski Trazanna Moreno Peter Riger John Trahan

Animal programs ANIMAL NUTRITION

Wilbert Booty Regina Ferral Tiffani Gallardo Catherine Keith Roberto Miranda Phyllis Pietrucha-Mays Edith Spillman Traci Viscarra Charles Ya


Denise Babecki George Brandy Michael Concannon Rebecca Futch Emily Greene Michael Mitchell Kenneth Stange Megan Stiles James Winecki Mark Yun


Hannah Bailey Jessica Clark Mollie Coym Alycia Ficano Stephanie Gonzalez Kathleen Hofmann Christopher Holmes Stephen Howard Timothy Johnson Malcolm Kiddle Carrie Mansfield Blake Meyer Camille Miller Kelly Pardy Rene Ryan Bethany Shick Nathan Tallarico Bradley Thomas Jeremy Whitted Eric Wilson Amber Zelmer April Zimpel


Jordan Bednarz Courtnie Bronson Kevin Hodge Benjamin King Jenna Mcmichael Victoria Miller Paul Reed Cortney Shaw David Suttinger Danielle Swopes Katheryn Watkins Alicia Wedel Megan Woodall Alec Young


Whitney Blakley Rebecca Boreham Russell Browning Lisa Cariello Michelle Castle M'Kenna Cerda Tarah Cornelius Grace Gilbert Marisol Gomez Richard Harris Megan Hedge Natalie Jones Ellen Jurek Heather Kilway Alicia Kuehn Julie Laturner Amy Lavergne Courtney Ligon Danielle MontesDeOca Jason Moore Wendy Morrison Daniel Ortega Tianna Redieck Sara Riger Lyndsey Stanton Brian Stucky Stephanie Turner Kimberly Woodford Carolyn Zewe


Alicia Andring Wren Baker Kimberly Baumgartner Robert Bernardy Savannah Campbell Mariam Dehaini Aaron Halling Daryl Hoffman Kimberly Klein John Register Amanda Rinker Ian Ross Kristin Windle


Kerstin Alander Christopher Bednarski Amie Bialo Scott Boslow

Judith Bryja Brittanie Crews Marissa Hickel Stanley Mays Declan Mcdonagh Priscilla Plunkett Melissa Spradley Eddie Sunila Colin Thompson Christopher Valdez


Mary Fields Elliott Foxley Kimberly Giver Heather Johnson Timothy Junker Memory Mays John Scaramucci Kimberly Siegl Jessica Sigle Kendall Thawley


Rachel Adams John Allen Ashley Baudler Amanda Daly Priscilla Farley Sydney Fitzpatrick Hayley Halbrook Ashley Hironimus Kimberly Ludwig Tessa Metz Sarah Radecker Kamryn Suttinger


Mallory Barbier Stephanie Bassi Briana Bauer Tammy Buhrmester Ariel Chrisman Kayla Cosmi Emilie Covert Karli Dallman Brooke Ferrell Miriam Gordon Sonny Heihn Chelsea Heinen Dena Honeycutt Tiffany Hudson Alexis Jones Ashley Kramer Matthew Lammers Amelia Law Kaitlyn Mark Judith Mcauliffe Victoria Mcfarland Eric Murray Marjorie Pepin Agnieszka Podraza Grace Rexroat Ronald Santos Caroline Seneca Diane Shea

LucyDee Sheppard Rachel Sorge Brianna Towers William Weeks


Heather Crane Anastasia Lagarde Amanda Perry Krista Webber


Catherine Almeida Jennifer Atkinson Jason Bartel Kendra Bauer Amy Chapman Joseph Flanagan Jordan Johnson Jessica Jones Andrew Krauss Andrea Lee Kathryn Lippman Cody Macon Judilee Marrow Christine Molter Lindsey Olufsen Michele Ozuna Jennifer Stevenson Claire Swinton Maryanne Tocidlowski Ruth Zavala


Jordan Aguilar Kasey Arredondo Tyishia Austin Kymberlee Bair Paris Bell Zachary Blevins Jordan Bohn Christina Bordallo Megan Boyer Brandy Burgess Chelsey Burks Amanda Burnom John Cavazos Tia Chavis Terriona Craft Jennifer Davenport Leslie Delgadillo Martha Delgado Janet Denton Cynthia Drabek Sarah Driscoll Rachel Duggan Alysia Duhart Mary Elders Amiya Epps Latrice Fisher Bradly Fuqua Adalberto Garcia Jesus Garcia Tina Gonzales Charles Green

Tiffani Hargrove Hampton Hawkins Tatiana Hernandez Christine Hutchison Asma Jamil Richard Janga Ashlee Jones Gavino Juarez Julia Juarez Tina Krumnow Victoria Lapoint Heather Love Brianna Lykens Marcus Mack Rochard Mallory Irene Mcgowan Sergio Mendoza Epifania Migenes James Motley Sandy Nguyen Lakeshia Partee Kristen Pounds Jhoana Reyes Jackelin Reyna Madeline Rhine Diana Richardson Heather Roberts Jeniffer Roman Cedrell Sampson Kimberly Santibanez Abriana Santillan Maria Santoyo Manuela Saravia Keijuan Saul Andrew Scarth Sebastian Sharp Melody Spain Zakia Speaker Danielle Stringfellow Amanda Tate Brenda Taylor Marianne Tenorio Renia Washington Rhea White Zeondradestiny Williams Lisa Winnicki Berneria Wyatt Andrew Yoist


Renee Bumpus Mary Kunzinger Martha Parker Taylor Rhoades


Trisha Crowe Belinda Deleon Mark Hoffman Laurey Lucree Florence Tang


Jacqueline Aguirre Joanne Baptista Rachel Barbour

32 | Houston Zoo, Inc.

Catherine Cavanaugh Leia Cook Jennifer Daily Stuart Davis Jessica Deavult Lainie Deterling Cherie Devine Derek Devore Bennett Dones Jennifer Dougherty Kathleen Edinburgh Sarah Fern Danielle Fisk Elizabeth Fries Erica Kelly Nicholas Larberg Meghan Hoopes Gentry Leonard Chelsea Lyons Philip Malek Kelly Mccreery Tara Oakes Deandra Ramsey Alyx Scott Emily Seaman Melanie Sorensen Alison Stephens Katerina Unger Meghan Wainright Melissa Wong


Nathan Dean Spencer Dean Mark Gale Errol Hanse Linc Mctarnahan Alma Olvera Mark VanWickler Michael Vernelson


Raymond Adame Anthony Addis Tracey Alexander Bradrick Anderson Juan Banda Juan Barrera Brandon Bass Andres Bolanos-Martinez Ryan Brooks Frank Castro Jesus Cavazos Jose Cervantes Stephen Costa Erin Donato Peter Faini Juan Garcia Rolando Garza Silvestre Gomez Anthony Haley Brandon Hanna Marcus Harkreader Martin Hayes Brendan Joseph Paul Lopez Fernando Mauricio

Paul Mcauley Jacob Miguel Brandon Patterson Rene Rivera Carmen Sanchez Luaay Shehab Jacob Simmons Bryant Smith Joseph Stewart Raul TapiaOrtega Brian Timm Robert Velazquez Kyle Weber John Williams


Kathleen Anderson Alexis Campos Shane Dorman Doralamar Flores Leslie Forestier Candace Gutierrez James Hutchinson Glenda Perez Elizabeth Tennill


Rachel Baker Jenna Boatright Julia Gutierrez Audra Jesudason Brittany Mead Natalie Nguyen Alexander Pugh Sundra Hayes Kathleen White Brittani Williams Jillian Day Hunter Halbert Rodney Honerkamp Ginger Moon


Dawn Baxter Megan Farias Sasha Ichoonsigy Steven Shultz Kirsten Ufer


Miguel Balderas Ubaldo Barrios Irvy Beltran Conall Broderick Reynaldo Butanda Franklin Calix Jerry ColbertJr Carlos Cuevas Kristopher Fabio Nicolas Gomez Omar Guerra Jason Harding Gregory Haro Tommie Juarez Tiffani Mozee Billy Murphy Monyel Page

Roland Posey Trevonte Pratt Ricardo Romero Rolando Salinas Jesus Santoyo Christopher Smith Enrique Solis Derek Torres Max Torres Justin Wills


Calvin Button Jesus Campos-Garcia Kenny Cao Cruz Cervantes Jair Cervantes Gregory Galonek Asia Gillespie David Hansen Anna Land Steven Mata Valerie Mcgoldrick Francisco Ocampo Andrew Ramos Ariel Sklar Candiace Terry Eric Valles


Floro Angel Emanuel Benitez Latonya Cobbs Tiffaney Edwards John Estrada Natasha FordChatman Kristen Galindo Yajaira Gil Irene Herrera Miesha Lewis Courtney Lomas Sabrina Lomas Debra Morgan Tyrone Mosley Sylvia Olivo Linda Osby Yolandra Payne Matilde Ponce Xochitl Ramirez Kattia Rodriguez Natoshia Rodriguez Viviana Rodriguez Otis Rogers Kaitlin Sarkodie Bernice Sims Corey Tinsley Jessica Tristan Harold Walker Nakisha Williams


Amy Blackmon Janelle Escayg Brandy Ruiz


Frederick Shaffer


Jeny Aparicio Quincy Armstead Matthew Bennett Shavonne Clifton Kara Masharani Scott Mestayer Debbie Meyer Katherine Niemann Thomas Suttinger Kafai Tse


Christine Abbruscato Ryan Draper Sarah Kubena Rebecca Salinas Rachael Shappard Marylu Trevino Linsey Whitehead


Wendy Babineaux Sagel Cantor Adrian Cavazos Victoria Erfesoglou Adriane Garcia Andrea Hennerichs Kenneth James Yelanie Jimenez Nathalie Jolicoeur Celeste Labod Johnnie Lockhart Aaron Macias Daisy Martinez Sylvia Montgomery Erin Newell Karen Ocampo Dylan Olson Robyn Salinas Kristen Wilson Eliza Zavala


Alfredo Arriaga Ami Orth


Stephanie Adams Kevin Kendrick Jeremy Stewart Jacquelyn Wallace Lauren Wappler


Kristen Gilliard Diego Lopez Veronica Pacheco Angela Riggins Jose RuizMorales Damion Smith


Christopher Adams Luis Alvarado Jorge Ambriz Miranda Ayala Edgar Barrera

Renato Barrera Todd Berry Charles Betts Alexandra Binford Joshua Bohannon Kailynn Castillo Jonathan Conley Henry Daniels Diana Diaz Jeffery Francisco Emilie Gagne Joseph Galik Marina Gallegos Oscar Garcia Tyson Hamilton Sonia Heredia Marco Hernandez Samanta Hernandez Angela Izaguirre Evandria King Mary Kuntz John Leblanc Stephen Martin Clarissa Montemayor Devin Moody Paul Ortega Jody Pizano Tommy Plunkett Monica Quiroga Aldair RiveraRodriguez Staci Robinson Edgar Sagastume Mario Saldivar Elias SilvaIv Jeremy Stark Lawrence Trussell Thomas Valdez Jordan Wilson Amanda Yzaguirre


Sheri Bradley Joann Watson


Ashleigh Khan Christopher Layman Gerard Mcnamara Hillary Rothenberg Lisa Stafford Megan Williamson


Paul Bady Heidi Garbe Judith Harrington Samantha Junker


David Crawford Michael Fannin Karen Sprague Ashlin Stedifor


Stacy Methvin

E. William Barnett


Director Emeritus

Joe Cleary

Josh Davidson

Robert Graham Vice Chair

Carlos de Aldecoa Bueno

Neal Manne

Joseph Dilg*

Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Susman Godfrey Jill Jewett Secretary*

Suzanne Nimocks Immediate Past Chair

— Sami Ahmad Roxanne Almaraz*

Mike Dishberger

Beck Redden

Ron Rand

Dr. Amy C. Garrou

Tim Roberts

Dr. Cullen Geiselman

Bas Solleveld

Eureka Gilkey* Marty Goossen Gillian Hobson

Jeff Dudderar

Tandra Jackson

Anne Duncan

Myrtle Jones

Director Emeritus

Bob Edwards* Jenny Elkins Kathleen (Kat) Gallagher*

Kimberly McKay Clay Neff Jim Postl

Macey Stokes Molly Voorhees* Cynthia Walker Randa Duncan Williams Director Emeritus

Austin Young Director Emeritus

* Appointed by the Mayor

Alie Pruner

2019 ANNUAL REPORT EDITOR Linsey Whitehead, Senior Director, Marketing and Sales COMMITTEE Lee Ehmke, President & CEO Stephanie Adams, Staff Photographer Lisa Marie Avendaño, Vice President, Animal Operations Renee Bumpus, Senior Director, Wildlife Conservation Programs Nick Espinosa, Vice President, Development Megan Farias, Senior Graphic Designer Sheryl Kolasinski, Chief Operating Officer Trazanna Moreno, Vice President, Marketing and Communications Peter Riger, Vice President, Conservation and Education Melanie Sorensen, Senior Director, Conservation Education John Trahan, Chief Financial Officer Kirsten Ufer, Senior Creative Director Jackie Wallace, Senior Director, Public Relations WRITERS


Renee Bumpus

Stephanie Adams

Alex Pugh

Renee Bumpus

Jackie Wallace

Daniel Ortiz

Lauren Wappler

Education Staff

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