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Brighten Your DaysWith Color!


ON THE COVER: Whatever the day may bring, returning home to an environment that allows us to recharge is an important aspect of a good life. Here Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger transforms an industrial condo with stunning views into a home which provides just that for an appreciative client. Photography by Blackstone Edge Studios.

IN THIS ISSUE: In House of Fifty’s first color issue we explore a wide range of ways to introduce color into our days and hear from the experts who know how to apply it with perfect style.

Gorgeous color is everywhere for us to enjoy, from surprising hues in an arrangement of flowers to beautifully prepared food and a pretty table set to entertain. In this issue we showcase an inspiring group of talent who embrace color to its fullest potential. 2



elcome to the House of Fifty Color Issue! One of the most effective ways to brighten any day is with a touch of color. How great do you feel when slipping into a garment or adding an accessory featuring a gorgeous hue? Introducing favorite colors through the fabrics and furnishings brought into our homes can add to our enjoyment of these spaces, and bringing a bright spot to the day can be as simple as placing a vase of fresh flowers on the table before sharing a meal. For any of us who have ventured to introduce new color into our wardrobes or to be more adventurous with color in our homes, we know that getting the exact colors and balance just right can prove to be a tricky task! To help sort

it all out we’ve invited a talented lineup of designers and personalities to share their expertise with you, including Tobi Fairley, Bryan Batt and Brian Patrick Flynn among many others. In this upcoming year there are multiple choices we can make each day to improve our lives and the lives of those around us. Adding happy doses of color is a quick fix that can have a lasting impact on a surface level, but to enjoy a more meaningful level of happiness requires a bit more work. What is it that encourages and allows you to feel your best each and every day? Is it exercise, nourishing food, a balance between work that is fulfilling and down time with friends and family, your faith or reading a good book during a few quiet moments to yourself? Whatever your list may include, it’s vital to embrace the truth that each of us deserves to be treated well by ourselves and others. By being at our best we are most capable of recognizing those around us that could use a hand. This may be someone in our personal circle or individuals in our communities and beyond that we may not know well, but whose day could be brightened by a kind word or action shared by us. Here’s to a bright and meaningful year ahead for us all! Sincerely,

Janell Beals, Founding Editor 3

HOUSE OF FIFTY Winter 2013





10 The Team

16 Color Through the Doors of Paris

Once again, we have the best group of contributors and are so very appreciative of them!

Color is more than simply pigment; it speaks to each of us in very personal ways, affecting every aspect of our lives.

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22 Rooms with Views

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Having a welcoming and warm oasis created within an urban condo was essential to a client of Interior Designer Garrison Hullinger.


Enjoy this Preview of the Articles that Await You in this Issue!





36 Home Sweet Home: The Work of Artist Rebekka Seale This talented artist opens her charming Nashville home to House of Fifty readers and shares the inspiration behind her work.

64 Finding Charm at a Shop Named Quince Floral Designer Jessica Clark enjoys a thriving business in Vancouver, BC by doing what she loves best.

86 Pretty in the Pinks 54 Table Pretty Brighten the day by gathering around a beautifully set table. Find inspiration and recipes in this article.

Interior Designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt successfully designed two rooms in shades of pink on a budget for two young girls.






94 Tobi Fairley Talks Color

112 Pillows, Luxurious Pillows!

What are the best ways to infuse color into a room with success? We recently caught up with Interior Designer Tobi Fairley who shares some of her top tips.

Add surprising layers of interest, color and pattern into your decor with an unexpected mix of pillows.

114 Lighting with Personality 108 Katie Rosenfeld’s Tips for Mixing Prints! This designer’s work is known for its intriguing mix of prints. Learn the steps to achieving the right balance in your rooms. 6

Table lamps offer the perfect opportunity to embrace a little pizzazz, introducing fun color and unique charm into a room. Here are HOF’s favorite styles to inspire!





116 Advanced Decor “He Said, He Said”

142 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Bryan Batt of ‘Mad Men’ and Brian Patrick Flynn of HGTV speak their minds on the topic of color and how to embrace it with boldness in our homes.

Arranged alone or in groups, mirrors with character add a layer of style to any room. Here are HOF’s current favorites.

144 A Cup of Couture - Turquoise Firefly 132 Finding the Essential Ingredient Mix Learn the essentials for achieving the updated yet classic look that is a hallmark of Interior Designer Kelley Proxmire’s work.

Interior Designer Abbe Fenimore leads the effort to turn a character filled building that was once a church into a hip clothing boutique & espresso bar in Celine, Texas. 7





162 Experimenting with Bold Hues

168 Brighten Your Day...

Fashion blogger Rachel Parcell, who is no stranger to wearing bold color with confidence, shares how color can instantly infuse life into a wardrobe.

Who doesn’t want to have each day feel just a little brighter? Sometimes it can be as simple as wearing a divine new nail color and a special piece of jewelry.

166 Accessorize Me Pretty!

170 What’s In My Bag?

If larger doses of color causes alarm, try adding small touches to your look through accessories.

House of Fifty’s Beauty Editor Mimi Inman opens her bag featuring a fabulous color to reveal her favorite beauty essentials.






172 Talent We Are Taken With: Alesya Opelt

186 The Books On Our Shelves

This smart business woman shares her determined story behind the innovative laptop bag she has brought to market.

What is better during the gray days of winter than having an enjoyable book to read? Here is our current reading list.

182 Beating the Winter Blues

190 Stay in Touch until Next Time!

A roundup of our favorite bloggers share their tips for staying in a positive state of mind during the long months of winter.

For the latest news and stories, keep connected with House of Fifty.




Janell Beals Founding Editor

Lakeitha Duncan New Features Editor

Mimi Inman Beauty Editor

Shari Miller Art Director


2013 winter issue! Courtney Fernan A Thoughtful Place 10

Valorie Hart The Visual Vamp

Sherry Moeller Moki Media

Rachel Parcell The Pink Peonies

Sukaina Rajabali Sips and Spoonfuls

Jennifer Wagner Schmidt JWS Interiors

Tracey Ayton Tracey Ayton Photography

Sara Essex Bradley Sara Essex Bradley Photography

To Everyone Who Contributed to this Issue,


House of Fifty!

Claire Connell Claire Connell Photography

Heather Telford Heather Telford Photography




Photography by Carin Olsson from Paris in Four Months 12

Rooms with


Interior Design by Garrison Hullinger Design Photography by Blackstone Edge Studio Story by Janell Beals


“Home Sweet Home” The Work of Artist Rebekka Seale Photography by Claire Connell Interview by Janell Beals



Finding Charm at a Shop Named



Photography by Tracey Ayton Interview by Janell Beals


Placed inside a vintage frame, living works of art are created each week featuring a different flower and vase. 18





Photography and Recipes by Sukaina Rajabali

Nothing brightens a day more than gathering around a beautifully set table to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends. Pull out the dishes and linens reserved for special occasions tonight, if for no other reason than because you can.


Tobi Fairley Talks Color!


Photographs Courtesy of Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Advanced Décor “He Said, He Said” by Valorie Hart

It’s the battle of Bryan versus Brian. Well not actually a battle, but rather the sharing of two dynamic points of view on the subject of color. Brian Patrick Flynn is a designer and HGTV personality known for his on trend, modern and exuberant use of color. Bryan Batt is a television, Broadway and movie star, in addition to being an author, well-known for his role as Sal in the Emmy winning show ‘Mad Men.’ His love of design shines through his home décor shops and book, ‘Big Easy Style.’

Brian Patrick Flynn

Bryan Batt 23

Winter 2013

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