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sUmmer 2013

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stepping in to history Five Summer Sandals

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summer is right around the corner – and have we got shoes for you! Check out our beautiful sandals which will keep your feet feeling mighty fine and looking simply sensational wherever they may take you this season.

and talking of travels we’ve been sent a lovely collection of ‘hotter day out’ photos that were too good not to share – have a look on pages 4 & 5– please keep sending them in, they truly brighten our day. in this edition, we hope you enjoy finding out more about the technical engineering which helps you step out in comfort, the historic doorkeepers of the house of Commons who wear hotter shoes and a very naughty fox! We’ve included a few competition winners but more will be revealed in our Comfort Club at - don’t worry if you’re not online we’ll make sure all winners receive their prize. We’re looking forward to hearing from you – or meeting up on our facebook page very soon, Kind regards


above: e mK rock Choir open our 50th store, in milton Keynes. Le: Delicious cupcakes to celebrate!

Comfort Club editor

We love making people happy, and what better way to spread the love of Hotter shoes than by asking our fans to nominate a friend to receive a Happy Hotter Shoes Day. Here’s our latest winner, why not send in yours today. ‘Happily-a-Hotter-fan’ Judith Sargent, whose husband and daughter are Hotter converts, told us: “For me there is no alternative to Hotter and I want to spread the word...

m a K e Yo U r f r i e n D’ s DaY ha p p i LY ho t t e r ! 2

“My best friend is Trudie Doughty. She spends five days a week on her feet as a house viewer for a local estate agent. She is out and about in all weather and at all times of the year. She stands and waits patiently for her viewers to turn up; shows them around prospective properties and always has a big smile. Trudie really would benefit from a pair of your gorgeous shoes.” Trudie’s new shoes are on their way we hope she loves them just as much as Judith does! We’ll let you know how she gets on.

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK

Sandals 5 sUmmer

Look fine and feel fantastic in these five hotter sandals designed for you to enjoy all summer long.






view our sandal Collection at

1. Airy Inspire £66, with its cork footbed, gives you the

support you need for viewing the sights. 2. Peep-toe Gaby £70 is ultra-feminine, adding a touch of glamour to any Summer event. 3. Designed to flatter the foot, pretty Sapphire £59 gives you extra lift and lots of cushioned support. 4. Super soft Sardinia £66 can be dressed up or down with ease – look out for the floral canvas and silver leather! 5. Sporty Emilia £59 is our blissfully cushioned toe post sandal that will help you keep up with the crowds.

COMPETITION To win a pair of Summer sandals, simply visit our Facebook page, find the photo album ‘Summer sandals to enjoy’ and post a comment on your favourite style telling us why you want to win. We will select a winner on April 30th 2013.

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK


t u o y a D r a hot te

D aY o U t

fiLLing the gap Sophie Sweetman’s pair of Java sandals have taken the intrepid 22-year-old across Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand – and she plans for them to take her to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America – phew! Her dad Stuart said: “needless to say almost every photo we have seen features Java, day and night!”

Sophie Sweetman in her Java sandals

a hoY there! Here’s Margaret Grant wearing her Hotters on a trip around Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with her young grandson Oliver. “It involved quite a bit of walking and I couldn’t have done it without the support and comfort my Hotter lace-ups give me.” 4

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK

paC K e D f o r a paC h Y D e r m On a trip to Sri Lanka Sheila Bould was pleased she had packed her Hotter sandals which took her to al fresco meals and the trip of a lifetime on the back of an elephant!

Hotte r’s ne w seas on adve rt te lls the stor y of a Hotte r with a gr oup of fr Day Out, iends enjoying a da y at the seaside, wa do wn the pie r, takin lking g a stroll on the be ach and simply enj vie w fr om a deckch oying the air. We know that Hotte r shoes accompany you on many days home and abroad, out at fr om the cold and fr ost of Russia to th and humidity of Sr e heat i Lanka. Our Sprin g competition was your happy Hotte r to send in me mo ries and they really do span the was too ha rd to se glo be. It lect one favourite so we’ll be sending to Sophie Sweetma ne w shoes n, Ma rgar et Grant and Sheila Bould. We hope you enjoy this glimpse of a wo rld of Hotte r comf please send in mo re or, photos to add to ou r collection.

footprints Helena Sykes and Pam Goodwin have both been leaving their mark on their Hotter travels. Helena’s were worn every day on her holiday to Morocco where she went walking in the Sahara, while Pam’s took her to the desert at Zekreet, near Doha in Qatar when she was visiting her son. If you can send us more footprint photos we’ll create a map of Hotter footsteps around the world!

t o rU s sia W i t h L ov e When the Calendar Girls were invited to the premier of their show in the Russian capital, Hotter were the go-to shoes to take them there in style and warmth. Here are the lovely Chris, Lynda, Roz, Trisha and Angela enjoying the sights.

wear their Hotter’s The Calenda r Girls with pride in Russia eep Don’ t K et! r C e it a s Hotter

ve of Share your lo y emailing b s er th o with to o your ph tos .com tter o h @ es o welovesh

tv times If you’ve not caught a glimpse of our TV advert there’s still a chance to see it at Shot at the seafront of Lytham St Annes, It has been seen a staggering 76 million times – we’d love to hear what you think. finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK


Let’s get technical

Six steps to sole satisfaction - Light, supportive, cushioning… may be the first things that literally spring to mind when you step out in a Hotter shoe. But to create each comfortable step there’s a precision engineering process that has to be correct to one tenth of a millimetre. Hotter’s technical team draws on the international expertise of world respected Italian mould makers and highly technical German last makers for such exacting accuracy. But let’s take this story one step at a time …. Step 1 – The Inspiration “The whole process starts with inspiration,” explained Andy Whittle, Product Development Manager, “our design team visit the world’s shoe fashion capitals to find the latest trends; taking inspiration from upper design, materials and trims, heel heights, toe shapes, toe heights, sole textures and colours”. Step 2 – Creation of the last A last should be ‘anatomically sound’ so that it fits the foot, but it also needs to encompass elements such as heel pitch (height of the heel), toe spring (height of the toe from the floor), fit and fashion. All our lasts are based on unique Hotter fit criteria which, combined with established British manufacturing standards, allows us to maintain the ‘Comfort Concept’ fitting experience. 6

“Our German last maker creates the first wooden prototype from our detailed technical instructions,” explained Andy, who has worked in the footwear industry for 35 years. “There can be several versions before designers are happy with the aesthetics and we create a model and begin upper development.” Step 3 – Prototype sole Following an initial fitting assessment on our ‘Hotter standard feet’ we create the prototype sole which may not contain all the finished textures but will allow designers to see their concept for the first time. Step 4 – preparation for the sample mould Using computer data provided by the last maker, our Italian mould makers will create a highly detailed technical mould

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK

lan Niblock leads our technical team drawing. Before any metal is milled, designers and technical staff, working closely with Stewart Houlgrave, will assess the drawing to ensure that the finished sole will not only be manufacturing friendly but also aesthetically pleasing and engineered correctly. Step 5 – The sample mould When the new sample last and mould arrive they are checked by Ian Niblock, who heads up our technical team, before being introduced to one of our four moulding machines to make the first sample soles which are appraised by our design team . Step 6 – Testing New soles are tested for extended wear by our factory technical team. “The tread design may be influenced by fashion, grip properties and even water dispersion - similar to how a car tyre tread is designed, “explained Ian who joined Hotter in 1991. “Soles will be fixed to a ‘rolling belt machine’ which replicates the flex of the shoe”, he added, “it must show no weakness after 50,000 flexes in order to pass”. Once technical and fit testing is completed the production

moulds and lasts are ordered – it can take one month to order four sets of lasts and six weeks for one set of moulds.

International partners


Mould Maker

Last Maker



Length of partnership Since 1999 Established




Since 1994

1911 90

FO OTNOTE: st for moulds that can la te ea cr s er gn si to De mould can be used ch ea d an s on as several se ere are 4 s. Each season th le y st 4 or 3 e ak m ent. moulds in developm

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK


Stepping After meeting Doorkeepers Rob and Sam as they rushed around looking after MPs and guests at the Lancashire Day celebrations in Parliament we knew they would be perfect Hotter comfort testers. Their elegant, traditional uniforms are finished off with smart, black shoes which, with the miles they walk each day, really do need to be comfortable. If you have never met a Doorkeeper then here’s a glimpse into their world amongst the historic corridors of the House of Commons in London’s Palace of Westminster, which is visited each year by 2.5m people. With their principal role the security of the House of Commons, each of the 36 doorkeepers is armed with an “Eye-spy” book of the 650 MPs they need to recognise. “Traditionally the reigning monarch is not allowed to set foot in the House of Commons, and as the police serve the monarch they are also barred from the Chamber, leaving us to control security,” explained Sam Howlett, whose encyclopaedic knowledge of the traditions of the Palace has been cultivated in 15 years working in a job she


i n t o h i s t o rY

passionately enjoys. “We need to identify every MP as we need to know who is supposed to be in certain locations and we undertake the same officer safety training as the police as we may have to restrain and remove any members of the public challenging security.” Even if you haven’t heard of Doorkeepers you’re sure to know Black Rod who has the door of the Commons slammed in his face when he represented the monarch at the opening of Parliament. He is the head of Doorkeepers for the House of Lords who undertake the same role as Sam and Rob and their colleagues but in the very ornate and red hued corridors of the Lords. Over in the Commons, with its more unadorned passageways and green shades of upholstery and carpeting, the Doorkeepers keep order, assist the public and support major state occasions. Every day that MPs sit the Doorkeepers’ Serjeant at Arms carries the Mace into the Chamber, processing through the building with the Speaker and his chaplain, arriving at the Central Lobby to the cry ‘hats off strangers’ before starting the day’s proceedings. “I love working here, there is something new every day and

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK

the history and tradition is so special,” explained Rob Bartram who has worked at the Palace for 22 years, and as a Doorkeeper for four. He shook hands with President Obama when he visited and he’s been part of visits by both the Pope and Dalai Lama. The role of Doorkeeper dates back to the 1300’s, when the Palace was used as a court and their duty was as prison guards. Over time they became ‘badge messengers’ from Parliament to the King. “Each Doorkeeper still has a numbered badge, which is engraved with the date it was crafted,” explained Sam who is only the third woman to have become a Doorkeeper and, with her 15 years’ service, is currently the longest serving woman holding the post. “The badge includes the coat of arms and figure of Mercury – the messenger of the Roman gods. Each badge is kept securely in the Palace overnight, and is stored at St James Palace if we are on holiday or recess. Badges numbered 1 and 2 are kept in the Tower of London as they are all part of the Crown Jewels.” Sam, who used to work in banking, and Rob, who plays bass in a punk band, are soon to be joined by two new Doorkeepers – although competition for this historic role is keen with nearly 700 applicants. And their view on their Hotter shoes … Sam, who suffers from arthritis was surprised to discover that she could wear her Valetta heels all day and they could still be so comfortable. With many of his colleagues wearing traditional hand made shoes, some made to measure and fitted with ornate buckles, Rob couldn’t believe how light his Road shoes were. Both are still enjoying their comfort testing experience!

Valetta is a versatile Hotter favourite which this Summer comes in five shades including neutral Soft Beige and Satin Nickel as well as the rich hues of Grape Juice in Suede and Patent. vaLetta With soft padding, flexible and lightweight soles Valetta is great for work, on nights out or for special occasions.


Oozing Hotter’s classic styling, Road is a business-like shoe that incorporates everything that Hotter does best – removable insoles, soft padding, gentle arch support and high quality leather uppers. Road is one of several men’s styles that can be worn for smarter occasions or for work.

find more stories in our Comfort Club at finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK


a C om f Y sho e anD a C r a f t Y f ox When Hotter’s Aimee Lockwood heard a customer’s amazing tale of a fox stealing one of her shoes she decided to turn it into art. Aimee, customer advisor in our Edinburgh store decided to use her talent to bring the story to life as a comic strip of colourful illustrations. Aimee told us, “I got to thinking about what reasons a fox could have for stealing comfortable footwear and that led to the comic. It was too good a story not to draw.” Coming from a creative family in Caithness, Aimee has always had a passion for art. She developed her skills studying English Literature at Edinburgh University. “My friends and I would sit drawing in cafes, trying to illustrate the books we were studying. This made me realise how much I loved illustration.” Last year Aimee completed a HND in illustration at Edinburgh’s Telford College. “I learned to be experimental with the media I used and developed my skills simply by doing lots of drawing.” Aimee finds the sea is an inspiration as well as cities, literature, science and nature. She prefers to use traditional forms of media like pen, ink, acrylic paint and collage. Being an avid Hotter fan, Aimee really enjoys her job. “Working on illustrations at home is a pretty solitary activity,” said Aimee. “My job at Hotter means I talk to lots of different people, which is great. I love Hotter styles Mabel and Topaz. I would have them in every colour.’ Aimee has plans for a career in illustration. “I’d love to illustrate children’s picture books,’ she said. See Aimee’s illustrations at (


finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK

it’s the


WaY !

Melissa Haak, from USA, is a Hotter fan but she’s also the mastermind behind mummy blog Peanut Butter in My Hair! When Melissa recently reviewed a pair of our shoes and told us how much she loved them, we were intrigued to find out more about her blog and why she decided to start this community.. She writes about all the ‘sticky bits’ of motherhood at and also tweets on Twitter @PBinmyHair. Here she tells us more…. When I had my first child in 2005 I was living in an urban area and working full time. I was the first of my friends to have kids so when I started staying home with my son I had no reference, no ideas about what to do and no one to ask questions or spend time with. I turned to blogs after reading an article about a local blog group run by mothers. I didn’t start writing my own until the end of 2008. That Fall we moved from the urban area, where I had developed my writing skills writing for a local parenting group newsletter, to the far out suburbs. Originally my blog started as more of a way to keep in touch with my urban friends. Since I started it has grown from just stories of life in the suburbs into a journal on the “Sticky side of motherhood”. I have met great friends, who I see regularly “in real life” and receive support as well as encouraging others through the struggles of miscarriage and PPD. I have also started a business because of my experiences online and at blogging conferences. I now am a freelance writer as well as an editor and curator of a local blog. What started as an online venture has become one that has enhanced my offline life. I have travelled across the country to meet friends and participate in blogging conferences. Conference attendance also has one other benefit, mom time! Time to focus on something I love (writing and connecting) and to re-energize so I can head back home to the daily grind of motherhood.

finD hotter Comfort ConCept shoes on faCeBooK


Shoe mini

g a L L e rY

Designer Ellspeth Robson’s paper shoe project has taken Hotter by storm. She challenged our staff to design their own and has been amazed with the results. Why not show us your skills and make a pair yourself by down loading the free pattern from the comfort club area of We will reveal our winning customers design in our next edition.

amy Davies's br ight

colourful slip on






Card making quality




om www.hotter.c

Cardboard (Shoe box quality)



Card making quality

ur Download yo pattern from






Cardboard Card Double Sided Tape Glue Trims

1. Cut out cardboard for base 2. Cut out of card all other patterns 3. Fold or roll all pieces as indicated 4. Stick patterned paper to ‘shoe sole’ 5. Attach folded ends of straps to under side of the shoe. ‘A’ Front 6. Stick front of shoe - ‘B’ Middle - ‘C’ Back to base 7. Glue tope and bottom of hell 8. Attach heel to underside of shoe at the back, keeping it vertical to the base 9. Decorate to your own design

Roll into heel shape Stick to secure end




STRAPS ‘C’ ‘B’ ‘A’


shoe gill rimmer's metallic party

Kathryn Lee's ladybird heel vikki Barnbroo k's pink fluffy str appy sandal

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Send in your stories, photos and competition entries to Melanie Killilea, Editor, Comfort Club, Hotter Shoes, 2 Peel Road, Skelmersdale, WN8 9PT or email Any stories or photos sent to us may be used in future editions of Comfort Club or on our Facebook page. Unless otherwise stated, competitions in this edition will close on Tuesday 30th April – winners’ details will be printed in our online Comfort Club at or contact the Editor for a full list.

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Comfort Club Summer 2013  

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