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HOTSHOTS Magazine - The second edition

In this highly anticipated second edition, we’re thrilled to spotlight sixteen industry experts who are at the forefront of shaping the future of connectivity. From subsea to terrestrial strategies, we explore how Artificial Intelligence, Network as a Service (NaaS), Quantum, and more are revolutionizing the landscape.

Gain exclusive insights from industry trailblazers, superstars, and top dogs—all conveniently wrapped up in one place. Plus, brace yourselves for exciting news from Tel Q Global, as they unveil their new brand, B’yond, after a decade of communication platform success.

Join us for a riveting journey through the dynamic world of telecommunications. With HOTSHOTS Magazine, you’ll stay informed, inspired, and entertained as we navigate the cutting edge of industry innovation.

3 Featuring The Future of Partnerships 22 Subsea Innovation 08 MOHAMED NASR, CEO, TELECOM EGYPT ANNETTE MURPHY, CCO, COLT The New Orange 04 MICHAËL TRABBIA, CEO, ORANGE WHOLESALE Middle East Challenges 12 CENGIZ OZTELCAN, CEO, GBI The NaaS Landscape 16 MARC HALBFINGER, CEO, CONSOLE CONNECT CONTENT NaaS Industry Blueprint 28 PASCAL MENEZES, CTO, MEF FORUM 04 08 12 16 22 28

The new Orange


In this engaging interview with Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Wholesale, explore the transformative rebranding journey to Orange Wholesale.

Michaël shares the excitement around uniting forces, making Orange a key player in the EMEA and Europe wholesale market.

The comprehensive suite of services, from voice to data and mobile connectivity, along with a robust international network, positions Orange Wholesale as an industry leader.

Discover Orange’s strategic plan for the future, emphasising a focus on business and providing the best infrastructure to both retail and industry customers.

Michaël emphasises the importance of partnering, aligning with market needs for increased traffic, resilience, security, and digitalisation.

Gain insights into the wholesale landscape’s challenges and the key to success - size matters, but a clear vision and innovation are also paramount.

Join the conversation as Michaël navigates the complexities of the wholesale industry, highlighting Orange’s commitment to digitalisation and connectivity as a service.

Don’t miss this ride into the future of wholesale telecommunications!


Telehouse’s global expansion

Join Isabelle as she takes a ride in style with Sami Slim, General Manager of Telehouse France at Capacity Europe. Sami discusses the intricacies of expanding Telehouse global data center platforms internationally.

The conversation considers the impact on entering new markets, emphasising the significance of the telco map, digital market strength, and sustainability in the decision-making process.




Sami shares the challenges faced when entering international markets, highlighting sustainability as a consistent paramount concern.

The discussion covers adapting to local energy mixes, real estate and the unique challenge of creating connectivity ecosystems from scratch.

The interview also provides insights into Telehouse’s recent expansions in Toronto, Thailand, and Italy, with a focus on longterm plans for Southern Europe and Southeast Asia.

Sami envisions a global platform where Telehouse is synonymous with connectivity, density, and sustainability. Striving to create a no-brainer solution for customers seeking data center space in connected cities.

Throughout the engaging conversation, Sami’s passion for overcoming challenges in the ever-evolving telecom landscape shines through, leaving viewers eager to witness Telehouse’s future endeavours.


Subsea innovation

In a captivating interview at Submarine Networks World 2023 in Singapore, Isabelle engages with Mohamed Nasr, CEO of Telecom Egypt, about the transformative role of hyperscalers in the industry.

Mohamed highlights the crucial need for increased cooperation with these entities, emphasising their role as significant drivers of internet traffic and the subsequent expansion of network infrastructure. He stresses the importance of aligning carrier capabilities with hyperscaler demands, promoting adaptability and fairness within the ecosystem.

“We are announcing our new product, WeConnect, which is a platform connecting all subsea cables together from any landing station to another”

Exploring industry challenges, Mohamed identifies persistent hurdles, such as the complexities of permit acquisition and the mismatch between supply and demand lifecycles in subsea cable construction. He underscores the critical role of meticulous planning, efficient permit management, and secured funding in addressing these issues. The interview takes an exciting turn as Mohamed unveils a ground-breaking announcement concerning Telecom Egypt’s latest offering, WeConnect.

This innovative product aims to revolutionize connectivity between landing stations, providing a seamless and cost-effective platform for efficient data exchange across subsea cables. With a promising future ahead, Mohamed bids farewell, leaving viewers eager to witness the transformative impact of Telecom Egypt’s new venture.


Sustainable subsea future

In this engaging Submarine Network’s World 2023 interview with Steve Alexander, Isabelle explores the pivotal role of connectivity and cloud infrastructure in the region.

Steve highlights the significance of submarine cables in bridging the gap for geographies lacking adequate internet access, emphasising the need for modern, cloud-centric infrastructure. With an eye on the future, Steve addresses the impact of AI on subsea, discussing its role in enhancing

network operations and catering to escalating traffic demands.

Moreover, sustainability emerges as a key theme, with Steve talking about Ciena’s efforts to reduce power consumption and achieve carbon neutrality. He underlines the company’s commitment to eco-friendly solutions and sustainable business practices.

Steve’s passion for the evolving industry is palpable, as he underscores the integral role of networks in facilitating cloud connectivity and enabling technological advancement.

The interview concludes on a light note, with Isabelle and Steve sharing a lighthearted moment, symbolising the warmth and close bound that exists throughout the tech community.


Overcoming Middle East infra challenges

The Middle East takes center stage in this interview with Cengiz Oztelcan, the CEO of GBI. The conversation addresses the region’s rapid emergence as a tech-savvy market with exploding demand for data.

He shares insights into the Middle East’ infrastructure challenges and GBI’s transformation. He hints at a significant shift beyond subsea. Cengiz then unveils a previously undisclosed plan to acquire assets on the terrestrial and data center side, propelling GBI toward becoming an integrated end-to-end player in the industry.

The CEO’s enthusiasm and the company’s strategic vision promise exciting changes in 2024.

The discussion doesn’t stop at business. Cengiz opens up about the challenges that keep him alert, from the constant fear of cable cuts to the well-being of the diverse workforce at GBI.

The conversation concludes with a teaser about Qatar’s next big event, leaving viewers anticipating surprises from the region.

Overall, this interview offers a captivating blend of industry insights, corporate strategy revelations, and personal perspectives, making it a must-watch for anyone interested in the dynamic EMEA region.

“We’re now considering to acquire some assets on the terrestrial and data center side of things”

Cutting-edge innovations

Stephanie Lynch-Habib, President at euNetworks, braves the HOTSeat on Telecom Stars in Cars, Europe Edition, for an insightful conversation on AI’s impact on European infrastructure.

Stephanie predicts a substantial, yet uncertain influence, emphasising the need for more data centers and a shift to tier two and tier three cities to meet growing demands.

She stresses the importance of innovation and euNetworks’ focus on fiber networks and data centers.

Highlighting their innovative approaches, Stephanie also shares advancements such as subsea cable burial techniques and hollow core fiber deployment, enhancing reliability and reducing latency.

“we pride ourselves innovative things of the art fiber enables our customers

Exciting updates include euNetworks’ ground-breaking experiments in quantum encryption with the University of York.

With a dynamic leadership team and a sharp focus on customer delivery and innovation, Stephanie reflects on her tenure at euNetworks, underscoring the company’s passion and excitement for the future.

ourselves on doing things that make state fiber networks and customers to operate”

Exploring the NaaS landscape

In this riveting interview from the MEF Global NaaS Event in Dallas, Isabelle engages with Marc Halbfinger, CEO of Console Connect, exploring the future of Network as a Service (NaaS). Marc articulates Console Connect’s pivotal role as a leader in NaaS, emphasising their pioneering efforts in automation since 2015.


“With the accelerated pace that’s going to be driven by AI and quantum computing, it’s really imperative that all service providers join the NaaS approach”

He underscores the critical importance of strategic partnerships in advancing NaaS, stressing the need for intelligent capital deployment and seamless API integration to foster collaboration across the ICT landscape.

Marc also discusses NaaS’ central role in Console Connect’s future strategy, emphasising the imperative of orchestrating networks and exposing back-ends to users for on-demand automation and integration with various ICT adjacencies.

These include data centers, mobile and fixed operators, SaaS providers, and cloud services.

He anticipates the swift pace of innovation driven by emerging technologies like AI and quantum computing, urging all service providers to embrace this forwardlooking approach.


Seamless communication platform for businesses large or small

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Subsea trends

Join Isabelle at PTC’24 in Hawaii as she hosts an insightful interview with industry luminaries, Nick Collins, CCO of EXA Infrastructure, and Peder Naerboe, Founder and Chair of Bulk Infrastructure. The discussion explores the critical focus areas for subsea companies in the upcoming decade, emphasising the importance of scalability and diversity in network infrastructure.

The interview unveils a groundbreaking partnership between EXA and Bulk, showcasing the significance of collaborations in expanding market reach and meeting customer needs. As such, Nick and Peder underscore the value of partnerships and industry relationships in driving innovation and addressing future challenges.


Looking ahead to 2024, the interview anticipates exciting developments in network scaling and the integration of AI technologies, alongside a burgeoning emphasis on renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get insights and forward-thinking perspectives from these esteemed leaders. Watch the full interview to stay abreast of the latest trends shaping the industry landscape.

Powering the future with renewable energy



The future of industry partnerships

Join Isabelle and Annette Murphy, CCO of Colt, in a captivating discussion at PTC’24.

Against the backdrop of wind-blown Hawaii, Annette shares insights into Colt’s recent acquisition and its promising future. The acquisition of Lumen’s EMEA business opens doors to new markets, expanding Colt’s reach and capabilities across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Annette highlights the significance of cultural alignment in mergers, emphasising the synergy between Lumen EMEA and Colt. Despite industry challenges, such as the impending data explosion and the call for sustainable infrastructure, Annette remains optimistic about the opportunities they present.


As the conversation unfolds, Annette’s enthusiasm for the journey ahead resonates. Her strategic vision for Colt’s future, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, sets a compelling tone for the industry’s evolution in 2024.

Tune in to witness firsthand the dynamic exchange between Isabelle and Annette, as they explore the intricacies of business integration, industry challenges, and the exciting prospects that lie ahead for Colt and the telecommunications sector.

Don’t miss out on this insightful dialogue shaping the future of enterprise and sustainable infrastructure.




Optimising infrastructure resilience


Embark on an illuminating telecom journey from bustling Bangkok as Isabelle welcomes Maurice Baker, CEO of Red Technologies, and Terence Lim, Director of Red Technologies, to the HOTSeat. Together, they navigate the ever-evolving infrastructure landscape, shedding light on pivotal trends and pressing challenges facing the industry.

Maurice elaborates on the influx of private equity players in AsiaPacific, driving acquisitions of fibre networks and data centers, while Terence underscores the imperative of fibre network resilience in today’s interconnected world.

With anecdotes and industry insights aplenty, the discussion explores the intricacies of proactive maintenance and collaborative efforts to fortify network integrity. Maurice unveils the pivotal role of Quixotic’s Redeye software in preempting potential outages.


While Terence expands upon the triad of physical perfection, architectural resilience, and preventive maintenance as linchpins of network robustness.

As the dialogue unfolds, viewers are treated to a captivating glimpse into the strategies and philosophies driving these telecom titans forward.

Join us for a riveting exchange that promises to illuminate the path towards a more resilient, interconnected future.




TAM-1 project update

Join Isabelle in her riveting interview with Keith Henderson, CEO of Xtera, as they delve into the intricacies of Caribbean connectivity challenges. Against the stunning backdrop of Hawaii, Isabelle probes Keith about the hurdles faced by Caribbean countries with aging undersea cable systems unable to meet modern bandwidth demands.

Keith’s involvement in the groundbreaking TAM-1 project takes center stage as he unravels the project’s magnitude, heralding it as the Caribbean’s largest deployment in 25 years.

With segments boasting a staggering 18 terabits capacity, the TAM-1 system promises revolutionary connectivity, bridging countries from the US to Colombia and Panama.

Keith sheds light on the project’s progress, emphasising an extended enterprise model and collaboration with industry giants like Nexans and IT International Telecom.

The anticipation builds as Keith unveils a project plan targeting Q4 2025 for system activation.

Don’t miss out on this captivating interview unfolding against a backdrop of innovation and collaboration.


Unveiling the NaaS industry blueprint


Join Isabelle for an interview with Pascal Menezes, CTO of MEF, at the MEF Global NaaS Event in Dallas. Pascal unveils the ground-breaking NaaS Industry Blueprint, a comprehensive guide for providers and vendors navigating this evolving digital landscape.

“Every provider their differentiation, they don’t want everything from

This blueprint isn’t merely a theoretical whitepaper; it encompasses a number of practical tools and certifications, including an array of state-of-theart cybersecurity services and API automations.

Pascal emphasises the pivotal role of differentiation and innovation, encouraging providers and enterprises to leverage the common base platform, while creating their unique solutions. The introduction of a confidence-building certification system, reminiscent of the renowned Moody Bonds ratings, ensures the reliability and credibility of the diverse NaaS offerings in the market.

wants to show differentiation, what want is to reinvent from scratch”

With a focus on empowering enterprises to make informed decisions and drive value through customised solutions, this insightful conversation underscores the transformative potential of NaaS in the realm of modern networking.

Join us in this thought-provoking interview, exploring the cutting-edge advancements and innovative pathways shaping the future of digital networking at the Global NaaS event.


Automating the quotation process

In this engaging interview conducted at the MEF Global NaaS Event, Isabelle talks with Ben Edmond, the CEO of Connectbase. Ben sheds light on the challenges buyers and sellers face in the quotation process. He emphasises the difficulty of being found in the vast and fragmented marketplace, highlighting the impact of geography and industry capital intensity.

The interview explores the crucial role of data in facilitating seamless matchmaking and the impediments caused by missing or unstructured data.

Connectbase addresses these challenges comprehensively. The company focuses on creating a foundation around location data, considering it the ground truth in the connectivity ecosystem. They provide tools for both sellers and buyers, enabling efficient management and discovery of relevant information.

Ben also details how Connectbase’s automation approach streamlines the quoting journey at scale, reducing friction and driving desired outcomes.


As the interview unfolds, Ben shares exciting news about Connectbase’s upcoming venture, Link Base. This matchmaker service for the connectivity industry promises real-time automation, fostering digital relationships between buyers and sellers with trust-based permission flows.

“Connectbase focuses on creating a foundation around location data, considering it the ground truth in the connectivity ecosystem”

Verizon’s NaaS recipe to success



In this insightful interview at the MEF Global NaaS Event in Dallas, Debika Bhattacharya, Chief Product Officer at Verizon Business, explores the evolving landscape of Network as a Service (NaaS). With a focus on providing business agility, NaaS is identified as a critical component of Verizon’s portfolio.

Debika outlines four key aspects of NaaS at Verizon: ubiquitous access, incorporating wireless and wireline services; embedded security; robust analytics and visibility; and flexible commercial models tailored to customer needs. The emphasis is on differentiation, recognising that one size doesn’t fit all in the dynamic world of networking.

Verizon’s approach to differentiation lies in three aspects of agility: commercial agility with customised models, platform agility to foster innovation, and providing digital tools for seamless order, provision, visibility, and analytics across multiple technologies. This framework positions Verizon as a unique player in the NaaS landscape.

The interview not only provides a glimpse into Verizon’s NaaS strategy, but also showcases Debika’s expertise and the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs. For a deeper understanding of the future of network services and Verizon’s innovative approach, don’t miss this engaging interview.


Daring to dance to a future beat

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