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£1 October 2019

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David’s Deliberations Dear friends, On holiday last week, within the space of a few days Kim and I walked in the Ribble Valley, the Yorkshire Dales, Scotland and the Lake District. It’s great to be able to walk whenever and wherever we choose, with only ourselves to please. When our children were small, though, and we wanted to walk in the hilly Yorkshire countryside, it could be a bit more tricky: often they would say they didn’t want to go. But we took them anyway – and they usually enjoyed it! They would still sometimes need coaxing along, or even carrying. But often they would be full of enthusiasm and energy: running on ahead, and calling us forward to see what they had discovered.

nowadays: getting themselves and their family to church, despite all the obstacles and difficulties. I believe it is always more than worth the effort: what could be more important than giving our younger generation that invaluable grounding in the Christian faith as they grow. And, once they are there, the children are usually glad they came!

David Swales

It was often like that also when it came to attending church. At the moment of departure, they would be engrossed in a book, a toy, cartoons on the TV. And they weren’t keen to uproot themselves. But we went to church anyway - and, when they got there, they enjoyed it – and sometimes taught us a thing or two…. I’m full of appreciation for those parents who do likewise HotPott - October 2019

It is all too easy in a church to arrange things to suit the adults, with the children included at best as an afterthought. I hope and believe that all children who come along to our church find a warm welcome – and feel that they are a valued part of things. The wonderful work done in our junior and youth churches is a sign of the importance we put on our younger members. In turn, our children and young people make a real contribution to our worship: especially in our Family Services (monthly, and also at special festivals). Have you ever heard the children in a church described as ‘the church of tomorrow’? When I hear that, I usually correct it: ‘No. Children are a part of the church of today!’. They are on the journey of faith along with

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everyone else – and, although they will need special care and support, they also have something to contribute to that shared journey: sometimes even showing the adults the way forward – like on those hilly walks. Jesus once said to his adult disciples: ‘Unless you enter the Kingdom of God like a child, you will never enter it’. Alongside their adult qualities of experience, wisdom, strength,

they needed to learn how to trust, how to receive, how to depend on someone bigger than they. That’s something we all need to learn. And it’s something children can teach us. Your friend and vicar David

Book Review: The Cross behind bars The true story of Noel Proctor, prison chaplain, by Jenny Cooper Noel Proctor had a difficult upbringing in Belfast in the 1930s and went on to become one of the most respected prison chaplains in some of the most feared prisons in England.

Jean Ferguson He struggled with personal tragedy while bringing Jesus to murderers, thieves and many hardened criminals in Dartmoor and Strangeways. His faith is tested as his wife underwent treatment for breast cancer but the power of prayer from these forgotten men in the weekly prison prayer meetings proved God listens to every one of us when we talk to him. ‘The Cross behind bars’ is a powerful story of a man of faith who faced enormous challenges but who received great blessings too.

Book Corner If anyone would like to donate any modern Christian books to St Christopher’s please leave them in the book corner for me to sort. Unfortunately we are unable to accept novels

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or old magazines, so please take them to a charity shop instead! Thanks, Jean Ferguson. Or possibly recycle the magazines! Editor.

HotPott - October 2019

‘…Whom we love, but see no longer.’ Our Memorial and Thanksgiving Service takes place on Sunday 20th October at 4.00pm: a service where we remember loved ones who have died.

Rev David Swales There will be an opportunity during the service, if you would like, to light a candle in memory of your loved one(s), and for their name(s) to be read out. Many find this a very helpful and peaceful occasion.

I believe this will be a service which will be appropriate not only for those who have had a funeral with us at St Christopher’s, but also for any who have lost a loved one, no matter how long ago they were bereaved, or where the funeral took place. It is also very appropriate both for regular worshippers and for those who would not normally be in church. All are welcome, and no booking is needed. But if you would like to know more, please have a word with me.

Remembering Fred Holmes… We were very saddened to hear recently of the death of Fred Holmes. For many years Fred and his late wife Margaret were regular worshippers at the 10.45 service until illhealth prevented this; he will no doubt be remembered by many.

Mary Currell Fred loved Pott Shrigley Church and even though he couldn’t attend he was always interested in what was happening. He enjoyed reading his monthly copy of HotPott and would regularly say: ‘I like to read about what’s going on up there’. He looked forward to the visits of vicars John and David and was grateful to David for calling to give him communion at special times of the year. Earlier this year, when Fred was finding life a little difficult, he was moved to a care home

and later to Macclesfield Hospital where he passed away on the 13th August. We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to all his family at this very sad time. I remember Fred as a friendly, courteous gentleman with a ready smile; may he rest in peace. Editor.

*** A little boy was fascinated as he fingered through the pages of the old family Bible. Suddenly, an old leaf that had been pressed between the pages fluttered out. “Mum, come quick!” he cried. “I think I just found Adam’s underwear!” HotPott - October 2019

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Keep The Cross in the Middle Some years ago Bishop Michael Baughen told the Keswick Convention about his wife, Myrtle, being given a trip in an airline flight simulator as a birthday present. To help her fly the simulator accurately the instructor had told her to ‘Keep the cross in the middle’. Michael brought out some of the natural applications of that expression to Christian life.

Peter de Bourcier What did Myrtle have to do to ‘keep the cross in the middle’ in the simulator? This one key rule is above all others – but for readers unfamiliar with the flying world we need some background first. Airlines use flight simulators to train pilots and cabin crews to operate their aircraft without the expense of using a real aircraft, and without the risk that might be involved in a real aircraft. Simulators allow the handling characteristics and normal operating procedures of different aircraft to be learnt quickly and emergencies like an engine failure or smoke in the cabin to be practised realistically.

Page 6

The best simulators, costing around £10 million, have a real aircraft flight deck, surrounded by a curved screen showing the view outside and with a seat and control station for an instructor behind the pilots. The whole thing sits on a platform mounted on hydraulic jacks to provide the sensation of motion and is driven by powerful computers. The principal instrument to guide pilots in a modern aircraft like an Airbus is the Primary Flight Display (PFD)(illustrated). In the circle, the blue represents the sky and the brown the ground, with the white line in between the horizon. The black L-shapes at either side represent the wings and the wheels of the aircraft, and the small black square in the middle the nose of the aircraft – the direction in which it is going. The ‘cross’ that Myrtle’s

HotPott - October 2019

instructor was referring to was the one formed by the two green bars, one vertical, one horizontal, in the middle of the circle. The vertical bar moves towards one side or the other to tell the pilot how much to bank the aircraft to turn in the correct direction, and the horizontal bar moves up or down to tell him or her to raise or lower the nose to climb or descend. The two bars are called the ‘flight director’ and the pilot keeps the aircraft on the correct flight path by following the flight director. In the PFD illustrated, the pilot has ‘the cross in the middle’ and is following the flight director’s command to turn right (note the bank to the right) and to climb. (For more detail, have a word with me!) But what was that key rule to enable Myrtle, and all of us, to keep the cross in the middle? It is that we will go the wrong way if we try to make the flight director (the cross) come to where we are

going: instead, we must fly the aircraft to the flight director - we must choose our direction so that we are following The Cross. Then, and only then, will we be going in the direction, acting in the way, that our Heavenly Father wants us to. Timothy Dudley Smith sums it up in the final verse of his hymn, ‘Lord, for the years Thy love has kept and guided’: ‘Lord for ourselves; in living power remake us – self on the cross and Christ upon the throne, past put behind us, for the future take us: Lord of our lives, to live for Christ alone’. I recently had the opportunity to take a Mission Aviation Fellowship colleague, Bob Charles, plus Sheila Garton and David Swales, for some flying in an Airbus A321 simulator. Appropriately, it was David flying the aircraft who set us the example of ‘keeping the cross in the middle’ in the PFD photo above!


(John 1:1, Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 55:11, Hebrews 4:12) Life is a Word-search. Think John, chapter one. There will be distractions In the search, Interesting groups of letters, Many in the wrong order. Some even making sense, In their own way. Sometimes all is confusion, A jumble. The temptation is to give up. It’s all too much of a puzzle. But those who search will find, And once found, The Word Makes sense of the search.

Even if some round-the-edge words Remain a mystery, Once found, The main Word, the central Word Is the key that opens hearts. And the Word is, And will be, And even in the beginning, was. It has gone out and will not return empty, But living and active Will accomplish the purpose for which it was sent. The Word itself searches. So let us search, Oh, search the Word. By Daphne Kitching

HotPott - October 2019

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Poverty-fixing fun: the Tearfund BIG QUIZ Night 2019 Pott Shrigley Church is again taking part in the Tearfund BIG QUIZ NIGHT. Churches and other groups up and down the country are being asked to make the 2019 event, which is to be held on Saturday 16th November, even bigger than last year when 500 churches and 23,000 people joined in the biggest multi-venue, nationwide quiz ever. The Pott Shrigley 2018 BIG QUIZ was a great success: the die-hard quiz maestros were not the winners (hooray!) which gives hope to those of us who often sit blankly by whilst the aficionados fill in all the answers in a well known local pub quiz. Competitors of all ages welcome. (We’ll need a teenager on our team if there are any music questions! Editor.) Our quiz is to be held in Pott Shrigley Village Hall. The bar will be open from 7pm – so get your drinks in ready and be up in the hall

Page 8

pronto as Tearfund has decreed that the quiz should start promptly at 7.45pm! Recommended team size is between four and six, but we can be flexible. Participants are invited to give a minimum donation of £5, but donations of any size will be welcome. As all proceeds go to Tearfund’s life changing work among the poorest communities of the world it would be good to top last year’s total of £300, but the main thing is to come and have fun with St Christopher’s church family and friends. Please put the date in your diaries; tickets can be reserved from mid-October. For more information, or to reserve tickets, please contact Anne Murphy. Tel: 07891 953919

HotPott - October 2019

Autumn 2019


Pott Shrigley Community Cinema

At Pott Shrigley Village Hall SK10 5RT


We proudly present :

2nd October - The Keeper

4th September –Fisherman’s Friends (12A) 6th November - Peterloo 4th December - Green Book 18th December - Blinded by the Light

Ticket agents: - Anthea Wilkinson (01625 573538) (and St Oswald’s church, Bollington)

- Sue Ralston (01625 573210)

(and St Christopher’s church, Pott Shrigley)

- Peter M Boulton (01625 876646)

E-mail : Tickets : in advance £4.00 : ‘chance it’ on the door £5.00 HotPott - October 2019

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Tiger Hunting in India Hello! My name is Hari. I live in Nagarhole National Park and Tiger Reserve in southern India. That means it’s reserved for me! It is part of the enormous Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve which also contains the Bandipur National Park and the Mudumulai National Park, all in the Western Ghats which straddle parts of the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. All for me and a few of my stripy friends! Not that there are many of us here. We try not to be seen. My grandparents said that if you were seen you would be shot but now you just get shot with one of those camera things. I’ve managed to avoid being seen until one day, just recently – but more of that later.

St Stephen's Church, Ooty

Tourists come to look for us in those safari vehicle things. They see deer, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, gaur, wild boar, loads and loads of different birds, and occasionally leopard and wild dogs; but they hardly ever see us. That’s because we are disguised by our stripes, and anyway we see them first and run off. We hear about tourists on the jungle telegraph. My cousin Sami in Periyar Tiger Reserve (he is really clever – he’s never been seen yet!) told me to expect these two tourists with white skin, one tall with white hair, the other a lot shorter (not fatter! Editor.), who had Page 10

arrived in Cochin and saw the sights there (Chinese fishing nets, some churches and a synagogue), visited a bird sanctuary in Thattekad and then headed towards Periyar. I don’t think anybody ever sees tigers in Periyar but he saw these two when they were admiring the view of the lake. Beautiful place it is too. Mind you, Kerala is a beautiful state. I rarely go there myself. Interestingly it has a much higher proportion of Christians than India as a whole. Tradition has it that Christianity in Kerala originated after the arrival of the apostle St Thomas there. Perhaps if they fed Christians to tigers instead of lions I might go there more often.

Train to Ooty

Anyway, it was a while before these two tourists were spotted again; I think they went off to Madurai, which has the largest temple in southern India. Madurai is in Tamil Nadu where the population is predominantly Hindu and that temple is just huge! Then they travelled on that dinky little train up to Ooty (commonly known as Snooty Ooty but I just call it Udhagamandalam as it’s easier to pronounce), an old colonial hill station high up in the Nilgiri mountains where white people, including possibly the tall one’s grandparents, used to go to escape the heat of the summer. A bit too cold for me though. HotPott - October 2019

Black-hooded Oriole

Grey Langur

My sister Ana spotted them in Bandipur National Park; they had their backs to her as they were so busy watching a leopard who had climbed a tree and was languishing along one of its branches that they never thought to look behind them. She was so close she could have touched them, but she’d just had a sambar deer for dinner and wasn’t hungry. The next day she saw them in Mudumulai National Park but they were more interested in watching birds; an entire day from dawn to dusk just looking at birds! I ask you!

off to look at palaces in Mysore, but they squeezed in a sneaky fourth safari before they left. This time I was on my guard. The park closes to visitors on the dot of 10.00am and I’d managed to avoid them thus far. A couple of minutes before this my avian friend, a large hawk cuckoo, said he’d keep them distracted by eating a particular caterpillar which no large hawk cuckoo has ever done before. You should have seen how excited their guide got! And then, at one minute to ten, the spotted deer saw me and gave an alarm call: the safari vehicle sped in my direction and just caught me padding towards the jungle. I don’t think anyone managed to photograph me (thank goodness) but my spotless record has gone.

And then they came to Nagarhole. I’d heard they’d just booked two safaris so I kept myself hidden while they went round looking at the usual tourist stuff – elephants, gaur, wild dogs, yet more birds, etc; animals tourists generally get excited about though I can’t see why myself. Then, unbeknown to me, they booked a third, just to look for tigers! I can tell you, I nearly got caught: I came across four safari vehicles, all in a row, the people pointing and shouting ‘tiger, tiger’. Fortunately they were all pointing the wrong way; I was behind them and I slunk off into the jungle. The next day they were due to move Leopard

HotPott - October 2019

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PSCC Centenary. The 1980s: more Comings and Goings, Part Two Last month we left PSCC members enjoying themselves both on and off the field, parochial issues sometimes not withstanding, and making significant contributions to the wider game. What will the later 80s bring…

Graham Hackney We start on a sad note: another Pott Shrigley Cricket Club stalwart, Jack Archer, died in the latter part of 1983. Jack didn’t play, but was the scorer for the 1st XI for several years, loyally attending both home and away games. Jack is particularly remembered for his singing – not only was he a chorister at St John’s Bollington but he also led the cricket teams in many a song – most especially ‘Sylvest’, as previously mentioned in this series. Jack was also a wit, and a composer of many a contemporary ode – and we will feature some of these in HotPott next year. Jack’s memorial plaque in the pavilion simply reads: ‘Jack Archer, Singer, Poet, Scorer’ and his ashes were scattered under the nearby oak tree.

1984 was a happier year: the Hart family – Michael, Margaret, Sarah, Jamie, Andy and Penny – appeared, and in different ways all have made significant contributions to the club over the subsequent years. The rent dispute with the parish council was resolved (hooray! Editor.). On the field it seems that despite Bob Fairhall’s 103 at Bredbury for the second XI, the adult teams were less successful than the juniors, with the big success of the year being the High Peak Junior League Sixes competition, held at Pott and seeing the home team as runners up. Junior sixes at Pott Shrigley remains a popular fixture to this day.

1985 Dinner Rear - I. Brooke, A. Smith, D. Brooke, M. Lisle, K. Barlow, J. Challenor, R. Fairhall, B. Carney. Middle - J. Tute, A. Kingston, B. Warhurst, E. Hackney, F. Wrigley, E. Burgess. Front - Mrs. G. Hackney, Mrs. E. Hackney, Mrs. E. Burgess. Page 12

Long standing member Ernest Hackney became president in 1985; by that time the Hackney family had contributed more than 100 years service to PSCC. Old friends returned too – Allan Sherratt and Alan Beckett – and with them came a more positive atmosphere to the club. The 1985 team was a strong batting HotPott - October 2019

Derrick Brooke’s previous record. The constant commitment Derrick Brooke, Ken Barlow, Tony Hutter and Andrew Hart (along with a small army of parents) invested in the juniors started to pay off in the late 1980s and from this time onwards Pott Shrigley junior section had an 1988 President's Evening enormous amount of Rear - D. Brooke, G. Bowers, R. Fairhall, P. Wrigley, I. Brooke. success in the High Peak Middle - J. Challenor, A. Sherratt, B. Carney, J. Tute, F. Wrigley, J. Walsh. Front - Mr. & Mrs. E. Hackney. Junior League: in 1986-87 the Under 17s won the Kirk side: Allan Sherratt hit 417, Paul Wrigley Cup and they were finalists in 1989 and 1993. 420 and Alan Beckett’s 657 saw him top the 1987 saw the death of ‘The Sheriff of Pott league averages. Off the pitch improvements Shrigley’, Billy Bennett, who had spent his were made to the pavilion: club secretary Barry Carney and others gave the inside walls whole life in the village and filled many roles – parish clerk, school governor, organist to a makeover, covering them in pine tongue name but a few. He is reputed to have seen and groove and Brian Holmes and ‘Jack of all himself as the guardian of village traditions, trades’ John Jackson added showers, mostly somewhat of a ‘chief’ perhaps, and no one paid for out of the money the club made was surprised when, as his coffin entered St by assiduously gathering and selling waste Christopher’s, there was a clap of thunder, paper. The juniors had a particularly exciting the lights went out and the organ stopped social event this year: a trip to the Blue Peter studios in London along with other successful working! Cheshire junior cricketers from Chelford. An immensely loyal servant of PSCC passed Not so sure about the adult entertainment: away in November 1988 when Ernest Hackney Pott Shrigley’s own pop group ‘No Parking’, died. Ernie, as well as being umpire, secretary comprising A. Hart, G. Lisle and S. White, and chief reporter, had served in most played at the President’s Day event but positions eventually becoming president. apparently the conclusion was that the lads This office, he claimed, ‘was his proudest shouldn’t give up their day jobs! sporting achievement’. His ashes are mostly under the daffodils near the pavilion, with 1986 saw an improvement in the senior a handful at square leg. Jim Lisle, who lived team's results: the 1st XI finished fifth in close to the ground and regularly used it Division Two. Martin Tute excelled on his for family cricket games, took over from return to the club, scoring 625 runs and Ernie as president. Eventually his three sons claiming 18 victims as wicket keeper; Mike Michael, Gregory and Dominic were to make Gallimore arrived and soon showed his substantial contributions to the club. On the worth scoring 104 not out for the 2nds. Allan field, Pott Shrigley cricketers again made their Sherratt continued his form by scoring over mark: Warren Barlow hit 128 500 runs and Paul Wrigley’s 647 runs set continued → to make the Cheshire League’s a new 2nd XI League record, thus passing HotPott - October 2019

Page 13

top score, Mark Dean was third in the league tables and Ian Brooke’s haul of 52 wickets saw him as top wicket taker, having seven victims on three occasions. So with both senior teams improving, finishing 5th and 4th respectively,

the decade ended with a promise of better things to come. Another decade ends on a positive note. Next – the 90s, when difficulties with the neighbours surface, but the cricket goes on. Editor.

A trip on a steam train: St Christopher’s Church Guild outing Our September trip took us on a nostalgic ride on the Churnet Valley Railway. For over an hour we enjoyed the journey from Cheddleton to Froghall and back, through lovely wooded scenery, sometimes running by the side of the Caldon Canal.

Eileen Stratford Sitting in comfort in an old style carriage and headed by a USA steam engine that was running well, we had a great ride. After stopping at a small but beautiful garden centre in Leek for coffee and delicious cakes we made our way home. A really enjoyable

afternoon. Thank you Mary for arranging it all. The next meeting will be held in church on Wednesday October 9th at 2.30pm when the speaker will be Betty Hayhurst telling us about ‘My Eggheads Experience’.

*** Two nuns, Sister Mary Agnes and Sister Mary Vincent, were sight-seeing in Transylvania. As they stopped at a traffic light, out of nowhere, a small vampire jumped onto the bonnet of their car and hissed at them through the windshield. “Quick, quick!” shouted Sister Mary Agnes, “What should we do?” “Turn the windscreen wipers on. That will get rid of the abomination,” cried Sister Mary Vincent. Sister Mary Agnes switched on the wipers, which knocked the mini-Dracula around. But still he hung on and continued hissing at the nuns. “What shall I do now?” she shouted. “Try the windscreen washer. I filled it with holy water before we left the Vatican,” cried Sister Mary Vincent. Sister Mary Agnes turned on the windscreen washer. The vampire screamed as the holy water burned his skin, but he hung on and continued hissing at the nuns. “Now what?” shouted Sister Mary Agnes. “Well, show him your cross,” urged Sister Mary Vincent. “Now you’re talking,” said Sister Mary Agnes. She opened the window and shouted: “You stupid vampire! Get off our car!” Page 14

HotPott - October 2019

HotPott - October 2019

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Your Vote Your Council

A bench for the village green

A grant has been received to provide a bench; we hope it will encourage people to use the village green. The former resident of Pott Shrigley who owned the green requested in his will that the land be made available for the parish council to buy, which it did using a loan from the former Macclesfield Borough Council. Since then the fencing and drainage of the green has been enhanced and although financial constraints have prevented further improvements it is still a wonderful place to play, to walk or to just sit, relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

the sapling, whose roots have caused the problem, remains. - Parking on the road at Brookbank remains a problem. The clerk will ask PCSO Amy Hickman to remind residents that lights should be switched on in cars parked outside properties at night. - The potholes in Shrigley Road near Mitchelfold have been dealt with. - The remedial resurfacing of Shrigley Road from Green Close to the aqueduct is still outstanding with no further indication when this might be done. - no update received regarding the modifications required to the ‘chevron bend’. - the tree branch overhanging Bakestonedale Road has been dealt with. Road gritting: proposed changes

The new bench, which was installed by Cllrs. Basford and Wray on 1st September, is intended for all the residents and visitors to rest and enjoy the view and will go some way to begin the process of encouraging residents and visitors to use the space. Your clerk and councillors would love to hear from anyone who may be interested in providing a commemorative bench, also to be situated on the green. Highways - Re-surfacing on the bend round church is completed. - A repair of sorts of the collapsed wall on Shrigley Road, north of Spuley Lane by the bend sign has been attempted, with a few stones having been pushed back but Page 16

The proposed gritting route for the coming winter shows no gritting on Shrigley Road from Poynton to the Normans Hall bend or on Brookledge Lane to its junction with Springbank Lane. This effectively isolates a significant part of Pott Shrigley. The clerk sent a response to this proposed change and will ascertain whether any alterations have been made as a result of this and what criteria were employed to create the new plan of routes. Donkey bridge update The repair of the bridge, thanks to the donations of local interest parties, is being undertaken to retain the historic value of the existing structure. The delay in the work is due to negotiations with the Environment Agency about the method statement for the works in relation to flood risk and the method of working has now been approved. The estimate will be revised and once agreed a start date will be scheduled. HotPott - October 2019

unit 1 will make it much more visible from Shrigley Road. Similarly creating a space between units 2 and 3 means that unit 1 will inevitably be moved closer to the road, again increasing its visibility. There is great concern that these modifications represent a move away from the conversion of farm buildings to the creation of a suburban housing development, which is completely out of character with the rural surroundings. Date and time of next meeting Street light at Brookbank A streetlight has now been installed and is operational on the bend at Brookbank. The light is solar powered and has a motion sensor to provide a stronger light when vehicles or people are passing; at other times the lighting is more subtle. It is a very neat and efficient solar light.

The next parish council meeting will be held on Monday 7th October 2019 at 8pm in the village hall.

Planning NP/CEC/0819/0839 Location: Birchencliffe Farm, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE Development: Removal of existing timber barn and construction of a new steel framed agricultural barn. The council supports this application. 19/3716M Location: 1 Normans Hall Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE Certificate of existing lawful use of existing building as a residential dwelling. The council has referred the decision on this application to CEC planning department. 19/3715M (Amendment to application ref. 18/4950M) Location: Normans Hall Farm, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SE Repositioning and alterations to approved Units 1 and 2, and increased parking to Unit 3 The council does not support this application as adding a second storey to the yet unbuilt HotPott - October 2019

*** British Airways poster: ‘Breakfast in London; lunch in New York’ Added underneath: ‘Luggage in Bermuda’ *** Page 17

Page 18

HotPott - October 2019

Coffee Break

Across 1 ‘A little later someone else saw Peter and said, “You — are one of them”’ (Luke 22:58) (4) 3 Giving (1 Peter 2:5) (8) 9 They came to Jerusalem seeking an infant king (Matthew 2:7) (3,4) 10 ‘An athlete... does not receive the victor’s crown unless he competes according to the — ’ (2 Timothy 2:5) (5) 11 Pacifist, temperance advocate, open-air preacher, leading 20th- century Methodist, Donald — (5) 12 ‘Come quickly to — — , O Lord my Saviour’ (Psalm 38:22) (4,2) 14 ‘The God of Abraham, — — — , the God of our fathers, has glorified his servant Jesus’ (Acts 3:13) (5,3,5) 17 Sear by intense heat (Revelation 16:8) (6) 19 ‘It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust — — ’ (Psalm 118:8) (2,3) 22 Goods (Nehemiah 13:15) (5) 23 i.e. train (anag.) (7) 24 Surrounding area (Luke 24:50) (8) 25 ‘Righteousness will be his — and faithfulness the sash round his waist’ (Isaiah 11:5) (4)

Down 1 Elegant and creative (Exodus 31:4) (8) 2 ‘Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all — , but we will all be changed’ (1 Corinthians 15:51) (5) HotPott - October 2019

4 ‘I... delight to see how orderly you are and how firm your — — — is’ (Colossians 2:5) (5,2,6) 5 Enlist (2 Samuel 24:2) (5) 6 Of the Muslim faith (7) 7 Sharp intake of breath (Job 11:20) (4) 8 Woven cloth (Ezekiel 16:13) (6) 13 Plentiful (Romans 5:17) (8) 15 CIA char (anag.) (7) 16 Paul and Silas stopped him committing suicide after an earthquake in Philippi (Acts 16:27–28) (6) 18 One of the ingredients in the making of incense for the Lord (Exodus 30:34) (5) 20 Episcopal headwear (5) 21 Inhabitant of, say, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia or Bulgaria (4) Page 19

The Suffering Church We had a wonderful outdoor morning service the other week, but just imagine how you’d feel if you arrived at St Christopher’s one Sunday to find Cheshire East had closed it and the only option was to worship in the open each week, whatever the weather! Such is the recent experience of several churches in Algeria, a country which has been on my heart since I spent a month there in 1953 trekking in the Atlas Mountains and living with a missionary family seeing how they worked. In August Christians thwarted an attempt to shut a church near to Algiers by occupying the building and refusing to leave; also, the church leaders met with the authorities to argue that the closure was illegal as it had not been ordered by a court. Unfortunately the police closed it anyway, bringing the number of Algerian churches closed in the last 20 months to at least six, with many more under threat. Christian churches in Algeria require a permit to operate, but these are rarely issued. Please pray that permits would become readily available. The charity Barnabas supports a Christian school in Bethlehem in the West Bank which provides a place of safety for Christian children who face daily harassment and discrimination both in non-Christian schools and in the community; the school also

Metal Shipping Containers used as Jails in Eritrea

gives employment to Christian teachers, administrators and cleaners. A parent said: ‘In such a time as this, when we see our Christian communities getting less and less in number, less and less fortunate in society, less and less opportunities of employment, I find (the school) a refuge’. Christian families are often extremely poor in the West Bank because their businesses struggle to get customers and their employment opportunities are few; power to heat water, school fees, notebooks and pencils are often unaffordable. Pupil Aram explained: ‘All our friends and classmates are Christian, we pray in Aramaic, which is the language of Jesus, and we are very fortunate to learn this’. He thanked donors ‘for keeping us Christians safe in the Holy Land’. The children thrive in the love of their teachers. Clara, a pupil for 10 years, reports: ‘At our school we feel safe because there are no strangers. We are one big family and the older students help the younger ones. I pray that God will keep our school and that it will always be as nice as it is’. 660 students aged 3 to 18 years are currently enrolled; ongoing support is needed to enable more impoverished Christian children to attend. £35 helps fund one child for one month. If you would like to do this please look

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HotPott - October 2019

Pastor Wang Yi in church

on the Barnabas Fund website for details. China is much in the news, especially regarding the disquiet in Hong Kong. Chinese Christians, who outnumber the Communist Party, continue to be persecuted. HotPott previously wrote of the arrests of Pastor Wang Yi and about 100 other members of the Early Rain Church in December 2018; many were subsequently released but Pastor Wang Yi and two other church members remain in detention, with further charges being added against them. The lawyers Pastor Wang Yi employed were initially denied access to him and then forcibly replaced by others appointed by the state. His previous lawyer said: ‘Pastor Wang Yi needs your prayers… it is possible that (he) has been made to feel he was alone and that the outside world had forgotten about him’. Please pray for Pastor Wang Yi, and for six others from the Early Rain Church who applied to the US for asylum during a visit to Taiwan. According to OpenDoors’ World Watch List Eritrean Christians are at extreme risk of persecution. An Eritrean pastor, now

resettled in Australia, has described how Christians are tortured, starved and forced into hard labour in Eritrea’s jails, and how his faith sustained him during long years of incarceration. Christian prisoners received small amounts of food every 18 hours whilst doing backbreaking manual work collecting stones. ‘Gabriel’ said: ‘Sometimes you break the stones with a heavy hammer. You hear a sound here, in your back, because everyone has malnutrition’. (Presumably a crush fracture of a vertebra. Editor.) Discrimination against Christian believers included refusing them appropriate medical treatment; they were also tortured: ‘Gabriel’, as a pastor, was singled out and sometimes beaten on the head with a stick for an hour to intimidate others. Yet more were kept in solitary confinement in metal shipping containers – baking hot during the day and freezing cold at night. ‘Gabriel’ was advised to renounce his Christian faith to stop the torture and resume it on release from prison but he refused to deny his faith, even though he struggled at times: ‘Sometimes you dispute with God, why you let me go through this hardship? … But when you start reading the Bible, (which had to be split and hidden under bedding as it was forbidden in prison. Editor.) when you pray devotion daily, automatically your mind clicks, you are in the main way – the way you are supposed to go’. Others felt the same: ‘Whatever you like you can do to us, for now we are born-again Christians’. Eventually the guards released them saying: ‘We cannot stop this Christian thing’. Please pray for these remarkable Christians and others like them, who remain true despite such temptation to renounce their faith.

*** While walking through the churchyard one day, our minister came across his six-year-old son burying a dead sparrow. With sonorous dignity the son was using the prayer that he thought his father always said: “Glory be unto the Faaather, and unto the Sonnn, and into the hole he goooes.” HotPott - October 2019

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Est since 1890

1 Henshall Road, Bollington. Tel: 01625 572110

Missionary Matters

would appreciate our prayers. Elizabeth is considering extending her work permit and time in Australia (suggesting to me that her romance with another MissKid from Malawi is going well!) and Mary has recently started her four year occupational therapy training in Liverpool.

Megumi and Helen Fazakerley, who are now back in Malawi after their brief trip to the UK, have been enjoying spending time with two Swiss visitors who were with them for three weeks: they provided excellent, lively company and a reason to both make member care visits to colleagues in Salima and Lilongwe and to take trips to the beautiful Lake Malawi and the Dedza mountain range.

John Ryley Helen will travel to Kenya in October to attend a conference entitled ‘Flourishing People’ and to network with others who provide SIM missionaries with pastoral care. Megumi is busy preparing for the new semester at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM); 37 new full-time and 32 part-time students bring the total up to 63 full-time and 61 part-time. Megumi will be teaching Old Testament survey, Doctrine of Scripture and Hermeneutics and Romans to certificate students in Chichewa, in English and in English and Chichewa combined to different groups. They recently celebrated colleague Ruth Guinness’ 50th birthday; this was a particular time for rejoicing as a number of years ago Ruth was severely ill with cancer, but treatment seems to have been successful. The Fazakerley daughters HotPott - October 2019

The street protests mentioned in last month’s HotPott have ceased for now; please pray that the high court will come to a just conclusion as they investigate alleged electoral malpractice in Malawi. The McCleans in Thailand have been too busy to send a prayer letter recently; the sole new post on their Facebook site voiced their concern that daughter Bethan may fall foul of old regulations that have only recently been enforced which require all foreigners (or their landlords or Thai spouses) to let the immigration authorities know if they stay away from their permanent residence for more than 24 hours, and when they return, again within 24 hours. Those failing to do so will be fined between 800 baht (£21) and 2,000 baht. If the fine is not paid the foreigner will be unable to renew their visa or other permits. Please pray about this issue, that it may not impact the McClean’s service in Thailand too much. And pray for their work in the community, their church, and the school.

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HotPott - October 2019

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HotPott - October 2019

Recipe of the Month

Bacon and Mushroom Crustless Quiche This recipe is obviously popular in Pott Shrigley already. Jean Ferguson found it in a Weight Watchers’ publication and passed it on to Kim Swales (who says it is easy to make) and she produced it for a recent pastoral care group lunch-time meeting, where Mary Currell found it to be delicious. Phew.


Serves 4

Mix eggs, cottage cheese and parsley in a bowl and spoon over bacon and mushrooms

Ingredients: 12 rashers of back bacon (roughly chopped) 300g mushrooms (chopped) 6 large eggs (beaten) 300g cottage cheese 4 garlic cloves (chopped) 2 tablespoons parsley 150g cherry tomatoes (halved)

Set oven to 190ᵒC or fan 170ᵒC or gas mark 5 Fry bacon for 2 minutes, add mushrooms and garlic and season, then cook for another 2 minutes. Spoon into a 22cm fan dish

Push tomato halves into the top, cut side up Bake for 15 -20 minutes Serve and enjoy!

The Feud There was a feud between the minister and the choir director of a local church. It seems the first hint of trouble came when the minister preached on ‘Dedicating Ourselves to Service’ and the choir director chose: ‘I Shall Not Be Moved’. Trying to believe it was a coincidence, the minister put the incident behind him. The next Sunday he preached on ‘Giving’. Afterwards, the choir squirmed as the director led them in the hymn: ‘Jesus Paid It All’. By this time, the minister was losing his temper. Sunday morning attendance swelled as the tension between the two built. Sure enough, the minister’s sermon on ‘The Sin of Gossiping’ was followed with the choir director’s ‘I Love To Tell The Story’. There was no turning back. The following Sunday the minister told the congregation that HotPott - October 2019

unless something changed, he was considering resignation. The entire church gasped when the choir director led them in: ‘Why Not Tonight’? Truthfully, no one was surprised when the minister left a week later, explaining that Jesus had led him there and Jesus was leading him away. The choir director could not resist: ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’.

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HotPott - October 2019

Chores and Chains Cleaning Rota 4th Oct 11th Oct 18th Oct 25th Oct 1st Nov

Miss Bunting & Mr & Mrs Stratford Mrs Foster & Mrs Winstanley Mr & Mrs Akerman Mr & Mrs Whitehead (Wedding 13.00 Fri 25th) Mr & Mrs Ferguson (Wedding 13.30 Sat 2nd)

Tea & Coffee

Contact - Carole on 01625 820533 6th Oct 13th Oct 20th Oct 27th Oct 3rd Nov

Madeline & Pam Johnstone Elizabeth & Frances Helen & Kim Ros & Sheila Eileen & Peter


Contact - Gill: 01625 829819 6th Oct 13th Oct 20th Oct 27th Oct 3rd Nov

Vacant Vacant Vacant Wedding Wedding

Forthcoming weddings

Contact - Pam: 25th Oct, 1pm Thomas Bentham & Hannah Savage 2nd Nov, 1.30pm Michael Carolan & Katherine Sadler We wish them joy in their preparations.

HotPott - October 2019

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Services October 6th. 8.30am 10.45am

Holy Communion Holy Communion‡

Lamentations 3:19-26; 2 Tim. 1:1-14 David Swales

Holy Communion Morning Worship*

Luke 17:11-19 Acts 16:22-34; Philippians 3:7-14

13th. 8.30am 10.45am

20th. 8.30am 10.45am 4.00pm

Holy Communion Family Service Thanksgiving & Memorial Service

David Swale John Ryley

Anne Murphy & 2 Kings 5:1-15c

David Swales David Swales David Swales

27th. Bible Sunday 8.30am 10.45am

Holy Communion All Age Worship

Psalm 119:129-136

David Swales

2 Timothy 4:6-18

David Swales

November 3rd. 8.30am 10.45am

Holy Communion Holy Communion‡

All readings will be the same at 8.30 and 10.45 unless otherwise indicated. ‡ Junior Church * Youth and Junior Church

n’t Do get r fo

“Your magazine needs you.”

Please send your contributions to no later than midnight on.....

Sunday, 13th October

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HotPott - October 2019

Sidespeople and Prayers October 6th. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr.K. Ardern Mr. & Mrs. P. Frecknall + Mrs. E. Buffey Extra Readers: Mr. D. Davie + Mr. R. Gem


Miss G. Mosley Mr. & Mrs. S. Potts Extra Readers: Mr. J. Hutton + Mr. D. Gem

Paul Bowden

13th. 8.30am 10.45am

20th. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr. & Mrs. R. Stratford Mr. S. Heathcote + Mr. I. Currell + Mr. I. Malyan


27th. Bible Sunday 8.30am 10.45am

Miss G. Mosley Mr. & Mrs. M. Akerman

Sandy Milsom

November 3rd. 8.30am 10.45am

Mr. K. Ardern Mrs. E. Harper + Mr. & Mrs. R. Ferguson

Audrey Bomford

Tabernacles On 13-20th October this year many people around the world will be celebrating the Jewish festival of Tabernacles: celebrating the harvest and also remembering God bringing the Israelites out of Egypt and through 40 years in the desert. The biblical book of Deuteronomy contains a description of what Tabernacles should have been like back then. “Celebrate the festival of Tabernacles… for seven days. Be joyful… you, your sons and daughters, your male and female servants, and the Levites, the foreigners, the fatherless and the widows who live in your towns.” These festivals were not just a celebration, but also an expression of gratitude to God: “Celebrate the festival to the Lord your God…For the Lord your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your joy will be complete.” Deuteronony 16:13-14 & 15 HotPott - October 2019

Page 33


Regular Church Activities

JUNIOR CHURCH - Children of three years and older - held during the 10:45am service. Meets in church for the first part of the service and then goes over to the village hall for Bible stories, songs, craft activities, prayers and fun. YOUTH CHURCH - (Year 6 and above) - generally 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. CRECHE - Held during the 10:45am service in the tower vestry. HOME GROUPS - Four groups offering fellowship, worship and Bible study: Daytime - Monday 10.30am, The Vicarage; David Swales, 575846 Rainow - Monday 8:00 - 9:30pm; Sheila Garton, 573492 Pott Shrigley (North) - Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 3 Green Close; Sally Winstanley, 574545 Bollington - Wednesday 8:00 - 9:30pm, 14 Silver St, Bollington; Anne Murphy, 575768 PRAY TOGETHER - Tuesday 7:00 - 7.45pm in the tower vestry; Yvonne Foster, 576419 PRAISE AND PLAY - Children up to school age. Thursday 09:30 - 11:30am in church for stories and activities; Celia Fraser, 665054 BELL RINGING - Thursday 7:30 - 9:00pm, meet in the bell tower; Duncan Matheson, 574983 Monthly: CHURCH GUILD - Fellowship, speakers, outings and tea. Meets the second Wednesday in the month 2:30 - 4:00pm in church; Georgina Wray, 615547 The list above was last revised on 2nd September, 2019. All telephone numbers are prefixed with 01625. Please give corrections and additions to

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HotPott - October 2019

Directory Priest-in-charge:

Rev. David Swales, The Vicarage, Spuley Lane, SK10 5RS

575846 Readers:

Dr John Ryley (Reader Emeritus), 2 Wych Lane, Adlington, SK10 4NB


Parish Assistant:

Gillian Mosley, 129 St Austell Avenue, Macclesfield, SK10 3NY



David Garton,


David Gem, Ridge Hall Farm, Ridge Hill, Sutton, Macclesfield, SK11 0LU

01260 252287 Verger:

Stan Heathcote, Lilac Cottage, Spuley Lane, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5RR

PCC Secretary:

Ros Johnson, 32 Tapley Avenue, Poynton, Cheshire, SK12 1XX

PCC Treasurer:

Peter Kennedy,

Gift Aid & Planned Giving:

Sally Winstanley, 3 Green Close Cottages, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SG


Mary Currell, 61 Crossfield Road, Bollington, SK10 5EA

875902 07850 740335 574545 573735 David Garton, as above


Andy Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

07881 358976 Weekly Bulletin:

David Gem, as above

Electoral Roll and Safeguarding officer:

Kath Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

01260 252287

Tower Captain:

Duncan Matheson, Church View Cottage, Pott Shrigley, SK10 5SA

574983 574983 Pastoral Care Team:

Kim Swales, The Vicarage, Spuley Lane, SK10 5RS


Church Guild:

Georgina Wray, 14 Paladin Place, Bank Close, Macclesfield, SK11 7HE

615547 Children’s Ministry:

Anne Murphy, 14 Silver Street, Bollington, SK10 5QL

575768 Praise and Play:

Celia Fraser, Rose Cottage, Bull Hill Lane, Rainow, SK10 5TQ

665054 Parish Council Clerk:

Joyce Burton,

Wedding Coordinator:

Pam Cooke,

Head Teacher:

Joanne Bromley, Pott Shrigley Church School, SK10 5RT

573260 Website:

Tess Phillips, 26 Hurst Lane, Bollington, SK10 5LP

PCC Members:

Dr John Ryley, Duncan Matheson, Sally Winstanley, Peter Kennedy, Ros Johnson, Andy Phillips, Pam Cooke, Eileen Buffey, Ian Clarke, Mary Currell, Mike Akerman, Sheila Garton, Ian Malyan, David Garton, Kim Swales, Anne Murphy, Kath Matheson, Chris Day.

574768 (please prefix numbers with 01625)

This directory was updated on 2nd September 2019. Please give corrections and additions to

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