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Appetizers Veggies Con Queso

Mild queso dip with cut up fresh vegetables 2.99

Ranch Dippers

Cut up fresh veggies with tangy ranch dipping sauce 2.99

Queso Fries

Neo fries hot from the fryer and smothered in mild queso 3.49

Smoothies Chocolate Monkey Chocolate milk, banana, a dash of peanut butter and ice is blended smooth 2.49

Purple Pineapple

Blended with milk, pineapple, berries, pineapple juice and banana 2.49

Dessert Fortune Sundae

Premium ice cream with mango and pineapple

Warm Cookies & Milk

Fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk

Come in every Tuesday and your little hombre eats free* *Free kids entree. Sides, drinks and appetizers are extra. Ask your server for more details.


Chicken Fingers

Served with Neo Fries, or choose cut up veggies and dip or sliced avocado 4.99

Turkey Corn Dog

Served with Neo Fries or choose cut up veggies and dip or sliced avocado 4.99

Neo Sliders

2 beef sliders with or without cheese served with Neo Fries or choose cut up veggies and dip or sliced avocado 4.99

Kids’ Quesadilla

Flour tortilla with mild cheese and served with a side of fruit 4.99 Add beef or turkey for only 99¢ extra

Cheesy Burrito

Cheese filled burrito served with a side of rice and beans or fruit 4.99 Add beef or turkey for only 99¢

El Chico Taco

Crunchy or soft taco with beef or turkey and a side of rice and beans 3.99

Huevo Taco

Scrambled egg with melted cheese taco and a side of rice and beans 3.99

The story of Neo the Kid and the Hidden Bowling Pins

Little Neo the kid lived above the bowling alley that used to be here, way up in the attic. Every night, the grown ups would stay up late and bowl. They would hoot and holler and slam their big bowling balls into those noisy pins over and over again. And poor little Neo could not get to sleep. So one night after all the bowling finally stopped, little Neo got up out of bed and very quietly, on his tippy toes, crept down the stairs and into the back of the bowling alley and took all of the bowling pins and hid them. Of course the grown ups were very upset because they wanted to bowl, but little Neo never said a word where he hid those pins. And they’re still hidden in this very restaurant. So if you find them, the legend of Neo will live on and you will get a prize. So while you’re here at Neo Cantina, look for the bowling pins. And when you find them, whisper where they are to your server and they are duty bound by Neo himself to reward you for your silence.

Find the pins and get a FREE Fortune Sundae! Just tell your sever where you saw the bowling pins and she’ll get you a Fortune Sundae. Good luck and happy hunting!

Neo Cantina Birthday Party Place! The Kid Get a FREE Neo Toy Monkey Plush a

when yo u bo oky birthday part lings)! sib (me or one of my

Hey, parents: Have your child’s birthday party at Neo Cantina! Our private room can be decorated to suit nearly any occasion, and we can take care of the food, cake, even a piñata!

Ask to see the manager to book your next big event here at Neo Cantina!

Keep the punch card, collect ten punches and get a FREE Neo The Kid Monkey. He’s cute, soft and only available at Neo Cantina! And best of all, he’s FREE!

Neo Cantina Kids Menu  

Children restaurant menu for Neo Cantina in Asheville North Carolina.

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