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For years, acclaimed photographer Jacques Lowe silently captured remarkable behindthe-scenes images of his friend, United States’ President John F Kennedy. When the political icon was assassinated in 1963, the image negatives were kept under lock and key, until a terror attack threatened to lose them forever…


hen the World Trade Centre was destroyed on September 11, 2001, Thomasina Lowe mourned what she feared was the loss of her late father’s legacy. For in a safe, in a J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vault within one of the towers, had been priceless negatives belonging to Jacques Lowe, her father and, for years, the private photographer and friend of John F Kennedy. The negatives – which capture years of intimate moments between Kennedy and his family – had been stored there by her father when insurance companies refused to insure them because of their inconceivable value. “I was in New York on 9/11,” Thomasina told AIR. “As the events were unfolding I was faced with the dilemma of putting myself in danger to get to my father’s Kennedy negatives at The World Trade Centre. Upon reflection of course, this would have

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