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Purist Pralines and Caramel Selection Some of our most prized cocoa in four stunning recipes created to compliment their unique flavours. Alcohol-free. Contents: Praline and 50% Milk Island Growers • Praline and 70% Dark Island Growers • Praline and 100% Dark Hacienda Iara • Oozing caramel and 90% Hacienda Iara.

ref 240034


Super Boosters Collection x2 Nibbly pieces of pure Saint Lucian Trinitario cocoa sealed in a 40% milk and a 70% dark chocolate – naturally packed full of antioxidants, mood-lifting compounds, trace minerals and a caffeine kick – sure to give you a boost! Alcohol-free.

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Purist 70g Bars

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Experience the full spectrum of exciting, rare chocolate – from deeply dark to our high cocoa ‘Dash of Milk’ chocolates. And you can compare and contrast different conch times of our Saint Lucian cocoa too, with the mellow notes of the 120-hour and the hint of wildness in the 96-hour. Just take your pick and let the adventure begin. No.1 for purists – 65% Dark Island Growers – Deep, dark and full of character – and the proud owner of a Gold Taste Award too!

£5 each or 3 or more for £4.50 each ref 240030 50% island Growers

ref 240073 72% alto el Sol

ref 240064 90% Hacienda iara

ref 240031 70% rabot estate 'dash of Milk'

ref 240065 100% Hacienda iara

ref 240035 80% Hacienda iara

ref 240074 50% island Growers with caramel

ref 240072 65% island Growers 96hr Conch

ref 240033 65% island Growers 120hr Conch

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Summer and Father's Day 2011 Hotel Chocolat Catalogue  
Summer and Father's Day 2011 Hotel Chocolat Catalogue  

Check out our latest summer catalogue featuring our bright new summer range and suitably stylish gifts for Father's Day.