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Dr. Félix V. Matos Rodríguez President Arnaldo Bernabe Director of Public Safety

Eugene Sohn, Esq. Chief Diversity Officer

Joshua M. Rivera Interim Director of Government Relations

Dolly Martínez Assistant Vice President for College Affairs/Deputy to the President

Dr. Odalys Díaz Piñeiro Director of Special Projects

Glenda G. Grace, Esq. Executive Counsel to the President & Labor Designee

Dr. Richard Gampert Acting Assistant Dean for Institutional Research & Student Assessment

Nathaniel Cruz Vice President for Student Development & Enrollment Management

Dr. Carmen Coballes-Vega Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Carlos Molina Vice President of Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Ana M. Carrión-Silva Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Esther Rodríguez-Chardavoyne Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance

Ana García Reyes Associate Dean for Community Relations

Dr. Christine Mangino Associate Dean for Faculty & Curriculum Johanna Gómez Assistant Dean of Students Félix L. Cardona Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Development

Isabel Li Director of Academic Learning Resources (HALC)

Wendy Small-Taylor Director of Academic Advisement

Lourdes Torres Grants Officer

Linda Alexander Director of Counseling Center

Alejandrina Peña Nurse Practitioner Health Services

Student Success Coaches Unit

Linda Nieves Office of Student Life

Russell Levine Wellness Coordinator

Jason Libfeld Student Leadership Coordinator Jerry Rosa Director of Student Activities

Charles Uwa Veterans’ Coordinator

Academic Departments María Cano Director of COPE

Carol Kashow Director of Athletics & Recreation

Madeline Cruz Single Stop USA Services Coordinator

Magali Figueroa-Sánchez Executive Director of Children’s Center

Dr. Deirdre Aherne Assistant Dean for Enrollment Services

Roland Velez Director of Admissions

Joseph Alicea Director of Financial Aid

María Grieco Director of College Discovery

Minfeng Lin Director of Student Development IT

Dalíz Pérez-Cabezas Community Education and Workforce Development Manager

Nélida Pastoriza Registrar

Elvis Lockward Acting Director of Testing

Peter Mertens Executive Director for Workforce Development

Aldrin Bonilla Executive Director for CUNY in The Heights

Vacant Director of Center for the Arts & Culture

Susan Bronson Corporate & Foundation Relations Manager

Nydia Edgecombe Director of Alumni Relations Soldanela Rivera López

Mercedes Moscat Director of Transfer Services

Fatiha Makloufi Director CLIP & CUNY Start

Director of Communications and College Relations

Don Braswell Frantz Alcindor Director of Academic Achievement

Gabriella Burd Director of Accessibility Resource Center Yvette Luyando Executive Administrator of Enrollment Support

Lorraine Altman Assistant Dean for Continuing Education

Corwin Spivey Director of Jobs Plus

Steve Delgado Associate Dean of Campus Planning & Operations

Ken Acquah

Associate Administrator Executive Director of Business & Finance

Shirley Shevach Director of Human Resources

Director of Publications Development

Dianne Vargas Development Coordinator Vacant Perkins

Varun Sehgal Assistant VP for Information Technology

Fanny Dumancela Finance Budget Director

Morris Ores

Conference Center Manager Lisanette Rosario Acting Director of Career Services


Executive Organizational Chart  

Hostos Community College Executive Organizational Chart

Executive Organizational Chart  

Hostos Community College Executive Organizational Chart