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New Opportunities for

Careers in Healthcare for Low-Income Individuals Hostos Community College received a

students with all the necessary services

Health Profession Opportunity Grant from

and support to complete the training

the US Department of Health and Human

course and internship, pass the state cer-

Services to offer the Allied Health Career

tification examination and achieve

Pipeline Program. The program is a

employment in a nursing home.

career-focused job training program for

Ultimately, students may choose to con-

low-income individuals to gain careers in

tinue their training along the pipeline

the allied health professions. The

leading to college entry to become

Pipeline Program will provide enrolled

a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

This program is for low-income individuals looking for career opportunities! Career Pipeline: Step One:

Assessment to determine if you qualify

Step Two:

Skills Development Boot Camp

Step Three: Fundamentals of Person-Centered Care Step Four:

Allied Health Training Course

Step Five:

Career Development Planning & Activities

Step Six:


Step Seven: Employment

Please call 718-664-2537, and ask about the Allied Health Career Pipeline Program


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