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HostGator Web Hosting - An Honest Review

This will be a very helpful review if you are considering whether or not Hostgator is a web hosting company you should work with. Hostgator offers a variety of web hosting plans and different price points, and they can accommodate you whether you want to start a personal blog or an online store. Yet there are thousands of web hosting companies to choose from, so you should do some comparing before you actually sign up with one. Now let's take a look at how Hostgator compares to the competition right now.

Hostgator is known to be one of the biggest hosting companies online. They're reported to be hosting more than 8 million domains. Being big sounds impressive and it doesn't make them instantly your best choice, but there are some benefits to working with a big company. Being such a big company means they have lots of experience and they definitely have lots of staff on hand to help with customer service problems. Signing up with small companies can be great cost-wise, but there's also a risk involved that they might not still be operating in a year. Such a large company as Hostgator is still growing and only getting bigger, so you know they'll be there. If you want to sell hosting to individuals or businesses, you should look over the Reseller hosting offered by Hostgator. If your business plan includes website flipping (i.e. selling), a reseller package is a good idea. If shared or reseller hosting isn't sufficient for your needs, Hostgator also has VPS hosting packages. With this kind of hosting, the installation of your own software is possible, so it's good for programmers and developers. Dedicated hosting is the most advanced option, and this is generally for medium to larger sized businesses. This is not necessary for the average small business, but a dedicated server gives you complete control over your server specifications and options.

Lots of people tend to choose businesses or services based solely on price alone. Sure, Hostgator offers comparable rates, especially if you happen to have a coupon for the extra discount, but they're not the cheapest around. If your budget is already squeezed, you can shop around and find plenty of hosts offering services as little as a dollar a month. Even Hostgator doesn't run this cheap, even with coupon discounts. However, you should carefully consider your decision before choosing a web hosting company by price alone. Keeping your website running is largely reliant on choosing the right web host. If your host is notorious for lots of downtime or for a lack of customer service, this can negatively affect your site. If you're running any kind of business, you definitely need a reliable web host, so don't go by price alone. Click here for Hostgator Review

One of the best web hosting companies in the world, Hostgator is often recommended by many people. You will be hard-pressed to find a web hosting company that actually does not have a complaint against it. Hostgator is an excellent company, despite the complaints that you will hear. Without a doubt, Hostgator has proven itself to be one of the most reliable web hosting companies on the web today. Even though there are competitors that you can compare this company with, its reputation, and quality of service, is hard to match.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ New Hostgator review video released: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

HostGator Review of Web Hosting - An Honest Review  

This will be a very helpful Hostgator review if you are considering whether or not this is a web hosting company you should work with. Hostg...

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