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How to Sell a Horse A few years ago I wrote an article on “How To Buy A Horse”. I’ve also given numerous lectures at horse expos around the country on the same topic. However, I’ve never addressed the subject of how to sell a horse. I’m not saying that I’m an expert. Our business has never been one where we buy and sell a tremendous amount of horses. However, I have sold horses for a few hundred dollars and I have sold a horse for over $100,000. We have made money on some and lost money on others. Below are a few things to think about.

I learned this lesson a few decades ago with a young Thoroughbred mare that I started and had going over some low jumps. I was hoping to sell her and took

bought her for $2,000.

Auctions can be a good place to sell a horse. There are generally numerous buyers looking and ready to purchase a horse. An auction can also be very convenient and streamline. You don’t have to take numerous phone calls or have people coming out to “try” your horse time and again. You show up at the sale with your horse in the trailer. Hopefully, you go home with an empty trailer. Paying a consignment fee and commission will be factors that you must consider if you decide to sell your horse at an auction That is how the auction

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her to a local horse auction in my area. However, I soon learned the auction had been advertised and promoted for Western and recreational horses. There were very few people interested in a young green English jumping prospect. I think she sold for $1,500. If I recall, I

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