North Sea Saga

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Aviation and Survival Support AS TRUST YOUR EQUIPMENT As a local agency, distributor and stockiest with more than 30 years’ experience, Aviation and Survival Support AS offers a highly qualified Life Support Services covering Sea, Air, Land and Defense Survival applications, as well as Aircraft Aftermarket Support. Aviation and Survival Support already plays an active role in supplying high tech Survival Equipment to the Norwegian Offshore operators and Marine Industry. By teaming up with the most recognized and market leading manufacturers we will protect your Investment and safeguarding your Staff or Visitors, providing unparalleled protection and life support, enhancing performance in the most extreme environments. AIR: • Communication Solutions • Emergency Beacons (PLB) • Hardness and Restraint Systems • Immersion Suits & Thermal Protection • Life preservers • Life rafts • Oxygen Systems • Pilot Flight Equipment (PFE) • SAR Drop Kit’s LAND: • Air Beam Shelters • Hyperbaric Stretcher • Medical Oxygen Generation • Special Products

SEA: • Anti-Exposure Suits •C lothing (PPE) •C ommunication •E mergency Ladder Systems •E PIRB •F ire Intervention Suits •F lotation Garments •H yperbaric Stretcher • I mmersion Suits •L ifejackets & Rafts •M OB Systems •N eoprene Hoods & Gloves •P LB Systems •R escue Boats •R escue Nets •S ART Systems •S emi-Rigid Boats •S ubmarine Escape Suits •S urvival Suits

Aviation and Survival Support AS Søndre Kullerød 4A, NO-3241 Sandefjord Tel.: +47 33 45 09 10 Fax: +47 33 45 09 11 258