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2017 ANNUAL REPORT Improving Whole Person Health


Horizon’s Mission Horizon Behavioral Health is the premier provider of mental health, substance use and intellectual disability services in Central Virginia. Horizon’s mission is to support and promote the health, independence and self-worth of individuals and families in Central Virginia by providing a continuum of community-based prevention, early intervention, aftercare, and psychosocial rehabilitation services for persons affected by mental health, intellectual disabilities, substance use and co-occurring disorders. Our vision is to provide behavioral healthcare services that are accessible, consumer-centered, cost effective, and quality outcome-based.

2017 Board of Directors


S. James Sikkema Chair

Clyde T. Clark, Sr. Vice-Chair

Rob Merryman Secretary

James Borland Treasurer

Betty Brickhouse Andy Crawford Dana Koenig Abe Loper Gary Marple

William Scott Mary Lou Spiggle Treney Tweedy Major Betty Wise John Rice

2017 ANNUAL REPORT: Whole Person Health

OUR LEADERSHIP As we end another fiscal year I want to say that I’m so proud of the life changing work

that our team and Board achieves each day. I’m also grateful to our community partners without their support we could not accomplish our mission. Yes, it is about the success we have achieved as a team, the synergy we have found within our communities, the barriers and silos we have knocked down, and the opportunities we have built up. But more than that, it’s about the success that we have witnessed in the lives of consumers and their families, the tears of joy, their smiling faces, and the success stories of how their lives have changed forever. WHAT’S ON THE HORIZON FOR 2018: The catalysts for future growth involve investing in our staff through training to provide them with the skill sets needed to thrive in a healthcare system that is value based. Additionally, investment in technology and developing organizational performance metrics – cost, volume, referral patterns, etc. – will take Horizon to a new level. Our strategic plan will become a core operating document with frequent updates based on changes with our payers, the behavioral health field, Virginia’s Community Service Board System, and our consumer’s preferences. Our long term vision will be market responsive, nimble, and committed to enhancing talent. I look forward to another amazing year at Horizon where we will create the strategy, focused on addressing complex issues, and building the teams and communities we need for tomorrow and beyond. I’m incredibly grateful and consistently impressed by the talent and expertise at Horizon and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. I’m very proud and privileged to work alongside all of you. With every best wish and kind regard, I remain, Damien Cabezas, CEO, Horizon Behavioral Health and Board President, Horizon Opportunities, Inc. Two thousand and seventeen was a big year for Horizon Behavioral Health and the communities we serve. Throughout the year, Horizon has remained committed to improving lives across Central Virginia to ensure that all individuals and families we serve reach their full potential. As the regional Community Service Board for Central Virginia, Horizon is uniquely positioned to bring community partners and resources together to invest in creative partnerships that improve access to services, minimize duplication, and assure that those we serve have seamless access to the primary and behavioral health care they need and deserve. Horizon focused its efforts toward making powerful impacts in three areas: Leading collaboration between behavioral health and primary care, influencing policies that create opportunities and sustain resources that residents in Central Virginia need to reach their full potential. One of the most important goals of the past year was achieving CARF Accreditation. Due to the commitment of the Horizon leadership and the dedicated work of the entire Horizon team, the agency received a three-year accreditation by CARF International. This represents the highest level of accreditation that can be given to a behavioral health organization. According to the CARF surveyors, Horizon demonstrated a commitment to offering services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality. This accreditation is a testament to the high quality care that the individuals and families receive at Horizon.

As our 48th year has drawn to a close, the Board remains very grateful to our talented and committed staff, our community partners who share our mission to serve, the continuing support of our political jurisdictions, and to the talented and resilient residents of Central Virginia in the communities we serve.

S. James Sikkema, Board Chair, Horizon Behavioral Health

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PORTFOLIO OF SERVICES MENTAL HEALTH & SUBSTANCE USE SERVICES We provide a comprehensive continuum of evidenced-based treatment from Residential Crisis Stabilization and Recovery Residence Treatment to Office-based Opioid Treatment (OBOT) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). It is a continuum of care designed to focus not just on recovery, but on whole person health. All consumers receive case management to navigate the overall process of care, an individualized service plan to ensure

CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Our Case Managers are trained to link both adults and children with services they need such as medical, social, educational, and other needed identified services. We help navigate treatment options, obtain available resources and support, and enhance opportunities for community integration. Case Managers meet with consumers to review treatment options and identify their overall satisfaction with the services they receive. Case managers also provide supportive counseling, discuss life skills and coping strategies, provide help through any crisis and provide guidance on which community resources would be most helpful.

EMERGENCY SERVICES Our Emergency Services Team assesses people experiencing a crisis and facilitates getting them the help they need. Our clinicians are available 24/7/365. An example of psychiatric crisis could be an adult or child with suicidal thoughts, or other issues that put that person or others in immediate physical danger. We regularly coordinate with individuals, first responders, behavioral health services, and local hospitals as well as law enforcement and the legal system to help with assessments, community integration following incarceration, and trainings on how to properly assist a person in mental health crisis. As part of our services, our Emergency Services Team offers Ambulatory Crisis Stabilization for children and adults. This service is specifically focused on helping those with severe emotional, mental health, or behavioral issues find stability so they can remain in their homes or communities living a productive and positive life.

HOUSING SERVICES We have several Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) that provide housing for adults with intellectual disabilities who require moderate to high medical and/or behavioral support. Our ICFs create a nurturing and therapeutic environment for all individuals, with the primary goal of helping residents live as independently as possible. Our ICFs are built to cater to the needs of our consumers and are staffed with caring experts in home-health, rehabilitation and special needs services.


all needs and risks are addressed, as well as group therapy and peer support for specialized discussions and encouragement.

SCHOOL-BASED SERVICES Using evidence-based methods proven to be extremely successful nationally, our school-based services take a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated approach to severe emotional and behavioral issues. In addition to working directly in the schools with K-12 students, we also have an alternative education center for students placed on homebound instruction. Through individual and group approaches, we help with behavior management, problem-solving strategies, coping and empathy skills, social skills training and more. We often coordinate with other services mentioned in this brochure to ensure every consumer receives high quality care.

OUTPATIENT SERVICES Improving quality of life is the ultimate goal. In many cases we can help consumers do that through our outpatient services. Outpatient therapy is provided to address a wide array of behavioral and emotional concerns such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, substance use disorders, and attention deficit disorder, among others. Our Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Use Disorders is an adjunct and/or step down from residential treatment with emphasis on structured addiction and co-occurring mental health therapy, education and support. We offer a broad range of programming, and specialized clinical staff to meet the needs of our consumers. Individual, family and group therapies are provided at Horizon’s Wellness Centers.

PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES We have a team of medical providers (adult and child psychiatrists as well as nurse practitioners) who provide evaluation and medication management to our consumers, including those in medical detoxification, and crisis stabilization.

For Admissions call (434) 477-5000 After-hours Emergencies call (434) 522-8191 2017 ANNUAL REPORT: Whole Person Health

SERVICE OVERVIEW For 48 years, Horizon Behavioral Health has been serving individuals and families in Central Virgina and throughout the Commonwealth, supporting and promoting the health, independence and self worth of our consumers.












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HORIZON HIGHLIGHT: Horizon’s Got It has become an annual tradition in Lynchburg that really showcases the future stars of our area. But this year the stakes were even higher. A representative from the WorldStars International, Inc. was a Judge. The winner of Horizon’s Got Talent received a scholarship to compete in the World Championships of Performing Arts in California.


Talent More than 200 guests enjoyed dinner, a show and a great silent auction for a good cause. All the proceeds went towards services for clients of Horizon Behavioral Health. On average, about 20% of Horizon’s clients are uninsured. The money collected during this event helped to fill this funding gap.


HORIZON HIGHLIGHT: CEO Wellness At Horizon, we realize that a person’s overall health is truly the most important. We want our consumers, staff and the community to live their best life. Physical and mental health should be taken care of together. In the public health community, over the past few years, there has been a lot of discussion around the phrase “social determinants of health.” These can be the greatest predictors of health over a person’s lifetime. This is where Horizon’s CEO Wellness Challenge comes into play.

Garden Beds now surround Horizon Hudson House, Horizon Recovery Residence and Horizon Wellness Center at Court Street. These gardens are filled with healthy vegetables that our consumers can cook and eat.

Cooking classes offered by the Cooperative Extension have helped us teach both consumers and staff how to cook healthy on a budget. 8

Challenge Over the past two years, we have made many changes to make sure that Wellness is top priority. Likely our biggest move was to hire a Wellness Coordinator. This person has done an excellent job of creating initiatives that enhance our overall wellness. Here are some examples:

Horizon has also made an effort to participate in events that encourage healthy living. This year, they sponsored Lynchburg’s first Heart Walk. Dozens of our staff and consumers came out to participate.

After work hours, Horizon has offered free Yoga and Zumba classes for both consumers and employees. And those employees with a more competitive spirit have created a kickball team that competes in the Lynchburg City league. 9

HORIZON HIGHLIGHT: Integration of Johnson Health Center is collaborating with Horizon by providing primary care at Horizon Wellness Center at Court Street. Johnson will see Horizon’s Crisis Stabilization & PACT consumers in the morning and consumers receiving outpatient treatment, by appointment, in the afternoon.


Behavioral Health and Primary Care Blue Ridge Medical Center is also collaborating with Horizon by providing primary care at Horizon Wellness Center in Amherst.

Johnson Health Center and Blue Ridge Medical Center

Horizon Behavioral Health has been working diligently to partner and work together, under one roof, with Johnson Health Center and Blue Ridge Medical Center to address the generally accepted observation that persons with serious mental illness (SMI) die 25 years earlier than the general population. Their increased morbidity and mortality are largely due to treatable medical conditions that are caused by risk factors such as smoking, obesity, substance abuse, and inadequate access to medical care. This person-centered approach to care will empower clients to actively participate in their own treatment. “We’re moving away from a referral based approach, to an approach that serves the whole person in one location,” says Horizon CEO, Damien Cabezas. In addition, BRMC and Horizon will be able to share appropriate health information for shared clients according to HIPAA and other guidelines in an effort to have complete care records. “For the client this means fewer missed appointments, better health, and improved satisfaction,”says Cabezas. For BRMC and Horizon it will mean a reduction in the cost of care. All of these factors are also all population health goals of the new nationwide health care environment.

Community Access Network

CAN is a primary medical and behavioral health provider that specifically addresses the needs of consumers with complex medical, behavioral health and social needs. The organization was founded to ensure that these individuals and their families receive care to improve health outcomes, and to address health disparities in Lynchburg. Horizon Behavioral Health is honored to collaborate with CANS in Lynchburg because of our focus on whole person health and integrated care.


COMMUNITY IMPACT Local Return on Investment

$8,162,700 Jobs Created


This is the average number of individuals employed by Horizon during the year.

Impact on Local Schools


schools through Lynchburg City, Amherst, Bedford and Campbell Counties have well qualified Horizon staff providing evidence based behavioral health programing.

Hours of Service Provided

355,558 12

hours in which Horizon’s staff provided services to the citizens of Central Virginia, and beyond.

2017 ANNUAL REPORT: Whole Person Health

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“I learned how to

stand up for myself. ~ TDT Summer Camp Student

Positive outcomes, encouraging moments, leadership roles and communicative structure are among a few attributes that have impacted my family’s life since being a part of the FAST program.

~ Parent with the FAST program

If Horizon had not been there for me, I do not think I would have my kids or my sanity. They were the first people that gave me respect despite my past or my story. ~ Pauline, Horizon Client


Stevie Yeatts is an incredible example of the great success of our Supported Employment Program; a program that enables the severely mentally ill to acquire stable jobs in the community. Stevie was born with Fragile X Syndrome, the most common form of inherited intellectual disability. As a teenager he was connected to Horizon Case Management to help navigate support and counseling services. After he graduated from high school, opportunities were limited for Stevie. However, he became an enthusiastic volunteer at E.C. Glass. Soon, he Stevie Yeatts and his mother was connected to Horizon’s Supported Employment Services and his volunteer work was negotiated into full time employment. He is now a staple of the E.C. Glass community and is loved by his co-workers and students. Thanks to the Supported Employment Program at Horizon, Stevie had the appropriate advocates to enrich his life.”

“Day Treatment helped me understand that I should do better so I don’t get in Trouble. It taught me to think before I act, be respectful, work hard, solve my problems and communicate with others.” ~Dai’Dieon Colemore, Horizon Therapeutic Day Treatment Alumni

“I found a job at Horizon, where I have now been since March, 2017. I do not see my employment as “work” in the common sense: it is my passion, and the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.” ~ Guenter Gensbygel, Horizon Peer Recovery Specialist



HORIZON ADDRESSES OPIOID EPIDEMIC In 2017, Horizon doubled the bed capacity of its Crisis Stabilization Unit and opened the Recovery Residence for Women to offer more assistance to people struggling with Opioid addiction. Said CEO Damien Cabezas, “Being able to expand our continuum of care in Central Virginia will allow us to empower people with addiction into recovery, offering them evidenced-based residential substance use treatment and peer support services focused not only on recovery but also on whole person health.� REDUCING HOMELESSNESS AND CRIME OF TRANSITION AGED YOUTH In September of 2017, Horizon received a three year $2.2 million grant from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration called the Coordinated Approaches to Benefit Homeless Individuals (CABHI). This grant now funds a of therapists, case managers, and housing employment and peer specialists that work with homeless young adults (18-24 years old) to maximize their potential while reducing homelessness, incarceration, emergency department visits and re-arrests, while increasing positive social and behavioral outcomes, including employment and stable housing. ACCREDITED BY CARF INTERNATIONAL In February of 2017, Horizon received a three-year Accreditation by CARF International, the highest level of accreditation given to a behavioral health organization. According to the evaluation team of experts brought together from across the country, Horizon demonstrated a commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality.


2017 ANNUAL REPORT: Whole Person Health

ADMISSIONS AND EMERGENCY MOVE UNDER ONE ROOF Exciting news! Our Admissions and Emergency Teams are now centralized at the Wellness Center at Langhorne. The Admissions and Financial Intake teams will now be able to work together in one location you can have the most efficient access into our services. CELEBRATING FAST After eighteen years of impactful work in Central Virginia, Horizon’s Families and Schools Together Program, also known as FAST, has come to an end. In June, more than 200 students and parents attended the final year-end event at the Miller Park Pool. Horizon’s CEO, Damien Cabezas, Commended FAST on it’s impact. “The FAST program has proven to be a highly successful and effective program for both parents and children. We are sad that its time has come to an end.” This internationally acclaimed parent engagement tool has helped hundreds of families in Central Virginia become more involved in their school community. The eight-week program empowered parents to be the primary prevention agents for their children, involving them in circles of support to help children succeed in and out of the school. Locally, the program has increased positive relationships between parents and students, while decreasing behavioral issues. It has also been responsible for increased parent leadership in the community and encouraged parents to pursue further adult education. WWW.HORIZONBH.ORG To donate, visit


OUTCOMES HORIZON HOMES Total trips for our consumers living with intellectual disabilities in Horizon Homes. 1,823 of those trips were individual outings that gave them one on one attention.


CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM (CIT) of individuals are not criminally charged or arrested during Emergency Custody Order ECO.

99% 100%

of officers on site are CIT Trained.

EMERGENCY SERVICES of children in a psychiatric emergency are seen within two hours.

100% 1,041 99%

Emergency Custody Orders (ECOs) for adults. of adults needing Emergency Service are evaluated by Horizon within two hours.

HIV AND HEP-C TESTING Individuals Tested



2,775 21

Intakes completed by Admission Team

Tele-Intakes completed


FORENSIC SERVICES of Horizon consumers in jail linked to services prior to their release.

100% 86%

of consumers in regional jails were not rearrested in a year. HUDSON HOUSE clients attend Hudson House, a day program for people with severe mental illness.

93 395 1

average number of hospitalizations of Hudson House clients before joining the program

number of hospitalizations during participation of the Hudson House program

INTENSIVE SERVICES of children involved in Horizon’s Kindred Homes, a foster program for children with severe behavioral problems were able to remain in school.

97% 96%

of children receiving Horizon’s Crisis Intervention services did not have to be removed from their home.

SCHOOL BASED SERVICES students enrolled

602 92% 118

attendance rate successfully graduated


We would like to thank our generous individual and corporate donors for giving back to our community. We would not have accomplished so much in 2017 without your generosity and support:

INDIVIDUAL DONORS Ms. Nancy Abbitt Ms. Brenda Adams Mr. and Mrs. Randy & Diana Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Anthony & Stephanie Andrews Mr. and Mrs. William & Pamela Archibald Ms. Betty (& Family) Arthur Ms. Avis Augustine-Miller Dr. Jaime Bamford Ms. Lisa Barber Mr. and Ms. Gary & Mary Barkman Ms. Jean Barreto-Stults Mr. and Mrs. Bobby & Melba Blanks Ms. Betty Blevins Dr. Julia Bond Dr. James Borland Ms. Lula Bowyer Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Deborah Brabrand Ms. Betty Brickhouse Mr. and Mrs. Gary & Dianne Bryan Ms. Diane Bryant Ms. Sandy Bryant Mr. and Mrs. Chris & Susan Burch Mr. Damien Cabezas Ms. Irma Cabezas Ms. Brenda Cafazza Dr. John Capps Ms. Darlene Carter Ms. Marilyn Chao Ms. Laura Chasson Mr. Clyde Clark Sr. Ms. Sheron Colston Ms. Lauren Connors Dr. Alan Mike Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Ted and Sarah Craddock Mr. Andy Crawford Ms. Ygondine Creasy Ms. Patti E. Croft Ms. Patricia Daly Mr. Neal Dancey Mr. Neal Davidson Mrs. Sherry Davis Mr. and Mrs. William and Jane Davis Ms. Barbara Dawson Ms. Millie Y. Dawson Ms. Roberta Dawson Mrs. Rosa Dimanto


Ms. Laurie Doran Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Elizabeth Doucette Mrs. Julie Drago Mr. David Eakin Ms. Cathleen Fallon Ms. Rebecca M. Falls-Wood Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Leigh Farmer Mr. and Mrs. David & Sandy Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Stephen & Barbara Farmer Mr. and Mrs. R. Patrick & Alycia W. Ferguson Mr. Jeff Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Irma Fernandez Ms. Regina Fitzgerald Ms. Nathania Fleshman Dr. and Mrs. James Forrester Ms. Brenda Glass Mr. Daniel Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodman Mr. Robert Gray Mr. Richard Guill Mr. Kurt Guske Mrs. Lisa Haibach Ms. Patricia Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Nancy Hunt Ms. Edna Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Keith & Janet Hunter Ms. Rosa Jackson Ms. Debra Jefferson Ms. Desha Johnson Mr. Kelvin Johnson Ms. Sandy Kanehl Mr. and Mrs. Herschel & Margaret Keller Ms. Marie Kortmulder Mr. Stuart Landsverk Ms. Lauren Lawler Mrs. Arione Lawson Ms. Rose Lee Ms. Beth Ludeman-Hopkins Mr. Garland Marcus Mr. Gary Marple Ms. Theresa McCaskill Mr. Andre McDaniel Mrs. Chris McGettigan Mr. and Mrs. Charles & Ellen Medlin Mr. Rob Merryman Mr. and Mrs. George & Beverly O’brien

Mr. and Mrs. Larry & Cheryl Ogden Ms. Leslie Ozz Drs. Lisa and Mark Pleszkoch Ms. Ida Powell Mr. Tony Powell Mr. J.R. Pugh Ms. Janet Quintero-Hunter Ms. Rita Reilly Mrs. Katrina Rice Ms. Angela Richards Mr. Jonah Rioseco Ms. Tab Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Glenn & Sandria Ross-Baer Mr. Francis Schaller Mr. and Mrs. Elliot & Rosel Schewel Mr. Marc Schewel Ms. Debra Schwab Mr. and Mrs. William & Anne Scott Ms. Margaret Shoemaker Mr. and Mrs. S. James & M. Linda Sikkema Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. & Katrina A. Slagle Mr. and Mrs. Kent & Diana Smack Ms. Felicia Spinner Mr. John Stafford Mr. Beck Stanley Ms. Carolyn & Family Swanberg Ms. Jennifer Switzer Mr. Steve Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Clifford & Shirley Thomas Mrs. Beverly Trent Mrs. Rhonda Turner Ms. Beth Ulrich Mrs. And Dr. Shannon R. & C. Michael Valentine Mr. Robert M. Viohl Ms. Pam Wade Mr. and Mrs. Alex Walker Mrs. Sherri Walker-Thacker Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Connie Ward Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. & Mattie B.Ward Mr. James Webster Ms. Peggy Whitehead Ms. Danielle Whitted Mrs. Jamie Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. John & Polly Wimer Mr. and Mrs. Phyllis & Lewis “Butch” Wood Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Debbie Woody Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Barbara Wright

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