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The Periwinkle Monthly November 2011 (Finale Issue) s














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My dearest Periwinkle children, I am going to miss all of you! I pray that I have inspired you to be lifelong learners and to always be curious to wonder why and don’t give up till you have your questions answered! Indeed I have been told many times that change is the only constant. So my dearest boys and girls, it’s time to metamorphosise ... We have to give up being Caterpillars and fly high as Butterflies but always stopping to smell the flowers and enjoy all of God's creation and wonder! I have been touched and inspired by each and everyone of you! You have made this year very special and meaningful despite the many challenges. You have been the many reasons to wake up and be in school! Thank you! A special shout out to our assistant teachers Ms. Cecilia and Ms. Jas, Li Lao Shi and Pei Lao Shi from Chinese Class, Coach Felix from Sportsball, Mrs Yeo & Ms Koh, our computer class teachers, Ms How from MindSparks and not forgetting Sister Liza (FMM) for all her bible stories! Parents ... Thank you for being friends first and for understanding and most of all for sharing and trusting your children in my care! Let this be the beginning of a new journey ... Always remember not the destination but the process and your child's well being and needs always first! Love them as you would like to be and hold them even on days you don't want to ... They are God's gift to us! My love and prayers with all of you! Page 1 Lots of Love, Ms. Chrishirl

K2 Graduation Concert Rehearsal Check out the behind the scenes to our K2 Graduation Concert... (Left) Practising the Maris Stella School Song

(Above Left) Ashley Mei and Larissa perfecting the art of being angels (Above) Robert James as the letter “A� (We missed you at the graduation concert!) (Above Right) Taking a minute to rest and pose for the camera :)

(Above) Practising the Chinese Shapes Dance (Left) Nativity Play Page 2

Periwinkle Boys

(Above) Our Graduating Class of Periwinkle 2011! (Left) Periwinkle Kids doing the Chinese Shape Dance

(Above) Nativity Play (Left) Singing the Maris Stella School Song

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Yesteryears As our children graduate from kindergarten this week, let’s take a moment to look back at how big they have grown through their time here at Maris Stella...

(Left) Exercises to train motor skills

(Right) Scissors cutting practice

Periwinkle Boys

(Top Left) Bead threading exercise (Top Right) Learning about plants

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(Right) Nursery Field trip to Air Force Museum

(Top Left) Nursery teacher Ms. Wheatley cutting open a durian for the children to try

(Left) Haydee, Vinothan, Ethan, Michael, Linus, Victoria and David

(Top Right) Victoria, Michael and Haydee trying a fruit

Periwinkle Boys

(Right) The children showing off their transportation vehicles made out of recycled material

(Top) , ei, Sze Ann M y le h s A , Alicia ay Greta and K

(Left) As

hley Tan

, Sybil, J

oel, Rob

ert Jame

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n Khai

Sportsball in Action It has been a sporty year with the addition of Sportsball in our curriculum. We tried basketball, golf, baseball, tennis, soccer etc. and had so much fun!

(Above) The children trying out handball

Periwinkle Boys

Periwinkle Boys

le Gir Page 6 ls Periwink

Farewell note from Ms. Cecilia

“OHANA� means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten (remember the movie Lilo and Stitch?). I am proud to say that we practice this in Periwinkle class! We ensure that we find the time to sit down with the child and make sure that he or she understands the lessons or discussions that we have. It may look like an ordinary class from the outside, but inside, Periwinkle is a class filled with warm, loving and respectful children. They may only be five or six years old, but they are responsible individuals. They pass important messages to their parents without fail, and they are also the first ones to pay for excursions. There is a strong bond of unity and trust amongst the children, and it feels wonderful to be part of this family! I may have spent only two terms with them, but they have made me feel as if I have been with them for the whole year. The students have accepted me and made me feel that I belong. They include me in their conversations and even share common topics such as their holiday and weekend plans with me! I am grateful for the guidance and support that Ms. Chrishirl has shown me. She has inspired me to coach and handle the class with a profound enthusiasm to bring out the best in each and every one of them. To the Periwinkle Class 2011 (AM), I wish you all the best!

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Sincerely, Ms. Cecilia

李老师 Li Lao Shi

谢谢李老师 这一年的教导!

Thank you for teaching us! Page 8

Thoughts and drawings from Periwinkle Children and parents To celebrate our year together, we have put together a compilation of drawings and thoughts from Periwinkle children and parents on what they loved here at Maris Stella and what they will miss. Enjoy...

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Ashley Mei It seems  like  it  was  only   yesterday  when  I  accompanied   Ashley  on  her  first  day  of  school  at  Maris  Stella  &  sat  in   with  her   during   her  first  day  at  Nursery.    Ashley  was  all   excited   in   her   new   blue   &  white  school  uniform,  and   I   the  very  proud  mum.  My  thought  then  was  ‘My  liCle  girl   is  all  grown  up  &  aCending  proper  school!’ Three   years   have   passed   in   an   instant   &   Ashley   is   graduaGng  from  Kindergarten   this  week!  I  can’t  help  but   marvel  at   how   much  she  has  grown,  not  just  physically   but   academically,   socially   &   emoGonally   too.   I   have   grown  to  love   the  Maris  Stella  family;  its  teachers,  staff,   fellow   parents   &   all   of   Ashley’s   liCle   friends.   Not   forgeLng   Sister   Anne   of   course!   All   of   you   have   contributed   to   Ashley’s   development   in   one   way   or   another  &  I  am  grateful! We  are  very  sad  to  hear  that  Sister  Anne  will  be  stepping   down   as  Principal,  but  I’m  sure  the  spirit  of   the  school   will   never   change.   My   second-­‐born   Cameron,   will   be   starGng   at   Maris   Stella   next   year   &   I’m   glad   that   our   family’s  associaGon   with   the   school  will   conGnue   with   this  next  phase.  I’m  looking  forward  to  it. A   very   special   shout   out   to   Ms   Chrishirl,   who   has   inspired   Ashley   the   past   year.   Ms   Chrishirl,   you   are   a   wonderful   teacher!   Thank   you   for   your   paGence,   perseverance  &  the  tremendous  effort   you’ve  put   in   to   beCer  my  precious  liCle  girl!  Ashley  is  going  to  miss  you   loads   when  she  leaves   school.  To  my   fellow   parents,   it   has  been  a  great  pleasure  geLng   to  know   you!  It’s  nice   having   a   chat,   whether   it’s   at   school   or   at   birthday   parGes!  Do  keep  in  touch  so  our  kids  can  too. Here’s  wishing   one   &  all  Happy   Holidays,   a  very  Merry   Christmas  &  an  even  beCer  New  Year! Amanda  Vella   (Ashley  Mei’s  very  proud  mummy)

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David Fr ancisco

As the school year ends, it's time to bid farewell to preschool and get ready to embark on a new chapter of our kids’ journey in life... It will not be as simple as it used to, but it is part of growing up. Saying Farewell means saying goodbye to all the good friends, teachers, staff, parents and the school building which we have all learn to love so much. Maris Stella Kindergarten has been like a second home and parting away from it is sure an emotional event. It is hard to find the right words when it comes to expressing my feelings. I would like to Thank the Periwinkle teachers who is a guide, a friend, a mentor and one who imparts knowledge selflessly to our kids. To the parents I hope this is not the end, so I will not say Goodbye but instead See you all soon... Love, Liyah Medina (Francisco David's mom) Page 11


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-frP ffiw




“ It was an emotional day for my husband and I when we attended Larissa's graduation concert last Thursday for it seemed like only yesterday that our little girl entered Maris Stella Kindergarten. From a shy and timid girl who cried for almost a month in Nursery class, Larissa has blossomed into a confident girl who enjoys school tremendously. As an only child, Larissa looked forward to each and every day in school where she would be in the company of her dearest friends. She has made many good friends in Periwinkle, especially those in the Blue team. She loved relating her experiences in school to me and more often than not, these were happy and exciting ones for her. Ms Chrishirl never failed to make school fun for the children and she was always sensitive to their emotional needs. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the class really shone through in all that she did for the children. It was her constant encouragement and support that helped Larissa grow in confidence and maturity. Ms Cecilia and Ms Jaz have been wonderful with the children too and I would like to thank them for their selflessness and hard work throughout the year. As Larissa starts a new chapter in her life, I am certain that the values that she has learnt in Maris Stella will guide and help her make the right decisions in whatever she does. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the other Periwinkle children the very best in their new schools and may they always be proud of being a part of a very special class!” -Alysia (Larissa’s Mom)

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Page 13


-- Sheri Bin (Joseph’s mother)



You have made this year a beautiful and blessed one for Joseph and his family. We will miss Maris Stella Kindergarten!”



裴老师 for your love and guidance.

E-.E=- {rr

Thank you Ms Chrishirl, Ms Vera, Ms Cecilia, Ms Jess, 李老师 and




--sr “We entered this school year with great excitement as this is Joseph's first year of community schooling. So it is really wonderful to see him enjoying school. He finds learning fun in the company of caring teachers and friends.



“It has been the most special journey for us to see Kay grow up with her group of wonderful friends from Maris Stella Kindergarten. Over the past three years, we have witnessed the kids transform from the little ones in nursery to the a spirits today. We confident kids with high have always felt fortunate for Kay to be with Periwinkle. Ms. Chrishirl has in many ways been a special one-of-a-kind teacher! We hope Kay find lasting and enduring friendships!” -Kay’s Mom Page 14


“2011 has been a terrific and fun-filled year for Joel and I. We feel very blessed and happy to have Ms Chrishirl to teach the Periwinkle boys and girls. Her dedication, passion for teaching and creativity has made learning so fun. Joel has never enjoyed school this much! He will definitely miss Ms Chrishirl, Ms Cecelia, Ms Jas, Li Laoshi and Pei Laoshi and all his classmates very much. Thank you teachers and parent volunteers (for their time and generosity) for a wonderful K2 year for the children of Periwinkle! Fond memories of our time at Maris Stella will remain in our hearts forever! “ - Christina (Joel’s Mom)

Page 15


Greta’s pre-­‐school  years  in  Maris  Stella  Kindergarten  is  coming  to  a  closure  soon.    I  feel  sad  that  she  has  to   leave  her  friends  and  teachers  whom  she  knows  so  well  and  loves  dearly  but  I  am  more  worried  about  her   transi@on  to  primary  one  next  year.    Not  only  has  she  to  part  ways  with  her  friends,  she  needs  to  adjust  to  a   new  environment,  make  new  friends,  cope  with  new  rou@nes  and  learn  new  things.    As  I  am  thinking  about  all   these,  God  brings  to  my  memory  how  Greta  has  grown  physically,  mentally,  emo@onally  and  socially  in  these   three  years.    From  a  very  @mid,  careful,  reserved  and  quiet  girl,  she  has  become  more  confident,  expressive   (both  in  speech  and  wri@ng)  and  vocal.    She  has  indeed  bloomed  under  the  guidance  of  all  the  teachers  who   have  taught  her  and  are  teaching  her  this  year.    She  is  so  blessed  to  have  very  dedicated  teachers  who  truly   teach  and  nurture  with  great  passion  and  pa@ence.    To  all  the  wonderful  teachers  in  Maris  Stella  who  have   taught  Althea  and  Greta,  my  sincere  thanks  to  each  one  of  you.    May  you  all  be  richly  blessed  and   strengthened  by  God  as  you  con@nue  in  your  labour  of  love.     Lynn  and  Khen  Seng  (+  Althea  and  Greta)

Page 16


As Linus  graduates  from  kindergarten  this  week,  I  look  back  at   the  last  three  years  and  see  how  far  we  have  come.   I  love  how  Linus  loves  school  and  is  raring  to  go  each  day.     I  love  how  encouraging  and  positive  the  teachers  are  here  at   Maris  Stella.    (Special  shout  out  to  Ms.  Chrishirl  for  seeing  the   positive  in  each  of  our  children!) I  love  how  our  children  are  encouraged  to  be  curious  and  ask   questions   I  love  how  the  school  is  so  natural  and  open  with  the  bird  aviary,   fish  ponds,  multiple  playgrounds. My  daughter,  Amelia,  will  be  joining  the  nursery  class  of  Maris   Stella  next  year  and  we  can’t  wait!  She  has  seen  how  enthusiastic   her  brother  is  about  school  and  has  taken  to  wearing  his  uniform   wanting  to  go  to  school  too!  (That’s  when  we  know  we  have   chosen  the  right  school,  and  yes...we  got  Amelia  her  own  Maris   Stella  uniform  the  next  day!) Primary  school  is  going  to  be  different,  but  I’m  so  grateful  to  all   the  teachers  who  have  nurtured  and  taught  Linus  the  last  three   years.  Because  of  his  time  here,  I  know  he  is  well-­‐equipped  and   ready  for  the  next  phase  of  his  life. Have  a  great  holiday  and  please  keep  in  touch! -­‐  Hooi  See  (Linus’  Mom)

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ffifii “It seems  like  only  yesterday  that  Alicia   stepped  into  Maris  Stella  Kindergarten  in  her   oversize  blue  uniform  and  started  her  journey   of  fun  learning  with  her  first  year  in  Daisy   (nursery  class).    She  had  some    great  teachers   along  the  way  and  enjoyed  her  kindergarten   days.    She  shared  many  stories  with  us  on  her   school  day  and  what  she  did  with  her  friends   in  school.  Special  thanks  to  Ms.  Chrishirl  who   have  made  the  children's  final  year  a   enjoyable  and  memorable  year  in  Maris  Stella   Kindergarten.”   -­‐-­‐  Doreen  (Alicia’s  Mom) Page 18

Brandon ;


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A  big  thank  you  to  Hooi  See  as   well,  for  all  the  coordina@on   and  follow-­‐up  with  us   parents  on  the  events  and   happenings  of  Periwinkle.    We   are  going  to  miss  the  @me,   teachers  and  friends  at   Periwinkle,  as  well  as  the   frequent  updates  we  receive   from  Ms  Chrishirl.     It  is  going  to  be  a  whole  new   experience  for  Brandon  in   his  primary  school  and  I  hope   Brandon  and  all  the  children  of   Periwinkle  will  be  able  to  adjust   well  in  their  new  school.”  -­‐-­‐  Chris@na  (Brandon’s  Mom)   Page 19





Cr .U'





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“I'd like  to  express  my  hearPelt   thanks  to  Ms  Chrishirl  who   dedicated  her  @me,  love  and   pa@ence  to  the  kids  of   Periwinkle.    Ms  Chrishirl  is  a   great  teacher,  full  of  energy,   strength  and  love  to  our  kids.     Brandon  is  very  fortunate  to  be   in  this  class,  with  such   wonderful  teachers  and  friends.  

n Vinotha

Page 20


“Maris Stella  Kindergarten  is  the  first  place  where   Bhumi  came  to  learn.  Maris  Stella  Kindergarten  is   the  place  where  she  is  prepared  to  face  the  world.      All  the  teachers  from  Nursery  Tll  K-­‐2  and  especially   Miss  Chrishirl  have  helped  her  to  develop  basic   learning,  become  emoTonally  stronger   and  physically  able  to  go  to    Primary  School  and   beyond..  My  special  thanks  to  Sister  Anne,  Miss  Chrishirl  ,   Miss  Agnes  and  Miss  Wheatley  for  nurturing  my   child  so  well. I  am  proud  to  be  a  parent  of  MSK  graduate  student! Watch  out  The  Primary  ,  Secondary  Schools  and   University  comes  the  MSK  graduate.....”  -­‐ Nidhl  (Bhumi’s  Mom) Page 21


Nemiel: I will miss all my teachers in Maris Stella. I enjoyed every day of the 3 years that I spent in my school. I love all the subjects and enjoy singing and dancing with my friends. Most of all I will miss my Periwinkle friends and I will never forget my K2 year and feel very blessed to have Ms Chrishirl as my teacher."

"I am very happy with the progress of my son during his K2 year under the guidance and teaching of Ms Chrishirl..he has improve tremendously academically and in his behaviour. I am very proud of him. Thank you Ms Chrishirl and all the assistant teachers Ms Cecilia and Ms Jas that mould my son into a better child!!" --Amor (Nemielâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother) Page 22

Ashley Tan

“Three years at Maris Stella Kindergarten have been a fun learning journey for Ashley- an indelible memory. I have noticed her transition. She is now independent and responsible and I am proud of her. I have to attribute her progress to all the teachers who have taught her. Thank you Maris Stella!” - Audrey Yap (Ashley Tan’s Mother)

Page 23

ai h K n Yu

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“Yun Khai does not want to leave Maris Stella. He says he will miss all the outdoor activities, sportsball and speech and drama the most. Yun Khai has really grown up after these three years. He has now become an independent and confident boy.” -Viet Phuong (Yun Khai’s mother)

Page 24

ria o t c i V

“Victoria has  grown  from  a  starry-­‐eyed  child  in  Nursery   to  one  who  shows  wit,  humour  and  imagina@on  with  a   much  increased  vocabulary.    Some@mes,  we  are  just  so   surprised/amused  by  what  she  says!    I  can  s@ll   remember  her  excitement  in  being  able  to  use  money  in   school  (she  has  since  added  several  erasers  to  her   collec@on!)  and  choosing  which  of  her  pink  wallets  to   use.     Some@mes,  when  she  misbehaves  at  home,  we  get   upset.    But,  I  always  think  back  to  the  leZer  given  to  us   during  the  last  PTC  in  May  (dear  mummy  and  daddy…),   everything  is  put  back  in  perspec@ve,  reminding  and   humbling  us  with  these  thoughts:  Our  child  is  learning   and  growing.  We  have  to  tell  her  what,  why,  how.    We   cannot  lose  pa@ence  with  them  and  we  have  to   understand  them  as  children. We  really  appreciate  the  dedica@on  and  teaching  style   of  Ms  Chrishirl,  and  the  pa@ence  and  help  of  her  able   assistants  with  our  rowdy  children,  and  to  wish  them   well  in  their  future  undertakings.    Thank  you! In  addi@on,  we  would  also  like  to  wish  the  Periwinkle   2011  children  and  parents  the  best  as  they  embark  on   the  next  phase  of  their  exci@ng  journey  in  primary   Page 25 schools!”  -­‐-­‐  Linda  Chan  (Victoria’s  Mom) “

Michae l

My brothers and I have had such a memorable and fun time at Maris Stella. My older brother Matthew is now in Pri 2, and my younger brother Marcus is in Nursery (Daisy). We all attended Ms Chrishirl's Speech & Drama since Nursery, and I am so fortunate to have Ms Chrishirl as Periwinkle's teacher this year! Thank you dear Ms Chrishirl for showering us with your love and dedication and for all you have taught us! Thank you Ms Cecilia and Ms Jas for your guidance and patience! Love, Michael

Page 26


“How time really flies! Can't believe that Jeina has already been in Maris Stella for 3 years and she will start formal school soon. As she embarks on a new journey in Primary school, I am sure she will miss her teachers and friends dearly. We are grateful to have had Ms Chrishirl as the form teacher of Periwrinkle, who has been so committed, engaging and caring. The many events and activities in Maris Stella have also given us opportunities to foster friendships with the children and parents and we hope to continue to stay in touch.” -Alicia (Jeina’s Mom)

Page 27


“I really  take  my  hat  off  to  your  energy  and   commitment  to  the  school  and  class.  I  am  already   @red  just  sibng  down  enjoying  the  concert  and  a   liZle  socializing  in  class!  I  don’t  know  how  you  do   it!  I  really  appreciate  Ms.  Chrishirl’s  effort  for  the   past  year  and  Eli  is  very  lucky  to  have  you  and  the   rest  of  the  teaching  staff! Thank  you  very  much!”  -­‐  Jennifer  Massimini  (Eli’s  mother)

Page 28

nn A e z S

Hi, I am Sze-Ann from Periwinkle. I have a best friend called Greta. At first, I was a little shy so i talked to her. Then we found ourselves liking each other more and more. Then we became friends and then we became best friends. But we often quarreled so she did not want to be my best friend after a few days. I got an idea and I begged her to be my best friend again. She said yes and became my best friend again! I will always remember Greta and the good times in Periwinkle.”

“I remember my kindergarten years vaguely-perhaps because the friends I had made are but faint memories. Sze-Ann's final year in Maris Stella Kindergarten has rekindled these dormant embers. I cannot help but smile when I receive daily updates about the trials and tribulations of a 5-year-old. I wait breathlessly for reports of changing friendships, alliances and the inevitable scuffles and petty quarrels that mark the passage from Daddy and Mummy's baby to precocious, independent students of life. Thank you, classmates of Sze-Ann, for your laughter and your words of encouragement on your learning journey. Thank you, teachers of Sze-Ann, for your patience and your dedication in feeding her ever-growing curiosity. And, thank you, the parents of Periwinkle, for the parties, gifts and outings which Sze-Ann will surely remember well into her adult years.” -Lye Kok Leong (Sze Ann’s father) Page 29

Robert Jam es

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Robert James' father is a very loving man and for him to be able to share something traditional within the family with his kids is a rewarding fulfillment. Soon there will be 2 Maris Stella Old Boys in the house! Thanks to all the teachers for making it the first of many more life long achievements for Robert James!â&#x20AC;? -Ead (Robert Jamesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; mother)

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“Time flies.. Haydee has come to the end of her pre-school life. We have accumulated lots of memories through the stories Haydee has brought back each day on the activities in school, school work and the great birthday parties, sports day, graduation day etc., all packed throughout the whole year. We are grateful to have a team of great teachers, coaches and not forgetting Hooi See, who have done so much to provide us with valuable memories of our daughter in prints. Last but not least, we are thankful to Ms Chrishirl for your unique way of teaching, your patience and guidance to Haydee during the time when she was in anxiety. I 'm very sure Haydee is going to miss Maris Stella, her teachers and best friends very much.” Page 31 -Rachel (Haydee’s mother)


“I can’t believe how quickly Max’s time at Maris Stella Kindergarten is fast coming to an end. I can still remember Max’s first day at Ms Wheatley’s class. All the children looked so nervous and all the parents so anxious. We have all come such a long way since then. The young man in front of me now is neither nervous nor frightened. Maris Stella Kindergarten has helped us nurtured Max into a confident, independent, thoughtful and sensitive young man. The class friendships were also formed early on and Max has made so many wonderful friends in his three years at Maris Stella. It is almost heartbreaking for him and me to know that next year the Children will be going on to different schools. Max tells me he will miss so much not being in the same class as Michael, Linus, Eli and Vinothan, his four “best friends forever” and he hopes that they all will still be able to keep in contact and see each other as often as possible. As a parent who has been involved in the school for the last six years, with first our eldest Alex and now with Max, I am now feeling this loss even more. I always tell Ben, Max’s Dad, “no where else, will you be welcomed by happy smiling faces, then Maris Stella each and every day”. This year the Children have been especially blessed to have Ms Chrishirl as their Form Teacher. There are Teachers and then there are Teachers. Chrishirl belongs to that special group of Educators who do more then just teach. Chrishirl inspires and makes her lessons come alive. The Children have also been empowered in so many ways, that as parents we know they will not find the move into their new schools overwhelming and daunting. They have even been able to practice making their own purchases in their Cuddles and Kisses shop in Class. I know all the Children are ready and well-equipped for the next chapter in their lives. Please keep in touch everyone and a Blessed Christmas to you all and your families!” -- Michelle (Max’s Mum) Page 32

L e tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; s Child Name

Parent Name


Tel. No

Alicia Yip

Doreen Oh


Ashley Mei Vella

Amanda Ho

9857 0597

Ashley Tan

Audrey Yap

9871 7227

Bhumi Gupta

Nidhl Gupta

8591 8901

Greta Lee

Lynn Teo

9756 9194

Haydee Ng

Rachel Ng

9238 8820

Jeina Pang

Alicia Yong

9741 5449

Kay Lim

Krystin Kee

9047 8123

Larissa Chan

Alysia Ling

9650 9851

Lye Sze Ann

Cleophina Chan

9691 0020

Victoria Ip

Linda Chan

9244 9921

Brandon Law

Christina Lee

9757 1175

David Maximillian Lim

Michelle Tan

9754 3800

Eli Massimini

Jennifer Tan

9232 2504

Francisco David Borja Medina

Liyah Medina

8128 4530

Joel Loh

Christina Tan

9665 5065

Joseph Bin

Sheri Bin

9821 1712

Linus Hoon

Ng Hooi See

8188 0356

Michael Ng

Michelle Ng

9633 8236

Robert James Yang



Robert Nemiel Palino Salumbides


8181 6838

Teo Yun Khai

Nguyen Thi Viet Phuong

9060 3192

Vinothan Panneerselvam


8290 2231

Form Teacher: Ms. Chrishirl Campos

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9795 3156

K e e p i n T o u c h !

November Periwinkle Newsletter  

Final Periwinkle Newsletter 2011 Maris Stella Kindergarten Singapore

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