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MKT 450 Entire Class All DQs and Assignments (International Marketing) Click Link Below To Purchase Complete Class : MKT 450 Week 1 DQ 1 MKT 450 Week 1 DQ 2 MKT 450 Week 1 Individual International and Domestic Marketing Comparison MKT 450 Week 2 Team Assignment International Marketing Plan MKT 450 Week 3 DQ 1 MKT 450 Week 3 DQ 2 MKT 450 Week 3 Individual Research Methodologies MKT 450 Week 3 Team Detailed International Marketing Plan Outline MKT 450 Week 4 DQ MKT 450 Week 4 Learning Team Detailed International Marketing Plan Outline Part II MKT 450 Week 5 DQ 1 Should a Country Join a Regional Trade Organization Why or Why not MKT 450 Week 5 DQ 2 Exit Strategy for a Company Entering a Foreign Market MKT 450 Week 5 Individual FINAL International Marketing Ethics Paper

MKT 450 Week 1 DQ 1 Click Link Below To Purchase: Why should businesses be concerned with international marketing? Elaborate.

MKT 450 Week 1 DQ 2 Click Link Below To Purchase: How is domestic marketing different from international marketing? Elaborate!

MKT 450 Week 1 Individual International and Domestic Marketing Comparison

Click Link Below To Purchase Marketing’s main purpose is to sell the considered product to the consumer. In each country that involves itself with marketing ventures, this main objective is still ever present. However, the ways in which the product is promoted and the vehicles used to carry the marketing message may differ from country to country. For example, Mexico and the United States vary when comparing and contrastingtheir marketing arenas. The climates of these two countries contain diverse cultures, legal systems, political environments, and economic demands. Over-View of Mexico and the United States Marketing Situation Since Mexico opened its market there has been a significant change in its marketing channels in regards to the structure and marketing performances. This began happening around the 1980’s. These happenings were onslaught after the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreementwas enacted. One of the largest markets currently involved in international trade in Mexico is the fresh produce market. However, many other markets have been affected as well. A huge change in the fresh produce market has occurred due to the large increase of international and national grocery mart chains. This increase has made a mark on the traditional delivery performances in Mexico (US Department of Agriculture, 2002).The US also participates in exporting fruits and vegetables to other countries. In the US and Mexico eating fresh fruits and vegetables is promoted to the population to increase the awareness of their health benefits. Mexico’s insufficient tangible infrastructure, ineffective management supply chain, and non-existent specifically identified quality standards has impacted the transportation procedures and modem handling for perishable vegetables, fruits, and goods negatively (US Department of Agriculture, 2002). The US has an abundant market that relies heavily on technology. For example, many US companies use the internet to advertise their products. While Mexico continues to expand technologically they are still many years behind the US in regards to technology.

MKT 450 Week 2 Team Assignment International Marketing Plan Click Link Below To Purchase: Executive Summary BMW has a long history of success dating back to 1916 when the company began inMunich,Germany. The first products introduced by the company were high quality aircraft

engines and motorcycles. In 1928 BMW went on to what it is popularly known for today as one of the top luxury car makers (BMW, 2011). A new endeavor launched by BMW will soon commence in the country ofBrazil. BMW will analyze the advantages and disadvantages ofBrazil’s budding economy and the possibilities for establishing a new production plant there.Brazilis a lucrative market that contains many opportunities for BMW to prosper in. It is BMW’s mission to satisfy current and prospective clients. This will be done through providing a superior product that exceeds the competitions.Brazilholds nearly half of the South American economy and territory (US Commercial Service, 2011). Over the last 10 yearsBrazilhas grown rapidly making it the perfect candidate for BMW to expand to. Objectively, BMW will examine the benefits and costs of beginning the CKD (Complete Knock Down) manufacturing plant inBrazil. Additionally, to track and evaluate opportunities and threats, market research will be used, geographical and environmental analyses will be conducted, buyer research will be examined, and prospective target and consumer segments will be determined. Furthermore, a complete SWOTT analysis as well as establishing the 4 P’s(Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) for the new BMW Brazil location will be made certain. Brazilcontinues to be one of the leaders in foreign investment. In the year 2000, 32.8 billion was the peak in-flow (US Commercial Service, 2011). This of course means that there

MKT 450 Week 3 DQ 1 Click Link Below To Purchase: When is adaptation applicable in international marketing? Provide an example. Might adaptation result in diminishing returns? Why or why not?

MKT 450 Week 3 DQ 2 Click Link Below To Purchase What is the importance of strategic planning in international marketing? Should international marketing strategy vary from country to country? Why or why not?

MKT 450 Week 3 Individual Research Methodologies Click Link Below To Purchase Starbucks executive management team has been working diligently to begin operations in Mexico. There are many reserves and tactics the management team can implement to maintain a prosperous business venture in Mexico. The management team will clearly affirm the purpose of their research for the business plan. Also, the marketing operation for Mexico will utilize current databases, focus groups, and surveys to create the optimal strategic plan for the new Starbucks stores in Mexico. It is important that the management team makes the most use of primary and secondary data, collects the right data, and in the end examines the data efficiently. With an assortment of research methods it will be necessary to pinpoint what problems or concerns are at hand to construct a well-informed assessment. The management team will make travels from the United States to Mexico to study Mexico’s culture, demographics, and demand for Starbucks main product which is caffeinated beverages. Globalization has opened a wider market for goods and services; the hospitality industry is one beneficiary of the enlarged global business market. When venturing in an international market, managers should ensure they have developed an effective market entry strategy, and improve the strategies to assist the company to get a competitive edge in the foreign market. To come-up with responsive marketing strategies, marketers need to undertake a marketing research on the specific issues likely to shape marketing in the foreign country (Kotabe&Helsen, 2004). Starbucks is the world’s number one coffee and coffeehouse company. It is situated in 55 countries; on 30 March 1971 Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker are respected as the founders of the company. The company wants to expand its service to Mexico. Mexico is one of the largest Latin American countries in size and economy; the county’s population and their economic standing can offer Starbucks expansive markets if the company is able to market its products successfully.

MKT 450 Week 3 Team Detailed International Marketing Plan Outline Click Link Below To Purchase: International Marketing Plan BMW is ready to capture the global market with unbeatable performance and luxury vehicles. BMW automobiles are currently manufactured in production sites inMunich,Regensburg,Leipzig,Spartanburg, andSouth Africa(BMW Group, 2010). BMW is ready to lead the international market by opening a production facility in Brazil. “MercedesBenz opened a plant in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, about 15 years ago, but no other luxury brand has followed its lead” (Left Lane News, 2010). Brazilis developing into a first world nation. Brazil's economy outweighs that of all other South American countries.Brazils’ wealth increased 7.6% in

2010 and the car market inBrazilgrew by 8% to 3.2 million units (BMW Group, 2011). In 2010, the Brazilian market for new cars was larger than Germany. Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world with a population of 203, 429, 773. Brazilborders the Atlantic Ocean and shares common boundaries with every South American country except Chileand Ecuador. Brazilis divided into 26 states and a Federal District. The capital city of Brazilis Brasilia. Brazilhas two of the world's largest cities, Sao Pauloand Rio de Janeiro. 26.2% of Brazil’s population age is 0-14, 67% is 15-64, and 6.7% is 65 years and over. According to the Giniindex,Brazil’s distribution of family income is 56.7 as of 2005. Brazil’s unemployment rate is only 7%. Brazil’s total length of roads paved and unpaved is 4th in the world (CIA)

MKT 450 Week 4 DQ Click Link Below To Purchase: Assume you were recently promoted to director of international marketing for a medium-size corporation manufacturing, marketing, and selling products. Your company has not utilized e-business prominently outside of the U.S., and one of your first objectives is to utilize e-business and e-commerce internationally. Discuss how you might utilize these marketing strategies, including what specific areas you might investigate, and plan toward meeting that objective.

MKT 450 Week 4 Learning Team Detailed International Marketing Plan Outline Part II Click Link Below To Purchase: Market Segment 64% of Brazil’s population has an income in the upper 20th percentile. Affluent adults make up 31% of the population ofBrazil (Synovate, 2007). BMW’s ideal customers are the affluent adults between ages 25 and 64. The majority of these customers own laptops, smartphones, own at least one car, and own quality or designer clothing and jewelry (Synovate, 2007). BMW will also look into commercial fleet customers in the affluent business districts ofSão Paulo,Rio de Janeiro, and also inBelo Horizonte. As with customers around the globe, leasing and financing options will be available through BMW’s own financial services. Marketing Strategy

Product The cars that will be available for purchase will be the 1, 3, 5, 7 Series, X1, X3, X5, X6, the Z4, the M-Series, and also the Hybrid model (BMW do Brasil). With a CKD plant, customers will be able to order fully customized automobiles from the dealership with a short wait-time from the CKD plant

MKT 450 Week 5 DQ 1 Click Link Below To Purchase: What are regional trade organizations, and list some that are prominent? Why are regional trade organizations established? Should a country join a regional trade organization? Why or why not?

MKT 450 Week 5 DQ 2 Click Link Below To Purchase: Describe the elements that might be included in an Exit Strategy for a company entering a foreign market.

MKT 450 Week 5 Individual FINAL International Marketing Ethics Paper Click Link Below To Purchase: Many companies at some point in time of operation are faced with ethical issues that can alter the company’s reputation. Merriam Webster dictionary defines ethics as “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation (Merriam Webster, 2011)”. Nestle

has been a focal point for many conscientious consumers due to recent questions of their lack of ethical conduct concerning promotions of their infant formula to mothers of children in Africa. Nestle does have a global code of conduct. In summary, it states that Nestle employees should act within the best interest of the company, conduct business honestly and uphold legal statutes, and refrain from any acts that could possibly injure the company’s reputation (Nestle, 2011). Although Nestle carries a code of conduct some individuals may disagree on whether they are following this code of conduct? In 1970 Nestle began to be looked upon as a company with low morale. Nestle was accused by activists of unethically marketing it baby formula. Nestle had in fact been promoting its formula to poor women in countries all over the world. As a result thousands possibly even millions of babies died. WHO (World Health Organization) created the International Code of Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes to combat the disparaging act of disreputable marketing of formulas. Nestle declared that it had revised it policies after this code was enacted, but boycotters remarked that Nestle was still one of the main offenders in seedy marketing of formula (Ethical Shopping, 2011).

Mkt 450 entire class all dqs and assignments (international marketing)  
Mkt 450 entire class all dqs and assignments (international marketing)