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Holiday Pet Tips

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


Happy Holidays

It is the most wonderful time of the year…

A season to be grateful… A season to be jolly!

In this season of gratitude, we are thankful for your friendship and support. We are extremely grateful to the pet community for encouraging us in so many ways. We thank our writers, our designers, and distribution people for their willingness to give so freely of their time and talents. We appreciate our advertisers who make this publication possible, and, of course, we appreciate our readers! At the close of another year we gratefully pause to wish you all a joyous and happy holiday season. We wish that your lives will be touched by wonder and peace. We wish you the gifts of love, joy, and happiness.

All of us join in saying “Thank You” and Wish you a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year! Your friends at the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true. ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

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“Arbor, The Go Vegas Dog” T O WN Woof, my Vegas pet friends! One of the reasons Las Vegas was recently ranked one of the top dog friendly cities is that there are so many places you can enjoy with your furry friend. Some of these places may not be too well known so I will be writing a new column for Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine where I sniff out all the fun places you can go with your pooch. In this issue, I’ve scoped out some pawsome dog friendly restaurants around town. There are several that are worth barking about, however, Annie’s Gourmet Italian is one of my favorites. The owner, Annie Payton, feels pets are part of the family so she has made every effort to make us feel right at home while dining here. Outside on the large patio pets can order a “Pet Meal” off the menu that consists of two large unseasoned meat or chicken balls with frozen yogurt for dessert, yum! Dogs are a common sight at Annie’s and I hear someone even brought a cat once. Annie is a big supporter of helping shelter animals. During the month of December if you bring in a donation for the Henderson Animal Shelter you will receive a free cannoli for dessert.


1716 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway • Henderson, NV

OTHER DOG FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS I RECOMMEND: BAR + BISTRO AT THE ARTS FACTORY 107 E. Charleston Blvd. #155 • Las Vegas, NV Nice large patio in a happening part of downtown. Every Saturday evening they host a Painters and Poets Jam, out on the patio, where local artists come out to paint and recite poetry. I’ve even been known to stop by to work on one of my abstract pieces. CROWN & ANCHOR BRITISH PUB 1350 E. Tropicana Ave. • Las Vegas, NV Dogs are always welcome to party on the patio 24 hours, 7 days a week. Water bowls and doggie biscuits are provided. They host several doggie events throughout the year and have even held a royal dog wedding. DOUBLE HELIX AT TOWN SQUARE 6599 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Ste. 150 B • Las Vegas, NV Town Square is a favorite dog friendly outdoor shopping and entertainment center near the Strip. Double Helix is the only restaurant/bar at the Square where your pooch can join you on the patio.

‘Like’ Arbor’s Facebook page, Go Vegas Dog

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Interesting smells, but I’m not sure about the taste. Too much noise and too many people, but wait, is that a tree? With lots of sparkly stuff on it and under it? I can have that down in two minutes flat! I can have those boxes open in less than that!

Holiday Pet Tips

Oh, boy, food, people, people food, lots of petting, food, good smells, food smells, more petting, scraps of food, excitement, excitement over food, tables with food, oh boy!! Uh oh, don’t feel so good. Maybe too much food. Nah.

I love the holidays!

I love the holidays!

By Kathy Schreur Yes, the holidays are coming, ready or not, and they bring their own set of challenges concerning our pets. Here are a few tips for keeping everyone as happy, healthy and stress-free as possible. FOOD:

Our pets know our soft points and play it up during the holiday meals. You may want to feed your critters prior to the big meals in hopes of keeping them full, happy and not begging. However, if you and your guests cannot avoid the pleading eyes, you may want to put them in a quiet room until after the clean up. Turkey: Do not feed your pet any part of the turkey. The seasonings,

along with the skin and gravy, can cause pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). In fact, avoid allowing them any rich, fatty food for the same reason. Scraps can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and vomiting. The turkey bones are very dangerous since they can splinter and cause intestinal damage. The string that is used to tie the turkey can be very tempting and, if eaten, may tie up your pet’s insides.

Onions: Found in abundance in turkey stuffing and other dishes, onions

are toxic and can destroy a dog’s red blood cells, leading to anemia. Onion powder has the same effect.

Chocolate: Any kind of candy is potentially toxic, but dark chocolate and

THE TREE: Although holiday trees are not in and of themselves

poisonous, they still pose a hazard. After you have picked up your tree from the floor for the second or third time, and stepped for the umpteenth time on an ornament halfway down the hall from the tree, you will appreciate the tip to securely anchor your tree and place your ornaments high on the tree. Pets may chew on the needles and because they are sharp and indigestible, they can irritate the mouth and the digestive tract if they are swallowed. Clean up the fallen needles frequently for the same reasons. You may want to place a pet barrier or child’s playpen around the tree. Another hazard is the tree water. It often contains preservatives which are sugar based, as well as other toxic chemicals, such as fertilizers, insecticides and flame retardants. Also, if the water is allowed to become stagnant, it can contain bacteria, which may lead to vomiting and diarrhea if ingested.

baking chocolate are particularly toxic. Chocolate can have an effect on the nervous system and cause urinary system problems and heart muscle damage in your pet.

Please do not use tinsel, ribbons or garland. If you do, keep them out of reach. These can become lodged in their intestines, cause obstructions, and lead to surgery or death. Decorating with food such as popcorn, candy canes and gingerbread also can cause problems if ingested by an animal.

which can cause bloat, severe pain, and a possible rupture of the digestive system.

Keep electric cords hidden or route them through a PVC pipe to ensure your pet’s safety. Animals may chew through a wire and receive a potentially lethal electric shock.

Uncooked Dough: Dough can expand and produce gas in the stomach

Fruits/Nuts: Grapes, raisins, and especially macadamia nuts, can lead to organ failure.

Alcohol: Any alcohol given to pets is dangerous and too much can be fatal. Eggnog can cause extreme diarrhea and also become fatal.

As you cook and clean up, remember, your pets have an excellent sense of smell and will get into the trash for that tasty bit of something that is inside the aluminum foil and eat it, foil and all. Empty the trash immediately or keep it secure, otherwise you might end your evening with a trip to the hospital. Also, it will keep them safe from e-coli.


Holiday plants can and most likely will be explored and nibbled on. The following are hazardous:

OTHER: Make sure your pet is wearing proper identification. As

your holiday visitors come and go, pets can easily escape through the front or patio doors. Make a special point to either keep them in a quiet room or know where they are at all times. Always keep your veterinarian’s or emergency after-hours hospital’s number handy, along with the number of animal poison control. Make sure you spend quality time alone with your pet every day. This will allow you to observe your pet for any unusual behavior or symptoms, and bring you some very much needed tranquility.

Holly: When ingested, holly can cause pets to suffer nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.

Poinsettias: Can upset your pet’s digestive system.

Mistletoe: Is highly toxic, especially the berries, and can cause fatal heart problems.

Hibiscus: Diarrhea.

Lilies: Can be deadly to cats and can cause kidney failure.

Finally, remember the homeless animals at the holidays. Shelters and agencies are always in need of food, toys and donations. Consider giving yourself the gift of a shelter animal or giving a gift certificate for a shelter pet to a friend who has been wanting a companion and go with your friend to find that perfect companion.

Ivy: Certain types, such as English ivy, can cause severe harm.

May you and yours be healthy, happy, and safe this holiday season and throughout the coming new year. 6

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

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BIRD NUTRITION Feeding Pet Birds, Parrot Diets, and Nutrition Recommendations Feeding pet birds the right foods is important for their health. A balanced diet based on sound bird nutrition recommendations is the key. Balancing a parrot’s diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavior problems. But it’s never too late to get your pet bird on a firm nutritional footing. It is something you will want to do since an unbalanced diet is a main cause of disease and early death in pet birds. Malnutrition is a human-made disease. Fortunately, it is also preventable.

DIETARY DIFFERENCES AMONG BIRDS When feeding pet birds, we must realize that the species of birds we have as companion pets do not all have the same dietary needs. Just as our North American wild birds such as chickadees, woodpeckers, and hummingbirds do not eat the same foods, neither do our companion birds. In general, parrots can be classified according to their normal diets. Most psittacines (members of the parrot family) are florivores, meaning the main portion of their diet is obtained from plants. Among florivores, there are granivores (birds that eat grain and/or seeds, including nuts), and frugivores (birds with diets based on fruits). Some pet birds are omnivores, whose diet can consist of both plant and animal components. There is a special class of florivores called nectarivores, who eat mostly nectar. Even among related birds, such as macaws, primary diets differ. A wild Hyacinth Macaw eats mostly grains (nuts, actually), while a Blue-throated Macaw eats mostly fruits. Additionally, in each bird classification there will be different nutrition recommendations. For instance, even though both are considered granivores, in the wild, Hyacinth macaws eat mostly palm nuts, while budgies eat mostly seeds.

SEED-EATING BIRDS Even for seed-eating birds, seeds alone are not a proper diet. There are several reasons for this: • The seeds we offer our companion birds are not the same seeds they would find in their native habitats. We tend to offer seeds that are lower in protein and other nutrients, such as vitamins. • The amount of energy used by wild birds in foraging for food is far greater than that used by our companion birds. Since our pet birds use less energy, they need to eat fewer calories or they will become overweight. Eating less, however, could result in vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient deficiencies. • When offered seeds, our companion birds tend to pick out their favorites, and leave the rest. Limiting the diet to only several types of seeds can lead to certain nutrient deficiencies. 8

Even when multiple types of seed are offered, the seed-only diet will not supply the necessary array of vitamins and minerals that is needed for optimal health. Birds love seeds, like children (and adults) love candy. They will eat a favorite seed over what is healthy for them. The best diet for most seedeating birds consists of formulated diets (such as pelleted foods), vegetables, small amounts of fruit, and an occasional treat.

FORMULATED DIETS: Formulated foods are readily available from many reputable manufacturers, pet stores, and veterinarians, and include Harrison’s, ZuPreem, and Roudybush. The food is a blend of grains, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and various types of proteins, as well as additional vitamins and minerals. The ingredients are mixed and then baked. This formulated diet may be in the form of pellets, crumbles, or nuggets. Unlike a seed mixture, the bird cannot select particular components out of a formulated diet, so nutritional imbalances are much less likely to occur. There are commercial foods for different species, so be sure to select one appropriate for your bird. Some foods have higher fat levels for those birds with higher caloric needs such as macaws and Golden conures. Other foods are lower in fat and higher in protein to provide better nutrition for birds such as cockatoos and Amazons. Realize that some species, such as the Hyacinth Macaw, have very specific dietary needs and need special diets. For most species, pelleted food should be 65-80% of the diet. Vegetables should make up 15-30%, and the remainder can be seeds and fruits.

VEGETABLES AND FRUITS: Vegetables are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, and should comprise 15-30% of the diet. Fruits, which are higher in sugar and moisture, should comprise about 5%. It is best to provide a variety of vegetables and fruit. The following table lists good choices of vegetables and fruits for psittacines. Wash all vegetables and fruits thoroughly before feeding. Remove the pits and apple seeds from the fruit. Any vegetables and fruits left uneaten should be discarded daily so spoiling is not a problem. Because vegetables and fruits are high in water content, the urine portion of the droppings will increase.

ADDING VARIETY AND APPEAL: Birds decide what to eat by sight, texture, and taste. Offer a wide variety of vegetables and fruit to provide a balanced diet. Keep them in as natural a state as possible and be creative when preparing meals. Hang food from the cage top or sides, weave food into the bars of the cage, or stuff food in the spaces of toys. As an example, for larger birds, feed corn on the cob rather than feeding kernels of corn in a dish. This will help entertain the bird as well as provide physical and mental stimulation. SWITCHING YOUR BIRD FROM A SEEDBASED DIET: It is much easier to start a young

bird on a varied diet of healthy foods than it is to convert an older bird to a new diet. A bird on

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

an unhealthy diet may take more effort to be converted to a healthier diet. For more information, see our article: Switching from a Seed-based to a Pelleted Diet. When switching a pet bird’s diet to one based on pelleted foods, you may notice a change in the bird’s droppings, which will appear larger and lighter in color. If you see only scants amount of dark droppings, contact your veterinarian; it may mean your bird is not eating well and may need to be converted more slowly.

NON-SEED EATING BIRDS Diets for non-seed eating psittacines such as Lories and Lorikeets consist pirmarily of a commercially prepared formula. Some of these may be fed dry or moistened; others need to be made into a solution and fed as a nectar. The nectar will need to be replaced several times daily; every 4 hours in hot weather. The diet should also include some fruits such as: apples, pomegranates, papaya, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, figs, and kiwi. Pollen, corn-on-the-cob and some flowers such as pansies, nasturtiums, roses, hibiscus, marigolds, and dandelions may be offered, as well. Check with your avian veterinarian to determine the proper amounts.

FOODS TO AVOID Some foods are on the do-not-feed list.

• • • • • • • • • •

High-fat junk food Avocado (guacamole) Chocolate Alcohol or caffeine Fruit pits Persimmons Table salt Onions Apple seeds Mushrooms


For most adult birds, supplements are not necessary, and should only be provided if recommended by your veterinarian. Commercial formulated diets contain the minerals and vitamins your bird needs. Using vitamin supplements could result in vitamin overdoses.


Birds in the wild spend at least 1/3 of their day foraging for food. Simply putting food in a dish deprives them of that physical and mental stimulation. Try using foraging toys and other methods to enliven your bird’s eating times.


Formulated diet can be available at all times. Natural feeding times in wild birds are about a half hour after sunrise and again at 5-6 PM, so these would be good times to offer the fresh vegetables. Always remove any uneaten vegetables or fruit at the next feeding. Foraging toys can be left in the cage throughout the day for snacking and entertainment.


You should offer your bird only what he can eat in a day. This will make it easier to monitor his daily intake. Decreased food intake may be the first sign that a bird is ill.


Dishes should be washed daily in hot soapy water. No food should remain in the cage for longer than 24 hours, as the risk of fecal contamination or spoiling is high.


Fresh, clean water should always be available. If a water bottle is used, the water should be changed daily and the tip should be checked daily to be sure it is working. Dehydration is a serious problem that can occur within a day or two if water is unavailable. If you are switching your bird from a water dish to a water bottle, make sure your bird knows how to use the bottle before removing the dish.


While not a food, grit is something people think all birds need. They do not. If it is overeaten, grit impaction can occur in the digestive system. Finches and canaries may benefit from a couple of grains of grit every couple of months, but most budgies, cockatiels, and other parrots do not need it.


No matter which bird comes into your home, read and ask your veterinarian questions regarding your bird’s specific nutritional needs. Feeding a balanced, varied diet will play a major role in helping your pet bird live a long and healthy life.


aka ub” l C d r i B “ The

as Vegas Aviculture Society aka “The Bird Club” was formed in the mid-70’s as a way to bring local Exotic bird breeders and hobbyists together to study, to learn from one another, and to help perpetuate the individual species. When it was first founded, the Bird Club was mostly made up of breeders with fewer hobbyists as members. As the Las Vegas Valley grew and evolved, the Bird Club has changed to keep up with the needs of its members.

Presently, the group is made up mostly with hobbyists. The number of breeders having been out paced by members interested in caring for and sharing their lives with companion birds. As a Club we strive to see that both interests are presented and preserved by offering Sabrina & Paradise diverse programs at our monthly meetings as well as providing a venue for breeders and enthusiasts to buy and sell from one another and regional venders at our twice yearly “Bird Marts”. The Bird Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization and operates under the guidance of by-laws with a board of directors and officers doing the business end of the organization. Our current membership is approximately 100 people who pay dues. We have an electronic presence that far surpasses that number with our Facebook page “Las Vegas Bird Club” and website The Facebook is an open group and we encourage anyone with an interest in Exotic birds to check us out. Interested parties may receive a free 3 month subscription to our online newsletter by requesting one at our Priscilla & Gramps website. Monthly general meetings are held at the Henderson Convention Center on the second Sunday of the month, at 1:30 pm; with the exceptions of May and October. For those months, the regular meetings are the Bird Mart. Programs hosted at the monthly meeting have been as varied as toy making, local animal rescues and bird shows, species specific (i.e. Cockatiels) experts, and the use of the bird image and feathers in Indigenous American’s Religious practice. We also hold a yearly picnic in May on the Saturday prior to Mother’s Day. Meetings provide time for members to talk with one another about their bird interests. Birds are always welcome to attend. Samantha, an unusual Sulphur Crested Cockatoo/ Umbrella Cockatoo Mix pictured with LVAS Board Member Kevin Beers.

© 2012 Foster & Smith, Inc. Reprinted as a courtesy and with permission from ( On-line store at ( Free pet supply catalog: 1-800-323-4208

Membership dues are a bargain at $20 per year for the first adult at an address with additional adults at the same address associate membership at $10. A Junior membership is offered to young people under the age of 12 years at a cost of $2 with an Adult membership at the same address.

So come out and visit with us! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012



Puppy Up! Walk - 2 Million Dogs 11am Registration * 1pm Walk Bruce Trent Park - 8851 Vegas Drive Register online at Support those with cancer, Honor the friends we’ve lost, Walk for those we can help.


Rootin’, tootin’, boot scootin’ WESTERN BARBEQUE 5pm to 9pm • 880 Rancho Circle • Open to Ages 21+ Fundraiser for A HOME 4 SPOT featuring Texas-style barbeque, free line dancing instruction, entertainment and raffles for great prizes.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10th Harvest Fest


Thinking of adopting? Consider a senior pet. They’ve often already learned the important things, like household manners, and are happy just to sit in your lap or by your feet.

From 10am - 3pm Happy Tails Grooming, 565 College Dr. Suite A, Henderson Fun for the whole family, adoptable pets will be there! Fall Themed Bake Sale, Apple Cider Stand, Hay Bail Maze, Apple Pie Baking Contest, Pet Nail Trimming, Raffles & More!


Shiloh Horse Rescue & Sanctuary’s Yard Sale Save the date for Shiloh’s fall rummage/yard sale. It’s going to be held at Sandy Valley Ranch. Please visit for more information.


2nd Annual “Run Through The Hills” 5 Run & 1K Walk Mac Donald Highlands • Henderson Benefits the Nevada SPCA. Numerous prizes and refreshments.

SATURDAY, NOV. 10th - SATURDAY, DEC. 15th Operation Santa Paws

Helping To Bring Holiday Joy To Local Shelter Animals Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Daschund Club & Rescue is hosting this city-wide pet supply drive. Please visit for more information and a list of donation locations and rescue organizations.

THURSDAY, NOV. 15th to SUNDAY, NOV. 18th HUGE Garage Sale!

9am to 3pm (Sun. ‘til noon) Heaven Can Wait Animal Society * 6360 Annie Oakley (between Sunset & Russell) Electronics, Books, Jewelery, Clothing, Furniture & More!


Heaven Can Wait’s Festive Holiday Luncheon 12 noon at the M Resort Featuring TERRY FATOR! Attendees will have the opportunity to do some early holiday shopping, bid on live and silent auction items and enjoy great entertainment and fine dining, all while mingling with other like-minded friends of animals.

THURSDAY, DEC. 13th to SUNDAY, DEC. 16th HUGE Garage Sale!

9am to 3pm (Sun. ‘til noon) Heaven Can Wait Animal Society * 6360 Annie Oakley (between Sunset & Russell) Electronics, Books, Jewelery, Clothing, Furniture & More!

For more events and updates, visit: 10

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

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Are you looking to Rehome your Pet?


here are many reasons why families surrender their pets. Please consider all the available options before deciding to give up your pet.

ARE YOU HAVING MONEY PROBLEMS? Is there a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker that can temporarily take care of your pet while you get on your feet? Can you reach out to friends, family or rescue groups to help you with your pet’s expenses until you are financially stable?

community bulletin boards. Facebook and email lists are also a great ways to network your pet. Make sure your pet is spayed/neutered. It is the law and it is your way to help end pet overpopulation and homelessness in our community. Be honest about behavioral problems, medical issues and special needs. Meet your pet’s new housemates and assist with meet and greets.

ARE YOU MOVING? Can you look for pet friendly housing? Are you leaving town? Is there a friend or family member that can keep your pet while you are get settled? Can you rent a vehicle that will more comfortably fit and transport your furry family too? DOES YOUR PET HAVE BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS? Contact a trainer or behaviorist for assistance before handing over the problem behaviors to a new family. Training, structured socialization and play, exercise, management and changing your pet’s diet can help address some behavioral challenges. If you choose to adopt your pet out before addressing the problem behavior be honest about the issues with any potential adopters. The new family should make an informed decision to adopt your pet and develop the best plan of care for him. WHEN YOU’VE EXHAUSTED ALL THE OPTIONS AND MADE THE DECISION TO GIVE UP YOUR PET: Look within your network of people - family, friends, co-workers and their contacts. Your pet’s chance of adoption is greater this way, particularly if your pet is elderly or has special needs. Make a flyer with a great picture and description of your pet’s personality indicating any special needs. Hand out flyers to friends and family and post on

By Veronica Selco restricts ownership of specific dog breeds, weight or number of animals? Are their pets spayed/neutered? What will happen if your pet doesn’t get along with their existing pets? What is the family’s schedule? Who will take care of your pet? What will your pet’s lifestyle and routine be like in their home? What veterinarian do they go to? What happens if they lose their home or have to relocate? Will your pet live indoors or outdoors? How will they contain your pet on their property? How do they socialize and train their pets? BEWARE of posting “free to good home” ads on Craigslist. Always ask for a rehoming fee comparable to fees charged by rescue groups. People are always looking for dogs to fight or other animals to use as bait. They take animals that are free, inexpensive or easy to get. Also, be aware that Class B dealers, also known as Bunchers, may be looking for laboratory animals. If a person or rescue group agrees to take your pet, ask to see where your pet will be kept while your pet awaits their next home.

IF YOU’RE ADOPTING YOUR PET OUT TO A NEW FAMILY ON YOUR OWN: Pre-screen potential adopters, do a home check, ask for and check references and sign a contract. If adopter has leased housing get approval from landlord and Homeowner’s Association, if necessary. If your pet is microchipped have new adopter update the chip with their contact information. QUESTIONS TO ASK POTENTIAL ADOPTERS: Who lives in the house? Do they rent/own? If they have leased housing will homeowner allow pets? Do they have a Homeowner’s Association that

CONTACT RESCUE GROUPS Reach out to no-kill shelters and rescue groups. If you find a rescue group that will take your pet, consider offering a donation to help them cover their expenses while your pet waits for his forever home. If you can’t donate money consider volunteering. If a rescue group can’t take your pet right away ask them if they can place your pet on a waiting list. Also, ask them if they will allow you to show your pet at their next adoption event and let them handle the adoption process and collect the fee to support their rescue group. For a comprehensive list of resources including low cost spay/neuter, pet friendly housing, shelters and rescue groups please contact Vegas Animal Rescue.

PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR PET AWAY FOR FREE. IT IS DANGEROUS! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


A HORSE IS A HORSE, OF COURSE, OF COURSE! By Sydney Knott, Horses4Heroes

Horses come in all sizes!

Baby Boomers grew up with TV shows like “Mr. Ed,” “Bonanza,” “Gunsmoke,” and “Big Valley.” Today’s kids experience horses through Facebook games like “Farmville,” or Internet games where they can interact with a “virtual” horse. According to the American Association of Riding Schools (AARS), research has shown that “one-in-three families include a person born with an intrinsic attraction to horses.” Not surprisingly, most of these family members are girls! Families that love horses often think the only way to enjoy a horse is to own one. While horse ownership is a wonderful experience, it is not always the best way to learn about horses. Colleen Pace, founder of Michigan-based AARS recommends: “You don’t need to own a horse, you can fall in love with ours.” In fact, spending time with other people’s horses and taking lessons are important first steps to learning about horses, horseback riding, and the various disciplines, riding styles and breeds. For many urban and suburban families, taking riding lessons is a reasonable alternative to horse ownership. The cost is predictable, the lesson time is determined and the rider develops a familiarity with the barn and a sense of ownership with the horse. The family is able to go about Horse shows are a their schedule and work, fun activity! soccer games and family vacations. No vet calls in the middle of the night, no stall cleaning, no horse trailers or trucks. Some go on to lease or buy a horse, the rest enjoy the time spent at their local riding school.


he American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition reports there are an estimated 180,000 “unwanted” horses in this country. Many of these horses are looking for homes because their owners didn’t do their homework before buying a horse. So here are a few rules: Rule 1: A HORSE IS JUST A HORSE. It is an equine, a prey animal whose first instinct is to run away from danger. Horses are big, strong and dangerous and require a certain level of experience, self confidence and horse sense to handle correctly. Rule 2: HORSE OWNERSHIP REQUIRES FINANCIAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL MATURITY. Horses can live at least 30 years or longer. Too often, people want to “re-home” their old, trusted friend who won them blue ribbons, caught the steer, or guided them through mountain trails, because they can no longer do those things anymore and they don’t want to pay for or can’t afford two horses. The horse took care of them, and they should have a plan to care for their senior horse. Rule 3: TAKE LESSONS AND ATTEND EQUESTRIAN EVENTS. Do you want to do roping, reining, jumping, dressage, ranch sorting, trail riding, vaulting, driving, or barrel racing? Do you even know what these events are? It is important to decide what style of riding interests you and then find a horse that will do what you want to do. Not all horses like cows, jumps or parades. If you get the wrong horse, you’ll be disappointed, frustrated and lose interest in your horse. Rule 4: WHEN YOU CAN ANSWER THE QUESTION, “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR HORSE?”, then seek the help of an experienced instructor in helping you find the right partner for your newfound passion. There are lots of horses out there, many are even being given away. The price doesn’t matter nearly as much as their personality & ability.

For more information, contact the American Assn. of Riding Schools at or Horses4Heroes, Inc., a Las Vegas non-profit that introduces horses to local heroes and their families, 12

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


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“Trendiest Pet Names of 2012”

Can you find some of the “Trendiest” pet names of 2012 in this puzzle? The words may be in any direction: horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and forwards and backyards.



Lola Mia Zoey Luna Izzy Piper Stella Ellie Penny

Bentley Diesel Tank Dexter Milo Gunner Thor Cooper Loki Answer Key on Page 23


I am available to come to your school or after school activities. Have your teacher or scout leader call my mom, Jayne at 227-9020 to set something up. I am a Therapy Dog and enjoy spending time with you. We’ll have a great time!

La Petite Academy

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to seeing yo u!! I lo ok forward

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


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The Passion… The Vision… Stacey Weiss, president and founder of Wild Adventures Zoo, is a woman with a passion to create a place with a purpose; a place where families can have interactive, hands-on fun and educational experiences with small exotic pets. The vision is to create a zoo that serves as a safe haven for abandoned or neglected exotic pets. The core part of the program will be teaching respect for animals through hands-on applications, workshops, and conservation efforts. Eventually they plan to have over twenty varieties of small exotic animals such as: wallaby, binturong, opossum, sloth, monkeys, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, kinkajous, lemurs, capybara, cavy, otters, turtles, tortoise, as well as pigs, ducks, chickens, goats. Wild Adventures Zoo takes in as many rescues as possible with their limited current space. They look forward to being able to take in more rescues when the zoo is completed. Until the vision is a reality, the zoo is available to visit schools and for club events and birthday parties. A variety of educational programs are available to make your experience amazing. Currently they have the following animals: Kinkajous, Leopard Gecko, Short Tailed Opossum, Sugar Glider, Hedgehog, and a Blue Tongue Skink. Stacey feels that everyone should give back to the community in some way and the zoo recently did a fundraiser to collect stuffed animals for Sunrise Children’s Hospital. She and a few of her animal friends visited the hospital to hand out the stuffed animals. Volunteers are always appreciated. Cleaning cages and socializing with the pets are extremely important ways volunteers can help. Volunteers are also needed to help out at events by handing out pamphlets and educating people about the animals. Although monetary donations are always needed, the zoo also welcomes other donations. Items such as office supplies, towels, bowls, and wood are a few things the zoo can always use.

Find out more about how you can help

Dear Stacey, Thank you so much for visiting Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Your compassion and willingness to share your knowledge and animals with our families is truly appreciated. Planning for the visit gave several children something to look forward to experiencing. One child even told her nurse that she was going to sleep in that morning so that she would feel rested and able to come down to the playroom. Thank you so much for being so flexible and visiting the children who could not go to the playroom. It was the most engaged and happy I had seen one child since they came to the hospital. When the children go home, it will likely be something they’ll still discuss about their time in the hospital…. The stuffed animals were a great added touch. Thank you for helping create these smiles! I look forward to working with you in the future. Sincerely, Laura in the Child Life Dept Sunrise Children’s Hospital

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


How to HELP a Stray Animal There are many stray animals within the city, some lost, some abandoned and some just looking for someone who will give them love and attention. First, when you find a stray animal, use caution upon approach because they may be frightened or hurt and could scratch or bite in fear and/or pain. Once you are comfortable with each other, carefully leash the dog or put the cat in a carrier and take to your nearby veterinarian clinic. They will be able to scan for a micro-chip to see if the animal is just lost. (There is no charge for the micro-ship scanning.) If there is a micro-chip already implanted, you can contact the owner or the rescue which implanted the chip to help find the owner if the micro-chip registration is not current. If the animal does not have a micro-chip implanted, the next step is to keep the animal in a safe and secure place with food and water. You need to plan on doing this for a couple of weeks if possible. This will allow you time to post flyers within a few blocks of where you found the animal since pets do travel a bit away from home. You can also place flyers at veterinarian clinics and pet stores, place an ad in the newspaper, and post on Craigslist, Facebook, and websites such as This gives the person or family time to find you and their animal because sometimes people are away and the person who was pet sitting accidentally lost the pet. If your efforts have not resulted in finding the animal’s owner, you can try to rehome the animal on your own through friends, family and co-workers. You can also place flyers, post listings, and place ads as noted above. If you do not have time to rehome the animal on your own, you can contact animal shelters or animal rescue groups to see if they have space available to help the animal you are trying to place. Please keep in mind that rescue groups are supported by volunteers, rely on foster homes, and have limited resources and funding. If you are able to work with the rescue group to help them, they will be very appreciative and more willing to helping you find a new home for your stray animal.

If you find a stray animal and care enough to take the time to do what you can to help them get back into their loving home or find them new home –

Thank you!

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For More Information Visit Our Website or Call 368-0656 (recording) Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


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These little dogs are my “babies”! We “rescued and adopted” our 14 year old Maltese, Button, when she was 8 years old. We got Lacee, our Bishon Frise, as a puppy and she is now 9 years old.

They are both so precious and keep us laughing at their playful antics.

We know Lacee has kept Button young!

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

You Can Spay & Neuter a Pet Once, But a Pet Can Become Homeless Twice


65,000 Pet Lovers Help Build a NO KILL Pet Sanctuary & Canine Retirement Ranch Donate $10 Today,

ask your friends to do the same tomorrow.

LAS VEGAS, 2012 – With dogs and puppies of all ages, sizes and breeds including more mixed breeds than most municipal shelters, Adopt A Rescue Pet “ARP”, since it’s non-profit charitable approval in 2001 has placed over 12,000 homeless animals into loving homes, via it’s weekly adoption events. So far this year the organization has provided a safe haven to more than 1,200 homeless dogs; adopting more than 900 of it’s animals into wonderful loving homes. * ARP currently cares for more than 300 dogs on a daily basis, housing some in temporary structures on the existing sanctuary land, others in foster homes, but a large majority at a local kennel. This campaign is to build permanent structures allowing the sanctuary to be open to the public for adopting, volunteering, and decreasing the euthanasia numbers of adoptable pets in area shelters.

Change A Homeless Pet’s Future; Donate Today! Help build a safe,no kill haven for pets to live out their lives. FED. EIN #88-0487028; 501c3 Animal Welfare • Donations tax deductible in accordance to law.

tA Adop et eP Rescu

Pet Adoptions

*All Dogs, Cats & Rabbits adopted out by ARP are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

Save a Life – Adopt a Pet Adopt • Foster • Sponsor • Volunteer • Donate • Educate

Sat/Sunday 10 am - 3 pm

Best of the West Shopping Center – Petsmart (Rainbow/Lake Mead)

Saturday Noon - 4 pm 3890 Blue Diamond – Petco

Open your heart and home to a lonely pet this holiday season!

Penny is a 2 year old female Catahoula Every Weekend!

gies Dog ide t Ou s ide ns I s Cat

For More Information or to donate, visit Phone: (702) 798-8663 * Email:

Leopard Hound. I am a beautiful girl who needs tender loving care. I think I am a lap dog and I have alot of energy. I like to play and I can sometimes be a little rough with small dogs, so I need a home with only big dogs. I love children but prefer older ones so I don’t knock them down in all my energy.

Those Left Behind Foundation 702-768-8523 •

“Helping Homeless Pets Find Homes” Contact info: • (702) 798-8663

Over 75 Animals to Choose from Weekly Keep up to date on our special events & midweek adoptions at Adoption Fee Applies: covers sterilization, vaccination & more Adopt A Rescue Pet Admin. Office • 1500 E. Tropicana, Ste. 105 • Las Vegas, NV 89119 A Rescue Pet is a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to saving the lives of helpless, homeless, adoptable animals.

Roscoe is a 7 month old Shar Pei puppy that was dumped at a kill shelter by his owner. The

owner dumped him because he didn’t want to pay for the eye surgery that Roscoe needs. We have rescued Roscoe from the kill shelter. Would you please donate so that Roscoe can get the surgery he needs? Thank you!

Adopt A Rescue Pet 702-7988663 • Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012



k k k

Rescues & Shelters



k k



k 20

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

Save a Life – Adopt a Pet Adopt • Foster • Sponsor • Volunteer • Donate • Educate

Open your heart and home to a lonely pet this holiday season! Cathy is a 2 year-old Terrier mix with a fun and outgoing personality. Her favorite activities include chasing tennis balls and scaring pigeons out of the backyard. She enjoys going on walks and hanging out on the couch for a belly rub. She’s great with kids & dogs. Cathy would love a home to call her own, could you be the one for her?


Second Chance Animal Rescue 702-885-9077 •

Tigger is a very sweet 5 year old female tabby cat. She is great with dogs and other cats. She likes to lounge in the sun by the window or on the couch. She just needs a little time to adjust to her new home but then she is very comfortable.


Colucci’s Animal Trappers & Savers, inc. aka C.A.T.S., inc. •

Hi, I’m Shadow and I’m a beautiful 6 year old female rescued from a shelter. Spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on all shots. Shadow has a very sweet temperment and gets along with children and other pets. She would make a great companion dog. She would love to find her forever home in time for the holidays!


Las Vegas Labrador Rescue

Empath is a big boy, raced at 88 lbs. He has the most beautiful browns in his brindling, kind of a smoky brown. He is very friendly, gets along well with all but is not very fond of kitties and small dogs. He loves stuffies and has mastered the doggie door in foster care. Empath will be 5 years old in December and is ready for a home.


Greyhound Pet Adoption Las Vegas

MEET BUDDY! Buddy is approx. 3 years old and weighs in at 51 lbs. Buddy appears to be a Border Collie/Doberman mix with quite a bit of energy. He is neutered, current on his shots, and microchipped. Buddy does well with other dogs, but we haven’t seen him with cats in order to evaluate if he is good with them or not. Buddy is looking for a loving FUR-ever home.


Sweet 4 year old St. Bernard/ French Mastiff mix who came into our Rescue with her parents due to foreclosure. Her French Mastiff mother is still waiting for a new home. Minnie is a SPECIAL NEEDS adoption due to a neurological problem since birth which causes her gate to be a little hoppy! This does not affect her quality of life. She is a happy girl who gets along with other dogs and is good with children and adults.


Sin City Saint Rescue (702) 896-1049

Kamelot enjoys being around other cats and having fun. Toys of all kinds are his favorite, especially feather toys when his human is on the other end of it. Kamelot is interested in many toys and gives wonderful nose kisses. He loves to sleep on the scratch post top with his siblings. Breed: DMH DOB: March 13, 2012


Colossal Canine Care (702) 400-8832 •

All Fur Love Animal Society • 702-362-5617

Toby is a daddy’s boy and has been for 10 years….ever since he was a kitten. Unfortunately his daddy went into the hospital but never came home. Toby is doing his best but is showing signs of depression. He needs a new family and a peaceful home. He would do best as an only cat as that is all he’s ever known. Please open your heart and home to this sweet and affectionate boy.

Say hello to Maddie, a gorgeous dachshund/beagle who is about 7 years old and weighs about 16 pounds. She is absolutely perfect... great on walks, with all people including kids, with other dogs, and with cats too! Maddie loves a good cuddle session and will keep your family very happy with her fun antics. Are you going to be her forever family?

Toby Keith

Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. (702) 272-0010


On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue 702-528-6212 • Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


What is


By Sully M. Morales, DVM Town Center Animal Hospital

3565 S. Town Center Dr. • Las Vegas, NV 89135

Canine flu is caused by the Canine Influenza virus and has recently become more of a concern in our community.


he virus causes an upper respiratory infection that only affects dogs and can mimic clinical signs of kennel cough. Dogs that are more at risk of catching the disease are those that go to dog parks, doggy day care, grooming, and boarding facilities. It first showed up in 2004 in racing greyhounds and has since spread throughout many states in the US.

What are the clinical signs of Canine Flu?

Half of the animals infected with the virus get over the virus and never develop clinical signs. The other 50% of dogs infected have listlessness, nasal congestion, fever, and cough. A small percentage of dogs also develop pneumonia. Infected dogs are contagious whether or not they develop clinical signs. Dogs usually develop signs after 2-5 days after being exposed to the virus, and the course of infection lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Dogs are contagious before they show any signs of disease and will shed the virus after the get over the disease.

How is Canine Flu transmitted?

The virus is transmitted through secretions and direct contact with an infected dog.

How do I prevent my dog from getting Canine Flu?

The best thing to do to prevent infection is to vaccinate your dog against Canine Influenza and to keep your dog away from other coughing dogs.

How does the Canine Flu vaccine work?

The Canine Influenza vaccine works similarly to human flu vaccine in that it will decrease the severity of clinical signs of the disease, it will not prevent infection. The vaccine also cuts down the time that dogs shed the virus and are contagious to 22

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

other dogs. The vaccine consists of an initial series of 2 shots and then one shot yearly.

Does the Bordetella vaccine offer any protection against Canine Flu?

The Bordetella vaccine targets the main bacteria responsible for kennel cough. It does not offer any protection from Canine Influenza.

What do I do if my dog develops a cough?

It is always recommended to take your dog to a veterinarian if he or she develops a cough. Among the complications of Canine Influenza there is the risk of developing pneumonia. Your veterinarian can determine whether any further treatment or diagnostic test are required to keep your dog from developing complications like pneumonia and to keep your dog healthy.

Who do I go to if I have more questions about the Canine Flu? The best person to contact is your veterinarian. Veterinarians are equipped to answer any question that you may have about Canine Influenza and other diseases.


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Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc & Dinosaurs and Roses Thrift Store

Pet Adoption

Every Saturday From 10am to 2pm

Sponsored By: • CARES Coalition

• Las Vegas Cocker Rescue


• Senior Springer Spaniel Rescue

• LONEWOOF Rescue • On My Way Home Dachshund Rescue • Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue ~ and other breed rescues! The event will be taking place at the Old Toshiba Copier Building at the SE corner of Jones & Charleston.

H Adopt A Pet – Get 10% Discount On Anything In The Store H To get involved or for more information, contact: • (562) 619-0441

6029 West Charleston @ the SE corner of Charleston & Jones Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas For The Pets & Pet Lovers On Your Gift List! Support a PigPet Order your Decals Today!


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ff % o Toy 15oliday H

Barking Dogs Self-Wash & Grooming 9325 S. Cimarron Rd. (At Blue Diamond)



Danger Dog Mysteries are fun adventures with two Australian Shepherds from Las Vegas who enjoy tracking unusual situations. Ethics are a big part of the discussions between them.

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At Your Service Pet Supplies & Grooming 55 S. Valle Verde #300 • Henderson, 89012 •

702-982-4324 • Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012


Las Vegas




Happy Birthday! 4 yrs old on 12-21-12.

5 month old Korat.


Loves her pumpkin!


Gengoro He is a sweet 1-1/2 year old German Shepherd.

with her friend, Allie from PA!


He loves his lil’ sister!

DaVinci & Darwin



She was Lion for Halloween!

Miss Shelly B


11 yr. old total HAM who loves to watch her USC Trojans!

with Nadia & Gavin from PA!


BRUISER Little Bruiser The Bully – 9 mo. Blue French Bulldog

I’m not spoiled, just loved!

SANDY She loves her ice chest in the summer!

Show Off Your Pet! Email:

H FREE throughout Las Vegas & Henderson H LAS VEGAS PET SCENE MAGAZINE is at every Albertsons grocery store throughout Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City. Look for us in the free magazine racks near the front entrance/exit.

• Veterinarian Hospitals • Local Pet Stores • CC/Henderson Libraries • Glazier’s Market

• Animal Shelters & Rescues • Pet Hotels, Groomers • Advertiser’s Locations • WinCo Supermarkets


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • November/December 2012

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Whether you’re planning a trip or simply just want your pet walked, fed and loved while your busy at work, Happy Tails is the answer!

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