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March/April 2017


7 FIRST AID KIT 28 HEARTWORM April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Find out what items you need to put in your pet’s first aid kit.


Ultra, 6 yr old Baussie - Atomic Dogs Photography: Bark Gallery -

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS – Gail Mayhugh – Cindy Richardson – C.A. Ritz – Geri Rombach – Kathy Schreur – Dr. Leslie Stewart, DVM – Shannon Turpin


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Learn about this amazing sport that can provide you with many hours of exhilarating fun with your dog.


Important things you need to know before getting a rabbit.



Consider these tips to keep your pets safe while you drive and also to keep him safe if you get into an auto accident.


Discover how cats smell to understand their world.



April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Teach children what they can do to help.


The perks of pet parenting happiness, laughter, joy and love.

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pt A



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Heartworm disease is becoming more prevalent in the Las Vegas area. Learn about prevention.

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s Homeles


Ideas to design a backyard that you and your pets can enjoy.

Animals are reliable; many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful, and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to. - Alfred A. Montapert

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


Spring is coming! Officially arriving with the March equinox on March 20 it is celebrated as

a time of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. Springtime in Las Vegas is a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor activities: walking, biking, jogging and running; activities that we can enjoy with our pets. And of course, this is the time to be social and attend the many pet events happening around town! Indoor pets appreciate the fresh air open windows and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of spring. In spite of this fabulous time of the year it is easy to get bogged down with the responsibilities of daily life. We juggle multiple duties and tasks and it is a challenge to keep it all going. The demands for our time, money and talents often drain us and it is more difficult to find ways to recharge our energy. Remember the expression; take one forward and two steps backward, and some days that it how it feels. Instead of “getting ahead” we’re “getting behind”. As pet lovers we have some added responsibilities and concerns. Our passion and purpose revolves around improving the lives of the pets of Las Vegas and yet we are also dedicated to serving the pet lovers, the pet people of Las Vegas. Our hope is that in this issue you’ll find information, inspiration, and something of interest to help you juggle your many duties and responsibilities.

Enjoy this special time of the year!

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



PHOTO CONTEST ENTER TO WIN A Handcrafted Custom Figurine based on your dog by Hounds of Hope! Between March 1 and April 30, send us a photo of your PET’S BEST SMILE. You will be entered to win a handcrafted custom figurine by Hounds of Hope! 2ND PRIZE - $50 GIFT CARD TO A PET FRIENDLY RESTAURANT!

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Email your photo to with the following information. All entries must contain all of the information below to qualify (one photo/entry per person): • Pet’s name • Your name • Your email address • Your phone # Please note: By entering the contest, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.

Naughty or Nice Pet Photo Contest

Choose from one of our popular models or work with us to create the custom cat tower you’ve always dreamed of.

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this.

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

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All Fur Love Animal Society �������������������������������������������� 17 Animal Communicator & Healer ���������������������������������� 14 Animal Inn ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 13 At Your Service Pet Supplies �����������������12, Back Cover Bark Gallery Pet Portraits ���������������������������������������������������6 Carl’s Jr. of Las Vegas �������������������������������������������������������� 33 CFA World Cat Congress Cat Show ������������������������������ 15 Clark County Water Reclamation District �������� Inside Back Cover Compassionate Pet Cremation ������������������������������������� 11 Cuddly Pet Care ������������������������������������������������������������������� 18 Desert Safe Rattlesnake Avoidance Dog Training ������� 32 Doggy Doors LV �������������������������������������������������������������������� 37 Family Paw ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 29 Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc ������������������������������������������������ 10 Geico ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 35 Gibson’s Canine Classroom �������������������������������������������� 35 Go Gett’r Errands & More ������������������������������������������������ 30 Hair By Blair �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 40 Happy Tails Pet Sitters �����������������������Inside Back Cover Healthy Tails ������������������������������������������ Inside Front Cover Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas ������������������������������������������4 Henderson Pet Resort ������������������������������������������������������� 23 High Class Grooming Shop ��������������������������������������������� 19 Hounds of Hope ����������������������������������������������������������������������5 IAABC Conference 2017 �������������������������������������������������� 11 Kelp Products of Florida ��������������������������������������������������� 40 Larry & Daena Do Vegas! Radio Show ����������������������� 46 Las Vegas Bird Club ����������������������������������������������������������� 41 Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community ��������������� 18 Las Vegas Valley Humane Society ������������������������������� 26 Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center ����������������������� 20 Love Dog Adventures ��������������������������������������������������������� 17 M&N Pooper Scooper ����������������������������������������������������������9 Modern Pet Mobile Grooming ������������������������������������������6 MyVegas Magazine ������������������������������������������������������������� 21 Olga’s Grooming Salon ����������������������������������������������������� 27 Paws On The Patio �������������������������������������������������������������� 21 Pet Cremation Services �������������������������������������������������������4 Pet Loss Support Group ��������������������������������������������������� 11 Pet-Tastic Companion & Chauffeur ����������������������������� 37 Priscilla’s Pantry ������������������������������������������������������������������ 40 Rah! Raw! Rah! Pet Foods ��������������������������������������������������9 Reptiles N Reefs ������������������������������������������������������������������� 25 Safe Doggy - Pet Sitting Services ������������������������������������5 SNAPPS ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 27 Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation ��������� 21 Street Dogz ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 The Animal Foundation ���������������������������������������������������� 30 The Pug Mom ����������������������������������������������������������������������� 17 Three Dog Bakery ������������������������������������������������������������������7 Town Center Animal Hospital ����������������������������������������� 29 VE+CC Veterinary Emergency Hospital ��������������������� 20 Vegas Rock Dog Radio ����������������������������������������������������� 40 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club ������������������������������� 31 Where The Cats At �����������������������������������������������������������������5

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April is National

Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Accidents happen when you least expect them so being prepared before they happen is critical. An important step in being prepared is having a Pet First Aid Kit available in the event of an emergency. First, before adding anything to your kit make sure you have emergency contact numbers readily available. Include your veterinarian, a local veterinary emergency clinic, and the poison control hotline. A few basic items to include in your Pet First Aid Kit are:

q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q q

Gauze pads, non-stick bandage pads, and gauze rolls. Adhesive tape Cotton balls or swabs Saline solution for cleaning wounds Bulb syringe or turkey baster to flush wounds Disposable gloves Scissors with blunt end Tweezers Over the counter antibiotic ointment Alcohol wipes or rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to clean the thermometer Rectal thermometer (your pet’s temperature should not rise above 103°F or fall below 100°F) Petroleum jelly to lubricate the thermometer. Water – in addition to rehydration it is useful for flushing wounds, washing toxins off fur, or soaking a paw. A supply of your pet’s chronic medications and if your pet is diabetic add a source of sugar. Flashlight Blankets can be used to wrap an injured pet and restrain from hunting itself or you. First aid manual. Even if you’ve taken a first aid course or CPR training, a reference manual is essential.

Further Information: Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


flying fun for you and your dog! You may have watched this incredible sport on television, or maybe at the park – Disc Dog Sport. An exuberant dog races after a thrown disc, snatches it out of the air with a spectacular acrobatic leap and proudly brings it back to his owner. The magnificent athleticism and agility of the participants make it a wondrous sport to watch AND play! Disc Dog (also referred to as Dog Frisbee™, the popular trademarked Wham-O toy), is an amazing sport that can provide you with many hours of exhilarating fun with your dog. All that’s required is a disc, a large field, and a willing canine participant. The sheer excitement of the sport is rewarding for both dog and owner and gives you both another activity to enjoy together. All breeds of dogs can enjoy Disc Dog, although very small and very large dogs will find it more physically challenging. Typically, it is the medium-sized, athletic breeds that excel at the sport, but any size dog can still have FUN. If your dog already has some basic obedience training and enjoys the game of “fetch”, you should see how he reacts to the throw of a disc. If you think your dog has Disc Dog potential, here are a few helpful tips to get you started. Most importantly, your dog should be in good physical health and at least 18 months of age to partake in the extreme sport of Disc Dog. The physical exertion of running, jumping and retrieving will require a healthy, physically fit partner. It is also important to choose the right kind of disc for your dog. Hard or brittle discs can actually injure your dog’s mouth and should not be used. Instead, invest in a disc specifically designed for the sport, which is significantly softer and more pliable. Your first attempt at training your dog will require patience, practice, and LOTS of praise. Some dogs take to it quickly, while others may need more time. If your dog has never seen a disc before, introduce it to him by sliding it back and forth on the floor and encourage him to get it. Rolling it across the room on its side may also entice your dog to chase it down. Once your dog is chasing the disc, try adding the “get it” command. When he successfully gets it, praise him excitedly and keep it fun. Teaching your dog to get the disc is typically easier than the next step –bringing it back. Once your dog has the disc in his mouth, try calling him back to you using the “bring it” command. If he decides to run away with his new-found toy, do not engage in a game of keep away. Instead, try using a long training lead to give him a little tug as you coax him back. You may need to repeat this several times until he willingly brings it back to you without the lead. A rewarding treat may also be used as necessary bribery. After you have successfully (or even semi-successfully) taught your dog the concept of fetching the disc, you can now move on to the best part – actually throwing it! Beginning with low short throws, toss the disc out in front of your dog while giving him the “get it” command. Praise him repeatedly for ANY attempt he makes to catch it. If he doesn’t catch the disc, don’t let him try to pick it up. Instead, retrieve it yourself and try again. You want the catch to be its own reward. Continue to practice with short throws until your dog is consistently catching the disc. You can then gradually increase the distance of your throws by a few yards at a time. With patience, consistency, and an abundance of praise, you may discover that your dog has what it takes to be a Disc Dog contender. More importantly, it can be a new game that you enjoy playing together. 8

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


in U o J e m o C

Looking to join in some Disc Dog fun? Check out Atomic Dogs – a nonprofit club for disc dog and flyball enthusiasts. Whether you’re considering Disc Dog competition or would just like to watch and learn, Atomic Dog events are great places to observe, ask questions, and meet new people that share in the passion for the sport. The club consists of canine fanatics of all skill levels, from backyard players to world championship qualifiers. Created in 2004 in the Henderson area, Atomic Dogs now includes members all over Southern Nevada, Southern Utah and Arizona. Working with the community to teach newcomers about the various Disc Dog sports, Atomic Dogs demonstrates how much fun interacting, playing, and training your dog can be. No experience is necessary to join. To learn more about Atomic Dogs and their exciting upcoming events, visit their website at:, or leave them a message on their Facebook page.

702-342-1593 NEVADA’S BEST POOPER SCOOPER Our focus & mission are to provide a low cost, convenient, and healthy service for all dogs and their owners.



Satisfaction Guarantee.

Complete 5 months – get 6th month FREE. Mention code: DPLUS

Let us clean up after your dog or cat and make your lawn a fun, clean and safe place to be! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


not-for-profit 501(c)(3)

FOSTER HOMES & VOLUNTEERS NEEDED For more information to volunteer please call, 702.272.0010 or visit our website


April 16th Kicks Off National Pet Identification Week!

You Can’t Buy

Do you have proper identification for your pet? How would you find them if someone accidently left the gate open or they slipped out the door before you could stop them.


Tags are attached to your pet’s collar. A stainless steel tag is more durable than a plastic tag and will last longer. These can be engraved with your necessary contact information. The disadvantages to only using a tag are the tag can fall off or get lost; your pet may not always be wearing its collar or your pet may slip out of or lost it’s collar.



Compassionate Pet Cremation, LLC You Love Them – We Care!


These are tags that come printed with a QR code (barcode symbol). If your pet goes missing, anyone with a smart phone can scan their tag, view your pet’s profile and get in contact with you.


ID numbers are generally tattooed into one of your pet’s ears during spay/neuter surgery (pets must be under anaesthetic for this procedure). The number is then listed with a registry service for optimum effect. Over time though, the tattoo might fade making them illegible.

MICROCHIPS A more permanent type of pet identification is the microchip. It’s a small, electronic chip (approximately the size of a grain of rice) that is implanted under your pet’s skin. It is administered quickly and painlessly by a simple injection. Shelters and veterinarian hospitals are equipped with scanners that can read the microchip. Both dogs and cats need identification. This ensures that if your lost pet gets picked up by the shelter, people know that they are owned and not a stray. There are all sorts of pet I.D.s available on the market today. A combination of them is best just in case one form fails. Be sure to keep your information updated so you can be contacted and reunited with your pet.


Personal, Professional & Confidential • Walk In, or Pick Up at Home or Vet with our Hearse • Individual Cremation with ID Tags • Memorial Urn and More MEMBER IAOPCC

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401 Mark Leany Dr., Henderson, NV 89011 • (702) 565-5617 Email:

Pet Loss Support Group Pet Bereavement & Grief Loss

(702) 735-5544 Call 24 Hours Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. 34+ Years of Community Service Providing free, weekly, on-going support group programs. Non-profit 501-C-3 Organization

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

Is Your Pet Traveling In Your Car As Safe As Possible? By Cindy Richardson

We buckle up for safety and your pet should too. Pet travel safety is as important as human travel safety. Paws to Click estimates that unrestrained dogs caused about 30,000 accidents annually. Please consider these tips to keep your pet from distracting you while you drive and also to keep him safe if you get into an auto accident.


A friend had my dogs with him and was turning out of his complex to take them literally across the street to a park and was t-boned by a driver who ran the red light at 45 mph. The police looked into his car and said, “Good thing, those seat belts saved your dogs’ lives!” Partitioning an animal behind a caged area won’t help. They can fly out of the windows during a crash. Some animals have jumped out of open car windows for no reason at all! Sadly, I have communicated with many dogs who have either been seriously hurt after a car accident, flew out of the car & ran away, got hit by another car and sadly some who have died from the crash. NEVER connect the seat belt tether to a neck collar as a hard force will choke them. ALWAYS connect the tether to a body/ chest harness.

Snickers and Lollipop in a booster seat.


“My dog likes to ride in the front seat with me, they’re safe, I’m holding them.” In a 35 mph sudden impact, you won’t be holding them. Just like children who die from the impact of air bags, so can animals in the front seat. Even more so when a pet rides on the driver’s lap and the space between the air bag and driver is even less than if they were on a seat by themselves. The only way to keep them safe as possible is seat belted in the back seat.


There are car booster seats for little pets. The booster seat is belted to the car seat and comes with leads to tether your pet’s harness to.


If your animal travels in a carrier, don’t forget to tether the carrier to a seat belt. Carriers aren’t protective if they are flying through the air in a crash. Your pets can still become injured as the impact will throw them around the carrier, but safer than nothing at all. Cindy Richardson is an animal communicator (telepath) & intuitive healer. She has been doing animal communication professionally since the year 2000.

Tell others! When you see people with pets loose in the car, tell them about the danger. It could save their pet!

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3460 W Oquendo Rd • Las Vegas, NV 89118 2 miles west of Strip & McCarran Airport Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



Our Mission is to ensure that no pet is surrendered due to a lack of resources on the part of their human.

Any pet, live or departed – just need a photo –


Please contact us for drop off locations or for pick up: 760/553-4603



needed for

The Giving Project on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

We would like to extend a big ‘Thank You’ in advance for your kindness.

The Five Freedoms were formalized in 1979 by the UK Farm Animal Welfare Council and have been adopted by many professional groups including the ASPCA. It is based on the belief that good animal welfare includes both physical fitness, a sense of well being, and a life worth living from their point of view.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

Used by permission from ASPCA.

Fascinating Felines

and their sense of smell

Have you ever noticed your cat “flehming”? Hmm, is that like throwing up hair balls? No, it is their reaction (Flehmen response) to a new and fascinating smell. It sometimes looks like a grimace or the “Kitty Sneer”. With head lifted up, mouth open slightly, lips curled back, eyes squinted they draw the scent toward their Jacobson’s organ which is located at the roof of their mouth and connects to various parts of the brain. Like a computer, it then analyzes, interprets, and catalogs smells. You might see this response when your cat sniffs your shoes. It probably has nothing to do with foot odor, at least not in the way we smell it. Your cat is trying to find out where you have been, who you were with, and what you ate. Cats are quite curious you know!

How does knowing about their complex sense of smell help us in relating to our feline friends or family? Here are a few ways:

LITTER BOXES – Cats have approximately 80 million smell receptors compared to humans who have approximately 5 million. Hooded litter boxes hide the offensive smell for us. However, just get down on your knees and put your face close to the opening and take a whiff! Imagine the odor sixteen times more intense. That is how your cat smells it. Often humans mask the offensive odor by using scented litter or litter additives and room air fresheners. Unfortunately some of the scents we use are offensive smells to our cats. Respect their fabulous sense of smell by keeping their litter box clean and being careful when using scented items. FINICKY FELINE FOOD HABITS – In the wild the ability to sniff out and interpret odors was vital to cats for locating their food source. Also, the sense of smell stimulates their appetite. Sometimes a finicky eater needs their food to be heated lightly to enhance the aroma and stimulate their appetite. Also, be careful of where you place their food dish – avoid being too close to the kitty litter box.

Felines are fascinating and interesting!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



Happiness Laughter


What are the telltale signs that a person has a pet or two? Could it be the extra hair they wear on their clothing? Could it be the lint remover or two they always carry with them? What about the doggie or kitty treats that are in their purses or pockets? Yeah, the poop bags might be a giveaway, too! Yep, that’s us. We’re pet parents – we know the health and social benefits that pets provide. We are committed to our pets and take their welfare very seriously. Sometimes the responsibilities of our pets weigh heavily on us. Our pets are totally dependent on us for all their needs to be met so we deal with poop pick up, litter scooping, food preparation and fur shedding. We worry about their health and future aging.

So what is this about pet perks? Well, perks are the side benefits that we have in addition to our salary. Sometimes in considering a job we factor in those extras that aren’t included in the salary or benefits package. Perks can be convenient location, flexible hours, or access to public transportation. So does pet parenting have its perks? We believe it does.

Happiness The Declaration of Independence states that we have the unalienable right to pursue happiness. It doesn’t tell us how to be happy though. Pets are role models in their ability to live in the moment and to be happy. Learning to be in the moment, to enjoy and appreciate our lives now is a discipline for humans. We have to learn and practice it. Living in the moment is instinctual and natural for pets. A quote from James Thurber, “Dogs are obsessed with being happy.” The creator of Peanuts, Charles M. Schulz, said “Happiness is a warm puppy.” For me, happiness is having two handsome cats. What is happiness for you?

Laughter Pets teach us to laugh – they remind us that we’re to enjoy life. John Grogan said about pets: “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

I’m a delusional cat mom because I really believe my cats love me! My two cats, Solomon and Rowdy, get along very well. Occasionally there is some feline sibling rivalry. One time when I left my home office to go downstairs, they both make a mad dash down the hall. Rowdy runs to the bathroom hoping I’ll turn on the water so he can play in the sink- one of his favorite past times. Solomon runs to the bedroom letting me know he wants a massage. He has his back to me and tries to act aloof as if he is doing me a favor. He doesn’t know his mom is conversant in cat body language. His back to me is a sign of trust – we’re on good terms. Meanwhile, younger brother finally realizes that he is missing out on mom’s attention. He jumps up on the bed and does some very funny antics trying to divert my attention to him. Of course, I have to laugh! Finally he positions himself so I can massage both of them at the same time. It was a time of laughter, joy and happiness with powerful feelings of love. Now why was I going downstairs? Pets so generously and freely share their joy and happiness with us. They help us balance the responsibilities of pet parenting with the perks of pet parenting - happiness, laughter, joy and love.

Enjoy your pet perks!


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it. - Samuel Butler





1 pm to 5 pm



Petsmart 531 N. Stephanie Henderson


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



“Pampering Pets While You’re Away”

– How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World BY ABIGAIL TUCKER

Schedule Your Complimentary “Furry Meet”

702.635.6390 We specialize in caring for your pets through daily dog walks, cat care and full service pet sitting. Your furry family members, whether large or small, deserve to be pampered allowing you to have the peace of mind that they are being taken care of in their home.

Whether you are away for a day, weekend or longer, your pets will be happy with

I chose this book because it was featured in quite a few pet magazines. With its intriguing title and fascinating topic it definitely appealed to me. It deals with their history and domestication; explores ecological issues and concerns as well as scientific studies. If you’re looking for a cat book that you can relax with and read for pleasure I don’t recommend it. If you’ve always been fascinated by felines and love science and research, you’ll find it very interesting. The book is well researched and documented. It will probably challenge many of your own beliefs and views. For example, it presents TNR programs negatively. I loved this study: “In a Japanese study, scientists showed, via analysis of feline ear twitching, that cats do in fact recognize their owners’ voices, but simply choose not to respond to our calls”. One thing for certain, if you read this book you’ll see the Mini Lion in your living room in a whole new way!

Active Senior Living

Apartments in Las Vegas! Escape to Las Vegas Manor and soak up a little piece of paradise. This 55+ active senior living community is packed with amenities and is a wonderful place to call home.

Our Community is Pet Friendly! No Pet Rent! We offer many amenities including: a Studios, One and Two bedrooms apartments that are all single story! a Free, Shuttles to Casinos, Walmart & Smith’s a Free Bingo twice a week a Free Luncheons every Friday a Free Movie Days

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community 1700 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108



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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

It is currently estimated that over 50% of dogs and cats in the United States are either overweight or obese.

Health y

1. Feed your pet high quality food and do not feed in excess. Tips Limit in between meal snacks. 2. Increase your pet’s exercise. For dogs, walking is good exercise. Interactive games like playing chase or frisbee are also good. For cats, interactive toys such as laser pointers or feathers tied to a string can encourage exercise. 3. Talk to your vet. Some pets have an underlying health condition that may be causing weight gain.

YOU’RE INVITED! Grab your furry friends and join us every month for fun, food and friends! • New Restaurant Each Month • Pets Welcome and Enjoyed • Good Fun and Great People Check out our website for this month’s location and to RSVP! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


a pet-friendly

BACKYARD By Gail Mayhugh

What beautiful weather we’re having! We never really had a winter, unlike my family on the East Coast. With the summer upon us, now is the time to spruce up our yards before the triple digits come. I’m actually in the process of completely re-landscaping my backyard since we removed our pool. I know that sounds crazy in Las Vegas, but we no longer used it so it was just a money pit. I’m no landscape guru but thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve been considering for my landscaping while keeping my pups in mind.

Plant Selection – We all know some plants are toxic

to animals. But I didn’t realize how many of them are. I have to be honest, when we were pulling out the palms around the pool, I wanted to keep them to re-plant. Then that week, there was a story on the news about sago palms being poisonous. Wow, it was an eye opening moment for me and I immediately dragged them to the curb. Now I’m researching every plant I’m looking at. Plus, my Matilda has developed allergies. Even though I can’t stop the pollen from blowing into my yard, I can make sure the plants she’s around won’t aggravate her allergies. The ASPCA has a list of toxic plants and the Arizona Allergy and Asthma Society has a great list of low allergy plants.

Runways – Over the years the girls have develop their

own little airport runways. I plan on this being my last total re-landscape, so rather than fight it, I’m designing with it in mind. My last landscaper put ground cover in their path thinking they would go around. No, they just stomped on them. Plus, the gravel he put down is long gone. So this time I’m giving them their own paver path to their favorite back corner. More paw-friendly than gravel and prettier for me to see. Matilda also likes to patrol the yard, especially taking the corners at doggie mock speed. So no more plants around those areas.

Hidey-Holes – They all have their special places to

sneak away, we call Millie’s her “Hidey-Hole.” It’s behind two bushes that back up to the wall. It’s where she went as soon as the rescue brought her over to the house. She feels safe as her back is protected by the wall and she can see everything that is going on in the yard from between the bushes. We knew we wouldn’t be landscaping until now so made sure they didn’t get pulled up or run over by the bobcat when they were digging up the pool. The hidey-hole spot will stay but with new plants that are drought tolerant and low allergy for Matilda.

Sitting Spots – Although I don’t like to be in the

sun, the girls sure do. Their favorite spot is right at the top of their runway. They either lay in the sun or cool down under the bushes in the corner. When they’re not napping up there, they like to be Queens looking down on their personal kingdom. So instead of the gravel that’s been there, I’m designing the area with a little grass island.

Planning the yard has taken more time than I thought. But by designing it with their special places in mind versus letting them create their own, we’ll all be happy with an attractive backyard.

Gail Mayhugh, the owner of GMJ Interior Design has been designing in Las Vegas for over 20 years. She also supports animal rescues and shelters through her non-profit, 24

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

2015 & E R O T S T E P T RSON’S BES



FULL LINE of reptiles, saltwater and freshwater fish, supplies, custom tanks & reptile feeders. 629 N. Stephanie St. Henderson, NV 89014 Monday - Friday 11am-7pm Saturday & Sunday


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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society is happy to report these cats are no longer being trapped and killed. So plan ahead. With Spring just around the corner and more litters being born, now is the time to seek assistance with that neighborhood cat that you may or may not be feeding, but you see in the yard Contact the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society at 702-434-2009 or email We can help you deal with those cats!

Mailing Address: Las Vegas Valley Humane Society, 3395 S. Jones Blvd. #454, Las Vegas, NV 89146

NOW OPEN! 2381 E. Windmill Lane #23 l

Las Vegas, NV 89123

Corner of Windmill & Eastern in the Smith’s Shopping Center

(702) 954-3999

Cats & Dogs We groom them all! @ Olga’s Grooming Salon

Tuesday - Saturday 8am to 4pm


.0 TE $5 ADOP*Must show proof Y WL


within 30 days of adoption.

April 30 is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day This day is celebrated across the country to raise awareness of the thousands of pets that are waiting for someone to adopt them from the shelters they are living in. The Humane Society of America estimates that 6 to 8 million pets end up in animal shelters every year, primarily through no fault of their own.

This is a great day to adopt an animal, but not everyone is ready to take on a new pet. That’s okay! Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life.







SNAPPS members are licensed & insured! Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services was established early 1998 with just a small handful of pet related business owners. Ten+ years later, we are 30+ business owners strong offering just about every pet related service you or your pet would need. Take the hassle out of the numerous phone calls you make trying to find the service you are looking for.

A referral service for:

Pet Sitting, Hotel Pet Sitting, Pet Boarding and Day Care, Dog Training, Micro Chipping, Pet Food and Retail, Grooming, Animal Massage Therapy, Reiki Experts, Pet Loss Support, Exp. Vet Techs, Special Needs Animal Care (ie. IV fluids & medication admin.), Hospice Care - Client & Pet Assistance, At-Home Euthanasia & Aftercare, Emergency Vet Transport, Local Pet Transportation + Cross Country, Veterinarian Care, and much more!

One call to SNAPPS referral phone line or a quick email and your needs will be taken care of!

Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services

(702) 655-7307

Email: For more information visit us at

1 FREE visit with a min. of 4 visits. (new clients only)

Excluding holidays

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


HEARTWORM DISEASE IN LAS VEGAS? By Dr. Leslie Stewart, DVM – Town Center Animal Hospital

HEARTWORM DISEASE IN A NUTSHELL: Heartworm disease is transmitted via an infected mosquito bite and is a serious and potentially deadly condition that can be prevented. Symptoms of active heartworm disease include coughing, lethargy, exercise intolerance, weight loss, anorexia, respiratory distress or collapse.

So what are the chances of my dog getting heartworm disease here in Las Vegas? IT HAPPENS! Heartworm disease is becoming more prevalent in the Las Vegas area with an increasing average of 6-25 cases/clinic/year through 2010-2013 (American heartworm society). These are just reported cases...many more go unreported or untested or treated.

And in addition....most heartworm preventatives are include prevention of ROUNDWORM, HOOKWORM, WHIPWORM infection, which can simply be picked on the bottom of your dogs feet and can lead to diarrhea and/or vomiting. I consider most heartworm preventatives “general year round parasite preventatives”. A yearly heartworm test is recommended and often required before starting preventative medication in dogs older than 6 months. This yearly test is on average $40-60. And the yearly test should be maintained for heartworm free assurance. Average yearly cost of heartworm medication can range from $60-$100 depending on the size of the dog and type of product.


For most breeds of dogs, yes. Collie and collie mixes can have a genetic sensitivity to an ingredient commonly used in some heartworm preventatives and selection of products should be approached carefully with your veterinarian. Don’t let this be your scenario. There is a preventative measure that can be taken. Mosquitos are very adaptable even in urban areas. They may congregate near stagnant pool or pond water and even thrive for periods of time indoors. You might ask, my dog never leaves my backyard, is he at risk? A dog’s risks is increased if your pet travels outside of Las Vegas, is active and social outdoors, even if it’s going for walks around the block or to parks, but remember, even for those indoor house dogs, there is still a risk... especially if you have pools, ponds, or foliage. Whatever scenario you most fit, being informed of the risks, however small or large, is important in making the best decision for you and your pet.


Consider protecting your four legged family members with a monthly chewable treat or simple topical medication that will prevent them from the potentially deadly heartworm disease. 28

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

As with any medication, tolerance is very specific to each patient. Please be advised, read your product inserts for list of potential side effects and monitor your pets closely when starting any new medication. There is no all-natural preventative for heartworm disease outside of doing your best to assure your dog’s exposure is limited and keeping them healthy and happy with a healthy diet, exercise and regular check ups at the vet. If you decide not to keep your dogs on a preventative, consider testing them every 6 months to 1 year.


The answer is yes, but they tend to be more resistant to disease than dogs. Although there are acceptable preventatives for cats, there is no reliable or approved treatment for heartworm disease in cats as there is in dogs. Outdoor cats should be considered for monthly preventative.

The Forgotten Rabbit is a great book to read with your young children at this time of year.

Bella’s story begins as a much loved little bunny – her mother gives her daily doses of it! She is purchased as an Easter present by two young children who at first love her but then forget about her when the excitement wears off. She is given to Rosalita, a young girl who rescues her from a life of neglect as an outdoor bunny. Together they form a friendship bond as they play together doing lots of bunny activities. In this story form, children will begin to understand about how to take care of a pet rabbit. Delightful and educational; more information about pet house rabbits and additional resources are included at the end. Written by Nancy Furstinger l Illustrated by Nancy Lane Recommended for ages 5 and up For other recommended children’s books with humane themes in the Red Rover Program:



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Have an errand you need done?

Got a lot to do but no time to do it? We are here to GO GETT’R done for you!



Licensed – Bonded – Insured

7 days a week 9 am - 5pm (By Appointment)

Give us your TO DO LIST and start enjoying some free time! 30

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w o n K


outhy Schreur Y id Ka



Monthly Meetings: The first Tuesday of the month

7 PM. Community Meeting Desert Toyota, Training For Room All@Breeds Scion – 6300 W. Sahara Ave. & Mixed Breeds

Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club (Approved By The American Kennel Club)

While there are many fun facts about cats and dogs, they are still a mystery to us mere humans. Below are a few more mysterious pets we humans try to understand.


A head scratching behavior of gerbils is thumping. Gerbils will pound both hind legs on the ground when (1) he/she is excited, (2) he/she is stressed, and, most confusing, (3) even when not stressed! Maybe after some one-on-one time, you will be able to figure which thump means what. The collective name for gerbils is a horde.


Can you imagine? Goldfish do not have stomachs! That is why you should feed them easily digestible food in small feeding session, rather than lots of food all at once. If you treat them right, they can live up to 40 years! It is said that they recognize faces, so a goldfish might be able to see your child graduate, get married, and have new children to get to know. If you have more than one goldfish, it is called a troubling of goldfish, which is funny because they seem to be the least troubling of pets!


The Latin language had a fun name for this little critter. They were known as mustela putorius furo, which means smelly little thief. Despite that less than flattering description, ferrets have become the third most popular pet in the United States, right after dogs and cats. Like the average cat, ferrets usually doze about 14 to 18 hours a day. When awake, they are wonderful, trainable pets and are willing to use a litter tray. A group of ferrets is called a business. Would they be considered a tax deduction if you have more than one, since you have a business in your home?


Many people find snakes make great pets. Some interesting facts are: they do not have eyelids; have flexible jaws which allow them to eat prey bigger than their head (yes, they are meat eaters); have internal ears, but not external ears; and smell with their tongue. Snakes are covered in scales, but their skin is smooth and dry. Did you know the snakes used in snake charming performances respond to the movement of the charmer, not the sound used? Several snakes together are called den, nest, pit, or bed.

Critters are truly amazing.


We offer: Obedience Training A


Puppy through Advanced Levels


pr ofi to

rg a

ni za



The fun of you learning how to train your dog and the close bond this will create!

OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Three sessions per year – 6 week classes January – April – September REGISTRATION: January 5th, April 6th and September 7th at 7:00 pm. PROOF OF SHOTS REQUIRED! Please do not bring dogs to registration.

WHERE: Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd. CLASS PRICE: $95 per dog (cash or check only) (subject to change) H Ask about Senior & Military Price

CLASS DAY/TIME: 1st night of class will be held the following Thursday after registration 7:00 to 8:30 pm All following classes are from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

CLASS LOCATION: Dog Fancier’s Park (Behind Horseman’s Park) 5800 E. Flamingo Rd.

Bring this ad to registration and receive

$10 OFF Our 6-Week SPRING 2017 Training Session! *Limited to one discount per registration.

Monthly Meetings: The first Tuesday of the month 7 PM. Audi Las Vegas 6335 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89146

For More Information Visit Our Website or Call 702-368-0656 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017



Desert Safe, LLC




Michael Howe

AL h!









e s c u e d G uin e

gM a Pi

Phone: 702-355-8289

The month was created by the ASPCA to raise awareness about the many guinea pigs that are in shelters patiently waiting for their forever homes.

Guinea pigs, or “cavies,” are personable small animals that make great pets for elementary school-aged children and older. They are not as fragile as rabbits and not as skittish as smaller pets such as hamsters or gerbils.

Fax: 702-454-6972

Nevada State and Clark County Business License Numbers on Request

A short 15 to 20 minute session will give your dog its best chance to avoid rattlesnakes through scent, sound and sight recognition.

They are fairly easy to care for. Their requirements are hay, fresh water, vegetables and guinea pig pellets. They need a vitamin C supplement daily. The average lifespan is five to seven years but some live into their teens. When they are happy they make a quiet, vibrating sound like purring. They love people and bond with their owners. They are friendly and often squeal with delight when they see their owners.

Maybe a guinea pig is the pet for you? Find out more at:

Pets Remembered In Loving Memory Of


Duke came to us as a foster at eight years old. He was only to spend the weekend, but we fell in love instantly. He was the sweetest, most lovable and obedient dog. That love grew stronger and the bond greatly intensified. Angelic doesn’t begin to describe his personality as he loved everyone he met and showered them with affection and hugs! He was fun, curious and more than food, he adored his countless toys—his favorites were tennis balls and noisy stuffed animals. He helped his blind sister Goldie get around effortlessly and was patient beyond belief as she occasionally stumbled over him. He developed melanoma in 2016 and stayed as long as he could. His last moments were spent on Valentine’s Day, cradled in our arms as he made his way to the rainbow bridge. He will always be missed and live forever in our hearts. Love you, Duke! Y


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

In Loving Memory Of

Toby Toby came to us 10 years ago, a fully grown Maltese. His former owner surrendered him because of moving to a non pet friendly home. I can’t imagine that, but so happy he came to us. Each wag of the tail brought so much love and millions of smiles. He found his forever home. He actually skipped when going for walks bringing miles of smiling faces. Love you and missing you. Dad, Mom, Lily, and kitties Y A Pet’s Remembrance includes a photo of your loved one and approx. 75 words. The cost is $75. Email us at for information. A portion of proceeds will be donated to a non-profit organization.

We have FREE Treats for your Dog in the Drive-Thru! Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson Locations Only





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Valid only in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Henderson.

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Valid only in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas & Henderson.

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OFFER VALID THROUGH 5/31/17 AT PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS. Tax not included. One coupon per customer per visit. One discount per coupon. Not valid with any other offer, discount, or combo. Price may vary. Cash value 1/100 of 1 cent. Not for resale. ©2017 Carl’s Jr. Restaurants LLC. All rights reserved.



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


These Are Easter Gifts.



abbits have a lifespan of approximately 10 years. Before you get a rabbit be sure you are ready to make a 10-year commitment. There are a few important things you need to know about rabbits before getting one. It is easy to think that since it is a small animal it has small needs; it can live in a cage and won’t take up too much room. Many people think that a rabbit is a “beginner” pet and therefore will be a great pet for children. The truth is, however, rabbits and small children really don’t belong together. Young children love to pick up, cuddle and carry a bunny much like they would a stuffed toy. Rabbits are timid prey animals and they sometimes lunge, nip or bite their “predator”. Often young children drop and injure them. It could, however, be the right pet for an older child who is capable of understanding the responsibilities of having a pet rabbit. As a parent, though, you need to want that bunny as much as your child does because you will also be responsible for its care.

Mom, look at the cute bunnies! I want one for Easter, please, Mom! Who can resist a cute baby bunny? Their whiskers twitch with cuteness. They look so huggable; you just want to squeeze them. Ironically, even though rabbits are one of the most beloved animals they are perhaps the most misunderstood. Consequently that is why so many companion rabbits are subject to mistreatment and abandonment.

Rabbits have basic needs for shelter, food, water, veterinary care, attention, exercise, and affection. They require about four hours daily for attention and time outside the cage for safe exercise. Rabbits naturally chew and basic rabbit-proofing your home is essential to protect them from chewing on electrical wires and other items (like your furniture and baseboards). Veterinarian care for rabbits can be expensive. It is important to have them spayed or neutered as soon as they reach sexual maturity to avoid aggressive behavior. This is only a brief summary of their needs. Companion rabbits make great pets for the right person or family providing joy and companionship. Unfortunately, many are surrendered or abandoned. Companion rabbits are the third most frequently relinquished animal in shelters in the United States right behind cats and dogs. Some rabbits are “dumped” at local parks and lack the necessary skills to survive; they become malnourished, sick, injured and are easy prey for cats, dogs, coyotes, snakes and other predators.

Recently the “Bunny Dump” problem in Vegas made the news. Hundreds and possibly up to a thousand domestic

rabbits are roaming free in parks and other locations in the valley. There are a few faithful groups of volunteers who give of their time and resources to feed, care and provide protection for as many bunnies as possible. There are others who rescue and find homes for a few lucky ones. All seek to be advocates for the rabbits. It is heart breaking work to care so much and yet be able to save so few.

There are no easy solutions to this complex situation. Prevention by helping people understand about the requirements of pet rabbits hopefully will prevent the impulsive purchasing of bunnies especially at Easter time. If you are a rabbit lover and have room in your heart and home for a rabbit or two, please adopt or foster. The rabbit situation in Vegas gives new meaning to the slogan Adopt A Life (Rabbit) – Save A Life (Rabbit).

If you are interested in a bunny,


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Sanctuary The Animal Foundation

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2016. © 2016 GEICO. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


The Kids Scene

Enter The Contest!

1. What is a group of goldfish called?

2. What is the average life span of a rabbit? Submit by 4-30-17. (Hint: Answers in this issue!)

E-mail your answers and you will be entered to win! (Please include name and a phone number so we can contact you if you won.)


pizza, drinks, game tokens

& ride tickets for 5 GUESTS ($100 value) Delicious Pizza!! 1401 N. Rainbow Blvd - Las Vegas, NV 89108

(702) 259-7000 - The Best Birthday Party Place In Town!


Dogs communicate using a wide variety of sounds.

Can you find the names of these dog sounds in the puzzle? The words may be in any direction: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

Bark Snarl Bay Whimper Growl Whine Howl Yip Moan


Bonus Word: Pet Scene Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

Answer Key on Page 40

April Is A Special Month

Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Month BY C.A. RITZ

Look Out for Buddy Buddy shivers outside during cold months. In summer he looks for water; but often his water dish is dry. If you see him hiding under a bush, Buddy may be afraid. It isn’t easy to walk up to him. Buddy may bite to protect himself. Many creatures are wild and don’t make great pets. Buddy however, is not meant to be wild. He is neglected and chained in someone’s backyard. Buddy has grown a little; his chain keeps him from enough food, water, and warmth to be healthy. Buddy is a puppy that needs nourishment, love, and attention.

What Can You Do? You already know pets can’t be shoved in closets like stuffed animals or tossed in the yard until you want to play. Living creatures need food, water, training, exercise, cleaning, and love to thrive. If you’re not ready to give your time, effort, and kindness, wait before asking for a pet. If you see abuse or neglect, like in the case of

Buddy, tell an adult you trust. Write down details to give to the police or animal rescue workers. Families can volunteer at animal rescues or shelters. You can learn about proper care while helping creatures with social skills to get adopted! Sometimes humans get ill or so old they can no longer care for their pets. When this happens people must choose to give up their pets or find help caring for them. If you can read this, you’re not too young to help. Perhaps you can with your parents’ permission. But, always ask first! One day you might foster. Fostering is caring for an animal as if it belonged to your own family. It is not forever. When a forever owner takes a pet like Buddy home that you fostered, you’ll know that you’ve made a difference in that pet’s life. I will always be grateful to those people who rescued and fostered our dog, Tiger, until we adopted him. That is the end of our story. What story will you create? C.A. Ritz ~ Author and Illustrator

Providing Loving Pet Care When You Can’t Be There Overnight Pet Sit’s

Vacation Visits

Walks & Potty Breaks

(702) 428-6953 ~ Licensed



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017





Maggie May




Ethel Mae




Gibson Lee & Smoky Joe

The Chick




Scrappy Doo

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

Roxy, Blue and Kiki

Skippy & Lucky

Gafah, Keno & Red

Raven Leigh

Maverick the Aussie & Priscilla the Rosie


Hei Hill



Moxy & Sage

Animals are such agreeable friendsthey ask no questions, they pass no criticisms. - George Eliot


s a g e V Las

Show Off Your Pet!


By submitting a photo, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.

oto One ph y! il m per fa

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


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Priscilla’s Pantry A peculiar place for pet lovers.

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National Pet Poison Prevention Week March 19-25 Spring is the time when we spend more time outside in our yards and gardens. It is also the time when our pets spend more time outside and often accidentally get into poisonous things. Be careful about garden supplies like fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides, and plants. Azaleas, oleanders, castor beans, sago palms, Easter lilies, and yews are hazardous to pets and if ingested can be fatal. A few additional summer hazards include sunscreens, and swimming pool supplies. Call your veterinarian immediately if you suspect that your pet is suffering from pet poisoning.

For more information about pet poisoning:

Answer Key for Seek & Find on Page 36

Note: there is a per incident charge fee for calls to the Pet Poison Helpline


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

Interesting Bird Facts • Birds should eat at least half their own body weight in food per day to be healthy. • A bird’s heart beats 400 times per minute while resting and up to 1000 beats per minute while flying. • Parrots like the macaw and cockatoos can live more than 75 years. • Many birds kept as pets, including doves, parakeets, and lovebirds, enjoy living in pairs for companionship. • The first bird domesticated by humans was the goose.


irds can make very interesting pets to have but something to consider is the time and money involved to enable them to be cared for correctly. As with other pets birds need interaction too and some even need to be taken out of their aviaries to be exercised. It should also be noted that birds do their business whilst in flight so if you are intending to let them out in the house you may find yourself cleaning pee and poop up from the carpets and furniture. It is important to research different species in order to find one that is compatible with your personality as they all have different behaviours and temperaments. Diet is a very important issue as some species have strict diets to follow. Some species of bird can live for over 75 years (often out-living their original owners) so it is important that you make provisions for someone else to take over caring for your bird in the event that you can no longer do it. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


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Rescues & Shelters



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k 42

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017







Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life. Hi! I am Gidget, quiet and reserved around new people, but I do warm up quickly. I prefer to sit on a lap and lounge all day. When you pick me up, I will melt in your arms. I may do best in a home without young children, dogs or other cats. I want to be the center of your world. Y


Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc. 702-272-0010 or Fill out an application at

I am a 7 year old black and tan dachshund. I love dog toys, people and other dogs. During my wellness check they found that I have a rare slow growing tumor in my chest above my heart. Since I do not have any symptoms, I don’t know that I am sick and could live several years with no symptoms. If you are interested in giving me a forever home, please fill out an adoption form on website. Y


Las Vegas Hot-Diggity Dachshund Club & Rescue

Tigger is 1 1/2 year old, big puppy. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He loves playing with other nice dogs at the dog park. He is currently in a loving foster home so that his foster daddy can work on his trust issues. The ultimate home for Tigger would be a home with no children and adults that enjoy going for hikes and long walks. Y

Merlin is a smaller tri-color, 25lb, sweet, loving, playful, sensitive senior male. We rescued him from the shelter in bad physical shape 4 months ago but he’s been transformed into an athletic, playful, energetic, happy boy. Extremely loyal and quick to learn a new routine. Doggy door trained and excellent with other dogs. He requires daily medications to manage a heart condition and general allergies. Y

Handsome Senior Beagle Playboy


Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation Contact us at 702-493-9779 or

Twilight is a quiet, shy girl who enjoys the company of other cats. She enjoys to play with all toys with a bell or that make noise. Twilight enjoys cuddling with her human when she is ready, she prefers to be petted versus held. Twilight absolutely loves her scratch post both for scratching as well as napping! dob: 3/4/2016 Y


All Fur Love Animal Society



Rottweilers Of Las Vegas

is a pretty Arab cross mare who is happy to be your next companion animal for a lonely human, horse, or even barnyard animals! Only 20 yrs young and UTD on vax/teeth/feet. $300 to approved home. Y

Local Equine Assistance Network Inquire at

Gem is a 1-2 year old terrier mix. He does like to play with other dogs, but prefers to be the one in charge. He does need to be fed separate from other dogs; he will try to eat all the food. Gem is a little unsure of men when he first meets them. Once he gets to know them, then he is fine. Please let Gem be a part of your family. Y


Happy Home Animal Sanctuary Call Amber at 702-203-4134

Introducing our amazing boy Larry!! He is an 85 lb. 3 yr old Boxer Mix full of love and slobbery kisses! This gorgeous boy is super gentle and sweet. He is also deaf so a patient home is needed for Larry while he learns hand signals. Larry is good with other dogs his size or at least large enough to play with him as he does enjoy his play time! Y


Animal Help Alliance

Fill out an adoption application to meet this fabulous boy!

Meet Bodie. This 10-11 month old boy is definitely a head turner. He’s your typical high energy, playful, in-need-ofsome-basic-obedienceand-manners puppy. Bodie is very athletic, and loves the obstacle course. He’s very independent. Shepherd experience is required to adopt Mr. Bodie. Y


Vegas Shepherd Rescue 702-706-SHEP (7437)

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


upcoming SATURDAY, MARCH 4

Rover Run 5K 9am. Bring your favorite companion to the City’s newest 5k Fun Run. The first 350 registered participants are guaranteed a T-shirt and finisher dog tag for your dog’s collar. Cornerstone Park • 1600 Wigwam Pkwy, Henderson.


14th Annual Bark In the Park 10am – 2pm. This free event features fun for you and your dog. Watch demonstrations and visit informational and vendor booths, take part in fun contests, and meet lots of beautiful dogs looking for forever homes. Cornerstone Park • 1600 Wigwam Pkwy, Henderson.

Events PET

Everyone is welcome - all ages! No reservations needed. Treats, handouts, decorations - the works! It’s FREE!! Desert Spring United Methodist Church - 120 North Pavillion Center Dr.


Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm – 3pm. Join us for our monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors & birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson.


ALL IN 4 SPOT Charity Poker Tournament 5pm – 10pm.


$120 Buy-in Ticket required in advance. Dog Adoption Event from 2 pm - 4 pm. Milo’s 2-WHEELS - Boulder City, NV.

fun featuring live music, raffle prizes and food. Rescue donkeys will be on site. All proceeds going to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. Golden West - 91 E. Mesquite Blvd., Mesquite, NV.


4th Annual Donkey Jamboree 11am – 3pm. Join us for a day of


Bird Grooming by SKYE 2pm – 4pm. Bird Grooming by SKYE. All All proceeds benefit SWEAR. At Your Service Pet Supplies – 55 S. Valle Verde Dr. #300, Henderson


Giant Spring Tack & Yard Sale 8am – 2pm. Semi-annual LEAN/ HCON community tack and yard sale continues to grow! LOTS of sellers means lots to choose from - saddles, tack, barn supplies, equipment, furniture, jewelry, hats, artwork, decorations, and MUCH, much more! Desert Pines Equine - 5000 N. Jones Blvd.


Mondays Dark Benefiting Rockin 4 Rescues 8 pm – 11pm. It’s a fun night full of music and great performances all in the name of charity. Join us as we raise money for animal rescues through ticket sales and an auction. Tickets are $20. The Space LV - 3460 Cavaretta Court.


Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting

Mondays Dark Benefiting Hearts Alive Village 8 pm – 11pm. The night will feature entertainment (hands down the best in Vegas), a silent auction, a fur baby or two for your cuddling pleasure, and much more. Tickets are $20. The Space LV - 3460 Cavaretta Court.


Bird Grooming by SKYE 11am – 2pm. Bird Grooming by SKYE. All proceeds benefit SWEAR. At Your Service Pet Supplies – 55 S. Valle Verde Dr. #300, Henderson.


PET-A-PALOOZA 10am – 6pm. Bring your pets and enjoy a pet friendly event all day! Pet stores, trainers, groomers, veterinarians, entertainment plus more than 40 non-profit animal rescue groups will be on site for adoptions, information and awareness. Sunset Park – 2601 E. Sunset Rd.


Spring Celebration & Foster Connection 10am – 3pm. FREE community celebration featuring: foster care/adoption information, amusement rides, Farmers market, petting zoo and horseback rides. Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs – 9200 Tule Springs Rd.

7pm – 8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers & topics to be announced. For more information visit, Audi Las Vegas – 6335 W. Sahara Ave.



7pm – 8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers & topics to be announced. For more information visit, Audi Las Vegas – 6335 W. Sahara Ave.

Reading with Rascal - St. Patrick’s Day Party 10am – 12pm.

Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. 44

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

upcoming THURSDAY, APRIL 6

Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club’s Spring Classes 7pm. Register today for VVDOC’s spring classes that will start on April 13th at Dog Fancier’s Park. Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Visit for more info.


Family Festival – Pet Pavilion 9am – 4pm. A festival that’s fun for everyone - including your pets! Meet with pet rescues, pet vendors or visit the petting zoo. Kid’s activities, bounce house, free samples, prizes & giveaways! Downtown Summerlin - 1980 Festival Plaza Dr.


Reading with Rascal - Easter Party 10am – 12pm. Everyone is welcome - all ages! No reservations needed. Treats, handouts, decorations - the works! It’s FREE!! Desert Spring United Methodist Church - 120 North Pavillion Center Dr.


IAABC Conference 2017 A full weekend of cutting-edge, science-based & practical education for animal training & behavior professionals. Featuring dog, cat, horse and parrot tracks, as well a track on building your behavior consultant success. Find out more at Los Angeles, California.


Easter “Begg” Hunt 10am. Join us for a fun Easter “Begg” Hunt FREE event for the entire family! Three Dog Bakery - 2110 N. Rampart Blvd.

Events PET

or the pet lover in your family! Visit for more information. Rio Hotel & Casino Amazon Ballroom – 3700 W. Flamingo Rd.


14th Annual BEST IN SHOW 11am – 2pm. More than 50 amazing shelter dogs will compete for the title of Best in Show… and your heart. All dogs will be available for adoption at the conclusion of the show. Thomas & Mack at UNLV Center - 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.


Woofstock 2017 8am – 1pm. Sun City Anthem Pet Club will be hosting WOOFSTOCK. Entertainment, food and fun for the entire family! Annual fundraiser to benefit the rescue organizations. Sun City Anthem Community Center - 2450 Hampton Rd., Henderson.


Bird Grooming by SKYE 11am – 2pm. Bird Grooming by SKYE. All proceeds benefit SWEAR. At Your Service Pet Supplies – 55 S. Valle Verde Dr. #300, Henderson


Love Dog Adventures Annual Fundraiser 2pm – 5pm. Enjoy appetizers and sweets, cash bar, fantastic raffle and auction items. Gift bags for every attendee! Love Dogs will be on hand to meet & greet (no personal pets please). Siena Golf Club Bistro - 10575 Siena Monte Dr.


Pet Loss Support Group 6:30pm – 8pm. This caring support


Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm – 3pm. Join us for our monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors & birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson.


Bird Grooming by SKYE 11am – 2pm. Bird Grooming by SKYE. All proceeds benefit SWEAR. At Your Service Pet Supplies – 55 S. Valle Verde Dr. #300, Henderson


CFA World Cat Congress Cat Show 10am – 5pm Saturday, 9am – 4pm Sunday. Including pet vendors with that perfect gift for your pet

group is there for those dealing with the death of beloved pet. For more information, call 702-735-5544 or visit Community Lutheran Church – 3720 E. Tropicana Ave.


Donate Your Shoes Help Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation raise funds by donating your gently worn, used or new shoes! Multiple locations around town. Email to find out locations: or drop to Fast Frame, 3827 E. Sunset Rd.

Have fun!

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017


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GO GREEN with your pet 4 Use eco-friendly pet accessories 4 Use biodegradable or flushable poop bags. • Leaving pet waste ourside is an environmental & health hazard. • For litter boxes, consider organic, plant based kitty litter.

Ways to reduce your pet’s carbon “paw-print”

4 Use natural/organic shampoos to bathe your pet. 4 Use eco-friendly supplies to clean up after your pet. Celebrate Earth Day April 22


4 Reuse leashes, collars, and other pet accessories. 4 Feed all natural pet food.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2017

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