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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2022 | COMPLIMENTARY COPY THE MAGAZINE OF ARCHITECTURE / HOME & INTERIOR DESIGN / WEST COAST LIVING Renovation Tips to Boost Resale Value Construction Insights How to Winterize Your Home • 604 989-8184 Laneway Homes / Cabins / Residences Stop by the Pender Harbour Resort and see what the new generation of affordable and energy efficient modular homes look like up close. Now offering deluxe family accommodations in these new 3 bedroom waterfront bungalows by EcoFab Modular Homes Ltd. @Home on the Coast | 2
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Welcome to another exciting issue of @ Home on the Coast magazine, your local source for trending home design, innovative housing solutions, and Sunshine Coast living.

In this issue, we share several helpful tips on how to winterize your home, a few great renovation ideas that will increase the selling price of your home and explain the different types of manufactured homes that are becoming so popular due to recent changes in bylaws that allow property owners to develop a secondary suite for long-term rentals.

Also in this issue, Chris Christianson, President of Vertu Construction and local home builder/designer offers strategic advice for those that are planning a new build or major renovation in the new year. Check out his new regular column “Construction Insights” for timely and cost-saving ideas to minimize the challenges of your next home building / renovation project.


Congratulations to Gibson’s new mayor Silas White on his landslide win (82% of the vote) and John Henderson on his triumphant return as mayor of Sechelt. We look forward with anticipation to positive changes in the coming year.

As this is the last issue of the year I will also take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic holiday season and to share our best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

See you all next year!

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November/December 2022 TALBOT Insurance Services Ltd. Peace of Mind, One Policy at a Time Talbot Insurance... for all your insurance needs on the Coast. Gibsons/IGA Park Plaza 112-1100 Sunshine Coast HWY, Gibsons Tel: 604-886-2555 Fax: 604-886-2563 Mon to Sat: 8:30am - 6:00pm Sun: Closed Email: ContactUs@TalbotInsurance.CA Homes Under Cons truction or Renovation • Completed Homes, Owner or Tenant Occupied Vacation Rentals Proper ty in Storage, Shor t or Long Term AutoPlan , Private Auto, Collector & Recreational Veh icles Business & Commercial Insurance Pleasure & Commercial Marine • Events & Specialty Lines Discounts & Payment Plans Tiny Homes Stationar y or Transit • Completed Homes, Owner or Tenant Occupied • Vacation Rentals • Property in Storage, Short or Long Term • AutoPlan , Private Auto, Collector & Recreational • Vehicles Business & Commercial Insurance • Pleasure & Commercial Marine • Events & Specialty Lines • Discounts & Payment Plans • Tiny Homes –Stationary or Transit • Pedal Power – Special Insurance for High Valued Bicycles/e-bikes • Glass Polices with Nil/low Deductibles CONTENTS 8 11 Ways to Winterize Your Home on a Budget 16 Construction Insights 20 e Di erences Between Mobile, Manufactured, and Modular Homes? 25 9 Renovation Tips to Boost Resale Value 27 Home Suite Home – Housing Info Fair 29 Habitat Seeks a Family for New Fully Accessible Home @Home on the Coast | 6
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Ways to Winterize Your Home on a Budget

Clockwise Ceiling Fans

Clean Your Gutters

You’ve heard it before, but we can’t stress this enough. Making sure that water can flow freely through your gutters now will help prevent icicles and ice dams from forming later.

Ceiling fans are everyone’s favorite summer budget-saver. But they can help out in the winter as well! Have your ceiling fans move in a clockwise direction so they push hot air along the ceiling towards the floor. If they’re going counterclockwise, they won’t be as effective.

Flush the Water Heater

Particles and sediment can collect over time in the bottom of your water heater, hindering the unit’s efficiency. Flush the water through the drain valve to clear out the material and keep your heater functioning at its best.

Window Insulation Film

It may not be the most fashionable tip, but window insulation film can keep up to 70% of heat from leaking out of the windows. You won’t mind the appearance when you’re toasty warm in your house!

Draft Guards

In a drafty room, heat escapes under the door. When winterizing your house, place draft guards by the doors to prevent heat loss. It’s a simple solution that keeps your house warm and saves you money on heating bills.

Keep the cold out, the heat in, and your energy bill down with these cost effective tips for winterizing your home.
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747 North Road Gibsons 604-886-3335 @Home on the Coast | 9
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Programmable Thermostat

You can save as much as 1% on your energy bill for every degree you lower your home’s temperature during the winter months. Install a programable thermostat and save money by keeping the temp down when you’re not at home.

Replace Filters

Regularly changing filters in your central air and heating system can significantly improve its efficiency and longevity, while easing the pressure on your wallet.

Weatherstrip Tape

Drafts and air leaks increase your heating costs, so make sure your windows and doors are sealed tight with weatherstripping. Simple, easy, and smart.

Chimney Balloon

Your chimney is a huge source of heat loss come wintertime. If not in active use, plug it up with a chimney balloon when winterizing your home to keep drafts out and heat in.

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Just Caulk It

Any remaining gaps in siding, windows, or doors can be filled with caulk. For extra drafty windows and doors, caulk the inside too, pulling off moldings to fill all gaps in the insulation.

Fiberglass Insulation

For maximum heat retention, pack fibreglass insulation around basement doors, windows in unused rooms, and window AC units. Make sure your attic floor is insulated, too. Just remember to be careful and wear gloves!

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With an ever evolving world, especially given thepandemic, the relationship we have with our homes has transformed People aroundthe world have been challenged to adapt to changing environments and our homes play a greater rolein our daily lives nowmore than ever . Being thoughtful and intentional about investingin the quality of the places we spend so much timeis critical to our emotional, mental, and physical health

For many, the focus has shifted from the quantity of space to quality and functionality of space The importance of lighting, thermal comfort, acoustics, outdoor areas, flexibility and accessibility are some of the key considerations for quality improvements Spending time to identify the criteria and developing a ‘program’ for making changes to an existing homeor building a new home can contribute to positive impacts for healthand well being over the long term

A strategic approach that is informed bythe collection andanalysis of information from the beginning of a projectcan reducethe risk and costsassociated with making changesduring construction Chris Christianson, President of Vertu Construction Ltd ., identifies a few tips for establishing a program for your home that will enhance your ability to livein comfort, convenience and safety for a lifetime

Pre Design Concept
Design Dev. CD/Bid Construction
100% 75% 50% 25% 0%
1: The MacLeamy Curve illustrates theinfluence of early decision making on project outcomes.
RESOURCES CONSUMED TIME > @Home on the Coast | 17

Planning for Location

Where we choose to live can have an enormous impact on our happiness, well being and fulfillment City or country, seaside or mountain, cold weather or warm, seasons that change ornot the choices are endless. For many, living on theSunshine Coast is easy to idealize but living bythe water means beingexposed to the elements in more extremewaysthan livingin other places Sun, salt, wind, rain,and debris alltake a toll on coastal homes Decision making early in the process regardingappropriatebuilding materials suitable for location (that also addressbudget, availability, maintenance, and energy efficiency initiatives) can help to reducecosts and risksassociated with making late decisions or changesduringthe constructionprocess

Planning for People

Whether a home is designed for a single person, a family with children, retirees or multiple generations a well planned home can lead to animproved overall sense of well being for the occupants People today canalso expect to live longer than their parents andgrandparents. This potential brings a different outlook for establishing a program for the home With longer life expectancy than previous generations,, many individuals will desire an ageless home that can support theirneeds into the future

Ultimately, ou r homes shouldprovide comfortfor everyone regardless of age, size and ability Strategically planning early in the process to address versatility,flexibility and accessibility for thechangingneeds of thepeople can help reduce costs down the road for makingadaptations

Planning for Lifestyle

Our homes have a directaffect on the type of activities and spatial relationship we have within its walls and over the past couple of years a spotlight has been placed on how our homes have accommodated a greater amount of service and function How we work, how we gather, howwe spend our recreational time and how weconnect with theenvironment has transformed

Our homesare working hard to support our dynamic lifestyles. Concepts such as multi functional rooms, smart home technologies andtransitional indoor outdoor spaces require a high level of detailwhen developing a program Asking the right questions andmaking decisions early in the process helps to assure that theplans can be efficiently implemented during construction

Vertu Construction Ltd offers a wide range of services including Pre Construction,Consulting, Design Build, Owner’s Representation,General Contracting, and Project Recovery This specialized suite of offerings allows for tailoring the right services required to support a variety of project requirements and owner’s needs For moreinformation visit : www vertuconstruction com

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Your local window factory years of making windows in Powell River BC 35 Improve your home this year with Modern windows and doors Get your quote today 604.989.0341 @Home on the Coast | 19
One bed / one bathroom, level entry home Beautiful back yard Excellent strata management Flat, central location Cats ok! Dogs up to 18” at shoulder ok! More at Asking $449,000! Over 2 acres w/ 2000sqft main home and 650 sqft cottage Both homes have unfinished bsmt’s ready for your plans 500’ walk down to Bonniebrook Beach Super private Gibsons location Asking $1,799,000 More at 419/420 Oceanview Drive - Gibsons Built in 2008 10 out of 10 here! Walk to the beach Asking $1,489,000 More at 3 bed / 2 bath rancher 580 sqft studio • 120 sqft separate office .57 acre property Fantastic location Asking $1,480,000 More at 1166 Cedar Grove Road - Roberts Creek SOLD Lovely views Fantastic location & easy to build Asking $549,000 More at 101 - 93 8 Gibson s Way, Gibson s BC V0 N 1V 9 Tw i t te r: @ Coa s t a lH o m e s BC Fa c e bo o k: Coa s t L i fe s t yl e s N e t wo rko f f i c e 6 0 4 8 8 6 2670 R u s s Q u re s h i & Jon McRae 604-741-7119 604-740-6263 Russ and Jon will move forward under the Coast Lifestyles Network brand and continue to, happily, call Remax City Realty their brokerage home. When it’s time to buy or sell real estate you can contact either of us at the same numbers and emails. You can also reach out to Jon by emailing Jon McRae and Russ Qureshi are pleased and excited to announce they are joining forces! They will combine their considerable expertise, 60+years of combined experience and spheres of influence to better serve their clients and the community at large. With our combined clarity, commitment & experience we are ready and able to continue helping you to achieve your real estate goals on the Sunshine Coast! @Home on the Coast | 20

The Differences Between Mobile, Manufactured, and Modular Homes?

Are mobile, modular, and manufactured homes the same? Learn what sets them apart so you can select the best option for your new home.

Mobile, manufactured, and modular homes are all types of prefabricated homes. These “prefab” homes are built in a factory, rather than completely on-site like a traditional home. Once complete, the prefabricated pieces of the factory-made home are brought to their final location to be assembled. Since mobile, manufactured, and modular homes sound so similar, you may be left with questions about how they differ.

So, what is the difference between a manufactured home and a modular home? When considering a manufactured home vs. a mobile home, how do they compare? Continue reading to learn some of the key differences between a mobile home vs. a manufactured home vs. a modular home.

What is a mobile home?

Mobile homes became popular in the early and mid-1900s. They were seen as a viable option for people who needed to relocate to find work but still wanted to be able to provide a stable home for their families. The original mobile homes looked similar to trailers or campers. They had an exposed coupler for a trailer and wheels. These features made it easy to hook up the mobile home to a vehicle and move it to a new location.

These original mobile homes are not built anymore, because they don’t meet current building standards.

What is a manufactured home?

The construction process for a manufactured home takes place almost exclusively in a factory. Once complete, the parts of the home will be brought to the home site to be assembled. Manufactured homes are available in three sizes: single-section, double-section, and triple-section.

Even though most manufactured homes are not moved after assembly, it is possible to move this home type if it has a pier and beam foundation.

While the phrase ‘mobile home’ is still commonly used in all types of movable, factory-built housing is now generally referred to as manufactured homes.

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What is a modular home?

While modular homes are also built in a factory, they are built in pieces and then assembled at the home site. Modular homes are constructed to meet the local municipality’s building codes. This means that modular homes will be held to the same regulations that on-site constructed homes are held to in the city or province. Since different cities may have different codes and regulations, modular homes can vary from one location to the next.

Regardless of a modular home’s location, one thing that is consistent with their construction is that they are placed on a permanent foundation; modular homes are not designed to be relocated once completed. Some modular homes may even be placed over a foundation with a basement. Once a modular home is assembled, it will very closely resemble an on-site built home. Modular homes offer a variety of layouts and floor plans, with both one-story and two-story options.





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Making the right renovation decisions can help you sell your house quicker, and for more money.

Planning to sell your house in the new year? Remodeling can mean the difference between “for sale” and “sold.” But before you tear the whole place apart, be certain you’re investing in upgrades for which you’ll see a return.

1 Kitchen Can’t Miss

e most frequently used and commented upon room in your house is the kitchen, and that makes it your number-one renovation priority. Since an up-to-date kitchen helps entice homebuyers, money you spend in this space can usually be expected to fi nd its way back into your wallet.

2 ink Small

Even small, low-cost improvement projects can change the face of your home more dramatically than you might expect. For example, a fresh coat of paint will transform the character of a room. Likewise, replace outdated light fi xtures or change the cabinet hardware for instant upgrades.

@Home on the Coast | 25

3 Market Trends

Keep your eye on what’s working for others. Market trends may provide clues as to whether buyers will respond to a remodeling effort you’re pondering. Data suggests, for example, that homebuyers are hot on modern bathrooms but lukewarm on home theaters. Also trending are water-conserving landscaping and new garage doors.

4 Stay Neutral

In trying to sell your home, appeal to the largest number of potential buyers you can. Hold off on painting the dining room a bold color, no matter how much you might love that shade of purple. Opt instead for an earth tone. Not only do neutral colors help buyers visualize themselves permanently living in a home that’s on the market, but subdued tones also easier to paint over.

5 Go Undercover

Do a little reconnaissance. Check out other homes in your neighborhood that have

recently sold, paying special attention to those features that buyers have found most appealing. Knowing the details of how other sellers have been successful will help you determine which areas of your home deserve your attention fi rst.

6 Don’t Go Overboard

8 Keep It Clean

Prospective buyers won’t even notice the great upgrades you’ve made if your house is a mess. Make sure the closets are organized to emphasize storage opportunities. Routinely swiffer the floors, dust the furniture, and clean the counters before open houses and showings for a neat and tidy presentation.

9 Don’t Forget Outside

First impressions matter, so don’t forget about your yard when getting ready to sell your house. A new facade or front door are big projects that increase your home’s value, but little improvements like adding new plants make a big difference.

Don’t get caught in the home improvement trap of shelling out remodeling dollars you won’t make back upon resale. To be sure you’re spending wisely, ask a real estate professional for advice on whether or not to pursue a particular renovation you may be considering.

7 To DIY or Not?

Know your limitations and avoid having to pay a contractor to fi x your mistakes. If you’re not 100% sure you can handle a project, seek a helping hand at the outset. Doing so is likely to save you time, money, and heartache in the long run. As always, hire only licensed contractors for any home improvement project you decide on tackling.

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Presents Learn everything you need to know about adding a long-term rental to your property AND generating reliable extra income. THE FULL SPECTRUM OF EXPERTISE WILL BE ON SITE: Local Government Home Renovation Contractors Alternative Housing Rainwater Harvesting Systems Property Managers Financial Advisors Modular Housing FEATURING FOOD VENDOR: SEMIR’S HOT DOG CART HOUSING INFO FAIR Saturday, November 12th, 2022 12:30pm to 4:30pm Roberts Creek Hall @Home on the Coast | 27

Home Suite Home – Housing Info Fair

HOME SUITE HOME is a one-stop opportunity to learn everything you need to know about adding a long-term rental to your property either by utilizing an empty suite or auxiliary building, or constructing a new one.

It will take place at the Roberts Creek Hall on Nov 12th from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. The full spectrum of expertise will be on site:


“It’s going to be a fantastic event with all the expertise in the same room,” said Kelly Foley (Cover the Coast). “It is also a great example of local government, private sector and non-profit organizations coming together to offer tangible solutions to the housing crisis.”  With the new zoning bylaws implemented by the District of Sechelt and the SCRD, there are some great opportunities to add secondary suites to residential properties.

are unable to find housing and are declining offers of work or moving off the Coast.

This event aims to increase the number of long-term rentals by supporting property owners in developing and renting out their secondary suites. Work is also underway to support the development of new commercial rental buildings, but most of these won’t be built for another 2 to 3 years.

Rainwater Harvesting

There is a critical shortage of housing on the Sunshine Coast and it is having a devastating impact on local businesses, as well as essential service organizations. Nurses, teachers, first responders, social service providers, and civil servants

Cover the Coast is a project of the Sunshine Coast Affordable Housing Society. This is the first in a series of initiatives that aims to increase rental inventory and connect landlords to tenants.

Open Thursday ThrOugh MOnday, 11aM - 4pM Free adMissiOn and parking 431 Marine drive, gibsOns arT is FOr everyOne! JOin us. Inspiring exhibitions and local artisan gift shop. Fun volunteer opportunities and GPAG member benefits.
• Home
Contractors • Alternative Housing Providers • Modular Housing Providers • Solar Energy Systems •
Systems  • Local Government • Property Managers • Financial Advisors
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Habitat Seeks a Family for New Fully Accessible Home

Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast is proud to announce that it will complete its new fourplex at the Village in Wilson Creek before the end of the year. One of the four units has been designed and built to be fully wheelchair accessible. This could not be more timely given that Canada recently appointed its first Chief Accessibility Officer, Stephanie Cadieux.

The Chief Accessibility Officer (CAO) is a legislated position under the Accessibility Canada Act. As CAO, Stephanie serves as a special advisor to the federal Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, Carla Qualtrough

Each of the four units measures 850 square feet, a much different design from the 6 three bedroom duplexes currently at The Village. Three families have applied and been accepted and are now readying to move in.

As of the date of writing, Habitat has not yet found a family to occupy the designated accessible home. If you know of someone who qualifi es and might be interested in applying to occupy the home, please direct them to the Habitat website for further details regarding the application process.

Canada’s first Chief Accessibility Officer, Stephanie Cadieux,(seen here with Habitat’s John Leech) expressed appreciation to Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast for including a fully accessible home in the new fourplex. Sunshine Coast
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Quality Construction Materials for the SUNSHINE Coast STOCKWELL GROUP OF COMPANIES READY-MIX @Home on the Coast | 30 • 604 989-8184 Affordable / Modern Designs / Energy Efficient Laneway Homes / Cabins / Residences Sunshine Coast Proud Supporter ofecofabmodular
An oceanfront enclave featuring only 20 homes overlooking endless panoramic views of the Salish Sea. Perfectly situated on a premium, 300-foot stretch of low bank beachfront at the southwestern edge of Sechelt. This is a rarely seen opportunity. • 1,550 sf + single-level living from $1.925 to $2.25M Penthouse pricing available upon request • Two Bedroom With Family Room And Three Bedroom Residences • Secure 2 Car Garages • Expansive Ocean-Facing Decks NOW SELLING Unmatched Beachfront Living in Sechelt. CONTACT US TODAY PRESENTATION CENTRE NOW OPEN 5845 Sunshine Coast Highway Sechelt (at Shorncliffe Avenue) Call 604.283.3348 Open By Appointment Rendering is an artist’s illustration only. This is not an offering for sale. Any such offering can only be made with a disclosure statement. The developer reserves the right to make changes and modifications to the information contained herein without prior notice. E.&O.E.
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