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Loyal Readers,

Happy New Year!! As 2022 fades into the rearview mirror, and we re ect on the somewhat tumultuous and o en historical events of the past year, we look forward (cautiously but optimistically) to better times ahead.

is rst publication of 2023 will mark our 26th issue and the beginning of our 6th year of publishing @ Home on the Coast magazine.

In today’s fast-paced world of internet publishing, news bytes, digital les, and online podcasts, some would argue that print media, including magazines and newspapers, have become somewhat redundant. Undoubtedly, there is some truth to that, but I also believe that there is no substitute for a high quality glossy magazine that people can pick up and peruse at their leisure without the use of an Internet-linked device.

You can call me old school but there’s just something about a well put together magazine featuring local community-based content, relevant advertising, and great photos that will never go out of style. e fact that you are reading this right now would indicate that you would agree... at least to some extent.

e credit for our relative longevity and continued success as a local community publication, goes to you, our loyal readers and the local businesses that support the magazine through advertising. We are forever grateful for your continued patronage and for allowing us to be a part of this great community that we call home.. (on the coast)

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and auspicious new year in 2023.

Until the next issue…

Brad Ferguson, Publisher

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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023 TALBOT Insurance Services Ltd. Peace of Mind, One Policy at a Time Talbot Insurance... for all your insurance needs on the Coast. Gibsons/IGA Park Plaza 112-1100 Sunshine Coast HWY, Gibsons Tel: 604-886-2555 Fax: 604-886-2563 Mon to Sat: 8:30am - 6:00pm Sun: Closed Email: ContactUs@TalbotInsurance.CA www.talbotinsurance.ca Homes Under Cons truction or Renovation • Completed Homes, Owner or Tenant Occupied Vacation Rentals Proper ty in Storage, Shor t or Long Term AutoPlan , Private Auto, Collector & Recreational Veh icles Business & Commercial Insurance Pleasure & Commercial Marine • Events & Specialty Lines Discounts & Payment Plans Tiny Homes – Stationar y or Transit • Completed Homes, Owner or Tenant Occupied • Vacation Rentals • Property in Storage, Short or Long Term • AutoPlan , Private Auto, Collector & Recreational • Vehicles Business & Commercial Insurance • Pleasure & Commercial Marine • Events & Specialty Lines • Discounts & Payment Plans • Tiny Homes –Stationary or Transit • Pedal Power – Special Insurance for High Valued Bicycles/e-bikes • Glass Polices with Nil/low Deductibles CONTENTS 7 How to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Winter 12 Tips for Choosing a Home Builder 18 Construction Insights 20 Home Bars for the New Year 22 Bene ts of Accessory Dwelling Units 25 Grow Your Own Greens Indoors 27 Tips on Buying a Home While Interest Rates are Rising 28 Habitat Welcomes New Families @Home on the Coast | 6

How to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Winter

1. Turn to Nature

Deck your door, porch and outdoor containers with swaths of winter greenery. Matching wreaths and a festive garland create a welcoming entry to this home. A pair of evergreen trees, along with smaller potted plants, continues the theme, while wooden lanterns add a bright note on a winter’s day. When the holidays are over, removing the ornaments and bows will keep this design looking fresh until spring.

Tip: Choose outdoor containers wisely in cold-winter areas. Terra-cotta and porcelain vessels are prone to cracking in freezing weather. Metal, wood, breglass, resin and concrete are better for wintry conditions.

Outdoor spaces can feel a little bare once winter arrives. ere isn’t the abundance of blooming plants and outdoor accessories that enhance porches, patios and decks the rest of the year. But you can still ensure these spots are welcoming — and attractive when viewed from the inside. Consider these ideas for refreshing your outdoor spaces.

2. Keep ings Cozy

Lure guests outside with a comfortable and inviting place to sit. row in a blanket or two to nish the space. Just make sure the fabrics you choose can handle what Mother Nature throws at them — from snow to heavy rain to bright sunlight — or store them when not in use. An abundance of throw pillows and a thick pad make this built-in bench in front of the re more inviting.

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3. Brighten Winter Days and Nights

Augment your outdoor lighting to counteract winter’s darker days and long nights. Plug-in, battery-operated or solar-powered lights can go a long way in turning an otherwise dark space into an inviting retreat. String lights are a good place to start but explore other ideas as well.

4. Warm ings Up

Take the chill out of being outside with heaters. Portable patio heaters are a good way to extend your time on a patio or deck, especially one that’s open to the sky.

You’ll nd a variety of designs available, from small to large and from traditional to modern.

Adding a mounted heater to an overhead structure or along a wall can raise the comfort level of a more enclosed outdoor space. You can hire a pro to wire them into the space or nd plug-in model

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Your local window factory years of making windows in Powell River BC 35 Improve your home this year with Modern windows and doors Get your quote today 604.989.0341 jamesf@modern.ca modern.ca A local, family run disposal bin service, covering the entire Sunshine Coast and Islands. t bin r e n t a l s • Bins ranging in size from small 2 yard bins to large 50 yard bins and many in between • With 3 di erent sizes of trucks,we can t into any spot and handle the largest loads • No job too big, no job too small • Good for all projects: new construction, renovations, demolition, house and yard renovations, rock and concrete, drywall, roo ng or anything else Sunshine Coast ’s Waste Removal Specialists SHIPPING CONTAINER & PERIMETER FENCE RENTALS AVAILABLE 604-740-2749 •  coastbinrentals.ca Call Tyler for a quote today @Home on the Coast | 10

5. Celebrate the Season

Add festive decor that will feel at home throughout the colder months. A mix of deeper reds and evergreen plants can take you from December to March. e colours can also help warm up a space, as seen in this Wisconsin sun porch, enriching it during winter.

6. Light

a Fire

Curl up in front of a replace. It’s the quintessential winter activity that reaches new levels when the replace is outdoors. Just provide plenty of blankets and hot drinks, then let people settle in and enjoy the ames.

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Tips for Choosing a Home Builder

Planning on building a new home on the coast? The fi rst thing you’ll need to do is fi nd a reliable local home builder who is able to see your project through from start to fi nish. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a home builder:

1. Check Their Experience and Expertise

You want to ensure that the home builder you choose has the experience and expertise to handle your project. Ask them how long they have been in business and if they have worked on projects similar to yours. Also, ask for references so you can talk to other customers who have used their services.

2. Make Sure Your Home Builder is Licensed and Insured

We are stating the obvious here, but only consider a builder who is licensed and insured in case anything goes wrong during the project. Ask to see their license and insurance documents and ensure they are up to date.

4. Get a Quote in Writing from Your Home Builder

Once you have chosen a home builder, ensure you get a written quote. It will help avoid surprises down the line and give you something to refer back to if there are any issues. Make sure they itemize it so you know what you are paying for.

3. Ask About Their Process Understanding how the home builder you choose works and their process for renovating or building a new home is crucial. Make sure you are comfortable with their process and that it ts your needs. For example, if you want to be involved in the design process, you need to make sure that the builder you choose o ers this option.

5. Ask About Warranty and Guarantee

It’s important to make sure that your home builder o ers a warranty or guarantee on their work. It will protect you if anything goes wrong a er the project is completed.

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Quality Construction Materials for the SUNSHINE Coast STOCKWELL GROUP OF COMPANIES www.centralcoastconcrete.ca READY-MIX @Home on the Coast | 13

What is Cheaper: Building or Buying a House?

The cost of renovating or building a new home will vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the project, the materials used, and the location. In general, however, building a new home is usually more expensive than buying an existing one. It is because you have to factor in the cost of land, as well as the cost of construction.

When deciding whether to build or buy a new home, it’s important to factor in all the costs involved. It will help you to make the best decision for your needs. A good home builder will be able to provide you with a competitive quote.

Tips on How To Stay Within Your Budget

When Building a New Home

No one wants to blow their budget when building a new home. But with the costs of construction and land prices on the rise, it can be tricky to stay within your budget. Here are some tips to help you:

• Have a realistic budget: To begin with, if you want to stay within your budget, you need to have a real one. It means knowing exactly how much you can afford to spend and factoring in all the costs involved.

• Shop around for quotes: Don’t just accept the fi rst quote you get from a home builder. Instead, get multiple

quotes from different builders, and compare them to fi nd the best deal.

• Choose quality over quantity: It’s better to choose quality over quantity when building a new home. It means choosing materials and features that will last rather than opting for the cheapest option.

• Be flexible with your design: If you have a specific design, you may have to compromise on some of your other requirements, such as the size of the home or the materials. But, if you are willing to be flexible with your design,

you may be able to stay within your budget.

• Don’t overcapitalize: When building a new home, it’s important to remember that you may not get your money back if you sell it in the future. So don’t overcapitalize on your home by spending more than you can afford.

When choosing the right home builder, it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions. By following these tips, you can make sure that you nd a reliable and a ordable builder. e building or renovating of a new home can be a daunting task, but with the help of the right home builder, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us know if you need any help nding the perfect home builder for your needs.

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www.EcoFab.ca • 604 989-8184 Affordable / Modern Designs / Energy Efficient Laneway Homes / Cabins / Residences Sunshine Coast Proud Supporter of ecofabmodular @Home on the Coast | 15
We are, licensed, insured & all employees are bonded. Scoka Gardens * design * hardscape/softscape installation * hedges - installation & maintenance * lawn installation, renovation & lawn cutting * artificial turf * redesign & revitalizing gardens * pruning - perennials, fruit & specimen trees * fences, pergolas * Allan Block certified * ICPI certified - pavers & flagstone * retaining walls & drainage * year round property maintenance scokagardens.com • 604-740-7770 • scott@scokagardens.com from installation to year round maintenance. WE ARE dedicated to the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. @Home on the Coast | 16

The foundation of Vertu Construction is based upon our experienced and dynamic team, driven to consistently achieve superior results through all aspects of the construction and development process. The key to our success is working with clients who share the same values of integrity, innovation and quality.

info@vertuconstruction.com 604 562 4006 www.vertuconstruction.com

Sunshine Coast Community Services is raising much-needed funds to develop a long-term and sustainable solution to help address poverty, homelessness, hunger and crime. The Building Together development will include 34 units of affordable housing, crisis response, support and prevention programs - all in one location. These resources will be accessible to all Sunshine Coast community members and will play a critical role in the health and wellbeing of our entire community.

CRIME. POVERTY HUNGER. HOMELESSNESS. Together we make change. @Home on the Coast | 17
donate. Your donation today will help us build a healthy and thriving Coast for all.


People are living healthier, more active, and more prosperous lives than at any other time in history, and they are living longer. Improved healthcare has increased our life expectancy but with age comes the need to modify our surroundings to support the activities of daily living.

Where we live is a central component of our well-being and quality of life. Our homes are the setting in which many of our basic physical, social and psychological needs are met. As people age they generally prefer to stay in their current communities and homes. In doing so, the predicament is that the home may not be suitable for their changing physical needs.

The term “aging-in-place” refers to this social and demographic challenge. While this term may seem specific to a certain category of age or ability, aging is progressive meaning it is continuous. Taking a holistic approach that will improve functionality and minimize impediments in the physical environment for all occupants who live or visit the home can help to create supportive “ageless” environments that are healthy and safe.

Changes in vision, hearing, strength, and colour perception affect how we experience the physical environment. As a result, some of the common modifications clients make to their homes to accommodate these changing needs include:

• Quality and quantity of lighting in the design. For example, increasing ambient lighting, specifically recessed lighting, can help to spread light particularly in open-plan areas. Additionally, brightening high traffic areas, including outdoor areas, can help to improve safety around the home.

• Improved access and circulation around the home. For example, ramping landscapes to the home, providing lowbarrier thresholds at the garage and front entrance, and increasing door and corridor widths can make day-to-day task like bringing in the groceries much easier. And, for homes that are multi-level, planning that provides preframed shaft s for future lift s can ensure easy and efficient access across all areas of the home.

• Preparing spaces for alternate use and multiples routines. For example, a built-in seat in a shower may limit the use of the shower area for standing, leaning, or even washing the dog. A spacious, open, less defi ned shower would allow more manoeuvring and provide alternative uses for varied routines.

• Reduced maintenance and convenience features. For example, integration of smart home technologies such as automated lighting, video doorbells, smart thermostats, and home monitoring systems can make a big difference to comfort and security.

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The key to planning an “ageless” home is planning for vitality. Places where people remain engaged with their families, hobbies, and friends. Places where people can age gracefully and continue to thrive later in life. From a planning perspective the same strategies are relevant whether you are downsizing in an urban setting, exploring options for multi-generational living, relocating to rural life, or adapting a primary residence.

Planning to remain in your present home as long as possible is much easier to establish at age 50 than age 70. Whether it is a new build or a modification of your existing home, significant energy will be needed for the project. But if thoughtfully planned, the result can be a home which adapts to your future needs. Th is means you may be able to enjoy your home for many more years without the pressure to relocate due to physical limitations.

In addition to people living longer more active lifestyles, the recent years have also forced us to see our homes in a radically new light. Consumers are understanding the value of living in healthy environments and decisions regarding our well-being have shift ed from elective to essential.

Collaborating with a team that are experienced in design and construction intended to achieve the goals of an “ageless” home can help to establish strategies and techniques for creating attractive, barrier-free living space for your future including information about building codes and standards, useful products and resources as well as the costs and time required.

Vertu Construction Ltd. offers a wide range of services including Pre-Construction, Consulting, Design-Build, Owner’s Representation, General Contracting, and Project Recovery. This specialized suite of offerings allows for tailoring the right services required to support a variety of project requirements and owner’s needs. For more information visit: www.vertuconstruction.com @Home on the Coast | 19

Home Bars for the New Year

Few things make hosting a party more e cient and lively than a dedicated home bar, and there are many ways to serve up a pretty and practical drink station. Here are a few creative ideas to make your New Year’s renovation project a focal point for entertaining.

Tower Power

is bar sits close enough to the kitchen to keep guests feeling like part of the action but far enough away from the work triangle to keep them out of the cook’s way.

A cabinet tower in a sophisticated black paint stores liquor bottles and glasses. Glass-front doors allow guests to quickly see what they need. Light wood drawers and oating shelves so en the look.

Pattern Play

A small bar doesn’t have to skimp on style. In fact, it’s a great place to splurge on materials like tile and cabinetry that might be too costly in a larger project.

Cra y Corner

is corner bar has a lot going for it. A custom glass wine cellar stands to the le . ere’s also a beverage fridge, bar sink and ice maker. Plus, it’s got style. Brass sconces wash the fully tiled wall, bringing out texture. Light wood shelves, ooring and wall detailing warms up the look. And navy blue cabinets anchor the space in color.

Bright Brick

LED lights installed underneath oating shelves and crown molding highlight this bar’s reclaimed-brick veneer backsplash. White cabinets and antique mirror cabinet doors bounce even more light around. Also included are an ice machine, a bar sink and a beverage fridge.


and Handsome

is bar nook features mixed marble slab countertops and backsplash with dark walls and light wood to create a handsome look in a compact setup. Fluted cabinet fronts and diagonal veining in the backsplash help emphasize the height of the area rather than the slim width.

Reprinted courtesy of Houzz
@Home on the Coast | 20

Bold and Beautiful

Dark blue cabinets draw attention to this wet bar and warm metal tones found in the elegant mosaic backsplash — and picked up in the hardware and plumbing —might have guests lingering a bit longer.

Lounge Act

Moody gray cabinets (Temptation by Benjamin Moore), quartzite countertops and a backsplash made from old tin ceiling tiles set into a wall of rustic planks creates high-impact style. Meanwhile, a EuroCave wine cooler, a smaller beverage fridge, an ice maker and a sink make it all functional.

Wonder Wall

is single-wall wet bar used the same slab material for the countertop and backsplash to create a dramatic yet classy look. Dark blue cabinets complement tones found in the slabs, and the brass hardware and faucet punctuate the stylish setup. Meanwhile, a dishwasher, wine fridge and ice maker lend tons of function.

Raising the Bar

is basement bar has a high-end look with deep blue cabinets (Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore), marble-look quartz countertops, a geometric tile backsplash and he y wood shelving. e open shelves, glass-front cabinets and acrylic pulls keep things from looking too imposing.

Strategic Storage

Plenty of storage was a major consideration in this bar with clever rollouts that organize bottles in a convenient way. A beautiful glass tile backsplash, lit from above, adds an iridescent touch.

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Bene ts of Accessory Dwelling Units

ANaccessory dwelling unit is a really simple and old idea: having a second small dwelling right on the same grounds (or attached to) your regular single-family house, such as:

• an apartment over the garage

• a modular house (on a foundation) in the backyard

• a basement apartment

Regardless of its physical form, legally an ADU is part of the same property as the main home. It cannot be bought or sold separately, as a condominium or a dwelling on wheels might be. The owner of the ADU is the owner of the main home.

Though accessory dwellings are not a new idea (think of the carriage houses

you see in fine old Vancouver homes), they fell out of favour in the middle of the 20th century. Now, however, they’re coming back, and they have lots of names. Planners call them ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), but they’re also known as granny flats, inlaw suites, laneway houses, secondary dwelling units, etc.

People build them for lots of reasons, but some of the most common is to generate income via rent, create additional space for artistic endeavours, a workshop, a yoga studio, or maybe house a family member.

Flexibility in housing makes sense for environmental, lifestyle, and financial reasons. If you have a reasonably sized house, and a smaller-sized

ADU, you’ll have several options along with some social benefits as well. You could have your best friend, your mother, or your grown kid, live with you. This kind of flexibility and informal support could really help as our population ages.

Here are 10 ways an ADU can support you in your retirement:

1 Create Housing Flexibility: Live in either your primary residence or your ADU, selecting the housing type best suited to your current space and accessibility needs, and swapping as needed. Throughout your lifetime your ADU could serve as an office, a guest house, or a short- or long-term rental.

@Home on the Coast | 22

2 Live Close to Family: Coordinate with your grown children so you live in one unit and they (and potentially their children) live in the other. Support each other in daily life, which may include: childcare, grocery shopping, home repairs, cooking, gardening, companionship, etc.

3 Age In Place: Design an ADU for accessibility so you can age in place in the community you already know and love.

4 Secure Additional Income from a Long-Term Rental: Rent out either your ADU or your primary dwelling, securing additional income to supplement your fixed retirement income from Social Security, pension, and savings. Rental income will likely keep up with inflation better than your fixed income and could enable you to remain on your

property, even if you might otherwise be priced out of your neighbourhood.

5 Host Friends & Family: Make your ADU a guest suite, providing a place for friends and family to stay nearby without them being underfoot during their visit.

6 Rent Short-Term: If your community allows it, you could also rent your ADU shortterm, meeting new people from around the world, while bringing in additional income.

7 Downsize to Maximize Your Time & Energy: Downsize into your ADU, reducing the costs, time, and energy of maintaining a larger household.

8 Have a Caretaker Nearby: Live in either your ADU or your primary dwelling and offer the other to a caretaker, friend, or family

member who can provide support, companionship, and (potentially) rental income, enabling you to retain your independence as long as possible.

9 Increase Your Property’s Value: Take comfort in knowing that you’ve likely increased the value of your property so that when the time comes to sell or pass it on to your children your property is a more valuable asset than it was before you created your ADU.

10 Travel With Your ADU as Home Base: Rent out your primary dwelling long-term and make your ADU your home base, while travelling the world.

For more information on local bylaws and how you can have an energy-efficient and affordable ADU installed on your property here on the Sunshine Coast, contact EcoFab Modular homes. ( see the ad on the page 31)

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Microgreens are a trend that I am happy to see gaining more interest. They take up minimal space and with little effort, you can have fresh greens year-round. Microgreens are freshly sprouted seedlings grown in shallow soil. They are meant to be grown and then harvested within around 2-3 weeks. Sprouts are similarly grown with just water with an even shorter growing timeline of 4-5 days.

Microgreens require a warm place to grow and need to be placed in a bright location after germination to produce compact nutrient-rich greens to enjoy.

• Find 2 shallow dishes 1-2 inches deep, that stack together nicely.

• Fill the dish with some seedling soil,

leaving at least a ¼ inch of space to the lip of the dish.

• Mist your the soil to the point of being damp to the touch.

• Spread your microgreen seeds, think of the top of a cupcake when spreading the seeds you want nice and even coverage.

• Sprinkle a little soil over the seedlings, so they are slightly covered.

• Mist the seedlings gently again.

• Gently place the second dish on top of the dish containing the seeds.

• Check your seedlings daily and if the soil is dry to the touch then give them a gentle mist.

• Leave the second dish on the surface of the seedlings until they start to lift the top dish, it is pretty neat to see!

• To harvest your micro-greens use a pair of scissors to trim them off and enjoy.

• Start a fresh tray weekly to have greens available to you all year.

There are specific micro-green seed packages available to purchase but you can use your leftover seeds from last year to create your blend. Seeds such as Beets, Radish, Lettuce, Amaranth, sunflower and many more make excellent microgreens.

Happy Growing – Angela

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One bed / one bathroom, level entry home Beautiful back yard Excellent strata management Flat, central location Cats ok! Dogs up to 18” at shoulder ok! More at www.767north.ca Asking $429,000! Large, fenced backyard Easy walk to amenities Asking $969,000 More at www.gibsonsrancher.ca 1043 Goddard Road - Gibsons Built in 2008 10 out of 10 here! Walk to the beach Asking $1,299,000 More at www.robertscreekhome.ca Main home w/suite and studio building Many recent upgrades and improvements Double sized lot 140 degree views! Asking $1,649,000 Sold at $1,594,500 SOLD Lovely views Fantastic location & easy to build Asking $549,000 More at www.gibsonsviewlot.ca 101 - 93 8 Gibson s Way, Gibson s BC V0 N 1V 9 www.coastlifestyles.ca Fa c e bo o k: Coa s t L i fe s t yl e s N e t wo rk o f f i c e 6 0 4 - 8 8 6 -2670 R u s s Q u re s h i Jon McRae PREC 604-741-7119 russ@coastlifestyles.ca 604-740-6263 jon@coastlifestyles.ca Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 9-5 • Sunday & Holidays 10-4 5534 Sechelt Inlet Cresent, Sechelt SHOP ONLINE 24-7 CURBSIDE PICK-UP AVAILABLE www.deluxelandscaping.com 604 885 9070 @Home on the Coast | 26

$Tips on Buying a Home While Interest Rates are Rising

Recent interest rate hikes equate to needing a higher annual income to qualify for the same mortgage amount as a mere six months ago. A typical home buyer with a $100,000 household income at the beginning of the year would qualify for around a $525,000 purchase with a 20% down payment. Right now that amount has dropped down to a purchase of $450,000 with increased interest rates and qualification rates. So what can a new homebuyer do?

Put more money down. Cut down on discretionary spending or ask your folks for help with a gifted down payment. Take money from your savings, investments or RRSP. Insured high-ratio mortgages typically carry a lower interest rate vs a higher-rate conventional mortgage. This can mean that you qualify for a mortgaged amount with lower monthly payments.

Look at government subsidies and incentives for homebuyers.

Improve your credit score. A higher credit score is easier to qualify with, and can sometimes get you a better rate.

Apply for a variable rate vs the higher fixed rate (higher qualification rate for fixed rates).

Take a longer amortization period Amortizing your mortgage over a longer period will reduce your monthly

payments and allow you to qualify for a higher mortgage amount

Minimize your overall debt. If you want to go out and buy a fancy new car then do it after your home purchase. It’s much smarter to invest in appreciating assets than depreciating assets.

Put a little sweat equity into it. Buy something with “good bones” and a smart layout. You can always paint yourself, replace cabinet doors, add a garage or develop the basement later.

Buy with someone else. Pick carefully and make sure it’s a good fit, but buying your first home with someone else can put you into homeownership much earlier than if you wait to do it on your own.

Look for the deals. A good real estate agent can advise you on where and how to find good value. Consider talking to your accountant, financial advisor, mortgage broker and real estate agent first to make sure these things are done properly and fall under the rules of the CRA and your chosen lender.

For more information on buying or selling your next home on the Sunshine Coast contact Russ Qureshi at 604 741-7119 or Jon McRae at 604 740-6263

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Sunshine Coast

OnDecember 3rd Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast celebrated the completion of a brand new fourplex building and the arrival of three new families at the Habitat Sunshine Village in Wilson Creek. This fourplex is the final building in the Habitat Sunshine Village project which includes six duplexes plus the newly completed fourplex.

The existing twelve families in the Village were joined by special guests and dignitaries to welcome three new families to the Village. The final suite in the fourplex is a wheelchairaccessible suite and Habitat is still seeking a low-income working family for the suite.

Dave Taylor, Chair of the Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coasts’ Board of Directors - “We are delighted to

Habitat Welcomes New Families

unique modular fourplex, the first of its kind we have undertaken. The homes in this building are truly a gift of support from the Sunshine Coast community to our own low-income working families who just need a hand up, not a handout.”

This project was made possible in part through an investment by the Government of Canada through the National Housing Strategy’s (NHS) National Housing Co-Investment Fund, under the direction of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Province of British Columbia, British Columbia Housing Management Commission (BC Housing)

In early 2023 Habitat for Humanity will be completing the final site elements and will organize a major

the Habitat Sunshine Village.

About Habitat for Humanity Sunshine Coast

We bring communities together to help families build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable housing. With the help of volunteers and generous donors, we build decent and affordable homes that provide a solid foundation for local families to build better, healthier lives.

Habitat Housing Program participants volunteer 500 hours of community work to join the program and their housing costs are geared to their income, never paying more than 30% of their gross income for shelter. The affordable housing payments in part go into a fund that will be paid out to the family when

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604-885-8889 Toll Free: 1-877-299-9492 1945 Field Rd. Wilson Creek VISIT OUR WEBSITE! WWW.SUNCOBUILDING.COM SUNco BUILDING MATERIALS LTD. Visit Our Warehouse Showroom with Your Measurements! 100’S IN STOCK • ALL SIZES& STYLES• GREAT PRICES CASH & CARRY or WE INSTALL! • FREE ESTIMATES We are the Sunshine Coastʼs #1 Source for & DOORS WINDOWS ALSO CUSTOM DOORS, WINDOWS & GLASS! SOLAR POWER FOR INDUSTRY, HOME & VEHICLE S OL A R B C! G O GoSolarBC .com GoSolar B C .com BC’S LARGEST SOLAR INSTALLATION COMPANY! Alternative Power Systems SAVE MONEY. SAVE THE PLANET. E L E C T R I C O L S O N O L T D A D I V I S I O N O F S U N S H I N E C OA S T • LOW E R M A I N L A N D • F R A S E R VA L L E Y THE OLSON GROUP OF COMPANIES NE C HI O S A N S U T S Fire Protection Di d v t i L si c o i n ctr o e f O E O L S O N E L E C T R I C L T D E L E C T R I C Alternative Power Systems R E N O VAT I N G O R B U I L D I N G N E W? Talk to us now! ASK US ABOUT LEVEL 2 EV CHARGERS! Call Today for an On-Site Evaluation 604.885.0599 • 1.855.888.0599 NOWPLANFOR SPRING! CLEAN, RENEWABLE, AFFORDABLE ENERGY @Home on the Coast | 29
Elkhorn Baker Robson $106,000 Fairmont Blackcomb $125,000 Garibaldi Cabins Residences Laneway Homes www.EcoFab.ca • 604 989-8184 ecofabmodular Elkhorn 308 SQFT $97,000 Baker 364 SQFT Robson 448 SQFT $106,000 $121,000 Fairmont 532 SQFT Blackcomb 532 SQFT $125,000 $125,000 Garibaldi 308 SQFT $99,000 Cabins Residences Laneway Homes www.EcoFab.ca • 604 989-8184 ecofabmodular @Home on the Coast | 30
* Includes delivery to the Sunshine Coast * Built to CSA Z-240 standards to comply with all local building code requirements for the Coast. @Home on the Coast | 31
Fairmont Baker Robson
The Red Leaves 2 PLAN OF THE MONTH | OCTOBER 2021 WIDTH: 60 | DEPTH: 34 | MAIN FLOOR: 1458| LOWER FLOOR: 1458 | UPPER FLOOR: 263 |TOTAL LIVING AREA: 3179| DECK/PORCH: 188 | TOTAL AREA: 3367 Planning to build? View the hundreds of plans and designs on our website to get started. linwoodhomes.com !"#$%&#'()*+%"#(,(-.+&#(/(0$&1223(42*"#(0536 The Red Leaves 2 UPPER FLOOR The Red Leaves 2 features 3 bedrooms and open loft space. It was designed for a previous charity lottery prize home. Square Footage MAIN FLOOR 1458 UPPER FLOOR 263 BASEMENT 1458 TOTAL LIVING AREA 3179 GARAGE 0 COVERED ENTRY/PORCH 48 BALCONY/ DECK 140 TOTAL AREA 3367 Dimensions WIDTH 48 DEPTH 140 Contact us today for a price quote or details: linwoodhomes.com/ask • 1-888-546-9663 BENCHMARK: The Benchmark Home Package includes full custom concept design, construction plans, technical support, and all the materials required to build the structure of your home to the lock-up stage. MAIN FLOOR ROOF TYPE: Multiple beams with vaulted ceilings CEILING HEIGHTS: 8’ main floor, vaulted main floor & upper floor LOWER FLOOR Authorized Distributors Of 604-989-8184 www.EmeraldForestHomes.ca info@EmeraldForestHomes.ca Contact your Linwood consultant for details, or call: U.S. & Canada: 1-888-546-9663 The Summersweet PLAN OF THE MONTH | MARCH 2021 WIDTH: 68 | DEPTH: 52 | MAIN FLOOR: 1919 | UPPER FLOOR: N/A | TOTAL LIVING AREA: 1919| ENTRY AND PORCH: 509 | GARAGE: 692 | TOTAL AREA: 3120 Planning to build? View the hundreds of plans and designs on our website to get started. linwoodhomes.com !"#"!$ %"&'()*#++& ,'-'-!*#++& .'/01$%+)$# 2$,#++&*34 2$,#++&*35 60#$$-$, 7+#01 0+89, 7+#01 &"6/$# 2$,#++& 2"/1 #++& (":-,#) 1"(( ;"61#++& 0+8$#$, 7+#01 $-6:'/$ ;<'<0< !"#$%&'(() %*+*+%,-./0. 1223)%&'(() 4%,-./0. 5(5"'%")3"6%*+*+%,-./0. 7#8596%:;<=4> 832596%?@<=4> emeraldforesthomes
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