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Selecting The Right Bed Sheet For A Comfortable Sleep

There used to be a time when bed sheets were just plain white cotton goods. If you are from the same era, go out to the market and evaluate the very many options available. Right from the colors, patterns, sizes to customized graphics, there are just plenty of fish in the river.

Selecting the right bed sheet is vital. Consider the following steps before you go out and buy sheets in wholesale: The Size Of Your Bed

What size is your bed? Is it a king size bed, queen or a twin size bed? Ideally, with every different brand the measurement of a king size bed or a twin size bed varies and therefore; it is imperative to have an actual measurement of your bed. Take the dimension from top and bottom. Also, consider the thickness of the mattress and side to side margins. Before ordering it online or jumping out to your nearest shop, do check out the size from all possible corners.

Go To A Good Store

There are many retailers who provide both, online and offline services. Decide upon your requirement whether you want a name-brand sheet or house-brand sheet, as depending on this you can pick the best store. Check the various patterns, colors, prices and quality before deciding to purchase. There are certain discount stores that offer a great deal of discount on wholesale towels and bed sheets, try to resort to such stores if price is a problem for you.

Thread Counts

It really does! Thread counts are really important for a better feel. Right in front of the brand name, manufacturer will mention the number of thread counts in the bed sheet. Thread counts means the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. The higher the thread count, the more lustrous the feel of a fabric. Ideally go for a thread count above 220 and don’t settle down for anything less than 170.

Choose A Good Fabric

If sleeping comfortably is your desire, look no further than a blend of fabrics making your life heavenly. Flannel, Satin or Silk is popular these days. Cotton is widely accepted, however; they might wrinkle soon. Buy sheets in wholesale to make it more affordable. Egyptian cotton is equally prominent among buyers from cold locations. Good fabrics might cost you a little premium, but you will not regret it after buying.

Check The Laundry Instructions The cleanliness process and drying methods differ from one sheet to another. If you buy silk sheets, cleaning them every week is a mandate. It is better to care about your bed sheets, the way manufacturer demands. Failing to do so, no matter you have selected the best sheet, it will soon stop giving you the desired pleasure. The same is the case when you buy wholesale towels.

Summing it all up, these are the few steps to evaluate before buying a new sheet. Additionally, confirm that the sheets do not shrink after the first wash. Now you are ready for an 8 hour luxurious sleep.

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Selecting the Right Bed Sheet for a Comfortable Sleep  
Selecting the Right Bed Sheet for a Comfortable Sleep  

There used to be a time when bed sheets were just plain white cotton goods. If you are from the same era, go out to the market and evaluate...