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Welcome to the very first issue of Homebarn - Living With Vintage. It’s no secret that all of us here love botanical style and find inspiration in all things vintage, flora and fauna. This book is a collaboration between interiors stylist Caroline

Davis and Sarah and Sally Wilkie of Homebarn, all of whom share a passion for the world of botanical and vintage. Join this collaborative and creative journey, which we hope will help to inspire you to bring a touch of vintage into the home and workspace.

The beauty of deconstruction Be inspired by the beauty of aged paintwork, timeworn textiles, torn paper and frayed edges.

and twine;Â every one a little piece of potting shed history. ***

Enjoy the textured beauty of the reverse of a vintage oil canvas. Each matchbox is a little treasure, containing a paper parcel of seeds wrapped in 1920’s newspaper

Single stems, leaves, branches and seed heads make simple and striking displays using vintage apothecary jars and laboratory vessels. View: Vintage Glass

Garden Studio Create a striking typographical mood-board inspired by spending time in the garden getaway. Rusty engineering tools, artists’ brushes, powder paints and vintage graphics create the perfect picture. View: Vintage Graphic Items

*** Salvaged shutters are at their best with layered and peeling paintwork on show, making the perfect backdrop to the vintage 1950’s Coca-Cola crates, stacked with beautiful emerald green Windsor & Newton powder paints. View: Vintage Crates

brown paper packages There is a visual feast in discarded books and vintage ledgers, with spines removed and tattered bindings on show.

and green display: vintage ceramic marmalade pots or empty paint tins create unique indoor herbarium. ***

Frayed and unraveled, with yellowing pages, they are stacked high as the perfect showcase for woodland plants, cacti and miniature succulents. Look to the art cupboard or pantry for quirky containers and alternative vessels for floral

Even the tiniest of packages can be seen as works of art. Use vintage newspaper, magazine pages, sewing patterns and even wallpaper to make unique and quirky giftwrapping.

elevating ideas Found objects from discarded antique drawers to vintage fruit crates give opportunity to display treasured items such as Victorian bottles and vials. Pretty displays are created with tiny succulents or woodland fern cuttings in antique poison bottles and inkwells. Reminiscent of Joseph Cornell style, produce an

ever-changing artwork without the formality of framing. *** Contrast is found in the fragile and weathered by introducing contemporary materials such as a modernist concrete bowl, filled with miniature succulents for a relaxed display.

In the frame Weathered frames with layered, peeling paintwork have a history and beauty of their own. Hung dried flowers and stems create a less conventional piece of artwork. Old frames have unique charm and character, prop against a wall and add favorite objects as a focal point to the display.

a visual story An old crate, baker’s tray or vintage shoebox, painted or backed with aged paper become a beautiful showcase for a personal story.

View: Victorian Bottles View: Reclaimed Frames

flights of fancy Dispense with the norm and forego the traditional side table. A stack of well-travelled leather luggage adds drama to a simple display of single stems.

Unique storage Resist the temptation to re-polish and repaint. This recipe index box, once a tool chest for nuts and bolts has been re-purposed as kitchen storage. The original labels, dents

and rust add to the beautiful layered patina of this unique tin chest. View: Vintage storage ideas

hang loose Create an industrial style vignette with a plant re-potted into a vintage jelly mould and displayed on an old industrial stool. Portable lighting adds nautical style using a pulley light made with vintage style braided wire, time worn rope and a beautiful bulb. Simply hang from a ceiling or wall hook for a stunning contemporary look. View: Pulley Lights

Portraits & Canvases A rolled and neglected oil canvas has the most interesting texture that should be celebrated and displayed, rather than hidden away. A portrait of a period gentleman adds a quintessential, formal finishing touch to a masculine dressing room or bathroom. View: Victorian Poison Bottles

a table top vignette Tell a story with your favoured trinkets and treasures in a tabletop display. Show off plumes of feathers in Victorian bottles and re-pot

succulents into vintage tins. Illuminate with free-form pendant lights complete with a vintage style light bulb.




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concept, photography & styling by caroline davis

The Homebarn showroom is based in Buckinghamshire and is open six days a week. The 17th century tithe barn is situated on the beautiful banks of the River Thames and is close to some of the most celebrated country pubs and restaurants in the UK. We also have an online shop where you can view our constantly changing, unique stock.

Caroline Davis is one of the UK's most renowned freelance interiors stylists who has produced work for top national high street brands, magazines and newspapers for over 15 years.

Many of our stock items may be hired for a weekly fee. It is also possible to use the interior of the barn and its contents as a location. For all enquiries please call: +44 (0) 1628 474 011 or email

Caroline founded the celebrated Trend Daily Blog, featuring her styling and photography and is currently writing her first book. All photography Š Caroline Davis

Homebarn - living with vintage Volume 1  
Homebarn - living with vintage Volume 1