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Realtor Bill Brown’s Life and Work In Key West, Florida…

By Anthony Calderon

“A Playground for Gods and Mortals” Key West, Florida, the southernmost city in the United States. The great tip of our magnificent country. The dot on America’s exclamation mark to the world. In Key West all roads lead to paradise. Golfing, sailing, kayaking – this is part of everyday life in Key West. And, if you were so inclined, you could even swim with Dolphins there, as opposed our normal practice in Hollywood of swimming with sharks… And how many cities do you know of that have a daily “Sunset Celebration,” as Key West has in Mallory Square everyday. Sure, we Angelenos celebrate at the end of each day, but only because we’re glad we survived it… There is an allure to Key West. A glamour. A charm. And if you think I’m just reciting a thesaurus, ponder this: how is it that a city so small could have enough magnetism to draw in and hypnotize two of our Nation’s greatest writers to its island beauty? The writers, of course, are Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams. Tennessee completed his Pulitzer Prize winning play “A Streetcar Named Desire” while living in Key West. That’s enough,



right there, for me to pack my bags and move to Key West… For most of my friends, however, the prospect of visiting Jimmy Buffett’s original Margaritaville would be more of an impetus for them…but this is my fourth day of sobriety, so no Buffett songs for me, thank you very much… The wonderful thing about Key West is that there really is something for everyone… If Las Vegas is considered by many to be sin city, most people look at Key West as the Garden of Eden – but don’t be fooled, on Key West’s famous Duval Street, the bar and restaurant district located in Old Town Key West, you can find plenty of trouble to get in to, if that’s what you want… New Town Key West is where you find more of the Big City fixtures like the retail malls and the shopping centers, sports arenas, and the Key West International Airport—what Big City would be complete without an airport? But Old Town with its amazing mix of the “historic” and the “modern” is what the hundreds of thousands of tourists who flock to Key West every year are really

coming to see… A magical part of the island where parades, pageants, festivals and celebrations occur so frequently it makes New Orleans look like the Midwest… Key West Real Estate Agent Bill Brown enjoys the envied life of having his passion for his work and his home fused into, as Bob Marley would put it, “One Love.” For Bill, selling real estate on Key West is the easiest thing in the world to do, because he believes in the product. Unlike Agents here in Los Angeles, who might live in Burbank and sell homes in Glendale, Bill Brown sells and buys homes for people who could, in a general way, be called his neighbors. When you think about it, it makes Bill a lot more credible, and you believe

the obvious devotion and dedication he applies to his job...but then again, there’s another good reason that explains the commitment you feel Bill has to his properties when he’s talking about them: Bill Brown loves architecture, in general…

Bill’s journey to becoming one of the top Real Estate Agents in Key West, Florida began in North Carolina, when he was studying Graphics Engineering in college, and falling in love with architecture… After graduating he worked for the Government, and though



Key West, Florida…



his job entailed studying building plans and facility blueprints, this wasn’t the kind of architecture he was passionate about… He wanted to work with homes… Then, as is always the case in success stories like these, an opportunity soon arose where someone needed blueprints drawn for a house they were building. Bill jumped at the chance… And then another job to create blueprints for a home being constructed was offered to him, and it was clear to Bill that this was the arena he would be most happy in… Joseph Campbell famously said, “Follow Your Bliss,” and that’s exactly what Bill Brown did… For 15 years Bill sold homes off of Lake Wylie, on both the North and South Carolina borders, being licensed in both States, and almost once a year he would vacation in Key West, Florida… North Carolina was his home, but there was something about Key West that was different than anywhere else he’s ever been… It had a majestic beauty to it… And remember, with all the new luxury homes

being built in Key West, there are home still standing that go back to the turn of the Twentieth Century – for Bill, a man who loved architecture, Key West was looking more and more like a playground of the Gods. His own personal Mount Olympus… So, after years of selling and buying homes in his beloved Carolinas, Bill finally moved to Key West for good – and for those of you who think the “Mount Olympus” title is too “overthe-top,” consider the Personal Island with completely furnished home Bill is now selling for 18 Million… Which brings me to one of the main reasons Bill has always been successful as a Real Estate Agent: he brings the same level of commitment to every client. Bill confessed to me: “It doesn’t matter if I’m selling a home for twohundred thousand, two million, or twenty million dollars; I get the same level of joy in finding the perfect home for all of my clients…” So, in other words, Bill is like

the E-Harmony or Match.Com of the real estate world… He’ll find your “Soul Home.” That home you just click with – and if anybody knows homes inside and out, it’s Bill Brown… In Key West, Bill’s known for his extensive knowledge on all things real estate. Other Agents have been known to call him up to ask the price per square foot on houses in various districts on the island. Bill’s biggest advantage, however, is that he is, as Raymond Chandler would say, “The Genuine Article.” He loves homes. He loves architecture. And he loves what he does and where he lives, and Key West is a small community, so facts like this don’t go unnoticed… Word-of-mouth about Bill’s work in the Real Estate Market seems to get stronger every year… One of his clients is a woman who owned 10 homes in Key West, and Bill handled the transactions on all of them… Then there was a local bartender on Duval Street who Bill helped find her “Perfect Home” – from that moment on, every tourist who came to Key West



Key West, Florida… and ended up in her bar were told as they drank their Hemingway Daiquiri that “If they ever wanted to buy a house in Key West, Bill Brown is the guy to call.” “I keep my customers happy,” Bill tells me in our interview… In the background I can hear the waves of the Atlantic ocean – I think to myself, “If your clients are in Key West right now, odds are they’re already happier than I am” But this isn’t what Bill is talking about. He’s talking about basic manners like returning a prospective client’s phone call… Answering their questions and anticipating their needs… Bill



Brown is a full-time Real Estate Agent. This isn’t something he’s doing while he’s working on his solo music album at night… This is all he does 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – but that’s not an invitation to call him at 3AM… Bill works now with Truman & Company, which is a highly exclusive Global Powerhouse in the Real Estate world… It’s not the kind of place where, as an Agent, you drop off your resume -- you have to be invited and asked to join… The attraction of Key West is multi-layered: it involves the natural beauty of its beaches,

the preservation of its Historic Districts, the relaxed lifestyle of the communities, and the blend of Big City fun with old-fashioned morals and values… So, finding a home there would entail having a Real Estate Agent sensitive to all of these variables… This article is your official invitation to join a community living in, by all accounts, paradise. When you’re ready for that 2nd, 3rd or 4th home, I can think of no better guide for you than Realtor Bill Brown… Hopefully, when you get there, you won’t find me in Margaritaville…



Key West, Florida…







BILL BROWN, Realtor Truman & Co. 1205 Truman Ave Key West, FL 33040 Bill@kwisland.com www.kwisland.com 305-240-1511 Mobile 305-292-2244 Office Ext: 120 305-768-2253 FAX



H ollywood W e e kly-F i lm/TV

The Fall The Fall is the story of a young man, Roy Walker (Lee Pace), bedridden and paralyzed after an accident on the set of the film in which he

was the stuntman. The film takes place in 1915 Los Angeles in a hospital where we find our leading man Mr. Walker and his soon to be sidekick, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru), a young Romanian girl who is also injured from a fall. In an effort to win the young girl over, Walker begins to create elaborate stories filled with great adventure and unique characters. We see these characters through the eyes of the young girl in which her favorite nurse is the leading lady; Justine Waddell as Nurse Evelyn; and the delivery man; Marcus Wesley as Otta Bengais; a great warrior. Walker is not only suffering from broken bones but a broken heart as well. His leading lady left him for the leading man, which leads Walker to thoughts of suicide. When he meets Alexandria he is charmed by her youth and innocence. Unfortunately for Alxandria, he chooses to manipulate this to his advantage by promising to complete the story he began only after she accomplishes a certain task. This task is seen as a mini adventure for the young Alexandria filled with fear and danger; she sneeks into the pharmacy to retrieve the morphine pills that Walker requests. The film is story-telling at its best. Director Tarsem Singh, takes you on a wondrous journey from beginning to end. Much of the film was shot on location in South Africa, India (the director’s homeland) and more than 18 other countries. Visually the film is absolutely stunning, filled with bright colors and an alluring wardrobe the likes of which has not been seen. A beautiful labyrinth and a zig-zag staircase are just a couple of examples of the captivating images. Filmed over the course of four years and often times funded by the director himself, one can see and appreciate the pain staking detail in which Tarsem must have gone through to bring this picture to life. The Fall is only Tarsem’s second film, which



is surprising considering the grandeur of this picture one would expect a more seasoned auteur to have directed it. His first foray into film making was the Jennifer Lopez starring film “The Cell” which is also notable for its remarkable visual effects. Yet, Tarsem is no novice; he has directed many commercials and music videos including R.E.M.’s hit “Losing My Religion” which won an MTV Video Music Award in 1991. With all its eye-catching effects, dazzling scenery, and gorgeous costuming the film would

be nothing without the endearing relationship between actors Lee Pace and Catinca Untaru. To give the film more of an authentic feel much of the dialogue was kept from the genuine exchange between Pace and the six year-old girl, she was given very few scripted lines. To further convey some authenticity to the audience, Pace was kept in a wheelchair for at least some of the filming so that the cast and crew would believe that the actor is indeed handicapped, especially so that young Catinca would interact with Pace as if he was limited in movement.

Catinca portrays Pace’s companion in the hospital and a sidekick of sorts when she appears in the make believe stories from Walker’s imagination. Throughout the film the pair become closer and share a special bond. Just like her namesake Alexander the Great, Catinca as Alexandria becomes a heroine in that she helps Walker conquer a difficult hurdle. The friendship they have is not only unique but uplifting as is the film itself. Tarsem is a visionary and his distinctive style is enough to bring audiences back for more.



the MTV-- What’s Point of

the VMAs? By: Marie Chir

MTV was knows for showing risqué music videos back in the day and now instead of showing videos, the channel has chosen to plug up their schedule with nonsensical reality shows like Paris Hilton’s BFF, The Real World and Bully Beatdown. How on earth are they going to pull off a VMA ceremony when the channel does not even play videos? British comedian, Russell Brand is the host. Last year, he received more jeers than cheers because of his unrelenting virginity comments at the Jonas Brother’s expense. MTV seems to go against their gut instincts and enlist the “flavors of the moment”. Performers include, Katy Perry, Cobra Starship, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Lady Gaga has the “Madonna-Britney vibe” when she performs live and more than likely will tap into those traits while performing “Poker Face”. If MTV can bring the actual art of the music video then the audience will buy into the notion of awarding that art. It is the artist’s job to demonstrate their creativity and voice through the



music video however, they cannot do so when MTV plays reality TV shows instead. The actual art of music videos deserves to be rewarded because of the memorable aspects. It’s a short film about what the artist wanted to say with the lyrics and music. MTV used to embrace this with Best New Artist winners like Eminem. Eminem would be nowhere without MTV (in the beginning)… Looking back at past VMAs before MTV hit the skids brings back memories of Madonna rolling around on the floor in a gown singing “Like a Virgin”. In 2000, her predecessor, Britney Spears captured America’s attention with her wild performance of her hit song, “Oops, I did it again”. Britney took a video with her dancing around in a red cat suit and vamped it up to a sequined, nude costume that captured the attention of parents and 14 year old boys around the world. That is what the VMAs and MTV should go back to representing! Irritation, vomit educing, eyebrow raising reactions are what made the VMAs so fantastic…

what happened, MTV? Commercialism is certainly to blame-- to an extent. Like everyone back in “the good ol’ days” would say that success is measured in dollar signs, not viewers. It’s a combination of the two. You need to have an amazing product in order to sell it. MTV took the focus off the product (the videos) and focused on the Stridex Medicated Acne Pads commercial airtime instead. The was a shift in the demeanor of the target audience as well. After 9/11, the audience was jaded and was not buying into the pop scene that grew the MTV crowd with it’s shows like TRL. Groups like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys built an enormous MTV fan base because of their over-the-top million dollar plus budget music videos. This over-the-top spending spree ending at the turn of the century and thus came the end of celebrating extravagance through the music video. Can the new changes in the country and economy bring the VMAs back to life? Here’s hoping that Russell Brand can pick on someone who has already hit puberty. Lady Gaga can shock the audience with an amazing performance and sweep the awards with her ridiculous videos. The brighter the outlook of the world, the better the VMAs will be. There is a solid chance that if MTV breaks out of the reality rut, MTV will become itself again… playing the music videos of all the top artists of today, tomorrow and future.




Kings Gate Ct. MLS # 933957 TannieLuke REALTY EXECUTIVES 1903 So. Jones Ste. 100 Las Vegas, NV 89146 Ph: 702.873.4500 Fax: 702.221.7355 E-mail: tannieluke@aol.com

This magnificent estate boasts every fabulous and desired amenity imaginable. It’s located on Kings Gate Ct. in the premier guard gated golf course setting of “Queensridge” Truly one of “Las Vegas” finest neighborhoods, adjacent to Summerlin. * Estate Lot of 1.90 acres * Actual living square footage 20120 * Fully furnished turn key * Year Built 2003 * Bedroom or guest suites 8 * Total Baths 12 * Media room with six separate TV’s * Full sized tiered seating theatre room * Game room * Exercise room * Network communications and ample storage room’s * Multiple wet bars and secondary working kitchen * Two presidential studies * Library and lounge * 1st and 2nd floor laundry rooms * Dual wrought-iron floating staircases * Wine room * Butler’s Pantry * Commercial Otis elevator w/600 1lb capacity * “Crestron” home automation * Stone, marble, sculpted carpets & hardwood flooring * Marble and stone baths * Gourmet kitchen with walk-in pantry and cooking island * Custom finished cabinetry throughout * Fully equipped exercise room * Designer glass and Iron doors * Tropical Lanai with specimen palms * Steam showers, jetted tubs * ceiling fans, motorized draperies, shutters * Pocket panel motorized doors * 9 gas fireplaces * Detached guest house * Four view balconies * Dual connected pools * Gated pool area * Indoor fully finished basketball court * Decorative bronze statues * Multiple water features, swim up bar



This outstanding residence should have been built for a king. It is adorned with the finest interior finishes available to the trade. It is impeccably furnished with custom designed furniture, custom built-ins, stone inlay’s and finishes. The exquisite floor plan and architecture takes your breath away. You know you have arrived in style upon entering the privately gated 2 acre compound. There is absolutely nothing left to be desired. Its all hear and more. The dream details and amenities are endless, bring your tooth brush and move in. Price is available upon request. MLS # 933957




Reality Radar with

Sara Alamdar

This Week’s Reality Show Review: Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami Upon watching the series premier of Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami, I realized two things: that the Kardashian sisters are not only enjoyable to watch, but that their adventures seem to intensify with time. A spin-off of the popular Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the new show focuses on the lives of the oldest and youngest sisters as they move to Miami for a few months. It is in Miami that a new level of sexiness is demonstrated by Kourtney and Khloé, whose experiences are documented on a daily basis. First the girls explain that they moved to Miami as single sisters looking to have fun. Khloé gets her own radio show on Miami’s Y100, where she and co-host Terrence spend late nights talking about adult-related activities. Khloé’s first guest on the show is a woman whose expertise is in the field of sex toys, which she further illustrates to listeners by putting a vibrating machine up to the microphone at Khloé’s request so that those outside the studio can hear the action they cannot see. After their first night on the air, the co-hosts of Khloé After Dark decide to celebrate by going out dancing and drinking. Then, as Khloé puts it, “one thing led to another,” and the two of them end up kissing! The next day, Khloé mentions that she is still feeling drunk after waking up, and wonders if she is vulnerable to being sued for sexual harassment, as she is considered Terrence’ boss at the radio station. Meanwhile, the sisters and select DASH employees are busy setting up the new DASH Miami store. DASH store manager Lily



alongside some other employees now has considerable face time on the show. And who else stops by to help open the new store but the one and only Kim Kardashian, who has recently made headlines with her new golden locks. Of course the show wouldn’t be as much fun to watch if Kim and Khloé didn’t display as much cattiness as they did. Khloé accuses Kim of not helping with the store, while Kim, who has dropped in to promote the store and seal some PR deals, defends herself by saying that she is one of the store’s business partners and has the right

to take some credit for its launch. The girls go from bickering at each other to ignoring each other to eventually yelling at each other in front of the two PR guys. Later we see Kim packing her suitcase and announcing that she is going to leave Miami unless Khloé “checks her attitude.” This is where the Kourt system intends to save the day (pun intended), just as Khloé calls Kourtney with the news that again, just as we had once heard on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, their store has undergone vandalism. Hence, Kourtney and Kim show up at the store and Kim and Khloé make nice. Apparently Khloé was touched that Kim offered to paint over the graffiti that was sprayed, while Kourtney chooses to stand aside and look as cute as always.

New Talent Shaun Twiddy

Once the dust settles and right before the store is about to open, all three sisters attend a launch party for DASH Miami as a promotion for their new project. Things are also settled between Khloé and Terrence, who talk about their kiss both on and off the air. Both boss and employee agree that they would like to keep their relationship professional from now on. I must say that the rest of the season seems pretty exciting. We all know by now that Kourtney and Scott are expecting their first child around the holidays, but I for one cannot wait to see how it all goes down… especially since the couple had been broken up for a certain period of time before the pregnancy. And who can forget that clip of Kim upchucking in the toilet after having one too many drinks --- an ironic scene considering she has been quoted as saying she “hate[s]” alcohol. Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami definitely looks promising, and I wouldn’t be surprised if additional seasons followed. Until then, let’s replace that depressing Sunday night feeling with one of excitement as we follow the sisters’ adventures in a new city.

Hair color: black Eye color: brown Height: 4’ 6” Weight: 62 lbs

Aloha, Meet 9-year-old Shaun Twiddy from Hawaii He is an actor, model, singer, ukulele player, bowler and aspiring director By the first grade, he had already gotten a role as an extra on “Lost.” Shaun was very curious about how television shows are produced, and how the cameramen and director work. Shaun’s agent believes Shaun will be the next Ron Howard because of this. He also likes being in front of the camera and meeting new friends.

Cell: (808) 368-7993 HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY jntwiddy@hawaii.rr.com


‘Entourage’ and the American Dream About two years ago, my sister turned me on to the HBO series ‘Entourage,’ and I became a quick fan. At first, I thought it held my attention because it was a male version of ‘Sex and the City’: it was entertaining to see Hollywood from the inside and watch a likeable guy from Queens try to make his way in tinseltown. After watching more episodes, I realized a much deeper message was holding my attention. Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), the protagonist, is an A-list actor struggling to “make it” in Hollywood. As a writer and leadership coach trying to make my way in two very competitive industries, I initially thought I related to Vince on this level – the pursuit of the American dream. As it turns out, I’m not the only one: ‘Entourage’ is President Obama’s favorite TV show, and he even reschedules important meetings to get his fix. At first, I figured Obama and I shared this drive for beating the odds to become A Number One, Top of the List, King of the Hill. I thought this was our solidarity, and the reason we both tuned into Vince’s next challenge, week after week (actually, I rent the DVDs rather than watch ‘Entourage’ on TV, and I must confess I’ve just finished the third season, so this article really applies to the first few years of the show). A few weeks ago, I did a leadership conference for 80 sales directors titled “Success vs. Happiness.” The central quote I built the conference around was: The evening after the conference, I watched another episode of ‘Entourage’ and it hit me: what intrigued me about the show was precisely what I was teaching – Vince has a burning passion to come out on top, but he’s not willing to sacrifice his values or his friends to do so. He has a clear, distinct set of values and will forego opportunities (e.g. movie roles) if they require him to abandon what he believes in.



Vince is also unwaveringly loyal to his friends, all of whom grew up with him in Queens (Executive Producer Mark Wahlberg – whose days as an up-andcoming actor provide the basis for the masterfullywritten story-line by Doug Ellin – insisted on only casting actors who grew up in New York), and brings them along with him wherever he goes, sometimes at the price of short-term career gain. (It’s my guess that Obama relates to these guys because they are out of their element trying to navigate a new and complex environment, much as Obama has been doing his whole life, from growing up biracial and bicultural in Hawaii and Indonesia to going to law school in Cambridge to journeying into the belly of the beast to change the entrenched Washington power structure.) Vince stands by his pizza-boy-cum-manager best friend Eric “E” Murphy (Kevin Connolly) through many of E’s foibles as he grows his sea legs and learns the cutthroat rules of Hollywood. Vince’s brother Johnny “Drama” (Kevin Dillon), a struggling actor who has never experienced anywhere near his level of success, and another childhood friend Salvatore “Turtle” (Jerry Ferrara), help Vince along in his career simply by offering moral support and being unflinchingly loyal to him, as he is to them. The show’s most valued currency is also the glue that keeps the ‘Entourage’ together: trust. As is the case for any successful leader, Vince makes decisions based on who “has his back.” If anyone breaks this tacit code (such as when his caustic yet endearing agent, Ari – probably the wittiest and most well-acted character on television, played by Jeremy Piven, who has won three Best Supporting Actor Emmys for the role – is not straight with him), they’re out. Yet they may be permitted a return to grace, as Vince has a heart of gold and easily forgives those who trespass against him, which is why we like him so

much. Vince’s forgiving nature is reminiscent of The Civil War president who forgave many of his generals for their missteps and allowed Southern states back into the Union with only 10 percent of their citizens taking an oath of loyalty.

you can have it all, actually says it all: you can have it all – success, happiness, work-life balance, and family and friends that care about you and grow with you – as long as you prevent your drive for success from getting in the way of your happiness.

‘Entourage’ has its detractors. Vince and the guys have developed commitment-avoidance into a highly refined art form, Drama and Turtle are happy enough to sleep with prostitutes when they hit a dry spell, and Ari is as aggressive with his wife as he is with his clients. Some people, such as a friend of mine who is struggling in his job, argue that Vince has an easier go at success because he has the resources to hire his best friends. While it’s true that the more successful you are the more you can choose who you work with, it’s also true that the more you choose who you work with the more successful you become. Why? Because you choose others who share your core values, and are more likely to build the lasting relationships on which any longterm initiative depends.

One of our greatest historical icons for this type of leadership was Ernest Shackleton, the British navy captain whose voyage to Antarctica a century ago in the hopes of becoming the first to traverse the continent’s 1,800mile distance by foot was derailed a thousand miles south of Buenos Aires when his ship became pickled in an iceberg.

To live the life you love is Success.

Unlike Scott, Shackleton placed the safety of his crew first and foremost. He designed a meticulous daily schedule on the iceberg that included regular meal times, d a i l y games and recreation – which created a semblance of order. Those with high egos he flattered; those who fell ill he

To love the life you live is Happiness. ing fun and being there for the people he cares about along the way. The show’s tag-line, Maybe

As a result of Shackleton’s empathetic and inclusive leadership style, at a time of frequent deaths to scurvy and other diseases, he kept every single one of his twenty-eight crew members alive for over two years until they were rescued. Furthermore, every single man returned to England in good physical and mental health. Shackleton did not, in the end, achieve his goal of traversing

Antarctica. That didn’t matter: his goal was never just to win, but to win “honorably and splendidly.” Vincent Chase also refuses to win unless he does it honorably. He stands in juxtaposition to the modern American success model: the Lone Ranger, the go-it-alone rugged capitalist who will spare no one in their attempt to achieve their goals. The Enron execs, the Bernie Madoffs and the Wall Street titans who paid themselves 400 times what their service reps earned and then siphoned their bonuses from our tax dollars are our modern-day apparitions of Robert Scott. Their focus on status and financial gain was so singular that many of them became alienated from their friends, families and themselves in their relentless pursuit of the next thing. While they may have built a name for themselves, for most there was no one


Continues on page 47.

Yet here is the greatest lesson of ‘Entourage’ and the reason I decided to write this article: the model of success perpetuated by the series, while at first glance prototypical of the American Dream, is boldly countercultural in the third millenium. Vince wants to win, but not at the expense of hav-

Another English captain, Robert Scott, had set out to discover the South Pole two years before S h a c k l e t o n ’s voyage. Despite the protests of his men because the trip was taking longer than expected and there was a scarcity of rations, he insisted on continuing. Scott did in fact reach the South Pole in January 1912. He found a note there left thirty-five days earlier by Norway’s Roald Amundsen. Scott and all his men perished on the return journey.

personally nursed back to health; those who were easily bored he gave very clear tasks to complete. Shackleton built a library in an igloo, and held ‘parties’ during the long Arctic nights where his men wrote and read poetry.






H ollywood W eekly-Travel

A Perfect Day in

Palm Springs As you wake up in your cozy bed you can feel the romantic charm of the intimate Pepper Tree Inn. This hidden gem is ideally located on North Palm Canyon Drive, where this quaint little spot houses 32 unique guest rooms and is walking distance to downtown Palm Springs. The hand-painted walls throughout the structure is great at captivating the desert ambiance and make you feel at home in the Spanish Colonial boutique hotel. The rooms are spacious and airy, and feature amenities such as an in room fridge and corner hot tub. Relax around the 24-hour chlorine-free saltine pool, or lounge around the inner courtyard; complete with fountains, stone tables, and desert-themed outdoor furniture. Grab a quick bite from the Continental Breakfast before heading out to enjoy your day. Start enjoying the desert oasis and rejuvenate by heading over to the newly renovated Elements Spa at the Hilton Hotel. After one million dollars and doubling in size, this Zen retreat has 9 treatment rooms, with relaxing names such as “twilight” and “radiance” and uplifting themes to match. Slip into the softest, fluffiest bathrobe you’ve ever felt while lounging in the earth-inspired waiting room. Muted lighting and soft tones of color await you, along with complimentary teas and fruit infused water to start your relaxation. Feel the stress slip away as you enjoy a hot Desert Stone massage or a Skin Serenity Facial by the trained staff. After being refreshed, journey to North Palm Drive for shopping and lunch. Strolling down the boutique filled avenue, stop into high end store Trina Turk for attire. This trendy, modern boutique carries high quality wears for even the most disconcerting shopper. Bold patterns mix with flirty flowers in the new lines for the season. Adagio Gallery is the next stop for a taste of southwestern



By Kimberly Fisher

art work, and Bon Vivant for antiques and collectibles. Palm Canyon Drive has been described as being the heart and soul of Palm Springs; featuring world class dining, shopping, and history. As you stroll through the streets, glance down and take note of the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Over 250 stars embellish the sidewalks of North Palm. You might see the names of Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich, or Debbie Reynolds while you window shop. After working up an appetite, stop in at Maracas, conveniently located amidst Palm Canyon Drive plaza. Grab an ice cold beer while you munch on crisp tortilla chips and fresh salsa on the outdoor patio. For a refreshingly healthy lunch, try the skirt steak salad; A bed of leaf lettuce, spinach and radicchio tossed with apple slices, fennel, roma tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, crispy onions, and balsamic vinaigrette. Continuing the desert shopping spree, and duck into Dazzles and 20 first to check out mid century furnishings.

Pepper Tree Inn, 622 N. Palm Canyon Drive. 760.318.9850 Elements Spa@ The Hilton, 400 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way. 760.318.8528 Trina Turk 891 N. Palm Canyon Dr. 760.416.2856 Adagio Gallery 193 S. Palm Canyon Dr. 760.320.2230 Bon Vivant, 457 N. Palm Canyon Dr. #3. 760.534.3197 Maracas, 155 S. Palm Canyon Dr. 760.322.9654 Dazzles 1035 N. Palm Canyon Dr. 760.327.1446 20 First 1117 N. Palm Canyon Dr. 760.327.5400 Villagefest Palm Canyon Dr. (every Thursday) 760.320.3781 Kaiser Grille 205 S. Palm Canyon Dr. 760.779.8946

If you happen to find yourself in Palm Springs on a Thursday evening, one must-do event is the VillageFest. Started in 1991, this weekly street fair features everything from artists, entertainers, local businesses and artisans among the open restaurants and shops. Purchases of fresh fruits and vegetables are popular, as well as hand made jewelry. The smell of baked goods and hand crafted soaps drift down the stalls in the casual open air marketplace. Grab a sampling of toasted nuts or kettle corn before headed to dinner at Kaiser Grille. This old world steak house embodies the desert lifestyle with high quality food. You will appreciate this casually elegant restaurant for its immense layout, friendly service, and first-rate food. Have a glass of wine with your 14. oz. prime rib, and indulge in a luscious specialty dessert. Head back to the inn for a midnight swim under the stars, or a relaxing dip in the Jacuzzi…a perfect way to end a perfect day in Palm Springs.



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Packing 101:

10 Tips for the Jetsetera

I have been known to pack in less than 10 minutes. Yes, I said less than 10 minutes. It is not a miracle, or an act of God…just merely good pre-planning and organization. No matter if your trip is 2 days or 2 months, here are some tips to make it sanely to where you are going. 1.) Have pre-packed toiletry kit. Nothing puts a downer on a trip more than when you are scrambling for product in the middle of nowhere. In my Chanel Toiletry Kit I keep the essentials; travel toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo, conditioner, facial scrub, body wash, comb, razor, q-tips, deodorant, baby powder, shaving cream, facial moisturizer, band-aids, toenail clippers, tooth whitener, lint brush and misc. pills for different ailments. For loner trips (1 week plus) I also pack wrinkle-free spray, jet-lag pills, spot remover stick, Vaseline and sunscreen. Everything comes in sample size for your convenience! 2.) Pre pack your makeup bag. The grab and go approach will do wonders for your pre-packing stress levels! My essentials include: foundation, cover up, eye shadow, blush, lip glosses and moisturizers, powder, lip and eye liners, eyelash curler, and mascara. Tailor your bag to fit your needs! 3.) Have a clothing packing list. No matter where I am going, it stays pretty much the same. (Mine looks a little something like this: lingerie, jeans, black pants, black skirt, knit wrinkle free dresses, black dress, knit layering tops, sweater or sweatshirt, denim jacket, lightweight trench, pashmina, tennis shoes, flip-flops, ballet slippers, heels, workout clothes, bikini, evening bag, jewelry bag.) It pays to stay with a neutral color palette, so you don’t have to worry about not matching! Make sure all clothes are “easy to wear” and “go anywhere”. 4.) Have a “You Kit” that makes sure you have all the comforts you need while being away. A typical “You Kit” could be scented travel candles, eye masks, a great book, packets of your favorite tea and splenda, and mints, candy or gum. On the plane you could indulge in your favorite healthy snack, your own bottle of water, travel blanket and your ipod. 5.) I used to work in the Lost Baggage Department of a major airline…and one of the hardest things to do was relocate passengers who had no name on the bag! On of the cheapest and most important things

you could do is invest in a Bag Tag! Not only will it identify your bag, but it makes it easier to spot of the carousel! 6.) Less is More! With today’s travel fees for extra and overweight baggage, who wants to be over packed? Imagine the ease and simplicity of traveling when you have one well packed and organized bag. Planning ahead can save your stress and pointless airline fees! First, make sure you know the weight and size of your bag…maybe it’s time to toss that hard side bag for a lighter soft side. Second, pack light! Third, make sure you know your airlines baggage regulations. 7.) Never pack the important/expensive stuff (cash, passport, medication, jewelry, and camera) in checked luggage. Make sure it is with you at all times! 8.) For the Obsessive Compulsive Traveler; some other items you my find useful are a compass, a small umbrella, portable rain poncho, travel flashlight, zip lock bags, a power converter or a travel alarm clock. 9.) Leave at home anything that could be questionable to security. Say adios to matches, lighters, and flammable liquids, household items that contain chemicals or any other flammable or potentially toxic material. 10.) Be Prepared. Travel just got easier with the wellprepared travel. Check your flight status and baggage requirements, pack ahead of time, and make sure you have important documents.







H ollywood W eekly-Musi c

Coachella Music and Arts Festival The desert biggest party


on’t let the smell of exotic recreational plants fool you. It is not because you’ve been a second hand stoner since you arrived on that hot friday to the gates of Coachella Music and Arts Festival. This event will keep you on a daze, a natural one, only because you decided to attend and see what was all this about. Don’t think about the heat or the excessive crowd. The first is totally forgettable when all you are doing is enjoying yourself in some kind of a three day therapy, where you’ll be relaxed and in tune with your musical being. The latter won’t be even recognizable. All it’s attendees, including you, will be in their own worlds.... or in the beer garden.


ts day one and the music starts. The Airborn Toxic event. Cool chick with the violin, way more relaxed than the nervous lead singer, who, despite his jitters, managed to pull it off and give a pretty good perfomance. Their cover of “Good Bye horses” from Q Lazzarus (the song of that unforgettable drag scene on The Silence of The lambs) was a nice bonus and impressed me way more than their own songs, but for being beginners, I can say, TATE had it’s moment.



by Priscilla Sanchez

Unless you are Flash, it’s impossible to get to see all the bands in the lineup. Coachella offers 5 stages and I can definitely say that they seem assigned to each genre within of what you can call alternative music. There is one Main stage, where all the big numbers such as Paul McCartney,The Cure, etc.. will display their sets. The remaining platforms are smaller, with three tent stages among them, each one for dancetechno (think Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk), the other one will host more of artsy-folk numbers, such as Cat Power or James Blunt, and the remaining two for miscellaneous acts. At any of these stages, the mix of music, sweat, dirt, noise, smoke and most importantly, fun, will make your experience very unique.


fter a few roundabouts, I go back to the main stage to see Franz Ferdinand and right from the start, you realize why FF are a worlwide hit.

His singer, Alex Capranos, was definitely born to perform live, his almost sexy tone along with his remaining talented bandmates drives the crowd crazy with Take me out and No you girls. Everybody is jumping. So do I.



H ollywood W e ekly-Advi ce

What Not to Say on a First Date Everyone gets nervous on a first date, but these lapses in judgment could get you a glass of wine in the face. We’ve all been there: that nervous, clammy first date with the hottie sitting across the table. Not knowing anything about her, you struggle for words...conversation and the comment about how great you ex-girlfriend was in bed slips out. You probably just lost with Miss Right -- even if she’s just Miss Right-Now. To make sure you keep you’re “A” game at all times, here are some things you should not bring up on your first date.

by kimberly fisher

“You lookin real life.” Shorter; skinnier; younger; prettier; better. No one wants to hear an off-handed compliment. They always sound like an insult -- she hears that she looks bad in pictures or that she’s more disappointing in real life. Criticizing will get you nowhere on a first date except home in time to catch the late show. On the same note, never ask if anything is real, including the color of her eyes or the size of anything you find impressive. Not only will we write you off as classless and tacky, it may get you a glass of wine in the face.

“I’ve been on that dating site for three years.” What does that translate into for us?

“Do you have any”

•You’re a serial dater and therefore undesirable.

STDs; fantasies; sex toys. Weather you are asking to check out the goods for yourself later that night or are feeling guilty about your recently contracted herpes, never ask someone about their sexual history, preferences, or proclivity on a first date. This should also include number of partners, past sexual orientation, and other too-personal-for-the-dinner-table questions.

•You’re a loser and no one in real life would ever go out with you. •You’re a loser and apparently have deep rooted issues that keep you hiding on the web. Take your pick -- none of them translate into you getting a second date.


“My ex is”

“I don’t get many...”

Great in bed; sitting at the next table; an evil bitch. Women know you have a past and we are not going to hold that against you. What we will hold against you is if you keep bringing up our predecessors. It shows you can’t let go of the past or -- ever worse -- still live in it. It proves that we’re not as interesting as them and if it’s topped with extremely angry, bitter, or disrespectful comments, the red flag is going up and the date is going downhill fast. Bottom line: don’t mention the ex!

Dates; friends; job offers. If you haven’t learned this from watching the quarterback in high school, the confident guy has a way better chance with the girl. Putting yourself down won’t win you sympathy or earn you any points. Girls can sense when a guy has low self-esteem, no backbone, and is wishy-washy about everything. Feign confidence if you have to, but don’t go into the date a spineless little boy. First dates should always be fond memories; go forth as a man.


Inexpensive Date Ideas

During an economic slowdown, dating can wear out your paycheck before you even cash it. Plan ahead! Economic downturn? Lose your allowance? Whatever your issue, it may be time to cut back on the ultraexpensive date ideas and save a couple of bucks. Not to worry…for high-priced fun at an inexpensive price, chose a date from the list below. You can still date without busting the bank. The Coffee Date

•Pros: Creates air of sophistication and style.

Great for first dates -- and caffeine addicts -- for less than ten dollars you can spend an hour chatting it up at your local java joint. Extra credit: some coffee shops are located in local bookstores, so you get extra points for being well read.

•Cons: You’re really not keen on Kandinsky or Cezanne; you may have to fake answers to art history questions. The Community Event Date

•Cons: Doesn’t work well in the evening hours or for repeat dates; lots of caffeine and staring.

Check listings in your local paper for fun, new, and inexpensive date ideas. Park events on holidays are popular as well as upper-level seating at sporting events, poetry readings, festivals, etc.

The Mall Date

•Pros: You get extra points for creativity.

Works best if you’re underage. Malls have come a long way and several now boast fountains or waterfalls, outdoor settings, and great people watching.

•Cons: Travel times vary.

•Pros: Casual; no chance of running up a big tab.

•Pros: Every city has a mall; major cities have many malls. •Cons: Your date might think it’s an all-out shopping spree. The Outdoor Date Hiking? Biking? Walking on the beach? The great outdoors have never looked better to a budgeter -- all for the low cost of F-R-E-E. •Pros: Fresh air and exercise; show off your rugged side; romance bonus for stargazing; plenty of options. •Cons: If she’s a stiletto-only girl or has multiple allergies, this could be pure torture for everyone. The House Party Date With no long lines, no entry frees, and zero bar tabs this could be the way to go for the frugal social butterfly. Find a nice party in the hills or at the nearest beach house and your golden! •Pros: Economical mixing and mingling; showcases your personality. •Cons: The party you heard about from a friend of a friend involved strippers and kegs…she was so not amused. The Museum Date Feign high culture and sophistication with a trip to a museum or art gallery. Research museums looking for offers and special discounts, free days, or hard-to-find tickets to popular openings.

The Picnic Date For women, a well planned out picnic is “dreamy”. A nice spread of wine, cheese, fruit, and mini-sandwiches won’t dent your budget and will score you major points. Look for the perfect spot at a beach, sprawling park, or campground. •Pros: Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in “To Catch a Thief”. •Cons: You fight ants, nature, and the elements. The Animal-Lover Date Who said animals were just for kids? Spend the day at the local zoo or aquarium and get acquainted with nature. Rediscover your love for gnus and mangabeys! •Pro: In her eyes, Steve Irwin has nothing on you! •Cons: Steve Irwin is dead; death by stingray or monitor; wash your hands. The Learning Date Great for pairs that want to explore something new. Ever want to learn how to juggle? Dance the mambo? Card tricks? Find something both of you are interested in and spend a day learning about it together. •Pros: The couple that plays together stays together. •Cons: One of you may learn faster than the other; damage to toes, eyes, or pride.





Pushing The Bird From the Nest Dear Chatty Kathy, We feel our daughter is not reaching her potential. She graduated at and near the top of her class in high school and college. She is also a talented artist working mostly on canvas. Now she has a job in a small office and we think she is bored. We have not pushed her at all and allowed space for her to make her own decisions, but have been very supportive. We have offered guidance which goes over like a lead balloon. I think she is afraid of failure. She knows we will back her up and have tried to encourage her to take more risks in her personal and professional life. She is very cautious in her personal life and has had one real relationship which recently ended. Can you tell us ways you have overcome fear (of failure) in your life? Any ideas that might motivate her growth besides bribes?

Dearest Tom, Perhaps you are too supportive. Does your daughter still live with you? If she has graduated from college and is employed, it would be in her best interest if she were to find a place of her own (most likely with a roommate considering the economy!). If she is comfycozy while still living at home, her ambition level will not be high. If you are supporting her financially, she will never be forced to make changes in her life, such as leaving the crummy, boring job for a better paying, more exciting job. If, in fact, she is living on her own and still not taking many risks, then that is her choice. By being a “helicopter parent”, hovering close by in case she needs you, you may be making her more nervous and more afraid to fail. It’s time to trust that you’ve done your job well and step back a bit; let her really know what it feels like to be truly independent. As for being cautious with relationships, oh what my father would have done to have a daughter like that! Seriously, though, what were her formative years like? Did she see a lot of stable romantic relationships around her, or was she impacted by relationships close

to her that failed? If she was surrounded by a lot of stability, she may just be waiting for the ‘right one’ wisely, in which case she can use her twenties to get to know herself and grow as a woman. If she saw a lot of instability, she may be really turned off to the idea of taking a chance with her heart, only to have it end like all the other relationships she’s seen. If that is the case, make a point to reassure her that the relationship with you and her mother is strong, and perhaps give examples of other successful family relationships that she can model after. Lastly, to rule out any clinical reasons, I have to wonder if she may be suffering from depression. When one is depressed, even the simplest thing can seem overwhelming and impossible to even initiate. Perhaps a visit to your family physician for a physical and mental evaluation wouldn’t be a bad idea. An outside influence, such as a therapist, can many times get through to a person in ways that someone close to them can not. I hope this helps! All my best to you and your family! Truly, Chatty Kathy









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H ollywood W e e kly-Th eat re


The stage is set with special surprises and scary anecdotes, so look for these elements in these great shows starting or continuing this month such as: “Friends Like These” takes a look at the issue of violence in our high schools through an outsider who spends most of his time in a fantasy world until he meets a cheerleader with a curious mind who forces him to face both his past mistakes while he struggles for redemption. Written by Gregory Crafts and directed by Sean Fitzgerald and Vance Roi Reyes, it runs through October 17 at The Sherry Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-849-4039 or visit www.theatreunleashed.com.

“Bobby Bendon Gets By” two boys who have been buddies since ninth grade now into their twenties dream about making it big with their heavy metal hair band amid romance and betrayal from a wife and a girlfriend creating a story of love and friendship in a world where people rock and roll all night. Written by Brian Soika and directed by Marah Morris, it runs October 2 through October 25 at Studio/Stage in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-230-0127 or visit bluehousereservations@gmail.com.

“A Big Gay North Hollywood Wedding” is an interactive ceremony of a simulated gay wedding complete with the jilted ex-lover, outraged parents, and a wild group of campy best men, wedding planners, photographers, and helpers. Written by William A. Reilly and Ben Rovner and directed by William A. Reilly, it runs through October 25 at Saint Matthew Church in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818430-7872.

“The Doctor Despite Himself” a wife passes off her husband the wood-cutter as a skilled physician in the hopes that he will make a complete fool of himself but the trick backfires and he is soon accepted as a master physician until he is brought in to solve a particularly difficult case, a young woman who has lost the power of speech. Written by Moliere and directed by Gulu Monteiro, it runs October 2 through November 8 at the Electric Lodge in Venice. For tickets call 310-823-0710 or visit www.electriclodge.org.

“Mom’s the Word” is a show about all the things that mothers go through from pregnancy to adult years with family and their children. Written by Linda A. Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard & Deborah Williams and directed by Jerry London, it runs through November 8 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. For tickets call 818-508-0281 or visit www. elportaltheatre.com.

“Never Land” a visionary love story about a French family that yearns to be English which explores love, loss, cultural dispossession and the abiding power of the human imagination as it charts the course of three fateful days. Written and directed by Phyllis Nagy, it runs October 8 through November 15 at the Rogue Machine in Theatre Theatre in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-960-7774 or visit www. roguemachinetheatre.com.



“Children of the Night” a musical based upon the life and times of Bram Stoker, author of “Dracula” Written by Scott Martin and directed by David Galligan, it runs October 10 through November 8 at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Beverly Hills. For tickets call 310-358-9936 or visit www. katselastheatre.org.

“The Foreigner” a foreigner visiting America for several days while his former army buddy is occupied training at a military base nearby learns Southern hospitality and English from the locals from which he learns of a plan to cheat the old lady who owns the lodge out of her beloved home. Written by Larry Shue and directed by Stan Kelly, it runs October 9 through November 14 at the Sierra Madre Playhouse in Sierra Madre. For tickets call 626-355-4318 or visit www.sierramadreplayhouse.org. “Moonlight and Magnolias” film producer David O. Selznick hires a playwright to rewrite the raw script for “Gone with the Wind” assisted by himself and the film’s director. Written by Ron Hutchinson and directed by Andrew Barnicle, it runs October 10 through November 1 at the Laguna Playhouse in Laguna Beach. For tickets call 949497-2787 or visit www.lagunaplayhouse.com.

“God Save Gertrude” is a punk rock riff on “Hamlet” where Queen Gertrude takes to the stage and sings about her many loves and many mistakes while angry crowds gather outside and her country simmers in a volatile state of transition. Written by Deborah Stein and directed by Michael Michetti, it runs October 10 through November 8 at Boston Court Performing Arts Center in Pasadena. For tickets call 626-683-6883 or visit www.bostoncourt.com.

“Sally Spectre The Musical: A Children’s Horror Story for Adults” an irreverent but charming musical about the ghost of a little girl who sings and dances her way through a nightmare-laced purgatory with a little guidance from an unlikely and unexpected host of sources. Written and directed by David P. Johnson, it runs October 16 through November 29 at Theatre West in Los Angeles. For tickets call 323-851-7977 or visit www.theatrewest.org.

“Just 45 Minutes From Broadway” a family of actors and their showbiz friends all live together in a house 45 minutes away from Broadway until their world is upset by the return of the only daughter not involved in showbiz and her new fiancée who have secret plans for change in the family. Written by Henry Jaglom and directed by Gary Imhoff, it runs October 17 through December 20 at the Edgemar Center For the Arts in Santa Monica. For tickets call 310392-7327 or visit www.edgemarcenter.org.



LA THEATRE BEAT “Exit Strategy” an elderly couple on the verge of eviction are visited by a stranger who sets them on an adventure where old people discover new dreams and learn it is never too late to take a chance. Written by Bill Semans and Roy M. Close and directed by Casey Stangl, it runs October 23 through November 15 at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. For tickets call 818-955-8101 or visit www. falcontheatre.com. “Scarcity” is about a poor family where the unemployed father drinks too much and pays attention to his daughter in ways that most would consider unwholesome as his wife works as an assistant manager in a dead-end job for a company that might fire her at any minute while their two gifted children struggle to break free. Written by Lucy Thurber and directed by Kappy Kilburn, it runs October 23 through November 22 at The Imagined Life Theater in Los Angeles. For tickets call 800-838-3006 or visit www.needtheater.org.

Don’t let the ghouls and goblins scare you away from having a great theatre experience today. 46


whom they hadn’t become estranged from to take pride in it; they earned a brittle, silent trophy to gaze at alone. The American Dream has become, for many, the American Nightmare. In our Kurtzian drive to become successful – abetted by our laptops and crackberries and the spiritual isolation modern society wrecks upon those who fail to unhinge the shackles of the never-ending quest for task completion – we lose our capacity to relax and spend time with the people we care about; to laugh; to appreciate the little things that make life livable; to recover from vigorous activity and take vacations; to be involved in our community. In other words, we lose all the things that bring happiness. There is a Mexican expression: “There is no point in living if you can’t feel your life.” When we focus on success at all costs, we lose our ability to feel. We gain material things yet we cannot feel or enjoy their presence. Why? We have lost sight of our presence. Whenever Vince or one of his buddies faces a difficult

Continued from page 23.

challenge, they share it with another member of the ‘Entourage’. Sure, they are guys and share their deeper issues as guys tend to do – indirectly, with a few expletives and sexual references thrown in for good measure. But they get them out on the table. How many of us can say the same? And if we don’t have someone to talk to when the going gets tough, what use is our success? We’re stuck in auto-pilot chasing an award, yet we’re in the wrong contest. How many of us even stop to eat a healthy breakfast with the people we care about, as Vince and his buddies do each morning? We pass up this and most of the other potentially human moments in our day in the hopes of achieving something greater. So what is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel? Few genuine friendships, a nasty divorce(s), little to no relationships with our kids (who, when we have our mid-life crisis and try to replenish those relationships, are likely to respond, “Who are you? You weren’t here when I needed you. Why should I now be here for you?”), money that generates more fear (of losing it) than joy (from spending

it), and, last but not least, a trophy partner who understands us only as much as they need to.

When I observe President Obama’s relentless drive to make a name for himself: to be the president to finally provide universal health care, to reengineer America’s damaged reputation as global war-monger and playground bully, to revitalize an economy ravaged by a lack of government oversight of the housing and financial industries; and then I see one of those moments where he stops and brandishes that smile that instantly captivates a room, or makes a joke, or takes a week off to take his wife and kids to Martha’s Vineyard, or says “Hey guys, let’s work out these (perennial racial) differences over a beer,” I finally get it. I understand why he watches ‘Entourage’ each week, and the new brand of success he and Vincent Chase are propagating in this country. Anthony Silard is the president of The Executive Leadership Institute (www.execleaders.com) and the author of Full Alignment: A Practical Guide to Transforming Your Life Vision into Action.

Darwin Heard

Motivational Consultant

The Great Motivator: Darwin Heard Leads by Example “You don’t have to be Halle Berry to be a star”. Motivational entrepreneur Darwin Heard was born with a physical disability, but he says he can help those in entertainment attain higher levels of success by not focusing on obstacles or their emotional handicaps. He is available through his company Heard Consulting Group at 312-933-6635. dheard@heardconsultingroup.com
















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Susan Stark A 20-year veteran of the real estate business whose client list is as impressive as her list of accomplishments, Susan Stark is the epitome of the hard-working agent. Her discipline underscores a strong determination to achieve the very best results for her clients; to that end, she works tirelessly on their behalf to achieve a quick and profitable sale for her sellers and secure the right property for her buyers, always acting with the utmost integrity along the way. Stark’s vast knowledge of the Westside, available inventory, and pricing trends makes her a valuable resource to her clients, while her broad network of industry contacts and strong negotiating skills

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deepen her ability to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. Because of the way she does business, Stark’s clients return time and again and refer friends and family to her for their real estate needs. Stark built her career at Coldwell Banker’s Brentwood West office, where she was consistently honored for outstanding production, earning the lofty International Presidents’ Circle and Elite, and becoming a Previews Property specialist recognized for her excellence in working with multi-million-dollar properties. Stark is also an architectural properties specialist and has extensive experience working with developers and new construction.

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Child Support • Custody • Visitation Probate • Living Trust • Evictions • Wills

Fields & Thomas INC (DBA) Joel Hyman & Company

Court Document Preparers 3325 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 737 Los Angeles, CA 90010

213. 291 . 0 9 8 7 p ho n e 213. 59 6 .7 6 7 6 fax we are not attorneys ATM &

25 years experience

Bankruptcy ... $199.00 Divorce ....... $199.00

RJG Photography &Photo Retouching

Photography www.rjgottlieb.com Retouching www.rjgretouching.com

Digital Imaging/ Retouching Photography Photo Coloring Airbrushing B/W Photo Retouching


Good At This 821 W. Jefferson BL., L.A., CA 90007 213-748-8459 Jefferson / Hoover Location Only.

Good At This 821 W. Jefferson BL., L.A., CA 90007 213-748-8459 Jefferson / Hoover Location Only.

Buy One Entree Get One

Buy One Entree Get One

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Of Equal or Lesser Value, With Purchase of 2 beverages

Of Equal or Lesser Value, With Purchase of 2 beverages

(Up to $9)

(Up to $9)

One Coupon Per Party. Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer. Valid With Valpak® Coupon Only. Expires 9/30/09

One Coupon Per Party. Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer. Valid With Valpak® Coupon Only. Expires 9/30/09



Los Angeles (310) 202-0150

Good At This 821 W. Jefferson BL., L.A., CA 90007 213-748-8459 Jefferson / Hoover Location Only.

Good At This 821 W. Jefferson BL., L.A., CA 90007 213-748-8459 Jefferson / Hoover Location Only.



Purchase Of $15 Or More

Purchase Of $10 Or More

One Coupon Per Party. Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer. Valid With Valpak® Coupon Only. Expires 9/30/09

One Coupon Per Party. Coupons May Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer. Valid With Valpak® Coupon Only. Expires 9/30/09







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