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Welcome to April at the market. Bringing you a brand new selection of exhibitors, with some wonderfully exciting products, we simply can’t wait to share these local labels with you. For April we’ll be showcasing an intriguing and varied range of mediums, including ceramics, photography, textiles and so much more. In this look book you can learn a little bit more about our exhibitors, both from a business point of view, and also a little more personally, we think the two often go hand in hand! While vastly differing in products and style, all our exhibitors are of a similar ilk, which we feel demonstrates the core values of the market, to present customers with the cream of the crop of Art & Design in Tasmania. It is important to us, and we hope to you as well, that our line-up of artists, designers and makers present original designs, a sincere and ethical approach to their business and above all else, exhibit wares that are both beautiful and of a high quality manufacture. We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd,

- Shannon + Holly Cover image : Alex + Marion Ceramics

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Simone Pfister c a p ta i n b l u e b e r r y the snow queen’s garden burnished cherish by Bek Burrows m e l ly f r a n k Ta r a B a d c o c k pa r i s + ta s m a n i a


Alex + Marion Ceramics M a r l e y & lo c k y e r m i ss H a i d e e Little Twig hiiragi S o p h i e Ca r n e l l d e s i g n bonnie & g s u n da y’ s c h i l d mabel sweet things Sashiko Design the naughty pony W o l f g a n g G lo wa c k i whatever heather sea soul studio

fodder b a r i s ta s i s ta CACAO GREEN t h e f u d g e a ’ fa r e p a t i ss e r i e a n t o i n e t t e a m a n da ja m m m


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1. Original artwork brooch, by HiiRagi 2. Plywood + acrylic bangles, by Mabel 3. Twig studs, by Little Twig 4. Girls dress, by Miss Haidee






5. Honeycombe necklace, by mellyfrank 6. Cushions, by Marley & Lockyer 7. Babushka doll, by The Snow Queen’s Garden 8. Rosettes, by Tara Badcock Paris+Tasmania


simone pfister s i lv e r by Simone Pfister Simone Pfister is well known both for her intricate artworks and her delicate, handmade silver jewellery. Her versatility in both mediums is awe inspiring and her work shows a love of natural history illustration, along with a serious talent for creating pieces that are refreshingly original. Doilies, birds, butterflies and bell jars all make their way into Simone’s self titled label, and we bet you’ve never seen them depicted quite so beautifully!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? My day job is working full time as an artist and jewellery designer/maker. I also have two beautiful daughters and spend much of my time doting over them. When did your business begin and why? I have never really thought of what I do as a business but over the years it has become something like a business. I studied fine art at UTAS in the 1990s and have been working and exhibiting as a printmaker/ paper artist since then. The jewellery started around 2008 as an escape from the intensity of working towards exhibitions, public art commissions and being a mother of two small children. I loved working with the silver so much that what was supposed to be a hobby for myself soon became another dimension to my art practice/business both through the galleries I deal with and the design markets.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? I am inspired by natural history illustration, and the history and narratives embedded in everyday objects. I love my grandmother’s jet beads, thimbles, gardens and objects like doilies and old crockery, which immediately speak to people of their own family stories and histories. My jewellery is inspired by these loves and also by working with the silver itself; the forms it lends itself to, the organic blobs it makes when you make it really hot, the clean lines and geometric curves you achieve when you hit it with a hammer. Designers you admire? Anyone who is a master of their technique, who works with integrity, uses their hands and embraces traditional processes in new and exciting ways. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? I love my local beach. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I like the flexibility and freedom of working for myself. Participating in design markets gives me the opportunity to test out new designs and importantly I get to meet so many wonderful people. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I will have a range of new sterling silver jewellery designs made just for the 2012 markets as well as a few old favourites.

contact Simone


c a p ta i n blueberry by Rachel Tribout

Capatain Blueberry (the name says it all really!) is the brainchild of the lovely, quirky and very talented French lady Rachel Tribout. Her work reminds us all to never forget the fun and fears of childhood…monsters, pirates, things hiding under the bed! Her wares includes the coolest handpainted helmets we’ve ever seen, illustrative works, monster softies and an intriguing range of giftcards featuring designs that while beautiful have a depth and darkness we love. Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Apart from being on the lookout for dangerous monsters and monstrous dangers, I work as an illustrator and sometimes graphic designer. When things are quiet, I do a bit of retail work and office work here and there to feed my first mate monkey, Albert. When did your business begin and why? It started in 2009 when I set ashore in Tasmania. It was clear that I will get plenty of time off my monster fighter duty. So it came naturally for me to create illustrations, craft fury monsters, paint on helmets, make a living of what I love doing. It fulfills me. I am positive that it’s only at its early stage and I will take it a long way, creating an unseen world of wonder and adventures of all sorts. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Graphic novels are a huge inspiration for me as I have grown up with them. Children’s book, Animation movies are a big one too. Other than that, I have

a pretty large range of things I look at and watch, and it surely inspires me, consciously or otherwise. My tastes are broad; from dark heavy deep emotional stuff to ultra-sweet bubbly uplifting things. In my work the bubbly stuff comes out the most, but I believe there’s always an inch of unknown, a little darkness within my work. Monsters pretending to be islands, creatures hiding and watching. Things are not always what they seem or what you expect them to be in CB world. I am often deeply touched by what is happening in the real world, but I don’t necessarily channel it directly into my work. Yet. Designers you admire? I admire millions of artists, it’s hard to even start. Here’s a few big and obvious ones, and most of those people are illustrators: Miazaky, Moebius, Jamie Hewlett, Shaun Tan, Claire Wendling, leslie & the beastlies, Rebecca Dautremer, TADA’s Revolution, etc… What is your favourite part of Tasmania? The Tarkine really struck me recently. We drove north from Corrinna and stopped on our way up along the West Coast. We walked on top of a bare hill, where we could see to the horizon in every direction. It was spectacular, not like your holiday photo cliché, with tall dead eucalyptus emerging from small dark green bushes, wild sky, blue mountains in the background. It felt so ancient and untouched; I nearly expected dinosaurs to wander out across the button grass plains. Maria Island is a little paradise too. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? The process and the learning cycles. I love finding an idea, starting, feeling the creative flow. Feeling stuck and pushing through, then the final feeling of achievement. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? This year I will focus on selling my hand painted helmets and clothing at the market. I will also have some cards and prints of my illustrations. I might have a few fury monster beanies and teddies, but it will be a surprise – for the market-goers and myself!

contact Rachel 0416 662 769


the snow queen’s garden by Natasha Langham The Snow Queen’s garden has an almost cult like following for her adorable little handmade decorations. Squirrels, birds, Russian inspired matryoshka dolls all get snapped up in the blink of an eye…no exaggeration. We think it’s because of the endearing personalities and fine details she bestows on each creature. A chubby little tummy on a squirrel, a pretty beaded section on a bird, or a quaint expression on a Babushka doll. All items are beautifully made by hand, and completely irresistible! Do you have a day job, if so what is it? No official day job… but mum to two busy young girls. Add to that a productive fruit and vegetable garden needing loads of attention, an energetic little dog, shift worker husband and all the things I want to stitch, sew, knit, crochet and embroider… no time for a job! When did your business begin and why? The seeds for creating embroidered pieces began in 2003, when my husband was posted out to country NSW. Sewing was a great way to fit into the small local community. Having a new baby and toddler, I was disappointed at the lack of beautiful, child friendly Christmas decorations. In December 2005, I sold some hand embroidered and beaded felt decorations at my daughters’ day care centre. When my grandmother passed away several months later, making Russian inspired felt matryoshka was a way to reconnect with my heritage.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? Large part of the inspiration comes from my grandmother’s stories of her upbringing in St Petersburg, Russian. From my early years she introduced me to a wealth of Russian fairytales, folklore and contemporary stories. Sometimes inspiration come from changes in my own perspective: finding changes in how I see patterns swirling in clouds, leaf shadows on a pavement, a moment of moonlight on a tin roof. It’s finding a moment of stillness to catch that moment and memorise it. The design then has to be robust for little hands, and pleasing to the touch. Designers you admire? Always changing. In previous years, I have been influenced by stitch work from Yvette Stanton and her Mountmellick embroidery, Aimee Ray and DoodleStitching, Tone Finnager and her gorgeous colour combinations. Forever loving artists, like Van Gogh, Klimst, Matisse, and Hundertwasser. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Geographically speaking, love the mountains. Mt Wellington has so many moods to capture, with snow, rain, mist and rainbows. Sometimes all at once. Love the colours and season at Mt Field too. It is wonderful to have four distinct seasons in a year ( or a day). People also seem to have a more balance outlook on life, being able to embrace a lifestyle rather than just living to work. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? Simply put – I love making stuff – taking a piece of felt, a sliver of wool, thread, beads and turning it into something that makes people smile. My only gripe is my ambitions often outpace my abilities – got some great ideas using a welder, angle grinder and heap of scrap metal. Maybe one day ….

contact Natasha


burnished by Michelle Clark Michelle Clark describes her design aesthetic as ‘simple, shiny, clean but just a little bit rough’. Her label Burnished is a stunning range of contemporary jewellery, a collection of special pieces that showcase a refreshing mixture of techniques and a sometimes unexpected merging of different metals and stones. The result…a range of jewels that while being gorgeously dainty and extremely wearable, are thoroughly different, and we think, pretty perfect.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? No I do not have a day job. Jewellery designing and manufacturing is my full time occupation. I have previously worked in the tourism (guiding) and horticultural industries. When did your business begin and why? I began making jewellery in 2003, I thoroughly love making jewellery and was lucky enough to be a part of a jewellery cooperative in Salamanca right from 2003 til 2012 which allowed me to develop my designs, skills and individuality. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Simple, shiny, clean but just a little bit rough! My take on all things in Nature.

Designers you admire? There are many designers I admire, every time I head down to Salamanca I see new designers popping up! Any new designer inspires me, the fact they have come up with a unique idea in a sea of many. Painters I admire are Gustav Klimt and Piet Mondrian – their use of shapes, colours and composition in particular What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Tasman Peninsula – all of it! So much beauty; the place and the people. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I love that I can keep trying new things and have no restrictions – bar myself.. I don’t like making earring hooks! Once I have finished them though I am quite pleased! What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Customers can expect to see 3 ranges of handmade silver jewellery; poppy, circles and mess ranges, each piece being unique and lovingly made! Necklaces, leather cuffs, earrings (studs and hook), rings and cufflinks will be exhibited. I also have one off pieces, some with gold and pearls! I will be introducing new designs each market.

contact Michelle 0407 255 404


cherish by bek burrows by Bek Burrows The Cherish range of products includes a perfect smattering of things to adorn your home, with a focus on gorgeous quality + simplistic ingredients all featuring Bek Burrows adorable illustrations. Beautiful woolen blankets, silk cushions, linen aprons and greeting cards form the range, depicting lighthearted scenes, with a good healthy pinch of whimsy and fun! Bek’s drawings are seriously endearing, and we love how they’re usually done in a cheerful cherry red. Do you have a day job, if so what is it? My primary job is being a mum. I’m lucky enough to have a wonderfully supportive husband who works, enabling me to pursue my creative little business while still being the domestic engineer at home. When did your business begin and why? I started cherish in 2004 after I had my first child and found that the food industry I had been involved in was not as flexible and child friendly as I had hoped! Previously I had studied two fine arts degrees and so was keen to work in an artistic medium, creating things that are both practical and individual at the same time. I discovered there was a limited range of children’s blanket’s available that utilized Tasmanian wool and were created with a sense of originality. In the beginning I used mainly reproduction 1930’s children prints, and then began making unique quilts made from special collected fabrics, which often had sentimental meaning. Cherish has grown and developed to include a range of products such as greeting cards, silk and linen cushions and wraparound linen aprons all individually hand painted with my illustrations.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? Inspiration comes from everyday things for me. I try to surround myself with objects and people that interest me, which in turn colours my work. Simple but beautiful things make their way into my drawings, such as teacups, apple trees and kites. The images I make frequently include a person, quite often children who can be skipping, fishing or dressing up and playing in billy carts. I am most inspired by my family and all the games and activities we play that I also remember playing as a child. We live amongst an eclectic mix of styles in our home and I often pick up bits and pieces on our travels, from shells and rocks to formerly loved pieces of furniture and old treasures others are moving on from. I enjoy looking at the things in other people’s homes and the stories that certain objects tell about a person. Designers you admire? I love the illustrations of Quentin Blake who has worked on numerous Roald Dahl books, his quick immediate approach to his drawings. I have a VERY large list of blogs bookmarked and can spend a couple of hours easily scrolling through a differing selection from interiors to food and children’s design. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Falmouth, on Tasmania’s East Coast. I love arriving there and knowing that within a very short time I will have succumbed to the very slow pace and totally relax. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I love that I can get up and start in my workroom really early in the morning, in my p.j’s with a cup of tea while the kids are still asleep downstairs. There is great flexibility in working for yourself and being able to start and finish a job while still being “on deck” with juggling all the different aspects of having four kids. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I’m working on a new range of quilts, which I am quite excited about. Combining wool, linen, silk and cotton with my own illustrations in a patchwork quilt. I am also playing around with a series of small paintings on linen, which is a different direction for me this year. May be best not to say too much yet though!

contact Bek 0437 752 547


m e l ly f r a n k by Melany Franklin We’re very glad that Melany Franklin has discovered her obsession with leatherwood honey. Her fancy for the golden goodness made by bees has resulted in her ‘winter honeycomb’ range of jewellery she’ll be exhibiting at the market in 2012, and we have to say, it’s delicious. Along with that she’ll also be sharing the rest of her substantial range of statement jewels, made with sterling silver and featuring an impressive list of found objects. Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Yes, I shift work as a Registered Nurse part time. I wish it was just a day job because I feel like I have jet lag at least once a month. When did your business begin and why? I began my business during my second year of The Art Craft and Design course at a polytechnic college in Hobart in 2010 where I learnt how to work with sterling silver. Prior to this I was making jewellery with bits n bobs and this n that. My interest in jewellery design was really sparked during my travels in Europe in 2006. A visit to tiny shop in a tiny town called Peebles in Scotland sealed the deal for me when I met a jewellery artist in her shop/studio and I felt inspired to pursue my own creative direction. Inspiration/design aesthetic? I am inspired by rubbish, trash, waste, discarded objects aka relinquished relics,

glistening objects in gutters, the smell of honeycomb, simplicity and stillness, good coffee and long baths. I use sterling silver in all of my pieces along with other things that take my fancy such as discarded bronze foundry shavings, discarded antibiotic vial lids, buttons, coins, discarded glass and perspex. The objects I use are removed from their low rank in society and become part of something beautiful. My packaging is also handmade in an attempt to lessen the environmental impact of my work. Designers you admire? There are several jewellery designers I admire but Natasa Milenovic would have to be top of the list. I am continually amazed by her beautiful work. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? It would have to be right where I live in Hobart. Close to the city conveniences yet still close to the bush and some beautiful walks. My favourite place to walk to would have to be Cathedral Rock. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I love the creative process and all it involves. I love playing and experimenting and finishing a piece is always satisfying. My only gripe is that I wish there were more hours in the day. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I have developed a bit of an obsession for the taste and smell of leatherwood honey. I began casting beeswax to ensure I was in its constant company, which has resulted in the creation of a range of winter honeycomb jewellery which will be available at The Market. I will also be exhibiting a range of jewellery inspired by my collection of discarded lids and relinquished relics.

contact Melany 0404 397 340


ta r a b a d c o c k pa r i s + ta s m a n i a by Tara Badcock Tara Badcock is a Tasmanian Textile Artist & Designer whose home base is in Northern Tasmania, close to where she was born & raised. After several years living & working in Paris & Europe within her design identity, Tara Badcock PARIS+TASMANIA, Tara has spent the past eight years consolidating and building upon her strong reputation for unique art textiles and is fast becoming recognised nationally & internationally, with store launches in locations such as Tiger & Peacock in Melbourne, Anthropologie in New York, & recent exhibitions in Norway, Sweden, Sydney, Melbourne & Evandale. Do you have a day job, if so what is it? My textile/embroidery practice is full-time and I work that around being a mother, and finding some time to work on my Graphic Design practice which brings in extra pennies! When did your business begin and why? Tara Badcock PARIS + TASMANIA was born one spring day in Paris in 2005, while I was seeking ways to alleviate my homesickness for Tasmania, marrying it to my Design identity which evolved in Paris during my three years of residence there. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Themes of beauty and utility, cultural identity, social and collective memory, and personal experience form the basis for individual pieces I create, which range from artworks, home-wares (cushions, elaborate curtains and wall panels), fashion, accessories and my ongoing TEACOSY* REVOLUTION project. Through a

combination of textile manipulation, stitching and hand embroidery techniques, I seek to connect with deeply ingrained human traditions of communicating both grand and worldly ideas, as well as private and intimate concepts, rendered in cloth. Designers you admire? Manon Gignoux, Nathalie L’Ete, Arthur Bispo do Rosario, Alexander MacQueen, Sara Fanelli, Henrik Drescher, Karl Lagerfeld, Sibella Court, DROOG Design. And these artists are continuously influential: Lucien Freud, Vanessa Bell, Virginia Wolf, Vita Sackville-West, Andy Paiko, Cathy Cullis, Alice Kettle… What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Gosh…all of it!!! Its such a diverse little island and I love the different parts of it for very different reasons…I love the road from Conara to Nile because the landscape looks like the unspoilt vistas in Glover paintings of Van Diemen’s Land. I’m always hoping to see corrobories, and always see the kangaroos bounding over fences! What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? An artists’ profession is really a calling and so it never feels like a job, even when I’m sewing at 3am and my body is aching all over and my eyes hurt…I’ve gone at my embroidery work so intensively over the past eight years to establish myself and my work in the world, that I’ve become very fast at what I do, which is great and yet means that I can set unrealistic deadlines for myself! I want to employ someone to help me now that I have the work for this, so I’m on the look out for someone with the passion and commitment for this kind of intricate work, and who enjoys it, most importantly! What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Lovely customers can expect a range of hand embroidered cushions and accessories and a small quantity of clothing designs, as well as a new range of more affordable printed textiles featuring images of some of my artworks and previous designs for home-wares and clothing. They can also expect to see some sale items from previous collections and a more elegant display of my work… cushions displayed on items of furniture, etc…and also my happy, smiling face!

contact Tara 0409242184


Alex + Marion ceramics by Alex Gouldthorpe + Marion Abraham Alex and Marion Ceramics is a creative partnership and pottery studio based in Hobart, Tasmania. All Alex and Marion products are designed and made collaboratively in Hobart by Marion Abraham and Alex Gouldthorpe. Alex and Marion work to combine the tactile appeal of East Asian folk pottery with studioscale production techniques and designs that draw influence from past masters of the studio crafts (mainly 17th and early 18th century Japanese and European) and by the weedy flora of this temperate suburban environment. They are particularly proud of their glazes, which are the product of a unique education followed by years of gruelling science, trial and error.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? We only do other work when desperate, and these jobs are irrelevant to our artistic practice. When did your business begin and why? Alex and Marion established their studio because they felt that there was an opportunity to revive the craft arts in Hobart and to attempt to live a particular socially idealistic life within their city. This involves making functional, affordable art and selling it face to face with the public. With trends in contemporary ceramics focused on unglazed porcelain and wood-fired pottery, we saw a great opportunity to keep the art of colourful, high-temperature glaze-work alive in Australia.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? We love art deco glass and metalwork, art nouveau period Japanese design, commercial art of the early 20th century and primitive design from all round the world. Art deco ceramics just missed out on the Western artist-potter revolution of the 30’s and 40’s so we work to create pieces that combine elements from Deco glass and metal work with eastern studio pottery techniques. Designers you admire? Roger Webb, René Lalique, Furuya Korin, and the unknown potters of the T’ang through Song Dynasties. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Cross St, New Town, looking out across the Brickworks kiln chimney toward Mt Wellington. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? We like working hard, and the strange futility of making things that get sold a week later and never seen by us again. We like feeling as though we are part of a great tradition and of another era and we like being productive. Working really hard is our answer to contributing to society. We are not today’s designers or designermakers. We are artists for the people. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Lots of colorful porcelain and stoneware home-wares; vases, cups, teapots, bowls, jars and boxes. Also on display will be some ceramic jewelry and small sculptural pieces and hopefully some non-ceramic items in the future.

contact Alex + Marion 0437 258 653


Marley & Lo c k y e r by Ness Lockyer Ness Lockyer sources beautiful vintage linens from literally all over the world to incorporate into her Marley & Lockyer label. Along with these ever so special textiles she also creates gorgeous hand worked clay homewares and jewellery. We particularly love how all her products come in a soft neutral palette, very gentle and extremely moreish!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Marley & Lockyer has just recently become my full time day job, while our children are at School. In the evenings I am a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor, yelling out orders at Bootcamp and dancing up a storm teaching Zumba! When did your business begin and why? It started in 2007, dabbling in sewing and clay while I was a stay-at-home Mum. The staying at home part was very hard for me, as I have always been active and in the community involved in all sorts of things. I wanted to get back to my roots of creating, and it went from there. In 2008 I opened my Etsy store and worked this into my blog. The response has been tremendous and I have found life long friends like Author Vicki Archer, Designer Brooke Giannetti and many more. It also opened up Tasmania to me, after leaving my Family and friends behind in Sydney. I knew no one. Now I have a great pool of interior loving and crafty friends...souls like me.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? I pull inspiration from interiors, nature, colours...everywhere. I can see a colour swatch and think of a whole new line for Marley & Lockyer! It is wonderful. My designs have to fit in with my ethos of “You only live beautifully!!”. Everyone deserves a lovely home/space and it shouldn’t cost the earth to get it. I source vintage linens from all over the world and don’t charge my customers the world for them. Life should be beautiful, not expensive. Designers you admire? Tricia Foley, Atlanta Bartlett, Brooke Giannetti, Lauren Liess, Nancy Fischelson. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Hands down, the Tamar Valley! There is so much beauty here and the support from like minded Women is amazing. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I love going to ‘work’ in what has been lovingly labelled “The Sweatshop”. It takes me seconds to get there, no parking woes and a coffee shop is over the road! The fact I get to make what I love and other people can share that with me is the best feeling. The only down side to working as a one Woman show is having no one to chat to while I work...I sing lots instead (it’s probably a good thing I work alone then!!) What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Beautiful vintage linens from France, Ireland, Belgium, America and Australia. Clay bowls, plates and our ever popular White Clay Tags and jewellery....everything is in a neutral, soft palette too. New collections come out all the time, so there is always something new to show.

contact Ness 0422 183 444


m i ss h a i d e e by Haidee Neill We love how Miss Haidee designs are different to so many other children’s labels out there. We love how her designs are boutique, limited run, and made from recycled fabrics in Australia. We love how the clothes have a playfulness but are also classically cut and made to stand the test of time (or garden games, play equipment and kid’s birthday parties). Last but not least we love how they have a lovely vintage essence which makes all children look positively angelic!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Miss Haidee is a full time job for me. When did your business begin and why? The Miss Haidee label started eight years ago with the birth of my first child Millie when my focus shifted from adult clothing to children’s. I wanted to create original dresses using recycled fabrics that are made in Australia. Inspiration/design aesthetic? My children are my inspiration and by taking ideas from vintage patterns and magazines I try to create timeless classics that will hopefully be handed down from one child to the next. I take pleasure in the knowledge that many of my pieces are ‘one offs’ and mothers enjoy the fact their daughter is wearing something original.

Designers you admire? Designers I admire are Easton Pearson, Gorman and many other’s who work on a smaller scale for the love of what they do. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? I moved to Tasmania nearly two years ago with my family. Running my business from home in the sleepy town of Woodbridge where my husband runs the pub next door and we spend hours jumping off the jetty in our back yard into the pristine waters of the Channel. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? My favourite part of what I do is the feedback and photos I get from the parents who enjoy the clothes as much if not more than their children. Running a business and raising a family is hard but it makes it all worth while. It helps having such a supporting husband!

contact Haidee

miss haidee clothing


little twig by Emily Snadden + Peta Owen Little Twig launched their business at the market in 2009 and we have to say they have developed an almost cult like following since. Must be because their jewellery + stationery are always the perfect combination of soft neutral colours, quirky twiggy style designs and boast a product range that includes a lovely collection of well thought out pieces. One half graphic designer and one half jeweller, the founding twigs are always innovative and constantly updating their range with new inspired new twiggy type designs.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Emily is a fully qualified manufacturing jeweller and during the day she creates amazing pieces for very happy customers from her studio in Salamanca, Hobart. Peta works as a graphic designer and divides her days between working part time and chasing her young son around the house. When did your business begin and why? Our business began in 2009 from a joint desire to do something fun as a creative outlet additional to our day jobs. We studied together at the Tasmanian School of Art and had previously collaborated on an exhibition piece so we had a pretty good idea that we would work well together. We decided the best thing to do was combine forces and see where a jewellery and graphic design venture could lead.

Inspiration/design aesthetic? We are inspired by all things twiggy, quirky and fun. We work with a neutral colour palette and a minimal approach to create products that are beautiful to look at and make people smile. Designers you admire? Our influences and personal tastes can be quite varied, however we have a shared love of illustration and simplicity that is prominent throughout all of our work. Whilst we draw inspiration from a myriad of artists our collaboration is mostly a response to our local environment and each other’s personalities. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Tasmania is such a unique environment, our favourite thing is that everything is so accessible! We both love the great outdoors and find all the inspiration we need literally in our own backyards. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? We love that our work is really anything but. We love creating things that we think are nice and then finding out that other people think so too. Our only gripe would be that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to create all of the new things that we would love to do and that sometimes, unfortunately, we really do have to sleep. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Visitors to the market can expect to see our ever-expanding range of handcrafted jewellery including earrings, brooches, pendants, cufflinks and rings as well as our many illustrated gift cards and tags. We are constantly adding new items to our collections and love that the market is the perfect platform to test run our new designs!

contact Emily + Peta Emily 0409 801 270 / Peta 0408 138 018


hiiragi by.. top secret ! HiiRagi is robots….a whole army of them, in many guises, and sizes, and forms. On Tshirts, and brooches and softies too. Sound crazy? Well it is a little bit, but in a really good way. And the robots (despite being intent on world domination) are very cool and incredibly well made….and actually rather cute in some cases, though I’m sure they wouldn’ t like us to say so!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Genius mastermind of the downfall of the world to the HiiRagi cause. Trust me, it’s a full time occupation. When did your business begin and why? Obviously my business began to raise the huge capital needed to build a robot army the likes of which this world has never seen. I was motivated by the rampant stupidity I see in the world every day and quite frankly think that I can do a much better job being a diabolical militant leader of the world than anyone else has managed to do thus far. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Military throughout the ages, communist propaganda, steam punk, robotics and Pinky and the Brain.

Designers you admire? North Korean propagandists’, Doktor A, Jamie Hewlett and the designer of the Death Star. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? My HQ. I don’t like to leave it much. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? Building new machinery and outfits for the Army. The constant evolution and refinement of our cause. Training camps. Turning people into minions. Tormenting the Berserkers. Our Christmas party. The list is endless…. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? They will be over awed by the size and genius of my robot army and associated propaganda. Once they have regained their composure they will feel compelled to help me raise the funds needed to make my dreams of World Domination a reality. Simple as that.

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s o p h i e ca r n e l l design by Sophie Carnell Sophie Carnell’s work can not really be pinned down to a singular niche, nor field. She creates beautiful objects, with a strong reference to nature, which gives her products a lovely sense of freedom and beauty. The mixture of her handcrafted silver jewellery and glass wares makes for a terribly covetable collection, very different, and very appealing!

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? My morning noon and night job is my crafting/making/creating. When did your business begin and why? I started seriously hand crafting 7 years ago, selling at local markets to support myself while doing Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania. I figured I’d rather try and earn money by making and creating than washing dishes. Dishes may have been more lucrative there for a while, but my creative soul was happier. I moved through making handbound leather journals and all sorts of vintage fabric reincarnations – bags, badges, birds, to creating unique sterling silver jewellery. Inspiration/design aesthetic? The natural environment is an endless source of inspiration for me. Tasmania’s

landscape is so rich and diverse. From the tiny pebbles and aged driftwood on the beach to the varied and intriguing rock formations of Mt Wellington. Designers you admire? Contemporary jewellers that I admire for their play with the natural world are Beth Legg, Marian Hosking and Julie Blyfield. Their works have a purity of form, yet are also delicate and intricate. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? It’s a toss up between Bruny Island and Schouten Island. Maybe Schouten for sunny summer days and waterfall-edge rockpools and Bruny for wild wintery days, crazy skies and roaring surf. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I feel very privileged to be in a situation where I can be creative for a living. I have a fantastic studio that looks over the river Derwent. I love the endlessly changing light on the water and the far hills. It’s very calm, and also inspiring. My only gripes are deadlines, why do they come around so fast?! What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? A range of jewellery using sterling silver and incorporating other elements including natural and repurposed materials, all created with a nod to this beautiful land we live in.

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bonnie & G by Rebecca Coote + Elizabeth Turvey Bonnie and G is the meeting of two creative (and busy!) ladies, Rebecca Coote and Elizabeth Turvey. They create a fun, interesting and eclectic collection of home and garden wares. Renowned glass artist Rebecca brings her vibrant glass ware to the table (so to speak), and Elizabeth compliments them with found objects from her farm, which have been cleverly repurposed. The end result? Amazing, limited run items for the home and garden, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Rebecca’s day job is artist and mother to 3 year old Eva and 5 month old twins Leo and Willa. Elizabeth runs the family farm and is mother to 3 year old Ikey and 5 year old Archie. When did your business begin and why? Bonnie&G was established in 2010. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Our inspiration and design aesthetic is ‘anything goes’ and to have fun, try new things and enjoy the day at the market!

Designers you admire? People who do different things. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Favorite parts of Tasmania are where we live. Clifton Beach for Rebecca and ‘Twamly’ for Elizabeth. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? We love creating unique and quirky home wares, things you may not see elsewhere. And having the day together to drink coffee, chat and come up with new ideas. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? There will be birds, there will be metal flowers and there will be………

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s u n da y’ s c h i l d by Sonia Skegg If you have a fancy for children’s clothing that is hand produced out of beautiful fabrics and dare we say it…completely age appropriate designs…this is the brand for you. Sonia Skegg from Sunday’s Child creates adorable clothing for little ones that brings back a nostalgia for an old fashioned type of childhood. Our favourite designs are the ones with fun oversized polka dots, just so sweet! Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Two days a week I am a “Faerie Helper” at The Faerie Shop in Salamanca. I’m also training to be a certified Jazzercise Instructor, so I’ll soon be teaching Jazzercise to both adults and children which I’m really looking forward to. When did your business begin and why? Sunday’s Child was established as a creative outlet whilst juggling a busy life as a wife & mother. I have 2 gorgeous daughters, Emma (8) and Sophie (5), who are the inspiration behind the name “Sunday’s Child” – they were both born on a Sunday! Drawing on my love of sewing and craft, the business was born in August 2009 with the desire to create beautiful, stylish pieces of children’s clothing & accessories. I am a perfectionist and every item is hand produced in my home studio with much love and attention to detail. Inspiration/design aesthetic? I take my inspiration from many areas but mostly from the beautiful fabrics I find. I

particularly love the colours and designs of the Japanese Echino range of fabrics. The quality is superb and I love the linen/cotton blends. I also have a thing for spots/dots so quite a few of my fabrics are “spotty” in nature. Once I see a fabric I then start to imagine what I can create with it and go from there. Designers you admire? Being a mother myself, I have so much admiration for the many talented and creative mothers out there who combine their designing, sewing, crafting skills with their various family, work, and life commitments. It can be hard at times, but I think for the most part we do it because we love it and it’s that bit of “me time” we all need to keep us sane. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? I’ve lived in Tasmania since 1990 when my family moved here from Sydney. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. I love that we can live in suburbia yet be 10 minutes away from the beach, mountains, or rain forest. I love that we can hop on a plane and fly to Melbourne for a “shopping fix”. I love that Hobart is a city, yet feels more like a big country town. I am excited to be a part of the many talented designers, artists, and crafts people Tasmania has to offer. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I love finding beautiful fabrics and making them into something I know will be worn and enjoyed. It’s lovely to receive comments from customers telling me how much their child loves their dress or tee - especially when it’s given as a gift. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I will have my full range of products available at the market - from peasant dresses, reversible crossover pinafore tops, applique tees, singlets & onesies, to reversible bibs, fabric covered button hair accessories and fabric knotty necklaces. All meticulously hand made in quality fabrics and gorgeous colour combinations.

contact Sonia 0412 903 358


Mabel by Dave Boyer + Jemima Wagner Mabel duo Dave Boyer and Jemima Wagner began their creative process with some dirty old ply and acrylic, a handheld drill and an upside-down floor sander. While that might not appeal to some, this refreshingly organic/nitty gritty approach, combined with a sincere and ethical design process and some interesting aesthetical influences has resulted in a range of jewels that are totally original and supremely cool. Featuring stacked layers of timber pared with fun pops of coloured resin, Mabel wares are a perfect example of good Australian design…an awesome product with a feel good ethos behind it. Do you have a day job, if so what is it? I’m back at uni studying teaching, so the flexible hours of self-employment suit me well. Jemima and her brother have recently taken over their dad’s framing business. It’s a more than full time job for her so she’s had to take a step back from Mabel for now, though she’ll still have a hand in the design process. When did your business begin and why? Jemima had been playing around with pretty things for years, initially making one-off bits and pieces from whatever she had lying around for herself, then as favours for friends and the odd commission too. “My Mother Mabel” was born around three years ago when we decided to dip our toes into commerciality with a range of laser-cut acrylic brooches. People seemed to like them, and it was exciting for a bit, but the process seemed a little soulless and factory-like, and a little like cheating.

Mabel take-two came about partly from necessity – Jemima had a little design shop at the time and were chasing that profit margin – but also to sate our creative desires. Armed with some dirty old ply and some acrylic, a handheld drill and an upside-down floor sander we got to work. Now we’ve got a shitload of awesome tools and it’s a bit become a bit of a factory again, but we’re personally involved in every step beginning to end. And it’s much more satisfying than sending Illustrator files off to Sydney. We recently dropped the “My Mother” from the front of our name — now it’s just “Mabel”. It didn’t really fit with the style of what we’re doing now, but we didn’t want to confuse people and murder the brand by making an entirely clean break. Inspiration/design aesthetic? We’ve both got a longstanding art deco fetish, which is quite apparent in our designs. It’s more the architecture, furniture and industrial design that appeal – particularly the streamlined style that didn’t get really get taken up by the jewelers of the day – though there’s an obvious nod to the simple geometric stuff in some of our more recent designs. Designers you admire? The deco gang: Raymond Loewy, Walter Teague, Kem Weber, Gio Ponti etc (thanks google). Most of them were architects, but weren’t snobby about what they worked on, churning out some amazing furniture, appliances, even packaging. Their best stuff was useful and/or comfortable, as well as beautiful – two sides that you’ve always got to balance when designing pretty things for humans. Marc Newson’s an interesting one – prolific (if a bit hit and miss) and not afraid to make a statement. And there’s some awesome local talent that’s always amazing us too: Emma Bugg, Meg Perkins, Ali Pyrke, Gabee Stolp to name a few. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Some of the old designs will be phased out – they just become too much of a chore after a while – others are evolving. We’ll be expanding our range with some neckpieces – something we’ve been meaning to get around to for ages. By Christmas there’ll hopefully be some furniture too.

contact Dave + Jemima 0459 481 971


sweet things by Judith Sweet We all know Judith Sweet of local foody fame, but did you know Judith also makes a small collection of gorgeous knitted wares. Think pretty wraps and scarves, fun knitted bangles and even teeny tiny little knitted baby slippers (perfect to give as a gift and pretend you knitted yourself…just joking). We’re also fond of some crazy and cute miniature fabric hens Judith makes…they can sit cheekily on a bench or hang from a branch or door handle.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? I’m semi retired but still create recipes for business websites, write for a magazine, occasionally cater and generally keep an interest in the food scene. When did your business begin and why? My ‘Sweet things’ is a result of the need to sit quietly very often following a car accident and I found that knitting was calming and helped me not feel absolutely useless.At the end of a day when physical activities, even house work was nigh impossible I was uplifted by the little knitted items I’d produced. Inspiration/design aesthetic? I tend to pick up wool and knit and all my scarves are different as I let the mood I’m in, the colour, texture and amount of wool I have lead me down a different path each time.

Designers you admire? I admire all those designers who create. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? I love the northwest coast. When I travel home to Wynyard my heart gives a little leap as I reach the top of the Don Hill and catch the first glimpse of Bass Strait. The rich rolling hills going down to the sea at Boat Harbour are also a favourite. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I love the meditative state that comes when I knit. I knit very simple things so that my fingers work without me hardly noticing. I know that things aren’t right in my world when I don’t want to knit. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I will be showcasing a selection of very cute knitted baby slippers in a selection of sizes and colours. They are simply decorated with soft felt shapes- the perfect gift. A variety of neck wraps and scarves in all shapes , styles and sizes. Simple knitted bangles are a new addition and are great worn on their own or teamed with regular bangles and bracelets. For a bit of fun I will have some crazy little fabric hens - they can sit cheekily on a bench or hang from a branch or door handle.

contact Judith 0418 146 678


sashiko design by Kiyomi Reid It’s so nice to see handbags that are made out of something unique…and beautiful. Kiyomi Reid under the Saskiko Design label, designs and creates a selection of Japanese inspired handbags and accessories. Components include Japanese vintage Kimono fabric, cotton, denim and leather…and a good dose of intuitive design and high quality manufacture also! Kiyomi produces new designs every 6 months, from especially selected materials she sources from both Australia and Japan.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? I run a studio at 102 Goulburn Street, Hobart, where I handcraft my unique handbags and accessories. When did your business begin and why? I started creating my product in 2001 as I felt there was a need for high quality handcrafted bags and accessories in Tasmania. Inspiration/design aesthetic? I create new designs every six months and find my inspiration from current fashion needs and the change in available fabrics which I source both locally and from Japan.

Designers you admire? 45 RPM Fashion House in Japan and Sucana Gosic who handmakes womens’ fashions in Melbourne. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Hobart and Richmond. I love the colours of the Tasmanian Bush. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I enjoy the creativity and the joy I see in people who appreciate and admire the quality and uniqueness of my product. It is disappointing when somebody copies my designs and makes an inferior product. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I will be exhibiting new bags on each occasion, together with a range of different accessories.

contact Kiyomi 0417 597 539


the naughty pony by Rachel Dean Rachel Dean enlists friends all over the world to help her source her components for her jewellery label, and is constantly receiving little packages containing old typewriter keys and other vintage treasures from afar. She turns these into an interesting and eclectic range of jewels, which she sells under her Naughty Pony Label. Rachel also uses lovely sustainable materials to make clothing and bags…. very cool ones we might add.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Making, sewing, designing, photographing and painting. When did your business begin and why? In December of 2010 I moved to Tasmania and with this move came a change of lifestyle that gave me an opportunity to explore a variation in career. I began my business in June 2011 and have been galloping along since. I have always been a sewer and a maker of things – my mum taught me to sew clothes when I was 10 and my sisters and I had been sewing things for our dolls and teddies since we were very little – and so this change just seemed like the next thing that I should do. I bought a big old rambling house in the Tasmanian bush, filled it with sewing machines, fabric, typewriters, buttons, and leather – I haven’t looked back. Inspiration/design aesthetic? I am inspired by what is around me - nature, fabric, defunct technology, typewriters,

travel and people. My aesthetic I would describe as bold with a focus on the graphic or a vintage piece. I am always on the hunt for old typewriters, I have friends the world over finding them for me and I periodically receive little packages in the mail containing keys and treasures. Designers you admire? Frieda Khalo, Spoon Savvy, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Rona Green, Eve Howard. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Southern Tasmania – The Forestier Peninsula – where my studio and home is. Love love love. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I am crazy about spending days and nights on end sewing and making beautiful things for people to wear. I like designing and creating new garments and jewellery too. I also love all of the beautiful emails that I get telling me about gifts that people have bought for their loved ones and how much they adore the things I make. Niggles? None yet… What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? The Naughty Pony will have more of a focus on fabric and clothing this year. I’ve sourced some beautiful eco fabrics, like hemp and organic cottons and linen and they are just beautiful! Some pretty new bags are on the way too!

contact Rachel 0400 382 237


Wolfgang A r t s ca p e s by Wolfgang Glowacki Wolfgang Glowacki, apart from being an international, multi award winning photographer whose photographs have been extensively published worldwide, is also a huge supporter of Tasmania’s stunning natural environment. This makes sense, as he spends his days traversing it (450km a year to be precise). Wolfgang produces breathtaking nature based photography, framed images, cards and books, all showcasing the beautiful Island of Tasmania and also demonstrating his obvious talent for composition and subject choice.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? Full time photographer! When did your business begin and why? I started my photography business 2004 after a close friend encouraged me to have a go at starting a stall at Salamanca market and my business has slowly expanded from that. I guess I never really intended to start a ‘Business’ as such but the Market stall lead to two galleries and a host of exhibitions that just seen to get busier every year. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Because most of my work is nature based, the patterns, designs and textures are all created and inspired by nature.

Designers you admire? Other photographers I admire are Peter Dombrovskis, Chris Bell and Rob Blakers. Their work inspires me to always do better! What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Hmmm it would have to be a tossup between, the Central Highlands and the Bay of Fires. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I Love the freedom of working for myself and the times when I’m out in the wilderness on a perfect morning, eating my breakfast while taking in a beautiful landscape on a random Wednesday morning thinking, ”I wonder how the rest of the world is starting their day!” What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? Some new and exciting images and framed print as well as my books and cards including my new book Wild Tasmania.

contact Wolfgang 0421437189


whatever heather by Shannon Robertson The whoever behind Whatever Heather was never a Heather at all. She was a Shannon. This particular Shannon happens to be a whimsical designer, an advocate of ballet in the forest, a lover of fiercely pretty fashion and a seeker of all things beautiful and interesting. These fancies culminated in the launch of Whatever Heather in the summer of 2008. Whatever Heather is a confident, youthful label full of intrigue and whimsy. Appearing in publications such as Fashion Journal and Frankie, WH is known for its decidedly feminine outlook with a dash of dark dishevelment, giving the brand its edgy, quirky persona. WH produces bespoke seasonal ranges which are stocked in select boutiques around Australia. In addition to the seasonal WH offerings, the Heather Forever Collection (available online) boasts an eclectic and constantly evolving range of favourite pieces. Shannon creates WH from her attic studio in Hobart’s Battery Point, which is filled with all manner of inspiration‌flowers, chandeliers, battered crowns, and sometimes (if he fancies) her imperious ginger cat/occasional muse, named Raspberry.

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sea soul studio by Sarah Woodward Sarah Woodward of Sea Soul Studio crafts beautiful ceramic pieces strongly influenced by the natural environment, and always by the seasons. Sarah is just about to launch her lovely new ‘Stoneware Collection’ a range of jewellery inspired by the stones and textures of Tasmania’s coastline. Featuring a palette of stunning whites and soft muted greys these jewels are cleverly designed for seasonal impact… pendants are strung on long linen cords to be worn over clothes as we begin to layer up for Winter and the rings are bold but restrained.

Do you have a day job, if so what is it? I work one day a week in Spacebar Gallery and one to two days a week making lattes and serving liqueurs at the Sorell Fruit Farm; I enjoy hospitality and retail, it keeps it interesting! When did your business begin and why? I started Sea Soul Studio two years ago, to give an identity to my inspirations and resulting art. It brings together many aspects including travel, photography, beachcombing, cloud gazing, love, friendship and my insatiable desire to create new and different things. Inspiration/design aesthetic? Strongly influenced by my natural environment, and always by the seasons, I tend to make “batches” of things as a new idea strikes. I was at the beach recently

seeking more ideas for my new collection and noticed the patterns left in the foam after a wave has crashed; I also admired fine, feathery seaweed and sea urchins stripped of their spines, back in the studio these consolidated into patterns on stud earrings. I also keep my customers in mind and the longevity of a design, after all, I want other people to love and wear my pieces too! Designers you admire? L.J Struthers for her beautifully simple (and simply beautiful) clothing; Michelle Clark of Burnished for the stunning imperfection of her jewellery; Matt Coyle’s illustrations, even though they slightly creep me out, I can’t look away. Mixed media artist Carolyn Audet, who doesn’t fit in any mold, makes quirky yet pleasing art from just about anything and I’m always fascinated by the work of other ceramic artists, it feels as if when sculpting out of mud, it becomes an extension of yourself, and hence everyone’s work is so wonderfully different because there’s no pattern to follow. What is your favourite part of Tasmania? Right now: home! We have just moved into our 1830’s brick and sandstone cottage across the road from the water in Lewisham. It needs a lot of love but we plan on being here for a long time. What do you love about what you do...and any little gripes or niggles? I I love that the possibilities of clay still seem endless to me; I have so many ideas jostling to get to the front of the line. My urge to create has often over ridden my need to sleep and eat! I really, really despise sanding. Nothing else to say on that. What can our lovely customers expect to see you exhibiting? I will be launching my “Stoneware Collection”; a range of pendants, rings and earrings inspired by the stones and textures of Tasmania’s coastline, particularly my local area. These pieces are crafted in Southern Ice Porcelain, known for it’s crisp, crystalline texture and luminosity. Some pieces are a stunning white, others are muted shades of greys. Pendants are strung on long linen cords to be worn over our clothes as we begin to layer up and the rings are bold but restrained.

contact Sarah 0419 658 014

CACAO GREEN by Bea Hill If the market was to marry, Cacao Green owner Bea Hill would be our first choice of partner. Bea has developed a range of delectable artisan sweets that are not only good for you (true story!) but that contain only wholefoods and superfoods. She uses as few ingredients as possible in her products, and ensures that those same ingredients have minimal digression from their natural state. In a nut shell‌she makes yummy sweet things that are completely guilt free and seriously delicious‌lucky us!

contact Bea 0417 441845

BARI S TA S I S TA by Anja Boot Many people will remember the familiar faces behind the baristasista mobile coffee van from corporate events or festivals (or in the case of festival goers maybe not!) Anja Boot, the barista sista herself, makes delicious and most importantly proper hot drinks‌we’re talking real coffee, beautifully brewed tea, decadent hot chocolates and everything in between. Her foodie treats are the perfect addition to her range of beverages, keeping you nourished, and just a little bit spoiled.

contact Anja 0409 740 019

p  t i ss e r i e a n t o i n e t t e by Meg Bailey Let them eat cake! And Macarons, particularly if they’re freshly baked in a perfect array of delicate flavours and colours by Pâtisserie Antoinette. Meg Bailey was inspired to take on the mighty (or mini!) macaron after a trip to France, and thank goodness she has. Her biscuits are freshly baked for each market with love, finesse and a healthy understanding of what flavor combinations will have people smiling!

contact Meg 0418 293 414

t h e f u d g e a ’ fa r e by Danielle Quinn & Matthew Gould With a bevy of award winning flavours up their sleeves, full time Tasmanian boutique fudgies Danielle Quinn and Matthew Gould (the fudge a’fare) live, eat and breathe fudge…mainly eat we hope! Their fudge is just as it should be, rich and chocolatey, decadently flavoured and completely handmade.

contact Danielle 03 6273 0531

a m a n da ja m m m by Amanda Graham The aptly named business Amanda Jamm makes, quite simply, delicious jams! What’s not simple however, is her range of decadent flavours…almost too good just to spread on your humble morning toast. Rose petal jelly, strawberry + champagne, vanilla pear, the list is endless, and what’s extra nice about it, her flavours are always seasonal, and use yummy Tasmanian fruit.

contact Amanda 0425 791 738


t h e ma r ke t .

Shannon Robertson Shannon Robertson, is the designer and maker behind the whimsical fashion label, Whatever Heather. With a focus on all things pretty and quirky, Whatever Heather is delicately feminine, but with a slightly darker edge in unexpected places. Producing two seasonal ranges annually, the Whatever Heather collection includes treats for necks, wrists, ears and fingers, along with hairpins, brooches and coin purses. Since its birth in 2007 WH has grown, steadily but at a safe pace, to include a handful of special stockists throughout Australia. It is designed and made by Shannon, with love, from her attic studio in South Hobart.

Established in April 2009 – the market is a boutique art and design event, held 6 times a year in the intriguing Masonic Temple. the market creators, Shannon Robertson and Holly Webber, both run successful small businesses of their own, so understood the need for and were intent on creating, a high integrity market, where quality up-and-coming Tasmanian artists, designers and makers could get the right sort of exposure. the market strives to keep its focus on boutique, high quality products, made with integrity, original thought and professionalism. While the exhibitors are extremely varied in their fields (think fashion illustration to bespoke ceramics), all belong to a similar ilk, which reflect the core values of the market, to present customers with the cream of the crop of Art & Design in Tasmania. Holly and Shannon are committed to their mission of showcasing and celebrating the abundance of talent tucked away in Tasmania, and are forever seeking new exhibitors, who have something wonderful and unique to offer the marketplace. With an exciting and interesting lineup of labels for 2012, featuring a new selection of exhibitors at each event, visitors can head to the market knowing that what’s on offer is indeed a snapshot of the vibrant art and design scene in Tasmania.

Holly Webber Graphic designer Holly Webber runs her own studio, working as a designer and art director for clients on a state and national level. Holly graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Graphic Design and Photography) in 2004. Holly has been able to combine her love of photography and design to create clean, intricate and vibrant patterns from her botanical photographs. Under her self-titled label she has developed a range of products using these colourful designs, including accessories, limited edition artworks and stationery. She is constantly adding new products to her range – including more recently a quirky illustrated stationery line titled ‘Letterbox Love’, sparked by a love of receiving good oldfashioned mail – guaranteed to raise a smile.

Demand to know where things come from, what is in them, who has made them and under what conditions. Do not be led only by price but look for value and craftsmanship. Buy only things and materials that respect the human energy that has gone into them and where the maker is rewarded fairly. kevin mccloud Kevin McCloud’s 43 Principles of Home

the market look book - April 2012  

Welcome to April at the market. Bringing you a brand new selection of exhibitors, with some wonderfully exciting products, we simply can’t w...

the market look book - April 2012  

Welcome to April at the market. Bringing you a brand new selection of exhibitors, with some wonderfully exciting products, we simply can’t w...