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Home / Sitemap / Music (General) Community Questions Every page in Music (General). Post a "come hither" song. Oh, just use your imagination here. Is it ok to be a miku fan? At the 40 Is that Spanish? What does the words translate to in English? And also at the 1:29 & 2:22 spot What does that say? What is your opinion of the song some beach? What is the last song you sang along with? Contemporary Music or Classical Music? Why? Would you call the music video for home emotionational? Have you heard music from a faraway place and feel you once lived in that place and your soul holds the memory? Where? What music? Do you know how to read Sheet Music? Have You had Your share of lezy vid(s)for today ? Well what are You waiting for O.o After asexuals lesbians are the coolest people on Earth Do you love Ellie Goulding? I do. Can you name a song or a musical composition without words that is in a minor key? Does this song give you the feels? Which of these songs from a now that's what I call music cd is your fave and why? What is the first song you ever hear by your favorite singer? Beyonce' does a Kings of Leon cover. Who is better? I got a feeling.... Are you feeling it too?

When was the last time you Sang Along while listening to Music on the Radio/Stereo? What song do you enjoy listening to with the Volume on "LOUD"? Where can I buy a cassette with stylus for a Garrard Record player/changer which plays old 78, 45 & 33 rpm records? What is the second to last song you heard? Fille, where art thou? This is so YOU. Does anyone like Sting and Ga Ga? King of Pain.... Is this cd tracklist accurate? Was there ever a man as pretty as Marc Bolan? Sigh......... Where can I buy a published simple choral arrangement of Walkin by Norman L Starks or sheet music Can I get permission to do my own arr.? What would be a song that was played on Soul Train? Why is Lady GaGa's face scaring me atm Could Jesus transform into a truck and/or gun and/or cassette player? Not asking if he would, just if he could. Do you remember the band Bananarama ? where they better than the Beatles Are there any online stores that have this cd? Can you name a non-choral or non-religious song that has a choral group in it? Can you post a video of clean up song? Which of these songs do you think is the most overrated and why? Musicians: what is your most successful strategy for making your music known? (Already doing YouTube) The band REM what does REM mean ? Are you the melody or the beat Want to put some spotted dick on the barbie, eh? What is the best country song ever in your opinion? Do you have new music I can listen? Blind Faith was a Supergroup. Define what that is, and play a song by a supergroup, or post the name. Thanks!!!! (Traveling Wilbury's)

What is the first song on the album people like me by Rhett Atkins? Do the lyrics in the song "raise your glass" by pink make a reference to the movie " the dark knight"? What is the TITLE of the Album, from a Band you enjoy listening to? IE:AC/DC~Back In Black Which of these songs is most likley to be a first track on a greatest hits cd some day? Which 30 seconds to mars lyrics are the best? What's the intro and outro song in this video? Why is it with the songs Maggie may and light my fire there's a long pause with music and no singing towards the end? What do you think of Lady Gaga's latest attention-getter, showcasing a vomit artist at a recent concert (or something). Which of singers has the eye of the tiger and why? Do you think a remake of the song trouble by pink would be better song by a pop or country singer? I have been looking for this song at 58:41 of the following video and can't find it anywhere does anyone know what that song is called? Should I stay or should I go? (If you say that you are mine, I'll be here til the end of time.) Can you let me know which non-english song to sing to commemorate your national re-birth? Which country singer do you think could do a decent cover of the song Polk salad annie? After singing songs like survivor independent women and bills bills bills why did destiny,s child do the song cater 2 you? What is the tracklist for the voice season two highlight cd with jermaine Paul? Do you live in a "tuneless" house? What do you think is Blake's best song and why? What is a fun way to learn music that is not boring? Does music heal you? Do You have burning hot desire ? O.o For what ? Which song is sadder stole or over you? Can you name an instrumental tune with the name of a bird? Do you like Kesha's songs

What song or music composition would not sound good in a major key? What song or music composition would not sound good in a minor key? How has the Internet changed the music industry (e.g. what role did it play on deciding which types of music are or aren`t successful)? Do You like Cranberries ? I miss them :) How do people expect their children to like good music, when they listen to terrible music themselves? Isn't Jackyl one of the most underrated bands of all time? What do you think of your child's taste in music? What do you think of your parents' taste in music? What is your favourite song to play on the piano? What would not be an appropriate song for a kindergarten choir to sing? Your favorite CARPENTERS song? Does music SHAPE culture, or does music REFLECT culture? Think of the last song you heard. Then add " In my pants" to the end of the title ... What is your result? Why is music so bad nowadays? Is it because of social media websites shortening the distance between the artist and the listener? Are you the type of person who carries singles with you? Music Question: is it true that most #melodies would become "better" melodies if the notes are sung "properly" by a "better" singer? What was the first song you memorized all the words to? What is a better album than Neil Young's Harvest? I will need video proof if you contest this. Why do i get emotional everytime i see or hear about the R&B singer Aaliyah? I know it's been 13 years but for some reason i get teary. How would You describe Mike Posner's voice ? In Your own words :D You can hear it here: for ex. Jack White is in at least 6 bands besides White Stripes which is now defunct. Can you post a video of any of his work? I'm a raving fan.

Any "Journey" Fans here? Favorite song? What does an atheist say to the tune of "What Does the Fox Say"? If someone told you that they were a Juggalo/Juggala/Juggalette, would that change your opinion about them? How much of this can you relate to? Do you hear music when there's no one there? Post a video or song with dirty in it. Not porno dirty. The word dirty. What type of choreography could ever top Bob Fosse? Im looking for a song! Its a kind of latino song , spanish i think, like juanes with a boy singer,in its video there is a girl who left them Do you enjoy music from cultures other than your own? What was the first function of marching bands? I doubt it was for football games! Music is so different worldwide. Different cultures find different things beautiful. What country's music do you love most? Why? Name one or more singers or bands that made songs that you hate? Like most every one they made, you hate. (I have a list) Heavy Metal vs. Rock & Roll. How do I get votes at for my chance for a job with Hans Zimmer? Why is everyone singing about California? Other states are nice, too. It seems like we'd have more songs about Alaska, doesn't it? Do you find music like this to be cool or creepy? (link in description) Can you name a song that you would hear at a sporting event? When I was playing the piano in my teens...mostly classical music, I was told that the piece had to end on the same note that it began on. Did you watch the Grammy's tonight? Mackelmore won 4 of them.... What's your favorite music genre? What are some songs like Black Heart by Stooshe? I like music that sounds good. What are some good sounding songs? They can be from any genre,

even if they've got stupid lyrics. Is my life brilliant? Is my love pure? Do you have a music collection? Where is your music collection? Is it all in the same place? Is it all Digital? Has the track list for the 2014 album by Chris brown been revealed yet and if so what is it? Men of Answerbag why won't You date Ellie Goulding and Pixie Lott ? You're all very rude, You know X/ Lady Gaga and the Goo Goo Dolls just got together and ______ Do you like the band "Say Anything"? If you could only listen to music by one artist/band for the rest of your life, what would it be? I am looking for a version of a song in the arms of an angel the song begins with a child asking a man were they are goin Does rocking your head makes you dizzy when you're listen to music? What was your favorite Dr Hook song ? What's your favourite Breaking Bad song? What's your favorite band/artist? Have you ever been listening to your Ipod/MP3 player and suddenly thought 'What the heck am I listening to?' Is there any doubt that the late Eduard Khil was the greatest singer to ever live? Did music alone ever make you dizzy? Do you like Rammstein? How long have you? Is there any band members from post-hardcore bands with Kik Messanger? If so can you please give me their usernames? Who do you wish didn't retire from music? Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, what is going on with them? Would you take a pill to have "perfect pitch"? How do you feel about this Is there a song that you want to sing? Why not mention it?

Do you know the song in the beginning of this vine? who were the choirs who performed on the t.v. show 227 the sing off episode Are you subjected to listening to anyone's music that you don't care for? Name a song that references an animal sound like a cat, dog, or any absurd sound. What's your favorite song about Texas? How about roadies. Have you ever been or do you know any roadies? (the guys that set up the band) If you have a great band it is not better than the Doors so either play the Doors for us or give your Better band? Music, please? Do you need another song about California? Does our society? Does California need another song about itself? What kind of music do you listen too. When singers mess up what do they do Why is it so hard to compose a great melody and why are there no good melodies in today's "music"? Some songs are soooo pathetic... Are you going to ring any bells today? Do you think that Christmas music is overplayed and is it overplayed more than non-Christmas music? Has there ever been a time when you had to rise up, or did you just back down? Are you the cause, or the remedy? Just revamping your ideology of a percussionist. What are these tears you are crying, are they crocodile, or....? Just exactly, what was it that you heard through the grapevine? Has there ever been a time in your life when you wish you could just....fade to black? Can they take away your job, but not your friends? What are the possibilities of recording music in a studio and putting it on you tube? (I want to try this!) Why do boy-bands all sound like girls? What some good songs that have good bass parts?

Did you enjoy the Doomstar Requiem? What is the musical that contains the lyrics "written on the sands of time"...Bob Fosse used this Does Detrick Hadden have children Does Detrick Hadden (a gospel singer) have children? Which songs do you feel like you could listen to until the day you die? Are u listening to music now?? How well do you think you could make your own music box kit? Do you like mechanical music boxes? Am I weird for liking Classical Japanese music? Talk about Leona Lewis. Do you think she's engaging? Stop, in the name of _________ Can you name something nobody has ever written a song about? have you heard steven lynch's song D & D? I hope that bitch Mariah carey dies I can't stand her! Are you going to start listening to screamo music to express how you are an angry, misunderstood youth? Am I a trouble maker because I am listening to screamo music? What genre music would this be? ( see video) The French have some of the most beautiful Christmas songs. Can you find and post any? The old ones I mean, not pop crappola. Do you listen to good music? Can you give an example? Aside from AC/DC, did/do any other hard rockers use bagpipes? Do you realize how nothing else matters when listening to good music? Have you heard of the band "Nitronoise?" Does Roxanne sound bad without bass? Are you going to Raise Your Funk Hole, or Put It Down?

How do you tell the key a song is in? How do pop music songwriters make and get money? How do they "give" their songs to artists? Who pays them? Can you name two songs with similar opening music or chords? Can you suggest a song that makes a person feel better? Post a video or song about light? Which Disney movie has the best soundtrack? Would it just be one or would you make a mix of your favorite Disney songs? Teens and young adults: Do any of you legitimately like Rick Astley for anything other than Never Gonna Give you Up/The Rickroll'd meme? What type of music do you listen to the most? I listen to Screamo the most I am listening to Aradia's Chant. It is featured by Z. Buddapest. Who is Aradia?. This is powerful. How exactly are royalties paid to the composer? Do they come from a copyright institution and go into the composer's bank account? what song is stuck in your head right now? mine is this is what it feels like by BANKS most awesome song right now way better than drugs. Why did 80's songs have so much meaning and artistic expression whilst todays songs are just echoing the needs of spoiled kids? What's the difference between major scale and minor scale in music? Can you name a song written by Cindy Tenesmus? If you could bring back one decieced Music Artist. Who would it be? And why? If you could replace the national anthem with any song, which would you choose? Lalala lalala lalala lala, lalala lalala lalala lala, lalala lalala lalala lala lalalalalala. What's the song the song? Does anybody know a horror love song? Who's your favorite late Romantic composer? "I Knew I Loved You" by Savage Garden. Any other Savage Garden fans on here? Give me a video with a really heavy base line like Seven Nation Army...? Does anyone fancy a shake?

When is the good time to listen to music? Name of Rock album with guy sitting on desk with his head laying on the desk,wearing ripped jeans ? black and white cover ? Why did you turn the volume on my headphones up? You know i was listening to a loud song! Who out there has Googled the lyrics to a love song and it so closely described your S/O that it sent chills down your spine? I found this beautiful song today. Wanna hear it? Is Shakira planing to make a new album ? When ? What are some 'classic' or your favorite end of days/ultimate battle songs? What music did you listen to as a teen or child that makes you cringe now? How Do I Extract A Song From A DVD? If the last thing you typed (before this question) was turned into a title for a hit song, what would it be? Don't you hate how every song's like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin in the bathroom, blood stains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room? What songs do you enjoy that are from a genre you generally can't stand? What music/songs do you listen to when you want to get in the zone (studying, working)? What will it be for Thanksgiving,turkey or some other bird? Do you only want to learn to play an instrument when you see someone at a party surrounded by people swooning over their mad skillz? Who are you a fan of? Do you have alot of fandoms? Are there any artists you really dislike, and why? Arctic Monkeys were very popular in the UK about 5 years ago, but a little less now?? Have you seen my Otterbox? I took it off and now I can't find it. Probably left it here. I found a song worse than Rebecca Black's Friday: Alison Gold's "Chinese Food" Your thoughts? Any one knows this song?? Listen to this happy song and wave it in heart ......... Over bodyful so beautiful with each flower overbodyful th In music, what's the difference between "time signature" and "key signature"? Are you in love tonight? Which is your least favorite recent music fad? Why?

what is the best song ever ? Is this the best song ever ... Can you name a song that references Saturday? Are you alternating between Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and Skinny Puppy? Can you name a song that references a body of water? What is the most unique song you have ever heard? Not interested in modern music, but have been impressed with Mika, and Owl City, do you like them? Have you heard the song "violent pornography" by system of a down? What are the origins of the "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA" song? Do you like Empire Of The Sun's songs Swordfish Hotkiss Night and Ice On The Dune? What do the lyrics mean? Why don't more men like to dance, or learn to dance? It seems like many girls/women end up dancing with each other. What, no love for Bananarama? What song brings out the hidden desire in you? Who are the guys that snsd is usually shipped with? what are the 10 or 15 best Disturbed songs Have you ever thought of AB as like you are playing the piano with your fingers and making energetic music with your intent? I'm featuring dead people until Halloween, my favorite time of year. Stevie Ray Vaughn, a bluesman who did Texas proud. Play some Stevie? Whom do you think is/was the greatest composer your country ever produced and why? I need some Radiohead, Beck and let's see... Portishead What do you want to play? (I'm pathetically easy) What are the most notes that can be played in one second on a musical instrument? What kind of trance were you thinking? How about the wonderful Donovan? Play some Donovan. Wear your love like heaven? How important is it to hear cannons in your music? What would you do to music so it would sound eerie? Instrumentation, harmony, melody, rhythm,

dynamics. What is the "Hash Tag Rap" style of rapping? Do you know anybody who doesn't like music/ Is that K-Pop shocking? Quit being lazy and tell me where can I create free music playlists online for free? Everybody get me what I want and stop being lazy what are good sites to create free music playlists? What are some new sites to create free music playlists? What are good sites to create free music playlists? When you get mad do you turn the music up louder? If I'm buying CDs or mp3s, how do I know which songs are b-side tracks? Is Glenn Danzig the most underrated musician ever? What music is dead? Does anybody know where I can download the song soulful moaning by Dale, I have been looking for years everywhere with no luck. :( In your opinion, who are the top five best rock vocalists from the 70's and 80's? Name a musician and his/her signature song or composition. Do you wanna hug oh, so bad? I need some new songs to download..i mainly listen to country but trying to go outside my norm. any suggestions? Are you a sultry maiden? Male or female singer with the sexiest voice? What are some problems facing the music industry today? Will you pause a song for me? I'll be right back. Does it feel like it's been forever? what's the title of the song at 20:18 this is the link thanks for the help What the ??? Is Hipster Rock? Did I blink and miss this? MGMT is an example any others? (2010 Rolling Stone)

Best Rock album 2009. Pick Coldplay, The Raconteurs, Metallica, Kings of Leon, Kid Rock? Music please? 2009 Who do you like for Record of the year? Adele, Duffy, Jonas Bros. Lady Antebellum, Jazmine Sullivan (?) ? I still like Amy Winehouse. (2009) What was good to you out of these. Coldplay, Lil Wayne, Ne-vo, Robert Plant/Allison Krause, Radiohead? Play one or give another. Let's hear some of your best songs of the '00's. Anything from 00 -10? What was great? 00 decade. Post songs by Outkast, Emimem, Xtina or White Stripes? Who are your favorite singers or bands? Do your friends have a terrible taste in music? Could you stand to listen to the repetition of Eric Satie's piano piece "Vexations", for 163 times, like on Sept. 9, 1963 by John Cage? Did you want your soul back anytime soon, or can I keep it for a while longer? Can you suggest a song that conveys your current mood? Is that music you are listening to? Can you name a song that references a body part? What kind of music do you not like? What songs were not hits but should have been? Loud, Obnoxious music with angry lyrics. Why do I like it? It is a scream from our youth. No one is listening. As usual? Do you find any of these songs incredibly sexy? ^_^ Do you feel stupid and contagious? whats your favorite 80s song? a song that maybe brings you memeries , your first love, first kiss , or reset someone.. Are you ashamed of your old audio equipment? The Suburbs is about the Youth doing nothing and knowing nothing. Is Arcade Fire the new Beatles? Do we need to get up and make a STAND? Why does 'everybody' want to be 'somebody'? What's one of the greatest last songs on an album?

Do you have to listen to one dubstep song until the lights turn back on? Does he/she make your heart skip a beat? :) Will you post Me a song ? Is the Pink Panther music a good song to dance to if i speed it up a bit faster ? Is it weird to sing your name whenever I'm in a good mood? Who is the best bass player (stand-up or electric)? Do you think forcing music on people that don't want to hear it is part of my charisma? Barth: Here is what I do if neighbors ask me to turn it down? I go outside and SING THIS: Can you define "chillstep" and post a video for an example? Have you ever been driving and singing a song when you realize you were performing for those around you because the windows were open? Courtney Love is not without charm, no? This is more dedication to ME Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was WRONG like me???? Besides MJ, which music people had a messiah complex? Do you know that John Williams and Yo Yo Ma are coming to Houston in December to play with the symphony? It's exciting! Why would you listen to that when you can listen to Something Else? Which book on or by a singer/songwriter would greatly enhance the listening enjoyment of their albums? William Shatner has a dub step Thomas Dolby hit? He's hot and he knows it. What if the 90's married the 60's? I want to hear some space music. Will you get me something cool to listen to? Can you name a song that references an animal? Did most gay music come from the 80's? Can you name a song that references radio?

Is it possible to form a band with band members scattered around the world? Do you like to make cheesy jokes that you know are cheesy, but your friends laugh at anyway? How often do you download music? whats the english translation to the Spanish song vuela mariposa by groupo marivilla Did anyone hear about snsd's taeyeon and tiffany aka taeny being in a serious gay relationship! they even sport identical rings! How about that Amy Winehouse? I need to mention her anytime I can. Music videos and stuff? Do You like harps music ? I love it, like here for example or Erik Belgrund's work :) Anyone 'young' enough to remember this? Michelle Obama has released an album (genres include hip-hop, pop, and country) about healthy eating geared towards kids. Will it work? Can you name a band that has (or had) a frontman/woman? What are some bands from the 90's that stick with you? Music please? Can you think of a better car song than this? Can I listen to your album? Is there a disease, digging deeper in you? Did your ex break up with you because you were always quoting Linkin Park songs? And in the end, does it even matter? What is a Acapella ? Do you like instrumental music? Do you have any new music obsessions? Hip-hop or metal? What type of music do you listen to ? Not that I like rap, but do you like Atmosphere the rapper? What songs are responsible for this "I want and need love" syndrome ? What are they playing out there guys????? If i could be any musician, I would be ______?

What do you think of my rap? Do you want to go to Heavy MTL? Kiss My Country Ass or Hillbilly Bone? Would you rather buy CD's in stores or download them for free online? Would you rather buy real CD's or download music for free? Would you rather buy CD's in record stores or download free music from stupid websites such as youtube? Would you rather buy CDs or download songs for free? Would you rather buy CD's or download music for free? Let's play some Hurray we are back on AB MUSIC. Anything happy, mad sad. You pick If by chance you hear a rare favorite song playing somewhere would your curiosity push you to find out where it's coming from? Does anyone own a Sixto Rodrigeuz album? He made three vinyl / CD I think. To what song did you last slow dance to? What song is currently playing at the club in your head? Why was my "Is this the best dubstep EVER" question removed? Do you love whoever suggested you use Spotify? I think I have fallen in love with Spotify. Help? What fracken song are you listening to? What's the worst song to hear while being kept on hold? Are you familiar with JJ Cale's Music? Love his music, i do RIP JJ Cale. Your music moved me man... Who else here has heard the band Porcupine Tree? Wow huh? The Worst Singers today (poll/survey) Have you heard the songs inspired by the warriors? Do you have any Asian songs on your computer or device? Every songs I listen to, ______________. I can't listen to music without _______.

how do musicians practise when travelling ? OMFG ANTS? Ew. o,o,O o,o,O o,o,O Can I bring my headphones so I can listen to music? What are your favorite 90s rock bands and artists? What do you think of my voice in this song. How long is a tour of an LDS temple? Son of a biscuit, I just Rick Rolled. How do I handle this? There's a song a group called "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" they had a song called "From the beginning" ....I like the tune but ... My girlfriend and I chose a song that represents how we feel about one another. On Sundays, KOYA has created a crazy show that combines all genres, (even country) to the play list, now we need a vote on a name... which? Another one... Oasis or Blur?? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?? What music performer is the most underrated of all-time? Rodney Crowell is mine. suggest me 'tunes' like 'Don't you worry about a thing'-incognito, piano theme in 'Honeypot' of Archer when he seduced Who don't you love like you did yesterday? Does anything sound worse than censored music? Do you insult what you don't know? this might be asked many times before, but.. what are you listening to right now? Do you ever come across new music whilst exploring the interwebs? Can you give me some titles of a few popular French songs you like? Give me your favourite song! Who likes 70's music? Do you remember Foreigner, Boston, Journey? Play some. Please. I just discovered Breaking Benjamin and Nickelback. Can you turn me on to some more cool music?

What's a guilty pleasure song for you at this moment? What male/female singer has/had the sexiest voice of all-times? Kings of Leon. So good. I played them to death awhile ago. I miss them any songs? Whats your favorite genre of music??? what about favorite bands? any reconmendations?? What is a way of going back to 2000 and see the top alt rock songs? When I say "typical 70s song", you think __________________________? name your favourite summer song When playing your music and someone says "I don't like that song" what do you do then? Are you gonna lay it down for me? Do you wanna rap and make soul beats? Can I take advantage of you please? Would you rather listen to... A Bug Song! A song with insects in it please? What time do you listen to music? Please help me go back to 2000 and find the top alternative songs? How do I go back to 2000 and find the top alternative hits? How do I go back to 2000 and find the top alternative rock songs? How do I go back to 2000 and see alternative songs from 2000? How do I go back to the year 2000 and find alt rock songs from 2000? How do I go back to 2000 and find alternative songs from 2000? What is this Final Fantasy song called? Please answer. Have you ever heard a song so good you wanted to blow your ear dreams out with it? How i can get brass sheet music? How does music affect you ? especially socially , morally , and sexually. Where can I find a radio sites that plays top songs by year? Do you know any radio station sites that plays top tunes by year?

Do you know any internet radio websites that plays top songs by year? Do you know any internet radio station sites that plays top songs by years? Do you know any radio sites that plays top hits by years? How can I find a radio station that plays top songs by year? Where can I find a radio station that plays top songs by year? Any Jan Terri fans here? :-P Do you need to listen to German music when you're playing as the German faction? Which One is Your Favorite Daft Punk studio Album? Is the song "Welcome To My Life" by Simple Plan stuck in your head? How could i go back to 2000 and see the top rock new rock 22 songs? Do you know how can I go back to 2000 and find the top alternative songs? How can I go back 13 years and find the top alternative songs from 2000? How can I go back to the year 2000 and find the top alt rock hit? Do you listen to Honky Tonk music? Do you like it? How come lugubrious music always sounds so Turkish? Which one is/was your favourite boy band? What is the name of an old, old song that starts off when I was a boy harwood mountains had a little girl named silly lee... ? Do you ever feel the Rastaman Vibrations ? How do I go back to the year 2000 and look at the top alt rock songs? How do you go back to 2000 and find the top alt rock songs? Would you like a free iTunes code? Are there any Piano and Vocal free music sheets online? LDS: Why isn't the hymn "If You Could Hie to Kolob"'s copyright owned by the Church? Do you wanna do a duet? What is your dog's favorite song?

I think of Led Zepplin's the Rain telugu mp3 free download Song. Can you resist giving me a song about the rain? what song should my band sing? Does anyone else not really care about music that much? how can I get my band to be discovered then signed? can you write a song for my band for free please? How can I go back to 2000 and see the new rock 22 alternative songs? How can I go back to 2000 and find the new rock 22 alt rock hits? Name one song you absolutely hate. Why do you hate it? Are there any songs you really like that are by performed by artists/groups whose other songs you strongly dislike? If so, what songs? do you take justin beaver seriously now? i sure as hell don't How about a nice Gogi Grant song? whats the name of the song used in this video When will they make it illegal for singers and bands to do inferior re-recordings of their old songs? What's a song that always cheers you up? Why is this song making me cry?? It just had to remind me of my dead grandma :'( Do you like German Industrial music? Does anyone knows how to get free premium code for spotify? Do anyone know any song's that's about obsession? Can you name a rock song that prominently features a violin, viola or cello? Can you name a rock song that prominently features a string instrument? Is it too late for people to find the top alternative songs for 2000? Is it too late to find the top alt rock hits for 2000? Is it too late to find the top alternative rock hits for 2000? Is it far too late to find the top alternative songs for 2000? Is it late to find the top alternative songs for 2000?

Is it way too late to find the top alternative songs for 2000? Is it you cannot find the top alternative songs for 2000 anymore because it's too late? Is it really too late to find the top alternative rock songs for 2000? Is it too late to find the top alt rock songs for 2000? Do you like music with a finky bass and froogly-boogly organ? What is a good/easy website to use to download music? I want to save them to my computer to burn to a CD. Have you seen these people? I just love them! if a guy like love songs and crys listening to them is what What type of spider killed Slayer's guitarist? Why hasn't one single person mentioned Jeff Hannaman dying from a spider bite? Where are all you Slayer fans? What song reminds you of your mother? Do you like answering questions when they're green? Name a Rhapsody do you enjoy the quality voice of Ray Price? Anyone else like singer Rebecca Ferguson - try: How old were you when you first realised you were a metal head ? who says "well, i dont know i dont think any preparation would help me preform in front of 70 thousand people" Will you have sweet dreams? what rare vinyl records do you own ? Is it bad that I like the song "We Found Love" by Rihanna even though I am a straight male who likes rap, rock, metal and techno music? why do some songs have nasty sounds in them? I hate it mayne! Do you think this song could be a hit? Do you got a hillbilly bone down deep inside?

A song that you neither like or hate? Can you name a song where the singer has a mental breakdown of some sort during the performance of it? Why don't monkeys evolve into Lady Gaga? Give a listen to this video and let me know if you can relate to Closing Time. Pick a song that represents your life currently? What song gets you moving? in the zone Is 'The Blank Cheques' a good name for a Rock 'n' Roll band? Should I listen to the first ten songs of Amber's playlist again? Am I the only person that takes the L and R on my headphones a little too seriously? I'm serious. I can't find this question anywhere. Who is your favorite band? Do you have one and does it change ? Hey yo fat girl, c'mere are ya ticklish? You got me for nothin' Jerome Wounded Rhymes Austin City Limits I am not Elvis or Michael Jackson. Do you like to listen to any songs that have women crying in them? Does Guile's theme go with a prostate exam? Does everybody talks? What is the greatest way to get my band Creeptones votes for this competition? Lykki li Wounded Rhymes album. This song is great so is the album How important is music to a child's education?

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