Holland College Strategic Plan 2020

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Our Consultations


Message from the President We shape futures. We shape the futures of our students, faculty, staff, province, and our communities. To continue to shape a positive, productive future, we have set a bold path of action. This plan, our future, was written by our students, faculty, staff, industry leaders, communities, and funding partners. We held consultations tip to tip and received online submissions from around the world. We listened, we heard you, and we will act. Our future requires us to be flexible in what we offer for students and how that’s delivered. It directs us to embrace new technology and new ways of teaching. It challenges us to ensure that our students, faculty and staff are fully supported to build on their education and careers. Our new plan ensures we recognize that the environment we create matters in everything we do. We will create a more inclusive and welcoming space so that everyone has a chance to thrive. We will be mindful of our impact both locally and on a global scale. Holland College has been a proud partner of the Government of Prince Edward Island for more than fifty years. We remain committed to working together in support of our collective priorities through various initiatives that will positively impact our communities, strengthen our economy and ensure student success. We will partner on this new path together to ensure all Island youth are engaged and set for a bold future. I would also like to acknowledge the input and ongoing support of the Holland College Board of Governors. The Board was involved in the development of our Strategic Plan and has endorsed the strategic priorities. I look forward to working with the Board as we bring this plan to fruition. We will be bold.

With this plan, you have my commitment that Holland College will establish strong and lasting momentum toward a future that we have written together. Thank you for helping to set us on a strategic, meaningful path forward. Together. Let’s get going. Sincerely,

Dr. Alexander “Sandy” MacDonald HOLLAND COLLEGE STRATEGIC PLAN | 3


Holland College seeks to bring out the potential in each person, to hone their skills and talents, and to enable professional and personal fulfillment. Our students are guided through their educational experience by an engaged faculty and staff who embody a welcoming spirit. Our faculty, alongside our industry partners, are motivated to see students succeed and become leaders in their field of choice. We know industries demand bold leaders. And we aim to ensure our students are ready, willing and able to meet that demand. We know there are challenges facing an ever evolving workforce. We will expand our offerings to help meet these demands while ensuring our students are ready for what lies ahead.


Our values guide our every move. They build upon our past and shape our future. We strive to always do better and go further.

INNOVATION We believe in being ahead of the curve. Seeing what’s coming down the line and ensuring our students, faculty and staff have access to the latest techniques, trends, and technologies.

APPLIED LEARNING We have a rich history as the provincial community college for Prince Edward Island. We honour that legacy as the applied learning institute by ensuring the skills and applications we offer prepare students to be leaders in their chosen fields.

INCLUSION When we acknowledge and celebrate our differences, we strengthen who we are. Holland College strives to offer a welcoming and safe environment for all who come through our doors. 6 | HOLLAND COLLEGE STRATEGIC PLAN

ENGAGEMENT We want every student, faculty, and staff member to feel heard, included and inspired. We encourage continuous learning, teamwork, and open communication. Our college is a part of our greater provincial community and we will continue to be an active member of all communities we operate in.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY Our decisions today impact the communities we operate in and their future. We aim to reduce our footprint and reconnect with nature.

INSPIRATION We embrace the responsibility to inspire and guide students toward their future careers and life paths.


INNOVATIVE & FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING • Innovative Programming • Post-Graduate Pathways • Teaching Excellence

SUPPORTS & INCLUSION • Student Support Centre • Mental Health and Wellness • Enhanced Diversity • Indigenous Relations


ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP • Climate Leadership • Green Innovation • Transportation Impact • Built Environment

CORPORATE INNOVATION • Applied Research • Technology • Fiscal Planning and Accountability • Marketing and Communications • Employee Development, Retention & Succession Planning HOLLAND COLLEGE STRATEGIC PLAN | 9


Preparing students for the future requires us to consider how we use techniques and technologies to innovate and promote excellence.


Innovative & Flexible Programming Innovative Programming

Degree Pathways and Post-Graduate Opportunities

We aim to spark innovative thinking and action. We will do so by offering engaging programs that attract students and meet the needs of industry and tomorrow’s workforce. We will be the instigator of new technologies and techniques to be embraced in our classrooms and by our industry partners.

In preparing students for the future, we must support them in the pursuit of advanced educational opportunities and pathways to excellence achieved through red seal programs and board accreditation preparation. Holland College will:

Holland College will: Review current programs for academic integrity and sustainability

Seek to expand our work with industry and community partners on program development

Increase cross-disciplinary experiences and problem-based learning

Invest in technology, labs and systems to prepare our students for the workforce and other educational pathways

Expand distance, self-directed, and part-time learning options

Advance a work-integrated learning approach to maximize experiential learning


Review degree pathways and post- graduate opportunities with our education partners

Investigate additional areas in which Holland College could offer post-graduate diploma programs

Design targeted communication for students regarding degree pathways and post-graduate opportunities

The skill and professionalism of our faculty is the primary driver in our student outcomes. Our excellent faculty want to ensure they are guiding our students with the latest techniques and technology. Holland College will:

Enhance faculty and instructional staff access to both professional development and networking opportunities with industry

Invest in new technology, flexible workspaces, and creative teaching spaces

Reward teaching excellence and share best practices within the greater college community

Teaching excellence and leadership in the management of each program area

I graduated from Holland College almost 10 years ago and the

program I attended was fantastic. I also know it has been adapted

and updated since to keep pace

with the rapidly changing industry. The program was also run by two

Teaching Excellence

very talented, engaging and wellrespected instructors. So, as long as programs are staying current

and meeting the workforce’s needs while being taught by top-quality instructors, the overall quality will be strong.-Alumni consultation submission



What our students learn in the classroom is only one element of the education we aim to provide. Holland College is also about ensuring its students, faculty, and staff enter and exit our campus knowing that they are welcome, supported, and seen.


Supports & Inclusion Student Support Centre

Mental Health and Wellness

The needs of our students are broader than the development of career skills and goals. We want to provide encompassing supports so our students can grow in our community and lead healthy, empowered, and productive lives.

We heard and acknowledge that more is needed when it comes to mental health and wellness on our campuses. We will embrace and help our community to live healthier lives and provide access support.

Holland College will:

Holland College will:

Create an encompassing student support centre on the Prince of Wales Campus to provide supports related to academics, health and wellness, mental health, international services, and higher student engagement Enable student success by increasing awareness and access to on-campus supports

Expand our capacity to support in learning disability supports

Ensure the campus environment is conducive to positive mental health

Review all our communication for inadvertent stigmatization of mental health

Provide mental health first aid training

Enhance the process for students with mental health concerns to leave and successfully return to studies

Provide more awareness of -and access to- counsellors, both online and offline, on a 24-hour basis

Strengthen support and resources for sexual harassment and assault

Address food insecurity among students and improve the food environment on campus


Expand extracurricular opportunities including clubs and sports as well as social activities

Enhanced Diversity

Indigenous Relations

We will be more welcoming and more accessible. Our goal is to demonstrate that we see, benefit from, and celebrate diversity across our campuses.

We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnership with our Island’s First Nations governments and enhance our community’s recognition of this partnership through open dialogue and respect.

Holland College will:

Focus on inclusive teaching techniques and Universal Design Learning (UDL) principles Ensure all student and staff events and communications are inclusive and accessible

Review our current supports and events that they are inclusive, reduce harm and promote healthy practices

Review all applications and interfaces for gender-neutral language and personal pronouns

Continue to enhance services and process for international students

Holland College will:

In partnership, recognize that Holland College rests on traditional and unceded territory of the Abegweit Mi’kmaq First Nation

Review supports offered to First Nation high school students interested in enrolling Review programming for opportunities to provide more awareness about Indigenous communities and perspectives



Today’s decisions define the Holland College of tomorrow. Knowing this, we move into the future aware of our impact locally and as a member of a global community. We will take concerted action in support of our shared environment.


Environmental Leadership Climate Leadership

Green Innovation

The challenges of climate change demand innovative and evidence-based action. We are ready and able to move forward on both.

With a history steeped in innovation and the development of technical skills, we know we can prepare students for tomorrow’s environmental careers.

Holland College will: Conduct a carbon emission audit every five years and determine what technologies, practices, investments, and strategies are needed to reduce emissions Examine how our programs and operations could improve waste reduction

Ensure our culinary, applied research facilities and foodservice providers implement best practices in reducing food waste Set a timeline for the elimination of single-use plastics


Holland College will:

Review all programs to determine opportunities for using green techniques and technologies

Identify how Holland College can help foster a greener economy

Work with industry partners to identify opportunities to reskill or train workers for new opportunities arising from environmental investment

Engage students to lead our action to create greener campuses and world

Transportation Impact

Built Environment

Investing in active and accessible transportation reduces our greenhouse gases and benefits our campus and surrounding communities.

Both our indoor and outdoor spaces affect the learning blueprint and our environmental footprint. We commit to improving our learning spaces while reducing our impact.

Holland College will:

Holland College will:

Reassess offering a transit pass to students as part of student union fees

Partner with transportation providers to improve access to rural campuses and from rural areas

Incentivize students, faculty and staff to use active transportation, public transportation, or carpooling Review infrastructure needs for promoting active transportation, e.g. bike racks, showers, and bike storage

Work with municipal and provincial partners to improve active transportation routes around our campuses

Review asset needs against our maintenance budget and create a transparent plan

Annually audit heating and cooling systems to ensure we are creating comfortable learning and working environments

Update on-campus lighting to improve energy efficiency without compromising comfort

Ensure environmental standards are key factors in all renovation plans



Shaping our future cannot be accomplished without taking a hard look inward. We are proud of who we have become, but recognize that we are evolving. To do so strategically, and toward our collective vision, we must be transparent, accountable, and work hard. We must ensure our lines of communication remain open and that we remain focused on our shared direction.


Corporate Innovation Applied Research


New opportunities for local and global research collaboration will allow us to capitalize on our unique expertise and capabilities.

Investing in technological infrastructure is vital for our organization to grow. We will strive to create a strong foundation in the latest technologies for our programs and operations.

Holland College will:

Examine our applied research areas

Collaborate with industry and government to capitalize on our expertise

Continue to seek market opportunities for current applied research efforts and outcomes

Seek and explore new international markets for recruitment on education joint ventures

Holland College will:

Conduct a wifi analysis and modeling in each building to invest in reducing wifi interference and dark spots.

Review all corporate technology to ensure that it provides sufficient security

Invest in technology that allows us to make evidence-based decisions

Upgrade technologies and software

Continue to enhance user experience and efficiency in enrollment management


Enhance efficiency in locations and access to technologies

Provide support for training and development of online, blended courses and programs

Employee Development, Retention & Succession Planning Investment in our employees, including paths for advancement, relevant professional development, and improved care in transferring internal knowledge, will increase satisfaction, strengthen operations, and enhance programs. Holland College will:

Explore avenues to create progressive and open opportunities for advancement

Develop guidelines and methods for retaining corporate memory Enhance employment equity practices that will support the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce

Modernize technological systems and maximize employee application

Create an employee retention strategy that fosters an engaged workforce

Marketing and Communications We heard you say we need to communicate better. We also heard you say we need to promote who we are and all we have to offer in a more sustained and effective manner. Holland College will: Commit to an internal communication audit Develop or review an internal communications plan, with a focus on promoting the transfer of internal knowledge

Enhance branding with the goal of increasing awareness of Holland College and its programs

Implement new marketing campaigns to niche audiences

Explore flexible and relevant professional development opportunities


Corporate Innovation (continued)

We will shape our future, as we have our past, through strategic and focused fiscal planning. Measurable goals will enable us to demonstrate our promise of ongoing accountability. Holland College will:

Review areas that were identified by our industry partners as opportunities where we can help grow the workforce

Investigate offering more employment services

Review all programs for sustainability and alignment with strategic areas of applied considerations

Invest in engaging alumni and in seeking endowments/private investment

Implement a new Office of Corporate Accountability to increase research and measurement in progress of strategic initiatives and projects.



See the student as here and

now, but also recognize that the

relationships built today need to be cultivated past graduation.


Fiscal Planning and Accountability

How can we engage

those who are graduating? - Staff submission

Together we set a path to shape our future. And that future starts today. Are you coming?