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FOOD TRUCKING A few weeks ago the City of Fayetteville passed new legislation that not only made it easier for food trucks to operate but also almost encouraged it.

one-third of the business that apply to get a public permit.


Ryan is a senior studying international business. You may contact him at

Now on to the whole reason I wanted to write this article, there is a food truck court opening on Dickson. This will be located in the stage are where The Phoenix used to operate. The area is owned by Zac Wooden and should have spaces for seven trucks. He said that they already have three or four strong commitments and it should open very soon.

All I have to say to Mr. Wooden is that you are a genius. As a frequent guest of the Dickson street bars, I have seen and been a part of the As someone who loves any kind of food, food trucks hold a special hunger that you get about 1:30 to 2:30 am, right before you head home. place in my appetite. They have always reminded me of fresh and Now there are a few places open already with the chicken and waffles, great food from all over the country. Now that these regulations have hot dog stand and Los Bobos but this is a game changer. Almost every been established I expect there to be many more food trucks roaming night from Thursday to Saturday that court will be packed and as a the streets of Fayetteville. Also later in this issue our wonderful writer, Kayla Eifert, writes about the food truck that has been feeding hungry students around campus. So definitely check that out! Some of the regulations that have been changed include: Allowing the businesses to stay on a private site for six months without a city permit. This should allow vendors who are skeptical about if their business will be successful in that location without taking a huge risk. The previous regulation said that after 90 days they had to move locations. After the six months they can either move or officially apply for a business permit Property owners are now allowed to create food truck “courts” on private land like the one on College. A great perk about this is that the individual businesses do not require an individual business permit. Again this is another way for the business to test out their menu and see if it is worth expanding. Now when it comes to more traditional food trucks, one that actually move each night, there are some new regulations as well. They also can park on private land or apply for public use permits. These permits, according to Todd Gill of the Fayetteville Flyer allow, “Food trucks operating on public property are limited to parallel parking spaces and must fit completely into one space. Food trucks can only sell food from the sidewalk-facing side of their truck, and are prohibited from parking on the same side of a street directly in front of a restaurant or a parking pay station. They must also move (“bump”) to a new location at least 325 feet away every four hours.” To limit the amount of food trucks operating at one time the city has decided to only allow




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Scene on campus


In the middle of an on-campus food desert, one brave food truck has set out to feed the hungry students outside of Old Main.


Kayla is a sophomore studying advertising and PR. You may contact her at

What started as a FedEx truck was transformed into Café Tusk, a food truck providing a menu inspired by food that is quick and tasty. Food trucks everywhere have become increasingly popular, and Chartwell’s has jumped on the bandwagon of this new trend. “Basically what spurred this movement would probably be diversity and placement of food on campus. This is the only place on this side of campus to get food, aside from Dickson,” James Hogue said, Chartwells supervisor for Café Tusk. “They [Chartwells] just wanted to make more accessible food for students and make it more fun. You’re coming to a food truck, its awesome.” All of the food is cooked fresh by a supervisor, prep cook, and lead cook. The menu offers a Philly cheese steak, fish tacos, falafel and chicken tinga tacos for lunch as well as cupcakes or tater tots for snack options as well. Since first opening their window on March 11, the truck has become increasingly popular, now averaging around 80 orders per day. If you ever find yourself on the east side of campus during the week between the hours of 10:30 to 2:00, stop by Café Tusk, and try it out for yourself!



Scene greek life

ABOUT THAT SORORITY BUZZFEED QUIZ... Have you ever burdened yourself with questions like, “Am I in the right sisterhood?” or “Where should I have actually pledged?” Lucky for you, Buzzfeed has all the answers.


Lauren is a freshman studying English / journalism. You may contact her at

In late March, a quiz was released claiming to know the exact chapter that was right for you even going as far as saying, “You don’t choose the sorority life, the sorority life chooses you.” Fortunately the quiz is in quality company just look under, “Which Boy meets World Character are you?” and “Taco Bell Cured Every Stoner’s Menu Board Anxiety.” Top contributor, a.k.a. Austin Hunt or as he calls himself an “editorial fellow and professional wrestler,” has created the ultimate informal recruitment in just about seven questions. Finally we have someone who knows exactly what they are talking about, but seriously, this quiz is lacking some serious credibility. The quiz is based on a series of questions ranging from which fraternity crest you like best your preferred color combination. I say for recruitment this year, ladies, let’s ask our potential new members how they spent their spring break to really get a feel if they are right for our sisterhood. The questions have no bearing on where you should be whatsoever one answer

affects the whole sorority. For example if you choose, “Your mom and dad said it would be good for you to rush,” then you must be Delta Zeta, or if you “ate pizza over spring break,” then why are you even a Chi Omega? You were meant to be Kappa Alpha Theta. About 17 of our writers took the quiz themselves. Eight girls (including myself) got Zeta, three Kappa Kappa Gammas, three Alpha Omicron Pi’s, one Delta Zeta, one Delta Gamma and one “GDI.” Out of the 17 girls, only one actually got the sorority she was in and six had some friends or family to the ones they were given. Odyssey writer, Tri Delta Laura Selak said, “I got Kappa Kappa Gamma. The description was way off. No lie, I took it like 80 times trying to get Tri Delta.” The quiz gives no real reasons for why you got the sorority you did and only mentions what a badass or chill person you are. As far as I’m concerned Tri Delta, Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Mu, Kappa Delta, Alpha Chi Omega and Pi Beta Phi weren’t even options. According to the quiz, if you are a Delta Gamma, you hate sorority stereotypes, if you are an Alpha Omicron Pi then you are the ultimate bad ass, a Kappa Alpha Theta, Delta Zeta or a Kappa Kappa Gamma just consider yourself a chill person in general, and if you are Zeta well according to Austin Hunt you have a lot of friends. A top commenter on the feedback portion of the quiz noted, “Sororities are different at every school.” There is noway to exactly measure which sorority you should have been, each chapter is completely different on every campus. While it would have been interesting to know where you really belong chances are you already are in the place you were meant to be.


‘ME’ THE BRAND My roommate had a job interview over Skype recently and completely dominated it. It got me thinking about what a “good” interview is really all about, and I decided it’s about making yourself a brand.


Katie is a senior studying creative writing. You may contact her at


asked how they would know if she needed help and so she asked later, how they would handle it if she asked for help on the job. Fifth, be prepared for the dreaded questions. Say there is something in your background they may find less appealing, like the fact that you were fired. Do not cross your fingers and hope they just will not ask. If you do not prepare yourself for it, they are going to ask the question. You need to over prepare for these questions especially so you can attempt to spin it in a more positive way and then move on.

In interviews, we become traveling salesmen going door to door to sell our product. Only in this case, the product is ourselves.

Finally, remember your audience. The interviewers are not your friends, so be personable and show you will get along well with people, but do not make jokes that can come off poorly to an interviewer, like how if you won the lottery, you would never work again. Interviewers really just want to know if you have the skills for this job and if you will be happy in the job. Your answers need to prove “yes” to both these questions.

We are basically trying to convince various companies why they want to acquire us and then keep us around. It’s difficult, and in this day and age, there are so many different aspects to consider now as well.

It can be scary putting yourself out there and trying to sell your brand, but the more you prepare, the less frightening it is. So over prepare as much as possible and show the world how successful University of Arkansas students can be.

For instance, social media can play a big role in interviews. Employers are going to look at the social media of potential employers, and whether or not it will play a big role or a small role in their decision, it will be a factor. The Career Center on our campus is a tremendous resource for those trying to get jobs, whether you are a sophomore looking for a part-time job or a senior looking for a future career. They even hold mock interviews, so students can practice before the real thing. I looked into the best interview tips and the following is what I came up with. First, research the company you are applying for. Employers love if it is clear you have looked into them and their history and are very knowledgeable about what they are all about. Also, it will help you in your own interview because it can help you know what kind of person they are looking for so you can not only make yourself come off the best way possible to them, but be sure you are the type of person they want. Second, the interviewer will likely have an idea of your skills and history from your resume, but make sure you pad this resume further by telling personal stories. These stories should be times you make connections between your previous experience and this possible new job. So if you worked in retail and are applying for a job where you will interact with many people, you can discuss the times you have had difficult customers but were able to still give great customer service. Third, be ready for any kind of interview. As I mentioned, my roommate did her interview over Skype. These days, you can expect interviews in person, over the phone, Skype and even pre-recorded video (though that just might be for The Real World). You need to shine in all media, which can be more difficult through a computer screen. Fourth, be prepared to ask questions. You may be the interviewee, but you need to interview your future employer as well and make sure this is the job for you. For instance, my roommate asked what would be expected of her on day one if she were offered the job. This is a great question because it shows you really are interested and that you take this seriously. Likewise, you should go off their questions. Katie was


Self health & fitness

THE POWER OF YOGA If you’re tired of your boring old workout routine or running mile after mile on the treadmill, yoga is an amazing alternative.


Alexandra is a sophomore studying communication. You may contact her at

The eastern practice of yoga has provided long lasting health benefits for both your physical and mental well-being, which are both equally important to college students. Some of these benefits include flexibility, muscle strength, posture and help to alleviate high blood pressure and anxiety. Sandra Kincaid, a sophomore here at the U of A, decided to begin her teacher training at Yoga Deza studio this past month. “My favorite part of doing yoga is the connection I get to my body and the awareness it fosters in my life on and off the mat,” she says. “I wanted to create a deeper connection to my yoga practice and gain a better understanding of the correct alignment for poses.”

Ms. Kincaid is one of many people who have seen a positive impact in her life after practicing yoga and incorporating its values into her everyday life. “Outside of training, we are asked to go to three classes a week, so I attend classes at least six times per week,” she says. It’s obvious then, that yoga is an ongoing learning process. You might not even be able to touch your toes the first day of class, but if you stick with it, you’ll see results.

“I keep learning more and more benefits of yoga as I go,” Sandra says. “When practiced safely it can really help better your posture and gives you an incredible workout that works all of your body!” Another benefit yoga has to offer? It’s for everyone. Many studios offer classes open to every fitness level, no matter your age or your gender. When you walk into a studio, there is no fear of judgment and you are free to relax and focus on yourself. There are several studios in the area that have flexible schedules and offer classes at an affordable price. Many studios offer discounts and occasionally offer free lessons as well! So next time you are in a workout funk, take a risk and see what yoga has to offer, it may change your life more than you think.

WHAT, EXACTLY, IS IN OUR WATER? Conspiracy theory. A lot of people do not listen past the utterance of these two words.


Hannah is a sophomore studying

deficits and impaired fetal brain development observed in animals after long exposure to fluoride. is devoted to the topic and any impending questions. They state tens of millions of people in China and India now suffer serious crippling bone diseases from drinking water with elevated levels of fluoride.

But I think they are psychology & creative writing. entertaining. I do not necessarily believe or disbelieve certain theories, but I do find the stories interesting. Much to the dismay of my Twitter followers forced to endure ridiculous retweets, I started following a couple twitter accounts with far-fetched ideas.

Arthritis suffers report more pain with a higher fluoride intake. Skeletal fluorosis, a bone weakening disease, is a result of fluoride. Cancer, infertility, increased blood pressure, kidney damage, hypersensitivity, endocrine disruption and thyroid disease are all threats of fluoride. Fluoride is hazardous is to infants and children, and swallowing the chemical gives teeth little benefit, the claims say.

Unlike Tupac’s resurrection, Bigfoot, or Area 51, I stumbled upon an unexplained circumstance that affected my life: water fluoridation. The United States, unlike 98 percent of Europe, supports water fluoridation to benefit the general oral health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends up to 1.2 milligrams of fluoride per liter of drinking water.

Why in the world does our country feel the need to add this substance to our water when it’s already heavily distributed in our toothpaste, mouth-wash, and whitening strips? The only benefit it scientifically proves is preventing tooth decay. Is our government trying to downsize the population by putting a killing agent in our drinking water? Maybe, maybe not. The risks were still enough for me to make the switch to toxic-free toothpaste from Ozark Natural foods.

However, fluoride is considered highly toxic by some who claim it has a direct correlation to negative health effects including memory loss, neurobehavioral





around the corner, a month away for us students here at the U of A. We try our best to stay focused


Kappa Kappa Gamma Bridgette is a freshman studying journalism and political science major. You may contact her at

on schoolwork, but thoughts of endless summer days make concentrating a challenge. We start to think of fun things to do during the hot days and cool nights. Of course, going to the pool or lake is at the top of the list. However, if you are an individual who is not content with doing the same thing all summer long, then below are a few ideas that could add variety to the rain or shine days. 1. Run a fun 5K with friends. Believe it or not, but not all 5K (3.1 miles) runs require running! The Color Run, Color Me Rad, and Color Vibe 5K races hardly have participants running the full 3.1 miles. The point of these races is to become covered in colored cornstarch and paint while walking, jogging or running the 5K with friends and family. People come from all over the country to participate in these fun and colorful events. Usually the registration prices range from $25-$50 dollars, but that fee covers the t-shirts, and extra merchandise given out in the race-day bags. Check out the 5K races websites to find the next event closest to you! 2. Go to an outside summer concert. It could be Luke Bryan or an upcoming artist, does not matter the genera or celebrity status, the experience of an outside summer concert with friends is unbeatable. You do not have to pay an outrageous amount for the ticket to have a good time. From personal experience, the grass seating make the whole experience more enjoyable and are a lot less expensive. Check out www. or local event websites for listing of upcoming concerts. For those who live in the North West Arkansas and outlying areas, Florida Georgia Line and Nelly will be performing an outside concert May 30 at the Arvest Ballpark in Springdale, AR. 3. Set a goal/goals to accomplish before going back to school. Some people look at summer, as an opportunity to endure in self-change or self-fulfillment. With endless days, there is plenty of time to set goals and see them through. Whether the goal is to eat healthier, workout more, spend more time with family, or less time connected to social media, the change is possible. 4. Take a fun, inexpensive, weekend trip. Nothing says summer time fun, like packing up a car and road tripping to somewhere with family or friends. It could be taking off to a town with a carnival or fun music festival; any weekend getaway can make for a pathway to new experiences and memories. Checkout for great hotel deals.


5. D.I.Y projects. Pinterest is filled with various Do-It-Yourself projects. Whether

it is turning an old door into a bed headboard or repainting a bookshelf, summer projects help pass the time blissfully. So grab a glass of lemonade and get to work! 6. For sorority girls, work on gifts and canvases for your future little. Freshmen sorority girls loved being showered with gifts from their bigs, which, is an experience they should give their littles as well. Taking time in the summer to paint canvases and make cute dorm room decorations will make the fall semester less stressful. Check out Pinterest if you are in need of ideas. Summer is just the break college kids need to get re-fueled to tackle another year full of long nights of studying and stressing over grades. So take this summer and do things that are relaxing, yet enjoyable, because before we know it, the next school year will have arrived.


Sports national

MICHIGAN STATE MOURNS LOSS OF “PINCESS LACEY” Lacey Holsworth, an eight-year-old cancer patient whose bond with Michigan State college basketball star Adreian Payne quickly became a national story, died Wednesday.


Holswoth’s cancer was in remission last spring when the two attended a cancer fundraiser held be ESPN analyst Dick Vitale. The cancer returned in the fall. Vitale, who has pledged to raise money in her honor, said on Twitter, “WE WILL NOT let her pass in vain ! RIP #ANGELLACEY”

Hannah is a freshman studying broadcast journalism. You may contact her at

The entire Michigan State program rallied around Holsworth, who had a fetal-nerve cell cancer. She held Payne’s hand on the court during senior night, then helped the team cut down the net after the Spartans won the Big Ten tournament title.

Delta Delta Delta

In an ESPN special segment on Holsworth’s bond with Payne, John Anderson, ESPN reporter said “So from now on it is Lacey Holsworth who plays above the rim. The little girl, befriended by Michigan State’s Center Adreian Payne on a hospital visit last June.” Payne would make more trips back to the hospital to visit and color with Lacey, and she would come to the gym to see Adreain work on her moves. An unlikely bond that would help raise her spirits battling cancer, and his game. “She is a huge part of my life,” Payne recently told the Detriot News. “And she grew to be part of my family.”

Lacey Holsworth joined Payne in Dallas for the College Slam Dunk Championship as part of the Final Four weekend. Michigan State Tom Izzo said in an interview “I’m supposed to be a guy who leads men, and now an eight-year-old has impacted my life like this..the impact on all of us will be lasting, and thats especially true for Adreian.” Holswoth’s parents used Instagram to speak out after Lacey’s death, saying “Princess Lacey has achieved the ultimate victory, she now dances among angels..The world is a better place because you were in it. Our hearts are broken. We love you Doll. Dance all night…Mommy and Daddy, Will, Mitchell, and Luke #LoveLikeLacey”

Ideas debate & discuss

WHAT I’VE LEARNED FROM WILL SHAKESPEARE I figured I would learn a lot of important things that would shape my experience as an English major, but I had no idea that I would actually learn a lot about relationships. We recently read the play Twelfth Night. If you haven’t read it before, think of the movie She’s the Man, which was loosely, very loosely, based on the play. If you aren’t familiar with either, I’ll explain. There’s this girl named Viola. She wants desperately to be on the Duke’s court but because she is a woman, she can’t. So, she disguises herself as a man, and over time, she closes in on the Duke. The problem is that she finds herself increasingly attracted to him. In the end, she reveals that she is a woman, and she and the Duke end up together. Their relationship is unique because in those times, the only way to build a relationship between people of the opposite sex was courtship and then after marriage, man and wife would really learn about each other and have a real friendship. Viola and the Duke built a particularly beautiful relationship because he saw her as a friend first and after the friendship was created, built a romantic relationship. My summary leaves a lot of stuff out, but for the most part, that’s what you need to understand where I’m going. I gave this some thought. When we try dating in college, it can be very frustrating. We meet a guy and immediately treat his as just that. We flirt, try to look better than we really do and hide all of our flaws. Then, if there’s enough interest there, we go on a few awkward dates. Guys see women and immediately try to turn it into a hook up. So many people, guys and girls, say that they want a relationship but don’t go about it the right way. Maybe if we stopped trying to build a relationship on courtship and try to on a friendship instead, we would have success. When I started dating my best friend, something strange happened. We skipped all of the awkward dates and calculated mind games. We didn’t need those things because we were already friends. There were no secrets, games or mixed messages. From that point forward, I started to suspect that our typical dating methods, the courtship, were all wrong. Shakespeare confirmed that. We have to stop looking at guys as people to impress, look hot for and play hard to get with.

Guys have to stop looking at girls as conquests, hook ups and objects.



Delta Delta Delta Instead, we need to Ashley is a senior studying look past gender and English. You may contact her at see one another as peers, possible friends and most importantly, people. If we let someone become a friend first, we can decide if we like them or not and then pursue romantic relations. We are doing it all backwards right now. We go on dates and try to create something romantic with someone we may not be interested in as even a friend or a person.

We should try to stop being lovers first. If we do it the other way around, maybe we can skip some initial awkwardness, the games and all of the wasted time. Bonus: we will actually spend our time with the right people.


Ideas debate & discuss

STANDING UP TO THE FASHION INDUSTRY For years now, the fashion industry has been ridiculed for creating body imageobsessed girls who are prone to eating disorders.


Alpha Omicron Pi

Haley is a senior studying journalism, advertising, PR. You may contact her at

In many cases, the ideals created by the industry have made it nearly impossible for a woman to accept and be happy with herself. Self-confidence has been replaced with self-destruction as girls flip through magazines and TV channels wondering why they aren’t as thin or perfectly proportioned as the airbrushed models and celebrities they admire. What would happen if we started to stand up to the fashion industry and Hollywood, and stop succumbing to the superficial standards they’ve set for us? Would they continue to behave as an elite society of flawless individuals, or might we open their eyes to what they are doing to women both young and old across the world? Though it has taken a while to get here, it seems the media and marketers are starting to listen, and are advertising their lines in a much healthier and realistic way. In 2004, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty sparked this movement when the company dared to do what no other company targeting women would do. They used women of all different shapes and sizes to grab the attention of their target market, after research showed that the definition of beauty had become very narrow and unattainable, according to Dove’s website. The goal of the campaign was to show women that they don’t have to be a size zero or have a mile-long torso to be beautiful. In addition to the Real Beauty campaign, Dove released a documentary this year called “Selfie,” which seeks to prevent mothers from passing down insecurities to their daughters by encouraging women to be confident in their own skin. Dove seems to have inspired more and more companies to help females find body peace. Aerie, a lingerie company, recently launched a campaign similar to Dove’s. This promotion features girls who are not professional models, and whose bodies have not been retouched. The company targets girls between the ages of 15 and 21, a group that is believed to be the most likely to develop eating disorders as a result of a negative body image.

Not only are companies concerned with correcting the unhealthy idea of a so-called “perfect” body, but many companies are also working to remind us that age is just a number. In 2012, MAC Cosmetics used 90-year-old Iris Apple as the face of their brand. Ellen Degeneres served as a spokesperson for Covergirl, and Meryl Streep was pictured on the cover of Vogue. “For MAC to use a 90-year-old woman, it says that we’re not afraid to say that a women at any age can be really, really beautiful,” said a MAC spokesperson in an interview with the Today show in 2012. Even high-fashion designers and celebrities are striving to broaden society’s perception of beauty. Many designers are using models without makeup, for instance. An online clothing company called Betabrand chose only women with Ph. D’s to model their latest line, redirecting their customers’ attention to the value of an educated woman. Actress Cameron Diaz put her writing skills to the test in “The Body Book,” in which she stresses the importance of being healthy and natural. Her famous friends seem to agree with this message, as the new diet craze in Hollywood does not involve fasting or juicing but simply eating clean and wholesome meals. Younger celebrities are working to inspire confidence in young girls, too. Last week Lorde tweeted the real, unedited version of a photo from one of her concerts to reveal acne that the media had removed from the image. “Remember flaws are O.K.,” she told fans. Lorde isn’t the only girl flaunting her flaws. This past month, Facebook has been exploding with “no makeup selfies,” a viral trend that was started to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness. Girls post a selfie without makeup, and then tag a friend to encourage her to do the same. This endless selfie chain is inspiring girls everywhere to be confident and embrace their imperfections. The media is extremely pervasive in our lives. In our world, we are constantly refreshing social media on our smartphones, catching up on the latest trends by flipping through magazines, or are busy “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” The fashion industry and Hollywood have used their influence in our lives to set unrealistic expectations to try and define what beauty is. By fighting back, we were able to prevent the media from creating their idea of the “perfect race.”

500 words on



I rarely find myself checking Facebook these days due to the immense deluge of my newsfeed by grandparents, aunts, uncles, moms, dads and long-lost high school acquaintances.

right above “how to keep a spider away” was this condescending and patronizing question.


Katie is a freshman studying English. You may contact her at I am also turned off by the amount of outrageous stories that are shared on my timeline: stories pressuring me to reshare so that I might go to heaven or so that a child’s dad will stop smoking and take them to Disney World seem slightly outlandish to me. Today, however, I found myself sidetracked in class by my infinitely long to-do list so naturally, my finger wandered to my Facebook app icon. I then noticed that I had a notification showing me that I had been tagged to an article titled “A Daddy’s Letter to His Little Girl,” and my curiosity got the best of me. Sitting, reading this article in the middle of many classmates, I felt myself becoming outraged at the nature of today’s society. Today marked the day where, for the first time, I found myself clicking on the “share” button. The featured letter was both charming and endearing. However, this is not what grabbed my attention. The father prefaced the letter by saying that when the words “How do you keep…” are typed into the Google search bar, the top result is, “how do you keep a man’s attention?” In disbelief, I immediately put it to the test. Sure enough, right below “how to keep a dog from digging” and

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in all the traditional characteristics of male to female courtship; I swoon when a car door is opened for me, blush when a chair is pulled out for me and am first to admit that I like a traditional pick-me-up-at-the-door date. I do believe that it is completely acceptable to demand these simple benefits of being a woman, while still holding some beliefs that may categorize you as a feminist. I believe in equality in the workplace, I scoff at boys who joke about wanting me to make them a sandwich, and you will always find me voicing my opinion when I feel it to be necessary. This is why, as I sat in class reading what appeared to be a harmless Facebook post, I felt sorry for the women of this generation. Is this what our society is teaching today? We must work to be sexy in order to keep a man interested? Call me old-school, out-of-touch or maybe, according to Google, uninteresting. No matter what you call me, I plan to keep a man interested in ways that Google will never teach you. Interesting should mean that you have class, personality, wit and dignity. Women, let us strive for beauty that comes also with brains, confidence that comes from within, and opinions that are our own. Let us wear what WE like and NOT what we think will appease a boy. I can promise each and every woman reading this that class and poise is far more interesting than anything you will learn while browsing the web. As I am writing this, I can hear Shania Twain singing, “Let’s go, girls” in the back of my mind. Let this be a reminder that you are interesting just the way that you are. Someone out there will find you interesting when you are simply being yourself. Get off Google, put on what you feel best in, and go out to do what you like. You’ll thank me later, I promise.


500 words on


adult fiction novels becoming movies, new



moving in and girls are taking notice.


Leigha is a freshman studying journalism, advertising & PR. You may contact her at

If you have not already heard about the incredibly handsome Theo James then you are behind. His lead role in “Divergent” will make you eager for the second movie to come out. Not only is this handsome hunk tan, sculpted and gorgeous, but he is also British. That’s right ladies, he has the accent that makes everything better. Just to add a cherry on top of the sundae, he can sing and play guitar as well. Channing Tatum better watch out for this up and coming actor who has all the girls’ eyes on him. Ryan Gosling better watch out too because the newest big love story will be out in June, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Ansel Elgort is playing Augustus Waters, and he will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love. This sweet and sensitive guy has only been in “Carrie” and “Divergent” so far, but his tall stature and tousled hair is a force to be reckoned with. He used to sing and dance in New York City, and he seems down-toearth and charming. Miles Teller is going to be a star with his awesome sense of humor, wicked charm and great looks. Not only did he make us laugh in “That Awkward Moment,” but he also stole our hearts and inspired us in “The Specular Now.” This fun guy will make you laugh daily on Twitter and

make you want to be as carefree as he seems to be. Zac Efron will have to keep an eye out for this new lovable, funny actor who will charm girls and star in comedic roles.

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While I am a member of an amazing Greek organization full of women who I adore, since joining I have began to notice some fashion trends that aren’t so cute because Delta Delta Delta I’m observant like that. Laura is a sophomore studying While some of these are cute marketing. You may contact her at and stylish and totally able, others make me want to scream. Now look, I am no super fashionista. I try really hard, and I will question an outfit like five times before I leave the building. It’s possible that I’m just not srat enough to understand them. Maybe I’m bitter than I can’t pull off some of them. Another point to make before we start this journey together is that I am the anti-sorority girl. I am not preppy, I enjoy herbal tea, old vinyl records and shopping at Goodwill so y’all may not agree with me, and that’s ok! Huge shirts These are some of my favorite things. Major props to the ladies who actually try to look nice for class, but for the rest of us, these tents are the way to go. You throw them on over leggings/yoga pants/Norts, and you are ready to go in seconds! Also they allow you to do laundry less often because every sorority girl has about 2,000 of them. Monogramming Warning: rant approaching. This one has gotten out of hand and very quickly… It started as a couple of items (necklaces, car decals, towels) and has grown like the damn plague. Ladies, NOT EVERYTHING YOU OWN MUST HAVE YOUR MONOGRAM ON IT. I mean c’mon, you can get everything monogrammed now but why do you need a monogrammed keychain on your monogrammed backpack that contains your monogrammed planner??!? My personal favorite new item to flaunt a monogram is the bathing suit. Bathing suits? Really? You want your initials stamped


on your boobs for everyone to stare at? It’s like y’all are afraid you’re gonna forget your initials so you had to put them everywhere to remind yourselves. Not showering I’m sure there’s about 50 percent of girls on this campus right now that haven’t washed their hair in about a day. Dry shampoo has been a personal savior to me this year because I am a part of that assumed 50 percent. You aren’t supposed to wash your hair everyday anyway! Plus it helps you master the art of fancy up-dos and wearing headbands! Or you can just put on a hat, but hey, you do you boo-boo. Chevrons This one kinda goes along with the monograms due to the fact that it’s also spreading like wildfire. Y’all know it’s true. Chevron clothing, chevron rugs, chevron bedding, and the list just keeps going. The best part is that usually when I see chevron, it’s usually a bright color and a monogram is soon to follow. Can we pick another type of horizontal stripe to obsess over? Lilly Pulitzer This is another one that I just will never understand. We have a store in Memphis that sells nothing but this stuff, and the place scares me. Upon browsing their website, I have noticed two things. 1) everything is expensive as hell and 2.) all the patterns look like the result of when the preppiest human being alive dropped some acid. That much pattern in any of those hues belongs nowhere on your body. It’s cute on a kindergartener, but unless you are going vacationing in the Hamptons with your polo team on daddy’s private yacht then there’s no reason to wear it. I will give Lilly credit though; they make a fantastic planner. Converse (specifically white ones) This is another one of those things that have become a staple of srat-hood. I’m 70 percent sure that every girl has a pair of these and the ones that don’t should because they’re the absolute best. I wear mine with basically everything because they’re comfortable and o so stylish #flawless Michael Kors watches I’m not about to pay that much money for a watch. Plain and simple.

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@totalfratmove: Telling the owner, “We’ll take in a row without tweeting about it where’s good care of her,” when renting something my award? you know will get destroyed. #TFM. @totalsratmove: Being “unable to even” on a @CoachHughFreeze: Anything worthwhile regular basis. #TSM. takes time to build. If we have immediate success, we wouldn’t develop the character @JimmyTatro: I blame techno music for 100 needed 2 sustain true success 4life. percent of my speeding tickets.

@totalsratmove: “Let It Go” being the only song you are capable of singing when you’re belligerently drunk. #TSM. @itsWillyFerrell: Monday: No. Tuesday: Ugh. Wednesday: Why. Thursday: Omg. Friday: Finally. Saturday: Yes! Sunday: Crying.

@tbhplzdont: mean girls came out on april @WesVengeance7: Why do sorority girls hang @CollegeTownLife: F is for friends who share 30th 2004. April 30th is a wednesdaythis year out in odd numbers? Because they can’t even. Netflix passwords. and if the whole world does not wear pink i’m moving to Saturn. @totalfratmove: Having an irregular heartbeat @itsWillyFerrell: I don’t understand why since returning from spring break. #TFM. drunk me always seems to have more money @totalfratmove: Impressing her mother while simultaneously infuriating her father. #TFM. than sober me. @CollegeTownLife: I worked out three days

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