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‘Biggest Loser’ trainer judges Hofstra’s Got Talent By Andrea Ordonez

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Fresh off being a trainer on nBC’s weight loss show ‘the Biggest loser,’ boxer Cara Castronuova took a break from throwing punches and instead sat ringside as a guest judge of Hofstra’s Got talent on saturday, sept. 3. A Hofstra graduate and a long island native, Castronuova was enthused to return to her alma mater. she credited the school as being a great stepping stone in her career. she fondly remembers hosting the Classics show for Hofstra’s radio station, 88.7 WrHU, and frequently going to the Fitness Center. “i was boxing when i was at Hofstra, part of a sorority, and in communications. All three were really time consuming, but Hofstra was a really good school,” Castronuova said. After graduating with a degree in communications, Castronuova became a two-time Golden Gloves winner. in 2005, she received a second place ranking in amateur boxing by the national organization UsA Boxing. A certified trainer, Castronuova made her way to season 11 of ‘the Biggest loser’ after submitting a low-budget video filmed at the house of her training client. “i always had the urge to help people,” she said. “[On ‘the Biggest loser’] i was doing something amazing, but at the same time i was helping people… i was there 100 percent, not just on camera.” As one of the new trainers, Castronuova chose to steer clear of being compared to veteran trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper. “i didn’t really think about it at the time, but it was a lot of pressure, being compared to someone like her,” Castronuova said. “i didn’t want to fall into the trap of being someone i’m not.” despite the show’s high ratings, Castronuova will not be returning as a trainer for the next season of ‘the Biggest loser.’ However, plans to host a new weight loss show are currently in the works. “right now, [my agent and i] are work-

Photo Courtesy of Anita Ellis ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer Cara Castronuova with SGA President David Zuniga.

ing on a show that’s going to be equally, i feel, as good as ‘the Biggest loser,’” she said. Alongside plans for a new show, Castronuova has signed deals with the martial arts and fitness brands Everlast and Puma. “i like to train, but i’m very fond of competition,” Castronuova said. “i’m thinking about fighting again as a mixed martial arts fighter.” While obesity awareness and healthy living remain a prominent aspect of Castronuova’s work, her love of training has led her to promote other causes. recently, she led nearly 5,000 people

through0 Aids/lifeCycle, a seven day bike ride for Aids awareness spanning from san Francisco to los Angeles. “it was something i didn’t really expect to love so much,” Castronuova said. “i was never really into biking and cycling, but i loved it. it was a physical challenge and a mental challenge. i was fatigued but it was for a good cause.” Castronuova has proven that students are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they are still in college. she suggested keeping a steady workout schedule and following a good diet. “i really did utilize the Fitness Center,” she said. “i would go between classes

and it would keep me grounded…Also, if you eat a lot of junk, your mind starts to not work so well. When i eat junk, i’m not as in the mood to work out. It benefits you to eat healthy and it benefits you to work out.” More importantly, Castronuova insists that students keep a fighting spirit when it comes to their professional goals. “the best advice i can give is to be persistent,” she said. “A lot of people give up really fast. they’ll leave college and look around for jobs, and sometimes settle for a job they don’t really want. For me, i feel like it’s important to not settle for a job that you don’t really want.”

Man on the Unispan What’s your favorite thing about the school year so far?

“The racial unity.”

“Dizzy Lizard Saloon.”

“Getting my room sexy”

- Kyle Jones, senior

- scott Cramp, Junior

- tim Greene, Junior

The Hofstra Chronicle: September 8th, 2011 Issue  

The September 8th, 2011 issue of The Hofstra Chronicle, the student newspaper of Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.

The Hofstra Chronicle: September 8th, 2011 Issue  

The September 8th, 2011 issue of The Hofstra Chronicle, the student newspaper of Hofstra University on Long Island, NY.