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I expect myself as a sponge, which can absorb water like absorbing information and new things.

The vision of life is like doing exercise, the more pressure and stretch you give to your body, the more possibilities you can do.

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Product design Compendium of season herbs Campus installation project Flatware

Exhibition 2012 2014

TTDW: Rising Star YODEX: Beeloved (urban beekeeping)

Working experience

Ho, Ching Date of Birth

1991 DEC 10


+886 928 006 533



No.360, Daxue 10th St., Nanzi Dist., Kaohsiung City 81148, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

personality Optimistic Outgoing Energetic Passionate Reliable Full of curiosity and creativity Initiative Confidence Communicative

Hobbies Sport Tennis, badminton, jogging, workout trainings Approaching to nature life Mountaineering, camping, trekking, rock-climbing, canoeing, fishing, parachuting‌etc. Traveling to explore the world The fine arts skills, especially in painting. A knitting beginner.

Educational background Sep-2010 ~ June-2014

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Department of Industrial and Commercial Design with Industrial Design Concentration

Sep-2007 ~ June-2010

ER Xin High School Dept. of Advertisement

Experience Working Career July-2014 ~ July-2015 Mae Tay Precision Co., Ltd Industrial Design Engineer

Main duties

I was work as an industrial design engineer at Mae Tay Precision Co., Ltd., in which is a manufactures of plastic molding, silicone molding and tooling for industrial manufacturers. Nowadays, the business concept is becoming an Own Design Manufacturing. 1 Responsible for product design section through the conduction of data collecting, market research, brainstorming, sketch design, 3D rendering, CMF Plan. 2 Assist to design some of package design. 3 Responsible for propose the design plan to various main clients of the company, such as Taiwan-Asus, America-Best buy, ZAGG…etc.

Internship and Volunteers Oct-2013 Taiwan Designers’ web Seminar worker

Flora’s Design Expo Park

Sep-2013 ~ Oct-2013 Taiwan Designers’ web Team leader of volunteers Main duties

Taiwan Designers’ week

1 Decorate the exhibition place and pre-plan for the exhibition. 2 Stay at consult counter to assist spectators to solve encountering problems. 3 Assign tasks to other volunteers, such as assign them to assist various sections, which need seminar workers or to be a guide for specific group.

May-2013 ~ Oct-2013 Taiwan Designers’ web Project personnel Main duties

Yilan Chair Design Competition

1 Run the competition’s social network platform, such as Facebook or blog. 2 Update the latest information. 3 Promote the competition to encourage people to participate in. (EX: promotion personal, advertising writing, manage social platform…etc.)

Sep-2012 Taiwan Designers’ web Volunteer

Taiwan Designers’ week

Achievement Design Exhibition June-2014

Taiwan TECH Project co-operation with dept. of electronic engineering APP UI Design | The first place


Young Designers’ Exhibition Beehive Design


Taiwan Designers’ week | Rising Star Flatware Design

Sport 2014

National University Tennis Tournament No.3 in sub-group at Northern Area preliminaries


Taiwan TECH Tennis competition Women singles | The second place


Adidas Tennis Tournament of National University The third place


Taiwan TECH Tennis Competition Dept. of Industrial and Commercial Design | No.3

Extracurricular activities 2012

Christmas Party of dept. of Industrial and Commercial Design Leader of Public Relation


Welcome Party of dept. of Industrial and Commercial Design Program General Coordinator

Autobiography December , 2015 My name is Jessica, Ching, Ho. I was born on 10th, December 1991. I majored in Industrial and Commercial Design with Industrial Design Concentration at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. During the academic years, I acquired the main conceptions of contemporary design referring to industrial using. More important is that it allows me to examine the aspects of a project from different angles. In addition, the creation oriented education enables me to be capable to complete given tasks with well-developed skills and techniques via the practical training I received. After I graduated, I commenced my career in industrial design field as an industrial design engineer at Mae Tay Precision Co., Ltd., I was mainly responsible for product design through the conduction of data collecting, market research, brainstorming, sketch design, 3D rendering, CMF Plan. Furthermore, I was also assigned to propose the design plan to various main clients of the company, such as Taiwan-Asus, America-Best buy, ZAGG…etc. During the course of my post in the company, the content of the position allowed me to enhance the knowledge I acquired from my previous education and refined my skill of implementing various projects. Better yet, it even elevated my interpersonal skill in the session of doing the presentation to the clients. I’m convinced that an outstanding designer must possess a few traits; they are optimistic, enthusiastic, and realistic. First of all, I’m an optimistic person. Whenever, my work hit the wall, I won’t be impacted or disturbed by consequent negative emotion. I always can conquer it with my positive thought; it’s an important essential quality to stimulate me to proceed doing my work. Moreover, I am an enthusiastic person. Dominant real state kingpin Donald Trump once said, “You won’t be successful, if you don’t have patient on it.” Referring to design, it’s virtually my second life as a sense of weapon to an outstanding soldier. I always constantly search inspiration from my surroundings or the exhibitions I visit from time to time with any attempts. In the time to come, I can have rich source which I have access to for my given projects. Finally, I’m a realistic person. A design project will contain various abstraction factors. However, you have to come up with measures to make them happen in reality. This kind of paradox exists in each of design project. We can’t give up on any one of them. Being realistic plays a key role to prevent my idea from wandering off the reality too far. Leisure activities seem more vital to a designer; they not only serve the function of releasing out their stress from workload, but also are treated as another means to obtain inspirations. I am fascinated with doing verities of outdoor activities as swimming, hiking, and playing badminton. In addition, I’m also absorbed in traveling. By doing those activities, some fresh ideas may strike me sometimes; the icing of cake is developing my teamwork skills and broadens my horizon. Now, I come to the crossroad of my life; I do need an opportunity for further comprehensive study. If I can have it, I will definitely take advantage of it to enlarge my knowledge of the territory of design and enrich my sensation of creativity. If this opportunity ever comes to my life, I believe it deeply, I will reach the higher achievement in my future career and more launching products from diverse industries will share the interest from my willing devotion and contribution.

Capability Certification Nov-2015

IELTS English Sufficiency Test: Band 6


Image and Text Pagination of Technician Certificate


Advertising Design of Technician Certificate

The fine arts skills Sketch, oil painting, water painting, marker pen skills, Chinese calligraphy...

Other skills Well performing on preparing reports and doing presentations. Well communication and organization in groups.

Software Skills (Advanced)

Apple (Mac iOS)




Microsoft Office


Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator


Adobe InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Flash




Cinema 4D



Languages (fluent)



Taiwanese Hokkien (One of the languages which is used by Taiwanese especially.)


English IELTS 6 (Listening 5.5 /Reading 5.5/ Writing 5.5/ Speaking 6.5)

Compendium of season herbs

Basic info. Designers

Ho Ching | Chou Ya-Han


Cultural and creative products: A thermos bottle, Herbal tea bags, Herbal book


Plastic, paper, tea & herbs




Dong Fang-Wu

Design Background and Purpose Herb Alley is a distinguish culture spot in Taipei, Taiwan. The culture of Chinese herb is profound; however, currently regular people are not familiar with its features. We are exploring how to introduce this culture into modern life. As modern people with fast living pace, we emphasize the highlights of health and share the experience of gifting and using, make people have access to basic knowledge of the territory of Chinese herb. We would focus on not only using-friendly products for busy modern people but also bring herbal knowledge and advantages into their life.

Background research and Cultural Location Next to the Long Shan Temple in Wanhua, Taipei, there is a small alley with a length of less than 50 meters. This alley is filled up with door-to-door herbal shops. Each store is full with stacks of dried herbs, or filled with baskets of fresh green Herbs. The piledup medical herbs contain 300 to 400 different kinds of spices. This alley is known as the “Herb Alley� About one to two hundred years ago, rickshaw was used to carry herbs and gathered around the Long Shan temple. When people felt ill or painful, most of whom were likely to rely on the wordof-mouth herbal recipes or head to the temple to ask for medical swab, pick up the herb then boil them based on the swab they received. Until 1981, the government medical authority banned the swab from the temples; the lively market gradually faded.

Interview with herbal shop owner Current state of herb industry The herb industry is a Sunset industry in Taiwan. However, there are still some new products and services have been being launched in the varied markets. Problems 1 substituded by western medicine 2 Falling sales 3 Offsprings of herbal shops might not to inherit the industry New products for overcoming fade-out industry The younger Taiwanese rarely consume and purchase herbs. Since the knowledge of herbal medicine is very complex, some store owners dream up a scheme of packing the processed herbal tea bag to sell along with its composition, efficacy, and user instructions... etc.

Design: mind mapping, to develop and confirm design direction Main customers We found that main customers of Herb Alley are elder Taiwanese and tourists. Most of tourists would only buy Green Herb tea for health concern while the elder Taiwanese would actually buy some Herbs for physical conditions.

Is this good to eat?

Design direction Through redesigning the herbal products and expanding of herb knowledge, the industy of herbselling area in Wanhua, Taipei and other cities could continue and increase. Luring up more potential customers with cultural and creative products, making the "herb experience" becomes an aspect of daily basis life, enhancing the knowledge and interest in Taiwanese herb culture.

Target customers We hope to introduce this profound culture to the modern people who hasn’t had experience before. With good design products, it makes people accept and embrace the Taiwanese herb culture for the first touch.

Why don't people use herbs? Complicated steps of making Chinese herbal tea 1 Following a right recipe and buying the ingredients. 2 Boiling the herbs with several step. 3 For the modern people with fast living pace, they would rather choosing the herbal tea in coffee shop which is from western world.




Design Concept

In order to simplify the complicated process of making herbal tea and spread the complex herbal knowledge for modern people living in rapid living pace, we decide to focus on designing.

1 The herbal tea bags design, which can be done with just pouring hot water. 2 Combining the tea bag packages and fundamental herb knowledge into a compendium. 3 A tumbler especially for herbal tea.


Design Concept

A tumbler especially for herbal tea It is an easy teacup design. We do not emphasize the fancy shape but the friendly using. Only a glass and lid will make people feel easy to use. The highlight is that the tea bag can be placed on the lid, which resembles leaf.

After life of tea bag When the tea bag is used up, it can be fertilizer for plants. The package is also can be break down with nature, to glow new herbs. Lives never come to end.

From opening the package to throw away, easy to use and the whole product is made of eco-materials.

The tea bag is designed to adhere on the compendium. While drinking healthy tea as well as learning some basic herbal knowledge.

Unique feature The compendium consists of 12 herbal recipes which represent twelve months respectively. Three month-receipt for a season. Each of them is appropriate for that season to drink. Every piece of receipts offers herbal knowledge and specific effects on human body.

Herbal tea bag package design The tea bag is designed to adhere on the compendium. While drinking healthy tea as well as learning some basic herbal knowledge. Tearing the leaf to release tea bag, the leaf package can also be a decorator.

Flatware When we accessed to the boundlessly greenish paddies, it seems like we are liberated from a cage of cramped city. House of Chang family is located in such quiet and scenic landscape. It seems such tiny in the middle of wide paddies.

Basic info.


Ho Ching | Chen Ming Jie | Chen Kuang Yang








Ho Tong


Background research and Cultural Location The reason why we choose Yilan as our project site We are fond of glorious landscape of paddies, drizzling rain, and oriental opera

The reason why we choose House of Chang of Jhuangwei as our design object At first, we would like to visit Huang Sheng, Yuan, who is one of the most famous architects in Taiwan. However, we couldn’t fit in his schedule to have an interview. In order to exploring his ideas about design, we find an alternative way to experience his design concept by lodging in his projects and interview his clients – The Changs.

Interview with the house owner Introduce about the owne Miss Lan, who is the house owner and live with her husband. First time we saw her, we couldn’t imagine she already has two-high-school daughters, as she is always lively and energetic to greet guests with her cheerful smile. Miss Lan used to engage in the business of hair addressing, she has started her career at her age of seventeen in order to support her family. When she met her soul mate – Mr. Chang, she decided to run her own saloon and marry him. After they save up for eight years, they were determined to build up their dream house. They turned to the architect – Huang, Sheng-Yuan for designing and constructing House of Chang. After their dream came true, they felt like sharing this wonderful place with more people instead of living themselves. Miss Lan started to prepare various stuff and apply for lodging certificate to oversee this project. Therefore, we could have the precious opportunity to lodge there.

House of Chang’s features The elements of being simple and understated in the architecture project are infusing inspiration into the warm ambience over the dinner dining. The design of flatware is infused with energetic elements and vitality image of trickling water and ripples. House of Chang is located in Yilan, such quiet and scenic landscape, which is as graceful as poetry or a dream. Friendly local people dwell the outback. You will be fascinated with the warm hospitality while you are recalling the session of your stay. However, though Yilan is a place in which is full of enthusiastic people, we have difficulty finding out any impressive facade detail of those buildings. Thus, we decide to take advantage of the touching moment of our stay to form our design conceptions.

Design Concept Paddies lead to deriving human civilization. A bowl of rice will allow people to live on. We could observe lively life from breeze blowing on paddies, and it becomes to our design inspiration, which converts the paddies’ landscape into appealing elements of flatware. When you have meal, you must appreciate those farmers’ hard work gratefully. The design of flatware brings the natural beauty of Taiwan paddies’ landscape to the dining table. The designers present the dinners with the sensation of the gentle breeze across the greenish paddles through the experience of using the flatware. Since each piece of the flatware resembles various sections of paddies, people could use them in their joyful way.


What's that?

The process of making mode 1 Make gypsum liquid by mixing adequate amount of gypsum powder and water. 2 Pour gypsum liquid into the specific square container, it’ll become a stack of solid modes after a while. 3 Sculpture each of solid modes into the shape we want, which is called female die. 4 Place each female die in each independent box, and making male die’s top and bottom in sequence separately so that there would be two independent solid modes, which are called male die. 5 After male die have been done, get rid of the female die and leave the two male die, making sure there is no gaps between two independent male dies. Finally, pouring concrete liquid into the room between two male dies. 6 Eventually, when concrete liquid convert into solid mode, removing two independent male dies. We only need the solid concrete modes as our plates.

At night, quietness and moonlight make the night seem longer than daytime. Moonlight shines every farmhouse with boundless afterglow. Hard working farmer, they are growing, cultivating, and harvesting on paddies to satisfy the hunger of the flesh. They are constantly working, it's virtually like the period of waxing crescent to waning crescent, day in and day out. year after year, ever and ever. Therefore, we came to House of Chang of Jhuangwei in Yilan for design project, as we are fond of glorious landscape of paddies, drizzling rain, and oriental opera.

Irregular cutting form shows the diverse faces of paddy field.

The curve of waxing moon symbolizes the endless night.

Simple is the respect for peasants.

Though wind slightly blows the surface of paddies, it illustrates the wave of paddies on the plate.

Plates’ surface is rolling up and down, which has been given lively lives.

The plates’ details combine with the feature of architecture; resembling water and reflection are weaving together.

The shape of moon will change as time goes by.

Campus installation To see a world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.

Basic info.


Ho Ching | Chen Ming-Jie | Chen Kuang-Yang Wang Chia-Hsuan | Hsu Chien-Che | Hu Fang-Wei


Installation Arts


Soil, pasture, stone, seeds, wooden rid



Subject introduction: Competition Thesis: Pure, Tranquil, Environment This is a competition for university students, participating in creating ideas and designing place.

Design idea We divided the thesis into three aspects of meaning. Pure → Purify the contamination, change air condition, and have sublimation of mind. Tranquil→ Away from urban, having a green corner of city, and glorious life. Environment → A fun space with abundant humanistic flatus, and environmental protection. To match the thesis, we came up with some ideas to visualize what scene we imagine. “ After_” implies a sense of time, everything we try to discover is after every second, what we acquire and what we contribute. We design plenty of seed balls as a contribution for the environment. This whole process is used to explore the time after doing any actions or behaviors, and see what the consequence will be. After we created a space, it was not only a place for people to rest but to experience the interaction among people, nature, and the environment. After people are able to enjoy the corner in university, they could give something back to the planet. After throwing the seed balls, what is it going to be? After the seed balls have been planted under the ground After_

Prototype 1 The pebble path are surrounded among some rolling hills on both sides, the height of hills is merely 70-100 cm. 2 Each of frames will be along with some creeper and vine which has grown over a period of time. 3 There are some arranged holes for people to sit in with the most comfortable gesture they think. 4 At the entrance, we placed a compartment, which offers plenty of seed balls for people who want to grow them into plants.

2 1 4




Practically conducting schedule 1 Buy illuminating device and prepare materials. 2 Clean the environment; such as mow over the garbage and weeds. 3 Flatten the ground and cover it by soil, forming the artificial hills and scattering some plant seeds. 4 Pave up the path with stone plates and white pebble, and locate the wooden frames. 5 Making seed balls and its container shelf. 6 Setting up electronic device for illuminate. (Power distribution) 7 Making instruction film and poster. 8 Investigate every section at final stage.

Beeloved (Urban beehive)

Basic info.


Ho Ching | Wang Chia-Hsuan


Product design


Wood, metal, glass


Length395x Width350x Height1450


2013 ~ 2014


Chen Chien-Hsiung | Chuo Yu-Hsin

Design Background and Purpose We learned that not only the tasty honey, but also one third of the food source we consume depends on pollination which requires the work of bees. For one thing, the using of pesticide or insecticide could cause the consequence of endangering bees. The said cause has been evident via field research in foreign countries. Increasing population of amateur beekeepers have devoted themselves to preserve a number of bees and developed recreational activities as observing the ecology of bees and allowing the tourists to have the hand-on experience of gathering honey. Beeloved can make bees feel beloved and they fly with waggle dance among city lanes. With the issue, we want to promote beekeeping and the idea of mutualism between bees and human.

1 Out of 3 Bites Of Food

come from a bee-pollinated plant

What's happening to the bees?

No dead bees around. Healthy queen and baby bees left behind. In 2006, Beekeepers started reporting seemingly healthy bees were simply abansoning their hives in mass numbers, disppearance

Colony Collapse Disorder(CCD). What's causing the bees to disapear?


NO Pollination

No Fruits or Vegetables (Malnutrition)

... But that's not all

Food Cost Rise

Economical Hardships For Farms & Food Industry (Over $15 Billion Lost in the US)

Current state of breeding bees Reasons The majority of people are unacquainted about bee, they are afraid of this insect because of terrifying news about people have been attacked by bees. Actually, bees won’t attack people for no reason, most of them feel danger from invaders who intrude into their territory and annoythem. Because the majority of people live in a modern apartment buildings or skyscrapers in some metropolitan cities. You can’t use public space to keep pets the neighbors won’t accept. People may consider that keep bees as pet is complicated due to plenty of equipment and complex steps.

Solving methods The key to encouraging more people to become beekeepers is making it easy. We decide to create a simple Urban Beehive. In addition, “Aesthetics was an important part of this project. Most hives have a very rural or rustic feel, which a lot of people may feel terrified, but I wanted my hive to appeal normal people to use.”

What Can You Do To Save The Bees? You can take action today and help make our world a healthier place for bees. Here are things that you can do to save our bees:

Plant A Bee-Friendly Garden Flowers - especially ones native to your area - help feed bees and other valuable pollinators. Native plants also oftenrimes require less water and firtilizer than non-native plants. You will be doing a huge favor to native species of bees, who have adquated over thousands of years to feed off these plants.

Start A Honeybee Hive You can directly impact the healthy of your local ecosystem by starting a honeybee hive. Plus, you get the added benefits of bee products such as honey, beewax, as well as the satistaction and joy derived from working with a hive.

Sponsor A Hive If you can't start your own hive or would like to help increase the number of hives, why not help fund new hive installations? A donation of any size, to an organization committed to bee preservation, goes a long way.

Support Your Local Beekeeper Support local beekeepers who nurture their bees while providing local communities with healthy bee products including honey by purchasing their honey at local farmer's markets.

Spread The Word Spread the story of the bees to your friends and family online by sharing this infographic. Let them know how important bees are to our planet and existance. Together, we can make a difference.

Interview with amateur bee breeder, Mr. Pai Accumulating personal experience of keeping bees

Purpose and Goal Set up research direction and fundamental questions as our objective, we contacted some amateur beekeepers and insects experts in order to solve our questions and doubt. Finally, there is an amateur beekeeper could be our consulter for the project as he has the same purpose about promulgating bee breeding for average people. The content of interview. We have acquired plenty of knowledge and skills for bee breeding, such as bees’ species, bees’ habit, or when people come across dangerous, the method to save people who are sting by bees…etc. Personal experience We devote ourselves to have personal experiences and research, and enjoy the unique experience.

Target customers Common people, amateur beekeeping and household beekeeping Regional setting Courtyard, roof and balcony Design direction 1 Simplify using process of bee keeping. 2 Design aesthetic beehives to appeal people to be beekeepers. We have adopted Japan’s frameless beekeeping method as our design standard. As bees are building honeycombs from top toward a lower space and used to breed their larva in new honeycombs, honey will be store at top space when larva grow to be bees. When we need honey, we can take the number of boxes we need from the top and raise bottom boxes to top. Thus, with this recycle, bees breeding will be thriving.

Design Concept Traditionally, beehives have been little more than wooden boxes with multiple transparency screens to observe. Beeloved is a much more modern, sleek version of the beehive, which attaches to a hole cut into a pane of glass, especially designed to give city dwellers the joy of watching bees at work. Best of all, with few steps you can have all of the fresh honey your heart desires.


Getting alone well with bees, we could gain advantage from them. be nice, be friendly to them.

1 The tile design is to avoid rainwater directly dropping on the boxes, it can prolong the expired date of the beehive. 2 Due to bees’ features, the inclined design of the gateway can provide a buffer zone when they fly back. 3 Transparency window is designed to give city dwellers the joy of watching bees at work. 4 To take out easily and movable, handles’ part is set on both sides. 5 Tools for cutting honeycombs which run though and adherent to the boxes. 6 The cover is slightly raised for lifting easier

Beehive Using Process 1

Bee's feature: They are used to make the honeycombs from top to bottom, storing honey at the top area and breeding their larva at the bottom area. When the honeycombs full of the box, taking it from the top shelf by tool and cutting through the consecutive one below.

2 Taking the top box off the shelf, you could use any kichen utensils to ladle out the honey and store into a container.

3 After ladling out the honey, the box should be placed back to the bottom position. Push up the boxes toward the top, the whole beehive will be the original form.


As we have searched bee's feature for a long time, we designed the urban beehive to fit in their life, even better. There is a maximoun amount of a bee group, so that the beehive was designed as the proper size for them. The honeycombs will be reduced by people who consume the honey. It means bee suppose to produce the new honeycombs to achieve their normal amount for a balanced group. This could be a cycling living pattern.


Presentation Except describing the problems we encounter, also discuss about some solving methods which are mentioned by professional people or us.

Modify design & Confirm mockup's dimension Since we have discovered some problems which came up from the prototype we made, we could modify the mistakes and improve the beehive to be used as convenient. We have been trying to beautify its appearance as streamline form, simplify its using process and mechanical function in order to match the idea "Less is more".

mock up (Wooden Model)

Spray Painting (Final Step of Process)

Working Experience

Basic info. Working Career July-2014 ~ July-2015 Mae Tay Precision Co., Ltd Industrial Design Engineer I was work as an industrial design engineer at Mae Tay Precision Co., Ltd., in which is a manufactures of plastic molding, silicone molding and tooling for industrial manufacturers. Nowadays, the business concept is becoming an Own Design Manufacturing. Main duties 1 Responsible for product design section through the conduction of data collecting, market research, brainstorming, sketch design, 3D rendering, CMF Plan. 2 Assist to design some of package design. 3 Responsible for propose the design plan to various main clients of the company, such as Taiwan-Asus, America-Best buy, ZAGG‌etc.

Case for tablet period


Powerbank Design Project Client

American Best Buy


Consumer electronic products





Phone case combine with charger Client

American ZAGG | Microsoft (China Section)


Consumer electronic products





3D render


Color plan

Air purifier Client

Company's innovation


Air purifier



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Ho ching's portfolio for Design Academy Eindhoven  

Ho ching's portfolio for Design Academy Eindhoven  

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