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FALL 2012

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AD U LT A sso r Tm e nTs fo r fall 2012

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97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 4 -2

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 1 - 0

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 0 -3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 9 -7

3 copies Knitting from the Center Out neW 978-1-58479-998-6 (HC) US $27.50 Can $31.50

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine neW 978-1-58479-990-0 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

3 copies Home Made Winter neW 978-1-61769-004-4 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

4 copies Baked Elements neW 978-1-58479-985-6 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Home Made 978-1-58479-946-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00

2 copies Baked Explorations 978-1-58479-850-7 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies French Feasts 978-1-58479-794-4 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $49.95

2 copies Baked 978-1-58479-721-0 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Modern Top-Down Knitting 978-1-58479-861-3 (HC) US $27.50 CAN $35.95 2 copies Reversible Knitting 978-1-58479-805-7 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $38.95

SHipS 10/10/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $197.40 CAN $244.30

F o r th e D e S i g n e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 8 - 0

3 copies Dazzling Design neW 978-1-58479-988-7 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 2 copies Katie Ridder Rooms 978-0-86565-272-9 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 1 copy New Classic Interiors 978-1-58479-787-6 (HC) US $60.00 CAN $72.00

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine 978-1-58479-478-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00 1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts 978-1-58479-803-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

F o r th e e x tr ate r r e S tr i a l

F o r th e e le g a nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 6 - 6

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 5 - 8

2 copies Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die 978-1-58479-567-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 2 copies Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die 978-1-58479-474-5 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95

F o r th e S ta r Wa r S Fa n ati C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 07-3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 3 - 4

3 copies The Life and Love of Cats neW 978-1-4197-0404-8 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

1 copy Sea 978-1-4197-0087-3 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50

F o r th e tr e k k e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 2 -7

2 copies Star Wars Art: Illustration neW 978-1-4197-0430-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $300.00 CAN $345.00

SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $260.00 CAN $300.00

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 5 - 9

3 copies Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die neW 978-1-58479-989-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 SHipS 8/29/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $310.00 CAN $359.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $265.00 CAN $309.90

F o r th e S p o r t y

F o r th e a n i m a l lov e r

2 copies Dogs 978-0-8109-9653-3 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $240.00 CAN $276.00

1 copy Star Wars Art: Comics 978-1-4197-0076-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 1 copy Star Wars Art: Visions 978-0-8109-9589-5 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $48.00

3 copies Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 neW 978-1-4197-0429-1 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $32.95 2 copies Star Trek: The Original Series 365 978-0-8109-9172-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $34.95 2 copies Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days 978-0-8109-5936-1 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $174.65 CAN $195.65

3 copies Planetfall neW 978-1-4197-0422-2 (HC)

US $55.00 CAN $62.00 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

2 copies How to Dress for Success 978-0-8109-2133-7 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $23.95

1 copy Far Out 978-0-8109-4948-5 (HC) US $55.00 CAN $71.50

2 copies The Little Dictionary of Fashion 978-0-8109-9461-4 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $25.95

1 copy Beyond 978-0-8109-4531-9 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $280.00 CAN $326.50

Don’t miss our ChilD Chil D ren’s Assortments in the ChilD Chil D ren’s CAt CA tA log

SHipS 10/10/12

ToTAl ReTAil: US $159.60 CAN $187.60

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F o r th e m yS ti C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 6 - 5

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 4 -1

SHipS 8/1/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $183.60 CAN $203.60 SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $160.00 CAN $183.00

4 copies A to Z of Style neW 978-1-4197-0255-6 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $21.95

SHipS 8/15/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $224.80 CAN $263.80

4 copies Economix neW 978-0-8109-8839-2 (pB)

US $19.95 CAN $21.95

3 copies Trolls neW 978-1-4197-0438-3 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

2 copies PS Magazine 978-0-8109-9748-6 (HC)

US $21.95 CAN $24.95

2 copies Gnomes Deluxe Collector’s Edition 978-0-8109-9846-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

2 copies Government Issue 978-1-4197-0078-1 (pB) US $29.95 CAN $32.95

2 copies Faeries 978-0-8109-9586-4 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $214.75 CAN $243.75

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Fall 2012 Contents

Abrams Abrams ComicArts 2

Stewart, Tabori & Chang STC Craft | Melanie Falick Books 56

Abrams Image 82

SelfMadeHero 92

Distributions 5 Continents Editions Booth-Clibborn Editions Royal Academy of Arts Publications Tate Publishing Vendome Press V&A Publishing

98 Also of Interest 133 Photography and Art Credits 140 Alphabetical Index 141 Category Index 142 Information to the Trade 144

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4/2/12 12:33 PM

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4/2/12 12:34 PM

A powerful exploration of Richard Avedon’s influential portraits of the 1960s and 1970s s e lling points

also avail ab le

■ Published by the Gagosian Gallery in association with a major exhibition at the Gagosian, New York, May 4–July 6, 2012 ■ Richard Avedon’s recent books from Abrams have sold close

Woman in the Mirror

to 100,000 copies throughout

ISBN 978-0-8109-5962-0

the world

ISBN 978-0810959620 US $100.00 CAN $120.00 10000

■ Avedon: Murals and Portraits comes at a time of renewed

9 780810 959620

cultural and political protest

s pecifications 250 duotone photographs


300 pages, 10 × 12½"

ISBN 978-0-8109-7288-9

Hardcover with acetate jacket,

ISBN 978-0810972889 US $100.00 CAN $120.00 58500

4 gatefolds RIGHTS: World

9 780810 972889


Avedon Fashion 1944–2000 ISBN 978-1-4197-0563-2

ISBN 978-0-8109-8389-2

ISBN 978-1-4197-0563-2 US $100.00 CAN $115.00

US $100.00

ISBN 978-0-8109-8389-2


9 781419 705632


FA L L 2 0 1 2

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CAN $130.00 10000

780810 983892

z Abrams 4/2/12 12:34 PM

Avedon Murals and Portraits ■

E s s Ay s By Lo u I s M E n A n d, M A Ry PA n z E R , PAu L R oT h , B o B R u B I n , A n d W I L L I A M s h AW C R o s s


o photographer had a more serious and deeply felt response

to the political and cultural impact of the 1960s and early 1970s than Richard

Avedon, whose iconic portraits of key figures of the era influenced the course of photography in the decades that followed. In four monumental photographic murals (reproduced in large gatefolds) and many related portraits, he portrayed Andy Warhol’s gender-bending Factory, with Viva and Candy Darling; Abbie Hoffman and the radical agitators of the Chicago Seven; Allen Ginsberg’s family, friends, and fellow artists; and the U.S. Mission Council in Saigon alongside searing portraits of victims of the Vietnam War. The photographs are accompanied by images of archival material, including Avedon’s diaries, correspondence, and contact prints. Major essays explore Avedon’s penetrating incursions into the history and spirit of these tumultuous years.

louis Menand won the Pulitzer Prize for his book, The Metaphysical Club; Mary Panzer is a photographic historian and curator; Paul roth is senior curator and director of photography and media arts at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.; Bob rubin is an independent curator; and William Shawcross is a journalist and the author of Sideshow: Kissinger, Nixon, and the Destruction of Cambodia.

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 5

4/2/12 12:35 PM

Love Looks Not W i t h t h e ey es THIrTeen YeArS wITH

Lee A Lex A n der

McQu eeN ■

p h oto g r a p h s a n d t e x t By a n n e d e n i au


ee Alexander McQueen (1969–2010), whose design combined visionary aesthetics, emotional power, and

extraordinary craft, was known for staging provocative shows that were as much performances as venues to display his couture creations. Charged with energy, informed by history and culture,

and filled with fresh concepts, McQueen’s shows have become legends not only of fashion but also of art. Anne Deniau was the only photographer allowed backstage by McQueen for 13 years, beginning in September 1997 and ending with the final one in March 2010. She captured McQueen working with his close circle of collaborators—including designer Sarah Burton, milliner Philip Treacy, jewelry designer Shaun Leane, and model Kate Moss—to create his meticulously produced spectacles. Her book offers an inspiring homage, through the art of photography, to the work of a great artist. Anne Deniau is a photographer and filmmaker specializing in fashion and the performing arts: dance, opera, and theater. Her photographs have appeared in Vogue (UK and Italy), Vanity Fair, The Face, ID, Arena, and many other magazines. She lives in Paris. This is her fourth book.

s pecifications 400 color and black-and-white

s e lling points


■ McQueen’s 2011 “Savage Beauty” exhibit at

400 pages, 10 × 13"

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was one of the most

Hardcover with jacket

popular in the museum’s history


■ Includes commentary by McQueen’s friends and collaborators, including Philip Treacy, Sylvie Guillem, and

PUB MONTH: SeptemBer pHotogrApHy • FASHIoN

Christian Lacroix ■ Rare behind-the-scenes shots of McQueen’s most legendary shows


■ 400 photographs, almost all previously unpublished


FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12ACat_P06_P15_P53.indd 6

ISBN 978-1-4197-0448-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0448-2 US $75.00 CAN $86.00 9 781419 704482

z Abrams 4/3/12 1:10 PM

A unique photographic journey through McQueen’s work, from 1997 to 2010

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 7

3/23/12 7:41 AM


By A n u P S h A h

s e lling points ■ Shah’s photos have appeared in National Geographic ■ Anup Shah has a proven track

Wildlife on the African plains as you’ve never seen it before— up close and personal

record with Abrams nature books ■ Remote-controlled cameras allowed for 250 exciting and unusual photographs

s pecifications 200 color photographs 204 pages, 11¼ × 10¾" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: SEPtEMBEr NAtUrE • PHotogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0278-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0278-5 US $40.00 CAN $45.00



n these spectacular photographs taken in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara Natural

Reserve in Kenya, Anup Shah reveals African wildlife as never before, through the use of remote hidden cameras

9 781419 702785

planted across the plains. Organized by season from January through December, here is life on the plains in all its dynamism and vitality. Readers find themselves liter-

also avail ab le

ally face-to-face with hyenas and cheetahs as they feed on a kill; elephants communing at a watering hole; playful lion cubs; wildebeests hauling themselves out of a river; a leopard growling a warning; and inquisitive monkeys gazing at their reflections in the camera lens. Many of these animals have noticed the camera, to them an odd

African Odyssey: 365 Days ISBN 978-0-8109-9396-9 ISBN 978-0810993969 US $32.50 CAN $35.95

device that makes a strange clicking sound. Captions written by Shah tell the story of the daily ebb and flow of life on the African plains.


Anup Shah has been a wildlife photographer based in

9 780810 993969

Kenya and England for more than 30 years. His images

The Circle of Life ISBN 978-0-8109-4533-3 ISBN 978-0810945333 US $55.00 CAN $55.00


9 780810 945333


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 8

have appeared in National Geographic and many European nature magazines and calendars. Shah is the coauthor of two Abrams books: The Circle of Life: Wildlife on the African Savannah and African Odyssey: 365 Days.

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:41 AM

on This earth, A Shadow Falls N I C k B R A N dT ■

E S S AyS By JA n E g o o dA L L , A L I C E S E B o L d, P E T E R S I n g E R ,

V I C k I g o L d B E R g , A n d n I C k B R A n dT

s e lling points ■ Brandt’s books have consistently landed in bestselling photography book lists and together have sold more than 100,000 copies. ■ This 15 × 13¼" volume is a landmark of the bookmaker’s craft, with quadtone plates and the highest-quality art paper, which bring out the tonal subtleties and velvety blacks for which Brandt is known ■ Brandt’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world ■ essays accompanying the photos by notable figures such as Jane Goodall, Alice Sebold, Peter Singer, and Vicki Goldberg

This landmark of photographic publishing is the most beautiful book of the season


s pecifications 90 photographs in quadtone 192 pages, 15 × 13¼" Hardcover, linen binding with

n 2001, Nick Brandt embarked on an ambitious

tipped-in plate and acetate

photographic project, a trilogy of books memorializing

the vanishing natural grandeur of East Africa. Focusing


on some of the world’s last great populations of large


mammals—elephants, giraffes, lions, gorillas, and their


kin—he created two of the new century’s most influential


photographic books: On This Earth (2005) and A Shadow

ISBN 978-1-4197-0507-6

Falls (2009). His iconic portraits of these majestic

ISBN 978-1419705076 US $160.00 CAN $185.00 16000

animals express an empathy usually reserved for human subjects. The magisterial On This Earth, A Shadow Falls collects the most memorable images from Brandt’s first

9 781419 705076

two books, along with their accompanying essays. A testament to the bookmaker’s craft, it is the first volume on Brandt’s work to capture the superb quality of his remarkable, large-format prints, which are notable for their velvety blacks and tonal subtleties. Nick Brandt’s work has been exhibited in museums and

also avail ab le

galleries around the world. Renowned primatologist Jane

A Shadow Falls

goodall is a UN Messenger of Peace. Alice Sebold is the

ISBN 978-0-8109-5415-1

author of The Lovely Bones. Peter Singer is the author

ISBN 978-0-8109-5415-1

US $50.00

of Animal Liberation and The Life You Can Save. Vicki goldberg is a leading photography critic and historian.

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 9


CAN $60.00 55000

780810 954151

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:41 AM

whatever Happened to the world of Tomorrow? ■

Now in paperba ck!

W R I T T E n A n d I L Lu S T R AT E d By B R I A n F I E S

The award-winning graphic novel— “A hopelessly optimistic moon-age daydream” (the Village Voice)— now in paperback

s e lling points ■ winner, in hardcover, of the American Astronautical Society’s 2009 eugene M. emme Award in the Young Adult category ■ Author of the critically acclaimed Mom’s Cancer ■ Unique format—40 interspersed pages printed on newsprint to evoke the look and feel of old comic books

s pecifications 200 color illustrations 208 pages, 6⅝ × 10¼" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: AUgUSt grAPHIC NoVEl ISBN 978-1-4197-0441-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0441-3 US $14.95 CAN $16.95


9 781419 704413

also avail ab le


ow in paperback, this original graphic novel tells the story of a boy’s relationship with his father.

Spanning the period from the 1939 World’s Fair to the last Apollo space mission in 1975, it depicts an optimistic and ambitious era fueled by industry, engines, electricity, rockets, middle-class pop culture, and the atom bomb.

Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? (HC) ISBN 978-0-8109-9636-6 ISBN$24.95 978-0810996366 US CAN $27.50


9 780810 996366

Award-winning author Brian Fies presents his story—an insightful look at relationships and the promise of the future—in a way that only comics and graphic novels can. A lively trip through a half century of technological evolution, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow? is also a perceptive look at the changing moods of our nation—and the enduring promise of the future. Brian Fies is a writer and cartoonist whose widely acclaimed first graphic novel, Mom’s Cancer, won the Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic (the first web comic

Mom’s Cancer ISBN 978-0-8109-7107-3 ISBN 978-0810971073 US $14.95 CAN $16.95 51495

9 780810 971073


to win the award in this new category), the Lulu Blooker Prize for Best Comic, the Harvey Award for Best New Talent, and the German Children’s Literature Award, among other awards and recognition. He lives in Santa Rosa, California.

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 10

3/23/12 7:42 AM

Georgia o’keeffe and Her Houses GHoST RANCH ANd ABIQUIU ■

By B A R B A R A B u h L E R Ly n E S A n d Ag A P I TA J u dy Lo P E z s e lling points

An intimate look into the famed artist’s life in the Southwest and the homes she created there

■ offers a compelling picture of o’keeffe’s life in New Mexico during her last 40 years ■ First book to detail the history of o’keeffe’s famous houses ■ Barbara Buhler Lynes is the leading authority on o’keeffe; Agapita Judy Lopez worked for o’keeffe for nearly 15 years ■ Includes an essay describing the distinctive elements of adobe construction ■ Features plans of the houses

s pecifications 250 color and black-and-white illustrations 256 pages, 9½ × 11¾"


Hardcover with jacket eorgia O’Keeffe’s two houses in New Mexico—at

Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch—are essential

elements in her paintings, but their history has never before been detailed. Quoting liberally from the artist’s letters, Barbara Buhler Lynes and Agapita Judy Lopez

create a vibrant picture of O’Keeffe (1887–1986) and her homes, which have long intrigued the public. An essay by architect Beverly Spears describes the distinctive

RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: SEPtEMBEr Art • BIogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0394-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0394-2 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


9 781419 703942

characteristics of adobe construction. The bountiful illustrations include photographs made especially for this book showing the houses as they are today, photographs of O’Keeffe at home by major photographers, and her paintings of the houses and the landscapes surrounding them.

also avail ab le Barbara Buhler lynes is curator of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe and Emily Fisher Landau Director of the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Research Center. She is the author of many publications, including Abrams’ Georgia O’Keeffe Museum: Highlights from the Collection and Georgia O’Keeffe Museum Collections. Agapita Judy lopez is director of Abiquiu Historic Properties and rights and reproductions manager for the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. She worked for Georgia O’Keeffe from 1974 until the artist’s death in 1986.

ISBN 978-0-8109-9584-0 ISBN 978-0810995840 US $60.00 CAN $72.00 56000

9 780810 995840

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 11

Artists’ Handmade Houses

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:42 AM


Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 12

3/23/12 7:42 AM

economix H o w A N d w H Y o U R e C o N o M Y w o R k S ( A N d d o e S N ’ T w o R k ), IN woRdS ANd PICTUReS ■

By M I C h A E L g o o d W I n

F o R E W o R d By dAV I d B AC h

I L Lu s T R AT E d By dA n E . B u R R ■

I n T R o d u C T I o n By J o E L B A k A n s e lling points ■ The economy is the most topical issue in the world today and the number one issue in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign

The best—and only—book you’ll need to understand economics

■ The graphic format has proven highly successful for conveying complex information ■ Includes a foreword by david Bach, founder of FinishRich Media and author of nine New York Times bestsellers, including Debt Free for Life, The Automatic Millionaire, and Start Late, Finish Rich. Bach also appears regularly on NBC’s Today’s Money 911 ■ Introduction by Joel Bakan, author of The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

advance pr ais e

■ online book support and

“what a fun way to fathom a

updates at Goodwin’s blog,

deep and often dark subject.”

—John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, a


timulus plans: good or bad? Free markets: How free are they? Jobs: Can we afford them? Occupy Wall Street . . .

worldwide! Everybody’s talking about the economy, but how can we, the

people, understand what Wall Street or Washington knows—or say they know? Read Economix. With clear, witty writing and quirky, accessible art, this important and timely graphic novel transforms “the dismal science” of

280 black-and-white illustrations

“If I were compiling a list of the

304 pages, 6½ × 9¼"

one hundred most important

Paperback with flaps

books you can read in a lifetime,


this would be on it.”


—Stephen Petranek, editor


in chief, Weider History


magazines; former editor in chief, Discover Magazine

economics into a fun, fact-filled story about human nature and our attempts to make the most of what we’ve got . . . and sometimes what our neighbors have got. Economix explains it all, from the beginning of Western economic thought, to markets free and otherwise, to economic failures, successes, limitations, and future possibilities. It’s the essential, accessible guide to understanding the economy and economic practices. A must-read for every citizen and every voter.

s pecifications

New York Times bestseller

ISBN 978-0-8109-8839-2 ISBN 978-0-8109-8839-2 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


“If your mind either spins or slumbers at the thought of economics, read Goodwin’s Economix and all will become clear.” —Nomi Prins, It Takes A

9 780810 988392

5-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-4197-0636-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0636-3 US $99.75 CAN $109.75


Pillage: An Epic Tale of Power, Deceit, and Untold Trillions

9 781419 706363

“A lively, cheerfully Michael goodwin is a writer and editor with a degree in Chinese

opinionated romp.”

studies. He has lived in China, India, and now New York City.

—Timothy W. Guinnane, Philip

dan E. Burr illustrated the classic graphic novel Kings in Disguise.

Golden Bartlett Professor of

He lives in Milwaukee.

Economic History, Yale University

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 13


4/2/12 12:37 PM

The Life and Love of Cats ■

By L E W I s B L AC k W E L L

s e lling points ■ 117 color photographs of cats from all over the world, in every situation ■ Cat books are top sellers in the pet genre ■ Photos are by leading animal photographers from around the world

s pecifications 117 color photographs 216 pages, 12 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World ENglISH

Cats, cats, and more cats in a stunning photographic celebration

ExClUdINg AUStrAlIA, NEW ZEAlANd, SoUtH AFrICA PUB MONTH: SEPtEMBEr PEtS • PHotogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0404-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0404-8 US $50.00 CAN $57.50



he Life and Love of Cats takes us on an unforgettable journey—we travel from the homes of

middle-America today, back to the demonized

creatures hiding in the alleys of medieval Europe; from wild cousins on the plains of Africa to rare hybrid

9 781419 704048

domestic breeds like the Savannah; and from fashionable show breeds to shelter cats lovingly rescued by volunteers. Starting with the earliest records of domestic cats 9,000 years ago in Africa and the Mediterranean and moving to the present, Lewis

also avail ab le

Blackwell weaves stories of one of humankind’s closest companions with a collection of more than 100 unforgettable images. lewis Blackwell has worked as a leading author, editor, and creative director in photography, winning international recognition with talks, exhibitions, and

The French Cat ISBN 978-1-58479-9504 ISBN 978-1-58479-950-4 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781584 799504


FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 14

books. The Life and Love of Cats is a follow-up to his award-winning and bestselling The Life and Love of Trees, which led to a feature on the Ellen show and other prominent coverage.

z Abrams 4/2/12 12:38 PM

Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita ■

P h oto g r a P h s by s l i m a a r o n s

i n t r o d u c t i o n by c h r i s to P h e r s w e e t

s e lling points

Fabulous living, Italian-style

■ Nearly 70,000 Slim Aarons books sold ■ Captures the essence of the good life in Italy ■ Contains images dating from post–World War II to the 1990s ■ Jimmy Stewart’s character in the film Rear Window is based on Slim Aarons

s pecificAtions 275 color photographs 240 pages, 10 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: NovemBer PHotograPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0060-6


ISBN 978-1-4197-0060-6 US $85.00 CAN $98.00


his lavish fourth volume in Abrams’ Slim Aarons collection revels in this photographer’s decades-long

love affair with Italy. From breathtaking aerials of the

9 781419 700606

Also AVAil AB le

Sicilian countryside to intimate portraits of celebrities and high society taken in magnificent villas, Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita captures the essence of “the good life.” Slim Aarons first visited Italy as a combat photographer during World War II and later moved to Rome to shoot for Life magazine, yet even after relocating to New York, he would return to Italy almost every year for the rest

Poolside with Slim Aarons

of his life.

ISBN 978-0-8109-9407-2

The images collected here document the aristocracy, cultural elite, and beautiful people, such as Marcello Mastroianni, Ursula Andress, Joan Fontaine, and Tyrone Power, who lived la dolce vita in Italy’s most fabulous places during the last 50 years. The introduction by Christopher Sweet shares stories from Aarons’s years in Italy and new insights about his life and career. Christopher Sweet is the former editor in chief of Viking Studio and the Vendome Press. He was the editor of Slim Aarons’s Once Upon a Time and A Place in the Sun and has written several other books on art and photography.

z Abrams REVFall12ACat_P06_P15_P53.indd 15

ISBN 978-0810994072 US $85.00 CAN $98.00


9 780810 994072

Slim Aarons: A Place in the Sun ISBN 978-0-8109-5935-4 ISBN 978-0810959354 US $85.00 CAN $105.00


9 780810 959354

Slim Aarons: Once Upon a Time ISBN 978-0-8109-4603-3 ISBN$85.00 978-0810946033 US CAN $110.50


9 780810 946033

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/3/12 1:11 PM


The World of the Dark Crystal

The Goblins of Labyrinth

How to See Faeries

ISBN 978-0-8109-4579-1

ISBN 978-0-8109-7055-7

ISBN 978-0-8109-9750-9

ISBN 978-0-8109-9586-4

ISBN 978-0-8109-4579-1 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

ISBN 978-0-8109-7055-7 US $32.50 CAN $37.50

ISBN$24.95 978-0810997509 US CAN $29.95

US $29.95


9 780810 945791


9 780810 970557

Faeries ISBN 978-0-8109-9586-4


9 780810 997509


CAN $35.95 52995

780810 995864

■ watch for the Blu-ray release of the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth


Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 16

3/23/12 7:44 AM

Trolls ■

By B R I A n A n d W E n dy F R o u d

Opens a new realm in the faerie worlds of famed artists Brian and Wendy Froud s e lling points ■ Stunningly vivid images bring the world of trolls to life ■ Trolls figure in storytelling and fantasy from early fables to the


books of J.R.R. Tolkien ■ The Frouds have created some of the most famous fantasy images of our time ■ The Frouds’ fan base is huge, and they appear regularly at Faerie Festivals and Comic-Cons

s pecifications 144 color illustrations 144 pages, 11 × 13" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: SEPtEMBEr FANtASy


ISBN 978-1-4197-0438-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0438-3 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


ot since Brian Froud’s conceptual design work with Jim Henson on the classic films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth

9 781419 704383

has he created a faerie world with such imagination, dimension,

depth, and detail. Trolls features new and classic work by both Brian and his wife, Wendy, woven together along with artifacts and symbols of the natural world to create a fascinating revelation about the world of trolls. The book explores trolls and troll culture, revealing their philosophies, their home life, and their world attitudes through their tales, mythology, and archaeology. Trolls affirms that trolls are real, that they have lived and are living now. The texture of the world and the deeply immersive, cinematic images will appeal to the legions of fantasy—and Froud—fans. Brian Froud has created some of the most respected and highly acknowledged mythic artwork of our time. He has won numerous awards, including the Hugo Award for Best Original Artwork. Wendy Froud is an American (born in Detroit) who is a doll artist, sculptor, and puppetmaker, best known for her work creating creatures for the Jim Henson films The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, as well as her work on the Star Wars series, for which she was the fabricator of Yoda. The Frouds live in Devon, England.

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 17

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:44 AM

Flowers in the world’s Most Beautiful Gardens ■ ■

P h oTo g R A P h S By A L A I n L E To q u I n T E x T By y V E S - M A R I E A L L A I n

s e lling points ■ More than 180 exquisite photos of flowers from lavish and exotic gardens around the world ■ Author devoted the past decade to seeking out the world’s most extraordinary gardens, traveling to more than 300 gardens in 23 countries on five continents ■ Text traces the fascinating history of flower gardens, including the origin of the garden, landscape design, species, and technological advances

s pecifications 180 color photographs 240 pages, 11¼ × 10¼" Hardcover with jacket

A lush photographic and historical tribute to the flower, the undisputed star of the garden

RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr gArdENINg ISBN 978-1-4197-0558-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0558-8 US $45.00 CAN $52.00



lowers in the World’s Most Beautiful Gardens puts the spotlight on the star of the garden—the flower.

Tracing the history of flower gardens from the Middle Ages

9 781419 705588

to today, the book discusses the types of flowers commonly planted, the landscape designs, the advances in technology, and how these practices have changed throughout the centuries. Each chapter also focuses on a significant type of bloom—the rose, iris, and tulip, among others. Illustrated with more than 180 exquisite photographs by Alain Le Toquin, this book features the world’s most extraordinary flower gardens, showcasing gardens in

also avail ab le

countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, the United States, Thailand, and many more. Alain le toquin has devoted himself to capturing gardens around the world for the last 10 years, visiting more than

Gardens in Time ISBN 978-0-8109-3092-6 ISBN 978-0810930926 US $65.00 CAN $75.00 56500 9 780810 930926


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 18

300 gardens in 23 countries on five continents. His work can be seen in Abrams’ Gardens in Time and The Most Beautiful Gardens in the World. yves-Marie Allain, a landscape architect, has authored many articles and books, including Trees and The Art of the Garden in Europe.

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:44 AM

Prefabulous + Almost off the Grid Yo U R PAT H To B U I L d I N G A N e N e R GY- I N d e P e N d e N T H o M e ■

By S h E R I ko o n E S

F o R E W o R d By R o B E R T R E d F o R d s e lling points ■ koones is an award-winning author and an established authority on home construction

The author of Prefabulous + Sustainable profiles more than 30 of America’s most innovative and eco-friendly homes

■ Features floor plans and images of interior and exterior of each home ■ Includes a list of energy-saving elements and a resource guide listing each project’s builder, architect, designer, suppliers, and more ■ More than 200 full-color illustrations

s pecifications 200 color illustrations 240 pages, 9½ × 10" Hardcover


RIGHTS: World refabrication offers a simple path to the green


home of your dreams, and in her latest book,


Prefabulous author Sheri Koones highlights the many ways of using prefabrication to create almost-off-the-grid

ISBN 978-1-4197-0325-6

homes—houses that are not only environmentally friendly

ISBN 978-1-4197-0325-6 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


but often operate at nearly zero annual energy cost. Taking energy from the grid when necessary and

9 781419 703256

returning any excess energy produced, almost-off-thegrid homes function on a fraction of the energy required by most houses, and additionally are more comfortable, healthier, quieter inside, and far cheaper to operate. As energy costs continue to rise, the almost-off-the-grid house proves its worth. Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid profiles more than 30 of the most energy-efficient homes in the United

also avail ab le

States, and this hardworking guide reveals how homeowners can achieve similar results with floor plans, the latest, most efficient technologies, and multiple images of the exterior and interior of each home. Sheri Koones is an award-winning author whose

Prefabulous + Sustainable

previous books include From Sand Castles to Dream

ISBN 978-0-8109-8483-7

Houses, House About It, Modular Mansions, Prefabulous,

ISBN 978-0-8109-8483-7

US $25.00

and Abrams’ Prefabulous + Sustainable. She lives in Connecticut.


z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 19

CAN $32.50 52500

780810 984837

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:44 AM


Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 20

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:45 AM

Vogue: The editor’s eye ■

F o R E W o R d By A n n A W I n To u R

s e lling points ■ 120th anniversary of Vogue magazine ■ Vogue plans a special September issue insert excerpt of the book as well as a film component to coincide with the book’s publication ■ Features fashion history’s quintessential photographers and models ■ Includes photo portfolios, essays, and interviews from Vogue editors

s pecifications 300 color and black-and-white photographs 416 pages, 10½ × 12¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr FASHIoN

A remarkable history of the world’s leading fashion magazine, seen through the eyes of eight of Vogue’s iconic fashion editors

ISBN 978-1-4197-0440-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0440-6 US $75.00 CAN $80.00


9 781419 704406


ogue: The Editor’s Eye celebrates the pivotal role the fashion editor has played in shaping

America’s sense of style since the magazine’s launch 120 years ago. Drawing on Vogue’s exceptional archive, this book focuses on the work of eight of the magazine’s legendary fashion editors (including Polly

also avail ab le

Mellen, Babs Simpson, and Grace Coddington, to name a few) who collaborated with photographers, stylists, and designers to create the images that have had an indelible impact on the fashion world and beyond. Featuring the work of world-renowned photographers such as Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Annie Leibovitz and model/muses, including Marilyn Monroe, Verushka, and Linda Evangelista, The Editor’s Eye is a lavishly illustrated look at the visionary editors whose works continue to reverberate in the culture today.

z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 21

Vogue: The Covers ISBN 978-0-8109-9768-4 ISBN 978-0-8109-9768-4 US $50.00 CAN $57.50 55000 9 780810 997684

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:40 PM

o. winston Link:

Life Along the Line A P H oTo G R A P H I C P o R T R A I T o F A M e R I C A’ S L A S T G R e AT S T e A M R A I L R oA d ■

P h oTo g R A P h S By o. W I n S To n L I n k

F o R E W o R d By S C oT T LoT h E S

T E x T By To n y R E E V y

A F T E R W o R d By C o n WAy L I n k

s e lling points ■ Link’s two previous railroad books—Steam, Steel & Stars and The Last Steam Railroad in America (both out of print) sold over 100,000 copies ■ Tie-in to the o. winston Link Museum in Roanoke, Virginia ■ Traveling exhibitions of Link’s work to coincide with publication ■ Includes a Cd of Link’s sound recordings of the railroad

s pecifications 180 black-and-white and color photographs 240 pages, 11⅜ × 10⅝" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr PHotogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0372-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0372-0 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781419 703720

The definitive record of America’s last major steam railroad, the Norfolk and Western, from the most celebrated railroad photographer of all time


. Winston Link photographed the Norfolk and Western, the last major steam railroad in the United

States, when it was converting its operations from steam to diesel in the 1950s. Link’s N&W project captured the industry at a moment of transition, before the triumph of the automobile and the airplane that ended an era of passenger rail service. His work also revealed a small-town way of life that was about to experience seismic shifts and, in many cases, vanish completely. Including a collection of more than 180 of Link’s most famous works and rare images that have never before been published, O. Winston Link: Life

Along the Line offers a moving account of the people and communities surrounding the last steam railroad. o. Winston link (1914–2001) photographed the Norfolk and Western from 1955 to 1960. His brilliant black-and-white prints established him as an important American photographer, and many of his images have become modern classics. tony reevy, administrator at the UNC Institute for the Environment and advisory editor of Railroad History, is an author who has published two books and more than 100 poems and articles. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 22

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:46 AM

Planetfall N e w S o L A R S YS T e M V I S I o N S ■

By M I C h A E L B E n S o n

s e lling points ■ Benson is the leading popular authority on space imaging ■ Includes huge 60-inch-wide gatefolds ■ 150 full-color photographs ■ Benson’s Beyond was widely acclaimed: “An aesthetic revelation . . . a spectacular melding of science and art.” —Los Angeles Times

s pecifications 150 color photographs 204 pages, 15 × 12" Hardcover with jacket


A spectacular new collection of planetary images from award-winning filmmaker and photographer Michael Benson

RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr SCIENCE ISBN 978-1-4197-0422-2

hanks to the photographic output of a small squadron

ISBN 978-1-4197-0422-2 US $55.00 CAN $62.00

of interplanetary spacecraft, we have awakened to


the beauty and splendor of the solar system. Since Michael

Benson’s masterful book Beyond: Visions of the Interplanetary

9 781419 704222

Probes, new, more powerful cameras in probes with greatly improved maneuverability have traversed the wheeling satellites of Jupiter; roamed the boulder-strewn red deserts

also avail ab le

of Mars; studied Saturn’s immaculate rings; and shown us our own ravishing Earth, a blue-white orb with a disturbingly thin atmosphere, as it plunges deeper into ecological crisis. These new images are the subject of Benson’s Planetfall, a truly revelatory book that uses its large page size to reproduce the greatest achievements in contemporary planetary photogra-

Far Out

phy as never before.

ISBN 978-0-8109-4948-5 ISBN 978-0-8109-4948-5

US $55.00

Michael Benson, a writer, filmmaker, and photographer, is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on astronomical imagery. His book Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle was heralded in the New York Times as an extraordinary achievement: “If you don’t have your own Hubble Space Telescope, this book is the next best thing.” He lives in New York City.

780810 949485

Beyond (PB) ISBN 978-0-8109-9546-8 ISBN 978-0810995468 US $29.95 CAN $27.50 52995 9 780810 995468

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 23


CAN $71.50 55500

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:46 AM


Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 24

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:47 AM

Nathan Turner’s American Style C L A S S I C d e S I G N A N d e F F o R T L e S S e N T e R TA I N I N G ■

By n AT h A n T u R n E R s e lling points ■ Turner is a Style expert at Pottery Barn ■ Turner is a regular guest on the TODAY show, a contributor at Elle

The first book from famed interior designer and entertaining expert Nathan Turner, highlighting his stylish, easy-living philosophy

Décor, and a former contributing editor at Domino magazine ■ Great mix of inspiring interiors and practical advice ■ Includes tips on creating inviting spaces made for easy entertaining

s pecifications 150 color photographs 224 pages, 8½ × 10½" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr INtErIor dESIgN


ISBN 978-1-4197-0439-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0439-0 US $40.00 CAN $45.00

ith large open areas for relaxed entertaining


and rooms where the lines between indoor

and outdoor spaces are blurred, Nathan Turner’s interiors

9 781419 704390

epitomize the easy and casual yet hip and chic style of West Coast living. Now Nathan Turner’s American Style brings his designs into the homes of readers who aspire to re-create his “barefoot, fuss-free, but still high style” looks for themselves. Divided into three sections of laid-back glamour—beach, city, and country—this book is filled with gorgeous images of accessible interiors,

also avail ab le

as well as Turner’s tips on how to entertain and his way of putting great design into action. Nathan Turner’s American Style is a must-have book for readers ready to create their own stylish spaces and learn how to turn fabulous design into a way of life.

American Modern:

Nathan turner is a renowned interior designer and

Thomas O’Brien

entertaining expert. His work has been featured on

ISBN 978-0-8109-8478-3

Bravo’s Million Dollar Decorators, in Domino, Elle Décor,

ISBN 978-0-8109-8478-3

US $50.00

House Beautiful, and Food & Wine, as well as on the TODAY show. He lives in Los Angeles.


z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 25

CAN $60.00 55000

780810 984783

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:42 PM

By To d d S E L By

F o R E W o R d By S A L Ly S I n g E R

I n T R o d u C T I o n By C h A d R o B E R T S o n


hotographer Todd Selby is back, this time focusing his lens on the kitchens, gardens, homes, and restaurants

of more than 40 of the most creative and dynamic figures working in the culinary world today. He takes us behind the scenes with Noma chef René Redzepi in Copenhagen; to

Tokyo to have a slice with pizza maker Susumu Kakinuma; and up a hilltop to dine at an inn without an innkeeper in Valdobbiadene. Each profile is accompanied by watercolor illustrations and a handwritten questionnaire, which includes a signature recipe. Reveling in the pleasures of a taco at the beach, foraging for wild herbs, and the art of the perfectly cured olive, Selby captures the food we love to eat and the people who passionately grow, cook, pour, and serve these incredible edibles every day. todd Selby is an interiors, fashion, and portrait photographer and painter whose work has been featured in British Vogue, Nylon, New York magazine, and the London Sunday Times. He lives in New York City. Sally Singer is the editor of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. She lives in New York City. Chad robertson is the James Beard Award–winning co-owner of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 26

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:47 AM

Todd S elby i S back a n d r e a dy To SaTe ou r in SaTi a b le h u ng er for book S a bouT food s e lling points ■ “edible Selby” is a regular column in T: The New York Times Style Magazine ■ Interest in food, restaurants, cooking, and chefs has never been higher ■ Features recipes from each food purveyor ■ The Selby Is in Your Place has 50,000 copies in print ■ Includes refrigerator magnets

s pecifications 500 color illustrations 296 pages, 8 × 11" Hardcover, refrigerator magnets RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr PHotogrAPHy • Food ISBN 978-0-8109-9804-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-9804-9 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


9 780810 998049

also avail ab le

The Selby Is in Your Place ISBN 978-0-8109-8486-8 ISBN 978-0-8109-8486-8

US $35.00 9

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 27

CAN $45.50 53500

780810 984868

3/23/12 7:47 AM

Clint eastwood M A S T e R F I L M M A k e R AT w o R k ■

By M I C h A E L R . g o L d M A n

P R E FAC E By M o R g A n F R E E M A n

F o R E W o R d By S T E V E n S P I E L B E R g

s e lling points ■ Based on more than 60 interviews with the director’s collaborators and costars ■ Covers all 32 films eastwood has directed ■ Illustrated throughout with work from renowned photographers and production designers

s pecifications 300 color illustrations 240 pages, 11½ × 10¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World

The fully authorized, in-depth exploration of the four-time Academy Award winner’s filmography

PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr PErForMINg ArtS ISBN 978-1-4197-0388-1 ISBN 978-1419703881 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781419 703881


our-time Academy Award–recipient Clint Eastwood is one of the most renowned film directors in the

world. This authorized volume offers a revealing in-depth

exploration of his influential filmmaking methods, comprehensively illustrated with unit photography, key art, production design sketches, and film frames. Covering all of Eastwood’s 32 films, including The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, and Letters from Iwo Jima, the book is a full-career retrospective. To portray the maverick behind the camera, author Michael

also avail ab le

Goldman interviewed Eastwood; his longtime crew of award-winning cinematographers, editors, and production designers; and many celebrated actors, including Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gene Hackman, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Hilary Swank, and Forest Whitaker.

The Cinema of George Lucas ISBN 978-0-8109-4968-3 ISBN 978-0810949683 US $55.00 CAN $72.50


9 780810 949683


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 28

Michael r. goldman is a veteran entertainment journalist who has been an editor at Daily Variety, senior editor at Millimeter magazine, and a contributor to American Cinematographer. He’s written four books and countless articles about filmmaking.

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:48 AM

Tim walker: Story Teller ■

I n T R o d u C T I o n By R o B I n M u I R

F o R E W o R d By k AT E B u s h

s e lling points

The world-renowned fashion photographer’s signature artistry, in a stunning monograph of his newest work

■ walker is one of the biggest names in fashion photography, known worldwide for his unusual style ■ Tim Walker Pictures, a collection of his earlier photographs, has sold over 40,000 copies since publication in 2008 ■ Photographs include images of well-known celebrities and models ■ Features walker’s sketches and collages ■ Fashion photography is a topselling subject

s pecifications 170 color illustrations 256 pages, 10⅞ × 13½" Hardcover RIGHTS: NortH AMErICA PUB MONTH: NoVEMBEr


PHotogrAPHy • FASHIoN stunning photography collection from worldrenowned fashion photographer Tim Walker,

Story Teller showcases his signature fantastic style with

ISBN 978-1-4197-0508-3 ISBN 978-1419705083 US $75.00 CAN $86.00


some of the biggest names in fashion and contemporary culture. Walker is one of the most exciting photographers

9 781419 705083

of our time, and his flamboyant style—often tonguein-cheek but always exquisitely executed—places him in the line of brilliant eccentrics from Cecil Beaton to David LaChapelle. Showcasing 170 photographs through Walker’s most recent work, the book features many A-listers in fashion and Hollywood, including Tilda Swinton, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alber Elbaz. The book includes a foreword by Kate Bush, an introduction by writer Robin Muir, and an afterword by Tim Walker. tim Walker is a world-renowned photographer whose highly recognizable fashion stories appear regularly in the world’s best magazines, including Vanity Fair, W, and British, Italian, and American editions of Vogue.

z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 29

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:43 PM


Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 30

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:48 AM

Broadway Musicals F R o M T H e PAG e S o F T H e N E W YO R k TI M E S ■

By B E n B R A n T L E y

A lush, magical tour of 100 years of Broadway musicals from the pages of the New York Times s e lling points ■ original reviews of the 119 most important musicals by New York Times critics past and present, including Brooks Atkinson, walter kerr, Frank Rich, and Ben Brantley ■ A treasure trove of great photographs and art, including beloved illustrations by Al Hirschfeld ■ The Times will add marketing support through print and online advertising

s pecifications 200 color and black-and-white photographs 368 pages, 10 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr PErForMINg ArtS


ISBN 978-1-4197-0337-9 ISBN 978-1419703379 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


ver the last century the New York Times’s six leading critics—Brooks Atkinson, Howard

9 781419 703379

Taubman, Clive Barnes, Walter Kerr, Frank Rich, and Ben Brantley—have offered the most authoritative and influential commentary on the Broadway musical. This definitive volume includes the original reviews of the 119 most important


selected by current chief theater critic Ben Brantley and accompanied by photographs from each show’s first production as well as celebrated revivals. From the golden age of the musical, with its divas, legendary directors, lyricists, and choreographers, right up to The Book of Mormon, Brantley gives context to this treasure trove of reviews with a thoughtful introduction and essays that guide the reader through each decade. Ben Brantley is the chief theater critic of the New York Times, for which he has been reviewing plays since 1993. He was the editor of The New York Times Book of Broadway and received the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism in 1996–97. He lives in New York City.

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 31

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:48 AM

The Carter Family doN'T FoRGeT THIS SoNG ■

By F R A n k M . yo u n g A n d dAV I d L A S k y

The graphic novel biography that spans the history of America’s pioneering country music family s e lling points ■ The Carter Family, who recorded from 1927 through 1956, was the first superstar group of

“An absolutely charming tale

country music

of romance, compulsion, and great meteoric success.

■ Includes bonus music Cd of

I loved it.” —kim deitch,

original Carter Family songs

author of Shadowland

■ Promotions with the Country

and The Boulevard

Music Hall of Fame

of Broken Dreams

■ Feature at New York and San diego Comic-Cons and MoCCA ■ Four-color 64-page sampler for comics and music events

s pecifications 178 color illustrations 192 pages, 6½ × 9½" Hardcover, bonus Cd RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr grAPHIC NoVEl • MUSIC ISBN 978-0-8109-8836-1 ISBN 978-0-8109-8836-1 US $24.95 CAN $27.95



he Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song is a rich and compelling original graphic novel that tells the

story of the Carter Family—the first superstar group of

country music—who made hundreds of recordings and sold millions of records. Many of their hit songs, such

9 780810 988361

as “Wildwood Flower” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” have influenced countless musicians and remain timeless

also avail ab le

country standards. The Carter Family: Don’t Forget This Song is not only a unique illustrated biography, but a moving account that reveals the family’s rise to success, their struggles along the way, and their impact on contemporary music. Illustrated with exacting detail and written in the Southern dialect of the time, its dynamic narrative is pure

R. Crumb’s Heroes of Blues, Jazz

Americana. It is also a story of success and failure, of

& Country

poverty and wealth, of racism and tolerance, of creativity

ISBN 978-0-8109-3086-5

and business, and of the power of music and love.

ISBN 978-0810930865 US $21.95 CAN $25.95


Frank M. young is a writer and editor who has 9 780810 930865

Johnny Cash: I See a Darkness ISBN 978-0-8109-8463-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-8463-9

US $17.95 9

CAN $23.50 51795

780810 984639


contributed to newspapers and magazines across the country. Born in the Deep South, he now lives in Seattle. david lasky has written and illustrated a number of highly acclaimed comic books. Originally from Virginia, David now makes his home in Seattle.

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 32

3/23/12 7:49 AM

Mars Attacks ■

By T h E To P P S C o M PA n y

I n T R o d u C T I o n By L E n B R o W n


A F T E R W o R d By z I n A S Au n d E R S

tr a d i n g ca r d bo o k

s e lling points

The only book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the highly collectible Mars Attacks trading card series

■ High-profile book release at 2012 San diego Comic-Con panel ■ Release coincides with additional related comics and products ■ Supported by comprehensive 50th anniversary publicity, promotional, and social media campaigns ■ Limited edition set of four exclusive trading cards

s pecifications 200 color and black-and-white illustrations 224 pages, 5½ × 7⅛" Hardcover with wax jacket, 4 trading cards RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr PoP CUltUrE ISBN 978-1-4197-0409-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0409-3 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995


9 781419 704093

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-4197-0639-4 ISBN 978-1-4197-0639-4 US $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

n celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mars Attacks, this comprehensive book is the first-ever compilation

of the infamous science-fiction trading card series produced by Topps in 1962. Edgy, subversive, and darkly comedic, this over-the-top series depicting a Martian

9 781419 706394

also avail ab le

invasion of Earth has a loyal following and continues to win new generations of fans. For the first time, this book brings together high-quality reproductions of the entire original series, as well as the hard-to-find sequel from 1994, rare and never-before-seen sketches, concept art, and test market materials. Also included are an introduc-

Wacky Packages ISBN 978-0-8109-9531-4 ISBN 978-0-8109-9531-4 US $19.95 NCR 5 1 9 9 5

tion by series co-creator Len Brown and an afterword by Zina Saunders, daughter of the original artist, providing an insider’s behind-the-scenes view of the bizarre and compelling world of Mars Attacks.


the topps Company, Inc., founded in 1938, is the preeminent creator and brand marketer of sports cards, entertainment products, and distinctive confectionery. len Brown, former creative director at Topps—where he worked for over 40 years—is the co-creator of Mars Attacks. He lives in Texas. Zina Saunders is an author, illustrator, and animator. She lives in New York.

780810 995314

Wacky Packages New New New ISBN 978-0-8109-8838-5 ISBN 978-0-8109-8838-5 US $19.95 NCR 5 1 9 9 5 9

780810 988385

Garbage Pail Kids ISBN 978-1-4197-0270-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-0270-9 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781419 702709

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 33


3/23/12 7:49 AM

The Innocence of objects ■

By o R h A n PA M u k

Nobel Prize– winning author Orhan Pamuk presents his magical Museum of Innocence in Istanbul

s e lling points ■ Pamuk’s books have sold more than 11 million copies in 60 languages ■ Pamuk’s long-anticipated Museum of Innocence opens in Istanbul in spring 2012 ■ In the New York Times’s 2010 “Readers’ wish” column, readers were asked where they wanted most to travel in the coming year; Istanbul won by a landslide

s pecifications 526 color photographs 264 pages, 7½ × 9" Flexibind with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr lItErAtUrE • Art ISBN 978-1-4197-0456-7 ISBN 978-1419704567 US $35.00 CAN $40.00



he culmination of decades of omnivorous collecting,

Orhan Pamuk’s Museum of Innocence in Istanbul

9 781419 704567

uses his novel of lost love, The Museum of Innocence, as

a departure point to explore the city of his youth. In The Innocence of Objects, Pamuk’s catalog of this remarkable museum, he writes about things that matter deeply to him: the psychology of the collector, the proper role of the museum, the photography of old Istanbul (illustrated with Pamuk’s superb collection of haunting photographs and movie stills), and of course the customs and traditions of his beloved city. The book’s imagery is equally evocative, ranging from the ephemera of everyday life to the superb photographs of Turkish photographer Ara Güler. Combining compelling art and writing, The Innocence of Objects is an original work of art and literature. orhan Pamuk received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006. His books have been translated into 60 languages. He divides his time between Istanbul and New York City, where he is the Robert Yik-Fong Tam Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 34

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:49 AM

desert Air ■

By g E o R g E s T E I n M E T z

s e lling points ■ Fans of Earth from Above will love this gorgeous collection of

Surreally beautiful aerial photographs of the world’s extreme deserts

photographs of the world’s most extreme deserts ■ Photographs were taken in more than 30 countries on seven continents, including deserts in Antarctica, Mauritania, the Middle east, and China ■ Tales of the author’s 15 years of harrowing travel make this book a singular visual adventure story

s pecifications 230 color photographs 380 pages, 11¼ × 14½" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: dECEMBEr


NAtUrE • PHotogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0559-5

elebrated exploration photographer George

ISBN 978-1-4197-0559-5 US $60.00 CAN $69.00


Steinmetz takes his art to a new level in Desert

Air, the first comprehensive photographic collection of the world’s “extreme deserts,” which receive less than

9 781419 705595

four inches of precipitation per year. Steinmetz has spent

also avail ab le

15 years on this epic body of work, capturing remarkable and surreally beautiful visions of deserts, from China’s great Gobi Desert to the Sahara in northern Africa to Death Valley in California. Much more than a visual journey, these images are enriched by the exciting stories

African Air ISBN 978-0-8109-8403-5 ISBN 978-0-8109-8403-5 US $50.00 CAN $57.50 55000

behind Steinmetz’s adventures in some of the world’s most difficult and challenging areas—from smuggling his paraglider into Libya to getting arrested for spying in Iran, to crashing into a tree in western China. Desert Air reveals extraordinary desert ecosystems that together

9 780810 984035

Empty Quarter ISBN 978-0-8109-8381-6 ISBN 978-0810983816 US $40.00 CAN $51.99 54000

form a kind of disparate family of coevolved landscapes; similar, yet each unique in its own way. george Steinmetz has spent the last 25 years

9 780810 983816

Earth from Above: Tenth Anniversary Edition ISBN 978-0-8109-9693-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-9693-9 US $60.00 CAN $70.00 56000

photographing remote corners of the world for National Geographic and GEO magazines. His awards include two first prizes from World Press Photo, as well as awards and citations from Pictures of the Year, Overseas Press Club, and the Eisenstadt Awards. He lives in New Jersey.

z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 35


780810 996939

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:45 PM

Movie Box ■

By PAo Lo M E R E g h E T T I

An incomparable portrait of the movies, featuring Hollywood’s biggest stars and the iconic films of today and yesterday s e lling points ■ The perfect gift for movie lovers ■ More than 350 color images of iconic movies and film stars by renowned photographers, including Robert Capa, Martin Schoeller, Bruce davidson, and others ■ By the author of Italy’s bestselling and preeminent cinema dictionary ■ Previous titles in this series, Fashion Box, Music Box, and Photo Box, have sold a combined 40,000 copies

s pecifications 350 color and black-and-white photographs 480 pages, 6⅝ × 8⅝" Hardcover with magnetic closure RIGHTS: NortH AMErICA PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr FIlM • PHotogrAPHy


ince the dawn of the movie industry, the world’s greatest photographers have been drawn to record the

colorful characters and the process of filming, capturing rare

ISBN 978-1-4197-0506-9 ISBN 978-1419705069 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


behind-the-scenes views, moving portraits, and candid stills of the stars living their everyday lives. A photographic journey that spans the history of cinema, Movie Box is a collection

9 781419 705069

of more than 350 images of the most iconic movies and film

Al So AVAI l AB lE

stars, as immortalized by renowned photographers. The book features unforgettable images of the icons of Hollywood’s


past—Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn,

ISBN 978-0-8109-8435-6

Cary Grant, Elizabeth Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock—and the hottest

ISBN 978-0-8109-8435-6

US $29.95

CAN $38.95 52995

fe ature s s pecial b inding with mag netic closure

stars of today—Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Meryl Streep, and Christian Bale, and many more.


780810 984356

From the most popular shooting locations, to preproduc-

Music Box

tion, to casting, to the set, to the awards and the movie

ISBN 978-1-4197-0074-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0074-3 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


part of our collective memory.

9 781419 700743

Fashion Box ISBN 978-0-8109-9754-7 ISBN 978-0810997547 US $29.95 CAN $35.95


9 780810 997547


theaters, Movie Box offers a sweeping portrait of the movies, showcasing a stunning collection of photographs that are now

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 36

Paolo Mereghetti is a film critic and journalist. He is the author of the Dizionario dei film (Film Dictionary), the bestselling cinema dictionary published in Italy, which he has been editing since 1993.

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:50 AM

Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 ■

By PAu L A M . B Lo C k A n d T E R Ry J . E R d M A n n

I n T R o d u C T I o n By R o n A L d d. M o o R E s e lling points ■ First all-new nonfiction Star Trek:

The newest addition to the popular 365 series, published on the 25th anniversary of the beloved TV series

The Next Generation book in nearly 15 years ■ Follows the success of Star Trek: The Original Series 365 ■ Includes an authorized guide to all 178 TV episodes ■ Star Trek is one of entertainment’s most successful franchises

s pecifications 500 color and black-and-white illustrations 744 pages, 9¼ × 6¼" Hardcover RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr


PErForMINg ArtS ith the launch of Star Trek: The Next

Generation, Gene Roddenberry somehow

managed to recapture lightning in a bottle. This new incarnation of Star Trek was an instant hit, and its popularity inspired four films and three spin-off television series.

ISBN 978-1-4197-0429-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0429-1 US $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781419 704291

also avail ab le

To commemorate the show’s 25th anniversary, Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 provides a fresh, accessible overview of the entire series, including an authorized guide to all 178 episodes. Featuring rarely seen and now-classic photography and illustrations, this visual celebration of the voyages

Star Trek: The Original Series

of Captain Picard, his crew, and the Enterprise-D


offers a loving look back at the Emmy and Hugo Award–winning series.

ISBN 978-0-8109-9172-9 ISBN 978-0-8109-9172-9 US $29.95 CAN $34.95


Paula M. Block worked behind the scenes at

9 780810 991729

Paramount Pictures for 19 years, and with publicist terry J. Erdmann has written numerous books, including Star Trek: The Original Series 365 and Star Trek 101. They live in Oregon. ronald d. Moore served as story editor and producer for Star Trek: The Next Generation, contributing scripts for 27 episodes, including the Hugo Award–winning finale,

ISBN 978-1-4197-0075-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0075-0 US $40.00 CAN $45.00

“All Good Things . . .” He lives in California.


® & © 2012 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. STAR TREK and all related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.

z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 37

Star Trek Vault

9 781419 700750

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:45 PM


REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 38

z Abrams 4/2/12 12:46 PM

More than Human ■

P h oTo g R A P h s By T I M F L AC h

T E x T By L E W I s B L AC k W E L L s e lling points ■ Striking 12 × 12" format, with 150 color photographs ■ will appeal to both animal lovers and photography fans ■ Flach is an enormously popular photographer: his books have sold more than 64,000 copies combined ■ This is Flach’s most ambitious project to date, featuring an unparalleled variety of subjects— everything from armadillos to cobras to zebras ■ The accompanying text by writer Lewis Blackwell sheds light on Flach’s amazing images

s pecifications 150 color photographs 300 pages, 12 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World ENglISH ExClUdINg NEW ZEAlANd


ward-winning photographer Tim Flach has spent years inquiring into the essential bond we have

with animals. Now he presents the culmination of a

career-long endeavor, an extraordinary body of work in which each image is more striking and powerful than the last. Just as did Flach’s highly acclaimed previous books, Equus and Dogs, More than Human will amaze and inspire, in a constant affirmation of the animal, whether it be rare or common, powerful or defenseless, odd

A highly original visual and written enquiry into our relationship with animals from Tim Flach, the award-winning photographer behind Equus and Dogs

ANd AUStrAlIA PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr PHotogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0552-6 ISBN 978-1419705526 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


9 781419 705526

or majestic. The book showcases a menagerie of creatures—pandas, tigers, bats, lions, orangutans, cobras, bullfrogs, chimpanzees, wolves, porcupines, elephants,

also avail ab le

owls, armadillos, among many others—as they have never been seen before. Shedding light on Flach’s images will be an accessible collection of texts, written and edited by author Lewis Blackwell. tim Flach is an acclaimed photographer best known for


the originality that he brings to capturing animal behavior and characteristics. Flach’s previous books with Abrams

ISBN 978-0-8109-9653-3

US $50.00

are Equus and Dogs. lewis Blackwell is the author of Abrams’ The Life and Love of Cats.


z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 39


ISBN 978-0-8109-9653-3 CAN $57.50 55000

780810 996533

ISBN 978-0-8109-7142-4 ISBN 978-0810971424 US $65.00 CAN $65.00


9 780810 971424

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:46 PM

Hello Kitty, Hello Art! W o r K S o F A r T I N S p I r e d By S A N r I o C H A r AC T e r S ■

By S a n r i o a n d r o g e r g a S t m a n

s e lling points ■ Hello Kitty is a highly recognizable global brand with millions of fans around the world

A celebration of one of the world’s most recognizable icons, by the world’s most innovative artists

■ Hello Kitty transcends age and generation with lifestyle products in fashion, accessories, beauty, home, electronics, and much more ■ The book features one-of-a-kind artistic interpretations of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters from dozens of high-profile international artists ■ Includes exclusive temporary tattoos

s pecifications 208 color illustrations 208 pages, 9½ × 11½" Hardcover, temporary tattoos RIGHTS: US & CANAdA PUB MONTH: oCtoBer Art • PoP CUltUre


ello Kitty, Hello Art! is a celebration of the iconic Hello Kitty character and other beloved Sanrio

characters through the eyes of dozens of contemporary

artists and Hello Kitty fans, including Gary Baseman, Ron

ISBN 978-1-4197-0453-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0453-6 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


English, Luke Chueh, CRASH, Anthony Lister, Eric Joyner, Camilla d’Errico, Amanda Visell, Colin Christian, Huck Gee, Luke Chueh, Deph, and Yosuke Ueno, among others. This

9 781419 704536

hardcover collectible book features a variety of well-known international artists and their unique interpretations of Sanrio characters in various media, including canvas, spray

Al So AvAI l AB le

paint, watercolor and ink, aerosol and acrylics on wood, mixed media, oil on panel, and silk screen. The pieces in the book reflect the many ways Hello Kitty and Sanrio have influenced and inspired so many artists around the world. Sanrio®, best known for global icon Hello Kitty® and home to many endearing characters including Chococat®, My

I Am Plastic

Melody®, and Keroppi®, celebrated its 50th Anniversary

ISBN 978-0-8109-5846-3 ISBN 978-0-8109-9172-9 US $45.00 CAN $52.00


gift can bring a big smile to people of all ages. Today,

9 780810 991729

over 50,000 Sanrio-branded items are sold in over 70

I Am Plastic, Too ISBN 978-0-8109-8887-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0075-0 US $45.00 CAN $58.50


9 781419 700750


in 2010. The worldwide lifestyle brand was founded on the “small gift, big smile®” philosophy—that a small

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 40

countries around the world. In the Western Hemisphere, Sanrio character-branded products are sold in upwards of 12,000 locations including department, specialty, national chain stores and over 100 Sanrio boutiques.

z Abrams 4/9/12 12:21 PM

The Iconic Interior P R I VAT e S PAC e S o F L e A d I N G A R T I S T S , A R C H I T e C T S , A N d d e S I G N e R S ■

By d o M I n I C B R A d B u Ry

s e lling points ■ Interiors by a mix of well-known designers and artists, including

100 of the most important, stylish, and influential interiors from the last 100 years

donna karan, Marc Newson, Christian Louboutin, Bill Blass, Todd oldham, and Jean Cocteau ■ A wide range of styles, craftsmanship, and periods ■ Many of the photographs have never been seen before ■ Biographies of the owners/ designers underscore the style choices that make these spaces iconic ■ Fabulous interiors, full of inspiration

s pecifications 550 color photographs 352 pages, 10⅛ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: US & CANAdA


PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr he Iconic Interior features 100 of the most important


and influential interiors from around the world.

Designed by a broad spectrum of fashion designers, art-

ISBN 978-1-61769-005-1

ists and architects, set designers and decorators, these

ISBN 978-1-61769-005-1 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


private spaces represent a wide range of styles, periods, and aesthetics. Here are such unforgettable spaces as

9 781617 690051

Billy Baldwin’s design for Diana Vreeland’s New York City home; Edith Wharton’s famous New England house, The Mount; Coco Chanel’s legendary Paris apartment; Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House; Tony Duquette’s California estate, Dawnridge; Oscar de la Renta’s Casa de Madera; and Piero Fornasetti’s Villa Fornasetti. Organized chronologically, many of the interiors have been photographed specially for this book. Along with the lush photographs, each description is accompanied by a short biography of the owner/designer. The Iconic Interior is a complete guide to 100 years of influential, gorgeous design. dominic Bradbury is an interior design writer who contributes to numerous publications, including House & Garden, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Times (London), and Wallpaper. He lives in Norfolk, England.

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 41

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:52 AM

Sex Press T H e S e x UA L R e Vo LU T I o N I N T H e U N d e R G R o U N d P R e S S , 1 9 6 5 – 1 9 7 5 ■

By V I n C E n T B E R n I è R E A n d M A R I E L P R I M o I s

s e lling points ■ Vividly illustrated with more than

A visual tour of the sexual revolution of the 1960s and ’70s, as seen in the work of the media that helped propel it

160 full-page facsimiles from magazines ■ Features work by such wellknown artists as R. Crumb ■ Traces the exuberant sexual liberation of the 1960s to the more codified pornography of the 1970s

s pecifications 160 color and black-and-white illustrations 240 pages, 9 × 13¼" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr ErotICA

ISBN 978-1-4197-0555-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-0555-7 US $40.00 CAN $45.00 54000


rom 1965 to 1975, an array of journals, magazines, fanzines, and underground presses were the voice

of a dramatic sexual revolution. In Europe and the United

States, this “sex press” consisted of publications such as Other Scenes, Yellow Dog, Actuel, Suck, The Body, and

9 781419 705557

Screw—some of which were fully dedicated to sex, while

also avail ab le

others also engaged with the time’s most riveting topical issues, including politics, human rights, war, women’s rights, and gay and lesbian rights. Showcasing art from the most revolutionary publications of the era, the book traces the exuberant sexual liberation of the 1960s and then moves into the mid-1970s, with its more codified form of pornography. Illustrated by

Pink Box ISBN 978-0-8109-9259-7 ISBN 978-0810992597 US $37.50 CAN $42.50


9 780810 992597

ISBN 978-0-8109-9530-7 ISBN 978-0810995307 US $42.50 CAN $48.50


9 780810 995307

a compelling visual tour through an extraordinary period of experimentation, creativity, and sexual freedom. Vincent Bernière is a reporter for the French magazine



a vivid collection of full-page facsimiles, Sex Press offers

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 42

Technikart. Mariel Primois has served as artistic director for magazines such as Globe, VSD, Actuel, Nova, and Fooding. Bernière and Primois are also the coauthors of the book Actuel, les belles histoires.

z Abrams 4/2/12 12:47 PM

Cabinets of wonder ■

By C h R I s T I n E dAV E n n E

P h oTo g R A P h s By C h R I s T I n E F L E u R E n T

s e lling points ■ Thanks to the recent popularity

A richly illustrated historical account of a newly revived design treasure

of curiosity cabinets, this book will appeal to a design audience as well as collectors and history buffs ■ More than 180 photographs provide a visual complement to the text, showcasing exceptional cabinets of wonder in homes and museums ■ Subject matter encompasses the eclectic array of material found in cabinets of wonder, which range from the rare to the truly bizarre

s pecifications 180 color and black-and-white illustrations 232 pages, 8½ × 12¼" Hardcover


RIGHTS: World ENglISH kulls, butterflies, hunting trophies, ancient Egyptian


artifacts, the alleged skeletons of mythological


creatures, and many other mysterious oddities fill cabinets of wonder. A centuries-old tradition developed in Europe during the Renaissance, cabinets of wonder (also known as curiosity

ISBN 978-1-4197-0554-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0554-0 US $45.00 CAN $52.00


cabinets) are once again in fashion. Shops, restaurants, and private residences echo these cabinets in their interior design,

9 781419 705540

by making use of the eclectic vintage objects commonly featured in such collections. Cabinets of Wonder showcases exceptional collections in homes and museums, with more than 180 photographs, while also explaining the history behind the tradition, the best-known collections, and the types of objects typically displayed. Offering both a historical overview and a look into contemporary interior design, this extravagantly illustrated book celebrates the wonderfully odd world of cabinets of wonder. Christine davenne is a lecturer in fine arts at the IUFM d’Aquitaine and is the author of the book Modernité du cabinet de curiosités. Christine Fleurent photographs regularly for women’s magazines and advertising and has contributed to numerous books, including La Cuisine des parfums and La Maison de Chocolat.

z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 43

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/2/12 12:47 PM

Star wars Art: Illustration ■

I n T R o d u C T I o n By S T E V E n h E L L E R

F o R E W o R d By h o WA R d R o F F M A n

The third title in the Star Wars Art series is a stunning collection, curated by George Lucas

s e lling points ■ Builds on the success of two previous Star wars Art volumes ■ The very best from more than 30 years of book covers, trading cards, magazines, and more ■ Features fan-favorite illustrators and artists ■ Star Wars is one of the most viable properties in the world of entertainment ■ Limited edition in clamshell box with five archival-quality hand-signed prints

s pecifications 120 color illustrations 176 pages, 10½ × 12½" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: oCtoBEr Art • PErForMINg ArtS


he instant and massive success of Star Wars took Lucasfilm by surprise, but in 1978, an industry

unto itself was born, consisting of books, trading cards, magazines, video games, and merchandise. The art cre-

ISBN 978-1-4197-0430-7

ated for these projects continues to expand the limits and

ISBN 978-1-4197-0430-7 US $40.00 CAN $45.00

celebrate the iconography of the Star Wars galaxy.


9 781419 704307

Now the third book in the Star Wars Art series, Illustration, collects the best of these artworks, as curated by George Lucas. Featuring previously unpublished,

limite d e dition 160 color illustrations 240 pages 5 hand-signed, archival giclée prints by Brian Rood, Tsuneo Sanda, Jerry Vanderstelt, Christian Waggoner, and Paul youll Hardcover with cloth case, deluxe clamshell box ISBN 978-1-4197-0431-4 ISBN 978-1419704314 US $400.00 CAn $460.00 40000

rarely seen, and fan-favorite art from Mark Chiarello, Dave McQuarrie, Jon J. Muth, Tsuneo Sanda, Drew Struzan, Jerry Vanderstelt, Christian Waggoner, and many others, Star Wars Art: Illustration explores the wide range of styles that illustrators have brought to bear on a galaxy far, far away . . .

Star Wars Art: Visions

including Abrams’ Graphic Style: From Victorian to Digital and I Heart Design. He lives in New York City. more than 20 years. In 1997, Roffman was selected as Entertainment Marketer of the Year by Brandweek. He


lives in California.

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 44

ISBN 978-0-8109-9589-5

US $40.00

Arts, is the author and/or editor of more than 140 books,

TERMS: 30% discount,


ISBN 978-0-8109-9589-5

Steven Heller, cochair MFA Design, School of Visual

Howard roffman was president of Lucas Licensing for 9 781419 704314

also avail ab le

Dorman, Hugh Fleming, Tim and Greg Hildebrandt, Ralph


CAN $48.00 54000

780810 995895

Star Wars Art: Comics ISBN 978-1-4197-0076-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-0076-7 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781419 700767

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:53 AM

Norman Bel Geddes designs America ■ By T h E h A R Ry R A n S o M C E n T E R , T h E u n I V E R S I T y o F T E x A S AT Au S T I n , A n d T h E M u S E u M o F T h E C I T y o F n E W yo R k ■ E d I T E d By d o n A L d A L B R E C h T s e lling points ■ First definitive book on Bel Geddes in more than 30 years ■ Bel Geddes’s award-winning

An exploration of the influential industrial designer, urban planner, and futurist

exhibit for the 1939 world’s Fair in New York prominently featured ■ exhibition, I Have Seen the Future, opens at The University of Texas, Austin, in September 2012, and will travel to the Museum of the City of New York ■ editor is a highly respected writer and curator of architecture and design

s pecifications 400 color and black-and-white illustrations


400 pages, 10 × 12"

orman Bel Geddes Designs America accompanies a landmark exhibition exploring the career

Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World ENglISH

of Norman Bel Geddes (1893–1958), one of the 20th


century’s foremost theatrical and industrial designers.


This companion volume explores Bel Geddes’s life and career in comprehensive detail through nearly 100

ISBN 978-1-4197-0299-0 ISBN 978-1-4197-0299-0 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


projects, ranging from streamlined airplanes, ships, and cars, to stage sets, appliances, and much more. Both the exhibition and the book bring together never-before-seen

9 781419 702990

drawings, models, photographs, and films drawn from the

e Xhib ition sche dule

Ransom Center’s Bel Geddes collection. He is perhaps

I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes designs America

best known for his Futurama display for the General Motors Highways and Horizons exhibit at the New York World’s Fair of 1939–40, which to this day remains a useful model for city planning and design. The exhibition is curated by Donald Albrecht, who contributed the book’s introduction and serves as it’s editor. In addition to

Harry Ransom Center, Austin, Sept. 11, 2012–Jan. 6, 2013 Museum of the City of New York, 2014

Albrecht, who has written the introduction, twenty scholars have contributed essays. The exhibition I Have Seen the Future: Norman Bel Geddes Designs America opens in September 2012 at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, and will travel to the Museum of the City of New York. donald Albrecht is the curator of architecture and design at the Museum of the City of New York, as well as an independent curator. He lives in New York.

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 45

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 7:53 AM

The FirsT 40 Years ■

E d I T E d By s T E FA n o To n C h I


ne of the world’s leading fashion magazines, W will celebrate its

40th anniversary with this volume—a collection of the most influ-

ential and iconic features and photos culled from its first four decades. W is renowned for its groundbreaking, provocative, often controversial fashion stories by such photographers as Steven Klein, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Bruce Weber, Mario Sorrenti, Tim Walker, Juergen Teller, and Paolo Roversi, among many others, the best of which fill these pages. Divided into three sections—Who, Where, and Wow—this volume shows why W’s unique blend of unparalleled access, cultural smarts, and visual panache has always kept it at the forefront of not only the world of fashion, but also in

art, design, style, beauty, celebrity, and society. Appearing in these pages are many of the world’s most talented, beautiful, and accomplished from a vast array of fields, including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Madonna, Damien Hirst, Alexander McQueen, Daphne Guinness, Beyoncé, Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss, the Beckhams, Tilda Swinton, and Jackie Kennedy. In addition to a foreword by the book’s editor, Stefano Tonchi, W: The First 40 Years will also include newly commissioned essays from writers Lynn Hirschberg, Marian McEvoy, and Vince Aletti. Longtime W contributor Christopher Bagley has edited the text and written revealing captions that draw upon the magazine’s most memorable interviews and reporting. Stefano tonchi assumed the position of editor in chief at W in 2010. He was previously the creator and editor of T: The New York Times Style Magazine.


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One Of the wOrld’s mOst avant-garde fashiOn magazines celebrates its anniversary with highlights frOm 40 years Of high style and prOvOcatiOn s e lling points ■ W magazine will promote worldwide in its anniversary year ■ Foreword by W editor in chief, Stefano Tonchi ■ W has nearly 500,000 subscribers, with an average annual household income of $135,000

s pecifications 400 color illustrations 336 pages, 10 × 13" Hardcover with jacket RIghTs: World PuB MonTh: NoVEMBEr FASHIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-0447-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0447-5 US $65.00 CAn $75.00


9 781419 704475

also avail ab le

Harper’s Bazaar ISBN 978-1-4197-0070-5 ISBN 978-1-4197-0070-5 US $65.00 CAn $75.00


9 781419 700705

Vogue: The Covers ISBN 978-0-8109-9768-4 ISBN 978-0-8109-9768-4 US $50.00 CAn $57.50


9 780810 997684

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 47

4/2/12 12:49 PM

Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury U P dAT e d e d I T I o N ■

By PAu L- g é R A R d PA S o L S A n d P I E R R E L é o n F o R T E

s e lling points

The definitive, fascinating history of Louis Vuitton, newly updated

■ 20 additional pages with new text and photos about the company’s recent history make the book completely current ■ This extensively researched and illustrated reference guide was written with full access to the company’s archives, and includes archival art, historical images, product designs and sketches, and the company’s cutting-edge advertising ■ This is the first in-depth portrait of one of the world’s best-known luxury brands

s pecifications 650 color and black-and-white illustrations 560 pages, 9½ × 12¼" Hardcover with French fold jacket


hen Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury was published in 2004, the book was

the first to describe the dramatic rise of the world’s

finest luxury company. Written with full access to the


company’s archives, it demonstrates Louis Vuitton’s


passion for fine design with a stunning array of archival


art, product designs, and cutting-edge advertising.

ISBN 978-1-4197-0556-4 ISBN 978-1-4197-0556-4 US $125.00 CAN $145.00 12500

The company is examined through the lives of its first three leaders—founder Louis (who invented the modern trunk), his son Georges, and his grandson Gaston. Now with fresh information on subjects such as

9 781419 705564

designs for ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, jewelry,

Al So AVAI l AB lE

and even automobiles, this new edition includes 20 additional pages and updated material in almost half the book, covering the brand’s recent history, with new texts and photographs. Paul-gérard Pasols is the former director of

Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks ISBN 978-0-8109-8247-5 ISBN 978-0-8109-8247-5 US $125.00 CAN $150.00 12500

9 780810 982475


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 48

communications for Louis Vuitton and a longtime consultant to the company. The author of the updated sections, Pierre léonforte has been editor in chief of Louis Vuitton City Guides since their creation in 1998. He is the author of Abrams’ Louis Vuitton: 100 Legendary Trunks.

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:54 AM

A to Z of Style ■

By A M y d E L A h Ay E

F o R E W o R d By d E V I k R o E L L

I L Lu s T R AT E d By E M M A FA R R A R o n s

s e lling points

An essential primer for anyone with a love of fashion and style

■ The latest volume in the ever-popular V&A clothbound fashion series ■ Features the wisdom of fashion’s biggest names: Chanel, dior, and Schiaparelli, among others ■ The perfect gift for all fashionistas

s pecifications 50 illustrations 144 pages, 5⅛ × 7" Hardcover with cloth case RIGHTS: NortH AMErICA PUB MONTH: NoVEMBEr FASHIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-0255-6 ISBN 978-1-4197-0255-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 702556

6-copy counter display


ISBN 978-1-4197-0634-9 to Z of Style brings together the secrets of style from the world’s greatest fashion designers, their famous

clients, and others from the world of fashion in this delightful illustrated dictionary. This gifty guide preserves the wisdom of fashion’s big names, from Chanel on perfume, to Dior on

ISBN 978-1-4197-0634-9 US $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

9 781419 706349

also avail ab le

elegance, to Schiaparelli on hats. This charming compendium is illustrated with newly commissioned line drawings by Emma Farrarons of accessories and clothing from the V&A’s celebrated fashion collection. With timeless advice for women and men alike, this handy guide is essential reading for

How to Dress for Success

anyone with a love of fashion and style.

ISBN 978-0-8109-2133-7 Amy de la Haye is a curator and dress historian. She is a professor at London College of Fashion and was formerly Curator of 20th Century Fashion at the V&A. She is the author of Chanel. Emma Farrarons is a French illustrator and designer living in London. She has illustrated I Want Those Shoes and The Queen’s English. devi Kroell launched her namesake label in 2004, specializing in cutting-edge accessories. She quickly won acclaim, receiving the prestigious CFDA Swarovski award in 2006, designing her first ready-to-wear collection in 2008, and opening her flagship store on Madison Avenue in 2009. In 2011, Kroell reemerged with her new line, DAX GABLER.


9 780810 921337

The Little Dictionary of Fashion ISBN 978-0-8109-9461-4 ISBN$19.95 978-0810994614 US CAN $25.95


9 780810 994614

ABC of Men’s Fashion ISBN 978-0-8109-9460-7 ISBN$19.95 978-0810994607 US CAN $23.95


9 780810 994607

z Abrams REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 49

ISBN$19.95 978-0810921337 US CAN $23.95

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4/2/12 12:50 PM

Industrial Chic 50 ICoNS oF FURNITURe deSIGN ■

By B R I g I T T E d u R I E u x

P h oTo g R A P h S By L A z I z h A M A n I

s e lling points

The stories behind 50 remarkable objects that have made the surprising transition from factories to our living rooms

■ Industrial furniture is one of the most popular current trends in interior design, used in restaurants, retail stores, and homes around the world ■ More than 250 brilliant images of cult favorites like the Singer stool, the Gras lamp, and the Brillié clock ■ will appeal to collectors who actively buy and sell pieces, as well as design aficionados

s pecifications 250 illustrations 220 pages, 9 × 12¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NortH AMErICA PUB MONTH: NoVEMBEr INtErIor dESIgN ISBN 978-1-4197-0557-1 ISBN 978-1-4197-0557-1 US $45.00 CAN $52.00


9 781419 705571


ndustrial-style furniture is in fashion—bistro tables and chairs, lockers, mail sorting racks, and jointed lamps

are all common elements in today’s interior design. In the book Industrial Chic, Brigitte Durieux, one of the most well-known experts on the style, tells us the story behind

50 European and American objects that have made the surprising transition from factories to our living rooms and become cult furniture. The remarkable histories of these 50 significant objects—including the Gras lamp, the Singer stool, the Holophane reflector, the Brillié clock, and more—accompany brilliant photographs by Laziz Hamani. Featuring more than 250 images, Industrial Chic is a beautifully illustrated showcase that reveals the incredible reach, versatility, and long-lasting appeal of industrial design. Brigitte durieux is a journalist and antiques enthusiast, who is the author of Inoxydable Tolix and Le Mobilier industriel. laziz Hamani is a still-life photographer, whose clients include Harry Winston, Dior, Chanel, and Swarovski.


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z Abrams 3/23/12 7:54 AM

Arthur Carter STUdIeS FoR CoNSTRUCTIoN ■

E S S Ay By C h A R L E S A . R I L E y

s e lling points ■ Carter is well known in finance

A comprehensive survey of drawings from artist and sculptor Arthur Carter

and journalism circles as well as the art world ■ Includes more than 200 drawings ■ Carter’s works are in public spaces across the country

s pecifications 250 color and black-and-white illustrations 208 pages, 8⅛ × 9⅞" Hardcover with jacket


RIGHTS: World rthur Carter’s metal sculpture is a form


of drawing in space, and so it is not


surprising that analytical, exploratory drawing is the foundation of his practice as an artist. Arthur

Carter: Studies for Construction reproduces more than 200 of his drawings, which reveal the attention to interval and rhythm of the trained

ISBN 978-1-4197-0452-9 ISBN 978-1419704529 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


9 781419 704529

classical musician that he is. Carter, who has spent much of his life in the upper reaches of finance and journalism, is an artist whose sense of reality is deeply grounded in the lyrical abstractions of geometry: “Only squares and circles, lines and ellipses,” he says, “can

also avail ab le

elegantly explain and simplify the complex meaning of life.” Art historian and journalist Charles A. Riley offers a compelling portrait of Carter’s mind and hand at work. Arthur Carter is an artist and the subject of Abrams’ Arthur Carter: Sculptures, Paintings, and Drawings. Charles A. riley is an art historian, journalist, and entrepreneur. He is the author of Color Codes, Saints of Modern Art, and The Jazz Age in France.

Paintings, and Drawings ISBN 978-0-8109-0595-5 ISBN$50.00 978-0810905955 US CAN $55.00


9 780810 905955

z Abrams Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 51

Arthur Carter: Sculptures,

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3/23/12 7:55 AM

Martin Luther king Jr. A k I N G FA M I LY T R I B U T e ■

E d I T E d By A n g E L A FA R R I s WAT k I n s , P h d

F o R E W o R d By A n d R E W yo u n g

s e lling points ■ Includes previously unpublished

For the very first time, the family of Martin Luther King Jr. comes together to share their memories

family photos of dr. king and his family and friends ■ The dedication of the king Memorial on the National Mall was a major cultural event of 2011 ■ watkins is the niece of dr. king, with a proven track record ■ Foreword by Andrew Young ■ January 21, 2013, is Martin Luther king Jr.’s birthday ■ February is Black History Month ■ August 2013 is the 50th anniversary of king’s “I Have a dream” speech

s pecifications 66 color and black-and-white photographs 96 pages, 9 × 10" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NortH AMErICAN ENglISH PUB MONTH: JANUAry HIStory • BIogrAPHy ISBN 978-1-4197-0269-3 ISBN 978-1-4197-0269-3 US $18.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 702693

also avail ab le


artin Luther King Jr.’s family comes together for the first time to share their reflections and

memories of the great civil rights leader. Included are

contributions from his sister (the only surviving member of his immediate family), his children, his in-laws, his nieces and nephews, and even his grandchildren, who, although they never met him, explain what his legacy means to them. Unlike the iconic persona normally associated with the man, the book presents a more personal, warm, and loving portrait: wrestling with his brother on the bed (despite their being in their thirties), sneaking naps during holiday meals, as well as playing games with his nieces and nephews. Alongside these tributes are never-before-published family photos of Dr. King, as well

My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart ISBN 978-0-8109-8975-7 ISBN 978-0-8109-8975-7 US $18.95 CAN $24.95 51895 9

780810 989757

My Uncle Martin’s Words for America ISBN 978-1-4197-0022-4 ISBN 978-1-4197-0022-4 US $19.95 CAN $22.95 51995 9 781419 700224


FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 52

as new photographs of the memorial dedicated to him in August 2011 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Angela Farris Watkins, Phd, is the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. She is an associate professor of psychology at Spelman College. Watkins is the author of two children’s books about her uncle published by Abrams Books for Young Readers. She lives in Atlanta.

z Abrams 4/2/12 12:51 PM

Out of Line The ArT OF JuLes FeiFFer ■

by M a r t h a Fay

I n t r o d u c t I o n by L e o n a r d S . M a r c u S

s e lling points ■ exclusive access to Feiffer’s archive of original art

The first illustrated celebration of acclaimed artist and writer Jules Feiffer

■ The first book to combine Feiffer’s art and personal story ■ All images in the book are reproduced from the original art ■ includes never-before-seen images from the classic book The Phantom Tollbooth ■ introduction by Leonard s. Marcus, the renowned historian, biographer, and critic

Cover not final


s pecifications 300 color and black-and-white illustrations

veryone knows a Feiffer illustration when they see one: His characters leap across the page,

224 pages, 11¼ × 10½" Hardcover with jacket

each line belying humor and psychological insight.


Over Feiffer’s prolific 70-year career, his nimble and


singular imagination has given us new perspectives


as well as biting satires on politics, love, marriage, and religion—alternating with stories imbued with

ISBN 978-1-4197-0066-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0066-8 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


the playful anarchy of a child. Feiffer’s varied output includes children’s books (The Phantom Tollbooth

9 781419 700668

and Bark, George), plays (Little Murders), movies (Carnal Knowledge and Popeye), and comic strips (most notably in his Pulitzer Prize–winning Village Voice comic strip of 42 years). Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer is the long-awaited illustrated retrospective of Feiffer’s celebrated career, providing a revealing glimpse into his creative process

also aVail aB le

and his role as America’s foremost Renaissance man of the arts. Martha Fay is an essayist and the author of several works of nonfiction, including A Mortal Condition and walking guides to New York City, Rome, and Tuscany. She lives in Brooklyn and Italy. Jules Feiffer (born 1929) is an awardwinning writer, illustrator, screenwriter, playwright, children’s book author, and cartoonist. He lives in Southampton, New York.

Ninnies & Clowns isBN 978-0-8109-9577-2 ISBN 978-0-8109-9577-2 us $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 780810 995772

z Abrams REVFall12ACat_P06_P15_P53.indd 53

Cats, Dogs, Men, Women,

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/3/12 1:11 PM

twenty years of inspiration, intriguing bits and other curiosities b y k a t e s pa d e n e w y o r k

f o r e wo r d by g l e n da b a i l e y

i n t ro d u c t i o n by d e b o r a h l loy d

within the four walls of kate spade new york, personal style is applauded and cultural curiosity is encouraged. long before the days of pinboards and social sharing, the brand’s in-house creative team began amassing a collection of things we love on their website: a crayon ring, a cocktail doodle, a particularly dreamy photograph. people began visiting and chiming in with suggestions. now, the things we love have come to life in celebration of the brand’s 20th anniversary. each of the book’s 20 chapters is filled with things we love — from the color red to a wellplaced bow to a sense of humor and handwritten notes. part visual diary, part inspirational reference and sprinkled throughout with playful tips and practical advice, things we love is a beautiful compilation that visually represents the spirit of kate spade new york — a place where the colors are bold, smart design is key and fashion is fun.

k at e s pa d e n e w yo r k s ta rt e d w i t h f o u r p e o p l e i n 1993 . i t ’ s g row n a b i t s i n c e t h e n , b u t t h e c h a r m i n g d r e a m - b i g ,

a n y t h i n g - i s - p o s s i b l e m e n ta l i t y h as s tay e d t h e sa m e . i n t h e l as t 20 y e a rs , t h e o n ce - h a n d bag co m pa n y h as b e co m e a

g lo ba l l i fes t y l e b r a n d w i t h s h o p s a ro u n d t h e wo r l d a n d c at e g o r i es i n c lu d i n g h a n d bag s , clot h i n g , j e w e l ry, s h o es , s tat i o n e ry, acc es s o r i es , fr ag r a n c e a n d h o m e .


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_001-55.indd 54

z Abrams 3/23/12 7:56 AM

s e lling points ■ kate spade new york is a life style brand and an authority on a wide range of topics varying from art and entertainment to personal style ■ this is the official book celebrating—and coinciding with—the brand’s 20th anniversary ■ things we love will be the focus of a year-long marketing campaign in 2013 at kate spade new york, supported across all brand channels

s pecifications 200 color and black-and-white illustrations 240 pages, 9½ × 11½" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World PUB MONTH: JANUAry FASHIoN ISBN 978-1-4197-0566-3 ISBN 978-1419705663 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781419 705663

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3/23/12 7:56 AM

ALL IN: The New York Giants Official 2011 Season & Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative


FOREWORD by Tom Coughlin


INTRODUCTION by John Mara & Steve Tisch


mChapter eturem1 audios AT PHILADELPHIA True Giants: Hakeem Nicks maxim endignime os cusapicipis de Chapter 2 tAT occuptatia solo NEW ENGLAND True Giants: Ahmad Bradshaw consequ ossumet Chapter 3 eror sae sandunt AT DALLAS True Giants: Kevin Boothe quuntiandi dolore, sChapter et volut4dolupta AT JETS True Giants: Jason Pierre-Paul met exerciam eos

Chapter 5 mos rem venihiti VS. DALLAS True Giants: Justin Tuck tum faci ulparunt. Chapter 6 facerum debiscia NFC WILD CARD True Giants: Antrel Rolle um istis quis nihi-

moleste 7 mquistis Chapter NFC DIVISIONAL True Giants: Michael Boley usam rem derum Chapter 8 st, quis as most id NFC CHAMPIONSHIP True Giants: Victor Cruz ae re maximolorro Chapter 9 mpor mi, tendandi SUPER BOWL peroriam aut del XLVI

s earibus eveliqu AFTERWORD um commos conby Eli Manning gnim et aut voles

16 26 36 46 56 66 78 90 104 126

Left Dommo evenihi cidias doluptur, inciatatium eture audios nossi ace aribus exceaqui nonserum; Right Diommo evenihi cidias doluptur, inciatatium eture audios nossi ace aribus exceaqui nonserum.



z Abrams

Diommo evenihi cidias doluptur, inciatatium eture audios nossi ace aribus exceaqui non

ALL IN: The New York Giants Official 2011 Season & Super Bowl XLVI Commemorative

The one and only official commemorative specially commissioned by the Giants

■ ■ F O R E W O R D BY TO M C O U G H L I N   ■  I N T R O D U C T I O N BY J O H N M A R A & S T E V E T I S C H   ■  A F T E R W O R D BY E L I M A N N I N G

S E LLING POINTS ■■ The Giants are the most popular team in the most popular sport in the country’s most populated market ■■ Extensive consumer marketing support from the Giants: email blasts, Facebook and Twitter posts, official Web site, and more ■■ Includes never-before-published images, including photographs from the private Super Bowl ring ceremony and White House visit ■■ Includes contributions by Coach Tom Coughlin and QB Eli Manning

S PECIFICATIONS Over 150 photographs 128 pages, 11 × 8½"


Hardcover with jacket

LL IN is the one and only exclusive, official commemorative book


specially commissioned by the New York Giants to celebrate the team’s


triumphant 2011 season and epic victory in Super Bowl XLVI. Filled with insider insights and hundreds of full-color photos, some never before seen, ALL IN shows and tells the story of a team that banded together and

SPORTS ISBN 978-1-4197-0724-7

ISBN 978-1-4197-0724-7 US$29.95  CAN$32.95

bonded as one to defeat the odds—and the vaunted New England Patriots—to claim a fourth Super Bowl title. Featuring a Foreword by head coach Tom Coughlin and an Afterword by Super Bowl XLVI MVP Eli Manning, this beautifully produced volume not only chronicles the epic season but also takes readers behind the scenes—through the Canyon of Heroes and along the parade route to the rally at MetLife Stadium, inside the private ring ceremony at Tiffany & Co., and all the way to the White House. Features on key games, the thrilling playoffs, and star players—Hakeem Nicks, Ahmad Bradshaw, Kevin Boothe, Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Antrel Rolle, Michael Boley, and salsa-dancing sensation Victor Cruz—capture the season in all its glory. The championship season was emotional, inspirational, and transformational, and this must-have keepsake—like the season itself—will be cherished by generations of Giants fans forever. Tom Coughlin is head coach of the New York Giants. John Mara and Steve Tisch are team owners. Eli Manning is the franchise’s star quarterback.

z Abrams

FA L L 2 0 1 2   ■

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4/2/12 11:45 AM

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 57

4/2/12 11:45 AM

Baked elements ■

By M at t L e w i s a n d R e n ato P o L i a f i to

P h oto g R a P h s By t i n a R u P P


The ImporTance of BeIng Baked In 10 favorITe IngredIenTs

n their third cookbook, Baked Elements:

The Importance of Being Baked in 10 Favorite

Ingredients, acclaimed authors Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito present 75 inventive new recipes revolving solely around their 10 most-loved ingredients—from


peanut butter and caramel to malt and booze. Lewis

Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito

and Poliafito celebrate these favorite elements—

left their day jobs in advertising

chocolate, for instance, or bananas—baking each

to open their bakery, Baked, in

one into a variety of delicious cookies, bars, cakes,

Brooklyn to immediate praise

milkshakes, and more, sweets perfect for everyday

from fans across the country. They

cravings, special occasions, late-night celebrations,

have been featured on Oprah, the

and weekend get-togethers. Complete with the

TODAY show, the Food Network,

signature stories and commentary that fans adore,

and the Martha Stewart Show. Their

chapters also include feature-ingredient infographics

previous books include Baked and

with quirky facts and charts and helpful Baked notes

Baked Explorations. Lewis and

that make creating these desserts as easy as pie.

Poliafito live in New York City.

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 58

4/2/12 11:46 AM

s e lling points ■ Major national brand, with

s pecifications 35 color photographs

growing number of Baked

224 pages, 9 × 9"

locations (one coming

Hardcover with jacket

soon to Manhattan) ■ Lewis and Poliafito are regular Cooking Channel

The third book from the top-selling Baked boys, with recipes featuring their 10 favorite ingredients


guests and blogosphere favorites

ISBN 978-1-58479-985-6 ISBN 978-1-58479-985-6 US $32.50 CAN $37.50

■ Recipes appeal to


newbies and experienced 9 781584 799856

bakers alike ■ Baked products now in stores coast-to-coast

also avail ab le


Baked Explorations

ISBN 978-1-58479-721-0

ISBN 978-1-58479-850-7

ISBN 978-1-58479-721-0 US $32.50 CAN $37.50

ISBN 978-1-58479-850-7 US $32.50 CAN $37.50


9 781584 797210

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 59


9 781584 798507

4/2/12 11:47 AM


REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 60

4/2/12 11:47 AM

Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing A M o d e R N G U I d e to C o U t U R e - S t y L e S e w I N G U S I N G B A S I C V I N tAG e t e C h N I q U e S ■ ■

By g R e tc h e n h i R s c h ■ P h oto g R a P h s By J o dy R o g ac i L Lu s t R at i o n s By s u n yo u n g Pa R k s e lling points ■ hirsch’s blog attracts 45,000 unique visitors each month ■ hirsch was named a “Cool Indie

A modern sewing starlet’s vintage-inspired guide to timeless techniques and styles

Blogger” on AoL’s StyleList; Sew magazine featured her as “Best of the web”; and Homestyle Sewing magazine called her blog “one of those rare gems that manages to be both quirky and elegant at the same time” ■ Book does double-duty as creative inspiration and hardworking reference guide, offering instructions for couturequality techniques and patterns for a complete wardrobe of projects

s pecifications 150 color photographs and 350 color and black-and-white illustrations 208 pages, 8 × 9¾"


Hardcover with partially concealed wire-o; 5 pattern

retchen “Gertie” Hirsch is a passionate home seam-

sheets in envelope

stress, a sought-after sewing teacher, and the creator


of one of the web’s most popular sewing blogs: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing. The blog began as a way for readers


to follow Hirsch’s progress as she stitched all 14 fashions from


the iconic 1950s sewing book Vogue’s New Book for Better

ISBN 978-1-58479-991-7

Sewing (a Julie & Julia–esque experiment for the modern

ISBN 978-1584799917 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


sewist). It quickly became a place for Hirsch to share tutorials and lively posts about sewing as it relates to fashion history,

9 781584 799917

pop culture, body image, and gender. An extension of the blog, Gertie’s New Book for Better

also avail ab le

Sewing is a hardworking reference title packed with lessons on couture techniques and customization, as well as an inimitable pattern collection featuring 25 wardrobe essentials and variations inspired by vintage fashion and Gertie’s spirited, modern style. Gretchen Hirsch writes Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing ( and teaches sewing in New York City, around the country, on PBS’s It’s Sew Easy, and on She lives in Beacon, New York.

Stitch Magic

Sewing Basics

ISBN 978-1-58479-911-5

ISBN 978-1-58479-947-4

ISBN$22.50 978-1584799115 US CAN $26.95

ISBN 978-1-58479-947-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


9 781584 799115


9 781584 799474

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 61


4/2/12 11:47 AM

the Painted home by dena ■

By d e n a f i s h B e i n

P h oto g R a P h s By J o h n e L L i s

s e lling points ■ dena’s products are in 15,000 retail locations

One of America’s top textile designers brings it all home for the do-it-yourselfer

■ one to two how-to projects per chapter ■ dIy Network fans know dena as the host of Embellish This! ■ Includes a custom stencil for readers

s pecifications 150 color photographs 208 pages, 9 × 10" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: SePteMBeR INteRIoR deSIGN ISBN 978-1-58479-962-7 ISBN 978-1-58479-962-7 US $25.00 CAN $29.00



ena Fishbein believes that putting a paintbrush in someone’s hands opens up the imagination

to a new world of color and design opportunities. The

9 781584 799627

woman behind internationally acclaimed merchandise company Dena Designs shows how her hand-painted style combines vintage and traditional elements with a modern twist. Here she walks the reader through her own home, room by room, and discusses her inspirations and methods for encouraging creativity. The Painted Home features simple DIY projects, useful design tips, and personal stories from one of the most successful

also avail ab le

entrepreneurs in the textile and design business. The book also includes a custom stencil so that readers can launch into the DIY projects themselves. dena Fishbein is the creative force behind Dena Designs, Inc., and her many products such as textiles, gifts, acces-

Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern ISBN 978-1-58479-581-0 ISBN 978-1584795810 US $37.50 CAN $42.00 53750 9 781584 795810


sories, apparel, and gift cards are sold in Barnes & Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Kohl’s, Michael’s, Jo-Ann, QVC, and other retailers around the world. Dena has a monthly newspaper column with United Media. She lives in Lafayette, California.

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 62

4/2/12 11:48 AM

dazzling design ■

By a M a n da n i s B e t

s e lling points

One of the most sought-after designers brings her special sense of color and fun to this incredible collection of projects

■ Nisbet has her own linen, textile, and lighting lines ■ Nisbet is frequently featured in top home magazines ■ 250 color photographs ■ extensive resource guide included

s pecifications 250 color photographs 224 pages, 9 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: SePteMBeR INteRIoR deSIGN


s one of today’s most sought-after designers, Amanda Nisbet brings a fresh,

ISBN 978-1-58479-988-7 ISBN 978-1-58479-988-7 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


energetic approach to the traditional sense of luxury. Color, texture, and form blend to create her

9 781584 799887

trademark comfortable elegance, and her work seamlessly balances function and style, classicism and modernism, in beautifully unexpected ways. With over 250 spectacular photographs of New York City apartments, country houses, and Hamptons beach homes, this extraordinary volume will show readers how to bring punch and color to classic rooms. amanda Nisbet founded her high-end design firm in 1998 and has residential projects in the United States, Canada, and Europe. She has a textile line available through Holland & Sherry showrooms and Travis & Company in Atlanta, a lighting line with Urban Electric, and a linens line with Sferra. Her work is constantly featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, and O magazine. She lives in New York City.

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REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 63


4/2/12 11:48 AM


REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 64

4/2/12 11:48 AM

home Made winter ■

By y v e t t e va n B ov e n

P h oto g R a P h s By o o f v e R s c h u R e n

s e lling points ■ Home Made has an excellent

The follow-up to the hugely successful Home Made, featuring wintertime recipes

track record, with three printings in just four months of publication ■ Home Made garnered fantastic publicity with raves from daily Candy, People, Bon Appetit, the Wall Street Journal, design*Sponge, eater, and more ■ Home Made Winter is the second book in our series with yvette van Boven; her third book, Home Made Summer, will be published in Spring 2013

s pecifications 150 color and black-and-white illustrations 256 pages, 9¾ × 7⅝" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRLd eNGLISH PUB MONTH: SePteMBeR CookING


ISBN 978-1-61769-004-4 ISBN 978-1617690044 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


ome Made blew away readers with its stunning package, delicious recipes, beautiful photos, step-by-step

9 781617 690044

instruction, and Yvette van Boven’s own hand-drawn artwork throughout the book. Van Boven’s passion for great food and

also avail ab le

good humor could be felt on every page in the book. Now, in the follow-up Home Made Winter, van Boven’s heartfelt work is presented again, this time with recipes intended for the winter season. Inspired by her childhood in Ireland and her frequent sojourns in France, she has created a collection of recipes that will warm your heart. Chapters include Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch; Pies and Sweet Things for Tea Time; Beverages; To Start; and Dessert. She focuses on simple recipes for classic dishes such as apple cider, BBQ pulled pork, ricotta cheesecake, and more. Step-by-step, she explains how to make butter, beef sausage, and baileys. She also features her favorite winter

Home Made ISBN 978-1-58479-946-7 ISBN 978-1-58479-946-7 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781584 799467

holiday recipes. This book is sure to become the next must-have for home cooks. Yvette van Boven splits her time between Amsterdam and Paris. She is a freelance food stylist, recipe writer, and book illustrator,

Praise for Home Made: “You’ll want to eat everything in this book!” —PEOPLE Style watch

and she runs a restaurant and catering business in Amsterdam.

The Year’s 10 Best Cookbooks

She is the author of the critically acclaimed Home Made.

—Details, September 2011

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4/2/12 11:49 AM

Kaffe Fassett

Dreaming in Color An Autobiography ■

By k a f f e fa s s e t t


affe Fassett has led an extraordinary life and is a captivating storyteller with a vivid memory. Born in 1937, he spent much of his youth in Big Sur, California, where his par-

ents bought a cabin from Orson Welles and transformed it into the world-famous Nepenthe

kaffe Fassett is widely acknowledged as a visionary in the use of color and was the first liv-

restaurant, a gathering place for artists and bohemians. After attending a boarding school

ing textile designer to have a one-person show

run by the disciples of Krishnamurti, an Indian guru, he studied painting at the School of

at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, then traveled to England, where he made his home.

He is a fabric designer for Rowan Patchwork

After an inspiring trip to Inverness, Scotland, Fassett began designing knitwear for Bill Gibb,

and Quilting, the primary knitwear designer

and then the Missonis, Vogue magazine, and private clients like Lauren Bacall and Barbra

for Rowan Yarns, and the author of 15 books,

Streisand, and, in the process, revolutionized the handknitting world with his explosive use

including STC Craft’s Kaffe Fassett’s Simple

of color. Further explorations led him to needlepoint, mosaics, rugmaking, tapestries, yarn

Shapes Spectacular Quilts. He lives in London.

and fabric design, costume and set design, and quilting. Now in his seventies, Fassett con-

Visit his website at

tinues to produce new work and to travel worldwide to teach and lecture. In this intimate autobiography, Fassett shares rich, detailed stories about his lifelong creative journey as well as hundreds of glorious photos taken along the way.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 66

4/2/12 11:49 AM


An intimate look at the fascinating life and extraordinary work of a creative visionary, told through stories, art, and photographs s e lling points ■ Fassett is one of the grandest stars in contemporary needlework and continues to travel the world to share his work and meet his fans ■ Fassett’s fan base includes knitters, quilters, needlepointers, decorators, and multitudes of other creatives fascinated by glorious color ■ Fassett’s previous books have sold over a million copies worldwide ■ Fassett’s fabric and yarn lines are sold around the world ■ Includes a lifetime of artwork, photographs, and stories, many shared here for the first time ever

s pecifications 500 color illustrations 224 pages, 9 × 10" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: SePteMBeR CRaFt ISBN 978-1-58479-996-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-996-2 US $40.00 CAN $45.00


9 781584 799962

also avail ab le

Kaffe Fassett’s Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts ISBN 978-1-58479-837-8 ISBN 978-1-58479-837-8

US $35.00 9

REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 67

CAN $42.00 53500

781584 798378

4/2/12 11:49 AM

101 REASONS TO LOVE . . .SERIES s pecifications

■ Are you ready for some football? StC’s 101 Reasons to Love . . . series turns to the

100 color photographs

NFL. each book focuses on one team, capturing the unforgettable games, historic

120 pages, 7 × 7"

moments, and larger-than-life personalities that have helped define the sport


of professional football. Accompanied by stunning vintage and contemporary

Rights: NoRtH aMeRICaN

photography, these books will be treasures for football fans everywhere.

PuB Month: SePteMBeR


101 Reasons to Love the Cowboys

101 Reasons to Love the Packers

By Ro n g R e e n J R .


he Dallas Cowboys—“America’s Team”—shares the record for most Super Bowl appearances (8) with the Pittsburgh

Steelers and have recorded 20 consecutive winning seasons (1966–85), in which they only missed the playoffs twice (1974

By dav i d g R e e n


he Green Bay Packers are the last of the small-town teams that were once common in the NFL. The Pack and their fans, the

devoted Cheeseheads, have won 13 league championships (more than any other team in the NFL), including 9 NFL championships prior

and 1984), an NFL record. From owner Jerry Jones to such

to the Super Bowl era and 4 Super Bowl victories. Their stellar roster—

coaches and players as Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, Roger

Bart Starr, Ray Nitschke, Paul Hornung, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers,

Staubach, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith, not to mention those

and of course, legendary coach Vince Lombardi—are all here, making

gorgeous cheerleaders, the Cowboys have brought unforget-

history on the “frozen tundra” of Lambeau Field.

table sportsmanship and Texas swagger to professional football. david Green is the principal and creative director of Brightgreen Ron Green Jr. is a sportswriter for the Charlotte Observer. He is

Design in Orangeburg, New York. He is the author of eight books in

the author of six books in STC’s 101 Reasons to Love . . . series.

STC’s 101 Reasons to Love. . . series.

ISBN 978-1-58479-982-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-982-5 US $14.95 CAN $16.95 51495 9 781584 799825

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61769-011-2 ISBN 978-1-61769-011-2 US $89.70 CAN $101.70 58970 9 781617 690112

ISBN 978-1-58479-983-2 ISBN 978-1-58479-983-2 US $14.95 CAN $16.95 51495 9 781584 799832

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61769-010-5 ISBN 978-1-61769-010-5 US $89.70 CAN $101.70 58970 9 781617 690105

also avail ab le in the s e rie s 101 Reasons to Love Alabama Football ISBN 978-1-58479-810-1 ISBN 978-1584798101 US $14.95 CAN $19.50 51495

101 Reasons to Love the Giants ISBN 978-1-58479-566-7 ISBN 978-1584795667 US $15.95 CAN $17.95 51595

101 Reasons to Love the Cardinals ISBN 978-1-58479-498-1 ISBN 978-1584794981 US $15.95 CAN $16.95 51595

9 781584 798101

9 781584 795667

9 781584 794981

9 781584 798118

9 781584 796701

9 781584 794998

101 Reasons to Love Notre Dame Football ISBN 978-1-58479-811-8 ISBN 978-1584798118 US $14.95 CAN $19.50 51495

101 Reasons to Love the Braves ISBN 978-1-58479-670-1 ISBN 978-1584796701 US $15.95 CAN $16.95 51595

101 Reasons to Love the Cubs ISBN 978-1-58479-499-8 ISBN 978-1584794998 US $15.95 CAN $17.95 51595


REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 68

4/2/12 11:50 AM

heather Ross Prints 5 0 + d e S I G N S A N d 2 0 P R oj e C t S to G e t yo U S tA R t e d dV d w I t h A R t w o R k I N C LU d e d ■

By h e at h e R R o s s

P h oto g R a P h s By J o h n g R u e n s e lling points

Beloved fabric designer and author Heather Ross shares artwork for her bestselling prints in this one-of-a-kind book-DVD package

■ Ross’s website attracts over 70,000 visitors each month ■ Ross’s fabric lines are sold at chain stores and independent retailers nationwide ■ Book-and-dVd package offers digital artwork for beloved prints, 16 perforated pages with artwork to use, instructions for craft projects, and lessons on how to design fabric with Photoshop ■ Coveted fabric designs will now be accessible to all crafters to use on fabric, paper, or any other printable surface

s pecifications 42 color photographs and 144 illustrations 144 pages, 8½ × 10¾" Paperback with flaps, dVd RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: oCtoBeR


CRaFt rog princes, VW buses, and big bad wolves—these are the sorts of subjects that Heather Ross depicts

on the fabrics she designs, which the sewing and quilting

ISBN 978-1-58479-995-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-995-5 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


communities feverishly collect (with many fabrics going for huge sums on eBay once they sell out at traditional

9 781584 799955

retail outlets). In Heather Ross Prints, a book-and-DVD package, Ross shares reproducible artwork for more than

also avail ab le

50 of her most popular prints. She provides step-by-step instructions for 20 craft projects using the prints on the DVD—everything from sea turtle stationery to a shower curtain covered with swirling mermaids. Crafters can use the artwork on the DVD as they wish, printing on fabric, paper, or whatever surface they choose. Plus, Ross teaches her process for designing fabric using Photoshop—a boon to anyone who has ever dreamed of following in her footsteps. Heather Ross is a celebrated illustrator, sewist, fabric designer, blogger (, and storyteller. She is the author of STC Craft’s Weekend Sewing and the illustrator of the Crafty Chloe book series, among other children’s titles. She lives in New York City.

Weekend Sewing ISBN 978-1-58479-675-6 ISBN 978-1584796756 US $29.95 CAN $35.95


9 781584 796756

Printing by Hand ISBN 978-1-58479-672-5 ISBN 978-1584796725 US $29.95 CAN $33.00


9 781584 796725

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REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 69


4/2/12 11:50 AM

the Fundamental techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine ■

By t h e i n t e R n at i o n a L c u L i n a Ry c e n t e R ’ s s c h o o L o f i ta L i a n

s t u d i e s w i t h c e s a R e c a s e L L a a n d s t e P h a n i e Ly n e s s

s e lling points ■ Fourth volume in StC’s acclaimed series from the International Culinary Center (also home to the French Culinary Institute), a world-renowned brand ■ Features all the most important recipes from the ICC’s Italian curriculum, along with professional-level technical instruction ■ encyclopedic in scope, with more than 200 recipes from every region in Italy

s pecifications 650 color photographs 512 pages, 10 × 9" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: oCtoBeR Food & WINe ISBN 978-1-58479-990-0 ISBN 978-1-58479-990-0 US $80.00 CAN $92.00



The International Culinary Center’s expertise comes home in this authoritative guide to Italian cooking he Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine is a comprehensive guide to traditional Italian cooking.

The book teaches the skills necessary to master both the art and the science of classic Italian cuisine, as presented by

9 781584 799900

The International Culinary Center’s School of Italian Studies. With more than 200 recipes, detailed instructions on the pro-

also avail ab le

fessional techniques required to prepare them, and hundreds

The Fundamental Techniques of

of photographs, this one-of-a-kind cookbook will appeal to

Classic Pastry Arts

both home cooks and working chefs.

ISBN 978-1-58479-803-3 ISBN 978-1584798033 US $80.00 CAN $92.00


The book begins with “Flavors of Italy,” an overview of the primary ingredients used in Italian cooking. The recipes that compose the core of the book are organized in 20

9 781584 798033

chapters, from antipasti, stocks, sauces, and soups to pasta,

The Fundamental Techniques of

risotto, pizza, fish, meats, vegetables, and a spectacular array

Classic Cuisine

of desserts. The final section is an encyclopedic glossary

ISBN 978-1-58479-478-3 ISBN 978-1584794783 US $80.00 CAN $95.00


9 781584 794783

The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking ISBN 978-1-58479-934-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-934-4 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


9 781584 799344


of Italian cooking techniques, each illustrated with precise step-by-step photographs. the International Culinary Center, based in New York, California, and Parma, Italy, is renowned for its Total Immersion™ curriculum, world-class facilities, distinguished faculty, and celebrated restaurants. It includes both The School of Italian Studies, headed by Dean Cesare Casella, and The French Culinary Institute.

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REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 70

4/2/12 11:50 AM

Comfort knitting & Crochet: Babies & toddlers 50 kNIt ANd CRoChet deSIGNS USING BeRRoCo'S C o M F o R t A N d V I N tAG e yA R N S ■ ■

By n o R a h g au g h a n a n d t h e B e R R o c o d e s i g n t e a M P h oto g R a P h s By e R i c k a M c c o n n e L L s e lling points ■ Berroco is one of North America’s

50 adorable knit and crochet projects for little ones from the renowned design team at Berroco

largest yarn companies; its website gets 2.5 million hits daily ■ Follow-up to Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans (34,000 copies in print) ■ 50 patterns at a great $19.95 price point ■ wide variety of styles and projects for knitters and crocheters of all skill levels

s pecifications 76 color illustrations 160 pages, 8½ × 9⅞" Paperback with flaps RIGHTS: WoRLd



ary a knitter or crocheter can resist making soft, snuggly things for babies. In Comfort Knitting &

ISBN 978-1-58479-987-0

Crochet: Babies & Toddlers, the Berroco design team

ISBN 978-1-58479-987-0 US $19.95 CAN $21.95

(led by superstar design director Norah Gaughan) cover


all of the cozy bases, presenting blankets, sweaters, bonnets, and plush toys. Like the first book in the Comfort

9 781584 799870

series—Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans—this one features 50 knit and crochet projects using the com-

also avail ab le

pany’s bestselling, affordably priced Comfort and Vintage yarns. With project styles ranging from traditional pastels and Aran knits to midcentury modern color-blocking, and challenge levels ranging from beginner to advanced, there’s something for every knitter and crocheter—and every baby they love—in this beautiful collection.

Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans

Berroco began as Stanley Woolen Mills in 1810 and has

ISBN 978-1-58479-826-2

gradually evolved into one of the largest importers and

ISBN 978-1-58479-826-2

US $19.95

wholesalers of yarns, patterns, and supplies to independent yarn shops throughout the United States and Canada. Norah Gaughan, author of STC’s Knitting Nature and Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Afghans, is Berroco’s design director; her work has been published by almost all of the major yarn companies and knitting magazines in the industry. She lives in New Hampshire.


CAN $25.95 51995

781584 798262

Knitting for Baby ISBN 978-1-58479-680-0 ISBN 978-1584796800 US $15.95 CAN $17.95 51595

9 781584 796800

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4/2/12 11:51 AM


REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 72

4/2/12 11:51 AM

whole Grains for a New Generation L I G h t d I S h e S , h e A R t y M e A L S , S w e e t t R e At S , A N d S U N d Ry S N AC k S F o R t h e e V e Ry dAy C o o k ■

By L i a n a k R i s s o f f s e lling points ■ whole grain cooking is a hot new trend, no longer relegated to the health food store

The whole grain follow-up to Liana Krissoff’s bestselling Canning for a New Generation

■ 175 recipes for every meal and snack ■ Includes flavorful food that promotes heart health, weight loss, and cancer prevention, but the emphasis is on flavor ■ Introduces young and hip home cooks to fresh new ways of using whole grains

s pecifications 100 color photographs 272 pages, 8 × 9" Paperback RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: oCtoBeR Food & WINe ISBN 978-1-61769-001-3


ISBN 978-1-61769-001-3 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


hole Grains for a New Generation: Light Dishes, 9 781617 690013

Hearty Meals, Sweet Treats, and Sundry Snacks

for the Everyday Cook takes a fresh and creative perspective on the latest major cooking trend: whole grains. Liana Krissoff presents delicious recipes for modern

everyday cooks and kitchens. With supermarket-friendly ingredients, simple directions, and a warm, accessible voice, Liana Krissoff shows us how easy, delicious, and

also avail ab le

exciting whole grain cooking can be, from breakfast to dessert, and all the meals and snacks in between. Liana krissoff is the author of Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry; Secrets of Slow Cooking: Creating Extraordinary Food with Your Slow Cooker; and Hot Drinks for Cold Nights: Great Hot Chocolates, Tasty Teas, and Cozy Coffee

Canning for a New Generation

Drinks. She has been a freelance recipe tester, editor, and writer for more than a decade. She lives in Athens,

ISBN 978-1-58479-830-9

US $24.95

US $29.95

ISBN 978-1-58479-830-9

ISBN 978-1-58479-864-4

Georgia, with her husband, daughter, and an extremely large dog.

Good to the Grain

ISBN 978-1-58479-864-4


CAN $29.95 52495

781584 798644


CAN $35.95 52995

781584 798309

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REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 73


4/2/12 11:51 AM


REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 74

4/2/12 11:51 AM

Puppyhood L I F e S I z e P o R t R A I t S o F P U P P I e S At 6 w e e k S o L d ■

By J . n i c h o L e s M i t h

A puppy for every heart—in life size s e lling points ■ Irresistible life-size format brings every furry detail and wet nose into focus ■ Smith is an established animal photographer ■ Includes section on how to adopt rescue dogs ■ Merchandise market for dog lovers is exploding

s pecifications 100 color photographs 128 pages, 13 × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd eNGLISH PUB MONTH: oCtoBeR PetS ISBN 978-1-58479-984-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-984-9 US $29.95 CAN $32.95



9 781584 799849

uppyhood showcases adorable puppies in life-size photographs taken at six weeks old. The book

itself is oversize at 13 by 11 inches, allowing enough space

also avail ab le

to bring each of these little ones to life. Twenty-five breeds are captured in engaging photographs, showing all the details that make puppies so irresistible, from their pink bellies to their tiny teeth, soft ears, and oversize paws. The book features the most popular breeds, including the French bulldog, Labrador, golden retriever, and


Parson Russell Terrier. Puppyhood is a unique gift book for dog lovers everywhere.

ISBN 978-0-8109-9653-3

US $50.00 J. Nichole Smith is the cofounder of Dog Is Good, a popular lifestyle company for dog lovers, and has photographed thousands of dogs and cats for a variety of clients. She has been published in many pet and lifestyle magazines and was featured on Purina’s Tales for the Pet Lover’s Heart on ABC. She lives in Long Beach, California.


ISBN 978-0-8109-9653-3


CAN $60.00 55000

780810 996533

ISBN 978-1-58479-462-2 ISBN 978-1584794622 US $14.95 CAN $17.95


9 781584 794622

Cattitude Box Set ISBN 978-1-58479-646-6 ISBN$29.95 978-1584796466 US CAN $35.95


9 781584 796466

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REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 75


4/2/12 11:52 AM

the Classic Mantle ■

By B u z z B i s s i n g e R

P h oto g R a P h s By M a R v i n e . n e w M a n

s e lling points ■ Bissinger is a Pulitzer Prize winner and the bestselling author of Friday Night Lights

A perfect gift book about one of the all-time great heroes in America’s favorite sport

■ Mantle’s legacy is universal—you don’t have to be a yankee fan ■ Giftable package for the second book in a new StC series ■ Newman shot some of the first color photos of Mantle

s pecifications 50 color and black-and-white photographs 144 pages, 5½ × 7½" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: oCtoBeR SPoRtS ISBN 978-1-58479-986-3 ISBN 978-1-58479-986-3 US $19.95 CAN $21.95



n The Classic Mantle, acclaimed sportswriter Buzz Bissinger tells the story of Mickey Mantle’s unforget-

table career. Mantle has long been considered one of

9 781584 799863

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61769-009-9 ISBN 978-1-61769-009-9 US $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

baseball’s most memorable figures—playing his entire 18-year baseball career for the New York Yankees (1951–68), winning 3 American League MVP titles, playing in 20 All-Star games, and winning 7 World Series. Today, more than 40 years after his retirement, he still holds

9 781617 690099

6 World Series records, including most home runs (18).

also avail ab le

Bissinger goes beyond the statistics to bring Mantle to life, and stunning photographs by Marvin E. Newman make this book a fitting tribute to Mantle’s career and his lasting impact on the sport of baseball. Buzz Bissinger is the author of Friday Night Lights, Three Nights in August, A Prayer for the City, and Father’s Day.

Mickey Mantle

In 1987 he won a Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting

ISBN 978-1-58479-547-6 ISBN 978-1584795476 US $37.50 CAN $45.00


while at the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair and lives in Philadelphia. Marvin e. Newman’s work has been exhibited at The Metropolitan

9 781584 795476

Classic Palmer ISBN 978-1-58479-899-6

ISBN 978-1-58479-899-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781584 798996


Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Museum of Modern Art. He has authored or coauthored eight books on photography and contributed to Abrams’ Yankee Colors: The Glory Years of the Mantle Era. He lives in New Jersey

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REVFall12AdltCat_056-81.indd 76

4/2/12 11:52 AM

Fifty Places to Bike Before you die B I k I N G e x P e R t S S h A R e t h e w o R L d ’ S G R e At e S t d e S t I N At I o N S ■

By c h R i s s a n t e L L a s e lling points ■ Ninth book in the proven Fifty Places series ■ Popularity of biking keeps growing ■ Locations are national and international, adventurous and urban ■ 40 color photos of destinations

s pecifications 40 color photographs 224 pages, 7 × 8" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: oCtoBeR SPoRtS ISBN 978-1-58479-989-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-989-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

Author of the bestselling Fifty Places series teams up with biking experts for the rides of your life



9 781584 799894

6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-61769-008-2 ISBN 978-1-61769-008-2 US $149.70 CAN $167.70 14970

9 781617 690082

ifty Places to Bike Before You Die is the ninth addi-

also avail ab le in the s e rie s

tion to the bestselling Fifty Places series by Chris

Santella. Biking has grown increasingly popular in recent

Fifty Places to Dive

Fifty Places to Hike

years, as both a leisure and an extreme exercise activity,

Before You Die

Before You Die

and Santella covers trips for cyclists of every level. Fifty

ISBN 978-1-58479-710-4

Places to Bike covers environments as varied as the

US $24.95

Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, the Indochina Trail in Vietnam, and the urban jungle of New York City. With a healthy mix


of international and national locations, the 50 chapters capture the breathtaking vistas cyclists will enjoy around

781584 797104

US $24.95 9

consultant based in Portland, Oregon. A regular contributor to the New York Times and, he has also

Before You Die

Before You Die ISBN 978-1-58479-474-5 ISBN 978-1-58479-474-5

CAN $27.95 52495

781584 793564

US $24.95 9

Before You Die

Before You Die ISBN 978-1-58479-567-4

ISBN 978-1-58479-629-9


781584 794745

Fifty Places to Sail

US $24.95

Delta Sky. Santella is the author of eight other titles in

CAN $34.95 52495

Fifty Places to Go Birding ISBN 978-1-58479-629-9

contributed to the New Yorker, Travel & Leisure, Golf, and

781584 798538

Fifty Places to Play Golf

ISBN 978-1-58479-356-4


CAN $32.50 52495

Fifty Places to Fly Fish

US $24.95

more than 40 stunning color photographs.

STC’s Fifty Places series.

ISBN 978-1-58479-853-8

CAN $27.95 52495

ISBN 978-1-58479-356-4

the world. As always, the places are brought to life with

Chris Santella is a freelance writer and marketing

ISBN 978-1-58479-853-8

ISBN 978-1-58479-710-4

ISBN 978-1-58479-567-4

CAN $29.95 52495

781584 796299

US $24.95 9

CAN $32.50 52495

781584 795674

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4/2/12 11:52 AM

knitting from the Center out AN INtRodUCtIoN to ReVoLUtIoNARy kNIttING wIth 28 ModeRN PRojeCtS ■

By da n i e L y u h a s

P h oto g R a P h s By J o dy R o g ac

i L Lu s t R at i o n s By s u n yo u n g Pa R k

s e lling points ■ wide-ranging collection includes

A mesmerizing technique that inspires a head-spinning feeling of wonder, possibility, and fun

quick hats and lace shawls, and even irresistible sea creatures ■ yuhas teaches center-out knitting throughout the country ■ Continues StC Craft’s successful tradition of publishing books that celebrate innovative techniques

s pecifications 100 color photographs and 80 illustrations 160 pages, 8½ × 9½" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: NoVeMBeR CRaFt ISBN 978-1-58479-998-6 ISBN 978-1-58479-998-6 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


9 781584 799986

aL So aVaI L aB Le


n Knitting from the Center Out, Daniel Yuhas teaches knitters the fascinating technique of starting a project

with just a few stitches and knitting outward, in revolutions (or circles). The book features 28 mesmerizing

projects, ranging from baby blankets and lace shawls to sweaters and stuffed toys, and also includes tutorials for the minimal skills required for center-out knitting, such as special cast-ons, increases, and decreases. Throughout

Knitting Nature (pb) ISBN 978-1-58479-968-9 ISBN 978-1-58479-968-9 US $22.50 CAN $25.50


tions—whether they are technique junkies or not—will

Reversible Knitting ISBN 978-1-58479-805-7 ISBN$29.95 978-1584798057 US CAN $38.95


9 781584 798057

Modern Top-Down Knitting ISBN 978-1-58479-861-3 ISBN 978-1-58479-861-3


CAN $35.95 52750

781584 798613


shapes. Clear instructions and beautiful photography and illustrations assure that knitters of all levels and inclina-

9 781584 799689

US $27.50

the book are enlightening explanations of the underlying math and the architecture of the flat and dimensional

want to have this book. daniel Yuhas’s work has been featured in the magazines Interweave Knits, YarnForward, and Creative Knitting; the books Fresh Designs: Scarves, The 10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters, Me Make Monster, and Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders; and online on Knitty and Knitcircus. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and regularly teaches at regional and national fiber festivals.

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4/2/12 11:52 AM

Sandra Nunnerley Interiors ■

By s a n d R a n u n n e R L e y

A stunning collection of international homes from famed interior designer Sandra Nunnerley s e lling points ■ Nunnerley is frequently listed in Architectural Digest’s top 100 designers in America ■ W magazine has called her one of the most fashionable designers in New york ■ homes featured are from the United States, Australia, the Bahamas, and Asia

s pecifications 240 color photographs 256 pages, 10 × 12" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: NoVeMBeR


INteRIoR deSIGN n her residential interior design practice, Sandra Nunnerley has worked on prestigious commissions

around the world for the last 20 years. For the first

ISBN 978-1-58479-992-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-992-4 US $60.00 CAN $69.00


time in this lavish volume, fans of New Zealand–born Nunnerley’s graceful vision can appreciate her atten-

9 781584 799924

tion to every subtle detail in splendid residences, many of which display important art collections and dramatic architecture. The book features urban apartments

also avail ab le

and townhouses in locations around the world, such as Manhattan and Hong Kong; tropical getaways in the Bahamas and Asia; and country homes in Texas and Connecticut. Also included are such projects as Nunnerley’s update on an apartment originally decorated by legendary designer Billy Baldwin, and a glamorous duplex that once belonged to Hollywood producer Jack Warner in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel.

Bunny Williams’ Point of View ISBN 978-1-58479-624-4 ISBN 978-1-58479-624-4 US $65.00 CAN $72.00


New Zealand–born Sandra Nunnerley began her interior design firm in 1988 in New York City after working in the prestigious Marlborough Gallery. Her work is regularly seen in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Elle Décor, World of Interiors, and Vogue Living magazine. She lives in New York City.

9 781584 796244

Timeless Elegance ISBN 978-1-58479-865-1 ISBN 978-1-58479-865-1 US $65.00 CAN $84.50


9 781584 798651

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4/2/12 11:53 AM

A Very Candy Christmas R e C I P e S A N d P R oj e C t S F o R PA R e N t S A N d C h I L d R e N to M A k e to G e t h e R ■

By s h a R o n B o w e R s

P h oto g R a P h s By dav i d B o w e R s

s e lling points ■ 100 recipes and projects for holiday treats that bring the whole family into the kitchen ■ easy projects that require no special equipment

Cooking joins with holiday fun in a delightful package filled with recipes and projects for parents and their kids

■ Bowers is the bestselling author of Ghoulish Goodies (more than 100,000 in print) ■ Bowers has appeared on national media outlets

s pecifications 40 color photographs 176 pages, 7 × 9" Hardcover cloth case RIGHTS: WoRLd PUB MONTH: NoVeMBeR CookING ISBN 978-1-61769-000-6 ISBN 978-1-61769-000-6 US $19.95 CAN $21.95



Very Candy Christmas puts the holidays back into the family kitchen with 100 recipes and

projects for holiday treats for parents and children to

9 781617 690006

make together. The recipes are easy to make, don’t

6-copy counter display

require special equipment, and are accompanied by

ISBN 978-1-4197-0635-6

lush color photographs. From real homemade candy

ISBN 978-1-4197-0635-6 US $119.70 CAN $131.70

(peppermint fudge, pulled ribbon candy, sugared


pecans) to edible decorations for the tree (stainedglass cookies, Rice Krispie snowmen, chocolate Santa

9 781419 706356

mice) to handmade gifts for special people (golden

also avail ab le

caramel sauce, dark chocolate truffles, Christmas pudding bonbons), this beautiful and inspiring book even has recipes for Christmas morning: buttery pull-apart bread in a caramel glaze, sticky buns, orange-butter pancakes, and hot maple doughnuts.

Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas ISBN 978-1-58479-923-8 ISBN 978-1-58479-923-8 US $19.95 CAN $22.95


9 781584 799238


Sharon Bowers is the author of the bestselling Ghoulish Goodies (more than 85,000 copies in print) and Candy Construction, and is a regular contributor to NBC’s iVillage. She has appeared in the New York Times and People magazine, and on CBS’s Early Show and ABC News Now. She lives in New York City.

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Grand Central terminal 1 0 0 y e A R S o F A N e w yo R k L A N d M A R k ■

By th e n e w yo R k tR a n s it M us eu M , w ith te x t By a nth o n y w. Ro B i n s

i n t R o d u c t i o n By to n y h i s s

s e lling points ■ to be featured in a gigantic Grand Central anniversary exhibition and celebration

The official centennial volume of the world’s most celebrated train station

■ Robins is a Grand Central expert ■ Includes many never-beforeseen photographs taken by Frank english, Metro-North’s photographer of 25 years ■ A New york City treasure, Grand Central is one of the most famous buildings in the world ■ Created with the New york City transit Museum, in partnership with Metro-North Railroad and the Metropolitan transportation Authority


pened in February 1913, Grand Central

Terminal—one of the country’s great architec-

tural monuments—helped create Midtown Manhattan.

Over the next century, it evolved into an unofficial town square for New York. Today, it sits astride Park Avenue at 42nd Street in all its original splendor, attracting

s pecifications 150 color and 100 black-andwhite illustrations 224 pages, 10 × 9¾"

visitors by the thousands. This new book celebrates

Hardcover with jacket

Grand Central’s Centennial by tracing the Terminal’s


history and design, and showcasing 200 photographs of


its wonders—from the well-trodden Main Concourse to


its massive power station hidden 10 stories below. The stunning photographs, some archival and some taken by Frank English, official photographer of Metro-North

ISBN 978-1-58479-994-8 ISBN 978-1-58479-994-8 US $40.00 CaN $45.00


Railroad for more than 25 years, capture every corner of this astonishing complex.

9 781584 799948

anthony W. Robins, formerly survey director for New York’s Landmarks Commission, has written and lectured about the city’s architecture and history for 30 years. The author of Classics of American Architecture: The World Trade Center and Subway Style, he has written for the New York Times, New York Magazine, and Architectural Record. the New York transit Museum, located in Brooklyn, collects historical artifacts that illustrate mass transit’s critical role in the region’s economic and residential development since the 19th century.

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REVFall12AdltCat_082-91.indd 82

4/2/12 12:10 PM


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Sh*tty In the pages of

Sh* tty Mom you will learn:

to Get Rid of a Mom Who Wants to Stay * How for the Entire Playdate


How to Save Face When Another Mom Has Your Excuse Yet Does Everything Better Than You


Should You Stop Texting If Another Mom Yells at Your Kid?

to Handle a Tantrum at Tar/Al/K/Sam’s/ * How Mart/Club/Get Noms (non-moms): The Nom at Work Who * Thinks Her Dog Is a Child

* Earth to Babysitters: We Know You Judge Us * How to Drop Off a Sick Kid at Daycare Take a Village If You Only Have * ItOneDoesn’t Child to Feel Nothing When You Dump Them * How at Grandma’s For the Weekend/Week/Month/ Summer/Ever

AdvAnce prAise “Hilariously entertaining. A must-read survivor’s guide for every mother!” —Christy Turlington Burns, Founder, Every Mother Counts

“Witty, wise, and wicked! With tongue planted firmly in cheek, these savvy moms dispense some much-needed comic relief about raising kids in our crazy culture.” —Dr. Harvey Karp, bestselling author of The Happiest Baby on the Block

“The most inappropriate parenting book I’ve ever read. Loved it. The perfect book for any mother who wants to laugh instead of cry at those cringe-worthy moments and the universal indignities we experience on a daily basis.” —Jessica Seinfeld, cookbook author and founder of Baby Buggy

iCan Finally Take My Kid to a Restaurant— * Thank You, Angry Birds!

And much, much more! 84

REVFall12AdltCat_082-91.indd 84

4/2/12 12:10 PM


The Parenting Guide for the Rest of Us

A hilarious and irreverent guide to parenting written by four well-connected authors in the spirit of Sh*t My Dad Says and Go the F*ck to Sleep

By Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Ybarbo, and Mary Ann Zoellner s e lling points


■ One of the four authors, Laurie et’s face it: Parenting is hard, over-

Kilmartin, was a recent finalist

whelming, and lonely—but that doesn’t

on Last Comic Standing, recently

mean you should let your kids win the battle!

Sh*tty Mom is the ultimate parenting guide, written by four moms who have seen it all. This book is about how to survive babies, and what they grow into: children. It’s about

performed on Conan, and is a writer for CONAN ■ Two of the authors, Mary Ann Zoellner and Alicia Ybarbo, are producers on NBC’s TODAY

shortcuts and parenting with 40% effort,

show. Ybarbo was a producer

about doing a half-assed job, but doing it well

on The View for several years

enough so that no one but you notices. This book is a both a How To, and a How Not To. You'll learn how to ignore, avoid, threaten, and lie in easy-to-skim-while-locked-inthe-bathroom-chapters to help you make it through those days when there simply isn’t

before that ■ Major television interest ■ The fourth author, Karen Moline, is an established author of parenting books

enough sh*tty advice in the world.

s pecifications 176 pages, 5½ × 8¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: nortH AMericA PUB MONTH: septeMBer HUMor • pArenting isBn 978-1-4197-0459-8 ISBN 978-1419704598 Us $19.95 CAN $21.95 51995 9 781419 704598

6-copy counter display Laurie Kilmartin is an Emmy-nominated writer for CONAN on TBS, and, as a stand-up comedian, has appeared on CONAN, Last Comic Standing, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Comedy Central. She lives in Los Angeles with her son. Karen Moline is journalist and author who has written more than two dozen nonfiction books, as well as two bestselling novels. Karen and her adopted son live in New York City.

isBn 978-1-4197-0633-2 ISBN 978-1-4197-0633-2 Us $119.70 CAN $131.70 11970

9 781419 706332

Alicia Ybarbo is a four-time Emmy award–winning producer. She has worked on NBC’s TODAY show since 2000. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children. Three-time Emmy award– winning producer Mary Ann Zoellner has worked at NBC news for 16 years. She lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters.

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4/2/12 12:10 PM



German exchange student

Love, Loss, and What I Wore for a new generation

Brooke S.


German exchange student One night, while my friend Anne J and I waited outside the Windmill Deli for local boys to swing by and take us to a beach party, we spotted the most amazing-looking girl we’d ever seen in person. She had lanky blonde hair (which I loved, because mine was thick and brown and at that age—anything’s better than what you’ve got) and wore a mechanic’s jumpsuit, unzipped, with the sleeves tied around her waist and nothing but a man’s tank undershirt on top. She tucked the pant legs into highheel leather scrunch boots (even though it was summer). We were all so curious about her, and I asked my older sister if she thought that maybe this girl had kissed one of the boys we liked. She told me I was naïve and that no one her age (sixteen, maybe?) “just kisses.” *Be creative with how you wear something to make it your own. If this girl had simply zipped up her jumpsuit like the rest of us, she wouldn’t have been as special.


Janet W.

Janet W. Janet was one of my sister’s friends who had really good style. One outfit I remember was a diaphanous hippie top that had a subtle metallic thread running through it worn underneath a pair of slightly-too-large overalls. Janet was obsessed with David Bowie. She was nice enough to say that if I agreed that he was not only a great musician but also super handsome, then she would agree that Leif Garrett, my obsession, was hot. Done deal. Janet later joined a band that played in the East Village (even on school nights!) and got punkier and punkier over time. By graduation, she was wearing full-on thick, dark eyeliner that was flung way beyond the corners of her eyes, a leather biker jacket, skinny black (always ripped) jeans, combat boots, and chains. Rumor had it that she later went crazy after drinking liquid acid, although I’m pretty sure that’s not true since I just saw her on Facebook looking beautiful as ever. * Let your favorite music influence your style, even just a little bit.


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4/2/12 12:11 PM


By A n d r e A L i n e t t

i L Lu s t r At e d By A n n e J o h n s to n A L B e r t

s e lling points ■ Linett’s other titles, The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style and The Lucky Shopping Manual,

The memoir-cumfashion-guide from the bestselling cofounder of Lucky magazine

have 250,000 copies in print ■ Linett is a longtime fashion force; she’s been an editor at Sassy and Harper’s Bazaar, and is the creative director of Michael Kors ■ Linett’s popular website,, profiles fashionable women and what they wear ■ Features 50 women from five eras who influenced Linett

s pecifications 75 color illustrations 160 pages, 5½ × 8½" Hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd engLisH PUB MONTH: septeMBer FAsHion • MeMoir isBn 978-1-4197-0401-7 ISBN 978-1-4197-0401-7 Us $19.95 CAN $21.95



9 781419 704017

Want to Be Her! is part memoir and part illustrated fashion guide, written by one of fashion’s most accessible, trusted, and inspiring

writers. Andrea Linett, the cofounder of Lucky magazine, shares her

personal story of growing up and finding her way to fashion, and the figures who guided her along the way. Through short descriptions and memories, we meet 50 women across five eras of her life—some passing strangers, some casual friends, some close confidantes— who each made a lasting impression and helped her form her own

also avail ab le

personal style. In addition, each woman is captured in an illustration by Linett’s longtime collaborator, Anne Johnston Albert, and fashion tips accompany each entry. Andrea Linett started her career in the fashion departments of Sassy and Harper’s Bazaar and went on to cofound Lucky magazine

Who What Wear

in 2000, where she was also its creative director. She is the global

ISBN 978-0-8109-8045-7

creative director for Michael Kors and the coauthor of the bestsell-

ISBN 978-0-8109-8045-7

US $18.95

ing books The Lucky Shopping Manual and The Lucky Guide to Mastering Any Style. She lives in New York City.


CAN $24.95 51895

780810 980457

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4/2/12 12:11 PM

One Good Deed 3 6 5 DAys O F T ry i n G TO B e J u s T A L i T T L e B i T B e T T e r ■

By E r i n M c H u g H

s e lling points ■ The concept of improving yourself and the world in

The inspirational, witty journey of one woman’s attempt to do one good deed a day for an entire year

small, easy steps is something everyone can embrace ■ McHugh’s wit and humor humanize her efforts and give her project major appeal ■ Chunky, gifty design ■ The One Good Deed blog will set the stage for readers before publication

s pecifications 384 pages, 5 × 7" Hardcover RIGHTS: World ENglISH PUB MONTH: SEptEMBEr INSpIratIoNal

ISBN 978-1-4197-0417-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-0417-8 US $18.95 CAN $21.95


9 781419 704178


rin McHugh had spent the better part of her adult life doing community work, but in more recent

years, the minutiae of life and working as a bookseller

6-copy Counter display

kept her busy and away from those higher impulses. Then

ISBN 978-1-4197-0637-0

one day she learned a distant relative was actually going

ISBN 978-1-4197-0637-0 US $113.70 CAN $131.70 11370

9 781419 706370

December 21

Don’t be so stingy.

to be canonized. Was this a sign? What followed next was

My very favorite customer

McHugh’s sincere urge to recapture a sense of charity,

stopped in today at the

and so she set out on her birthday to do one good deed every day for an entire year. Maybe she wouldn’t be

bookstore I work at, and as

saving orphans from burning buildings, but she wanted

she so often does, brought me

to take one small, daily detour and make someone else’s

a treat—this time, some fancy,

life just a little bit better. One Good Deed is the inspiring, smart, and frequently funny chronicle of that year, in

gorgeous-looking meringues.

which each page represents a day in McHugh’s journey

 I started off to stash

to reclaim the better part of herself, inspiring readers to do the same.

them in my locker, and then thought, ah, what the hell.

Erin McHugh is a former publishing executive and author of more than twenty books of trivia, history, children’s

 So I shared them.

stories, and more. She splits her time between New York

 That is all.

City and South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.


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4/9/12 8:02 AM

Too Much Horror Business THE KIrK HAMMETT COLLECTION ■

By K i r K h A M M e t t w i t h s t e fA n C h i r A z i

s e lling points ■ Kirk Hammett is the lead guitarist of Metallica, arguably the biggest

From a heavy metal legend, a lavishly illustrated and personalized ode to horror movies

heavy metal band in the world, with a massive, devoted fan base ■ Hammett’s cache of monstermovie posters, stills, and props is one of the largest and finest in the world ■ Horror films represent the most collectible, popular, and priciest genre of all movie memorabilia

s pecifications 300 color and black-and-white photographs 224 pages, 9 × 12" Hardcover RIGHTS: WorLd


PUB MONTH: octoBer MUsic • FiLM

ot only is Kirk Hammett the lead guitarist for Metallica, one of the most successful heavy metal

isBn 978-0-8109-9659-5

bands of all time, but he’s also the curator of one of the

ISBN 978-0-8109-9659-5 Us $29.95 CAN $32.95

world’s finest collections of monster-movie memorabilia,


a collection few people have ever seen. In Too Much Horror Business, Kirk finally unveils his near-mythical

9 780810 996595

treasure trove of rare posters, props, costumes, and toys from the early silent classics to more modern fare. From Bela Lugosi’s annotated Dracula script to the creepy Donnie Darko bunny suit to cool model kits from the 1960s, Hammett has amassed hundreds of items over the years, including priceless international collectibles as well as the quirkier toys of his youth. Alongside scores

also avail ab le

of full-color, original photographs in this highly designed volume, Kirk offers up thoughts about his appreciation for all things scary and fantastic, shedding light on not only the collection of a lifetime, but the man himself. For more than 25 years, Kirk Hammett has been the lead

The Horror! The Horror!

guitarist for Metallica. With the band, he has sold 100

ISBN 978-0-8109-5595-0

million albums worldwide, won nine Grammys, and been

ISBN 978-0-8109-5595-0

US $29.95

inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He lives in San Francisco.


CAN $35.95 52995

780810 955950

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4/2/12 12:11 PM

The official, hilarious, and profusely illustrated career retrospective of the greatest pop parodist of the last generation, “Weird Al” Yankovic

s e lling points ■ Yankovic has sold more comedy recordings than any other performer in history ■ 12 million albums sold, and winner of three grammys ■ As fresh as ever, Yankovic’s 2011 album Alpocalypse is his highest-charting album ■ Yankovic’s 2011 children’s book, When I Grow Up, hit the New York Times bestseller list at #4

s pecifications 225 color and black-andwhite photographs 240 pages, 8½ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WorLd PUB MONTH: octoBer pop cULtUre isBn 978-1-4197-0435-2 ISBN 978-1419704352 Us $29.95 CAN $32.95


9 781419 704352


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REVFall12AdltCat_082-91.indd 90

4/2/12 12:11 PM



By Nat h a N R a b i N With al YaNkovic

L IT T LE K N O W N FAC TS ABO UT ME My social security number is 547-26-8624. Sometimes when I’m at home and nobody else is around, I like to dress up in men’s clothing.


he undisputed king of pop-culture parody, “weird Al” yankovic has sold more comedy recordings than any other artist in history, receiving three

grammy Awards (and 14 nominations) in the process. the man behind classics such as “eat it,” “Amish Paradise,” and “white & nerdy” performed in more

I strongly believe that marriage should only be between a man and a multicellular life form.

than 100 cities throughout north America, europe, and Australia in support of his latest (and, to date, highest-charting) album, Alpocalypse. At last the time has come for a comprehensive illustrated tribute to this icon of the American humor landscape. Covering more than three decades of hilarious songs, videos,

When I’m performing, I never give 110%, because that’s metaphysically impossible. Once I toured for a year as Kenny G and nobody ever caught on.

concert performances, and his life story in words and pictures, and featuring an introduction, lists, tweets, and photo captions from yankovic himself, Weird Al: The Book is the ultimate companion piece to an extraordinary career. Based in Chicago, illinois, nathan rabin is a film and music critic and the head writer for The Onion’s A.V. Club. Al Yankovic lives with his wife and daughter in Los Angeles.

REVFall12AdltCat_082-91.indd 91

4/2/12 12:12 PM

Fall12AdltCat_092-97.indd 92

3/23/12 9:01 AM

Fall12AdltCat_092-97.indd 93

3/23/12 9:01 AM

The Nao of Brown ■

By G ly n D i l lo n

An unforgettable heroine striving to make “normal” feel right s e lling points ■ First-class graphic fiction with stunning, evocative full-color art ■ Storytelling that blends gritty urbanism with magic realism; will appeal to fans of Guillermo del Toro and Terry Gilliam films ■ Crossover appeal for readers interested in Buddhist thinking and mind/body/spirit topics

s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 208 pages, 8 × 10½" Hardcover RIGHTS: NortH AmerIcA PUB MONTH: SeptemBer GrApHIc Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-42-3 ISBN 978-1-906838-42-3 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


9 781906 838423


wenty-eight-year-old Nao Brown, who’s hafu (half

Japanese, half English), is not well. She’s suffering

from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and fighting

violent urges to harm other people. But that’s not who she really wants to be. Nao has dreams. She wants to quiet her unruly mind; she wants to get her design and illustration career off the ground; and she wants to find love, perfect love. Nao’s life continues to seesaw. Her boyfriend dumps her; a toy deal falls through. But she also meets Gregory, an interesting washing-machine repairman, and Ray, an art teacher at the Buddhist Center. She begins to draw and meditate to ease her mind and open her heart—and in doing so comes to a big realization: Life isn’t black-andwhite after all . . . it’s much more like brown. Glyn Dillon’s comics illustrations have appeared in several works from Vertigo, including The Sandman. He has also worked as an artist, animator, and designer in film and television. He lives in London, England.


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Fall12AdltCat_092-97.indd 94

3/23/12 9:01 AM

A Chinese Life ■

By l i K u n w u a n D P h i l i P P e Ôt i é

s e lling points

From Mao to now: the graphic memoir of a Chinese artist who witnessed the Great Cultural Revolution and its aftermath

■ In keeping with recent noteworthy, big graphic novels, such as Craig Thompson’s Habibi, that use the graphic format to tell epic stories of a culture ■ Timely, given China’s prominence in economic and world news ■ Stunning art from a leading Chinese artist with a distinctive, traditional brushwork style ■ Crossover appeal for readers of history and politics

s pecifications Black-and-white illustrations throughout 720 pages, 6½ × 9½" paperback RIGHTS: NortH AmerIcA PUB MONTH: SeptemBer


Chinese Life is an astonishing graphic novel set against the backdrop of the creation of the

GrApHIc Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-55-3 ISBN 978-1-906838-55-3 US $27.50 CAN $31.50


People’s Republic of China in 1949. This distinctively

drawn work chronicles the rise and reign of Chairman

9 781906 838553

Mao Zedong, and his sweeping, often cataclysmic vision for the most populated country on the planet. Though the storyline is epic, the storytelling is intimate, reflecting the real life of the book’s artist. Li Kunwu spent more than 30 years as a state artist for the Communist Party. He saw firsthand what was happening to his family, his neighbors, and his homeland during this extraordinary time. Working with Philippe Ôtié, the artist has created a memoir of self and state, a rich, very human account of a major historical moment with contemporary consequences. Mao said, “The masses are the real heroes,” but A Chinese Life shows those masses as real people. li Kunwu has had more than 30 of his comics published in the three decades he’s worked as a state artist. He lives in Kunming, Yunnan, China. philippe Ôtié is a French diplomat who lives in Wuhan, China.

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3/23/12 9:01 AM

The Lovecraft Anthology Vo LU M E I I ■

By h . P. lov e c r a f t

e D i t e D By Da n lo c K w o o D

s e lling points

A chilling graphic collection from the renowned master of the twisted and macabre

■ An exciting companion to The Lovecraft Anthology, Volume I ■ Lovecraft has a vast cult following similar to that of Edgar Allen Poe, and has inspired modern masters such as Stephen King and Alan Moore ■ Contributors have their own fan bases, including literary podcast subscribers

s pecifications Color illustrations throughout 128 pages, 6½ × 9½" paperback with flaps RIGHTS: NortH AmerIcA PUB MONTH: octoBer GrApHIc Novel ISBN 978-1-906838-43-0 ISBN 978-1-906838-43-0 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781906 838430

Cursed the ground where dead thoughts live new and oddly bodied . . .


o wrote H. P. Lovecraft, the acknowledged

20th-century master of horror, fantasy,

science fiction, and the subgenre known as weird

fiction. Adapted with great craft and beautifully illustrated, this graphic collection, a companion to the first volume, explores Lovecraft’s favorite themes: forbidden knowledge and insanity. The

also aVail aB le

art is brilliant in its variety, each style perfectly matched to the story, whether it’s about a painter obsessed with ghouls, a submarine stuck in a mysterious city on the ocean floor, or semifluid beings floating in from the deep cosmos. Reader, beware!

The Lovecraft Anthology, Volume 1 ISBN 978-1-906838-53-9 ISBN 978-1-906838-53-9 US $19.95 CAN $21.95


9 781906 838539


H. p. lovecraft (1890–1937) was one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century. Dan lockwood lives in London, England. The various adaptors and artists are from the United States and Europe.

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Fall12AdltCat_092-97.indd 96

3/23/12 9:01 AM

Hellraisers ■

By r o B e r t S e l l e r S a n D Ja Ke

So Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole, and Oliver Reed walk into a bar . . . s e lling points ■ Subjects are cultural favorites, and celebrity biographies are high-interest ■ Author has a following for his 2008 prose book on these important actors ■ Crossover appeal for theater- and film-loving readers

s pecifications Black-and-white illustrations throughout 160 pages, 6½ × 9½" paperback RIGHTS: NortH AmerIcA PUB MONTH: JANUAry


GrApHIc Novel aise a glass to the story of four of the greatest actors—and boozers—of all time: Richard Burton,

Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole, and Oliver Reed. This

ISBN 978-1-906838-36-2 ISBN 978-1-906838-36-2 US $22.95 CAN $25.95


inventive graphic work seamlessly weaves their four biographies into one fast-paced adventure of drunken

9 781906 838362

binges, orgies, parties, and fun. The story begins at a London pub one sorry Christmas and is told through the eyes of Martin, a wannabe hellraiser sitting at the end of the bar alone, drinking himself into oblivion. He’s joined in turn by Burton, Harris, Reed, and O’Toole, who take Martin on tours of their tumultuous childhoods, rises to stardom, and chaotic personal lives. robert Sellers is the author of several celebrity biographies, including the original hardcover Hellraisers: The Life and Inebriated Times of Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Peter O’Toole, and Oliver Reed, as well as books on Sting, Tom Cruise, and the film industry. He lives in St. Albans, England. JAKe is an artist whose work has appeared in Esquire and Time Out; he also worked for LucasFilm on Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He lives in London, England.

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3/23/12 9:01 AM

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 98

3/23/12 9:13 AM

☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 5 Continents Editions ☐ Booth‑Clibborn Editions ☐ Royal Academy of Arts Publications ☐ Tate Publishing ☐ Vendome Press ☐ V&A Publishing ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐

3/23/12 9:13 AM

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Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 100

5 Continents 3/23/12 9:14 AM

The Jewish Wardrobe From The CoLLeCTion oF The isrAeL museum, JerusALem ■

E d i t E d by E s t h E r J u h a s z

i n t r o d u c t i o n by da i s y r ac c a h - dJ i v r E

p h oto g r a p h s by M au r o M ag l i a n i ■


by n o ’a M b a r ’a M - b E n yo s s E f, E s t E r M u c h aw s k y- s c h n a p p E r , a l i a b E n -a M i , E f r at a s s a f - s h a p i r a , lo r n a c a r M E l , a n d g i o i a p E r u g i a s z t u l M a n

FRoM 5 CoNtiNENtS EDitioNS s e lling points ■ The israel museum houses the largest collection of Jewish costume in the world ■ For fashion designers, students of fashion history, and students

Celebrating the Israel Museum’s extensive collection of Jewish dress

of Jewish life and history ■ A unique photographic archive documenting a vanishing past

s pecifications 350 color and black-and-white illustrations 368 pages, 9½ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD ExClUDiNg itAlY AND FRANCE


PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER he fashion, history, and development of Jewish dress tells a story that spans the globe and crosses many cultures.

In this colorful volume, Jewish communities—particularly those established for centuries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa—are revealed through their garments.

Stunning photographs spin tales of family traditions and

FASHioN • ARt HiStoRY iSBN 978-88-7439-602-3 ISBN 978-88-7439-602-3 US $75.00 CAN $86.00


9 788874 396023

religious devotion, with a special section dedicated to jewelry worn by brides and grooms. Superb photographs of specific garments, with many close-up details, are juxtaposed with rare contextual photographs from the Israel Museum’s archives to create a tapestry of a people revealed through textiles, costume, and images. More than 350 revelatory illustrations tell us how these precious articles of dress were originally worn. Esther Juhasz teaches Jewish folklore at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Haifa University. Daisy Raccah-Djivre is curator of the Jewish Wardrobe project and chief curator of Jewish Art and Life at the Israel Museum. No’am Bar’am-Ben Yossef and Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper are curators, Alia Ben-Ami is collection manager, and Efrat Assaf-Shapira is assistant curator, all in the Wing for Jewish Art and Life at the Israel Museum.

5 Continents Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 101

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4/3/12 1:31 PM

Yves Klein inCAndesCenCe ■

by f r é d é r i c p r ot

FRoM 5 CoNtiNENtS EDitioNS

s e lling points ■ First monograph on Klein since 1983 ■ includes never-before-published works and documents

“Long live the immaterial!”

■ The most comprehensive study to date of Klein’s works focused on fire

—yves klein

■ Klein remains enormously popular, with a cult following, 50 years after his untimely death

s pecifications 600 color and black-and-white illustrations 448 pages, 13 × 10" Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD ExClUDiNg itAlY AND FRANCE PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER ARt iSBN 978-88-7439-625-2 ISBN 978-88-7439-625-2 US $75.00 CAN $86.00


9 788874 396252


rench painter Yves Klein (1928–1962) stands as one of the most exciting artists of the 20th century. A

founding member of the New Realism movement, he was

also a pioneer in performance art and installations, and a forerunner of body art, land art, and conceptual art. During his meteoric eight-year career, Klein expressed his vision through a wide range of media, including pure color (notably a deep, bright blue now known as Yves Klein Blue), architecture, sculpture, literature, and music. This book looks afresh at Klein’s works, and especially those that involve fire. Klein used fire to represent the mysterious and intangible elements of the world: He believed that an artist’s transfiguration of reality could change a viewer’s personal values, and his aim was to usher in an age of happy and fulfilled humankind. Here, images of his spectacular mur de feu, or “wall of fire,” along with monochromes, monogolds, drawings, letters, and articles, as well as pictures of him producing his works, are testament to Klein’s belief in the spiritual power of art. Frédéric prot is an associate professor at the University of Bordeaux.

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5 Continents 3/23/12 9:14 AM

Contemporary Indian Art C o n t e m p o r A ry, o n e W o r d, S e v e r A L W o r L d S ■

By H e r v é P e r d r i o l l e

FroM 5 Continents editions

P r e fac e B y J e a n - H u B e r t M a r t i n

s e lling points ■ Showcases the diversity and richness of Indian tribal art ■ For all lovers of non-Western, ethnic, unconventional, and outsider art ■ Indian art is becoming more popular throughout the world

s pecifications 210 color illustrations 248 pages, 9½ × 11¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: World exClUding italy and FranCe PUB MOnTH: oCtoBer

“A new field of exploration in contemporary art” —Le Monde

art isBn 978-88-7439-627-6 ISBN 978-88-7439-627-6 Us $55.00 CAn $62.00


9 788874 396276


he paintings created by the hundreds of tribes scattered across India present a complex and diverse

array of unconventional modern art. Since 1996, author Hervé Perdriolle has been involved in raising the profile of the “other Indian masters.” Offering unique insight into their creative world, this collection of paintings presents

30 emerging tribal and popular artists in the context of their communities. The selected painters include Jivya Soma Mashe, the legendary artist from the Warli tribe, and Jangarh Singh Shyam. Hervé Perdriolle is a collector, art critic, and exhibition curator. He curated the Indian contribution to the Lyon Biennale in 2000. Jean-Hubert Martin is a curator and art historian. He organized the famous exhibition Magicians of the Earth at the Centre Pompidou in 1989.

5 Continents Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 103

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4/3/12 1:32 PM

Gold, silver & Brass J e W e L L e rY o F T h e B ATA K i n s u m AT r A , i n d o n e s i A ■

by ac h i M s i b E t h

FRoM 5 CoNtiNENtS EDitioNS


s pecifications 215 color illustrations 168 pages, 10¼ × 12"

he first book to examine the rich jewelry traditions of the Batak people in

Indonesia is a gorgeous tribute to a vanish-

Hardcover with jacket

ing way of life. Batak jewelry is characterized


by a wide variety of materials and forms, and


has many functions: Jewels can be status


symbols, badges of rank, attributes of mem-


bership into a certain age group, amulets and talismans, or simply ornaments. Men, women,

iSBN 978-88-7439-626-9

small children, and even babies were once

ISBN 978-88-7439-626-9 US $55.00 CAN $62.00


adorned with gold, silver, brass, bronze, or the gold-and-copper alloy known as suasa.

9 788874 396269

Today, the Batak wear traditional jewelry only for celebrations like weddings, and these Achim Sibeth is a former curator of the Southeast

stunning works are rapidly disappearing,

Asian collection at the Museum of World Cultures in

being melted down or sold. The nearly 300

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Since April 2010, he

precious works shown here are artifacts of a

has been the curator and chief editor of the Mandala

once-flourishing jewelry tradition.

Foundation in Singapore.

Caravanserai T r AC e s , p L AC e s , d i A Lo G u e i n T h e m i d d L e e A s T ■ photog r aphs by toM schut ysEr ■ introduction by an drE w l aw lEr ■ contributions by rEz a a s l an , rob Ert fisk , r achid El- daï f, doMin iquE Moïsi , an d pau l sa lEM ■ F R o M 5 C o N t i N E N t S E D i t i o N S


s pecifications 90 color and black-and-white photographs

he caravanserai were roadside inns built to shelter men, goods, and animals

along the Silk Road that connected China,

224 pages, 11½ × 9½" Bilingual: English and French

Central Asia, and Europe in ancient times.


These staging posts formed the world’s first globalized overland network and stand


as a testament to a flourishing period of


multicultural exchange in the Muslim world.


Today, the ruined and restored caravanserai

pHotogRApHY • tRAvEl iSBN 978-88-7439-604-7 ISBN 978-88-7439-604-7 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


9 788874 396047


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 104

of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, captured here tom Schutyser is a Belgian documentary pho-

by Belgian photographer Tom Schutyser,

tographer and researcher. Andrew W. lawler is a

serve as a platform for an era of renewed

contributing editor to Science and Archaeology. Reza

cross-cultural exchange. Stunning photo-

Aslan authored the international bestseller No god

graphs of these vanishing caravan routes

but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam.

and their surrounding landscapes welcome

Robert Fisk is an award-winning journalist. Rachid

readers to engage in a dialogue on healing

el-Daïf’s novels have been translated from Arabic into

relations between the Muslim and Western

11 languages. Dominique Moïsi is senior adviser at the

worlds, in the same way the inns once

French Institute for International Relations. paul Salem

welcomed travelers, traders, and pilgrims to

is director of the Carnegie Middle East Center, Beirut.

share goods, ideas, and discoveries.

5 Continents 3/23/12 9:14 AM

VISIONS OF AFRICA SERIES also aVail aB le in the s e rie s



isBn 978-88-7439-587-3

E d i to r : c o n s ta n t i n E p E t r i d i s

s e lling points

■ new volume in the successful

ISBN 978-88-7439-587-3 us $34.95 CAN $39.95


by lo u i s p E r r o i s


FRoM 5 CoNtiNENtS EDitioNS

visions of Africa series, the

9 788874 395873

only series to examine African


art systematically, tribe by

isBn 978-88-7439-573-6

tribe, in an affordable and

ISBN$34.95 978-8874395736 us CAN $41.95


accessible format ■ For collectors of African and

9 788874 395736

primitive art, as well as curators,


scholars, and students of

isBn 978-88-7439-410-4

anthropology and African and

ISBN 978-88-7439-410-4

us $34.95 9

CAN $41.95 53495

ethnographic studies ■ This publication concludes Louis

788874 394104

perrois’s trilogy on the most


important Gabonese ethnic

isBn 978-88-7439-386-2

groups: Fang, punu, and Kota

ISBN 978-88-7439-386-2

us $34.95

CAN $38.95 53495

s pecifications 9

788874 393862

62 color and 18 black-and-white



isBn 978-88-7439-348-0

160 pages, 6½ × 9½"

ISBN 978-88-7439348-0

us $34.95 9

CAN $38.95 53495

788874 393480

Lobi isBn 978-88-7439-350-3 ISBN 978-88-7439-350-3 us $34.95 CAN $38.95


isBn 978-88-7439-404-3 ISBN 978-88-7439404-3

CAN $45.50 53495

isBn 978-88-7439-384-8 ISBN 978-88-7439-384-8

CAN $38.95 53495

ISBN 978-88-7439-607-8 US $34.95 CAN $39.95


tending toward abstraction with an extraordinary and imaginative use of copper, tin, and iron for

9 788874 396078

purposes of decoration. But what seems at first to

also aVail aB le on gaBonese art

motifs and the choice of the technique are linked to the kinship system or religious beliefs. The reliquary figures and initiation masks of the Kota as instruments useful in arousing the forces

Luba isBn 978-88-7439-297-1 ISBN 978-88-7439-297-1


ARt iSBN 978-88-7439-607-8

and Mbete served both as aide-mémoires and

788874 393848

us $34.95

coastal area of western equatorial Africa,

have developed an astonishing creativity in

a symbolic function, as most of the decorative




have been a matter of aesthetic taste has in fact

788874 394043

us $34.95

itAlY AND FRANCE he Kota people, who live in Gabon in the

figures combine a sharp sense of stylized reality





representations of their ancestors. Dreamlike

9 788874 393503

us $34.95


CAN $38.95 53495

isBn 978-88-7439-293-3

ISBN 978-88-7439295-7

us $29.00

byeri and other nkisi punu, they have gradually paying tribute to ancestral values of the peoples


isBn 978-88-7439-295-7

Congolese in times past. Together with the Fang become the time-honored emblems of a culture

788874 392971


of the netherworld among the Gabonese and



CAN $32.00 52900

788874 392933

of the African equatorial forest.

isBn 978-88-7439-401-2 ISBN 978-88-7439401-2

us $34.95

louis perrois is an ethnologist specializing in the ancient arts and cultures of equatorial Africa.

5 Continents Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 105

788874 392957


ISBN 978-88-7439293-3

us $29.00

CAN $32.00 52900


CAN $38.95 53495

788874 394012

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:15 AM

Agustin Fernandez T h e m e TA m o r p h o s i s o F e x p e r i e n C e ■

i n t r o d u c t i o n by d o n a l d k u s p i t

E s s ay s by s u s a n a b E r t h , r o c í o a r a n da-a lva r a d o,

a n d a b by M c E w E n

FRoM 5 CoNtiNENtS EDitioNS


s pecifications 220 color illustrations

t the time of his death in 2006, Agustin Fernandez ranked among Cuba’s most

outstanding artists. Defying simple categorization,

260 pages, 11½ × 12"

today his work is most recognizable for its ambig-

Hardcover with jacket

uous and precariously balanced forms, erotic


overtones, surreal juxtapositions, and metallic


palette. In 1980 Brian de Palma’s film Dressed to


Kill famously included one of the artist’s paintings,


launching him into the public arena. This is the first comprehensive study of Fernandez’s work,

iSBN 978-88-7439-630-6

ISBN 978-88-7439-630-6 CAN $86.00 57500

which has been exhibited and collected in major

US $75.00

museums and private collections throughout Europe, the United States, and Latin America.

9 788874 396306

Donald Kuspit is a renowned art critic and professor emeritus of art history and philosophy at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and “Painting is a thing of the mind. My realism is

the author of numerous books. Susan Aberth is

not nature, or landscape, or still life, but the

associate professor of art history at Bard College. Rocío Aranda-Alvarado is curator at El Museo

psychological world.” —Agustin Fernandez

del Barrio. Abby McEwen is assistant professor of Latin American art at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Artists of nigeria ■

by o n y E M a o f f o E d u - o k E k E

FRoM 5 CoNtiNENtS EDitioNS

720 pages, 9½ × 12"


Hardcover with jacket

movements within the country and beyond over

s pecifications 1,160 color illustrations

rtists of Nigeria charts the development of modern Nigerian art, analyzes work

by significant Nigerian artists, and explores art


the past 100 years. Here, the vibrant, often-


overlooked accomplishments of Nigerian artists


are given the attention they deserve. Among the


featured artists are Olowere, whose work is in the collections of the British Museum, the Detroit

iSBN 978-88-7439-547-7

Institute of Arts, and the Smithsonian Institution;

US $95.00

Chike Aniakor, who has a PhD from Indiana

ISBN 978-88-7439-547-7 CAN $109.00 59500

9 788874 395477

University; and Uche Okeke, whose work has been shown at Boston University. onyema offoedu-okeke is an artist, curator, and art historian. His work has been shown in important international exhibitions.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 106

5 Continents 3/23/12 9:15 AM

Britain Creates FA S h I o N A N d A r T C o L Lu S I o N ■

I n t r o D u C t I o n By I A I n r . W E B B

By s u s A n n A G r E E v E s ■

C u r Ato r I A l s tAt E m E n t

F o r E W o r D By lu C y y E o m A n s

A B o ot h - C l I B B o r N E d I t I o N S B o o k


rtists and fashion designers have a rich history of collaboration. now nine pairs,

including some of the biggest names in British

fashion and art—Paul Smith and Hussein Chalayan, Gavin Turk and Matt Collishaw—have worked together, making sculpture, fantastical garments, and even a sound work. Created as part of the Cultural Olympiad for London 2012, this lush package presents the fruits of their partnerships in two stunning books, eight separate posters of

s pecifications 108 color and 53 black-and-white illustrations 224 pages, 11⅝ × 8⅞" two volumes, boxed, Cd, 8 posters (15 × 19¾" each) RIGHTS: World ENglISh PUB MOnTH: JUNE Art

the finished works, and a CD, all in a beautifully designed box. When great minds collide, amazing things happen. Iain r. Webb is professor of fashion at Royal College of art and Central Saint Martins, London.

ISBN 978-1-86154-327-1

ISBN 978-1-86154-327-1 Can $62.00 55500

US $55.00

9 781861 543271

Susanna greeves is a curator. lucy yeomans is editor of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

My Name Is Charles Saatchi and I Am an Artoholic

s e llinG point ■ The Saatchi Gallery in London is one of the largest showcases of contemporary art in the world.

QueSTIoNS FroM JourNALISTS ANd reAderS, New exTeNded edITIoN ■

By C h A r l E s s A AtC h I

A B o ot h - C l I B B o r N E d I t I o N S B o o k Q: Do you care what people think?

s pecifications

A: Everyone cares what people think, but luckily

224 pages, 4½ × 7"

I seem to care less than most.



RIGHTS: North AmErICA harles Saatchi is one of the moving forces


of the modern age. Founder of the global


advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, and the most influential art collector of our time, he has

vigorously shaped the contemporary art scene. His exhibitions, notably 1997’s Sensation exhibition of

ISBN 978-1-86154-333-2

ISBN 978-1-86154-333-2 Can $21.95 51895

US $18.95

9 781861 543332

the so-called Young British artists—Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and Chris Ofili, among others—at the Royal academy of art, London, and at the Brooklyn Museum of art, new York, sparked an explosion of controversy. Though he famously refuses to

History of the Saatchi Gallery

be interviewed, in this book he provides frank,

ISBN 978-1-86154-315-8

genuine responses to questions from journalists

uS $125.00

and critics as well as members of the public.

Booth-Clibborn Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 107

also avail ab le

ISBN 978-1861543158

Can$145.00 12500

9 781861 543158

FA L L 2 0 1 2

1 07

4/3/12 1:32 PM

The havana Archive

photographs Found

by b a s i l h y M a n

A v i s uA L m e m o i r o F 1 9 6 0 s B r i TA i n

A B o ot H - C l i B B o R N E D i t i o N S B o o K


avana: Once the playground of the rich and famous, where

Cuban rum flowed in legendary nightclubs, luxury hotels, and

casinos, and celebrities danced the mambo till dawn—as well as a

by b a s i l h y M a n

A B o ot H - C l i B B o R N E D i t i o N S B o o K


asil Hyman (b. 1936) has taken hundreds of photographs of everyday life in Britain. In Photographs Found he

looks back to the Swinging Sixties, miniskirts and all, with

vital hub for drug running and money laundering. This fascinating

an array of charming pictures—plus fascinating ephemera

book, drawn from an archive of press photographs and ephemera

and memorabilia, some of it provided in facsimile—to offer

thought to have been the property of Capone-era Chicago gangster

a personal visual diary of a bygone era. Also included are

and bookie Grover Dullard, captures the essence of Havana from the

unpublished informal shots of Hyman’s friend and relative

1920s through the ’50s with a wealth of evocative detail.

Brian Epstein, the Beatles’ first manager and the man widely

Photographer Basil Hyman discovered this trove of Cuban trea-

credited with shaping the band’s early success. Photographs

sures in Paris, and it led him on a voyage of discovery to Havana’s rich

Found presents the ’60s as a time of dramatic social change in

past. His book’s unique visual approach builds a picture of glamour

Britain, as it was around the world.

and decadence in a mixture of photographs and memorabilia—postcards, menus, cocktail napkins, matchbooks, and much more; some reproduced as removable facsimiles. This book will transport the reader back to a long-lost world.

s pecifications

Basil Hyman is the author of

s pecifications

The Lost Album, Collecting

300 color and black-and-white


Photography, and, with


240 pages, 9½ × 12"

Stephen Bragg, The G-Plan

256 pages, 9½ × 12"

Hardcover, 5 facsimile inserts

Revolution: A Celebration of

Hardcover with plastic jacket,

300 color and black-and-white


British Popular Furniture of the 1950s and 1960s.

7 facsimile inserts RIGHTS: WoRlD ENgliSH PUB MONTH: oCtoBER pHotogRApHY • HiStoRY

iSBN 978-1-86154-329-5

iSBN 978-1-86154-332-5

US $40.00

US $40.00

ISBN 978-1-86154-329-5 CAN $45.00 54000

9 781861 543295


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 108

also aVail aB le

ISBN 978-1-86154-332-5 CAN $45.00 54000

9 781861 543325

The Lost Album isBn 978-1-86154-320-2 ISBN 978-1-86154-320-2 us $45.00 CAN $54.00


9 781861 543202

Booth-Clibborn 3/23/12 9:15 AM

out of Focus p h oTo G r A p h Y ■

E s s ay by w i l l i a M a . E w i n g

A B o ot H - C l i B B o R N E D i t i o N S B o o K

s e lling points ■ The saatchi Gallery is among London’s most-visited destinations

An international perspective on current trends in photography

■ photography is of enormous interest and popularity ■ major American photographers are included, among them Katy Grannan, sarah vanderBeek, Luis Gispert, daniel Gordon, Laurel nakadate, marlo pascual, david Benjamin sherry, A.L. steiner, and Jennifer West

s pecifications 360 color photographs 364 pages, 11¼ × 12⅝" paperback RIGHTS: WoRlD ENgliSH PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER pHotogRApHY iSBN 978-1-86154-331-8


ISBN 978-1-86154-331-8 US $80.00 CAN $92.00


he companion to the first major photography exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London since the highly acclaimed

9 781861 543318

I Am a Camera in 2001, this stunning compilation presents 37 international artists working in the medium of photography in

also aVail aB le

diverse, innovative, and arresting ways. From Mitch Epstein’s American Power series, which explores the ways in which energy has impacted the American landscape, to Ryan McGinley’s Morrissey series and the work of such renowned practitioners as Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin from South Africa; Noemie Goudal from France; JH Engström from

Newspeak: British Art Now

Sweden; Jonny Briggs, Mat Collishaw, and John Stezaker

isBn 978-1-86154-314-1

from the UK; and David Noonan from Australia, this stunning,

ISBN 978-1-86154-314-1

us $55.00

lavishly illustrated volume stands as a tribute to the best work being done in photography today.


William A. Ewing, an internationally respected specialist in photography, is a writer, curator, professor, and museum director. He has published some 20 books, including reGeneration2: Tomorrow’s Photographers Today and Face: The New Photographic Portrait, and lectures widely.

Booth-Clibborn Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 109

CAN $71.50 55500

781861 543141

Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East isBn 978-1-86154-313-4 ISBN 978-1861543134 us $35.00 CAN $39.00


9 781861 543134

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:15 AM


Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 110

Booth-Clibborn 3/23/12 9:15 AM

i, Jack russell A p h oTo G r A p h e r A n d A d o G ’ s e Y e v i e W ■

by a n dy h u g h E s

c o n t r i b u t i o n s by J o h n b r a d s h aw a n d a l E x a n d r a h o r o w i t z

A B o ot H - C l i B B o R N E D i t i o N S B o o K s e lling points ■ Jack russells are the “in” dog of the moment ■ includes specially commissioned piece from english dog authority and bestselling author John Bradshaw ■ Features excerpts from psychologist Alexandra horowitz’s widely acclaimed Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know

s pecifications 183 color photographs

“Through the ups and downs of life, sometimes it’s your dog who seems to know who you are.” —andy hughes

208 pages, 10 × 8" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: WoRlD ENgliSH PUB MONTH: oCtoBER pEtS • pHotogRApHY


hether at rest, work, or play, or hamming it up for the camera, Jack Russell terriers can’t help but be adorable.

Originally bred as hunting dogs in 19th-century England, these days they spend more time chasing photo ops than foxes—at least in the world of photographer Andy Hughes, who spends his days canine-

iSBN 978-1-86154-321-9 ISBN 978-1-86154-321-9 US $35.00 CAN $40.00


9 781861 543219

spotting across the UK and U.S. to document the intelligence, tenacity, and quirky personalities of these endearing animals. A somewhat embarrassing discovery—that Hughes had more photos of dogs than people—led him to celebrate his dog’s-eye view of life, culminating in a trip to the Sunshine State Jack Russell Terrier Club Trials in Florida to capture the paws célèbre in motion. The playful and spontaneous shots in I, Jack Russell are accompanied by Hughes’s happy musings about the hounds that have him spellbound. Contributions by two renowned dog experts set the photos in context. Andy Hughes is a photographer whose works center on the environment. John Bradshaw is the author of the bestseller Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet and founder of the Anthrozoology Institute at the University of Bristol. Alexandra Horowitz, author of Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know, teaches psychology at Barnard College, Columbia University, in New York City.

Booth-Clibborn Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 111

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:15 AM

manet p o r T r AY i n G L i F e ■

by M a rya n n E s t E v E n s , c o l i n b . b a i l E y, s t é p h a n E g u é g a n ,

l E a h l E h M b E c k , a n d l aw r E n c E w. n i c h o l s ■

A R oYA l AC A D E M Y o F A R t S p U B l i C At i o N

s e lling points ■ Lavishly illustrated with over 100 paintings ■ manet’s portraits form a

A new look at Edouard Manet, accompanying a major international exhibition

substantial part of his œuvre, yet have not been considered in such depth before ■ Fascinating links between the master’s portraits and genre scenes ■ Contributors are all major art historians

s pecifications 150 color illustrations 224 pages, 9⅜ × 11" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: US AND CANADA PUB MONTH: oCtoBER ARt iSBN 978-1-905711-74-1 ISBN 978-1-905711-74-1 US $55.00 CAN $62.00



oday, it seems astonishing that the work of Edouard Manet (1832–83), the master French painter, was

controversial in his day. His subversive handling of both paint and subject matter, coupled with his detached gaze, shocked contemporaries—but established him

9 781905 711741

e XhiBition sche DUle Toledo museum of Art, Ohio, Oct 11, 2012–Jan 6, 2013 royal Academy of Arts, London, 26 January – 14 April 2013

as the father of modern painting. This remarkable book, published to accompany an important traveling exhibition, explores the artist’s stylistic evolution in the context of his portraiture. The relationship between Manet’s portraits and his genre scenes is presented for the first time, illustrated by such masterpieces as The Luncheon (In the Studio) of 1868, and In the Conservatory (M. and Mme. Guillemet) of 1879. Leading authorities consider such topics as the influence of 17th-century Dutch painters, parallels with Renoir, and links with early photography. MaryAnne Stevens is director of academic affairs at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Colin B. Bailey is chief curator of the Frick Collection, New York. Stéphane guégan is a curator at the Musée d’Orsay, Paris. leah lehmbeck is associate curator at the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena. lawrence W. Nichols is curator of European Painting and Sculpture before 1900 at the Toledo Museum of Art.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 112

Royal Academy of Arts 3/23/12 9:16 AM

Bronze ■

E d i t E d by dav i d E k s E r dJ i a n

c o n t r i b u t i o n s by f r a n c E s c a

b E w E r , pat r i c k E l l i ot t, J o h n g u y, c a r o l c . M at t u s c h , J o h n p i c to n , t i M ot h y p ot t s , J E s s i c a r aw s o n , E i k E d. s c h M i dt, a n d i t ta i w E i n ry b ■

A R oYA l AC A D E M Y o F A R t S p U B l i C At i o N s e lling points

From the ancient world to the present, bronze masterpieces are revealed in this major exhibition catalog

■ published to accompany a landmark exhibition at the royal Academy of Arts, London ■ Luxurious color plates of more than 150 masterworks ■ Brings together iconic sculptures and little-known masterpieces ■ includes works by important artists spanning ancient history to the modern world ■ Works are arranged chronologically to trace bronze through the centuries

s pecifications 260 color illustrations 248 pages, 9⅝ × 11⅞" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: US AND CANADA PUB MONTH: NovEMBER ARt HiStoRY


iSBN 978-1-907533-28-0 he discovery of magnificent ancient bronze

ISBN 978-1-907533-28-0 US $65.00 CAN $75.00


sculptures that spent millennia on the seabed

and emerged unscathed is just one factor to have fed the continued fascination with this prized artistic medium. This sumptuous book examines bronze’s earliest beginnings in North Africa, the Middle East, and

China, celebrating its durability and variability. Leading

9 781907 533280

e XhiB ition sche DUle royal Academy of Arts, London Sep 15–Dec 9, 2012

authorities chart the virtuosity of artists working with bronze in ancient Greece and Rome; showcase bronze’s great flowering in the European Renaissance through the work of such artists as Ghiberti, Donatello,

also aVail aB le

Cellini, and, later, Giambologna; and examine bronze’s

Wild Thing: Epstein,

use in the late 19th century through the modern era by

Gaudier‑Brzeska, Gill

artists ranging from Rodin, Boccioni, Picasso, Johns, Giacometti, and Moore to Beuys and Bourgeois. Lavish color plates of over 150 masterworks provide a unique testament to the works of art that one medium has inspired from antiquity to the present day. David Ekserdjian is a professor of history of art and film at the University of Leicester.


9 781905 711468

Modern British Sculpture isBn 978-1-905711-72-7 ISBN$60.00 978-1905711727 us CAN $72.00


9 781905 711727

Royal Academy of Arts Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 113

isBn 978-1-905711-46-8 ISBN$55.00 978-1905711468 us CAN $71.50

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:16 AM

russian revolutionary posters F r o m C i v i L WA r To s o C i A L i s T r e A L i s m , F r o m B o L s h e v i s m To T h e e n d o F s TA L i n i s m ■

by dav i d k i n g

F R o M tAt E p U B l i S H i N g

s e lling points

A large-format compilation of strikingly designed Soviet posters, from an expert on Russian art and graphic design

■ Features over 165 beautifully reproduced posters—some never before published—by both famous and unknown designers ■ Written by a leading expert and bestselling author on soviet art ■ reveals the process behind the commissioning and art direction of soviet poster campaigns ■ Well-priced and accessible

s pecifications 165 color illustrations 144 pages, 9⅝ × 12⅝" Hardcover RIGHTS: US AND CANADA PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER ARt • gRApHiC DESigN iSBN 978-1-84976-019-5 ISBN 978-1-84976-019-5 US $39.95 CAN $44.95



he tumultuous events of the Russian Revolution were matched by dramatic shifts in graphic art and

design that continue to influence our visual landscape.

9 781849 760195

David King, an expert on Soviet art and an internationally acclaimed graphic designer, selected the more than 165 posters reproduced here from his own unparalleled collection. Constructivist posters, socialist advertising, 1920s film posters, classic photomontage, the heroic posters of the Great Patriotic War, biting political satire, and the cult of personality of the Stalin years are all represented, as are artists such as Alexander Rodchenko,

also aVail aB le

El Lissitzky, Gustav Klutsis, Dimitri Moor, Viktor Deni, and Nina Vatolina. King sets the posters in context and profiles the art directors and creative directors whose vision played such a vital role in creating these striking works. David King is the author of The Commissar Vanishes:

Red Star Over Russia isBn 978-0-8109-8279-6 ISBN 978-0810982796 us $50.00 CAN $55.00


9 780810 982796


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 114

The Falsification of Photographs and Art in Stalin’s Russia and Red Star Over Russia: A Visual History of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the Death of Stalin. Former art editor of the Sunday Times (London), he is one of the world’s preeminent collectors of Russian artifacts.

Tate 3/23/12 9:16 AM




by n at h a n d u n n E


oy Lichtenstein (1923–1997), contemporary of Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, is one of the best-known and most

accessible artists of the Pop generation. Taking much of his subject matter from comics and advertising, Lichtenstein produced large,

by Ja s o n r o s E n f E l d


society of young artists and writers, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was founded in London in 1848 to rebel against

the classical academic painting conventions of the day in favor of

a meeting of medieval romanticism and new realism. Inspired by

rigorous, and highly stylized paintings. Challenged at the time on the

the theories of art critic John Ruskin, who urged artists to “go to

originality of his work, Lichtenstein maintained that the purpose and

nature,” Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais, William Holman

presentation of his paintings made them more than just reproduction,

Hunt, and other artists created works predominantly dealing with

although—with characteristic self-deprecating humor—he also argued

religious themes, love, death, and subjects from literature and

that his paintings weren’t really important to art in general. Ultimately,

poetry. Fully illustrated, this book is an accessible introduction to the

Lichtenstein’s imagery remains as popular and important as it was 50

popular movement.

years ago, as this vibrant introduction to his life and work makes clear. Jason Rosenfeld is distinguished chair and associate professor of art Nathan Dunne is a successful writer on contemporary art and film.

History at Marymount Manhattan College.

s pecifications

s pecifications

60 color illustrations

iSBN 978-1-84976-021-8

60 color illustrations

iSBN 978-1-84976-024-9

80 pages, 6⅝ × 8¼"

ISBN 978-1-84976-021-8 US $10.95 CAN $11.95

80 pages, 6⅝ × 8¼"

ISBN 978-1-84976-024-9 US $10.95 CAN $11.95





9 781849 760218






9 781849 760249

also aVail aB le Miró


isBn 978-1-85437-941-2

isBn 978-1-84976-022-5

ISBN 978-1-85437-941-2 us $10.95 CAN $14.50

ISBN 978-1-84976-022-5 us $11.95 CAN $13.95



9 781854 379412

9 781849 760225

Tate Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 115

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:16 AM

naum Gabo

Young michelangelo

by n ata l i a s i d l i n a

T h e pAT h To T h e s i s T i n e : A B i o G r A p h Y

F R o M tAt E p U B l i S H i N g

by Jo h n t. s pi k E

F RoM tH E vE N DoM E pRE SS

Now in paperba ck!

“It’s the best life of Michelangelo I’ve read.” —everett Fahy, The metropolitan museum of Art “Promises more intrigue than the best adventure novel.” —Publishers Weekly “No art historian has got closer to Michelangelo than John T. Spike.” —The Telegraph


ussian-born Jewish sculptor Naum Gabo (1890–1977) is one of the 20th century’s most unsung artistic masters. In 1917, Gabo

developed the theories and practice of a new art movement he called


n the most important biography of Michelangelo to appear in modern times, John T. Spike illuminates heretofore unrevealed

aspects of Michelangelo’s complex personality through examinations

Constructivism, and, along with his brother, he wrote the Realistic

of the Pietà, the David, the artist’s struggle with Leonardo da Vinci for

Manifesto of 1920, which promoted art as a part of man’s everyday

artistic mastery, and a uneasy relationship with Pope Julius II. Over the

existence without the confinement of artistic terms and convention.

long arc of his artistic development, Michelangelo was involved in the

In the 1920s and ’30s, Gabo traveled extensively to the hubs of

most troubling controversies of his age, an eyewitness to the bonfires

modernism in Europe, including a stint teaching at the Bauhaus. He

of the vanities, the Rome of the Borgias, the siege of Florence, and

was with Mondrian’s Abstraction-Creation group in the wake of the

the Inquisition’s burning of heretics at the stake. In this long-awaited

Nazi occupation of Paris, and upon the outbreak of WWII, the artist

reinterpretation of the artist’s early life and career, Spike re-creates

moved to Cornwall, England, and later to the United States. As this

Michelangelo’s cities, Florence and Rome, animating their daily life

new book’s 142 color plates demonstrate, Gabo’s work reveals rigor-

with sketches of Lorenzo the Magnificent, Leonardo, Savonarola,

ous inquiries into ways of representing mass, volume, and space. His

Raphael, and Machiavelli.

sensitive and imaginative use of materials, ranging from fishing line to Perspex to wood, created a rhythm and balance within his sculptures

John t. Spike, critic, curator, and art historian, is the author of more than 20 culturally significant books on Renaissance, Baroque,

that evokes an intense emotional response.

and contemporary art. He lives in Florence, Italy, and is currently Natalia Sidlina is a researcher at Tate and editor of the online Naum

Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the College of William & Mary in

Gabo Archive.

Williamsburg, Virginia.

s pecifications

s pecifications

142 color photographs

51 color and black-and-white illustrations

208 pages, 5⅞ × 8"

272 pages, 6 × 9"








BiogRApHY iSBN 978-0-86565-283-5

iSBN 978-1-84976-066-9

ISBN 978-1-84976-066-9 US $24.95 CAN $27.95 52495

ISBN 978-0-86565-283-5 US $17.95 CAN $19.95


9 781849 760669


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 116

9 780865 652835


Vendome 3/23/12 9:16 AM

At home in italy under The summer sun ■

by n i c o l E t ta d E l b u o n o

p h oto g r a p h s by M a s s i M o l i s t r i

FRoM tHE vENDoME pRESS s e lling points ■ The editor of AD Italia teams

An intimate look at traditional Italian country houses, ski chalets, seaside homes, and castles

with an internationally acclaimed photographer of architecture and interior design ■ A definitive sourcebook for italian interior design

s pecifications 300 color photographs 256 pages, 9¼ × 10¼" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER iNtERioR DESigN • 


DECoRAtivE ARtS he modern-day Italian genius for design has its roots firmly planted in Italy’s rich traditions, for Italians have

long had a sure eye for color, proportion, and light. This

iSBN 978-0-86565-286-6 ISBN 978-0865652866 US $45.00 CAN $52.00


luscious volume explores the many regions of Italy, from Tuscany to Sicily to Lake Garda to Umbria, each with their

9 780865 652866

own design traditions, reflecting a wide variety in history, geography, and people. The thick walls of southern Italy and Sicily provide protection against the mezzogiorno’s brutal summer heat, while the cozy wooden mountain chalets of Cortina d’Ampezzo preserve as much warmth as possible. As Nicoletta del Buono’s vibrant text makes clear, each approach to design is unique to its region, but nevertheless identifiable as trademark Italian. With over 300 color photographs of 30 intriguing houses, ranging from Tuscan villas to the characteristic cone-roofed houses of Trulli, At Home in Italy explores a rich interplay between distinctive style and tradition. Nicoletta del Buono is the editor of AD Italia. Massimo listri is Italy’s leading architecture and interiors photographer. His work has appeared in numerous books and magazines, including Architectural Digest.

Vendome Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 117

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:16 AM

mighty maharajas F o r T s & pA L AC e s o F i n d i A ■

by a M i ta b a i g


p h oto g r a p h s by J o g i n d E r s i n g h

s e lling points ■ Features some of the most popular tourist destinations

Splendidly decorated fortress palaces, built by India’s mightiest rulers

in india ■ provides historical and aesthetic contexts for these architectural wonders ■ incredible architecture, unique to india

s pecifications 333 color and black-and-white illustrations 256 pages, 10 × 12¾" Hardcover with French fold jacket RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER HiStoRY • tRAvEl


ndia is home to many magnificent palaces and fortresses, the histories of which are intimately related

to the country’s long record of disputes between

iSBN 978-0-86565-293-4 ISBN 978-0-86565-293-4 US $75.00 CAN $86.00


neighboring kingdoms, and the rise and fall of ruling maharajas. Featured here are some 60 of these architectural wonders, dating from antiquity through the colonial

9 780865 652934

era (ending in 1947). A gigantic fort, often built into a rugged mountainside, was the best protection for a ruler and his family, subjects, and government from enemy attacks. Many forts sheltered entire cities, including the residences of courtiers and trusted nobles, which surrounded luxurious and secluded palaces and were

also aVail aB le

centered on temples. This opulent tour begins in ancient India, when dynasties began to be established, and proceeds geographically through the Rajput, Bundelkhand, sultanates, southern kingdoms, Mughal, Maratha, Sikh, Hill, East India, up through the forts of colonial settlers.

Made for Maharajas isBn 978-0-86565-174-6 ISBN$65.00 978-0865651746 us CAN $85.00


9 780865 651746


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 118

Amita Baig has been committed to the protection and preservation of India’s heritage for more than 25 years. She is a consultant to the World Monuments Fund for its India program. Joginder Singh is an architect who specializes in architectural photography.

Vendome 3/23/12 9:17 AM

symphony of Jewels AnnA hu opus 1 ■

by JanEt zapata , carol woolton, and david warrEn

p r i n c i pa l p h oto g r a p h y by dav i d b E h l

FRoM tHE vENDoME pRESS s e lling points ■ An exhibition of hu’s work will be

A dazzling introduction to the work of China’s first internationally acclaimed jewelry designer

mounted at the musée des Arts décoratifs in paris in July 2012 ■ hu has shops and/or workshops in new York, paris, and shanghai ■ hu’s clients include madonna, Gwyneth paltrow, Cindy sherman, and oprah Winfrey ■ superbly printed in five colors on the finest quality paper stock

s pecifications 130 five-color illustrations 168 pages, 11 × 13" Hardcover with French fold jacket RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER FASHioN • JEWElRY


nspired by Chinese art and lore, Western art and music,

iSBN 978-0-86565-290-3

and the natural world, Anna Hu’s one-of-a-kind pieces

ISBN 978-0-86565-290-3 US $75.00 CAN $86.00


have catapulted her to the top of the jewelry firmament in a few short years. This volume celebrates the

9 780865 652903

completion of her first 100 works, or “Opus 1,” as she calls the collection. Exploring the relationship between her jewelry and fashion as well as the remarkable gems that inspired her work, this large-format book focuses on the pieces themselves, exquisitely photographed by master jewelry photographer David Behl. Some are as intricate as Chinese embroidery, others as ethereal as butterflies, and still others are jeweled reinterpretations of timeless works of music and art, from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and Puccini’s Turandot to Monet’s Water Lilies. Janet Zapata is a renowned historian of decorative arts and jewelry. Carol Woolton is jewelry editor of British Vogue. David Warren has headed Christie’s jewelry department since 1995. David Behl is one of the world’s leading photographers of fine jewels. His many books include The Art of Zadora, Seaman Schepps, and Yard.

Vendome Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 119

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:17 AM

Sister Parish Now in paperba ck!

T h e L i F e o F T h e L e G e n dA ry A m e r i C A n i n T e r i o r d e S i G n e r ■

By a p p l E pa r i s h B a r t l E t t a n d s u s a n B a r t l E t t c r at E r

ForE word By alBErt hadlE y

By B u n n y w i l l i a M s s pecifications 93 black-and-white illustrations

a n a p p r E c i at i o n

From the VeNdome PreSS


orothy May Kinnicutt Parish (“Sister” to her family and friends) was born into a

patrician family and grew up at the right schools,

358 pages, 6 × 9"

yacht clubs, and coming-out parties. Forced to

Paperback RIGHTS: North AmerIcA PUB MOnTH: SePtemBer

work during the Depression, Parish combined her design ability with social connections to create a still-thriving successful interior decorating firm,


Parish-Hadley. Her list of clients reads like an

ISBN 978-0-86565-294-1

ISBN 978-0865652941 Can $21.95 51895

US $18.95

american Who’s Who, starting with Rockefellers, astors, Whitneys, and Paleys. Parish’s style, marked by cozy, airy, colorful, but understated elegance, came to be known as “american coun-

9 780865 652941

try,” and its influence continues today. Compiled

a New York Time s notab le book

by Parish’s daughter and granddaughter, Sister Parish takes the reader right into the houses—and

“a remarkable resemblance to what

lives—of some of the most fascinating people of

one remembers about her interior

this inimitable woman’s time.

decorating—warm, personable, cozy, thoughtful, harmonious, satisfying,

Apple Parish Bartlett is an artist and shop owner.

impeccable.” —George Plimpton

Susan Bartlett crater is cofounder of Sister Parish Design.

New, smaller format!!

The Lamps of Louis Comfort Tiffany ■ By M a r t i n E i d E l B E r g , a l i c E c o o n E y F r E l i n g h u y s E n , n a n c y a . M c c l E l l a n d, a n d l a r s r ac h E n ■ p r i n c i pa l p h oto g r a p h y By c o l i n c o o k E ■ F r o m t h e V e N d o m e P r e S S

s pecifications 250 color and black-and-white


ouis Comfort Tiffany (1848–1933) found inspiration in the gardens of Laurelton


Hall, his vast country estate on Long Island’s

240 pages, 8¼ × 10¼"

north Shore. There, Tiffany carefully drew and

hardcover with jacket

painted the flowering trees, vines, flowers, and

RIGHTS: North AmerIcA PUB MOnTH: octoBer decorAtIVe ArtS ISBN 978-0-86565-296-5 ISBN 978-0865652965 US $35.00 Can $40.00


9 780865 652965

fauna that were the chief ornaments of his prized glass lamps. This sumptuous volume features 70 lamps, photographed by Colin Cooke using his own specially developed techniques that reveal Tiffany’s mastery of glassmaking and metal work. The authors relate the chief decorative themes in Tiffany’s masterpieces to the work of other finde-siècle glassmakers and outline the making of Tiffany’s lamps, from freehand sketch to elegant finished form.

1 20

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 120

Vendome 4/3/12 1:32 PM

monumental venice ■

by J E a n - p h i l l i p p E f o l l E t

p h oto g r a p h s by Jac q u E s b o u l ay

i n t r o d u c t i o n by ag n è s d E g o r t E r

FRoM tHE vENDoME pRESS s e lling points ■ venice is an enormously popular destination and a city known for its beauty ■ oversize-format limited edition that includes signed photographic print ■ includes single and double gatefolds of panoramic views measuring 54" and 72" wide when extended

s pecifications 218 color photographs 232 pages, 18 × 12" Hardcover with French fold jacket, 8 gatefolds, signed print RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA

Panoramic views of Venice’s most romantic canals, palaces, churches, and bridges

PUB MONTH: oCtoBER tRAvEl • pHotogRApHY iSBN 978-0-86565-301-6 ISBN 978-0-86565-301-6 US $150.00 CAN $172.00 15000


9 780865 653016

rom bustling Piazza San Marco, to watery churches and abbeys like San Giorgio and Il Redentore,

also aVail aB le

to tranquil, isolated squares and the marble palazzos lining the Grand Canal, the City of the Doges is a natural

muse for panoramic photographer Jacques Boulay. This limited-edition book with huge single and double gatefolds and an accompanying signed print, reveals Venice to be far more than a collection of historic buildings, 16th-century fish markets, canals, and public squares. Stories abound in secret gardens and quiet waterways;

Monumental Paris isBn 978-0-86565-277-4 ISBN 978-0-86565-277-4 us $150.00 CAN $172.00 15000

the gravity of the ancient Palazzo Pisani-Moretta is set against the 1920s Hispano-Moorish delirium of the Lido; picturesque covered passages, cul-de-sacs, and brightly

9 780865 652774

hued houses invite the reader to sink into mysterious vistas of one of the most verdant and seductive cities in the world. Jacques Boulay has been taking panoramic photographs of Venice since 1996. His numerous publications include studies of Paul Poiret and Baccarat, as well as The Book of Linen. Jean-philippe Follet is the author and translator of numerous books on the culture and art of Venice.

Vendome Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 121

Monumental India isBn 978-0-86565-197-5 ISBN$175.00 978-0865651975 us CAN $190.00


9 780865 651975

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:17 AM

royal Cities of the Ancient maya ■

by M i c h a E l d. c o E


p h oto g r a p h s b a r ry b r u ko f f

Leading Maya scholar Michael D. Coe brings the culture’s heritage to life s e lling points ■ Coe is the leading authority on pre-Columbian archaeology and people ■ published to coincide with the end of the maya Long Count calendar: december 21, 2012 ■ Brukoff was granted access to sites never previously photographed

s pecifications 206 color and black-and-white illustrations 224 pages, 11 × 9" Hardcover with jacket, 2 gatefolds RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA PUB MONTH: oCtoBER HiStoRY • ARt


hile Europe was buried in the Dark Ages, the Maya were producing astonishing sculpture,

stelae, and wall murals, as well as building magnificent temples, tombs, and ball courts. This extraordinary

iSBN 978-0-86565-284-2 ISBN 978-0-86565-284-2 US $50.00 CAN $57.50


volume pairs the leading Maya scholar and one of the world’s finest photographers of ancient sites to trace the rise and fall of Mayan civilization through its great royal cities. From El Mirador to the cities of the Maya

9 780865 652842

Renaissance and finally to Chichen Itza, where the 700year flowering of the Mayan people came to a halt, the riveting history of powerful dynasties, political intrigues, and a flourishing culture is illuminated through new research and evocative photographs. A new reading of artifacts, reliefs, murals, maps, and other archaeological

also aVail aB le

evidence allows Coe to untangle the complex sequence of internecine ritual warfare that fatally weakened the late Maya era. Michael D. Coe is Charles J. MacCurdy Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Yale University, and Curator

Temples of Cambodia isBn 978-0-86565-262-0 ISBN 978-0-86565-262-0 us $65.00 CAN $75.00


9 780865 652620


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 122

Emeritus at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History. Barry Brukoff is an award-winning photographer whose books include Temples of Cambodia: The Heart of Angkor and The Enigma of Stonehenge (text by John Fowles).

Vendome 3/23/12 9:17 AM

Classical Chinese Furniture ■

by M a r c u s f l ac k s


s e lling points ■ The Chinese collector market is

Celebrates a period of remarkable beauty and innovation in Chinese decorative art

one of the hottest segments in the art world ■ Beautifully photographed ■ All pieces were selected for their innovation, rarity, quality, and beauty

s pecifications 200 color and black-and-white illustrations 278 pages, 10½ × 12¾" Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA PUB MONTH: oCtoBER ARt • DECoRAtivE ARtS


ithin a few years of the Manchu invasion,

Chinese craftsmen combined their

highly refined design aesthetic with exotic woods,

veneers, and lacquer to create some of the finest

iSBN 978-0-86565-291-0 ISBN 978-0865652910 US $85.00 CAN $98.00


9 780865 652910

furniture ever made. Classical Chinese Furniture illuminates this fascinating and little-known area of Chinese decorative art from the period of 1640 to 1790. These beautiful stools, desks, chairs, and bureaus have become the fastest-growing area of collecting within China as impassioned experts rediscover the glory of their artistic patrimony. The heart of Classical Chinese Furniture is the presentation of 52 masterpieces that provide an invaluable lesson on the Chinese approach to aesthetics, craftsmanship, architecture, and culture. Marcus Flacks has been one of the forces behind the rediscovery of Chinese furniture over the past 20 years. He has mounted a host of exhibitions to introduce this field to Western and Chinese collectors alike.

Vendome Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 123

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:18 AM

The ScoTTiSh c A vivid testament to 500 years of enduring independence in the rugged Scottish countryside

1 24


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 124

Vendome 3/23/12 9:18 AM

h counTry houSe ■

by Ja M E s k n ox



p h oto g r a p h s by Ja M E s f E n n E l l

s e lling points ore than almost any other European region,

■ Knox is a leading authority

Scotland has preserved its rich architectural

heritage. This breathtaking book is an invitation to

explore 10 Scottish houses that survived the country’s families. Exuding the welcoming scent of peat fires, wet dogs, and single-malt whiskies, they were built over

192 pages, 9¼ × 12¼"


Hardcover with jacket RIGHTS: NoRtH AMERiCA

houses have never been


published before

iNtERioR DESigN • 

■ scotland is a popular tourist

generations, and furnished with heirlooms and battered

220 color photographs

on scottish architecture and

■ more than half of the

turbulent history and remain the property of the original

s pecifications



hand-me-downs. From canopy beds keeping the chill

iSBN 978-0-86565-288-0 ISBN 978-0865652880 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

of a Scottish winter at bay to breakfront cabinets filled


with monogrammed heirloom china, Drumlanrig Castle, Dumfries, the evocatively named House of the Binns,

9 780865 652880

and others celebrate Scotland’s wealth of historically and architecturally important country houses, designed

also aVail aB le

by the nation’s most prominent architects, including William Bruce, William and Robert Adam, and Robert Lorimer. Telling details, like a red silk bellpull against green floral wallpaper or a drawer full of 200-yearold love letters, reveal the inhabitants’ eccentric personalities. James Knox, a native of Ayrshire, is a literary historian, editor, and critic. He is publisher of the Art Newspaper,

traiture, fashion, and travel photography. His previous

The French Country House

(New, Smaller Format)


isBn 978-0-86565-282-8

isBn 978-0-86565-194-4

ISBN 978-0-86565-282-8 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

ISBN$29.95 978-0865651944 US CAN $33.00


the leading international journal of art, artists, and exhibitions. James Fennell specializes in interiors, por-

The Irish Country House

9 780865 652828

The Irish Country House

books include The Irish Country House.

isBn 978-0-86565-261-3 ISBN 978-0-86565-261-3

US $45.00 9

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 125

CAN $58.50 54000

780865 652613


9 780865 651944

The French Country House isBn 978-0-86565-234-7 ISBN$49.50 978-0865652347 US CAN $70.00


9 780865 652347

3/23/12 9:18 AM

Japanese netsuke u p dAT e d e d i T i o n s pecifications 125 color illustrations

by J u l i a h u t t

v& A p U B l i S H i N g

f o r E w o r d by E d M u n d d E wa a l


112 pages, 8¼ × 9⅝" Hardcover RIGHTS: US AND CANADA

he netsuke is a thing of wonder: a tiny utilitarian accessory to traditional Japanese

dress that has become an art form in itself, prized


by collectors from East to West. The V&A’s


collection of netsuke is world-famous, and this stunning book draws on its many highlights to

iSBN 978-1-85177-702-0

ISBN 978-1-85177-702-0 US $45.00 CAN $52.00 54500

explore the origins of netsuke and to trace the sources of these designs in prints, paintings, and woodblock-printed books. It records the evolution

9 781851 777020

of materials and techniques and the patterns of craftsmanship, and is illustrated with some of the very finest examples. A foreword by renowned ceramics artist Edmund de Waal, author of The Hare with Amber Eyes, sheds new light on the beauty and value of these miniature works of art. “This beautifully presented, elegantly written account will find a ready

Julia Hutt is curator in the Asian Department of

place in the library of any serious

the V&A. Edmund de Waal is a ceramicist.

netsuke fan.” —The Art Newspaper

italian renaissance maiolica s pecifications 190 color illustrations 176 pages, 8½ × 10⅝" Hardcover

by E l i s a p. s a n i w i t h r E i n o l i E f k E s

v& A p U B l i S H i N g


f o r E wo r d by J o h n M a l l E t

he V&A has the greatest collection of maiolica, Italian tin-glazed pottery, in the

world. This long-awaited study explores the


significance of these fascinating objects in the


art and social history of the Italian Renaissance,


tracing their use from birth through courtship and marriage rituals to death, and offering insight

iSBN 978-1-85177-706-8

into the life of noble families in this period. New

US $55.00

photography shows the dazzling palette of colors

ISBN 978-1-85177-706-8 CAN $62.00 55500

9 781851 777068

used to decorate these objects, which have not faded over time, and emphasizes why the pieces were prized in the Renaissance and remain so popular with today’s collectors. Italian Renaissance Maiolica also includes illustrations from Piccolpasso’s 16th-century manuscript Three Books of the Potter’s Art, an incomparable source on maiolica, to illustrate how these highly valued objects were made. Elisa p. Sani, former assistant curator in the Ceramics & Glass Department at the V&A, is an internationally renowned Italian maiolica scholar.

1 26

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 126

V&A Publishing 3/23/12 9:18 AM

Quant by Quant T h e Au To B i o G r A p h Y o F m A rY Q uA n T ■

by M a ry q ua n t

v& A p U B l i S H i N g

s e lling points ■ includes a new foreword by mary Quant ■ “An engagingly told tale” —Guardian ■ Latest title in the v&A’s Fashion

“Fashion is a tool . . . to compete in life outside the home.” —Mary quant

Autobiography series

s pecifications 8 pages of black-and-white illustrations 200 pages, 5⅛ × 7¾" paperback RIGHTS: US AND CANADA PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER BiogRApHY iSBN 978-1-85177-667-2 ISBN 978-1851776672 US $15.95 CAN $17.95



9 781851 776672

riginally published in 1966, Quant by Quant is the hugely entertaining story of fashion designer Mary Quant’s early career and life with her husband and business partner,

Alexander Plunket Greene. After opening the groundbreaking Bazaar boutique on London’s King’s Road in 1955, Quant soared to international fame with her brand of witty style that fitted perfectly with modern life. Just as her signature styles have become synonymous with the pop culture of the Swinging Sixties, her joyful, evocative autobiography captures the world in which she found inspiration—and which she ultimately helped to define and change. Mary Quant (b. 1934) studied at Goldsmiths College in London. Famed for popularizing the miniskirt, patterned stockings, and hot pants, she was awarded an OBE in 1966.

also aVail aB le

King of Fashion:

Dior By Dior:

From A to Biba:

Shocking Life:

The Autobiography of

The Autobiography of

The Autobiography of

The Autobiography of Elsa

Paul Poiret

Christian Dior

Barbara Hulanicki


isBn 978-1-85177-564-4

isBn 978-1-85177-517-0

isBn 978-1-85177-514-9

isBn 978-1-85177-515-6

ISBN$15.95 978-1851775644 us CAN $18.95

ISBN$15.95 978-1851775170 us CAN $18.95

ISBN$18.95 978-1851775149 us CAN $22.95

ISBN$15.95 978-1851775156 us CAN $17.95


9 781851 775644


9 781851 775170

V&A Publishing Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 127


9 781851 775149


9 781851 775156

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:18 AM

muslin ■

by s o n i a a s h M o r E

v& A p U B l i S H i N g


s pecifications 130 color illustrations

his book charts the history of muslin from India to Europe to America, illustrated by

some of the finest examples from the V&A’s

160 pages, 11¾ × 9⅞"

relatively unexplored collection of more than


900 objects, including men’s and women’s dress,


dolls, and ballet costumes. Muslin has been used


for everything from gowns for Mughal princes

FASHioN • tExtilES

and delicate dresses to the humble baby’s diaper. Many Asian examples are dyed vivid colors

iSBN 978-1-85177-714-3

and embellished with embroidery, gold, silver,

ISBN 978-1851777143 CAN $62.00 55500

US $55.00

spangles, and even propaganda, while in the West muslin was adapted to changing fashions

9 781851 777143

throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and has been used by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. Sonia Ashmore is a design historian specializing in aspects of cultural exchange and trade between Britain and Asia. She has been published widely and contributed to a number of V&A books, including British Asian Style.

British Watercolors 1750 –1950 ■

s pecifications 130 color illlustrations

by k at h E r i n E c o o M b s

v& A p U B l i S H i N g


he art of watercolor has had a distinctive history in Britain since the latter part of the 18th

144 pages, 10⅞ × 9½"

century, when British artists first began to explore


its particular aesthetic qualities. The V&A holds


the UK’s national collection of watercolors, and this book showcases its breadth and diversity. Ranging from personal sketches inspired by nature to virtuoso exhibition pieces, and from

iSBN 978-1-85177-707-5

ISBN 978-1-85177-707-5 CAN $45.00 54000

US $40.00

9 781851 777075

colorful literary illustrations to imaginative expressions of a more private vision, British Watercolors includes works by all the leading exponents of watercolor, from J. R. Cozens and William Blake to J. M. W. Turner, David Cox, and Samuel Palmer. British Watercolors ends with examples from the first half of the 20th century, with Neo-Romantic artists such as Graham Sutherland. Katherine Coombs is curator of paintings at the V&A.

1 28

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 128

V&A Publishing 3/23/12 9:19 AM

Knitting FA s h i o n , i n d u s t ry, C r A F t ■

By S a n dy B l ac k

V& A p u B l i S h i n g

s e lling points ■ unique look at everything to do with knitting

From domestic handcraft to high fashion, the whole history of knitting

■ hand-knitting is enjoying a major revival ■ Craft and folk-inspired hand-knits are back in fashion ■ Explores knitting as craft and industry, with superb illustrations from the V&A’s renowned fashion collections

s pecifications 225 color and black-and-white illustrations 240 pages, 9¾ × 9¾" hardcover RIGHTS: uS And CAnAdA PUB MONTH: OCtOBer


CrAft n this fascinating book, Sandy Black charts the development of knitting from domestic handcraft to one

of the most sophisticated computer-controlled textile

iSBn 978-1-85177-559-0 ISBN 978-1-85177-559-0 uS $60.00 CAN $69.00


production processes used in fashion. With stunning new photography, Knitting draws on the V&A’s superlative

9 781851 775590

collection of knitted fashions and artifacts to tell this story. Ranging from articles for everyday use to virtuoso examples of the knitter’s craft, including finely knit and embroidered silk stockings, intricate lacewear, and Victorian beaded bags, the book also includes knitted dresses from designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Julien Macdonald to inspire all those interested in this

also avail ab le

popular craft and industry. Sandy Black is a professor of fashion and textile design and technology at the London College of Fashion. She curated the touring exhibition The New Knitting and is the author of numerous publications including Knitwear in Fashion, Fashioning Fabrics, and Eco-Chic: The Fashion Paradox. She is founder and coeditor of the journal Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process & the Fashion Industry.

isBn 978-1-85177-608-5

ISBN 978-1-85177-608-5 CAN $44.95 53995

us $39.95

9 781851 776085

V&A Publishing Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 129

Quilts 1700–2010

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/3/12 1:32 PM

Handmade in Britain ■

By J oa n n a n o r M a n

V& A p u b L i s h i n g

s pecifications


200 color illustrations 176 pages, 8½ × 10⅝" hardcover

homas Chippendale, Grinling Gibbons, William Morris, Josiah Spode, Josiah

Wedgwood, Clarice Cliff—the history of


handmade decorative arts in Britain boasts

PUB MOnTH: noVeMber

names known the world over. This important


book explores hand-crafted British ceramics, metalwork, wood, textiles, and stained glass

isbn 978-1-85177-708-2

ISBN 978-1-85177-708-2 us $45.00 CAn $52.00 54500

through objects from the renowned collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and contributions from contemporary practitioners such as

9 781851 777082

Grayson Perry and Edmund de Waal. Tracing Britain’s development from an unsophisticated importer of luxury goods during the Renaissance to one of the leading worldwide exporters of decorative arts by the end of the 19th century, it also looks at the social and cultural contexts in which particular crafts meet both functional and aesthetic demands. Joanna norman is part of the Research Department at the V&A.

Renaissance Velvets ■

s pecifications 100 color illustrations 160 pages, 9⅞ × 11⅝" hardcover RIGHTS: us And CAnAdA

By L i s a M o n n a s

V& A p u b L i s h i n g


ilk velvet was first woven in Europe during the second half of the 13th century, but it

reached its peak of perfection during the 15th

and 16th centuries—the Renaissance. The V&A

PUB MOnTH: deCeMber

holds one of the finest collections of Renaissance

FAshion • TexTiLes

velvets, including a papal carpet, a 16th-century cloak, books and caskets covered in velvet, and

isbn 978-1-85177-656-6

ISBN 978-1-85177-656-6 us $60.00 CAn $69.00 56000 9 781851 776566

numerous ecclesiastical vestments. This unique book introduces these velvets to the general reader, setting them within historical contexts, exploring the skills and special equipment needed to produce velvet, and describing the basic weaving techniques. A beautifully illustrated catalog of 50 lush pieces, all newly photographed with many close-up details, this book includes detailed weave analyses and diagrams. Lisa Monnas is a textile historian and specialist in European silks of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


FA L L 2 0 1 2

Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 130

V&A Publishing 4/3/12 1:33 PM

A Century of Olympic Posters Revised editiOn ■

by m a r G a r E t t i m m E r s


Pier Paolo Calzolari ■

E s s ay s by G E r m a n o C E l a n t,

m a s s i m i l i a n o G i o n i , a n d P i E r Pao lo C a l zo l a r i

v& A P U B l I S h I N G

s snapshots through time, Olympic posters provide a fascinating record of our world, a lens through which

we can explore links between sports and art, politics and place,


ier Paolo Calzolari, born in 1943 in Bologna, is recognized as a leading figure of the Arte Povera movement and a seminal artist

whose practice spans painting, sculpture, video, audio, text, perfor-

commerce and culture. A Century of Olympic Posters draws largely

mance, installation, architecture, light, and video. Through the use of

on the superb poster collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum

both ordinary and unconventional materials, such as lead, salt, neon,

and shows the evolution of the Olympic Games poster, from the

ice, tobacco, moss, fire, and butter, Calzolari explores transformation

first official poster for Stockholm in 1912, right up to the present.

of matter and ephemeral states—exploiting an underlying fragility

This diverse collection of images includes official posters for the

in his materials. This book focuses on the artist’s work over the last

Summer and Winter Games set in their historic context, and linked

25 years and coincides with concurrent exhibitions (April 28–June 2,

to pervading themes such as politics, commerce, the Olympic

2012) at Marianne Boesky Gallery and Pace Gallery, the artist’s first

symbols, cultural and physical diversity, and urban regeneration.

exhibitions in New York since 1988.

This revised edition includes new material from the London 2012 Germano Celant, president of Fondazione Prada and former senior

Olympic Games.

curator at the Guggenheim Museum, is a well-known curator and Margaret timmers was formerly senior curator of prints in

critic. Celant is credited with introducing the term Arte Povera in 1967.

the Word & Image Department of the V&A. She is the editor of

Massimiliano Gioni is associate director of the New Museum in New

Impressions of the Twentieth Century and Power of the Poster.

York, director of the 55th Venice Biennale, and artistic director of the Nicola Trussardi Foundation in Milan.

s pecifications 150 color illustrations 144 pages, 8½ × 10" Paperback

s pecifications 82 color illustrations 206 pages, 8⅝ × 11" Deluxe clamshell box, 3 paperback volumes and folded insert, 3 single and 2 double gatefolds



ISBN 978-1-85177-698-6

ISBN 978-1-4197-0562-5

US $30.00

US $75.00

ISBN 978-1-85177-698-6 CAN $33.00 53000

9 781851 776986

ISBN 978-1-4197-0562-5 CAN $86.00 57500

9 781419 705625

V&A Publishing Rev_101_103_107_120_129-131.indd 131

Marianne Boesky Gallery | Pace Gallery

FA L L 2 0 1 2


4/3/12 1:33 PM

THE MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS’ COLLECTION ■ Founded in 1860, the montreal museum of Fine Arts boasts one of north America’s most important and encyclopedic collections. To mark its 150th anniversary, the museum is publishing an impressive series of three scholarly and lavishly illustrated art books—the definitive reference on its collections.

World Cultures and Fine Arts

Quebec and Canadian Art

The monTreAL museum oF Fine ArTs’ CoLLeCTion:

The monTreAL museum oF F i n e A r T s ’ C o L L e C T i o n , vo Lu m e i

vo Lu m e i i i

g E n E r a l E d ito r , Jacq u E s d E s ro c h E rs

E d i t E d by n at h a l i E b o n d i l Over 600 color illustrations 400 pages, 9⅝ × 13¾” Hardcover RIGHTS: WoRlD AvAilABlE NoW ARt iSBN 978-2-89192-355-2 ISBN 978-2-89192-355-2 US $60.00 CAN $69.00


9 782891 923552

decorative Arts and design


his superbly illustrated book encompasses the breadth of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts’ collections of the ancient and modern world,

excluding Canada. The nearly 800 works discussed—some previously

The monTreAL museum oF F i n e A r T s ’ C o L L e C T i o n , vo Lu m e i i ■

g E n E r a l E d ito rs , r os a li n d p E pa l l

a n d d i a n E c h a r b o n n E au

unpublished—include the ancient art of Egypt and the Mediterranean; the heritage of Islam; the arts of Africa and Oceania; the Pre-Columbian world;

Over 750 color illustrations

and, notably, Europe, from the medieval period to contemporary times. The

400 pages 9⅝ × 13¾”

superb color plates are illuminated by newly researched entries written by


30 specialists—the Museum’s curators and other internationally recognized


experts—and a wealth of comparative works and details. The artists featured include Arp, Boucher, Daumier, Dix, Feininger, Gainsborough, Goya, Hogarth, Mantegna, Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Pissarro, Poussin, Rembrandt, Reynolds, Richter, Rodin, Ruisdael, Segal, Tansey, Tiepolo, Tintoretto, and Veronese. Nathalie Bondil is director and chief curator, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

iSBN 978-2-89192-359-0 ISBN 978-2-89192-359-0 US $60.00 CAN $69.00


9 782891 923590

Over 1,000 color illustrations 450 pages, 9⅝ × 13¾" Hardcover RIGHTS: US AND CANADA PUB MONTH: SEptEMBER ARt


iSBN 978-2-89192-357-6

ISBN 978-2-89192-357-6 CAN $69.99 56000

US $60.00

9 782891 923576

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_098-132.indd 132

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 3/23/12 9:19 AM


CAN $16.95

Frida Kahlo

Henri Cartier-Bresson


ISBN 978-0-8109-8402-8

ISBN 978-0-8109-9826-1

ISBN 978-0-8109-2894-7

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

ISBN 978-0-8109-8402-8 51495

ISBN 978-0-8109-9826-1 51495

ISBN 978-0-8109-2894-7 51495

ISBN ISBN978-0-8109-2887-9 978-0-8109-2887-9 51495

9 780810 984028

9 780810 998261

9 780810 928947

9 780810 928879

Leonardo da Vinci




ISBN ISBN978-0-8109-2809-1 978-0-8109-2809-1 51495

ISBN ISBN978-0-8109-2883-1 978-0-8109-2883-1 51495

ISBN ISBN978-0-8109-2802-2 978-0-8109-2802-2 51495

ISBN ISBN978-0-8109-2891-6 978-0-8109-2891-6 51495

9 780810 928091

9 780810 928831

9 780810 928022

9 780810 928916

AlSO AvAIlABle IN T he SeRIeS US $12.95

CAN $14.95

Age of Shakespeare

ISBN 978-0-8109-2890-9

Alchemy—The Great Secret Art and Culture of Japan Cézanne Cleopatra

ISBN 978-0-8109-2889-3

ISBN 978-0-8109-2862-6

ISBN 978-0-8109-2879-4 ISBN 978-0-8109-2805-3

Dada—The Revolt of Art

ISBN 978-0-8109-9255-9

Human Origins Le Corbusier

ISBN 978-0-8109-2866-4

ISBN 978-0-8109-2880-0

Marilyn—The Last Goddess

ISBN 978-0-8109-9825-4

Napoleon—“My Ambition Was Great” Prehistoric Art and Civilization Rembrandt

ISBN 978-0-8109-2813-8

Darwin and the Science of Evolution ISBN 978-0-8109-2136-8



Tibet—An Enduring Civilization

ISBN 978-0-8109-2897-8

Gaudí—Visionary Architect Gauguin

ISBN 978-0-8109-9100-2

ISBN 978-0-8109-2800-8

Golden Treasures of Troy The Great Pyramids

ISBN 978-0-8109-2825-1

ISBN 978-0-8109-9458-4

ISBN 978-0-8109-2875-6


Turner—Life and Landscape Van Gogh

ISBN 978-0-8109-9112-5

ISBN 978-0-8109-2863-3 ISBN 978-0-8109-9207-8

ISBN 978-0-8109-2828-2

Voodoo—Search for the Spirit

ISBN 978-0-8109-2857-2

Also of Interest Fall12AdltCat_133-144.indd 133

ISBN 978-0-8109-9208-5

ISBN 978-0-8109-2849-7

FA L L 2 0 1 2


3/23/12 9:31 AM


Grandmother Remembers levy/Pelikan


Simple Stunning Wedding Organizer, Revised Edition

STewArT, TABori & ChAng

STewArT, TABori & ChAng


ISBN 978-0-941434-32-4

ISBN 978-1-58479-841-5

STewArT, TABori & ChAng



ISBN 978-1-58479-902-3

64 pages • 8½ × 11"

64 pages • 8½ × 11"

US $19.95

CAN $25.95

ISBN 978-0-941434-32-4


Grandmother Remembers Holidays

US $19.95

780941 434324


US $22.50 CAN $26.95 ISBN 978-1-58479-902-3


781584 798415



Gibson/liesl and Company, Inc./Frankel/Andreasen STC CrAFT | A MeLAnie FALiCk Book

ISBN 978-1-58479-910-8 Hardcover with jacket 136 pages • 7¾ × 9¼" ISBN 978-1584799108 US $27.50 CAN $33.00


9 781584 799108

781584 799023

Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts

More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts

Weekend Sewing




STC CrAFT | A MeLAnie FALiCk Book

STC CrAFT | A MeLAnie FALiCk Book

STC CrAFT | A MeLAnie FALiCk Book

STC CrAFT | A MeLAnie FALiCk Book

ISBN 978-1-58479-367-0

ISBN 978-1-58479-634-3

ISBN 978-1-58479-860-6

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket

160 pages • 8½ × 9½"

144 pages • 8½ × 9½"

160 pages • 8½ × 9½" ISBN 978-1-58479-634-3

ISBN 978-1-58479-367-0 US $24.95 CAN $32.50 52495 9 781584 793670


CAN $25.95

ISBN 978-1-58479-841-5


3-Ring Binder 160 pages • 9¼ × 9¼"

Oliver + S Little Things to Sew

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_133-144.indd 134

US $27.50 9

CAN $35.95 52750

781584 796343

144 pages • 8½ × 9½" ISBN 978-1-58479-860-6 US $27.50 CAN $35.95


9 781584 798606


ISBN 978-1-58479-675-6

US $29.95

CAN $32.95

ISBN 978-1584796756 52995 9 781584 796756

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Norman Rockwell's Advent Calendar

Norman Rockwell's Christmas Book

STewArT, TABori & ChAng



ISBN 978-1-58479-770-8




ISBN 978-0-8109-9581-9

ISBN 978-0-8109-8262-8

18 × 11"

Hardcover with jacket


144 pages • 7 × 7"

US $10.95

CAN $14.50

ISBN 978-1-58479-770-8


US $10.99

ISBN 978-0-8109-8262-8

ISBN 978-0-8109-9581-9 51099


781584 797708

224 pages • 8¾ × 11"

CAN $11.99

US $24.95 9

9 780810 995819

CAN $29.95


780810 982628

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Book

Christmas Memories Waggoner

Under the Tree Waggoner


STewArT, TABori & ChAng

STewArT, TABori & ChAng


ISBN 978-1-58479-789-0

ISBN 978-1-58479-641-1

ISBN 978-0-8109-9752-3

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket


128 pages • 7 × 9"

152 pages • 7 × 7"

US $17.95

ISBN 978-1-58479-789-0

ISBN 978-0-8109-9752-3 US $16.95 CAN $18.95 51695 9 780810 997523

CAN $23.50


781584 797890


112 pages • 7 × 9"

US $18.95

9 781584 796411

Also of Interest Fall12AdltCat_133-144.indd 135

CAN $21.95

ISBN 978-1584796411 51895

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3/23/12 9:32 AM

INterIor DeSIgN & FaSHIoN FaVorIteS

An Affair with a House

Bunny Williams’ Point of View

American Modern: Thomas O’Brien

StewArt, tAbori & ChAng



ISBN 978-1-58479-470-7

StewArt, tAbori & ChAng


Hardcover with jacket

ISBN 978-1-58479-624-4

ISBN 978-0-8109-8478-3

Hardcover with jacket

Hardcover with jacket


240 pages • 10⅝ × 10⅝"

US $65.00

ISBN 978-1-58479-470-7 56500 9 781584 794707

US $50.00 9

CaN $60.00


780810 984783


The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé




ISBN 978-1-4197-0106-1

Vendome PreSS

ISBN 978-0-8109-9608-3


ISBN 978-0-86565-251-4


330 pages • 10 × 12½"

Hardcover with jacket

388 pages • 8⅞ × 10⅝"

US $125.00

9 781419 701061

FA L L 2 0 1 2

REV_136-138_140.indd 136

280 pages • 11 × 12¼"

CaN $145.00

ISBN 978-1-4197-0106-1 12500

240 pages • 9½ × 11" ISBN 978-0-8109-8478-3

ISBN 978-1-58479-624-4 US $65.00 CaN $75.00 56500 9 781584 796244

Inspiration Dior


272 pages • 10½ × 13"

CaN $75.00

ISBN 978-0865652514 US $95.00 CaN

9 780865 652514

$123.50 59500

Yves Saint Laurent Chenoune/Müller

US $65.00

CaN $75.00

ISBN 978-0810996083 56500 9 780810 996083

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Available wherever ebooks are sold


Abrams ComicArts

Abrams Image

Love Looks Not with the Eyes: Thirteen Years with Lee Alexander McQueen

Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow?

I Want to Be Her!

ISBN 978-1-61312-269-3

One Good Deed

ISBN 978-1-61312-415-4



Serengeti Spy ISBN 978-1-61312-398-0

ISBN 978-1-61312-369-0 September

ISBN 978-1-61312-368-3

ISBN 978-1-61312-216-7

Mars Attacks

Trolls ISBN 978-1-61312-401-7

ISBN 978-1-61312-416-1

Innocence of Objects ISBN 978-1-61312-389-8


O. Winston Link: Life Along the Line ISBN 978-1-61312-392-8

Planetfall ISBN 978-1-61312-395-9

Theodora: Empress of Byzantium

101 Reasons to Love the Packers

ISBN 978-0-86565-280-4

ISBN 978-1-61312-420-8

Tuscan Countess


ISBN 978-1-61312-382-9

ISBN 978-0-86565-281-1 September

ISBN 978-1-61312-384-3

ISBN 978-1-61312-394-2


kate spade new york: things we love ISBN 978-1-61312-390-4

Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer ISBN 978-1-61312-292-1

ISBN 978-1-61312-417-8

avaIL nOW

Sister Parish ISBN 978-0-86565-302-3





Whole Grains for a New Generation OctOber

Very Candy Christmas ISBN 978-1-61312-402-4


Grand Central Terminal ISBN 978-1-61312-387-4

■ visit for


our bestselling backlist

Also of Interest REV_136-138_140.indd 137

avaIL nOW

Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die

ISBN 978-1-61312-403-1 February

avaIL nOW

Classic Mantle

ISBN 978-1-61312-386-7 January

avaIL nOW

Young Michelangelo ISBN 978-0-86565-278-1


ISBN 978-1-61312-396-6

ISBN 978-1-61312-400-0

The Great Book of French Cuisine ISBN 978-0-86565-279-8


Painted Home by Dena

Star Trek: The Next Generation 365

Vendome Press

ISBN 978-1-61312-419-2

Prefabulous + Almost Off the Grid OctOber


101 Reasons to Love the Cowboys

Dazzling Design OctOber


Weird Al ISBN 978-1-61312-383-6

Baked Elements OctOber



Stewart, Tabori & Chang OctOber


Sh*tty Mom ISBN 978-1-61312-399-7



Edible Selby ISBN 978-1-61312-385-0

ISBN 978-1-61312-393-5 September

Carter Family

Slim Aarons: La Dolce Vita September

ISBN 978-1-61312-388-1


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4/3/12 1:46 PM

PANTONE ®: Box of Color

Hide and seek ■

by Dav i D a . c a rte r

6 m i N i B OA r d B O O k s !

Emancipation Proclamation LiNCOLN ANd THE dAW N O F L i B E r T Y

by Pa n to n e

co n c e P t by h u y vo u n l e e

by to n ya b o lD e n

■ This beautiful box is brimming with

■ “A fish and a teardrop. Five black spots, four

■ Published on the anniversary of when

gorgeous PANTONE colors and surprises.

blossoms blue, and a T that is white. A heart

President Lincoln’s order went into effect,

With a volume for each color of the rainbow—

and an arabesque.” These are just some of the

this book offers readers a unique look at

red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple—

hundreds of objects readers are invited to find

the events that led to the Emancipation

these six chunky board books feature simple

in David Carter’s latest art pop-up book. His

Proclamation. Filled with little-known

peek-through cutouts that transform as you

previous books, which have sold hundreds

facts and fascinating details, it includes

turn the pages. Simple text prompts parents

of thousands of copies, asked readers to find

excerpts from historical sources, archival

and children to label objects and observe

a single image hidden in ten pop-up kinetic

images, and new research that debunks

lighter and darker shades of the same color

sculptures. With Hide and Seek, he has

myths about the Emancipation Proclamation

family, promoting a new way of noticing the

expanded the concept to include hundreds

and its origins. Complete with a timeline,

colorful—and surprising—world around us.

of images or words hidden within the pop-up

glossary, and bibliography, this is an

landscapes, inviting readers to explore and

engrossing new historical resource from

discover something new with each visit.

an award-winning children’s book author.

MATCHING SYSTEM® in 1963 and is today

david A. Carter is an internationally acclaimed

Tonya Bolden, an award-winning children’s

the premier color authority in trends and a

pop-up artist who he has created more than

book author, lives in New York City.

consumer brand.

50 pop-up books. He lives and works in

PANTONE revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the launch of the PANTONE

Brooklyn and Miami.

s pecifications

s pecifications

s pecifications

6 board books with die-cuts

Pop-up color illustrations throughout

Color illustrations

Color illustrations

20 pages, 9 × 9"

128 pages, 8½ × 10"

Each book 10 pages, 3½ × 3½"


hardcover with jacket

Board book boxed set








AGES 10 TO 14





BlACk hiSTOry

iSBN 978-1-4197-0419-2

iSBN 978-1-84976-101-7

iSBN 978-1-4197-0390-4

ISBN 978-1-4197-0419-2 US $12.95 CAN $13.95

ISBN 978-1-84976-101-7 US $24.95 CAN $27.95

ISBN 978-1-4197-0390-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


9 781419 704192


9 781849 761017


9 781419 703904

z Abrams Books for Young Readers


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REV_136-138_140.indd 138

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discovering Black America

hit the road, Jack

F r o M T h e Ag e o F e x P Lo r AT i o n To T h e T w e n T Y- F i r S T C e n T u rY

By ro B e rT B u r le I g h

I l luS Tr ATe D By roS S m AC D o N A lD

Yoko ono C o L L e C To r o F S k i e S ■

By N e l l B e r A m A N D

C A ro ly N B o r I S S- K r I m S K y

By l I N DA TA r r A N T- r e I D

■ Discovering Black America offers readers

■ In this delightful picture book, loosely

■ this lyrical biography explores the life

an unprecedented account of more than 400

inspired by Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, a

and art of yoko Ono, from her childhood

years of African American history set against

scat-singing, bebopping jackrabbit travels

haiku to her avant-garde visual art and

a background of American and global events.

across the united States—from hopping

experimental music. An outcast for most

the book begins with a black sailor aboard

on the subway in New york City to playing

of her life, yoko always followed her own

the Niña with Christopher Columbus and

a jukebox in Chicago to gazing at mount

vision to create art that was ahead of its time

continues through the colonial period, slavery,

Rushmore to crossing the golden gate Bridge

and would later be celebrated. Her focus

the Civil War, Jim Crow, and civil rights to the

in San francisco. Written in the rhythm and

remained on being an artist, even when

current u.S. president. Including first-person

spirit of Beat poetry, Hit the Road, Jack is

the rest of world saw her only as the wife

narratives from diaries and journals, interviews,

an exuberant story of experiencing all the

of John lennon. yoko Ono’s moving story

and archival images, as well as an index and

country has to offer with wide-eyed awe.

bibliography, this book will give readers an intimate understanding of this extensive history.

Robert Burleigh has written many acclaimed, award-winning children’s books. He lives in

will inspire any young adult who has ever felt like an outsider to follow their dreams and find beauty in all that surrounds them.

linda Tarrant-Reid, a communications

grand Haven, michigan. Ross Macdonald

Nell Beram is a former columnist for the Horn

specialist for school districts, is the author of

is an editorial and children’s-book illustrator.

Book. She lives in Cambridge, massachusetts.

several books for adults. She lives in New

He lives in Connecticut, where he operates

Carolyn Boriss-Krimsky is a visual artist and

Rochelle, New york.

Brightwork Press.

author. She lives in New york City.

s pecifications

s pecifications

s pecifications

Black-and-white and color illustrations

Color illustrations

176 pages, 8 × 10"

256 pages, 8½ × 10"

48 pages, 10½ × 9½"

hardcover with jacket

hardcover with jacket

hardcover with jacket







AGeS 12 ANd UP

AGeS 10 TO 14

AGeS 4 TO 8




BlACK hISTORy ISBN 978-0-8109-7098-4

ISBN 978-1-4197-0399-7

ISBN 978-1-4197-0444-4

ISBN 978-0810970984 US $29.95 CAN $32.95

ISBN 978-1-4197-0399-7 US $17.95 CAN $19.95

ISBN 978-1-4197-0444-4 US $24.95 CAN $27.95


9 780810 970984

z Abrams Books for Young Readers



9 781419 703997

9 781419 704444

z Abrams Books for Young Readers

 Amulet Books

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COVER From Avedon: Murals and Portraits. From left, starting on gatefold: Allen Ginsberg’s family: Hannah “Honey” Litzky, aunt; Leo Litzky, uncle; Abe Ginsberg, uncle; Anna Ginsberg, aunt; Louis Ginsberg, father; Eugene Brooks, brother; Allen Ginsberg, poet; Anne Brooks, niece; Peter Brooks, nephew; Connie Brooks, sister-in-law; Lyle Brooks, nephew; Eugene Brooks; Neal Brooks, nephew; Edith Ginsberg, stepmother; Louis Ginsberg, Paterson, New Jersey, May 3, 1970. © The Richard Avedon Foundation INSIDE FRONT COVER From Home Made Winter, photographs by Oof Vershuren CONTENTS From Kaffe Fassett: Dreaming in Color: An Autobiography. Photograph courtesy of the Kaffe Fassett Studio archive PAGES 2–3 From Desert Air, photograph © George Steinmetz PAGES 4–5 Bottom: The Mission Council, Saigon, South Vietnam, April 28, 1971 © The Richard Avedon Foundation; top: Abbie Hoffman, Yippie, Chicago Conspiracy Trial, Chicago, Illinois, September 24, 1969 © The Richard Avedon Foundation PAGES 6–7 Photographs by Anne Deniau PAGE 8 Photographs by Anup Shah PAGE 9 Photographs by Nick Brandt PAGE 10 Illustrations by Brian Fies PAGE 11 All photographs © Georgia O’Keeffe Museum unless otherwise noted. Left, top to bottom: Georgia O’Keeffe. The House I Live In, 1937. Oil on canvas. Courtesy Yale University Art Museum CR 0913; O’Keeffe in her Studio, 1962. Photograph by Ralph Looney. Courtesy of The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, Gift of and © the Estate of Ralph and Clarabelle Looney. Right, top to bottom: Georgia O’Keeffe Climbing Ladder, Ghost Ranch Patio, 1944. Photograph by Maria Chabot; Georgia O’Keeffe. Patio No. II, 1940. Oil on canvas. Courtesy Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Snowiss CR 0985; Abiquiu Garden Ditch Looking North, 20120. Photograph by Paul Hester and Lisa Hardaway; Georgia O’Keeffe Sitting Room, 1965. Photograph by and © Balthazar Korab. PAGES 12–13 Cover by Dan E. Burr PAGE 14 Photographs by Lewis Blackwell PAGE 15 Photographs by Slim Aarons PAGES 16–17 Images by Brian and Wendy Froud © World of Froud PAGE 18 Photographs


© Alain le Toquin PAGE 19 Cover photograph © Trent Bell; top: © Lance Gerber, Nuvue Interactive; middle: © Jim Tetro; bottom: © Casey Dunn PAGES 20–21 Clockwise from top left: Peter Lindbergh, Bert Stern, Arthur Elgort/Condé Nast Archive, Peter Lindbergh, Irving Penn, Horst P. Horst/Condé Nast Archive; cover image, page 21: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott PAGE 22 Photographs by O. Winston Link © Conway Link PAGE 23 Photographs by Michael Benson PAGES 24–25 All photographs by Victoria Pearson, except page 24, bottom right, by Oberto Gili PAGES 26–27 Images © 2012 Todd Selby PAGE 28 Top: The Gauntlet © Warner Bros, photo: Marcia Reed; middle: Letters from Iwo Jima © Warner Bros, photo: Merie Weismiller Wallace; bottom: Million Dollar Baby © Warner Bros, photo: Merie Weismiller Wallace PAGE 29 Photographs by Tim Walker PAGES 30–31 Photos courtesy of the New York Times PAGE 32 Illustrations by Frank M. Young and David Lasky PAGE 33 Images © The Topps Company, Inc. PAGE 34 Photographs © The Museum of Innocence, Istanbul PAGE 35 Photographs © George Steinmetz PAGE 36 Top: © Bruce Davidson; middle: © John Kobal Foundation / Getty Images; bottom: © Everett Collection PAGE 37 ™ ® & © 2012 CBS Studios Inc. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bottom detail: courtesy of Andrew Probert PAGES 38–39 Photographs © Tim Flach PAGE 41 Photographs by Richard Powers PAGE 43 Photographs © Christine Fleurent PAGE 44 © 2012 Lucasfilm Ltd. And ™. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization. Cover art: Luminous Being by Jerry Vanderstelt; top detail: Splinter of the Mind’s Eye by Ralph McQuarrie; bottom detail: Episode V—To Cloud City by Tsuneo Sanda. PAGE 45 Cover photograph © Estate of Margaret Bourke-White / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY; top: © Edith Lutynes and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation. Courtesy of the Harry Ransom Center; middle: © Edith Lutyens and Norman Bel Geddes Foundation; bottom: General Motors LLC. Used with permission, GM Media Archives PAGES 46–47 Page 46, clockwise from top: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott; Michael Thompson; Michael

Thompson; Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott; Steven Klein; page 47, top and middle: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott; bottom left: Dinh Thi Tien; bottom middle: Francois Halard; bottom right: Cedric Dordevic PAGE 48 Top: © Archives Louis Vuitton; top middle: © Louis Vuitton / Annie Leibovitz; bottom middle: © Louis Vuitton / Ludwig Bonnet; bottom: © Archives Louis Vuitton PAGE 49 Illustrations by Emma Farrarons PAGE 50 Photographs by Laziz Hamani PAGE 51 © Arthur Carter PAGE 52 © Christine King Farris PAGE 53 © Jules Feiffer PAGES 54–55 top right (Francoise Hardy): Victor Blackman / Hulton Archive / Getty Images; middle (colorful polaroids): Courtesy of Grant Hamilton; middle left (garden party): Henry Clarke/ The Condé Nast Publications Ltd./; bottom left (gold sequined shoe): kate spade new york; bottom right (Rene Gruau illustration): Rene Gruau PAGES 56–57 From Home Made Winter, photograph by Oof Verschuren AGES 58–59 Author photograph by Michael Harlan Turkell; all other photographs by Tina Rupp PAGES 60–61 Photographs by Jody Rogac; illustrations by Sun Young Park PAGE 62 Photographs by John Ellis PAGE 63 Top and middle: Roger Davies; bottom: Max Kim-Bee PAGES 64–65 Photographs by Oof Verschuren; illustrations by Yvette Van Boven PAGES 66–67 All photographs courtesy of the Kaffe Fassett Studio archive, except for the following: page 66, bottom, second from left: Steve Lovi; afghan-covered couch: Debbie Patterson; page 67, top, second from right: Debbie Patterson PAGE 69 Photographs by John Gruen PAGE 70 Photographs © Matthew Septimus PAGE 71 Photographs by Ericka McConnell PAGES 72–73 Photographs by Rinne Allen PAGES 74–75 Photographs by J. Nichole Smith PAGE 76 Photographs by Marvin E. Newman PAGE 77 Photographs by Dennis Coello PAGE 78 Photographs by Jody Rogac PAGE 79 Cover photograph by Pieter Estersohn; top: Miguel FloresVianna; middle and bottom: Richard Powers PAGE 80 Photographs by David Bowers PAGE 81 Main Concourse of Grand Central Terminal, November 17, 1999, photo by Frank English; Tiffany clock from interior of Grand Central Terminal, March 17, 2010, photo by Frank English; Baggage claim area, n.d., Photo Credit: New York Central

Lines; New station as it will appear from the corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue, 1905, From Scientific American, Courtesy of MidManhattan Picture Collection, New York Public Library PAGES 82–83 From Too Much Horror Business, Courtesy of Kirk Hammett PAGES 84–85 Laurie Kilmartin: Dan Dion; Karen Moline: Deborah Feingold; Alicia Ybarbo; Mary Ann Zoellner PAGES 86–87 Illustrations by Anne Johnston Albert PAGE 89 Courtesy of Kirk Hammett PAGES 90–91 Courtesy of Al Yankovic PAGES 92-93 From The Nao of Brown, © Glyn Dillon PAGE 94 Illustrations © Glyn Dillon PAGE 95 Illustrations © Li Kunwu PAGE 96 Cover image by Francesco Francavilla PAGE 97 Images by JAKe PAGES 98–99 Edouard Manet, The Railway, 1872–73. National Gallery of Art, Washington. Gift of Edith Stuyvesant Gerry, 1959.3.1. Photo courtesy the National Gallery of Art, Washington PAGES 100–101 Color photos by Mauro Magliani © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Archival photos © The Isidore and Anne Falk Information Center in the Israel Museum PAGE 102 Photos © Yves Klein, ADAGP, Paris PAGE 103 Images © Hervé Perdriolle PAGE 112 Top: Amazona de frente, 1882 © Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid; bottom: The Monet Family in their Garden at Argenteuil, 1874 © The Metropolitan Museum of Art/Art Resource/Scala, Florence PAGE 113 Top: Umberto Boccioni, Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913; cast 1931 © Tate, London; middle: School of Lysippos, Athlete © Museo Archeologico, Naples; bottom: Benvenuto Cellini, Plaque with relief of a Saluki hound, 1544–45 © Museo Nazionale del Bargello, Florence PAGE 114 All images © David King PAGE 117 Photographs © Massimo Listri PAGE 118 Photographs © Joginder Singh PAGE 119 Photographs © David Behl PAGE 121 Photographs © Jacques Boulay PAGE 122 Photographs © Barry Brukoff PAGE 123 Sketch © Dajing Qian; Photographs © Brian Morris, UK PAGES 124–125 Photographs © James Fennell

ComicArts is a registered trademark of Harry N. Abrams, Inc., registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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101 Reasons to love the Cowboys 68 101 Reasons to love the Packers 68 Agustin fernandez 106 Arthur Carter 51

fundamental techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine, the 70 georgia O’Keeffe and Her Houses 11 gertie’s New Book for Better

lovecraft Anthology Vol. II, the 96

Quebec and Canadian Art 132

love looks Not with the Eyes:

Renaissance Velvets 130

thirteen years with lee Alexander mcQueen 6–7

Royal Cities of the Ancient maya 122

manet 112

Russian Revolutionary Posters 114

mars Attacks 33

Sandra Nunnerley Interiors 79

Artists of Nigeria 106

gold, Silver & Brass 104

martin luther King Jr. 52

Scottish Country House,

At Home in Italy 117

grand Central terminal 81

mighty maharajas 118

A to Z of Style 49

Handmade in Britain 130

monumental Venice 121

Serengeti Spy 8

Avedon murals and Portraits 4–5

Havana Archive, the 108

more than Human 38–39

Sex Press 42

Baked Elements 58–59

Heather Ross Prints 69

movie Box 36

Sh*tty mom 84–85

Britain Creates 107

Hello Kitty, Hello Art! 40

muslin 128

Sister Parish 120

British Watercolors 128

Hellraisers 97

my Name Is Charles Saatchi and I

Slim Aarons: la dolce Vita 15

Broadway musicals 30–31

Home made Winter 64–65

Bronze 113

Iconic Interior, the 41

Nao of Brown, the 94

Cabinets of Wonder 43

I, Jack Russell 111

Nathan turner’s American

Caravanserai 104

Industrial Chic 50

Style 24–25

Symphony of Jewels 119

Carter family, the 32

Innocence of Objects, the 34

Naum gabo 116

tim Walker: Story teller 29

Century of Olympic Posters, A 131

Italian Renaissance maiolica 126

Norman Bel geddes designs

too much Horror Business 89

Classical Chinese furniture 123

I Want to Be Her! 86–87

Chinese life, A 95

Japanese Netsuke 126

One good deed 88

Very Candy Christmas, A 80

Classic mantle, the 76

Jewish Wardrobe, the 100–101

On this Earth, A Shadow falls 9

Vogue: the Editor’s Eye 20–21

Clint Eastwood 28

Kaffe fassett: dreaming in

Out of focus 109

Weird Al 90–91

Out of line 53

Whatever Happened to the World

Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Babies & toddlers 71 Contemporary Indian Art 103

Sewing 60–61

Color 66–67 kate spade new york: things we love 54–55

Am an Artoholic 107

America 45

O. Winston link: life Along the line 22

the 124–125

Star trek: the Next generation 365 37 Star Wars Art: Illustration 44

trolls 16–17

of tomorrow? 10 Whole grains for a New

dazzling design 63

Knitting 129

Painted Home by dena, the 62

decorative Arts and design 132

Knitting from the Center Out 78

Photographs found 108

desert Air 35

Kota 105

Pier Paolo Calzolari 131

W: the first 40 years 46–47

Economix 12–13

lamps of louis Comfort tiffany,

Planetfall 23

young michelangelo 116

Prefabulous + Almost Off the

yves Klein 102

Edible Selby 26–27 fifty Places to Bike Before you die 77 flowers in the World’s most Beautiful gardens 18

the 120 lichtenstein 115 life and love of Cats, the 14 louis Vuitton: the Birth of modern luxury 48

generation 72–73 World Cultures and fine Arts 132

grid 19 Pre-Raphaelites 115 Puppyhood 75 Quant by Quant 127

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Art history

Handmade in Britain 130

grand Central terminal 81

Bronze 113

▼ Heather Ross Prints 69

▼ Norman Bel geddes designs

Japanese Netsuke 126

America 45

louis Vuitton: the Birth of modern luxury 48 love looks Not with the Eyes:

Jewish Wardrobe, The 100–101

thirteen years with lee Alexander mcQueen 6–7 muslin 128


Renaissance Velvets 130

georgia O’Keeffe and Her

Symphony of Jewels 119 tim Walker: Story teller 29

Houses 11 martin luther King Jr. 52

Vogue: the Editor’s Eye 20–21

my Name Is Charles Saatchi and I Am an Artoholic 107 Quant by Quant 127 Prefabulous + Almost Off the

W: the first 40 years 46–47 Knitting 129 Knitting from the Center Out 78

Sister Parish 120


young michelangelo 116

grid 19

movie Box 36 DecorAtive Arts

too much Horror Business 89

At Home in Italy 117 Art


Classical Chinese furniture 123

▲ Agustin fernandez 106

Economix 12–13

Italian Renaissance maiolica 126 lamps of louis Comfort

Arthur Carter 51 Artists of Nigeria 106

Tiffany, The 120

Britain Creates 107


British Watercolors 128

Economix 12–13

Scottish Country House, The 124–125

Classical Chinese furniture 123 Contemporary Indian Art 103 economics


Economix 12–13

▲ Edible Selby 26–27

Innocence of Objects, The 34


fooD & Wine

Italian Renaissance maiolica 126

Sex Press 42

decorative Arts and design 132


georgia O’Keeffe and Her Houses 11 Hello Kitty, Hello Art! 40

Kota 105

Baked Elements 58–59 fundamental techniques of Classic

lichtenstein 115

Italian Cuisine, The 70

manet 112


Naum gabo 116

trolls 16–17

Whole grains for a New generation 72–73

Out of line 53 Pier Paolo Calzolari 131

▲ Home made Winter 64–65

Pre-Raphaelites 115

Very Candy Christmas, A 80



Quebec and Canadian Art 132

A to Z of Style 49

flowers in the World’s most

Royal Cities of the Ancient

gold, Silver & Brass 104

maya 122 Russian Revolutionary Posters 114 Star Wars Art: Illustration 44 World Cultures and fine Arts 132 yves Klein 102

1 42


I Want to Be Her! 86–87

Comfort Knitting & Crochet: Babies

Jewish Wardrobe, The 100–101

& toddlers 71 gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing 60–61

kate spade new york: things we love 54–55

Beautiful gardens 18

grAphic Design Century of Olympic Posters, A 131 Russian Revolutionary Posters 114

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_133-144.indd 142

3/23/12 9:32 AM

grAphic novel

interior Design

Carter Family, The 32

At Home in Italy 117

Chinese life, A 95

Cabinets of Wonder 43

Hellraisers 97

Star trek: the Next generation 365 37

pop culture Hello Kitty, Hello Art! 40

Star Wars Art: Illustration 44

dazzling design 63 Iconic Interior, The 41 Industrial Chic 50


Nathan turner’s American

I, Jack Russell 111

Style 24–25 Painted Home by Dena, The 62 ▲ lovecraft Anthology Vol. II, The 96 Nao of Brown, The 94

Sandra Nunnerley Interiors 79 Scottish Country House, The 124–125

Whatever Happened to the World


▲ mars Attacks 33

Avedon murals and Portraits 4¬¬–5

Weird Al 90–91

Caravanserai 104

of tomorrow? 10


Life and Love of Cats, The 14 Puppyhood 75


desert Air 35

gold, Silver & Brass 104

Edible Selby 26–27


Symphony of Jewels 119

Havana Archive, The 108

grand Central terminal 81

I, Jack Russell 111

Havana Archive, The 108 martin luther King Jr. 52

Life and Love of Cats, The 14

mighty maharajas 118


Photographs found 108

Innocence of Objects, The 34

Royal Cities of the Ancient

love looks Not with the Eyes: thirteen years with lee

Planetfall 23

Alexander mcQueen 6–7 monumental Venice 121

maya 122 memoir

more than Human 38–39


I Want to Be Her! 86–87

movie Box 36

101 Reasons to love the

home Design

On this Earth, A Shadow falls 9

Prefabulous + Almost Off the

Out of focus 109

grid 19


music Carter Family, The 32 too much Horror Business 89


O. Winston link: life Along the line 22 Photographs found 108 Serengeti Spy 8

Cowboys 68 101 Reasons to love the Packers 68 Classic Mantle, The 76 fifty Places to Bike Before you die 77

Sh*tty mom 84–85 nAture textiles

desert Air 35 inspirAtionAl

Serengeti Spy 8

muslin 128 Renaissance Velvets 130

One good deed 88

pArenting trAvel

Sh*tty mom 84–85

Caravanserai 104 mighty maharajas 118 performing Arts

monumental Venice 121

Broadway musicals 30–31

▲ Slim Aarons: la dolce Vita 15

⊳ Clint Eastwood 28

tim Walker: Story teller 29

FA L L 2 0 1 2

Fall12AdltCat_133-144.indd 143


3/23/12 9:32 AM


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AD U LT A sso r Tm e nTs fo r fall 2012

For full terms, visit Contact your Abrams rep or call us at 212-519-1236.

AvA i l A b le to r e tA i le rs o n ly

F o r th e C r e ati v e

F o r th e pr o F e S S i o n a l Co o k

F o r th e h o m e Co o k

F o r th e Ba k e r

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 4 -2

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 1 - 0

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 0 -3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 9 -7

3 copies Knitting from the Center Out neW 978-1-58479-998-6 (HC) US $27.50 Can $31.50

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine neW 978-1-58479-990-0 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

3 copies Home Made Winter neW 978-1-61769-004-4 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

4 copies Baked Elements neW 978-1-58479-985-6 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Home Made 978-1-58479-946-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00

2 copies Baked Explorations 978-1-58479-850-7 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies French Feasts 978-1-58479-794-4 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $49.95

2 copies Baked 978-1-58479-721-0 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Modern Top-Down Knitting 978-1-58479-861-3 (HC) US $27.50 CAN $35.95 2 copies Reversible Knitting 978-1-58479-805-7 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $38.95

SHipS 10/10/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $197.40 CAN $244.30

F o r th e D e S i g n e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 8 - 0

3 copies Dazzling Design neW 978-1-58479-988-7 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 2 copies Katie Ridder Rooms 978-0-86565-272-9 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 1 copy New Classic Interiors 978-1-58479-787-6 (HC) US $60.00 CAN $72.00

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine 978-1-58479-478-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00 1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts 978-1-58479-803-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

F o r th e e x tr ate r r e S tr i a l

F o r th e e le g a nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 6 - 6

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 5 - 8

2 copies Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die 978-1-58479-567-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 2 copies Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die 978-1-58479-474-5 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95

F o r th e S ta r Wa r S Fa n ati C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 07-3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 3 - 4

3 copies The Life and Love of Cats neW 978-1-4197-0404-8 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

1 copy Sea 978-1-4197-0087-3 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50

F o r th e tr e k k e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 2 -7

2 copies Star Wars Art: Illustration neW 978-1-4197-0430-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $300.00 CAN $345.00

SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $260.00 CAN $300.00

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 5 - 9

3 copies Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die neW 978-1-58479-989-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 SHipS 8/29/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $310.00 CAN $359.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $265.00 CAN $309.90

F o r th e S p o r t y

F o r th e a n i m a l lov e r

2 copies Dogs 978-0-8109-9653-3 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $240.00 CAN $276.00

1 copy Star Wars Art: Comics 978-1-4197-0076-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 1 copy Star Wars Art: Visions 978-0-8109-9589-5 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $48.00

3 copies Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 neW 978-1-4197-0429-1 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $32.95 2 copies Star Trek: The Original Series 365 978-0-8109-9172-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $34.95 2 copies Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days 978-0-8109-5936-1 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $174.65 CAN $195.65

3 copies Planetfall neW 978-1-4197-0422-2 (HC)

US $55.00 CAN $62.00 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

2 copies How to Dress for Success 978-0-8109-2133-7 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $23.95

1 copy Far Out 978-0-8109-4948-5 (HC) US $55.00 CAN $71.50

2 copies The Little Dictionary of Fashion 978-0-8109-9461-4 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $25.95

1 copy Beyond 978-0-8109-4531-9 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $280.00 CAN $326.50

Don’t miss our ChilD Chil D ren’s Assortments in the ChilD Chil D ren’s CAt CA tA log

SHipS 10/10/12

ToTAl ReTAil: US $159.60 CAN $187.60

F o r th e e Co n o m i S t

F o r th e m yS ti C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 6 - 5

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 4 -1

SHipS 8/1/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $183.60 CAN $203.60 SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $160.00 CAN $183.00

4 copies A to Z of Style neW 978-1-4197-0255-6 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $21.95

SHipS 8/15/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $224.80 CAN $263.80

4 copies Economix neW 978-0-8109-8839-2 (pB)

US $19.95 CAN $21.95

3 copies Trolls neW 978-1-4197-0438-3 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

2 copies PS Magazine 978-0-8109-9748-6 (HC)

US $21.95 CAN $24.95

2 copies Gnomes Deluxe Collector’s Edition 978-0-8109-9846-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

2 copies Government Issue 978-1-4197-0078-1 (pB) US $29.95 CAN $32.95

2 copies Faeries 978-0-8109-9586-4 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $214.75 CAN $243.75

Fall12Adult_K.indd 2

4/2/12 10:37 AM

AD U LT A sso r Tm e nTs fo r fall 2012

For full terms, visit Contact your Abrams rep or call us at 212-519-1236.

AvA i l A b le to r e tA i le rs o n ly

F o r th e C r e ati v e

F o r th e pr o F e S S i o n a l Co o k

F o r th e h o m e Co o k

F o r th e Ba k e r

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 4 -2

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 1 - 0

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 0 -3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 9 -7

3 copies Knitting from the Center Out neW 978-1-58479-998-6 (HC) US $27.50 Can $31.50

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine neW 978-1-58479-990-0 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

3 copies Home Made Winter neW 978-1-61769-004-4 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

4 copies Baked Elements neW 978-1-58479-985-6 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Home Made 978-1-58479-946-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00

2 copies Baked Explorations 978-1-58479-850-7 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies French Feasts 978-1-58479-794-4 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $49.95

2 copies Baked 978-1-58479-721-0 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Modern Top-Down Knitting 978-1-58479-861-3 (HC) US $27.50 CAN $35.95 2 copies Reversible Knitting 978-1-58479-805-7 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $38.95

SHipS 10/10/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $197.40 CAN $244.30

F o r th e D e S i g n e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 8 - 0

3 copies Dazzling Design neW 978-1-58479-988-7 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 2 copies Katie Ridder Rooms 978-0-86565-272-9 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 1 copy New Classic Interiors 978-1-58479-787-6 (HC) US $60.00 CAN $72.00

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine 978-1-58479-478-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00 1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts 978-1-58479-803-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

F o r th e e x tr ate r r e S tr i a l

F o r th e e le g a nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 6 - 6

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 5 - 8

2 copies Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die 978-1-58479-567-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 2 copies Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die 978-1-58479-474-5 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95

F o r th e S ta r Wa r S Fa n ati C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 07-3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 3 - 4

3 copies The Life and Love of Cats neW 978-1-4197-0404-8 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

1 copy Sea 978-1-4197-0087-3 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50

F o r th e tr e k k e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 2 -7

2 copies Star Wars Art: Illustration neW 978-1-4197-0430-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $300.00 CAN $345.00

SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $260.00 CAN $300.00

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 5 - 9

3 copies Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die neW 978-1-58479-989-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 SHipS 8/29/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $310.00 CAN $359.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $265.00 CAN $309.90

F o r th e S p o r t y

F o r th e a n i m a l lov e r

2 copies Dogs 978-0-8109-9653-3 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $240.00 CAN $276.00

1 copy Star Wars Art: Comics 978-1-4197-0076-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 1 copy Star Wars Art: Visions 978-0-8109-9589-5 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $48.00

3 copies Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 neW 978-1-4197-0429-1 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $32.95 2 copies Star Trek: The Original Series 365 978-0-8109-9172-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $34.95 2 copies Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days 978-0-8109-5936-1 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $174.65 CAN $195.65

3 copies Planetfall neW 978-1-4197-0422-2 (HC)

US $55.00 CAN $62.00 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

2 copies How to Dress for Success 978-0-8109-2133-7 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $23.95

1 copy Far Out 978-0-8109-4948-5 (HC) US $55.00 CAN $71.50

2 copies The Little Dictionary of Fashion 978-0-8109-9461-4 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $25.95

1 copy Beyond 978-0-8109-4531-9 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $280.00 CAN $326.50

Don’t miss our ChilD Chil D ren’s Assortments in the ChilD Chil D ren’s CAt CA tA log

SHipS 10/10/12

ToTAl ReTAil: US $159.60 CAN $187.60

F o r th e e Co n o m i S t

F o r th e m yS ti C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 6 - 5

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 4 -1

SHipS 8/1/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $183.60 CAN $203.60 SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $160.00 CAN $183.00

4 copies A to Z of Style neW 978-1-4197-0255-6 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $21.95

SHipS 8/15/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $224.80 CAN $263.80

4 copies Economix neW 978-0-8109-8839-2 (pB)

US $19.95 CAN $21.95

3 copies Trolls neW 978-1-4197-0438-3 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

2 copies PS Magazine 978-0-8109-9748-6 (HC)

US $21.95 CAN $24.95

2 copies Gnomes Deluxe Collector’s Edition 978-0-8109-9846-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

2 copies Government Issue 978-1-4197-0078-1 (pB) US $29.95 CAN $32.95

2 copies Faeries 978-0-8109-9586-4 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $214.75 CAN $243.75

Fall12Adult_K.indd 2

4/2/12 10:37 AM

AD U LT A sso r Tm e nTs fo r fall 2012

For full terms, visit Contact your Abrams rep or call us at 212-519-1236.

AvA i l A b le to r e tA i le rs o n ly

F o r th e C r e ati v e

F o r th e pr o F e S S i o n a l Co o k

F o r th e h o m e Co o k

F o r th e Ba k e r

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 4 -2

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 1 - 0

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 0 -3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 9 -7

3 copies Knitting from the Center Out neW 978-1-58479-998-6 (HC) US $27.50 Can $31.50

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Italian Cuisine neW 978-1-58479-990-0 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

3 copies Home Made Winter neW 978-1-61769-004-4 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

4 copies Baked Elements neW 978-1-58479-985-6 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Home Made 978-1-58479-946-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00

2 copies Baked Explorations 978-1-58479-850-7 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies French Feasts 978-1-58479-794-4 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $49.95

2 copies Baked 978-1-58479-721-0 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

2 copies Modern Top-Down Knitting 978-1-58479-861-3 (HC) US $27.50 CAN $35.95 2 copies Reversible Knitting 978-1-58479-805-7 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $38.95

SHipS 10/10/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $197.40 CAN $244.30

F o r th e D e S i g n e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 8 - 0

3 copies Dazzling Design neW 978-1-58479-988-7 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 2 copies Katie Ridder Rooms 978-0-86565-272-9 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 1 copy New Classic Interiors 978-1-58479-787-6 (HC) US $60.00 CAN $72.00

1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Cuisine 978-1-58479-478-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00 1 copy The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Pastry Arts 978-1-58479-803-3 (HC) US $80.00 CAN $92.00

F o r th e e x tr ate r r e S tr i a l

F o r th e e le g a nt

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 6 - 6

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 5 - 8

2 copies Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die 978-1-58479-567-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 2 copies Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die 978-1-58479-474-5 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95

F o r th e S ta r Wa r S Fa n ati C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 07-3

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 3 - 4

3 copies The Life and Love of Cats neW 978-1-4197-0404-8 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50 US $50.00 CAN $57.50

1 copy Sea 978-1-4197-0087-3 (HC) US $50.00 CAN $57.50

F o r th e tr e k k e r 97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 2 -7

2 copies Star Wars Art: Illustration neW 978-1-4197-0430-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $300.00 CAN $345.00

SHipS 8/8/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $260.00 CAN $300.00

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 6 0 5 - 9

3 copies Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die neW 978-1-58479-989-4 (HC) US $24.95 CAN $27.95 SHipS 8/29/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $310.00 CAN $359.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $265.00 CAN $309.90

F o r th e S p o r t y

F o r th e a n i m a l lov e r

2 copies Dogs 978-0-8109-9653-3 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $240.00 CAN $276.00

1 copy Star Wars Art: Comics 978-1-4197-0076-7 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $45.00 1 copy Star Wars Art: Visions 978-0-8109-9589-5 (HC) US $40.00 CAN $48.00

3 copies Star Trek: The Next Generation 365 neW 978-1-4197-0429-1 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $32.95 2 copies Star Trek: The Original Series 365 978-0-8109-9172-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $34.95 2 copies Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days 978-0-8109-5936-1 (HC) US $32.50 CAN $37.50

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $174.65 CAN $195.65

3 copies Planetfall neW 978-1-4197-0422-2 (HC)

US $55.00 CAN $62.00 US $60.00 CAN $69.00

2 copies How to Dress for Success 978-0-8109-2133-7 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $23.95

1 copy Far Out 978-0-8109-4948-5 (HC) US $55.00 CAN $71.50

2 copies The Little Dictionary of Fashion 978-0-8109-9461-4 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $25.95

1 copy Beyond 978-0-8109-4531-9 (HC)

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $280.00 CAN $326.50

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SHipS 10/10/12

ToTAl ReTAil: US $159.60 CAN $187.60

F o r th e e Co n o m i S t

F o r th e m yS ti C

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 6 - 5

97 8 -1 - 41 97- 0 61 4 -1

SHipS 8/1/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $183.60 CAN $203.60 SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $160.00 CAN $183.00

4 copies A to Z of Style neW 978-1-4197-0255-6 (HC) US $19.95 CAN $21.95

SHipS 8/15/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $224.80 CAN $263.80

4 copies Economix neW 978-0-8109-8839-2 (pB)

US $19.95 CAN $21.95

3 copies Trolls neW 978-1-4197-0438-3 (HC) US $35.00 CAN $40.00

2 copies PS Magazine 978-0-8109-9748-6 (HC)

US $21.95 CAN $24.95

2 copies Gnomes Deluxe Collector’s Edition 978-0-8109-9846-9 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

2 copies Government Issue 978-1-4197-0078-1 (pB) US $29.95 CAN $32.95

2 copies Faeries 978-0-8109-9586-4 (HC) US $29.95 CAN $35.95

SHipS 9/12/12 ToTAl ReTAil: US $214.75 CAN $243.75

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4/2/12 10:37 AM

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FALL 2012

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4/2/12 10:23 AM

ABRAMS Fall 12 Catalog  

ABRAMS Fall 12 Catalog

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