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Ideas of Note O N E M A N ’ S P H I LO S O P H Y O F L I F E O N P O S T- I T S ■ ■ BY C H A Z H U T TO N

Exceptionally clever and funny diagrams that break down life’s everyday foibles—entirely on Post-it notes S E LLING POINTS ■■ The book completely delivers the humor with its spot-on observations and their creative graphic interpretations ■■ With an Instagram following of 130,000+ readers (and growing rapidly), the fan base is strong and is indicative of the concept’s mass appeal ■■ In a more visually oriented world, Insta-Chaz combines the strength of infographics with graphic-novel appeal

S PECIFICATIONS 150 color illustrations 176 pages, 6½ × 6½" Paperback RIGHTS: NORTH AMERICA


PUB MONTH: APRIL HUMOR • DESIGN haz Hutton is the creator of an Instagram feed entitled “Insta-Chaz,” which has more than

130,000 people following his very witty takes on the highs and lows of daily life via graphs, charts, and simple illustrations on the ubiquitous yellow, rectangular Post-it note. He accurately hits nerves and funny bones regarding a broad range of life’s quotidian struggles, from the anxiety levels of forgetting names at parties to charting the cycles of hope, despair, and willful forgetfulness while using Tinder, to the infrequent occurrence of the perfect avocado. Divided into quirky meditations on

ISBN 978-1-4197-2416-9 ISBN 978-1-4197-2416-9 US $14.95  CAN $17.95 51495 9 781419 724169

ISBN 978-1-68335-025-5 6-copy counter display ISBN 978-1-4197-2608-8 ISBN 978-1-4197-2608-8 US $89.70  CAN $101.70 58970 9 781419 726088

work, home, entertainment, and technology, the book introduces a fresh, appealing new voice that will resonate with countless readers who can’t help but laugh when they recognize themselves in infographic form. Originally from a farm in Australia and with a background in architecture, Charles “Chaz” Hutton ended up in London, where he now spends his time drawing pictures on small yellow pieces of paper, which his parents do a good job of pretending they’re impressed by.

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