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Discover Little Pea’s debut in this gentle, joyous story about embracing what makes us unique

Little Pea was born tiny, but with big aspirations. As he grows up, he loves to climb, explore, swim, daydream—just like any other kid his age. But when Little Pea starts school, the realization of how small he is sets in. Suddenly, he’s too small to sit at his desk, play the flute, or even join classmates at recess. What will become of Little Pea?

Internationally renowned author Davide Cali is a Swiss–born Italian writer of picture books and graphic novels primarily for children and young adults. His work has been published in 25 countries and translated into many languages. Cali is a recipient of numerous awards, including the BolognaRagazzi Award in the special category, Switzerland’s Prix Enfantaisie, and Belgium’s Libbylit Award. He lives in Italy. Sébastien Mourrain is the illustrator of over 40 picture books and documentaries published by Éditions Gallimard, Éditions du Seuil, Bayard & Milan, among others. He lives in Lyon, France. FINDING YOUR LIGHT: Inspires young readers by showing that pursuing a passion can bring joy and give meaning to one’s life.


Educators and parents alike can use this tale to reinforce notions of self–acceptance, individuality, and creativity.

BIG LITTLE WORLD: Little Pea’s miniature world, brought to life through Mourrain’s whimsical images, will captivate its young readers.

LITTLE PEA’S DEBUT: The one that started it all—Cali and Mourrain’s debut installment in the popular Little Pea series, which has spawned two sequels.

REISSUE REIMAGINED: This reissue of Little Pea is presented in an all–new format and features a cloth spine.

SOCIAL MEDIA HIT: Cali has more than 11,000 followers on Facebook and 4,500 on Instagram.


*Full-color illustrations throughout *36 pages *WIDTH: 7 1/2" - 191mm *HEIGHT: 9 1/2" - 241mm

*HC cloth spine


AGES 4 to 6


ISBN 978-1-990252-11-2

US $16.99 CAN $21.99 UK £11.99 ËxHSLJTAy252112z


Alongside breathtaking artwork by artist Marc Majewski, Nadja Belhadj delivers her unique perspective on the rewilding of wolves in Yellowstone Park

In 1930, when wolves disappeared from Yellowstone Park, the ecosystem started to collapse. With no wolves, the elk population exploded, directly contributing to overgrazing of young trees and cottonwood plants. This, in turn, led to a decline in songbirds and beavers, the latter of whom rely on willows in winter. As beavers declined in numbers, the lack of damming and shade meant water temperatures rose, and certain cold–water fish could no longer survive in Yellowstone. The missing link in the ecosystem was clear. So 65 years later, after the last known wolfpack had been exterminated from the area, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995. This hardcover accordion book tells two sides to their story.

Marc Majewski is a French author and illustrator based in Berlin. As a child, Majewski discovered a passion for drawing and painting through the works of Gustave Doré, Maurice Sendak, Quint Buchholz, and Symbolist painters. After obtaining a degree in literature and arts, he studied illustration and painting for two years. Majewski’s first book, Un Beau Voyage, was published in 2016. Majewski is passionate about the environment and loves painting landscapes and scenes from the natural world. Nadja Belhadj is a children's book author, editor, and translator–and believer in the power of words. She currently resides in Paris with her young daughter.


Beautifully hardcover that folds out into a panorama.

ENGAGING AND ARTISTIC: One side of the book displays a beautifully painted panorama of the evolving ecosystem; the back side features an engaging informational text about the reintroduction of wolves and its positive ecological impact.


An excellent nonfiction book for schools that explores habitats, ecology, and conservation issues.

STRONG FOLLOWING: Majewski has more than 83,000 followers on Instagram.


*Full-color illustrations throughout *44 pages *WIDTH: 8" - 203mm *HEIGHT: 12" - 305mm



AGES 5 to 9


ISBN 978-1-990252-19-8

US $19.99 CAN $24.99 UK £13.99 ËxHSLJTAy252198z


This hybrid narrative nonfiction book invites readers to follow Little Mouse in her charmingly painted exploration of nature

Little Mouse loves mint tea and lemon cookies and enjoys reading encyclopedias. One day, the roots of a plant pierce the ceiling of her burrow. Amazed, she realizes that she doesn’t know much about the nature around her—but it gives her an idea. She decides to write her own encyclopedia! The reader follows Little Mouse as she explores, questions, and experiments her way into the worlds of insects, trees, birds, and amphibians, both on land and in water, to discover many ecological processes and phenomena. It’s the perfect book for born explorers who want to learn about the wonders of nature.

Tereza Vostradovska lives in the Czech Republic. She graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Little Mouse’s Encyclopedia was originally Vostradovska’s diploma thesis project and received the Golden Ribbon Award for children’s nonfiction in the Czech Republic. She is now dedicated to children’s illustration, interactive games, animated films, toys, and all kinds of creations. AWARD WINNER: Recipient of the 2017 Golden Ribbon Award (Literary section: Nonfiction for children and youth).

LEARNING TOOL: Presents readers with bite–size factoids and diagrams, numbered lists identifying various species, and questions for consideration regarding Little Mouse's findings.

VIDEO GAME ADAPTATION: The book was adapted into an edutainment game for the Nintendo Switch and iPhone in 2021. The interactive encyclopedia is available in 10 languages, including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and French: https://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=thf34pkjD20&t=56s.


*Full-color illustrations throughout *52 pages *WIDTH: 9" - 229mm *HEIGHT: 13" - 330mm

*HC cloth spine


AGES 5 to 9


ISBN 978-1-990252-18-1

US $19.99 CAN $24.99 UK £13.99 ËxHSLJTAy252181z

A heartwarming tale about devotion and generosity for all lovers of gnomes and whimsical forest creatures

Many moons ago, in a tiny, thatched cottage at the edge of the woods, lived two children named Isaura and Arlo with their hedgehog, Crispin. When their beloved pet becomes ill, Isaura suggests that they seek the magical healing power of gnomes. Convinced this will heal it, the children set off into the woods with humble offerings, hoping to attract the gnomes. The trick does not seem to work, however, and gnomes are nowhere to be seen despite the children’s good intentions. Isaura and Arlo will have to remain hopeful and wish for a magical solution!

Mireille Messier is a children’s author with a background in theater and broadcasting. She has published more than 30 picture and chapter books. When she’s not writing, Messier works in children’s television as a scriptwriter for various programs. Born in Montréal, she now lives in Toronto with her family. Charlotte Parent is a freelance illustrator and comic artist based in Montréal. She holds a BFA from Concordia University, where she specialized in drawing. She also has a MA in conservation and works as an archaeological and world cultures conservator.movers


CHARACTERS: Readers will be touched by Isaura and Arlo’s dedication to their beloved hedgehog and their resourcefulness in finding a solution to heal it.

STRONG MORAL STORY: This tale shows us the power of determination and how perseverance is rewarded.

RICH STORYTELLING: A powerfully narrated story inspired by folktales with a surprising plot twist.

VIVID ILLUSTRATIONS: Parent’s illustrations lend warmth and vibrancy to this timeless story.

A TRIBUTE TO A CLASSIC: An homage to Gnomes by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet (1977).


*Full-color illustrations throughout *48 pages *WIDTH: 9" - 229mm *HEIGHT: 11 1/2" - 292mm

*Hardcover, Jacketed, Picture


AGES 4 to 7


ISBN 978-1-990252-21-1

US $18.99 CAN $23.99 UK £12.99 ËxHSLJTAy252211z


A hilarious and lively story about dealing with unexpected situations and making new friends along the way!

The Movers, a friendly moving company operated by Uncle Charles and Theo, is well known for its efficient, error–free service. One day, as the pair get ready to start their delivery route, the two load parcels to be delivered into their truck —including one particularly large box. As they're driving, a gorilla suddenly emerges from the box and starts making a total mess of the other parcels! How will the pair keep their promise of delivering all of that day's packages—and, more importantly, will The Movers manage to deliver their new friend?

Céline Claire is the author of many books published for children and young readers. Formerly a schoolteacher, she is well known for her quirky and unexpected stories that both parents and children love to share. She now resides in a small village in northeastern France with her family. Thomas Baas has illustrated dozens of picture books for children. Born in Strasbourg, where he studied under the French children’s book illustrator Claude Lapointe at L’École supérieure des arts décoratifs, his style is characterized by humor and softness, with a retro feel. His illustrations and visual art have been featured in numerous ad campaigns and featured at the Musée des arts Décoratifs de Paris. A RIVETING BOOK: Claire’s powerfully written story and Baas’s compelling illustrations will hook young readers.

LAUGH–OUT–LOUD READ: The expressive characters, repetitive patterns, and illustrations packed with funny details make for an engaging read.

ADVERTISING PASTICHE: The story is a pastiche of a ’50s–inspired television ad, which sets the tone for the picture book.

HIGH–END FABRICATION: The book will be printed in five Pantone colors.

STRONG FOLLOWING: Baas has more than 12,600 followers on Instagram.


*Full-color illustrations throughout *54 pages *WIDTH: 9" - 229mm *HEIGHT: 12" - 305mm



AGES 4 to 7


ISBN 978-1-990252-20-4

US $18.99 CAN $23.99 UK £13.99 ËxHSLJTAy252204z


The gang from The Rainbow Hunters take us on adventure that shows you never know where a journey might take you

Back together for another adventure, our four very determined friends—Bill, Jyn, Will, and Liz—and their dog, Cheescake, embark one day on a not–so–typical camping trip in search of the mythical creature known as Bigfoot. As the kids search the forest and around the lake, Cheesecake follows the scent of his own trail—one that leads straight to a family of Bigfoots. When the foursome notice Cheesecake has left, they immediately reset their mission to go search for their dog instead. Along the way, the kids learn that, no matter where we go, there are exciting discoveries to be made and wonderful things that surround us—even when we're not looking for them!

Andrea Farotto is a petroleum engineer who, when not at his day job, writes playful stories meant to boost children’s creativity. Born in Chirundu, Zambia, to Italian parents, his love of traveling the world, discovering new places, and embracing different cultures has been with him since day one. Becoming a father has since rekindled his desire to fulfill his childhood dreams. He currently lives in London. Martina Tonello is an illustrator and an apprentice carpenter who has worked with several Italian publishing houses, such as Electa Kids, Piemme, and Editoriale Scienza. She currently resides in Bologna, Italy, where she spends her time crafting stories and hosting workshops for children. RENEWED CAMARADERIE: Bill, Jyn, Will, Liz, and their dog sidekick, Cheesecake, are back in Farotto and Tonello’s highly anticipated sequel to The Rainbow Hunters.

NEW ADVENTURE: This story encourages children to have confidence in taking the unexpected paths that any journey can present.

UNREAL STORY: The foursome’s simple camping trip takes an imaginative turn that will pique young readers’ curiosities about mythical creatures.


Illustrator Martina Tonello has nearly 3,400 followers on Instagram.


*Full-color illustrations throughout *44 pages *WIDTH: 9" - 229mm *HEIGHT: 11 1/2" - 292mm

*Hardcover, Jacketed, Picture


AGES 3 to 7


ISBN 978-1-990252-22-8

US $17.99 CAN $22.99 UK £12.99 ËxHSLJTAy252228z


A powerful story about the importance of generosity, teaching us that kindness begets kindness

A big storm is about to hit the forest! As each of the animal families scramble to gather supplies and take shelter from the oncoming wind and snow, two mysterious figures appear in the distance. Watching skeptically from their windows, unsure of the strangers’ motives, all of the families close their doors and their hearts to the strangers’ pleas to help themselves weather the storm . . . until Little Fox bravely steps up! With one very simple act of kindness, Little Fox extends an olive branch that will keep the two strangers—and his own family—from being left out in the cold.

Céline Claire is the author of many books published for children and young readers. Formerly a schoolteacher, she is well known for her quirky and unexpected stories that both parents and children love to share. She now resides in a small village in northeastern France with her family. Qin Leng was born in Shanghai and now lives in Toronto, where she works as a designer and illustrator. Her numerous picture books have been nominated for several prizes, including a USBBY Outstanding International Book, Marilyn Baillie Picture Book, and the prestigious Governor General’s Literary Award. BELOVED STORY: A reissued version of Claire and Leng’s Shelter, which received a starred review from Kirkus and accolades including the Bock Book Award from Neumann University.

PROMOTES KINDNESS: This touching, thoughtful story teaches children the importance of being hospitable and generous to the people around them— whether they're family, a friend, or a stranger.

WARMLY ILLUSTRATED: Leng’s renowned watercolor illustrations brings a calm, reassuring feel to contrast the chaos of a winter storm.

SOCIAL FOLLOWING: Leng is followed by nearly 11,000 people on Instagram.


*Full-color illustrations throughout *48 pages *WIDTH: 8" - 210mm *HEIGHT: 11" - 275mm

*Hardcover, Jacketed, Picture


AGES 4 to 8


ISBN 978-1-990252-23-5

US $18.99 CAN $23.99 UK £12.99 ËxHSLJTAy252235z