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Dr. Anthony Allen

Dr. Anthony Allen is Hannibal-LaGrange’s 17th President. He was announced as the new president on May 4, 2012 at the spring commencement service. He is married to Stacy Coyle Allen, and they have five kids: Bethany, Even, Leighton, Annaliese, and Brinley. The words of Dr. Allen: “I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord at Hannibal-LaGrange University. Truly, HLGU is a rare institution of stellar quality sustained by a community of scholars that are deeply committed to academic excellence that is rooted in both faith and learning. It is an honor to serve by cultivating a “shared vision of excellence” educating students to be well-prepared and exceptional in their chosen professions and calling in ministry. Stacy and I have been impressed by the HLGU family. The character of the students, staff, faculty, and administration is impressive. At a time when many Christian universities have abandoned their mission, as President of HLGU it is my goal to preserve this distinctively Christian university with an unshakable determination which values both biblical truth and promotes academic excellence. As we make this transition with our family to join this vibrant institution we eagerly anticipate making the best contribution possible to help maintain a momentum of success at Hannibal-LaGrange University. It is my prayer to promote a shared vision of God-honoring priorities and principles for the HLGU family which always pleases our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is my strong belief that a shared vision for excellence is only attainable when God’s priorities are put first.”



“I greatly admire the strong leadership that Dr. Woodrow Burt has provided to Hannibal-LaGrange for the past 18 years. With great indebtedness, Stacy and I undertake this assignment desiring to promote a “shared vision of excellence” and sustain HLGU’s rich history rooted in Christian values. We are deeply grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Woodrow Burt for their faithful and significant investment at HLGU and eagerly anticipate both observing and preserving the fruits of their labor. We praise the Lord for their excellent leadership and love for God exemplified through a sincere ministry to the university. My family and I are truly excited about moving to Hannibal and becoming a part of the HLGU family. I believe God has called and gifted me to serve in Christian higher education building upon 22 years of experience through gifts of leadership, teaching and administration. I am committed to achieve strategic goals as president of a vibrant Christian University that is devoted to a dual mission of liberal arts and professional education on both undergraduate and graduate levels, where there is a commitment to excellence among faculty, staff and students. In addition, I am dedicated to model biblical truths through mentorship and discipleship and lead with a purpose to emulate Christ-like qualities in daily spiritual disciplines within both the private and public sector of a personal and professional ministry.”



Trojan Y


Student Life


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Ministry Graduates






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Student L




New Student Orientation Welcome Week/New Student Orientation this year was five days straight of nothing but fun. It began on Thursday, August 23rd when the new students arrived on campus and moved into their dorms. After everyone came in and unpacked, the next few days were filled with non-stop activity. The theme for this year’s NSO was the Olympic Games. There were over 250 students in attendance. Jessa Hopke, a senior Business Administration major, fearfully led all of these students along with the 21 team leaders throughout the week. She was put in charge of Welcome Week by the student activities office because she had been a team leader the previous three years and they felt she would do an excellent job. “I feel really blessed to have had this opportunity” said Hopke, “It pushed me in so many ways and I learned so much through the experience. I thank God for putting me where He did and when He did.” One of the main activities students were able to participate was on Saturday. Everyone was loaded onto university buses and taken to Camp Jo-Ota in Clarence, Missouri. At the camp, each team participated in a wide range of team building activities including a trust fall, scaling a ten foot wall, a rope riddle, a balancing activity and several other problem solving games. Each station’s activity had a deeper meaning than just the game though; they each communicated a Biblical principle. Through these games, the teams learned how to work together though difficult tasks and treat each other with kindness and respect. Some of the other activities for the week included a Hollywood themed dinner, a concert by Christian rock band Remedy Drive, the Matriculation Banquet, a scavenger hunt in downtown Hannibal, an activity fair held in the Mabee Sports Complex and Hannibal Helping Hands service projects. After the jam-packed five days of NSO, the new students were more than ready to begin their classes on Tuesday. The week was a wonderful time to really get to know the campus, Hannibal the town and their fellow new students. The memories that were made will last a lifetime.

1. Jordan Johnston, Liz Klenk, Sarhea Hall and Austin Darnell dress as the Mystery Gang for the Hollywood themed dinner during NSO Week. 2. Arielle Willis shows us the ropes at Camp Jo-Ota 3. Two groups of new students and their team leaders show their helping hands after their day of service in downtown Hannibal. 4. DeAndre Jackson, Amanda Winkler and Sarah Erickson help their teammates get through the rope course at Camp Jo-Ota. 5. Jarek Millburg shakes the hand of Mrs. Allen as she and Dr. Allen congratulate the new students after completing the Walk of Honor. 6. One of the many NSO teams. 7. Bekah Knight, Branden Ramos, Whitney Meissen and Breanna Newton enjoy their day on the Swarm Squad helping new students move in. 8. Trevor Gooch, Cameron Lanterman, Kendra Derryberry, Travis Hicks, Jordan Johnston, James Townsend, Pachancia Knowles, Hannah Miner, Jessica Smoot and Elizabeth Miller all dressed up for8the Matriculation Banquet. 9. David Zach, lead singer Academics of Remedy Drive, performs in the RFAC. 10. The results from a hard day’s work for Hannibal Helping Hands. .



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TWIRP Week & Love Week Each semester HLGU hosts a week-long event for the students to get out and socialize off campus for a cheap price with friends, roommates, or significant others. TWIRP, otherwise known as The Woman Is Required To Pay, was held for one week in September. TWIRP is considered HLGU’s version of Sadie Hawkins where the woman must ask the man to attend with her. The first activity on Monday night was Bowling at Tangerine Bowl. Tuesday night was Putt Putt Mini Golf at Hannibal. Wednesday was The Living Room in the Dorms. Thursday was Roller Skating and Laser tag at Scotties Fun Spot in Quincy, IL. Along with the different activities, each night had a dress code theme. For example, Bowling was tacky shirts, Mini Golf was hillbilly, and Friday was ninja’s and zombies. Love Week is the week-long event held in the spring semester specifically in February during the school week of Valentine’s Day (the 11th through the 15th). Unlike TWIRP, this promotion follows traditional dating standards where the man asks and takes the woman out. During this week of events, the activities were: Tangerine Bowl on Monday, conferences on Tuesday, Marriage Game on Wednesday, Movie Night on Thursday, and Trojan Idol on Friday. Also following suit of TWIRP, each night had a dress code theme as well. This year included Monday as Suit Up Night and Thursday as Pajama Night. Love week also had a special event called the “Date Auction” which was held on Wednesday night. This is where female students could take their pick of the eligible bachelors on campus and bid on them for a date, with all of the proceeds going to Logan Bowser for missions.

1. A pose to remember ... chillin’ during TWIRP week 2. Kendra Derryberry shows off her pink bowling ball during TWIRP. 3. Sean Freeman, Dr. Allen and his wife, Stacy Allen, play the newlywed game during LOVE Week. 4. Kendra Derryberry and Dylan Mison play Guitar Hero in the arcade in Scotties Fun Spot during TWIRP Week. 5. Students fill a lane for a group photo at Tangerine Bowl during the first night of TWIRP Week. 6. Lacey Coleborn, Sarah Hammock, Raelene Blanton, Kacie Parkhurst, and Bradley Stewart show off their formal attire during Love Week. 7. Samantha Wallace and Austin Darnell show off their zombie make up during TWIRP Week. 8. Tyler Folster and his “classy” friends showing off during the Date Auction. 9. Travis Hicks goofing around on the Mini Golf course during TWIRP Week. 10. Laya Yamout, Rebecca Deridder, Selina Yamout, Derryberry, and Samantha Wallace strike 8 KendraAcademics a pose together at the bowling alley during TWIRP Week.


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8 9




A Homecoming Hollywood Lights, Camera, Action! Homecoming this year was “Hollywood” inspired. It began on Friday, October 5, with a banquet held in the Mabee Sports Complex. At the banquet Fresh Ideas provided appetizers, a buffet dinner, and a dessert spread. After dinner, guests went to the Parker Theatre in the Roland Fine Arts Center and witnessed the Coronation of the 2012-13 Homecoming King and Queen, Andy Krutsinger and Christina Carter. They also recognized the athletes and reunion classes and announced the Alumni Award Winners. After that everyone was entertained by comic magician Tim Gabrielson. On Saturday, alumni reunion games were scheduled for men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, softball, men and women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and cheerleading. Alumni from all over the country participated with their former teammates in these fun games. Choir also had a reunion concert that was enjoyed by current students and alumni alike. Saturday night there was a free showing of Back to the Future in the RFAC Parker Theatre to end the day. On Sunday, there was a special memorial chapel held in the Parker Theatre. The speaker was ‘94 alum Dr. Jeff Brown, Director of Campus Ministries and Associate Professor of Christian Studies. The worship music was led by HLGU’s Praise Song. Alumni and students both attended. It made for a very meaningful morning. Other activities on campus leading up to this weekend included a dorm decorating contest, a night of X Games where each dorm competed against each other, a dodgeball tournament where the classes competed and a late night game of Capture the Flag. Homecoming 2012-13 was a week full of great times for students, faculty and alumni. The activities brought so many back to this campus to where they spent their college days. HLGU holds a special place in many people’s hearts, and this week really made that evident.

1. Nickola Shingles getting dessert at the Homecoming banquet. 2. Bradley Stewart, David Manganiello, Jason Helsby, John Dexheimer and Austin Darnell spiff up for the Homecoming banquet dinner. 3. Matt Leach, Vu Van, Andy Krutsinger, Josh Rosentreter, Jessa Hopke, Rebekah Schwartz, Sarah Erickson and Christina Carter were this year’s Homecoming Court nominees. 4. Branden Ramos and Jon Rasch compete in the X Games during the food eating contest. 5. Dr. Allen plays along with this year’s Homecoming entertainment, Tim Gabrielson, a comedian magician. 6. Andy Krutsinger and Christina Carter were elated after being named Homecoming King and Queen. 7. Kayla Job right after successfully completed a food challenge at the X Games. 8. Elizabeth Miller, Alisa Argent, Ali Irwin, Carly Szawiel, Tiffany Shaffer, Kayla Houchin and Emily Gallaher pose in the photo booth after the banquet dinner. 9. The red team works together at the X Games to build a human pyramid. 10. The blue team planning during Academics the8 campus wide, late night game of Capture the Flag.



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9 10



Theatre Productions The Curious Savage, written by John Patrick, displays the life of Ethel P. Savage after her commitment to a sanatorium. After the death of her husband, Mrs. Savage is left with ten million dollars; ten million dollars she plans on using to establish a fund that would allow others to realize their hopes and dreams. Upon hearing this, Mrs. Savage’s greedy step-children have her committed in an effort to “bring her to her senses.” While in the sanatorium, Mrs. Savage meets a variety of different social misfits. With their help, she leads her step-children on a merry chase for the money. Though the atmosphere created is dominantly a happy and comedic one, the audience is left with the idea that kindness still exists in a world concerned primarily with monetary gains. Children’s Theatre also produced the 3 Little Pigs show and traveled to local schools to perform.



3 4 1 Emily Maxwell as Ethel Savage in Curious

Savage. 2. From the Children’s Show of 3 Little Pigs, Josh Admire as one of the pigs discusses the next building with Tessa Guymon Goldilocks. 3. . Sarah Marchant, Tessa Guymon, Katy Alshire, Josh Admire, Jeremiah Craighead, and Emily Maxwell in Curious Savage. 4. Big Bad Wolf Colten Penrod and one of the charming pigs Brittany Counterman backstage at local elementary school before the children’s show. 5. From Curious Savage, Tessa Guymon. 6. On the set at dress rehearsal, Jeremiah Craighead and Josh Admire. 7. Whole cast photo before the performance. 8. Josh Admire, “Hannibal” and Sarah Marchant, “Florence.” 9. Katy Alshire, “Mrs. Paddy.” 10. Lindsay Maddox McCloy as “Lilly Belle.” Academics 8





8 9




Iron Chef

This year’s winner are the Spice Girls. The annual Iron Chef Consist of three groups. Spice Girl was the only full faculty/staff team. HLGU’s 7th Annual Iron Chef competition once again featured some wonderfully creative dishes and a lot of fun. The format for this year’s event changed slightly. Rather than five teams competing for the coveted HLGU Iron Chef medals and having just one secret ingredient, the competition featured three teams, each with a Fresh Ideas chef assigned to them, and two separate cook-offs. The evening began with hosts Dr. Bob Bergen and Dr. Jeff Brown introducing the teams and giving each team a basket of secret ingredients for the first round of the competition. The 2013 Iron Chef teams were comprised of all first-timers to “kitchen stadium.” Team Sizzlin’ Sisters included Melissa Laramore, HLGU Residence Hall Director of Pullium and two freshman from Pullium Hall, Kendra Derryberry and Kendi Ott. Sizzlin’ Sister’s Fresh Ideas Chef was Jeremy Hoover. Team Spice Girls was made up of HLGU staff members: Carolyn Carpenter, Director of Public Relations, Lauren Youse, Alumni Director, and Lissie Youse, HLGU Admissions Rep. Chef Martin assisted the Spice Girls. The third team in the competition, Frying Pan in Yur Face, included HLGU Lewis Hall and Brown Hall Residence Hall Director Katie Brandenburg along with Lora Thompson and Jason Helsby. Fresh Ideas Food Service Director Rachel Klosterman assisted team Frying Pan in Yur Face. This year’s Iron Chef judges included: HLGU President, Dr. Anthony Allen, First Lady, Stacy Allen, HLGU Homecoming Queen, Christina Carter, and HLGU Homecoming King, Andy Krutsinger. Once the basket of secret ingredients was revealed, teams started brainstorming ideas for an appetizer that required the use of all the secret ingredients. After the first round of the competition, the various meats/proteins the teams had to choose from were revealed along with the secret ingredient – Starbucks coffee. Each team had to choose just one meat or protein for the second half of the cooking competition. Each team had just 60 minutes to prepare a main entrée and at least one other coffee-inspired dish. In addition to whole coffee beans, brewed coffee, and ground coffee, the teams could also use coffee concentrate and instant coffee drink mixes. In the end it was the Spice Girls’ creative use of the secret ingredient and their knowledge of Dr. and Mrs. Allen’s love of southern food that put them in the winner’s circle.



3 4

1. ”Don’t worry ... flames are good!” 2. Sizzlin’ Sisters hard at work. 3. Judges panel reviewing dishes from Spice Girls. 4. Lauren and Lissie Youse working together on their final dish. 5. Katie Brandenburg, RD enjoying fast action with a large knife! 6. Iron Chef winning team, Spice Girls, focused and intent on their food prep. 7. Co-host Dr. Bergen, always ready with interesting stats and quips. 8. Lovely assortment of food at the mercy of Iron Chef teams. 9. Iron Chef judge Christina Carter tasting and assessing the Academics dishes. 10. The Allens, comfortable with their 8 judging role.


7 6

8 9




Trojans Got Talent & Troj Both semesters students get the opportunity to show off their talents to the student body through various talent competitions. In the fall semester Trojan’s Got Talent was held with Andy Krutsinger as the host. Students with all different kinds of talents performed ... from singers, to duets, poetry, bands, and even seeing how many big objects a person can cram into their belly button. The top three contestants to place were Austin Groshong singing “You” by Chris Young while playing guitar, Ja-Band while performing a original song, and the winner was Amanda Martin playing guitar and singing a parody of Beyonce’s “Like a Boy” called “Like a Bird.” In the spring semester Student Activities held HLGU’s very own version of American Idol called Trojan Idol with hosts Andy Krustsinger and DeAndre Jackson. Each week the songs were based off specific themes such as black history month. There were top three finalist, and Jordan Johnston was the winner of Idol.

is inner


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nsto h o J n




jan Idol



International Students 2






HLGU is very blessed to have diversity all over its campus. The internat ture and color to our campus. Each year HLGU welcomes new students fro Chile, Spain, Vietnam, Brazil, Africa and many other students that bring a at HLGU. For domestic students, it’s an amazing opportunity to be able to learn in the United States and studying. For all, it’s a connection between peop from each other ... yet some international students feel right at home here Learning culture and English are always fun for international students. students guide each other. Domestic students tend to teach internation proper English to enhance their understanding and acclimating into US co in class. As for domestic students, they experience and learn about various students. One of the highlights is always the entire experience of the auth

29 Countries



tional students bring different kinds of culom around the world. Countries like Japan, a mix of nationality are welcome each year

n all about different cultures just by staying ple whose homes are miles and miles apart e at HLGU. . Here at HLGU, domestic and international nal students more about the culture and ollege life and for them to be able to do well s cultures and languages from international hentic food from different countries.



Fresh Ideas Food Service The Cafeteria at HLGU received a major face lift over the summer of 2012. The entire dining room was redone to better serve the student body. Along with the brand new look, this year we welcomed a new food provider called Fresh Ideas. They have taken the food service at HLGU to a new level. According to the Fresh Ideas web site, they are a dynamic food service management company. They say that their extensive staff of talented chefs and expert food service professionals provide the freshest, highest quality, best tasting, full service food operation. Fresh Ideas is committed to making every aspect of their food service healthy and satisfying, while meeting financial objectives and sustainability of our communities and our world. They certainly have accomplished those goals here at HLGU. Along with redesigning the cafeteria, Fresh Ideas also added a brand new study hangout called the Fireside Cafe. There they serve Starbucks coffee, drinks and baked treats. It’s located in the lobby of the new Roland Library. Ask any student where their favorite spot to get some caffeine is, and this is where they will point you. Senior Communication student Britini Bertelli when asked about the cafeteria said,



“I love the new environment they have created at the cafeteria. It’s so clean and the quality of food has vastly improved.”

The Fresh Ideas company has made many wonderful additions to this campus. Something the students really love is the new Facebook page where they can look up the current week’s menu at anytime; that way they always know what to expect. Another student favorite is the Mongolian grill. Almost everyday the staff members are available to create custom Mongolian inspired orders for students. There is always something new and exciting going on in the cafeteria. It’s a tough job to keep a campus full of hungry college students fed, but Fresh Ideas has shown commitment to meeting that objective every day.

1. The menu at the Fireside Cafe Starbucks has something to suit any taste. 2. Just a few of the fresh vegetables students can place in their made-toorder Mongolian meals. 3. Katie Paris, Cari Goken and Shelbie Hagge enjoy dinner together in the cafeteria. 4. Some of the many healthy fruit options provided for students daily. 5. Student worker Selina Yamout helps serve dinner. 6. Denys Delgado Rojas and Carly Szawiel study at the new Starbucks in the Roland Library. 7. Breakfast pizza, a student favorite, even for dinner. 8. Emily Steward starts her day right with a bowl of Fruit Loops. 9. A DIY pork taco bar was for dinner in the cafeteria one evening. 10. One of the students’ new favorite spots on campus - the ordering counter at Starbucks. Academics





7 6


10 9



Student Activities

HLGTUBE Activitie

~Click here for link to Student Activities video

HLGU Student Activities





1. Kayla Houchin, Carly Szaweil and Alisa Argent are in costume bef the Fall Party. 2. Students rocking out at the concert after the Sp Gala. 3. Jeremiah Craighead and Derek Chrisman singing Silhoue at the 50’s Theme Dinner in the cafeteria. 4. Lauren Youse and Meg Shadrick preparing veggies for the Grill-Off competition. 5. Rebe Schwartz showing off her first place gingerbread cookie with Dr. a Mrs. Allen at the Christmas party held at the Allen’s home. 6. Jac Wier, Jaime Helfer, Megan Shadrick and Brittany Adkins at Bingo nig

es 1 5




fore pring ettes gan ekah and cob ght.

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l Life






Gatekeep Trojan Student Senate CIS

History Underground SMSTA PBL







Campus SAC Art Club


pers Alpha Tau Beta




















































Majors/Masters UNDERGRADUATE MAJORS Art • Art (Bachelor of Arts) • Secondary Education - Art Behavioral Science • Human Services • Psychology • Sociology Business • Accounting • Business Administration - Management Emphasis • Business Administration - General Business Emphasis • Business Administration - Marketing Emphasis • Business Administration - Finance Emphasis • Secondary Education - Business Certification Christian Studies • Bible • Christian Education • Christian Theatre • Intercultural Missions Computer Information Systems • Computer Information Systems Media Communications • Media Communications - Broadcast Track • Media Communications - Journalism Track • Media Communications - Public Relations Track Criminal Justice • Criminal Justice • Criminal Justice Education • Early Childhood Education • Elementary Education • Secondary Education - Art - Biology - Business - English - History Social Studies - Music - Vocal - Instrumental Liberal Studies • “Liberal Studies Mathematics • Mathematics • Secondary Education Nursing • Nursing Physical Education • Recreation Management • Secondary Education - Physical Education Science: Biology, Chemistry and General Science • Prechemistry • Premedical Technology and Predental Hygiene • Prepharmacy • Secondary Education - Biology - Science Certification Theatre • Christian Theatre • Theatre ADVANCE Degree Completion Program • Child Development • Organizational Management


The Hannibal-LaGrange University Master of Sc to provide a program for professional growth ing current teacher certification. Aligned with and the Hannibal-LaGrange University Divisio designed to provide an excellent graduate edu preparing reflective practitioners for both pers


For students with a high level of acad an Honors Program that focuses on a ri in literature, history, science, and Christ examine classic texts that incorporate c of confronting the on-going challenges continues to face within the universe, t soul.


cience in Education (M.S.E.) degree is designed for elementary and secondary teachers holdh the mission of Hannibal-LaGrange University on of Education, the M.S.E. degree program is ucation in a distinctively Christian environment sonal and career effectiveness.

demic ability, HLGU offers igorous course of study tianity. Honors students content and applications mankind has faced and the environment and the

Broadcast Project/ Yearbook/Newspaper Media Communication majors have multiple class options not only to further their education but also to help master skills for their future career. These classes are available to any student and can be enjoyed for countless areas. Broadcast Project is a class for students passionate about broadcasting. Students learn how to edit, write scripts, use a camera, and the possibility of being on camera. The shows the students produce are seen around campus. The class features a lot of hands-on work and working outside of the class, but the results are worth it. Yearbook is taken by devoted students in the area of photography and design. The yearbook is student produced as well. This year the yearbook staff underwent a change by having the yearbook be posted online rather than a hardcover. While it was big change, the staff was able to adjust and create a successful yearbook. The Newspaper staff is made for students who love writing and going to school events. Horizons is by the students for the students. It covers stories on campus and has something for everyone. It covers major stories happening on campus, things coming up, sports, and humor. Multiple students put in hard work to make Horizons a success on campus.

Left: Kayla Houchin anchors for HLGU’s own news program TNN.

Above: The yearbook staff working hard finishing up the yearbook.

Above: Media Communicatio Brittany Adkins collecting mon senior project and is prepared camera.

on Major ney for her d to go on

Left: Mrs. Chris Brennemann helps Anna Bautista and Brittany Johnson make some editing decisions for their final project.

Below: Rebekah Schwartz is a ready photog for an interview in Broadcast Project.

Above: Bethany Cashatt takes notes while working on her pages for the yearbook. Above: Some excerpts of the Horizons, HLGU’s student-run-and studentproduced newspaper.


Chape Cho

HLGU Beach Reach Mission

el Ministry Ensembles oir Mission Work New Edition


~ Click here for link to ensemble m

HLGU Ensemble 8




ministry video


Overview Academics


Chapel College chapel is a vital and distinctive part of the HLGU experience. Chapel helps define who we are and what we stand for as a Baptist, church-related, evangelical institution of higher education. The purpose of chapel is to provide a forum for corporate worship, spiritual encouragement, and educational and cultural enrichment for the HLGU community, however it is not intended to serve as a substitute for church attendance or affiliation. Chapel meets every Wednesday at 10am in Parker Theatre. Speakers come from across the nation and other countries. Highlights of chapel speakers and special editions include when actors, musical groups and performance groups participate.



Chapel Speakers this year: Mike Harland Three Days in September Scott Hawes Hannibal-LaGrange University Rev. Phil Bray Senior Pastor, FBC Macon, Missouri Rev. Milton Baumgardner Senior Pastor, FBC Monroe City, Missouri Dr. John Marshall Second Baptist Church, Springfield, MO Inauguration Chapel, Rev. Steve Dighton Lenexa Baptist Church, Lenexa, KS Dr. Barry Morgan Hannibal-LaGrange University New Edition Hannibal-LaGrange University Rev. Ben Schnipper Assoc. Pastor of Youth and Education, FBC Mexico, MO Dr. John Yeats Rev. Kenny Qualls Senior Pastor, FBC Arnold, MMO Dr. Anthony Allen Hannibal-LaGrange University President Dr. Jeff Brown Hannibal-LaGrange University Dr. Jerry Sutton Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Vice President of Academic Development Pastor Chris Seay Compassion International Dr. Robert Bergen Hannibal-LaGrange University Dr. Kevin Shrum Inglewood Baptist Church, Nashville, TN, Lead Pastor Dr. Sam Swisher Hannibal-LaGrange University Dr. Robin Hadaway Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor of Missions Dr. Robin Hadaway Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor of Missions Dr. Robin Hadaway Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor of Missions Joe White President of Kanakuk Kamps, Branson, MO Rev. Wes Hammond FBC Paris, Paris, MO, Pastor Dr. Neil Franks FBC Branson, Branson, MO, Lead Pastor



Chamber Choir Praise Choir

Praise Song, an upbeat vocal and instrumental ensemble, travels throughout the Midwest several weekends a month. Ministering through song and testimony, they perform for worship services, conferences, banquets and youth rallies. Their program includes praise and worship music, traditional hymns and hits from the contemporary Christian music charts. Chamber Choir is a team of men and women who present sacred a cappella music as a worship ministry. Along with music of various styles, the group also shares testimonies, scripture, and life experiences associated with their music. The Chamber Choir performs as a mixed choir, men’s ensemble, and/or ladies ensemble, thus being versatile for all types of occasions. Programs of up to 45 minutes are prepared and can be flexible to fit any service or special occasion.



Chamber Choir members:

Trey Lehman Melissa Jansen Nicole Sears Tony Henry Sean Hellems Nathan Hammock Gabrielle Tucker Anthony Travis Black Beckah Knight Corynne Buckles Danielle Bothe Praise Song members:

Brittany Adkins Benjamin Gibson Jacob David Jordan Johnston Emily Maxwell Patrick Riffle Anna Bautista Cailey Wilkinson Nathan Taylor Clara Stewart Derek Chrisman



New Edition The New Edition is a traveling drama troupe that performs Biblically based sketches and travels throughout various churches and conferences in the Midwest. The New Edition has performed at various events such as Valentine’s banquets, D-NOWS, church lock-ins, and even business meetings. The New Edition has even had the opportunity to travel to Europe and Switzerland. The New Edition is comprised of 10 members: Joshua Admire (Junior), Arianna Alton (Sophomore), Heather Brown (Junior), Jeremiah Craighead (Junior), Tyler Folster (Junior), Megan Hosmer (Sophomore), Sarah Nardi (Sophomore), Colten Penrod (Junior), Shelby Tesio (Junior), Samuel Thomas (Freshman). The New Edition is under the direction of Sabrina Price (Theater Department).

Top left: Shelby Tesio playing the role of a child in the sketch “Baggage.” Top Right: Arianna Alton singing in the sketch “Death of A Fairytale.”

Above: From Left to Right Heather Brown, Shelby Tesio, and Arianna Alton individually introduce themselves and New Edition.



Above: Sam Thomas playin “Highly intelligent, pleasan while carrying Tyler Folster in of A Fairytale.”

ng the role of a nt-smelling horse” the sketch “Death

Left: From left to right: Jeremiah Craighead, Tyler Folster, Shelby Tesio, Josh Admire, and Colten Penrod sing a musical number in the sketch “Noah.”

Below: Sam Thomas giving his individual introduction during HLGU Open House.

Above: Colten Penrod playing the role of a director in the comedy “Importunate.”

Above: Jeremiah Craighead (left) and Tyler Folster (right) discuss treaties back and forth in the sketch “Death of A Fairytale.”




Students and staff at HLGU are passionate about missions, both stateside and internationally. Students have been called to go all around the United States and the World to share the Word of God with individuals. The students are taught that everywhere and anywhere they are is a mission field. Dr. Jeff Brown says “We at HLGU are not training students for comfortable lives but rather are educating them to lives of abandonment for our King.” That is what the students involved in missions are doing. They are putting others before themselves, and serving others in anyway possible. When someone returns from a mission trip, they don’t come back the same person. While they have had the opportunity to share Christ and help others, they grow themselves. Students learn things and grow in ways, on mission trips, in a way they cannot in day to day living. They also come back with a deeper understanding of the need to share Christ with others. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

Top: Members of Beach Reach take a break from serving pancakes for a quick picture.



Above: During Summer Break a group of HLGU students went to Panama City Beach Florida for Beach Reach.

Above: Kayla Houchin spe Summer in Cote d’Ivoire, We and is able to share the news in classrooms and in orp

ends her est Africa of Christ phanages.

Left: Ryan Quinley spent a semester in Carcadillo in the Dominican Republic, sharing the Gospel with individuals who have never heard the Gospel Truth before.

Below: For an internship and mission opportunity Johanna Goodman spent a semester in Central Asia.

Above: A group of students spent their Spring Break in Panama City Beach, Florida and were able to share Christ and serve others. Above: Students able to go to ti and love on both young and

were Haikids old.









s e t a u rad


of 2012-2013

Tisha Adair

Brittany Adkins

Courtney Allen

Ariana Alton

Victor Alvarez Catalar

Donna Amerian

Ethan Anderson

Alisa Argent

Abraham Arinyakono

Lorene Armstrong

Jessica Bailey

Ceshia Baur

Daysha Beelman

Richard Benavente

Jacqueline Bennett

Austin Birkhead

Roland Blint

Jonathan Borgmeyer

Candace Bowman

Rachel Brame

Marion Bravo Chelen

Jocelyn Bright

Chasity Browning

Eric Bruening

Luke Bryant

Colton Buckhanan

Thomas Burke

Austin Burnett

Ashley Cadwallader

Cory Cahills

Jennifer Carlin

Christina Carter

Robin Cassady

Evlin Chavez

Sindy Chavez

Carla Chlebanowski

Michael Clemons

Lacey Colborn

Bobbi Connell

Meagan Connelly

Justin Cook

Diana Craft

Christina Craven

Danielle Crawford

Jordan Creech

Julia Crudgington

Madeline Cunningham

Heather David

Audra Davis

Emily Davis

Jeremy Davis

Ashley Dean

Sara Delp

Kristal Denning

Elmer DeRoy

Janelle Deshon

Robyn Dickerson

William Dillingham

Mitchell Doria

Shana Douglas

Jared Doyle

Joshua Duncan

Maria Echelmeire

Hannah Eddy

Adam Elliot

Amanda Ellis

Andrew El-Zein

Briana Epperson

Sarah Erickson

Chelsea Flowers

Elyse Fritz

Ryunosuke Fukasawa

Ciara Garth

Jacob Genz

Benjamin Gibson

Susan Gill

Victoria Goehl

Amber Goodson

Odell Gordon

Ashley Gottman

Edward Gregg

Alexandra Grider

Kayla Grier

Nicole Griesbaum

Benjamin Griffin

Josh Gronewold

Christa Hampton

Nathan Harthway

Jessica Herring

Abigail Herrold

Kaylee Hessling

Christi Hibbler

Emily Hill

Emily Hill

Jocob Hime

Shelby Hodges

Jeffery Hogge

Jessa Hopke

Cassie Hoskins

Aimee Hosmer

Desiree Howe

Julie Howland

Tara Hubbard

Kachina Hudson

Sophie Hurst

Michael Irions

Eric ivy

Tammy Jameson

Sandra Jennings

Amanda Johnson

Jessica Jones

Courtnee Jordan

Joshua Kentsenburg

Kolt Kiger

Michael Kilgore

Jordan Kirn

Lindsay Kizer

Beth Kniel

Ashley Koch

Kimberly Koch

Andrew Krutsinger

Hiep Le

Matthew Leach

James Leezer

Samantha Leutert

Christy Lewis

Zachary Lewis

Jurgen Litso

Elisha Lodgson

Allysia Long

Stephanie Magill

Brandon March

Brandi Martin

Jacob Martin

Alayna Martin

Tyler Mason

Staria Maze

John McCanna

Caitlin McCoy

Holland McCoy

Kelley McCurdy

Thadeus McVeigh

Whitney Meissen

Luis Mejia Cervera

Andrew Merrell

Phyllis Metz

Ariirimarau Meuel

Alia Miller

Jacque Moeller

Barbra Moody

Lucas Morande Elton

Matthew Morris

Kyle Morrison

Erin Morrison

Andrea Mullinix

Travis Mundahl

Shannon Murray

Ashley Musgrave

Amanda Myers

Julio Navarro

Alexandra Newcombe

Elisha Nez

Tiffanie Nicolini

Yumi Nozaki

Sarah Olson

Lisa Otten

Stacey Owens

Brandan Palma

Cynthia Parker

Kacie Parkhurst

Matthew Pearsons

Thiago Pereia

Roselee Pettitt

Jody Phillips

Megan Pigg

Ashli Platt

Victoria Plumb

Dawn Plunkett

Jessica Poage

Judy Practher

Braden Ramos

Ryan Rams

Kimberly Reed

Lotoya Reed

Ashley Richardson

Kevin Richmond

Amanda Riddle

Hannah Ridenour

Bobby Riefle

Leslie Riefle

Samantha Rieser

Larry Rigginsr

Luis Rincon Florez

Christine Ritchey

Brooke Rodgers

John Roegge

Joshua Rosentreter

Brittany Rumsey

Manuel Saez Villaseca

Patricia Salsman

Britnee Sawyer

Nancy Schlichting

Toni Schmidt

Lauralee Schrieber

Rebekah Schwartz

Morgan Sealock

Robin Seaver

Megan Shadrick

Justin Shaw

Felipe Silva

Michael Sisson

Megan Skinner

Kyla Smith

Christopher Smith

Kara Sowell

Alyssa Spurling

Arienne St Clair

Keith Stuart

Paige Stuart

Samantha Sullivan

Randi Summers

Trenee Thorton

Quinton Tillman

Philliph Tonui

Benjamen Towe

Yuka Tsuzuki

Gabrielle Tucker

Brandy Turner

Christina Twellman

Vu Van

Brook Van Es

Brent VanPelt

Whittney Voepel

Julie Voglimacci

Sharon Vratney

Virginia Watson

Andrew Wear

Carloyn Webster

Nicole Weigum

Damingo Weir

Jacob Weir

Jenna Weitnauer

Roy Whitehead

Jamarcus Williams

Lexey Williams

Victoria Wilson

Ivan Wilson

Jacob Wollenberg

Emma Wright

Brian Young

not pictured: Blake Zurliene

Michelle Bachman Hillary Bash Joshua Borgmeyer Melissa Colyott Tabatha Corey Doris Frantz Troy Griffen Rebecca Hartgen Troy Harwell Charles Ireland Alexandria Kennedy Kristin McGruder Brandi McAtee Sarah Miller Brittany Parsons Rebecca Penner Leah Sherman Vicky Slaughter Gayle Voepel Travis Weiss Heidi Woods

“May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed “ Psalm 20:4


y t l acu Dr. Julie Albee

Julie Andresen

Jill Arnold

Dr. Robert Bergen

Dr. Martha Bergen

Dr. John Booth

Chris Brennemann

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Carol Bunch

Dr. Gerald Burkett

Mary Burkett

Katherine Burt

Michael Chlebanowksi

Dr. Don Colborn

Kathy Cole

Dave Corkern

Larinee Dennis

Jason Durst

David Erskine

Kimberley Erskine

Janet Ferguson

Blair Underwood

Jane Griffen

Amanda Henry

Jayna Hively

Dan Hurst

Christy Jung

Dr. Judy Lemons

Jason Lewkowicz

Dr. Lonnie Nelson

Sabrina Price

Dr. Mark Quantanilla

Anne Riggs

Dr. Jane Schafer

Lois Snider

Brady Sowers

Robin Stone

Michelle Todd

Steve Voss

Michelle Wallace

Dr. David Ziegler

Debbie Ziegler

Dr. John Schafer Rebecca Sharpe-Whitaker

Shane Stone

Dr. Samuel Swisher

Delena White

Kerri Willing

Jessica Woodworth

f f a t S




Ana Abendschein

Meri Allen

Matt Barreiro

Brice Baumgardner

Clay Biggs

Peggy Blaine

Sue Booth

Michael Brookshire

Elise Burch

Dr. Ray Carty

Connie Craig

Beth Crum

Kay Ellis

Mary Ford

Darren Funk

David Ganser

Sebastian Gonzales

Cindy Hammock

Scott Hawes

Jordan Hosmer

O P P SU David Hutchison

Jenny Johnson

Tammy Jones

Sara Keck

Connie Ketsenburg

Kayla McBride

Jake King

Karla McDonald

Doug Logsdon

Justin Martin

Kathryn Martin

Erin McHargue

Richard Medina

Peggy Molitor

Jason Nichols

Mark Nowak

Donna Nunn

Christy Perkins

Deitra Perrin

Karry Richardson

Jason Scott

Joe Thrower

Marcella Veium

Rachel Wallace

Oran Woodworth

Lauren Youse


Karissa Walton

Harold Ward

Diane Weber


Yearbook 2012-2013  
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