DragonTales Winter 2017

Page 94

Jasmine Psaris In August of her grade four year, 2014-2015, Jasmine Psaris entered a scary and uncertain future when her and her family discovered that she had cancer. However, she didn’t let that get in the way of her passions: reading, writing, and computer programming. She made a habit of meeting her teacher online for lengthy chats about life, school, and what she was working on while she was away. While she was at home, she wrote a lot. She created a collection of stories that her and her dad published together. Anyone who read Jasmine’s Adventures of Cally and Bean knew that she was a talented writer. As that year went on, she was determined to go back to school. With the support of her loving parents, she made a courageous and brave return in April of 2015, happy to be with her classmates and eager to learn. Although Jasmine faced a very difficult time in her life, she revealed many great qualities. She was plucky, talented, and resilient. With the news of her passing in late November 2017, those who knew her will remember that she was a remarkable young girl.

~Brandon Little, 4th grade homeroom teacher

Jasmine was one of my oldest and closest friends. She was funny, silly, thinking and caring. She could make anybody laugh. I felt very shocked and upset when I found out that she had passed away. But I will always remember and treasure the good times I spent with her. I will always remember the discussions we had during the Continuous Movement runs and her persistence; her leg would say no, but her heart would say yes. She was such a clever and fun young lady. Jasmine helped not only her classmates, but me as well, to redefine perseverance; for that, I will be eternally grateful.

~Eliora Kwok

~Matt Lucas, P.E. teacher

Jasmine was a radiant, sarcastic, witty, and genuine young woman. She made me smile and I have thought of her often since she left fifth grade.

~Michelle Hoard, 5th grade homeroom teacher