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the booster club

Carrying the Torch of Dragon Spirit By the Booster Club Executive Board

HKIS ooster lub a olunteer run or an at on s nce o erates and mana es t e ra on S o and re n ests ro ts to support Dragon Athletics, extracurricular activities, and spreads school spirit. Thank you to our HKIS community and your generous support through purchases of uniforms, school supplies, and other HKIS merchandise! We are so grateful for the spirit and community that we have been a part of over the last semester at HKIS. Across all divisions, the Boosters have been busy with students, faculty, and coaches, helping to spread the Dragon spirit. Our volunteers have been present at many school events, enjoying the enthusiasm of our students and the fantastic energy at HKIS. Have a look to see some of the things we have been up to!

Upper Primary Adventure Day

Middle School Spirit Week — Twins & Triplets Photos

Booster Club wants to thank all parent volunteers from Grades 3, 4 and 5 for cutting over 900 oranges in the ‘Chillax’ zone on UP Adventure Day. Many students came and stopped by not for one or two slices of oranges but one boasted of devouring over 60 in 5 minutes! In fact, most wondered if we brought them from some mysterious supermarket which sells the sweetest and juiciest oranges in HK! If you want to find out more, join us next May for the UP Field Day!

On Nov 23, MS Spirit Week sponsored Twin Day! The Booster Club helped celebrate how awesome everyone looked by taking photos using our new BC photo frame. We took loads of snaps of students dressed alike as twins and triplets! Groups of friends also joined in the fun and everyone enjoyed participating in the lunchtime photo shoot.

High School Basketball Players Visit Lower and Upper Primary On Wednesday, November 22, the LP students were treated to a visit from some of the players on the girls and boys varsity basketball teams. India Soranson Way, Mason Gammons and James Drake greeted the kids with high fives as they entered the school. The kids were especially excited to learn that their gym teacher was actually the girls’ basketball coach! Likewise, the UP gate was a flurry with more varsity players greeting the kids as they arrived at school. Selena Sun, Anna Lobner, Christian Kwan and Alex Lam represented the girls’ and boys’ teams and welcomed the school buses in Tai Tam. This year’s new tradition of schoolwide spirit visits to promote HKIS-hosted tournaments has been such fun for all ages. Dragon spirit runs strong, from R1 all the way through the Senior year!

48th Annual Holiday Basketball Tournament Our Dragon spirit was roaring during the 48th Annual Holiday Basketball Tournament. The Booster Club was there with snacks and treats for players and coaches, plus popcorn and tattoos for all of the fantastic HKIS supporters and fans. We are so lucky to have some amazingly enthusiastic spirit and organization among our Dragon family! The boys’ varsity basketball team celebratied their third place finish. After their eighth and final game, they took the bronze award beating Singapore American School for the second time. Way to go Dragons! During HS flex time on Thursday, November 23, the Booster Club gave out hot cocoa on our first chilly day this year. We also had face paint available for kids to show their dragon spirit as they headed to the second HKIS basketball game of the day vs. Singapore American School. Pumpkin muffins, chocolate chip cookies, caramel brownies and strawberry cupcakes were just a few of the home-baked treats that the Booster Club organized for the visiting coaches and referees to enjoy during the tournament. 76


Dragon Shop Volunteer Appreciation Did you know the Booster Club’s Dragon Shop is owned and operated by parent volunteers? Well, it is! Our Dragon Shop volunteers typically work two shifts per month and sell uniforms, HKIS spirit gear, gifts and school supplies. Many of those volunteers also donate their time to Booster Club events. They are the smiling parents you see scooping popcorn at games and plays, they are the ones handing out sno-cones, oranges, and tattoos. Your Booster Club volunteers also help the HS Senate organize those willing to bake for events and encourage a feeling of school spirit and community at HKIS. We took time in October to say thank you to our volunteers and get together for a coffee and a chat. We are a diverse group of parents and always have room for more volunteers, for one-time events or for as much as you want to be involved. ■

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