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SCORECARD Smart Brabus




he new Smart Brabus models are more powerful than any previous standard smart fortwo. That’s because, compared with the previous model, rated power and maximum torque have been increased by 7 hp and 23 Nm, respectively, to 109 hp at 5750 rpm and 170 Nm at 2000 rpm. The result is a correspondingly sporty level of performance, with the Smart Brabus fortwo accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.5 seconds, while the forfour boasts a top speed up to 180 km/h. Yet the more powerful turbo engine is not the only technical highlight. The sporty performance is due also to the extensive modifications. The fuel pressure has been raised by 2 bar. The air supply to the engine has been optimised. The springing/damping of the Brabus Performance sports suspension are 20 percent firmer than the Brabus sports suspension, with the anti-roll bar on the front axle reducing the roll tendency by 9%, while the ESP has been specially adapted. The sports-tuned Direct-Steer system with speed-sensitive power assistance and variable steering ratio comes with a specially increased return torque for the smart Brabus. This means that the steering gives even stronger feedback on the current grip status of the tyres, thereby improving the communication between driver and vehicle. This allows better control over the vehicle while making for enhanced driving enjoyment. It also features a Race Start function, which automatically sets the optimal rpm and clutch slip for maximum acceleration from rest. To use the Race Start function, you simply 30


Engine: Power: 


109hp at 5750rpm

Performance: 0-100km/h 9.5sec max speed 165km/h (fortwo coupe/cabrio)

need to release the brake pedal after previously depressing it and flooring the accelerator. For zipping around a city like Hong Kong, few cars are better than a Smart – and this Brabus version is as good as ever at squeezing through gaps and down tight side streets. The steering is quick and well weighted and throttle response is good, which in conjunction with the lightweight body means it’ll shock a few far quicker cars away from the lights. And while very few will take their Brabus ForTwo on a back road blast, those that do won’t be too disappointed. The Brabus sport exhaust system has been optimised in terms of back- pressure. The sporty top models of the latest smart generation stand out visually through their matt grey rear diffuser insert with chrome-look tailpipe trims as well as their grey, high-sheen and matt painted Brabus Monoblock IX light-alloy wheels. Other standard equipment includes sport seats with upholstery in perforated nappa leather/black leather with

898cc three-cylinder turbo

Transmission: 6-speed dual-clutch automatic

0-100km/h 10.5sec max speed 180km/h (forfour)

specific grey topstitching, instrument panel with a material mix of man-made leather/fabric, dashboard instrument with cockpit clock and rev counter and floor mats. All Smart Brabus models come as standard with a lockable glove compartment, the Cool & Audio package and the proximity warning function. In the last t welve years, over 60,0 0 0 customers have opted for products that were developed or produced in cooperation with Brabus engineers. The Smart Brabus tailor made individualisation programme enables creative drivers to configure their Smart entirely in accordance with their personal preferences. For zipping around a city like Hong Kong, few cars are better than a Smart Barbus fortwo (top left); The new Smart Barbus forfour (top right); You can also configure your Smart Barbus with personal preference through the individualisation programme (middle); The new Smart Barbus fortwo cabrio (bottom) HKGOLFER.COM



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