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Haney Golf Tip The technology that’s available to modern instructors is so much greater than it was just a few years ago. Today’s video cameras are recording thousands of frames per second and give really clear images of the golf swing. One of the things you learn when teaching golf is that there’s a difference between ‘feel’ and ‘real’. A lot of times, players feel like they are doing one thing but really, they’re doing something else. If I, as an instructor, can show them what they’re actually doing, using technology, then they stand a far better chance of improving. Having a picture in your mind is the best way to learn, and the

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Hank Haney is a PGA Teaching Pro and a Charles Schwab client in the US

One of the big keys to lowering your handicap is to eliminate three putting. So think about this: every time you’re outside of 15 feet, just try to make sure you two putt. To achieve this, you have to hit the ball the right speed; distance is more important than line. The mistake amateurs make is not taking a practice stroke that emulates the distance of the putt they’re faced with. A good way to judge the correct distance is to take three practice strokes: first take a swing that isn’t hard enough and then take a swing that you know is too much. This helps you find a happy medium, the aim being that your final practice stroke matches the putt you’re about to make. Good distance control is crucial to good putting.


echnology has really transformed investing, especially when you consider the access to information and the tools that are now available to individual investors. These are certainly the two key areas where modern technology has really had an impact. Access to information is critical because it allows investors to better understand the investments they’re planning to make or the investments that someone is making on their behalf. In essence, technology allows investors to be comfortable with what’s in their portfolio. The computing power we now have at our fingertips is enormous. For example, if you’re developing a financial plan, to assess risk or even figure out how many real (inflation-adjusted) dollars you can take out of your portfolio in 30 years’ time, the computations are far easier to make today. So whether you invest on your own and use that information as an input, or you’re working with a professional and use that information to validate that professional’s decision, technology is a key component of modern investing.

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"The tools I have at my disposal make it easier for my students to get better."

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For those investors out there, you might find golf and investing share a lot of similar attributes. Both require careful planning, patience, and discipline, to site a few examples. Charles Schwab, Hong Kong, Ltd., a financial services firm serving investors in Asia, certainly believes so. #4

tools I have at my disposal make it easier for my students to get better. The great Ben Hogan, like many pros of the past, used to look at his golf swing in a mirror. When instructors first started using video cameras, Hogan remarked: “If I could have used one of those when I played I would really have killed it!” He knew how useful they would become.

"Whether you invest on your own or you're working with a professional, technology is a key component of modern investing."


Charles Schwab Corporation’s Founder and Chairman, Mr Charles Schwab, is an avid golfer himself. Over the years, he has found both golf and investing are tough games and that there’s no short term fixes. His firm, which is the Official Investment Firm of the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour, strives to guide investors along their investing journey, formulate plans, and provide resources to help investors be successful. When Schwab first opened its doors in 1971, the company knew that the key to success would be getting the fundamentals right. By focusing on the basics, the firm managed to take an early market lead, offering a combination of low prices with fast, efficient order executions, and soon became the United States’ largest discount broker. Today, the company is one of the US’s leading financial services firms with around US$1.83 trillion in client assets. Charles Schwab, Hong Kong, Ltd. is a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation. HKGOLFER.COM

Tom Lehman hoists the Charles Schwab Cup after his brilliant 2011 season on the Champions Tour

HK Golfer・SEP 2012


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