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Learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong

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Intensive 24 & Intensive 15 - Mandarin Courses If you would like to study Mandarin in Hong Kong, both our Intensive 24 Mandarin Course and our intensive 15 Mandarin Course offer local and overseas students full-time study at our (Hong Kong) Centre with Hong Kong Immigration Department student visa sponsorship included. The courses are based on either 24 hours per week or 15 hours per week of general Mandarin language study; the choice is yours. What’s more, our flexible class schedule allows you to choose either AM or PM classes.

Are These Course Right For You? • • • • •

Yes, if you are beginner, intermediate or advanced level Yes, if you enjoy small classes with friendly and supportive classmates from around the world! Yes if you like to study hard in a fun and relaxed environment. Yes, if you want to quickly improve your fluency, understanding and use of Mandarin Chinese in real-life situations. Yes, if you want to learn Mandarin in Hong Kong.

Intensive 24 ~ Mandarin Course

Joining our Intensive 24 Mandarin Course will provide you with the best learning environment to improve your level and maximize your ability to use real Mandarin Chinese in real-life situations improve.

Our friendly, professional native-Mandarin teachers will help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills by giving you a practical understanding of the Chinese language, cultural aspects and the nuances needed to communicate on all levels.

Your Intensive 24 Mandarin Course can be tailored to include group classes and private one-to-one lessons to focus on your learning needs. These can include: HSK exams, 'Hanzi' (Simplified Chinese characters, reading and writing or preparation for interviews etc.

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Intensive 15 ~ Mandarin Course

Just like Intensive 24, our Intensive 15 Mandarin Course aims to focus on fluency and maximize your ability to use real English in real-life situations.

Again, our friendly, professional nativeMandarin teachers will help to strengthen your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills by imparting a practical understanding of the Chinese language and culture how best to use it.

Opting for our Intensive 15 Mandarin Course gives you the opportunity to study Monday to Friday in small friendly groups made up of students from all over the world, all with a common goal: to become fluent users of Mandarin Chinese and learn in a relaxed, fun and safe environment.

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What To Expect From Our Intensive Mandarin Courses Real Mandarin Chinese •

Learn how real Mandarin Chinese is spoken and used in the real world

Practice speaking with accurate tones and grammar

Study ‘Hanzi’ (Chinese characters) and PINYIN

Study cultural aspects to help communicate with native-speakers

Practical conversation skills

Study vocabulary for all situations

Learn about modern slang and idioms

Designed Lessons All your Mandarin lessons will be created for a specific topic or theme. The language skills and grammar are taught within the framework of the topic and are designed to help you apply all you have learned in a natural way. This means you will build confidence using Mandarin Chinese in any environment now and in your future.

Personal Support We are very proud of our teaching staff at Q Language. Their role is not only to teach you, but also to give you ongoing support, encouragement, advice and feedback on your progress in class. They will also be there to help and advise on all aspects of living in Hong Kong. This creates a comfortable study environment so our teachers can guide you through your Mandarin Chinese language goals and maximize your learning.

Dynamic Classes We combine keys skills with practical situations during each week of your study to give you a wonderful balance of classes. As part of your course, we include excursions with your class and teaching staff so you can enjoy Mandarin Chinese in the vibrant and exciting surroundings of Hong Kong. Our years of experience helped us design courses to suit the modern language student.

Classroom Materials Language For the 21st Century We offer the latest textbooks in from Beijing University plus supplementary authentic resources, such as magazines and newspapers, videos, Internet and audio to give you a better appreciation and understanding how Mandarin Chinese is actually used in the real world. All materials are included in your course so you just have to sit back and enjoy your Mandarin Chinese classes.

Language For the 21st Century At Q Language we truly believe in students taking a full and active part in lessons. In this ever-changing world, we understand that you need a wide range of skills to overcome any language obstacle. Our aim is for Q Language students to leave us fully able to demonstrate Mandarin Chinese language accuracy, fluency, and confidence in any situation.

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Learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong  

If you would like to learn Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong, take a look at this document for a breakdown of the Intensive Mandarin Courses off...

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