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LOW-INTEREST LOANS AVAILABLE FOR VINEVILLE HOMES MACON, Ga. — Historic Macon Foundation’s façade loan program is expanding for the third time in less than a year. Thanks to a new partnership with the Vineville Neighborhood Association, low-interest loans are now available to improve the exterior of homes in the Vineville neighborhood. More information and applications can be downloaded from Historic Macon’s website at Applications are being accepted on a first-come, firstserved basis. Beginning in Macon’s College Hill district, Historic Macon Foundation’s façade loan programs expanded to downtown Macon in February and now to Vineville. To date, 20 loans have been made on 20 separate properties, totaling $160,000. Property owners can undertake such projects as roof replacement, exterior paint, window repair, landscaping, façade restoration, irrigation and even decorative features. Almost any work that improves the exterior appearance is eligible for the program. Loans are made for $5,000 and require the property owners to contribute at least 20 percent of their own funds to the project. The loans carry a 2 percent interest rate and are repaid over five-year terms. A $100 application fee is required ($50 for members of Historic Macon Foundation). “The affordability of this program helps private owners to preserve our important local historic buildings in a tough economy,” said President and Chair of the Board Pam Thomasson. “All 12 of Macon’s historic districts need this program, and we hope to continue expanding to new areas.” Property owners who use this program may also be eligible for such other incentives as property tax freezes or state income tax credits based on the work that they complete. “Vineville Neighborhood Association is pleased to launch this new program with Historic Macon Foundation,” said Vineville Neighborhood Association President Jim Stallings. “We hope these loans will make it a little easier for our neighbors to take care of the historic treasures in Vineville that we call home.” The Vineville Neighborhood Association and its members donated half the funds for this program. “This is a first: a historic neighborhood came to us having raised money to start this program. Our trustees were happy to donate the balance of the needed funding to encourage Vineville’s work,” said Historic Macon Executive Director Josh Rogers. (MORE)

Low-interest loans for Vineville homes, page 2 Historic Macon Foundation takes a proactive approach to protecting the history and heritage of Macon. The Vineville loan program adds yet another district to Historic Macon's existing neighborhood revitalization projects. This step forward allows the organization to continue to grow throughout the city, fulfilling its mission of advocating for Macon's historic and architectural heritage. Low-interest loans for Vineville homes, page 2 Attachment 1: Eligible area (also available at:


Low-interest loans for Vineville homes, page 3 About Historic Macon Foundation Historic Macon Foundation is a nonprofit organization that advocates for Macon’s historic and architectural heritage, facilitates preservation and revitalization efforts in the community and educates and inspires appreciation for Macon, GA. The Middle Georgia Historical Society and the Macon Heritage Foundation merged in 2003 to create Historic Macon Foundation. The Foundation maintains and promotes the Sidney Lanier Cottage, which is open for public visitation Monday–Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Historic Macon Foundation’s offices are located in the Sidney Lanier Cottage at 935 High St., Macon, GA 30201. For more information, visit or call 478/742-5084.


Low-Interest Loans Available for Vineville Homes  

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