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Happy 21st HT!

Our HT owner, Neil, informed me today that the Hinterland Times is 21 this June!

Victoria McGuin 5499 9049 editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au

Brigette Schlifener founded the paper in 2003 and sold it to Michael Berry and Faith Baigent in 2008. In 2013, Michelle and Heatley Gilmore bought the paper, and in 2018 it was sold to Neil Coningham. (Incidentally, 2024 marks 10 years since Karen and I joined the HT.)

There have been so many lovely memories (I do miss Mungo), and occasional challenges (Covid, anyone?) over the years, but the paper has always had community, the arts and the environment at its heart.


Karen Muir 0414 432 423 production@sunnycoastmedia.com.au

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I have a great fondness for this publication as it has connected me to so many people and places in the wide community, and I see it doing the same for others on a regular basis.

I believe the Hinterland Times has always been a reflection of the people who live here – warm, creative, imaginative, appreciative of the past, environmentally aware, future-focussed, supportive of community and local business, and always sprinkled with a healthy dose of humour.

So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this special publication and thank you to all those who have written in these pages and supported us over the last 21 years.

/Hinterlandtimes /hinterlandtimes

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On to June’s issue! I am thrilled to announce the sixth annual HT Young Writer of the Year Award is back. I can’t wait to read all the fantastic stories that I know will be heading my way, once again.

Our pages are FULL of local content and events, from The Lookout listings in Creative Cuts to impassioned commentary in our Letters page and a beautiful, moving poem in Poets’ Corner

Our feature stories bring you Mary Garden’s new book, a slice of history from Montville, Linsey Pollak with his wild and whacky handmade instruments, and some gorgeous dogs helping young people with their reading. And there’s plenty more!

I hope you enjoy this birthday edition, and thank you for being part of the HT story.

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The Maleny Singers 21st season continues with Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera, The Mikado, this June at the Maleny Community Centre. Pictured: Colin Dunn, Tanya Alison, Viera Keogh and Jenny Scrivan.
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We are happy to announce the sixth year of the


For 2024, the subject is….


Fact or fiction, humorous or serious, any genre of prose is acceptable.

Age limit: 10 – 17 years

Word limit: 600 words (a little leeway given)

Please send submissions to editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au with your name, contact details, age and story title on page 1, and the submission on page 2 onwards.

Closing date for entries August 31, winner announced in the October edition.

(The HT writing team’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.)


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The Hinterland Times would like to thank our generous sponsors for supporting young writers across the Range


How Did Mary’s Garden Grow?

Life can be like a garden - we hope for fertile soil and clement weather to grow and bloom, but sometimes the earth is scorched or over-saturated, weeds appear, and it takes perseverance and adaptability to survive…

Memoirist and biographer, Mary Garden, published

her first book The Serpent Rising after her experience of living in a cult in India. I posed the question of why people might become involved with such groups?

“Born in the early 1950s, I grew up in a dysfunctional family in New Zealand. My mother, a nurse, was a slave to Dad and his controlling ways and became depressed.”

In her twenties, Mary struggled through university until her own depression caused her to drop out. She went to Auckland and worked as a teacher.

A Chinese proverb says, ‘a child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark’. Mary’s marks were deeply imprinted and the childhood that had catapulted her into a cult remained unresolved.

“Dad was an aviator and in 1930, with only 39 flying hours behind him, he flew his Gipsy Moth from London’s Croydon aerodrome. Eighteen days later, he landed at Wyndham, Western Australia, his flight the third fastest after the veteran aviators. The press dubbed him ‘Sundowner of the Skies’ which became the title of my second book released in 2019.


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“My depression deepened, but I had no concept of what was happening and didn’t talk about it. At 21, on an impulse, I checked out a yoga ashram in the suburbs.

“I was looking for community, for the family I never had, a place where I felt safe and the ashram ticked all the boxes. In the beginning, it was life changing, but still I searched for answers.”

Seeking solace from her turbulent inner world, Mary travelled to India where she stayed for much of seven years.

“I spent most of the time in the Himalayas with this cult guru. I was lucky to come back alive. On my return to Australia, I arrived in Brisbane.”

“When Dad retired from aviation in New Zealand, he became a tomato grower. I hardly had anything to do with him because when he came in from work, we all had to be quiet. He was like an invisible figure.

“For much of my childhood, my younger sister, Anna, and I lived outside in an old army hut. Later in life, I wondered why my parents had placed us so far away from the main house.

“I was about seven when I took on a parenting role for Anna, who showed clear signs of mental illness, but my parents didn’t get her any help. I was embarrassed about my sister who used to erupt into rages and attack me. However, I escaped into books and work.

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Mary with her writing companion, Ivy - image Julie Millowick

“Mum and I laboured for Dad as he would sack his workers or they would leave. Whilst at primary school and later, I worked weekends packing tomatoes, weeding, lawn mowing and helping Mum.”

After Mary’s experiences in India, Brisbane offered a safe place where she married, had two children and wrote The Serpent Rising published in 1988. After a time, Mary didn’t cope well with city life and in ’89 with two children in tow, she moved to Maleny.

“On that first morning waking up in our rental house in Witta, I looked at the cows and paddocks and thought I was in heaven. I joined Black Possum Publishing Cooperative set up by author Jill Morris, creating community anthologies.

“We were born into the trauma and baggage of my mother and father. My mother hauled her suitcase of sadness around, but we were most impacted by my father’s emotional baggage. My Father’s Suitcase, a title suggested by writer Carmel Bird, is a metaphor for baggage.

“Two major threads in my book are sibling abuse and mental illness because my sister suffered from Schizoid Affective Disorder. During my book tour, I’ll be doing library events for mental health.”

“After my marriage ended, I bought a place in Crystal Waters, being an alternative community, still seeking that sense of family which had sent me to India.”

At this point, I asked Mary about her latest book, My Father’s Suitcase.

“In January 2023, I felt compelled to write about my sister. The words just poured out. About this time, Prince Harry’s book Spare was released. I read it and thought, this is my story too. It’s not about sibling rivalry, it’s sibling abuse.

I asked if writing this latest book has helped free herself from the baggage?

Black Possum Publishing Cooperative, Maleny – 1993. L to R: Mary Garden, Peter Hoffmann, Veronica Davidson

“I’d done a lot of therapy around my sister (who has since died) before I started this book but writing a memoir helps heal, takes away shame and you start to see things that you’ve missed or that you haven’t understood, so the writing is this extraordinary process of gaining clarity. Through the writing, I became quite compassionate towards my sister.

“This book is like a reckoning. While I’m giving a voice to silent sufferers of sibling abuse, the main roar is standing up to all those people who are bystanders, those who support the perpetrators, like those who excused my sister.

“Memoirs make people feel less alone.”

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Mary Garden - Sai Baba Ashram - 1973  Garden family photo, Tauranga NZ - 1958
front centre) 

Throw iT Down in The LanTana

SwimSafe QLD

There is a very venerable Remington ‘tippety-tappetyclang’ typewriter in a cupboard at Razorback House behind Montville State School. It belonged to Jim Walker, but he lent it to a neighbour in Mill Hill Road when she lived there in the 1950s.

Eleanor Dark was born in Sydney in 1901, daughter of Dowell O’Reilly, poet, schoolteacher and, for a short time, Labour politician. Dowell introduced the first bill for Women’s Suffrage into the New South Wales Legislative Assembly. Certainly he encouraged his daughter’s education and pathway to a literary career.

It is obvious that Eleanor was intellectually gifted; she was reading at the age of three, and by seven was writing stories and verses. Her first story was published when she was nineteen.

Eleanor O’Reilly married Dr Eric Dark in 1922, and they lived at Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, where Dr Dark had a medical practice. They had two sons, and Eleanor pursued her writing career; by 1936 she had published three books, two of them winning Gold Medals from the Australian Literature Society.

She was also a member of the Fellowship of Australian Writers along with other women literary greats, including our own Emily Palmer Bulcock, first teacher at the Razorback School.

Eleanor was to write a total of ten books including her famous trilogy based on the early history of Australian settlement, comprising The Timeless Land, Storm of Time and No Barrier.  In 1977 Eleanor was awarded the Order of Australia for services to Australian literature. The trilogy was made into an ABC series in 1979 called The Timeless Land

That typewriter produced the letters and words and chapters of a wonderful book called Lantana Lane, and the fingers that typed belonged to Eleanor Dark, one of Australia’s most distinguished writers.

The Darks designed and had built a lovely home, “Veruna”, in Katoomba, but they also had a special folly, a summer home in a cave, which they had excavated themselves. They were serious bushwalkers and mappers, and Eric Dark knew the bush of the Blue Mountains as though it was his backyard.

But there was another, sombre, purpose to the cave; Dr. Dark fully expected to die fighting a guerrilla war with the Japanese, and the cave was to be a last citadel.

The Darks were overtly opposed to what they saw as an increasing fascism in the world, and this perceived

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Reminiscing on her days with the Montville History Group, Gille Warren recalls learning about an interesting local figure, esteemed Australian writer, Eleanor Dark.
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Distinguished Australian writer, Eleanor Dark

criticism of Australian society very quickly brought accusations of communism. They were so harassed that in the early fifties they left Katoomba, the medical practice and the typewriter behind, and moved to Montville.

The Darks spent ten years in Montville, at the farm called “The Macadamerie” in Mill Hill Road, first established by the Bowser family. They grew citrus and pineapples, lived quietly, and left the establishment alone.

But one day Eleanor, in the middle of a game of bridge with Jim and Gwen Walker at their home Braemar at 116 Main Street Montville, must have admitted to the longing to put a new story on paper, and begged the loan of the Walker’s typewriter.

In 1959 she produced her last book, Lantana Lane, a novel totally different from her previous works; light, gently teasing and observant. You MUST read it. The book is still in most libraries, and there is one copy in the library at the Montville Hall.

To try to précis it would take from your pleasure. Anybody who lived in Montville in the fifties will tell you that Lantana Lane was Mill Hill Road, ‘The Other Road’ was of course the Western Road, and some might even identify a resident or two!

My own copy was re-printed in 1986 and has a marvellous introduction by Helen Garner.  She too had to restrain herself from quoting more than a paragraph or two from an early chapter called ‘Gwinny on Meatday’.

Eleanor and Eric Dark did return to “Veruna”; Eleanor died in 1985, and Eric in 1987. Her legacy to Montville is this affectionate, tolerant “contemplation of an isolated little farming community, round the corner from the world”.

Eleanor and Eric Dark’s home, the Macadamerie (now Mill Hill Manor), is one of the houses featured in the Montville History Group’s upcoming Book 10 Montville Buildings in the Montville Stories Series.

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‘The Macadamerie’ in Montville, now Mill Hill Manor, where Eleanor lived Eleanor Dark, and her husband Eric, grew citrus and pineapples whilst living in Montville

Unleashing Literacy with Story Dogs

In a bid to support and encourage reading among young learners, Story Dogs, a unique literacy program, is having a positive impact in primary schools across the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland region.

rawing inspiration from the successful American initiative, Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.), Story Dogs was introduced to Australia, aiming to replicate its achievements in improving reading levels and boosting children's confidence.

Founded on the principles of creating a safe, fun, supportive and non-judgmental environment, the Story Dogs program pairs children needing literary assistance with calm dogs, fostering a space where their reading skills can flourish.

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The dogs have passed an assessment by an independently qualified dog trainer to determine they have the characteristics and temperament required to be a Story Dog.

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Maybe directly under Eternity it should be their web

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Pls only slight edits / movign of informtion not of actual design..

Julie-Anne Simpson, Story Dogs Sunshine Coast Coordinator, Mountain Creek and Hinterland Region, recently shared details with me about the program's impact and expansion.


"I learned about Story Dogs through a neighbour several years ago and have now been volunteering for them since 2021," said Julie-Anne.

"We are currently partnering with just under 30 schools on the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland and nationally are volunteering in 400 schools, helping over 2800 children."

Chevallum State School and Montville State School stand as stalwart supporters of the program, witnessing firsthand the positive effects on student literacy levels.

“Being a small school Montville only has one dog team whilst Chevallum currently has three and would ideally like to make that five. Palmwoods and Woombye have both signed on recently, and they, along with Chevallum, need volunteers for the program.

"The feedback we receive from the schools is that we have a positive impact, particularly in terms of increased reading levels at the year-end. Children who otherwise may not look forward to going to school are excited to come to school on reading day, to spend time reading to the dogs."

Central to the program's success are the dedicated volunteers and their canine companions, who provide a comforting presence for the children as they delve into the world of literature.

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Palmwoods S.S volunteer, Gail Lockyer, reading with a child together with her dog, Minka Julie-Ann with her dog, Poppy

"While any kind of volunteer work can provide a sense of purpose, working with your own beloved dog and witnessing the positive effect they have on the children, together with the bonds we make with them, is a truly joyful and fulfilling role," Julie-Anne said with a warm smile.

Reading sessions take place in a quiet area of the school grounds, such as the library or outside the classroom. A reading session is approximately 20 minutes long, where each child is one-on-one with the dog team. Books are chosen to suit the student's reading level.

During the session, the handler often speaks through the dog, such as; “Sam doesn't understand what is happening on this page, could you help him out?” The child becomes the teacher as they help the dog understand, and their confidence soars.

“Our volunteers come with fun, interesting books that are specifically chosen for beginner readers,” continued Julie-Anne. “The students also have input into what they read. We encourage the students to write letters to the dogs between reading sessions, further encouraging literacy skills.”

I asked, is it always the same dogs at the schools? “Each school is allotted their own dog teams who remain with them, so yes, the same dogs are always at the same schools which are agreed upon with the volunteers,”

Julie-Anne said. “It gives the children consistency and comfort.”

The program sounds so appealing, I considered joining myself with my dog, and Julie-Anne explained how locals can get involved and how much time they ideally need to

“There are two ways locals can become involved, one way is through volunteering with your dog, or a dog you have a close bond with, such as your

“After a dog assessment from an independent and qualified dog assessor together with a short volunteer training morning, the time commitment is just two hours

“As volunteers, we understand many are retired and wish to travel during term time and this is entirely

“The second way is through sponsorship. As a completely self-funded charity we rely entirely on donations. A dog can be sponsored by any person or business which enables the sponsor logo to be placed large and proud on the dog vest worn by the four-legged cuddly billboard.

“A sponsored dog can also visit their sponsor’s business for promotional events. The cost is $500 per

year. This covers running costs including books, a book bag, a blanket for the dog to lie on, stationary and reading vests for a volunteer and dog.

“A Bluecard is also needed and we can assist with this”

I asked Julie-Anne if she had a particularly fond or positive memory of a student since using this program.

“I have many heart-warming stories from various students, however one that comes to mind is of a child who read with me who struggled to read due to ADHD. They saw me at school over a year after they had read with me and my dog Poppy and said to me: ‘You know Poppy helped me so much the year I read with her, I can read so many more big words now!’.”

For those interested in volunteering or sponsorship opportunities in the hinterland schools, more information is available on the Story Dogs website, storydogs.org.au

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Julie-Ann Simpson, Story Dogs Sunshine Coast Coordinator, reading with Poppy and a student
Opening Hours Tues, Wed, Fri 9am - 2pm Thurs 9am - 4pm Saturday 9am - 2pm Sunday/Monday closed Phone: 0431 750 033 Shop , - Li le Main Street, Palm oods, Qld. New books for all ages... Free local delivery for purchases of over $10 or can post (conditions apply)
Poppy enjoying a book with a young reader 

Through Life Improvising

Musical visionary – creator of exquisite and quirky musical instruments, as well as being a skilled musician and performer – Linsey Pollak has found that by improvising his way through life, it has brought him lasting contentment.

The team at Bald in La ers are a do n-to-earth, eas going, general la prac ce ho lo e assis ng people ith their legal req irements. Working from a Nambo r base ith an addi onal office in G mpie, e lo e to ncomplicate the legal jargon for o r clients.

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As a 19-year old living in Sydney, Linsey discovered a bamboo grove and, for no particular reason, decided to cut a length of bamboo and make his first musical instrument – a bamboo flute.

“That was it. I was hooked … I’d totally fallen in love with the process of making a musical instrument.”

Already able to play clarinet, but flushed with a new sense of inspiration, Linsey decided to defer his university science degree and embark upon a journey making musical instruments.

Then a few years later and for a lark, Linsey and a group of friends decided to sail down the Murray River on homemade rafts made of timber and 44-gallon drums, for a three-month adventure.

By this stage, Linsey had already discovered, and was totally enamoured by, Macedonian folk music. In particular, he was enthralled by the mesmerising sound of the gaida – a Macedonian bagpipe.

With the seeds of creativity now firmly supplanting any science-related ambitions, Linsey headed to Europe to discover more about making reed instruments.

After touring numerous museums in Europe, measuring early woodwind instruments, he ended up in London where one fortuitous event after another saw him cultivate his interest in Macedonian music. It was here that another quirk of fate saw him chance upon a Macedonian band that needed a gaida player.

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“It was a great journey and it was also the beginning of my performing because we decided, just for the fun of it, to put on circus shows for kids … even though we were total beginners, learning tightrope walking and other skills as we went.”

The group performed at rodeos and schools along the mighty Murray.

The extra support your feet are

Like many young adventurers, he lived simply, supporting himself by selling his musical instruments while learning as much as he could about playing Macedonian music. When he headed off to Macedonia for seven months, he ended up spending three of those months living in the back garden of an experienced gaida player near Skopje, Macedonia, refining his technique.

Upon finally returning to Australia, serendipity kicked in again for Linsey as his skills in not only playing Macedonian music, but also his ability to speak a smattering of Macedonian, surprisingly enmeshed him in Sydney’s Macedonian community.

Contact us at or admin@bald insla ers.com.a

Visit us at / - Ho ard Street, Nambo r, QLD, Zasco Van Rooyen, Director .bald insla ers.com.a

keep you on your feet for longer

10 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES Shockwave Therapy Heel Pain Ingrown Nails
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looking for.

Together with many other talented musicians, Linsey began playing concerts, running workshops and playing for Eastern European dances.

“So gradually I was finding a place for this new music that I had fallen in love with, and more importantly, that music took me on a further journey that opened my eyes to the extraordinary wealth of diverse musical talent hidden away in the margins of Australian society – not just in the Macedonian community – but in so many different non-Anglo communities.”

This inspired Linsey to establish a multi-cultural music centre with the perfect location being in North Perth. In 1982, he successfully convinced the Community Arts section of the Perth City Council for the need of such a venue and a year later, the Perth Ethnic Music Centre opened with Linsey serving as the ethnic music coordinator.

Centre itself was opened with a big party for a whole variety of people … who feasted, played, danced and listened to music coming from Egypt, India, Australia, Macedonia, Spain, Indonesia, America and Italy.

was a very important thing for me – one of my major projects. There are various milestones in my life and that’s a key one.”

Since then, Linsey has developed a reputation for his ability to make instruments out of recycled materials

like watering cans, rubber gloves, kids’ toys, even carrots. He has also collaborated with countless other talented musicians on innovative music projects, often with a focus on community.

When he started a marimba band in Kin Kin, all of the members were beginners. “It was all about empowering people to understand that we’ve all got music in us, and marimbas are a really great way to get people to play.”

Then there were the brassy antics of the Unusual Suspects in Maleny, a colourful, sassy street band that played funky Balkan dance music at street carnivals and the Woodford Folk Festival.

Perhaps the most ethereal of Linsey’s projects was Dangerous Song whereby the voices of endangered species were accompanied by Lizzie O’Keefe’s haunting voice responding to Linsey’s breath-controlled animal calls. The clever use of technology presented a ghostly collage of the two performers under the sea.

plucked stringed instruments, while Tunji is an amazing South Indian percussionist. The three have known each other and performed together in different bands at various times for decades.

With achievements too numerous to list, including performing at the Woodford Folk Festival every year since 1990, this deserving but modest man was awarded an OAM for service to the performing arts and music in 2021.

The Gosti trio will be performing at St Georges Church, Maleny on Sunday June 9 at 2pm. Tickets $25 at Humanitix.com.

More recently there is Gosti, a trio of Linsey, Tunji Beier and Philip Griffin. Linsey describes the latter two as world-class musicians, Philip playing a huge range of

Your local water experts hav BIGGER & BETTER new store - c celebrate! Friday 21st June at 124 Eumundi-Noosa Road, Noosavill T h e M i k a d o M A L E N Y S I N G E R S M A L E N Y P E R F O R M I N G A R T S O R C H E S T R A G i l b e r t & S u l l i v a n M a l e n y C o m m u n i t y C e n t r e 8 - 9 a n d 1 5 - 1 6 J u n e 2 p m T i c k e t s : M a l e n y I n f o r m a t i o n C e n t r e t r y b o o k i n g c o m / C Q K Q L A d u l t s $ 5 0 , C o n c e s s i o n $ 4 0 , C h i l d ( u p t o 1 5 ) $ 1 5 saltairmodularhomes 5446 2113
Linsey, Tunji and Philip (Gosti) performing at World of Music and Dance Adelaide, 2023  Linsey with Lizzie O’Keefe performing Dangerous Song Linsey (far right) playing gaida with the Zivko Firov Ensemble, Macedonia, 1978

Finding home in the Hinterland

This month, our Let’s Talk Business profile catches up with Melissa Chaddock, one of the close-knit team of property experts for RE/MAX Hinterland, who deliver consistently outstanding results across the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Melissa has been a hinterland local for almost 20 years, and shares her story of what brought her to call this place home.

Born and raised in Brisbane, Melissa Chaddock's path diverged early on, “From the tender age of eight, my life changed forever as my family uprooted to Papua New Guinea. Brisbane welcomed me back briefly for boarding school, but the wanderlust had already set in.”

At 21, Melissa couldn't resist the allure of the unknown, setting off for the United Kingdom in pursuit of new experiences and horizons. Eighteen years abroad passed in a whirlwind of exploration across various industries and countries.

Yet, the call of Australia grew stronger with time, Melissa recalls, “Australia beckoned me home. But this time, it wasn't to the city lights, instead my heart led me to the Hinterland, where my husband and I and our then two-year-old found our little slice of paradise.

“Settling here feels like the ultimate adventure, one where we've finally found our forever home amidst the beauty of the area.”

Melissa has an Environmental Studies degree and used to work for local government and English Nature before joining RE/MAX Hinterland in 2017, which marked a turning point in her career. Having navigated the sales management scene across diverse sectors and nations, Melissa found her stride in real estate.


12 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES p. (07) 5451 3600 e. info@suncoastcc.qld.edu.au a. Cnr Schubert & Kiel Mtn Roads, Woombye
book a tour so we can warmly welcome you into our Suncoast community and share our College - including our new purpose-built Primary precinct with you. We are committed to preparing your child for a life-time of faith, character and learning. Let’s Talk Business
Melissa says the views across the Range have a way of soothing her soul

“Landing here? It's like finding the missing puzzle piece to my career, where every day brings new challenges and the satisfaction of helping people find their own perfect home in the hinterland,” she shares.

What sets RE/MAX Hinterland apart, according to Melissa, is its simplicity and authenticity. “As a global brand but local real estate firm with deep roots in the community, we specialise solely in sales, allowing us to focus entirely on what we do best,” she explains.

“It's not about flashy marketing or aggressive tactics; it's about genuine care for our clients and our community. That's what makes us different—and, we hope, valued—in the eyes of our customers.”

In her role, Melissa's days are anything but typical. “Every day brings its own unique blend of surprises and challenges,” she remarks, “and that's what keeps things exciting!”

Yet, amidst the unpredictability, Melissa finds joy in exploring remarkable hinterland properties and connecting with wonderful people.

Offering advice to property buyers, Melissa emphasises strategic positioning and preparedness. “By taking proactive steps and staying informed, you'll increase your chances of securing your dream home amidst the competitive real estate landscape,” she shares.

I ask what Melissa likes the most about the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland area, her response is immediate.

“The unparalleled beauty and sense of community,” she smiles. “The sheer diversity of spots for leisurely strolls and refreshing swims, the people are warm and friendly, there is a huge variety of culinary delights, and those remarkable views across the Range have a magical way of soothing my soul.”

In her spare time, Melissa admits you will often find her “slaving away in the garden”, relishing the satisfaction of growing her own food.

“There's something incredibly satisfying about harvesting fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs for the next meal or turning them into some delicious preserves,” she shares.

“When I'm not in the garden, a leisurely dog walk along the beach and a bit of a relax on the sand is a great day off. There's just something about the salty breeze and a dip in the ocean that rejuvenates me completely.

“And of course, I have a deep passion for overseas travel. Exploring new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes is an irresistible drawcard for me, fuelling my sense of adventure and wanderlust.”

Melissa finds inspiration in a quote from Hedy Lamarr: Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees - an ethos that guides her as she continues to embrace the adventure of life on the Sunshine Coast and her hinterland home.

13 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES Let’s Talk Business Located in the beautiful Obi Valley, 430 Hunsley Road, Coolabine - follow our signage from Obi Obi Road Contact us on 5472 3996 to discuss a quote for your Australian Red Cedar Sculptures, Fur niture & Door s / cedarcreations@sk ymesh.com.au www.cedarcreations.com.au Award Winning Timber Gallery (best to phone rst to make sure we are open)
A love of gardening, from growing flowers to food, makes Melissa happy. Melissa Chaddock and her brother Paul in Papua New Guinea in the '70s RE/MAX property experts Michael Reck, Damian Green, Melissa Chaddock, Kate Woolston and Mark Clayton



Iam an ‘average Joe’ who enjoys good food, not a food critic by profession, so excuse my lack of fancy terminology! I have not been paid to promote anyone – I am simply sharing my opinion on the hinterland eateries I visit, for their service/ambience and presentation/flavour.

It was a birthday lunch for a friend that saw us mosey on down to Woombye to try out their fare.

The décor is fresh and minimalist, with wooden seating, bright palm leaf-print cushions, some cheery poster artwork and big plants. There is also a pizza oven hidden behind the main bar, so wood-fired pizza lovers will be happy!

The tragedy is they have completely removed the stage at the back, so this once buzzing live music venue, which supported local and travelling bands, is no more. I almost walked out then and there, such was my disappointment in their decision.


Homegrown Cafe

A must visit for breakfast, lunch or to enjoy the home made baked goods. Serving locally sourced produce and small batch in-house roasted coffee. Café or garden seating. Seasonal dinner first Saturday of the month. FB: “HomeGrownPalmwoods”

4/6 Little Main St. Palmwoods 0458 270 368

HOURS: Tue - Sat: 7:00am - 2:00pm Sunday and Monday Closed

Hungry teens in tow meant we had to stay put, so we ordered from very amiable staff and sat in the breezy front verandah area of this attractive Queenslander.

The pub states they serve ‘good honest pub food with a modern edge', and I think that’s pretty accurate from the menu choices. We mainly chose pub classics and waited a while for our food to arrive, but it was busy and I heard they were understaffed, so all good.

The teenagers each had a Steak Sanga, with caramelised onion, cheese, tomato and lettuce, topped with aioli and smokey barbecue sauce, and a side of chips. These were very successfully consumed and, apparently, the steak was tender, the bread was “really nice and just the right thickness” and the chips were “great”. Such is a review from a teen.

didn’t disappoint. A perfect blend of veggies (capsicum, zucchini, roasted pumpkin and spinach) to feel healthy, mixed with a creamy Napoli sauce topped with Parmesan cheese, to give it some decadence. The

I had the Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi, which looked delicious and hearty on presentation and

Beer-battered Fish and Chips, Chicken Parmigiana topped with Napoli sauce, ham and mozzarella, and Sea ‘n’ Surf grilled snapper with creamy prawns and calamari were all wolfed down by the others present.

Everyone enjoyed their meals, and general comments included “classic pub food”, “okay portion size, but needed more chips”, “very tasty” and “well presented, decent

So, there you have it. A pub that does what it says on the tin. Enjoy your meal, enjoy the décor, but if you’ve been there in the past, you may leave with an emptiness in your musical soul…

c r y s t a l w a t e r s E a t L o c a l • S h o p L o c a l • S u p p o r t L o c a l 7 days a week | 8am to 2pm 1/65 Kilcoy Lane, Conondale Qld 4552 +61 7 5409 5596 | www.ikigaicafe.com.au
cold drinks,
selection of delicious house-made treats
All day menu
ethically-sourced coffee,
and a
spacious green surroundings
abundant wildlife - a sanctuary for those seeking to escape
nature set in an idyllic rural setting kitchen closes at 1:30pm g r o u p b o o k i n g s w e l c o m e
Enjoy the calm and relaxing atmosphere with
Sea ‘n’ Surf Roasted Vegetable Gnocchi

Something for everyone!

On the second Saturday morning of every month the Montville Village Hall and surrounding heritage precinct come to life with the Montville Growers and Makers Market, offering an abundance of locally-grown produce and unique handcrafted wares.

Beneath the historic memorial fig trees and within the Montville Village Hall, there is something to delight and captivate everyone. Fill your basket with fresh produce, sourdough bread and fresh flowers. Take a moment to savour a scrumptious pastry and coffee while you listen to live music.

If you are seeking inspiration for your garden, revitalise it with herb and veggies seedlings from Sophie or find interesting local plants from Barung Landcare that provide habitat and food for local wildlife.

Montville’s artisan tradition thrives with exquisite pottery, handcrafted jewellery, soap, and charming handmade dolls, perfect for gifts.

On the eastern side of the Hall, the winter sun casts its morning rays on the cosy deck of the Montville Village Hall. Gather around the long tables decorated with vintage tablecloths and vases of fresh local flowers and catch up with friends and family over delicious home-style pancakes, lovingly prepared and served by the local community volunteers, from 7.30am to 10.30am.

Tea enthusiasts can indulge in a pot of looseleaf tea, served with tea-cosy and china cups. While you are waiting for your order to arrive, children of all ages can have fun with the drawing materials, or you can knit a row or two for the blankets for the homeless project.

Each month between 25 and 30 volunteers give their time and attention to making the Montville Growers and Makers Market a delightful community event. The funds raised from the Market helps to maintain the historic Montville Village Hall and ensures that it stays the centre of community life for future generations.

The collective efforts of volunteers creates a wonderful atmosphere, brightening everyone’s day, meeting neighbours, and making new friends. It is a wonderful place to reset, recharge and bring community together.

The Montville Market team look forward to welcoming you on Saturday June 8, 7.30am – 12noon.

Kondalilla Restaurant

Situated on the grounds of Kondalilla Eco Resort, Kondalilla Restaurant is a vegetarian and seafood restaurant with vegan options. Visit Kondalilla and enjoy a space of tranquility while you choose from our exquisite menu. Everyone's welcome.

61-101 Kondalilla Falls Rd Flaxton

5445 7650 Ext. 2

Opening hours: Lunch and Dinner

Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 8pm


Crystal Waters Markets 8am - 1pm

Located in the beautiful Conondale valley, this village market creates a unique atmosphere. Under shady trees you'll find delicious food, arts and craft, live music and a children's playground. Stalls available 5435 0111 cwmarkets@crystalwaters.org.au


Montville Growers and Makers Market 7:30am - 12pm

Piping hot pancakes, buskers, genuine locally grown food, handmade craft, barista made coffee, under historic fig trees, profits maintain our Village Hall. Stall holder enquires: Liz 0424 042 376


Witta Growers Markets 7:30am - 12pm

50+ stalls, this vibrant market has everything from fresh local produce to gourmet food, quality art and craft, live music, hot food and coffee. email: wittamarket@gmail.com


Mapleton Country Market 8am - 12pm

Fresh fluffy waffles, sourdoughs, jams and chutneys, honey, pestos, plants, timber, jewellery, arts and crafts. Hot food, coffee van, live music. Ph 0419 726 603. Located at the Mapleton School Carpark.

TO PROMOTE YOUR MARKET OR STALL HERE email sales@sunnycoastmedia.com.au

FLAXTON O P E N 7 DAY S - 8 a m t o 4 p m 5 4 0 0 2 4 4 4 44 5 F l a x t o n D r i v e , F l a x t o n @thebarnonflaxton we hope to see you soon! Drop in and see us at " The Barn", TASTE TRAIL MARKET GUIDE TO WHAT'S ON
Soak up the friendly atmosphere at Montville Market Three generations enjoying breakfast at the Montville Village Hall
16 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES ADVERTISEMENT Calculate yours at taxcuts.gov.au Authorised by the Australian Government, Canberra Tax cuts for every taxpayer Estimate yours with the tax cut calculator.

Results for the ‘Glassies’

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, has joined Chambers of Commerce and local businesses to celebrate another Small Business Awards Gala. However, unlike the last five years, this year’s gala was held at a new venue – the Mooloolah Valley Country Club.

The gala event is the culmination of two months of nominations and voting to celebrate all that small business is and does for the region. Almost 2,000 votes were cast for the 90 businesses and 41 employees that were nominated by their customers, peers and bosses this year.

While the silver “Glassy” is purely a popularity contest based on the number of votes received, the bronze “Glassies” are selected by local the Chamber of Commerce Presidents. The two coveted gold glassies are handpicked by Andrew himself, in consultation with the Chamber Presidents.

The winners of this year’s Glass House Small Business Awards are:

• Bronze Business: The Barn on Flaxton

• Silver Business: Fudgyboombahs

• Bronze Employee: Shiralee Cooper from Illume Creations

• Silver Employee: Molly Graves from The Barn on Flaxton


Bronze Business: Easton Lawyers

• Silver Business: Concept Coffee

• Bronze Employee: Kirsten Dance from Maleny Veterinary Services

• Silver Employee: Tilly Beckett from Concept Coffee


• Bronze Business: Glasshouse Country & Maleny News

• Business: Club Glass House

• Employee: Michelle McNeill from Max 24 Hour Fitness Wamuran

“The gold employee nomination was set in stone as soon as we read Michelle’s nomination,”

“Her nomination spoke of the way she has given her heart and soul to the community of Wamuran for the past thirteen years in her role at the Max 24 Hour Gym whilst also running the Moreton Healthy and Active Program.

• Silver Business: Crossfit True Phorm

Bronze Employee: Billie Glover from That Little Dress Shop

• Silver Employee: Kiana Devine from Whites IGA Mooloolah

“With an already full work plate, Michelle has also been dealing with a daughter fighting cancer, a son with high functioning Aspergers, another son with pretty recurrent epilepsy and is actively involved with her sixyear-old grandson and triplet two-and-a-half-yearold granddaughters. Talk about a busy woman!”

“Small businesses play a crucial role in creating vibrant and resilient communities, especially in Glass House where we don’t have any large shopping centres,” Andrew continued.

“They also contribute to the unique character and charm of our neighbourhoods, making them attractive to tourists which, as we all know, is so important to a community’s local economy.

“I host the Glassies each year to celebrate these small businesses and acknowledge the community's appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Thank you to everyone who nominated, voted, and contributed to the Glassies this year," concluded Andrew.

Beach Road will be closed for the event, so plan ahead to get to the event. The first 250 visitors who arrive by bus, WHY NOT TAKE THE FREE BUS? foot or etransport will receive a voucher for from Noosa Landcare. 2 FREE TREES

ALWAYS BUYING and SELLING 0412 254 080 I principal@davidwisesolicitor.com.au www.davidwisesolicitor.com.au Need legal advice about retirement living? David Wise Solicitor
Montville region winners and ‘Hall of Fame’ businesses with Andrew Powell MP included The Clock Shop, The
on Flaxton, Crystal Multiverse and Illume Creations
Access Negotiations Pty Ltd Residential, Rural, Commercial Valuations Compensation/Court Valuations Superannuation Fund Valuations Taxation Valuations/Business Valuations Depreciation Reports Registered Urban and Rural Valuers VALUATIONS | CONSULTANCY | MARKETING Denis Cupitt 0419 732 963 1800 469 963 | 5499 9811 valuation@accessnegotiations.com
Gold Employee Winner, Michelle McNeill, from Max 24 Hour Fitness, Wamuran, with Andrew Powell MP


A Special Birthday Present

Ipainted this picture in the style of an artist whose work I have long admired by the name of Itzchak Tarkay. One of his inspirational paintings is much loved and hangs in our home.

Itzchak Tarkay was born in 1935 to a Jewish family in Subotica on the Yugoslav Hungarian border. At the age of nine he and his family were transported by the Nazi occupation forces to the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp.

Unlike six million fellow Jews, the Tarkay family somehow survived. They were liberated by allied forces in 1945 and in 1949 migrated to Israel.

In 1951 young Itzchak obtained a scholarship to the prestigious Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv. From this traumatic childhood his extraordinary talent somehow emerged.

His work focuses on the dreamlike images of women. It is described by some as visual poetry, full of mystery. He has a timeless quality that defies the tides of fashion. You can find him on the internet.

His contemporaries say he was a brilliant mentor, a man of peace and love with an irrepressible sense of humour! Sadly he passed away in 2012.

We have a granddaughter about to turn 18. She asked me to paint her a picture for this special birthday. Thus the picture here, a gift for one so much loved and a tribute in the style of an artist I so much admire.

On his website you may notice that in his paintings all his ladies have blue eye shadow. This was his way of remembering the horror of the black eyes and beatings he witnessed inflicted on the women in the concentration camp.

It is a memorial to the slaughter of six million Jews. He vowed he would never, ever forget.

It would seem so urgent now for Australia to reflect on Tarkay’s testament that speaks out so poignantly through the “blue eye shadow” of his work.

Our lack of real leadership continues to fall massively short in terms of protecting basic human values. “Weasel words” and “yes, but’s” totally fail to put down the emerging horror of rampant antisemitism. We seem intent on destroying all that was good in multiculturalism.

The sickening rise in violence against women reflects the absence of any form of common values being taught to

children in

of what was great about this country.

So for our dear granddaughter a painting that I hope will bring love, colour and light into your life. Also, a wish that it will give you the raw courage to be heard, even if standing alone, to fight the vile stain of antisemitism and violence in all its manifestations, should it confront you in the brilliant years your adult life will surely bring.

The views expressed in the Local Musings column are the writer’s and not necessarily the views of the HT team.

This is a space for the wide community to submit their considered deliberations on news, life and the idiosyncrasies of our times. Email: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au
powered devices are flammable and cause fires in rubbish trucks and at the recycling facility. Keep it safe and bring your batteries to a drop off point near you. Never bin your batteries FIND YOUR NEAREST BATTERY DROP OFF POINT sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au 24029A
and battery
our schools.Our silence continues to trash so much

Community News

Help shape the future for our night skies

Ever looked up in wonder at a sky filled with stars? It’s part of what makes our Sunshine Coast so special. As our region grows, light pollution is expected to impact our night sky. That's why we are proposing to establish a Dark Sky Reserve in hinterland areas including Maleny, Mapleton, Montville, Witta, Flaxton and Conondale. Now we’re seeking your feedback on our proposal. Visit Council’s Have Your Say page today.

Do you walk or ride a bike to get around your neighbourhood?

That’s active transport! Council wants to see more people choosing to use ‘active transport’ for short trips, like riding to school or work and walking to your local cafe. Tell us how active transport works - or doesn’t work - for you. Head to Council’s Have Your Say website before 10 June and help us get the Active Transport Plan moving right for you.

Celebrate the winter solstice with a laid back afternoon of live music

Guaranteed to chill you out and warm you up, Seasonal Sessions is on Saturday, 22 June from 2-5pm at Maroochy Botanic Gardens. Gather your favourite people, pack a picnic and soak up the bushland ambience at this special outdoor gig. Creative activities for the kids and space to play make this a fun family event. Tickets are selling fast on Council's Events website, so don't delay!

Different viewpoint of 'natural place' concept

The latest exhibition at Caloundra Regional Gallery about-place / about-face includes artworks from 16 artists ranging from painting, photography and digital animation to video, sculpture and moving image installation. Each is based on a different take on one's perspective of 'natural place'.

Watch Council’s next Special and Ordinary Meeting

View online on Council's website or at Sunshine Coast City Hall Chambers. Council will consider and adopt its 2024-25 budget at a Special Meeting on June 20 starting at 9am. The Ordinary Meeting will start at 11am.

Give your used batteries a new life!

It’s free and easy. Simply grab an old jar, fill it with used batteries and take them back to a free drop off point. From supermarkets and hardware stores to Council’s resource recovery centre, there are more than 40 convenient drop off locations across the Coast. Download the Recycle Mate app or visit the Recycle Mate website to find your nearest battery drop off point today.

Get the latest Council news delivered directly to your inbox. Scan the QR code to sign up for the OurSC enewsletter.


The Montville Monts

If you head to Russell Family Park and the main street of Montville, you may just encounter a ‘Mont’, a public art piece made by local artist Finn Cossar.

But what exactly is a Mont? The term "Mont" finds its origins in the acronym Mobile – Organism – Navigating – Terrain, symbolising a mushroom species that has undergone a remarkable evolutionary journey.

Vulnerable to the creatures hungry for an easy meal, the Monts needed to adapt for survival by sprouting finger-like appendages and flexible joints, allowing for a fast getaway from the hungry predators.

If you encounter a Mont during a visit to Montville, be sure to offer it a friendly pat and capture the moment with a snapshot. Follow Caloundra Regional Gallery on Facebook and Instagram and share your marvellous Mont encounters using #MontsOfMontville.

You can also follow artist Finn Cossar too and perhaps show some appreciation and tag him too.

Genealogy at Garden Expo

Genealogy Sunshine Coast will be having a stand at the Nambour Garden Expo on July 4 -7, so head along and check out their display. You never know what you will learn!

The Grey Medallion returns

In the past, the Grey Medallion® team have been delighted to have some Hinterlanders attend their Royal Life Saving Society course, as emergency scenarios are not necessarily all beach related, and there are many waterways, lakes, falls, dams plus people have their own pools locally, and CPR and Defib skills are useful in any situation.

The new one-day Grey Medallion® course will be on Saturday August 17 at BreakFree Resort Caloundra, 9am - 4pm, Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

The Grey Medallion® course is run nationally, and specially designed to teach skills to deal with emergency situations on land or water and water safety.

The free one-day course is run by fully accredited trainers and life savers from Ithaca Caloundra City Life Saving Club. Places are limited, so you must enrol in advance.

Fill in the online enrolment form at caloundracity.org.au and check your mail and junk mail for confirmation or call 0402 454 644.

You can also visit Genealogy Sunshine Coast at their premises in Petrie Park Road (opposite the swimming pool) in Nambour on Monday, Tuesday or Thursdays, 9am-4.30pm. This family history research centre is filled with friendly, knowledgeable volunteers, and has an impressive collection of resources for all.

The group is encouraging members and visitors to attend their monthly meetings with interesting themes for each month. Just bring along one item relating to that month’s theme, for example, June is transport, July is badges, September is flowers (of course), October is cause of death, November is christenings.

You can contact the group via Facebook or call 5329 2315.


Step Out for Parkinson’s

Come and be part of something special! Let’s celebrate together the incredible resilience within the Parkinson’s community.

Join Parkinson’s Queensland, Shake It Up Australia, Restoring Hope Parkinson’s Therapy and The Parkinson’s Centre at the University of the Sunshine Coast Athletics track for a morning filled with family-friendly fun!

Engaging entertainment and activities for all ages to enjoy, the joyous and inclusive atmosphere will leave a lasting and inspirational impact on both participants and spectators alike. Help make a positive impact for individuals and families affected by Parkinson’s.

There will be interactive performances, games, face painting, raffles, and fun for the whole family. To register or make a donation to ‘Restoring Hope Parkinson’s Therapy’, visit: step-out-for-parkinsons-2024.raiselysite.com

Pictured are Taryn and Peter from RHPT's Choir of Sound INTENT - the choir will be performing at the STEP OUT event.

Thanks to Trail Riders Club

C&K Maleny Community Kindergarten received a very generous donation from the Maleny Trail Riders Club last month, enabling the purchase of Australian-made timber chairs for the classroom.

The kindy is so grateful for this donation as the centre’s furniture was well overdue for an upgrade. The new chairs provide learning in comfort and support the calm, inclusive and nurturing environment at Maleny Kindy which is so valuable for the children.

All the old chairs have been put to good use by being donated back to the children’s families.

The donation from the Maleny Trail Riders Club was made possible by profits from the popular bi-annual event, the Maleny Trail Ride. This event is always a great success thanks to the continued generosity of local property owners and volunteers, and profits are returned to the community through donations to local clubs and associations.

The C&K Maleny Kindy is located at 15 Cedar Street, Maleny. If you are interested in visiting for a potential child's enrolment, please call them on 5494 2330.


Is the Bible just a collection and fables?

Go to Luke 1: 1-4

Is the Bible some myth and some truth?

2nd Timothy 3:16-17 John 17:17

Is Jesus only meek and gentle?

John 2:13-25

How does Jesus judge hypocrites?

Matthew 23: 13-39

How will he judge you?

John 12: 42-50

Why do all of us need Jesus?

Philippians 2: 5-11

What must I do to be saved?

Acts 2:27-47 Acts 8:26-39 Acts 22:6-16.

Want to know more?

Call Len 0432 617 107

Electrify everything!

In January 2020 Mark’s car was damaged by golf ball-sized hail stones, and he had to buy a new car. Mark chose a Tesla and installed household solar to charge the car.

Next came replacing his gas heater with split system air conditioning; gas stove with an induction cooktop, and gas hot water with a heat pump hot water system. Immediately, he began to see significant savings on his energy bills.

Mark added a battery to his home to store energy generated during the day from the solar panels and to sell it back to the grid.

Mark has been net carbon zero for the last two years, and as Deputy Chair for Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) Inc. he talks to community groups about how to save money and do their bit for climate change through electrification.

To learn more, and meet with technicians, come along to ZEN’s EV and Electrify Everything Expo on Sunday June 16, in Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction from 9am to 1pm.



The Maleny Singers 21st season continues with Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera, The Mikado, June 8 -9, 15-16 at the Maleny Community Centre.

The Mikado is set in the 1880s, in the imaginary Japanese town of Titipu. Nanki-Poo, the son of Japanese Emperor Mikado, has fled there to avoid marrying Katisha, an older woman, and he ends up falling in love with Yum-Yum, who is betrothed to the lord high Executioner Ko-Ko.

As mentioned in our May HT, in Oda, a tiny town in the prefecture of Shimane, 81-year-old Mrs Masako Arito, heard from her daughter in Australia about the performance in Maleny.

Having studied Nihon-buyo, the art of Japanese classical dance, all of her life, she spread the word to her dance community and over 50 kimonos, belts and accessories emerged from both personal collections and performance wardrobes and were shipped to Australia The Mikado! Tickets are available via Trybooking.com/cqkql, and also on the door for each show. (Image by Mãrshä Fòtõgráfíê)


The Jazz and Blues Collective presents the ‘Estampa’ World Folk Jazz Quartet.

Evoking visions of Parisian laneways, South American sensuality, and the unbridled joy of European folk music, Estampa delivers an energetic, internationallyinspired performance, combining a unique blend of violin/voice, accordion, guitar/banjo and double bass.  These well-established musicians perform an eclectic mix of music from French jazz, Brazilian instrumental music, Bossa Nova, Scandinavian, and other World Folk music. They’ll even throw in their own twist on Vivaldi and Chopin.

Look forward to a world-class afternoon of entertainment, Sunday July 7, Millwell Road Community Centre, 11 Millwell Rd East, Maroochydore. Music 1.30pm - 4pm, coffee van on site from 12.30pm, B.Y.O food and drinks.  Tickets: ticketebo.com.au/jazzblues-collective


Puccini loved women. His operatic heroines of Tosca, Madama Butterfly and Mimi are what legends are made of, but so far little has been told about what, or more importantly, who inspired these passionate women of opera.

This one-woman show is a hot-blooded hybrid of drama and operatic recital. It paints the lust, romance, jealousy and passion of Puccini’s real-life love affairs and dramatically links his real-life women with the infamous “suffering heroines” portrayed in his opera masterpieces.

Don't miss soprano Vanessa West singing some of the most beautiful arias ever composed, accompanied by Associate Artist Angus Grant, on June 30 at 2pm, the Maleny Community Centre. Visit TryBooking.com to book tickets.


The Rangebow Festival proudly presents MicroFilm Fest 2024 – a short film competition and program that began at last year’s festival.

The MicroFilm Fest showcases local creative talent and connects filmmakers, creatives and screen industry professionals in our community.

Dr Christine Rogers (pictured) will be offering a workshop on developing screen stories. Christine is a Ngāi Tahu/Pākehā academic, filmmaker and textile artist, and is a lecturer in Screen Media Production at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

From 3pm, the MicroFilm Award finalists will be screened (under five minutes each), and winners for 2024 announced. Prizes awarded are Best in Fest (Queensland entrants), Best in Region, and Best School Student entry.

The judging and discussion panel includes film media experts from the Sunshine Coast Screen Collective, STUFFit Student Film Festival, RubyBlue Artists, UniSC, QUT, and Griffith University. Save the date for some thought-provoking viewing and discussion! Saturday August 3, Montville Village Hall; films start at 10am, with the full program released in July. Visit therangebowfestival. org for more details.



Outspoken presents Hugh Mackay (pictured) in conversation on June 14, at the Maleny Community Centre, from 6.30pm. In his self-described ‘final book’, The Way We Are, Hugh Mackay - long recognised as Australia’s leading social psychologist - presents a compelling portrait of the country as it stands today.

Hugh argues that we have entered a critical period in our social evolution. Identifying the unfinished march towards gender equality, and the concurrent persistence of misogyny; the anti-social consequences of social media, the impacts of information overload; the decline in religious faith and the things we look towards as a substitute.

He shares his own perspective on the steps we need to take to contribute to the healing of our wounded society.

The evening will commence with an interview with the author of EverythingisWater, Simon Cleary, who considers our complex relationship with nature through flood, drought, time and place.  Bookings essential: outspokenmaleny.com

22 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES CREATIVE CUTS Take Me to A compelling musical ride from Parisian alleyways to sunny Queensland with Pauline Maudy. Majestic Theatre, Pomona Fri 14 Jun, 7pm Eudlo Hall Sat 15 Jun, 7pm Maleny Community Centre Thu 20 Jun, 7pm Coolum Civic Centre Sat 22 Jun, 7pm redchair.com.au BOOK NOW


After a string of successful Queensland and international tours, French-born, awardwinning singer, Pauline Maudy (pictured), returns to the Sunshine Coast this June with her intimate show about growing up in two places.

Take Me to Paris is a show about belonging, identity, and our search for an idealised version of heaven on earth, through compelling storytelling, and breathtaking music. Pauline brings to life her story of migration from Paris to the Sunshine Coast as a 13-year-old through a repertoire of songs in French and English, including some original compositions.

Take Me to Paris presents a special opportunity in an intimate format, and for new audiences it is a chance to meet one of Queensland’s most versatile singers who was recently named Artist of the Year (2023) in the Australian Folk Music Awards

Take me to Paris tours to the Majestic Theatre, Pomona, Eudlo Hall, Maleny Community Centre and Coolum Civic Centre this June 14 -22, 2024. Book now at redchair.com.au.


AWitchForgotten is a coming-of-age story by hinterland author Melanie Shieldhouse, about a young girl who doesn’t believe in magic … until she discovers she’s a witch. Set in the English countryside against the backdrop of the First World War, the book is for 10–13-year-old readers who enjoy books about magic.

To celebrate the story, Melanie has created a magical book launch event to connect with readers and give them the opportunity to listen to a chapter reading and receive a signed copy of her book. Budding witches and magic-lovers will also be able to browse an enchanting market of witchy wares from other stallholders. There will be botanical elixirs, crystals, psychic readings, jewellery, and face painting. Printed copies will be available to buy at the event at Dance Art Etc, 120 Currie St, Nambour, Sunday June 16, 9am – 12pm with a chapter reading by the author at 10am. Dress-ups are encouraged!


Kingaroy watercolour artist and former academic Suzi Wells (pictured) was the first to get her entry form lodged for the 2024 Mary Valley Art Festival.  It is the third time she has entered the popular competition which offers $11,500 in prizes, including the RJR Property Best in Show award for $3000 and $1500 for the Open winner from Gympie’s Bendigo Bank

There are 10 sections in the show being held at the Imbil Public Hall, Imbil, from July 25-28 and entry forms are due by July 8

But it’s not about winning prizes for Suzi; “It doesn’t bother me if I win or not, I enter to challenge myself.”

The 2024 Mary Valley Art Festival opens for viewing on July 25 from 10am-4pm each day until July 28, with the gala awards presentation on Friday July 26 from 6pm. The weekend includes a poets’ breakfast and the Masondale People’s Choice Awards, plus the Gympie Region Studio Trails. For more details and entry forms visit: maryvalleyartslink.com.au/ mary-valley-art-festival


11 - Glasshouse Musos Open Mic night, Beerwah Hotel from 6.30pm. If you’d like to play email whitickerm@ bigpond.com to book a spot. Network with other musicians and music lovers, free entry, reasonably priced meals and a bar. Visit: facebook.com/groups/musosclub

13 - The FrontUp Chalkboard A community arts showcase for new and established musicians, poets, dancers, magicians, and more, at Maleny Lane, 38 Maple Street, Monday nights, with food from 5pm, music from 5.30pm. Visit The FrontUp Chalkboard on Facebook for updates or to sign up.

13 - The Jazz Sessions World-class Jazz and Blues in an intimate setting, hosted by Robyn Brown at The Presynct, 15 Ann Street, Nambour, 6pm-midnight, tickets online: events.humanitix.com/the-jazz-sessions

16 - Yandina Country Music Yandina celebrates the 60th anniversary of the ACMA with a concert featuring special guest artists including Lindsay Waddington! Sausage sizzle by the Lions Club and raffle prizes, entry $10, Hall of Fame, 24 Steggalls Road, 11am start, call 0449 181638 for bookings.

16 - Sunshine Coast Symphony Orchestra Warwick Adeney, former leader of Queensland Symphony Orchestra, plays Bruch’s rich and seductive Violin Concerto No. 1 amongst other Romantic-era favourites, 2pm, Caloundra Events Centre. Visit: theeventscentre. com.au/event/scso-sensational-soloists

16 – Pauly Fenech Outback Outlaw Comedian show, featuring punter games, parody songs and stand-up comedy, 6pm at The Vogue Theatre, 96 Currie Street, Nambour. Tickets from tickets.oztix.com.au

16 - Songwriters Roundtable A deep dive into the art of the singer-songwriter from 2.30-4.30pm in a welcoming space to discover creative tools, and have fun with interactive activities and writing exercises to inspire your songwriting. At Dance Art Etc, 120 Currie Street, Nambour, visit danceartetc.com.au for details.

21 – Noonan versus Boge Clint Boge, of The Butterfly Effect fame, and Tyrone Noonan, of George, have united their talents to present a spellbinding journey through their musical legacies, from 7pm at The Vogue Theatre, 96 Currie Street, Nambour. Tickets from tickets.oztix.com.au

22 - Ferny Fairway and Friends Emerging from the vibrant music scene of the Gold Coast, this is a fresh take on alternative rock with a laid-back yet electrifying sound, at The Presynct, 15 Ann Street, Nambour, 6pmmidnight, tickets online: events.humanitix.com/fernyfairway-and-friends-east-coast-tour

22 - Funny Coast Comedy Enjoy live stand-up comedy every month at the Black Box Theatre, in The Old Ambo, 80 Howard Street, Nambour, 7.30pm, visit Funny Coast Comedy on Facebook for updates.

27-30 Blackall Range Visual Artists The BRVA Winter Art Exhibition at St.Mary's Hall in Montville, open daily from 10am to 4pm. All welcome to view the diverse display of paintings which are all for sale.

28 – A Taste of Ireland An evening with an acclaimed cast of champion Irish dancers, dazzling musicians and a contemporary vocalist 7.30pm, Caloundra Events Centre. Visit: theeventscentre.com.au/event/a-taste-of-ireland/ JULY

5-14 Educating Rita Rita wants to learn, not stay at home and have babies. She enrols in an Open University course and meets teacher Frank, and they both learn there is more to life than books and booze! Lind Lane Theatre, 16 Mitchell Street, Nambour. Visit lindlane.com.au for details and tickets.



Outcry against Hamas?

‘Stop Israel’s War on Gaza’ is a growing pressure on Israel that is reverberating globally along with an alarming rise in antisemitism.

I’m amazed how quickly global opinion has turned against Israel, after they suffered such a brutal and violent attack on more than 1000 of its civilians, including the elderly, women, children and babies. This attack is considered the worst attack on the Jewish people since the holocaust.

Looking back to October 7, Hamas, a terror organisation and the governing body of Gaza, was clearly the aggressor who poured into Israel committing unspeakable acts of barbarity that shocked the world.

Israel declared war on Hamas with the intent of making sure October 7 never happens again and to rescue the more than 300 hostages brutally taken into Gaza.

As Australians, on April 25, we paused to remember and honour our ANZACS who fought in bloody, brutal wars where there was terrible suffering and enormous civilian losses. This was so we could live in the peace and safety we now enjoy.

Compassionate people are appalled by the horrors of war and the untold suffering it unleashes. We look for peace, not war but are so thankful for nations that protect and defend us when necessary.

Israel, a nation of some 8 million citizens, including 2 million Arabs, has responded as a democratic, freedom loving nation, by doing everything it can to protect its citizens from further attacks.

Hamas, however, has vowed to repeat again and again the October 7 massacre, Israel takes this threat seriously.

Hamas’ own charter calls for the annihilation of the Jewish people, which is also the genocidal intent behind the now renowned chant, ‘from the river to the sea Palestine will be free.’

Israel’s goal is to protect its citizens from this existential threat by ridding Gaza of Hamas and rescuing the hostages.

Hamas has had great opportunities to provide for the wellbeing of its own people, but instead misappropriated billions of international aid money, including Australian money. They have spent years militarising the whole of the Gaza strip, building hundreds of kilometres of tunnels solely for the purpose of terror activities against Israel.

There is credible evidence that much of the humanitarian aid that has been flowing into Gaza during this war, has been commandeered by Hamas who has not distributed it fairly to its own people.

The idea that an Israeli ceasefire will bring peace is naïve and not grounded in reality. Hamas and peace are not synonymous, they cannot exist together. Peace has a chance, for both the Israelis and the Gazans, if Hamas are defeated.

So where is the outcry against Hamas? Why is the terrible suffering of its own people not thrown where it belongs, at the feet of Hamas?

If Hamas were to surrender and return the hostages, this war would end and peace would ensue. So where are the voices calling for Hamas to surrender, return the hostages and end the war?

Nicole Young, Mapleton

Cryptic Crossword


Relax, read a few letters, enjoy a crossword and cartoon, and maybe put pen to paper (finger to keyboard) yourself! We would love you to share your thoughts and experiences with us and HT readers. Email: editor@hinterlandtimes.com.au, and please include your name, email/address and location. Letters may be edited a little if space is tight. As we are a monthly, please be aware we are unable to print date-sensitive letters.

Call it as it is

Re Letter to the Editor, 'Stop Israel's war on Gaza', Pam Moss Bli Bli, Hinterland Times May 2024.

It is very interesting that the writer is so very concerned about Israel not having the right to defend itself from its neighbouring enemies that are hell bent on destroying Israel, yet the writer fails to mention Russia's agenda to totally eliminate Ukraine from the face of the earth.

Perhaps some folks simply do not like the Jewish people, let's call it as it is.

Jeff Taylor, Currimundi.


I am responding in part to Pam Moss’s letter in the May edition of the Hinterland Times. On October 7 2023 Hamas murdered over one thousand Israeli residents and took as hostages over a hundred other Israelis. The public was horrified, all their sympathy lay with the Israelis.

Since then, we have all watched on our TV screens the aftermath in Gaza – dead children, wounded and terrified children and their mothers. Parents who don’t know how to protect their children or provide food and water or medicine when food aid is stopped at the borders. Their homes no longer exist. They live in tin or plastic shacks when tents are not available. Schools and hospitals are targeted and already injured patients are killed by the bombs.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s government’s only response appears to go after Hamas wherever they are, even if it is in the midst of innocent Palestinian families.

Aside from the suggestion that Netanyahu has to please his Right-Wing supporters in his government, I am appalled at his disregard of the huge toll of human life his orders are creating in Gaza. Is he aware that his decisions are breeding anti-semitism around the world?

Support for the people of Gaza in the form of demonstrations and the awful scenes on our TV screens each night can, unfortunately, generate anti-semitism in some groups, I am under the impression that many, perhaps the majority, of the Israeli voting public want to rid the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and his Right-Wing allies and bring home the remaining hostages.

The killing must stop and the world must act to stop it.

Sue Cadell Smith

Don’t blame one side

The letter by Pam Moss alas only serves to promote hatred. Pam makes no mention of those slaughtered in Israel on October 7…or of the horrors committed by Hamas on that day…nor does she mention the hostages taken back to Gaza to a fate that is awful to contemplate.

Pastor Rev. Munther Isaac quoted in her letter is not exactly an impartial witness to the situation in Gaza

Another Reverend, Rev. Johnnie Moore, (President of the Congress of Christian Leaders) describes Isaac as… ‘the high priest of antisemitic Christianity (who) sadly spreads his hate from the city of Jesus’ birth’.

Across 1) Hindu wise man 6) Jerseys, e.g. 10) Lad's partner 14) Dress designer Donna 15) Cookie since 1912 16) Camp Swampy pooch

17) Hard to combine

18) Don't raise

Curling implement

Researcher's task 23) Its product names may contain umlauts 24) Intoxicating, as a brew

Orville Redenbacher's unit

Less hampered

Skin lotion additive 32) Holey utensil

33) Easily fooled sort

Allied summit of February 1945

The Rev. Moore also states that ‘Isaac seems to have graduated from being an anti-Zionist Lutheran preacher to a terror sympathiser. There’s really just no other way to describe him’.

All deaths in this conflict are tragic. But to blame everything on one side only is disingenuous. Hamas began this conflict with a barbaric attack on Israel, where many hundreds of innocents were deliberately slaughtered.

The Genocide protocol was originally put forward by Raphael Lemkin to describe the Armenian massacres and later to describe the Holocaust. There is no genocide in Gaza. The Hamas death toll does not account for members of its fighting wing being killed.

There is also debate about the veracity of Hamas casualty figures. Hamas started this conflict on October 7. The US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has recently stated that Hamas is the ‘only thing standing between the people of Gaza and a ceasefire'.

Hamas could have ended this conflict months ago with the surrender of the hostages. What is happening in the Middle East is tragic, but laying all the blame on Israel would suggest a somewhat lopsided bias…alas all too common nowadays.

Michael Kenneth Cowan, Conondale

Looking for Frank Moffat

Good afternoon Victoria, can you help?

While tidying out our books recently, my wife, Fiona, found one of our children’s favourite books from >25 years ago and flicked through the memories starting with the frontispiece. Imagine her surprise when she read where the author lived!

The book is “Farmer Beans and the Pantry Frog” by Frank Moffat. We are newcomers to Maleny having moved here a year ago after 20 years in Hervey Bay.

I have spoken to a number of the senior members of our local community but none remember Frank Moffat. Though some did think Bridge Creek Road stirred something.

Could you print this letter, please, so we can try to locate the author?

Kind regards

Paul de Jong

Queensland power prices

Dear Editor

How good is that! Queensland now has Australia’s lowest power prices thanks to the Albanese government’s $300 rebate coupled with the Miles government’s $1,000.

Queensland’s Progressive Coal Royalties are funding this cost-of-living relief, and the government is introducing laws to safeguard our royalties so that multinational mining companies continue to pay their fair share.

Labor governments always strive for a more equitable society and offer a hand up where they can.

Sunny regards, Robyn Deane, Bli Bli

40) Futbol fan's cheer

41) Partners of hills

42) Like unassisted triple plays

43) Malta money

44) Chris Kyle, notably

46) Place to cyber-shop

49) In vogue

50) South American capital

56) TV serial, perhaps

57) Basalt source

58) Cookie trayful

60) Russian-born Deco designer

61) Word of agreement

62) Wed, say

63) Basic requirement

64) Karaoke delivery

65) Smart-alecky Down 1) Snowmobile part 2) Harry Potter accessory

3) Part of BART

4) Taskmaster

5) What's consumed

6) Apres-ski treat

7) Paperless, in a way

8) Drawing place 9) _ amandine

10) Hang around

11) Skylit areas

12) Awaited the anthem

13) The hotheaded Corleone

21) Animated film unit

22) Pep rally sound

25) Fight ender, informally

26) Carrier whose name means "skyward"

27) Thespian's resume item

28) Kangaroo court penalties

29) Sports officials, briefly

30) Poetic time

32) Like some home runs

33) Start of a grid play

34) Ranch unit

35) Use a spyglass

37) Imago, in the insect world

38) Caboose, for one

39) "Hulk" star

43) Split to 62-Across

44) HBO alternative

45) Rain cloud

46) Clampett player

47) "Sicko" director

48) Shooting marble

49) Trolley sound

51) "A pity!"

52) 44-Across garb, for short

53) Place to use a mitt

54) Answer to "That so?"

55) Performs a 27-Down

59) "You there!"



Apportioning blame

Dear Editor,

It is necessary to reply to Pam Moss's letter in May's HT. The loss of life in both Israel and Gaza over the last six months has indeed been sickening. We will be apportioning blame for any and all aspects of Gaza, Hamas, October 2023, and Israel's response, till the cows come home.

In my view a significant hole in Ms Moss's letter (April's HT) is that she makes no mention of, nor apportions responsibility to, the Hamas atrocity of October 2023. I am damned if I can see (provided we had the military capacity to do so) how we would react differently to the industrial slaughter of over 1000 of our people by a Hamas (or other) raid of similar Old Testament proportions.

The spectrum of reaction to what Israel confronted (and continues to confront for the last six months) ranges from at one end "If there's the possibility of one civilian death, then any reactive action is unacceptable" to "If you undertake an Old Testament raid like this, be prepared for an Old Testament response" at the other. Ms Moss has positioned herself towards the former end.

I look at Israel, surrounded almost within small arms range on every side, except the Mediterranean, by nations and/or Iranian surrogate terrorist organisations, all of whom have a documented history of taking a crack at Israel whenever they deem the tide to be flowing in their direction, and I find considerable sympathy for the IDF's intention to eliminate a declared terrorist organisation which has repeatedly stated its intention to eradicate the state of Israel.

Hamas has vowed in the last few weeks and months to repeat again and again what it did in October. Hamas will never have a "come to Jesus" Pauline experience and forswear its oft stated intention to destroy Israel. As long as it exists therefore our preferred and oft advocated "Two State Solution" lacks every vital prerequisite and remains nothing more than a political and diplomatic pipe dream, and the uncomfortable and unattractive logic of Israel's and the IDF's course of action since October seems to me inescapable.

When we hear the frequent opening statement (an unimpressive and appeasing prequel) "Of course Israel is entitled to defend itself, but.....", then the immediate question is: how is she to go about this?

As long as Hamas exists as a viable entity, water pipes (provided as aid to Gaza) will continue to be fashioned into rockets to be fired into Southern Israel. Likewise funds supplied in aid will, in large measure vanish literally into the earth, and underground into Hamas' tunnels.

Given Hamas' practice of inserting its operatives into the civilian population and using that population as a sea in which to swim undetected, no neighbouring Arab state is prepared (with justification)

Poetry is an arrangement of language, artistic word pictures that attempt to inspire imagination, evoke emotion and provoke humour. Poets are illustrators of words that create beauty and intensity, and the HT is proud to give them a platform. Please note, published poems may be read/recorded for our social pages.

to take, in any significant number, refugees from Gaza until after extensive and exhaustive examination. It follows that once IDF fires a shot, horrendous casualties are guaranteed. How many of these are civilian and how many Hamas fighters we can again debate till the same cows come home.

Uncritically accepting casualty (or any other) figures from Hamas-controlled organisations (and that's damned near every one in Gaza including UNRWA) emasculates any sensible analytical debate. Throw in frequent references to "genocide" without first laying out the definition of the word (which Ms Moss does not do) and we condemn ourselves to shouting our odds at each other and to arguing past each other. So too does proposing support for the fatally contaminated organisation, UNWRA.

Ms Moss argues that if the US were to cease funding and supplying Israel "this war would end". This war did not start in October 2023. It's been going on for decades, and if Ms Moss were successful in achieving a ceasefire and halting the IDF campaign, how long does she estimate would elapse before rockets again fly from Gaza into Israel? They're already doing so, in fact they never stopped. So, in the unlikely event that Ms Moss'S desired ceasefire eventuates, it's not a ceasefire, and certainly not permanent, just a half-time break for a breather.

John Watson, Montville.

Redundant tech

G’Day Victoria,

Angus Richard raised an interesting issue about technological redundancy in his April Musings. My car recently told me I had a flat tyre. No worries, I thought. I’ll just pump it up so I grab my pump and …. I drove to the service station.

My pump plugs in to a cigarette lighter and my new (five-year old) car doesn’t have a cigarette lighter. I realised that I now have several useful ‘high-tech’ devices that plug into the cigarette lighter I no longer have that have become redundant, ‘low-tech’ and useless. However, I think Angus is on dangerous ground to question whether today’s technology will be adequate for the future. The mobile phone was a technology of the comedian and no futures’ expert predicted it would become a real, viable technology – let alone that it would contain computer capacity greater than what was available to send man to the moon.

At this stage, I’d rather put up with the current short life of a battery than the long life of nuclear waste.

Doug Patterson

Bad Jokes of the Month

Quick Quote CORNER

How much room do you need to grow a fungus? As mushroom as possible.

A park ranger warned some campers, “Never get on the bad side of a bear.”

One of them asked, “Which side is the bad side?” The ranger responded, “The inside.”


candle is a small thing. But one candle can light another. And see how its own light increases. As a candle gives its flame to the other, you are such a light.”


At the end of it

There is only love

Nothing else matters...

Just the full moon afloat

On a tide of winter wind

Just the sensuous sails

Of a distant boat

Leaning towards your heart

Just the laughter

Sprinkled like cinnamon

On a thousand cupcakes of memories...

At the end of it

Who was right and who was wrong

Disappears like cold vapour

In the warm sun

You can no longer hear

The bronze anger

That once rung

Like a Chinese gong

In your youthful ears...

When you were young, It all has been muffled by the years…

At the end of it

There is only love

And the fullness of a kindly heart...

Oh that we somehow knew this

From the very start...

© James Ward



Queensland’s koala protections will not save koalas

Conservationists are urging the Queensland Government to hit the brakes on the destruction of vital koala habitat, following an analysis which shows new protection rules will only ensure we watch koalas die out a little slower.

The Miles Government has released its findings and recommendations following a review into koala habitat protection regulations in South East Queensland, which were introduced in 2020 to better protect our iconic koala population and the habitat they call home (statements. qld.gov.au/statements/100351).

Ginger’s life has turned upside down

Queensland Conservation Council Urban Sustainability Strategist Jen Basham said: “By themselves the new regulations will not reverse the trajectory of habitat loss in time to save the koala. That’s why we need a strong, independent EPA for Queensland with the power to monitor and reject projects that will destroy habitat.

“The mission to save koalas is tied up in too many loopholes. Exemptions continue to prioritise development over the protection of koala habitat,” Jen shared.

“Logging native forests on private land is exempt, meaning there could literally be a koala in a tree that is logged without any monitoring.”

This is upsetting and frustrating to hear, and Jen continued, “The state also continues to give itself exemptions on a raft of urban, infrastructure and transport-related development, with far less rigour and transparency around preserving habitat.

“The state gave itself a ‘free pass’ for destruction when they brought in the bulldozers to mow down koala habitat next to QEII hospital for a car park.

“We know we need housing, but we need to build up and densify, not out with more ‘greenfields’ development.”

Rebecca Larkin, retired wildlife vet and member of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society

and Save Woogaroo Forest said: “After 20 years of what was basically palliative care of koalas for a preventable disease - us destroying their forests - I had to euthanise so many sick and horribly injured koalas I couldn't do it any more.

“A forest is like a huge, complex organism; you can't just keep chopping bits off. These mature, functional forests that support koalas and other threatened species are nearly impossible for us to recreate. Why don't we value them? They're priceless.

“We need koalas because if we have koalas we have forests and everything that lives in them, but also there’s just something about koalas. We relate to them, on a personal level. Seeing them in the wild, sleeping in the trees, they just get into your heart somehow.

“We have to pull our weight. The rest of the world would be horrified to know we’re destroying koala forests. We’ve got plenty of other places we can build our houses on.

“There is no ‘elsewhere’ for koalas, there is no moving them onto somewhere else. Here in SEQ, when we clear the forests the koalas die. It's as simple as that. We need to change things, now, and not keep doing what we’ve been doing.”

Thank goodness for 4 Paws Animal Rescue, who provide refuge for homeless cats and dogs. This not-for-profit organisation is run entirely by volunteers.

Most of their animals come from council pounds, some are surrendered or abandoned; others are saved

AIn the Wild

from cruel living conditions. The team at 4 Paws aims to find loving homes for all animals who come into their care.

Introducing Ginger, a beautiful, extremely friendly, almost 9-year-old boy who has been surrendered because his owner has gone into care. Unfortunately, at the moment he is terrified and in hiding, but the 4 Paws team have been told that normally he is cuddly and adores affection.

Right now though, his life has been turned upside down and he is trying to adjust to life in our cattery. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he went into a loving home and only had to adjust to life there instead?

Can you offer Ginger the caring and secure, stable home that he needs? Please visit the 4 Paws website and complete an adoption application: 4pawsanimalrescue. org.au

Staying Connected

s the virtual world wide web increases its ability to connect human beings across the planet, the very real and necessary world wide “web of life” is becoming increasingly fragmented. We need to apply some serious work into ensuring it stays connected or we are in for some serious repercussions.

For those of you who have become “connected” to the virtual world, just imagine if the world wide web disappeared…would life ever be the same for you again?

This real world has taken over four billion years to evolve. Compared to the mere inconvenience of the loss of the internet, the loss of the world wide “web of life” has far reaching consequences for us all.

Unfortunately for our wildlife, their ability to communicate and move through the landscape is now extremely limited, which has and continues to lead to localised extinctions and reductions in species diversity. Where there was once boundless forest there are now scattered remnants from a few hundred acres in size to scattered trees. They sit there like islands of the old forest in a sea of grass.

So, what can we all do to keep our real world functioning, healthy and connected? What can we do to help the ecosystems that support all of life across the planet?

The solution is simple, we must reconnect the remaining forest remnants so that wildlife can move freely through

the landscape again and you can even do this with planting in your garden!

To continue our internet analogy. We measure the flow of information (of connection) on the world wide web using megabytes, etc. With our real world, it’s the flow of genes by which we measure the flow of information (of connection). It’s the ability of animals and plants to move through the landscape that allows the world wide web of life to function.

Unfortunately gene flow is at best poor and our wildlife are often lucky to be able to connect at dial-up level and often the server is down! Now more than ever it’s time to plant native plants, to try and help get our local wildlife back on the network, so they too, can stay connected.

Forest Heart Local Native Plant Nursery
20 Coral St, Maleny Phone: 5435 2193
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"Hinterland Times" on Facebook and Instagram!
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Please give Ginger a loving new home
Rebecca Larkin helping the Australian Conservation Volunteers' Toogoolawah extend the koala habitat corridor, 2022 Rebecca assesses the animal body score, before the release of a hand-raised orphaned koala, 2017



Coastal Paperbarks will flower en masse. Conditions are then ideal for their white blossoms to produce nectar; and birds take advantage. Twenty metres up in the canopy, flocks of the larger honeyeaters, like Little Friarbirds, constantly come and go. They seem ever dissatisfied with their immediate location and, with a loud swoosh of wings, chase the illusion that the ‘grass might be greener’ in another tree.

These birds will be joined by many others, and by butterflies which sip at the flowers – endless movement: almost a feeding frenzy.

Sugar is one of nature’s great energy sources. In Australia it is vital because tree nectar is the enticement for birds, bats and small mammals to visit flowers and, at the same time, pollinate them. Without that achievement, we would have no trees – it’s that simple.

As well as nectar, trees offer sugary exudations from leaves and bark; and insects called psyllids suck tree sap, using it to build crystallised sugar shells over themselves. These protect the bugs from dehydration and enemies and are called lerps. They are eaten by small birds like Pardalotes and were an important (and sweetly enjoyable) food for Indigenous people.

Of course, sugar causes problems. We are warned not to give too much to our children. Parents come to understand mood swings and we can also observe frantic behaviour among nectar-feeding birds – who often seem over-energised as they chase and bully one another.

Bell Miners take this to a higher level. They form colonies around psyllid infestations, “farm” and protect the insects (so that they can eat the lerps) and combine to drive away other birds not big enough to resist.

Some birds are so dependent on sugar as a food, scientists call them ‘obligate nectivores’. Swift Parrots (a

rare, threatened species) are an example. They breed in Tasmania and endure autumn migration across Bass Strait to escape the island’s sugarless winters. A few reach

Other birds will make shorter journeys if local eucalypt flowering fails. Musk Lorikeets are common in New South Wales, but when local nectar production occasionally fails they may move north. Early in our autumn, this brought them to Beerwah and the Scenic Rim. They are what we call ‘blossom nomads’.

For many of our birds, sugar is central to their survival, and to the survival of the trees that offer it. If you watch the furious feeding of honeyeaters and others among the blossoms, you might think you are looking at chaos. Yet, as with so much else in nature, what you see is part of something immaculate.

Creating a Micro Forest - Part 2

Site preparation - When replacing a lawn or a paddock full of weeds and grasses with a microforest, the first step is to mark out your planting area and any walking paths you may want to include. The shape of your planting area will be determined by design considerations and the site you have to work with.

The next step is to brushcut and/ or mow the area as short as possible. You can then either plant straight into the area and lay cardboard down in between plants to suppress regrowth then mulch, plant straight into the area and mulch thickly over the top of the grass, or spray the area out with a herbicide and plant into the area after the grass has died off and then mulch.

Species selection - When selecting plants the first thing to consider is which species occur naturally in your area.

suitable for your site. The goal should be to maximise diversity, and. 40-50% of the total number of plants should be fast growing pioneer species to ensure a canopy is established as quickly as possible.

Planting and layout - For a rainforest planting in fertile soils with good rainfall, a spacing of around one metre with alternating pioneer, midstorey and canopy species works well. The

plants should be laid out in a naturalistic way, and understorey species can be added as a canopy forms.

Maintenance - The maintenance period can be greatly reduced, but every two to three years some hand weeding will need to be done.

Monitoring - Setting up a couple of photo points and making observations every few months is an inspiring way to track the progress of your planting.

And observing which invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian and mammal species turn up is super exciting and rewarding!

Please visit us at the Barung Community Nursery if you’d like to learn more about this planting method.

About That Tree

with Tree Surgeon Tony Wootton, our local arborist and author, meeting the Hinterland's tree needs since 1996

There is a chill in the air, and a bit of very welcome blue sky. It’s this time of year that residents of the Maleny Plateau begin to notice the sun is getting lower in the sky, and we begin to crave the warmth of the oncoming winter’s sunlight.

If your property is well designed and you have no large trees to the north, or they are deciduous trees, you are generally okay. But if as is often the case, you are shaded to the north, you will find those trees taking your valuable winter warmth and light. This is easily remedied by pruning the tops of the trees down, while being cognisant of the maximum lowest sun angle in the middle of winter. Knowing this angle can guarantee you sun all year round in areas where you need it.

I love this approach because you get the best of both worlds. You get to keep the trees and have all the winter light you need, and then also benefit from the shade of the trees in summer when it is also needed.

In other exciting news today, we signed up the final member of our team, Will, to an arboricultural apprenticeship. This means every member of our five-person team is either fully qualified, or in training.

I believe you would have to go a long way to find a more highly trained and professional team of arborists. Let us come and care for your property!

Mobile: 0403 467 664

Mobile: 0403 467 664

Landline: 54 944 917

Landline: 54 944 917



Phone 5494 3151 Porters
Barung native Plant nursery
Lane Nursery opening times: Wednesday to
9am - 3pm
Little Friarbirdimage Vince Lee Musk Lorikeet - image Vince Lee



Stay safe this winter

t’s that time of year again. The breeze is feeling cool and the thermometer dips. Jumpers are on and PJs are long!

Clinical Director at the SunLife Skin Cancer Centre, Doctor Simon Hardy, shares how this affects people’s regular skin checks.

“With everyone more covered up for winter, it’s no surprise that fewer people come to the skin cancer doctor with new or changing spots. Fewer people think to check their skin in the colder weather.”

Seeing changing spots late can lead to delayed diagnosis of skin cancer, meaning bigger treatments and more complications.

Thankfully, it’s easy to stay safe this winter and get those skin cancers early.

SunLife Skin Cancer Care Centre advocates this 3-step approach:

• Self skin check

• Skin check with a Skin Cancer Doctor

• Photographic monitoring (where appropriate)

“A full skin check with a skin cancer doctor includes a risk assessment and ongoing management plan for you to follow.

“At your skin check, a dermatoscope is used to recognise patterns and clues to skin cancer that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This allows earlier detection and treatment.”

The doctors at SunLife perform these examinations every day and have a wealth of experience in diagnosing and managing skin cancer.

How often you do these depends on your risk.

“A self skin check takes just a few minutes. Look for anything sore, changing, abnormal, or new that hasn’t resolved in 5-6 weeks,” explains Dr Hardy.

“Remember to look everywhere, including hard to see and sun-protected areas and get concerning spots looked at promptly by an experienced skin cancer doctor.


Some of our activities include outings in the local area, entertainers, music, art & craft, theme days, armchair travel, games, trivia and so much more A delicious morning tea and lunch is provided

We have Day Centre vacancies in all of our locations, Flaxton, Nambour, Gympie and Maleny

“If you are at high risk of melanoma, 3D Total Body Photography is available,” Dr Hardy adds. “It is a comprehensive skin monitoring system that helps us identify changing lesions that may not otherwise have clear clues to melanoma.

“Most people who use this advanced skin imaging option have either many moles, a strong personal or family history of melanoma, or a history of repeated sunburns.”

So, don’t delay, please keep checking your skin, even in these winter months. Visit sunlifeskincancercare.com.au, or call 5450 9808

28 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES O t h e r R a n g e C a r e s e r v i c e s i n c l u d e : I n - H o m e P e r s o n a l a n d N u r s i n g C a r e D a y a n d O v e r n i g h t R e s p i t e S o c i a l S u p p o r t D o m e s t i c A s s i s t a n c e 07 5445 7044 linkedin.com/company/rangecare-blackall-range-care-group-ltd facebook com/blackallrangecare/ www.rangecare.com.au Your local community care provider since 1986 Scan here to learn more about our Social Support Programs
*We would welcome a gold coin donation for Day Centre trials, however, it is not essential.
your social circle, have some fun, be creative and make new connections at our Day Respite Centres
(Mondays Only) C a l l u s o n 0 7 5 4 4 5 7 0 4 4 t o l e a r n m o r e . Come and try our Social DayCentres! M e a l D e l i v e r y S e r v i c e s T e c h n o l o g y S u p p o r t P r o g r a m s W e l l n e s s a n d R e c r e a t i o n a l A c t i v i t i e s H o m e M a i n t e n a n c e & M o d i f i c a t i o n s
(07) 5441 3583 blackallterracedental.com.au BlackallTerraceDental NAMBOUR For clinical excellence
individualised care on the Sunshine Coast. $199* or no gap WELCOME OFFER *T&Cs Apply

Use Your Mental Edge


carry it.

I learned that the very hard way, training for the S.A.S Selection course as a Navy man trying to be an Elite army solider, which has been a powerful metaphor for my personal relationship with self-care.

See self-care is often a very unbeautiful thing.

It is making a spreadsheet of our debts, enforcing a morning routine, cooking healthy meals, and or no longer running from problems rather facing them and finding solutions.

Wellness Overhaul

ecently I’ve been on a total wellness renovation and found there are seven simple wellness essentials that help bring about optimal health and wellbeing.

1. Create a home environment that promotes joy. Keep it clean and as toxic free as possible, with a lot of natural light, clear of clutter and place mementos from your life around your home and include nature.

It is often doing the ugliest thing that you have to do, like sweat through another workout or tell a toxic friend you don’t want to see them anymore, or getting a second job so you can have a savings account, or figuring out a way to accept yourself so that you’re not constantly exhausted from trying to be everything, all the time, to everyone.

It’s taking deliberate, mandated breaks from living to do basic things like stretching, walking, meditation, turning the phone off for the day.

Self-care should not be something we resort to because we are so absolutely exhausted that we need some reprieve from our own relentless choices and lives.

True self-care is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.

For me, it takes doing the thing I least want to do.

space filled with books, quiet activities, and include essential oils such as lavender to promote good, quality sleep.

3. Upon waking, have lemon and warm water to get your metabolism firing while cleaning out some of the waste.

4. Go outside daily for at least 30 minutes, whether it’s walking, sitting in a park, or exercising your dog. Studies show that being outside helps our overall wellness, and has a very positive effect on our mental health.

5. Include laughter in your life - it rejuvenates us on a cellular level and is great for us. Watch a comedy, get together with friends, embrace fun and play in your life.

I have found I no longer use my hectic and unreasonable life as justification for self-sabotage in the form of alcohol and procrastination. It is learning how to stop trying to “fix yourself” and start trying to take care of yourself… and maybe finding that taking care lovingly attends to a lot of the problems you were trying to fix in the first place.

It is no longer choosing a life that looks good over a life that feels good. It is becoming the person you know you want to be, who you yearn to be

Someone who knows that pausing and breathing, stillness, chocolate cake, pizza every now and then with friends and family, are ways to enjoy life – not escape from it.

Email jamiemilnetraining@gmail.com or  text +61431339975 for ticket details.

distressing in our over-communicative world. Create real oneon-one friendships and connections. This is essential to your wellbeing.

Enjoy your up-levelled new image. Kerrie www.KerrieFriend.com

2. Give yourself a sleep overhaul. Good quality sleep gives our bodies time to detox and restore, rejuvenate and heal. Create a healthy sleep environment and get 7/8 hours of sleep a night. Construct a relaxing, beautiful

6. Monitor your food and water intake and move your body 4/5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Write down everything you eat and drink in a week and see what must change and change it.

7. Finally, include contemplative time in your daily plan like meditation, prayer, or journaling, because this is vital for


We are your local, family- owned Pharmacy.

Providing many ser vices and offering home delivery to the Mapleton and Montville areas. Stocking a unique and lovely gif t range.

For your FREE flu vaccination (QLD residents), book online at www.medadvisor.com.au/network/ mapletonpharmacy or call us (appointments on Tuesdays).

e appreciate you suppor ting your local pharmacy- ask us about our loyalty ogram.

Mon to Fri: 8.30-5.30pm, Sat: 8.30-12.30pm (Closed Sundays and public holidays) 9 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton 5445 7459 Lfpharmacy@outlook .com www.Lfpharmacy.com.au
section starting
have We love caring for our communityplease pop in and see our friendly team today! We love caring for our communityplease pop in and see our friendly team today!
and simply
Comprehensive denture services direct to the public 4/66 Maple Street, Maleny QLD 4552 HOLISTIC - Health and Wellbeing Modern Skin Cancer Facilities ü Skin cancer treatment (s rgical/non s rgical) ü Skin cancer pre en on ü S n damaged skin treatment ü D Total Bod Photograph ü Skin cancer checks doctors at Sunlife provide: The dedicated skin cancer www.sunlifeskIncancercare.comau Call 5450 9808 4/84 Wises Road, Buderim/Maroochydore BOOK NOW No referral needed Locally owned and operated The most ad anced monitoring op ons for high risk and high mole co nt pa ents. SKIN CANCER CARE CENTRE
It’s never the load that breaks us down, it’s the way we

HOLISTIC - Health and Wellbeing


Heart Mind Astrology with Ruth Donnelly

Explore your life with astrology, bringing you insight at times of turmoil, transition and transformation. Online consultations available. 0409 564 276 astrology@ruthdonnelly.com.au


Sunshine Coast Audiology

Emryn and Anita are experienced audiologists who have started a new independent audiology clinic to care for all your hearing needs. Conveniently located in Sippy Downs. Ph. 5378 2226. www.sunshinecoastaudiology.com.au


Eumundi Medicine Man

Knowledge is the greatest medicine. Potent Vedic remedies that give results when co-ordinated with diet and lifestyle wisdom. Order or email online at www.eumundimedicineman.com

Guaranteed Age Old Natural Remedies.


Maple Chiropractic Maleny

Dr. Samuel Lowe, Dr. Catherine Metcalf, Dr. Rebel Hungerford & Nikki Duncan-Exercise Physiologist. Gentle, effective care for the whole family. Concession, family rates & HICAPS available 45 Maple St, Maleny 5494 3322 maplechiropractic.com.au

Hinterland Chiropractic

Dr Josephine Sexton. Using gentle, safe and effective techniques to maintain spinal health and wellbeing. Concession rates, Family discounts and HICAPS available. 2/70 Maple Street, Maleny. Ph: 5435 2987

Sunrise Chiropractic

Dr Damian Treacey Chiropractor & Applied Kinesiologist Gentle hands on Chiropractic using Applied Kinesiology. Over 30 years in private practice. Mon and Wed 2-5pm, Fri 9am-12pm 19 Coral Street, Maleny. 0492 949 695


Heartspace Artspace & Counselling Liz Antcliff B. Psych; MA Coun; AThr ANZACATA ; ACA Sensorimotor Creative Arts Therapy and Counselling for individuals and groups. Creative Expression for wellness and health.  www.heartspaceartspace.com  E: liz@heartspaceartspace.com P: 0438 163 255

Holistic Counselling; Energy Healing

Supporting children, carers and teachers individually and groups. Mary Brown: MEd Spec. Ed; Adv. Dip Holistic Counselling, Voc. Grad. Cert M. Artistic Therapies. 0407 315 919 www.marysplaceofwisdom.com.au


Get Active Fitness & Personal Training

Beautiful group fitness studio with a variety of classes to suit all ages/fitness levels. A fun supportive environment, fully qualified trainers. Book your first session FREE Ph. 0423 618 945 Bunya St, Maleny.

Maleny Vibes Pilates

Boutique reformer pilates studio. Introductory offer 4 classes $50 to all new clients. Book online www.malenyvibespilates.com Studio 37 Coral St, Maleny. malenyvibespilates@gmail.com Insta @malenyvibespilates


Christian Dunham Specialising in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, a combination of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy used to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias and other chronic conditions. Free initial consultation. Ph: 0448 303 013 www.christiandunham.net

Advertise your business in the HT from $63.58 ongoing per month.

Book directly by scanning

Maleny Rumble Room

Boutique Group Fitness Boxing & HIIT studio. Limited to 8 people per class. Introductory offer 4 classes for $50 to all new clients. Book online @ www.malenyrumbleroom.com.au 37 Coral Street, Maleny. Insta @maleny_rumbleroom

Advertise your business in the HT from $63.58 ongoing per month. Book directly by scanning


Nellies Creative Hair Design

Cut and Colour specialists. Nellie, Annette and Jenny offer you the opportunity to have exceptional hair using great product at fantastic prices. 21 Coral St Maleny – Ph: 0438 785 443

Advertise your business in the HT from $63.58 ongoing per month. Book directly by scanning



Offering in-home and respite care services to support independent living. Our tailor-made services are available to everyone in the community. We can deliver your home care package. Ph: 5445 7044 Visit: www.rangecare.com.au


Pauline Ashford - B.H.Sc, Complementary Med & Homeopathy Classical homeopathy; Lymphatic drainage; Dorn spinal, joint and headache therapy; EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques; Reiki 130 Ansell Rd Witta – Ph: 5494 4101 E: malenyhomeopathy@gmail.com


The New Leaf - Coaching and Kinesiology Stop feeling stuck and confidently get back on track! The New Leaf, est in 1997 offers sessions/ programs & FREE downloads. Contact Zoe in Maleny on 0401 318 593 www.thenewleaf.blog


Blue Zen Massage – Sensei Shayne Harris Dip.Remedial Massage & Dip.Reflexology An integrated therapist shares deep-tissue holistic massages, MET, joint mobilisation,  myotherapy. Unwind with Shiatsu, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, hot stones/cupping. Diamond Valley Treehouse www.bluezenmassage.com 0407 002 567  HF Rebates


Jamie Milne Training Jamie Milne is SEQ’s leading Mental Performance Coach. Finding your Mental Edge is Jamie’s specialty. His approach is unique in delivery and the results speak for themselves. Contact: jamiemilnetraining.com or call   0431 339 975.


Wilson Fitzpatrick Family Optometrists Local, independent optometrist passionate about exceptional eye care, individualised customer service, and impeccable frame design proudly serving the Hinterland since 1984. Come and see the difference! 40 Howard St, Nambour 5441 2277

Advertise your business in the HT from $63.58 ongoing per month.

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Range of Motion Physiotherapy Maleny, Mapleton and Imbil Russ, Karl, and Kathryn. Providing the highest quality care to restore & maintain optimal physical function & mobility. Ph: 5478 6600 www.rangeofmotion.com.au



Window Wizard - Timber Window Specialist Restoration, glazing, repairs, modifications, sash cords, spirals, Queenslander homes and more. Call Rommy 0404 757 552 www.window-wizard.com.au


Domestic Cleaning

An experienced locally operating cleaning business since 2012. Based in Montville. Please contact Slava Wozniak on mobile 0450 003 717 for more information.


Montville Clockshop

Repairs for Cuckoo, Grandfather, Mantle, Wall Clocks. Antique clock restoration. We can supply quartz movement and parts, and repair quartz clocks. P: 07 5442 9409. www.clockshop.com.au enquiries@clockshop.com.au


Concrete Worx

We do it all! 35+yrs experience. Decorative stamp and stencil, coloured and exposed. Shed slabs and driveways, Bobcat and Tipper hire. QBCC 66649 Call Mick 0417 745 770


RAINBOW VISION -RV Electrical Lic. 72787

Local Sparky on the Range, 25 years exp. Safety Switches, Power Points, LED Lights, Smoke Alarms, Fans, Switchboard Upgrade, Solar System Service, DATA Pts hardwired. Call Zak 0413 885 504


Gutter Sucker

Gutter Sucker specialises in cleaning your guttering. a unique portable vacuum system for the efficient and effective removal of leaves and rubbish from all types of gutters and roofs. Ph: 1800 558 745 or 0402 456 391

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Amber Leaf Landscaping

Looking for a landscaper who can deliver? Tohm Hajncl heads the team that offers you guaranteed quality. Choose from landscaping consultations, designs, construction and planting, pre-sale makeovers and specialised maintenance services. Ph: 5445 9801 www.amberleaf.com.au

Handbuilt Stone QBCC 1235589

Licensed, range-based professional. Traditional rock walls, pillars, steps, paving, entrance walls and all garden features. Visit our website to see previous work for inspiration. Phone Chris on 0438 811 975 – www.handbuiltstone.com

Stone on the Range Landscapes

Looking for creative ideas from a professional craftsman-then call Jim! Thirty years experience designing/building all aspects of gardens/stonework. Combining skills that utilize timber/stone and steel, as a designer, landscaper, stonemason. It is my passion to exceed your expectations. 0401 308 824   jimrstoneart@gmail.com


Blueys Garden Services

For all your gardening needs. Jobs include but not limited to: Mowing, Whipping snipping, Clear outs, Hedging, Tip runs, Minor landscaping and Weed management give us a call-0481 106 839

Advertise your business in the HT from $63.58 ongoing per month. Book directly by scanning


Forest Heart

Your Local Native Plant Nursery. Specialising is the native plants of SE QLD for Revegetation, Gardens, Habitat. 20 Coral Street, Maleny Ph: 07 5435 2193 – www.forestheart.com.au

Barung Landcare Native Plant Nursery

Your local community nursery stocks an extensive range of species indigenous to the Blackall Range and surrounds. Open to the public WednesdaySaturday 9am–3pm, Ph: 0429 943 152 E: nursery@barunglandcare.org.au


Suncoast Liquid Waste Removal

Local owner/operator specialising in commercial / domestic waste water pump outs- septics, treatment plants, grey water, holding tanks, pond/ pool sludge, drains etc. Avoid costly blockages & system failure with prompt, reliable & expert service. Tank assessments available. EPA licensed and fully insured. Call 0439 646 707



Mobile pool maintenance & repairs. Swimming pool safety inspections. FREE QUOTES Proudly servicing the Sunshine Coast Ph: 0448 793 148 – www.swimsafeqld.com.au QBCC #101629


Fresh Look Pressure Washing Family business based in Maleny. For all pressure washing needs, roofs, driveways, solar panel, external walls. For both domestic and commercial. Contact Jay 0477 780 577 or jay@freshlookpressurewashing.com.au


Roof & Gutter Maintenance Clean gutters, Blocked downpipes, New & repair downpipes, Roof repairs & leaks, Fix leaking gutters, New gutters & fascias, Install & service whirly birds, Skylights & Water Tanks. Free quotes, local bloke, over 20 yrs experience Phone Brad 0419 712 081


Megawatts Solar – Consulting, Design & Service We recommend only Quality Components & Installations. On-Grid, Off-Grid, and Battery Storage. Ph. Gary Phillips 0407 760 838 info@megawatts.com.au www.megawatts.com.au

Uni Industries Pty Ltd NEW Solar / Batteries / Electrical / Air Conditioning Residential & Commercial Qualified Electricians - CEC Accredited Solar Installers. Family owned. Trusted Locals. EST. 1980 P. 5346 9911 www.uni-industries.com.au


Tony Wootton Tree Surgeon. Dip Hort(Arb) Operating locally since 1996. Tree assessments and advice. Trees and shrubs pruned and detailed. Hazardous trees removed. M: 0403 467 664 Ph: 54 944 917 www.twtreesurgeon.com

Montville Handyman

30 years building experience. Available now for carpentry, home maintenance and repairs, small concreting jobs. Prompt and reliable service. Call Wayne 0434 724 030.

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Skilled Tree Surgeon – Kevin Pampling Born and raised in Maleny, offering reasonable rates for tree work. Insured,with years of wisdom and local knowledge. I climb, you clear = good value. Ph 0407 450 262



Karen Muir - Advertising Sales

To promote your business or event with an advertising campaign in the HT contact me at production@sunnycoastmedia.com.au or 0414 432 423. Print or digital opportunies available.


Baker Robinson Lawyers

Sophie Paras - Professional, efficient, relaible and friendly. 5494 2665 Suite 7, 43 Maple St Maleny. Email: sophie@brlawyers.com.au www.brlawyers.com.au

Easton Lawyers

Tove Easton Principal Lawyer

Your Local Lawyers in Maleny 62 Maple St, Maleny. Ph: 5494 3511 Email: tove@eastonlawyers.com.au

Lember and Williams Solicitors (the LAW team)

City Expertise, small town service. Contact Principal Penny McCreery Stirling on Bunya, 13 Bunya Street, Maleny. 5495 1499 penny@landw.com.au www.landw.com.au


Ottiam Real Estate

Elevate your investment property with our property management services. Ensure maximum returns and unparalleled care. Discover the difference we make. 1/1 Wilga Court, Mapleton Ph: 5445 7788



Let our Real Estate family show your

Kenilworth 5446 0222 Maleny 5494 2312 www.boxsells.com.au

Property we understand that
all in the attention to detail, even the little things matter. Learn how ‘We Can Sell Yours Too!’ Dee 0423 259 931 Susan 0428 573 170 RE/MAX Hinterland
property is worth more with us! 07
4220, 0447 737 737
32 Maple Street, Maleny REAL ESTATE continue We dare to be different! Our results speak for themselves, so if you are looking to sell your property DON’T SIGN ANYTHING .. .Call us. Ph: 07 5478 5288 or check out www.rogerloughnanrealestate.com.au Blake Gierke - Your Hinterland Property Expert. 10 years’ experience & multiple RMA awards. Innovative marketing strategies for maximum exposure. Get unmatched results. Blake 0412 266 719 VETERINARY CARE District Vets Maleny Veterinarian Susan Portas and her team provide professional, compassionate care for your pets. Hours Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri 8:30am – 5:30pm Wed 8:30am – 4:30pm Sat by appointment 7 Myrtle St Maleny Ph: 5499 9077 NEED TO BE FEATURED IN THE CLASSIFIEDS? Book here >> www.sunnycoastmedia.com.au/product-page/boost-business-listing ... Public Notice of Precipe, Tacit Acceptance and Reconveyance Leslie Robert John Gwen© and Micaela Terese Owen© of Cooroy, Queensland, are not voluntary transactors in commerce, and are the irrefutable Holders in Due Course of our properties and all associated copyright protected Trade Names since unrebutted lawful Reconveyance to the Land and Soil jurisdiction of Terra Australis also known as the Commonwealth of Australia Public Recording Number RPP44 63900 05100 31265 17603 and RPP44 63900 05100 31265 18600, Proclamation Date 8 February 2024. Thus severing usufruct subjugation ties with the occupying corporate government of Australia in its entirety. Immediately cease and desist any further infringement upon these copyright protected financial instruments and cease and desist misaddressing Leslie Robert John Owen© and Micaela Terese Owen© in fraudulent debased Dog-Latin, GLOSSA. Advertise your business in the HT from $63.58 ongoing per month. Book directly by scanning
family the way
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New laws strengthen renter rights

All forms of rent bidding are banned in Queensland, and property owners will only be able to increase rents once per year on their property, following the passing of new rental law reforms in State Parliament.

The Parliament has passed the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2024, strengthening the rights of Queensland renters.

Additional reforms in the Bill passed by Parliament will come into effect on a date to be set by proclamation, including:

• protecting renters’ privacy by requiring 48 hours entry notice and a prescribed form to be used to apply for a rental home, with any information collected to be handled securely

• limiting reletting costs based on how long is left on a fixed-term lease

• giving renters a fee-free option to pay rent and choice about how they apply for a rental property

• improving the rental bond process by requiring claims to be supported by evidence.

The passage of the Bill also enables the government to develop a framework for parties to agree on installing modifications in rental properties, a Code of Conduct for the rental sector and a Portable Bond Scheme.

The government will undertake consultation with the sector to develop these schemes.

Anyone who needs housing assistance can contact their local Housing Service Centre during business hours or call the 24/7 Homeless Hotline on 1800 474 753.

14 Carabeen Court, Maleny

ucked away at the peaceful end of a quiet cul-de-sac, this generously sized home sits on a 1052m2 block, enjoying a private and tranquil outlook and a north-facing aspect. With an easy walk to both the town centre and the high school, this property is ideally situated for convenience and lifestyle.

What you will love about 14 Carabeen Court:

• Spacious living with 4 bedrooms plus an office or 5th bedroom

• High raked ceilings in living area, flowing out to the private deck

• Double enclosed carport and solar power

• A quarter-acre block with flat grassed area, vegetable patches and fruit trees

eachester is a picturesque country town between Beerwah and Maleny. We have a stunning acreage property listed for sale at 45 Harold Place, Peachester.

Conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk to the quaint township of Peachester for a coffee and breakfast at the Peachester Café Bakery and Peachester General Store which offers fuel, groceries and takeaway food.

There is a primary school offering Prep to Year 6, along with the Peachester Uniting Church and Community Hall. The Peachester Fruit Market showcases lovely fresh local produce, plants and sells all of your rural supplies.

• The under-house area has a slab already in place for a granny flat or additional room, plumbing nearby, and optional design plans available.

Seize this opportunity to make your hinterland dream a reality.

Bed: 4 Bath: 2 Car: 2

Land Size: 1052m2

Price: OFFERS OVER $975,000

Agency: RE/MAX Hinterland Contact: 0447 737 737 sales@remaxhinterland.com.au

32 Maple Street, Maleny, Qld 4552

It’s just a 10-minute drive to Beerwah, one of the largest Sunshine Coast Hinterland towns, and a 20-minute drive to characterful Maleny. A mere 30 minutes in the car takes you to beautiful Sunshine Coast beaches, and it’s only one hour to Brisbane airport!

Enjoy the relaxed lifestyle or rural living while being within minutes to all major services.

Agency: Brant and Bernhardt


Susan Brant 0428 573 170

Dee Bernhardt 0423 259 931

Peachester - a hidden gem in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland! 2/20 Maple Street, Maleny Qld 4552

18 Gaden Road, Montville

Discover Montville's Hidden Gem: Acreage Living Awaits!

his solid, single-level home in Montville offers comfort and tranquillity on a lowmaintenance acreage block. in a coveted no-through road just off Western Avenue.

The central kitchen with a breakfast bar adjoins the dining room, adorned with a bay window overlooking the garden. Step outside to discover a north-facing alfresco space, against a backdrop of sweeping rural vistas, along with a cosy gazebo. This property also features a 10,000-gallon water tank and a water filtration system.

Bed: 4 Bath: 2 Car: 4

Land Size: 4000m2

Price: OFFERS OVER $1,200,000

Agency: RE/MAX Hinterland

Contact: 0447 737 737 sales@remaxhinterland.com.au

Conveniently located just moments from Montville village, residents can enjoy easy access to boutique shopping, dining options, and essential amenities. Plus, with the renowned Hinterland towns of Maleny and Palmwoods just a short drive away, the best of the Sunshine Coast is within reach. This property offers an affordable opportunity to enjoy acreage living in a pristine setting.

32 Maple Street, Maleny, Qld 4552

T Unlock Your Dream Home: Perfectly Positioned Maleny Retreat!
34 JUNE 2024 HINTERLAND TIMES REAL ESTATE 22 The Hardwork Has Been Done, Gorgeous Views, Just Move In And Enjoy! Country Charm On The Mary River! 3 2 2 3 6 80 Appaloosa Drive Conondale 993 M2 Downsizers or Investors.... Will Love This Home! Relaxed Hinterland Lifestyle Plus Dual Living! 2 4 3 5 OFFERS OVER $995,000 2 3 www.brantandbernhardt.com.au 5 4,000 M2 4 Privacy and Peaceful Surrounds on Iconic Western Avenue! 212 Maleny-Kenilworth Road Witta FLAXTON Keep Up To Date 1 Treehaven Way Maleny! Coming Soon 370 Western Avenue Montville 2 4 2/20 Maple Street maleny - next to iga Susan Brant 0428 573 170 4,000 M2 95 Flaxton Mill Road Flaxton 7,039 M2 2 Sold Tranquil Hideaway in the Hinterland! Stylish Dual Living, Income Opportunity, Minutes from Maleny! 4,082M2 4 SOLD For Full List Price! 1 6 Scan to view all of our properties For Sale BRANT & BERNHARDT PROPERTY 36 Crystal Street Mapleton 7 Burgess Avenue Maleny Gardner's Paradise, Minutes to Maleny! NEW 3 4,593 M2 4 1,061 M2 Offers Over $1,200,000 $1,649,000 Offers Over $895,000 Offers Over $1,550,000 $1,450,000 Marlene Thomas 0476 652 273 susan@brantandbernhardt.com.au marlene@brantandbernhardt.com.au 0447 302 997 Or 07 5429 6403 admin@brantandbernhardt.com.au NEW NEW NEW NEW Sold SOLD For Full List Price! 3 7,658 M2 212 Maleny-Kenilworth Road Witta

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