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Hoiberg has been with his wife Carol since they began dating in high school in Ames, Iowa, 28 years ago. Photograph by Marco Nunez

camp for kids with heart disease, and I speak every year to their group, and do a lot with that charity. It is important to talk about, because it affects a lot of people’s lives.

BL: When you first joined the Bulls in 2015, they had almost an entirely different core, with Rose and Butler being the primary pieces. Now there is a much younger roster. Did you envision this type of chance when you first joined the Bulls?

FH: I do not really think of it that way. You just live in the

moment, and try to do the best job with the group you have. That first year, it was hard; we led the league in injuries that year. We had ten rotation players that missed double-digit games, including two previous starters—[Joakim] Noah and [Mike] Dunleavy [Jr.]—who missed over 50 games. So that was tough to overcome. The biggest thing in the first year was that there were too many inconsistencies.



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Hinsdale Magazine October 2017  

Hinsdale Magazine October 2017