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S E PTA A RT I N TRA NS I T 3 3 rd a n d D a u p h i n B u s L oop Ren ovat i on Tea m HHB : :

Ja ke B eck m a n a n d L i zzy Hi n d m a n - H a r vey

IN T RODUC ING MODAL GLOW m o d•al    [mo h d - l] adj. 1. of o r p er t ainin g to mo d e, manner, o r fo r m. 2. Music a. p er t ainin g to mo d e, as dis tin guished f ro m key. b. bas ed o n a s c al e other than majo r o r min o r. 3. Tr ansp o r t ati o n, p er t ainin g to o r sui t ab l e fo r tr ansp o r t ati o n invo l v in g a fo r m of a c ar r ier, as b us, r ail, o r ship. g l ow [ gl o h] intr.v. 1. To shine b r i ghtl y an d s teadil y, esp e c iall y wi th ou t a f lame. 2. A li ght p ro du ced by a b o d y heated to lumin osi t y. 3. B r illian ce o r war mth of c o l o r. 4. A war m fe elin g , as of p l easure o r well - b ein g.

MODAL GLOW Mo dal Glow: a bio mo r phic s culpture that s er ves as an i c o ni c lan dmar k fo r the 33rd and Dauphin Bus L o o p St ati o n an d the Str awb er r y Mansio n nei ghb o r ho o d of Philad elp hia at lar ge. Mo dal Glow is info r med by the natur alis ti c gr as s fo r ms foun d in Fair mount Par k , Str awb er r y Mansio n nei ghb o r h o o d ’s V i c to r ian ar c hi te c tur al her i t a ge, and the music of a fo r mer Str awb er r y Mansio n resid ent and jaz z ic o n Jo hn C o l tr ane. Sy nthesizin g thes e v ar iabl es into a c i t y - hard y d esi gn, Mo dal Gl ow is el e g ant in i t s simplic i t y, dur abl e in i t s mater ials an d d y nami c in i t s c o mp osi tio n. Emer gin g f ro m the ear th wi th ar c in g gr a ce, Mo dal Glow s y mb o lizes the r isin g mo mentum of a rev i t alizin g nei ghb o r ho o d. A s i f to mir ro r this ener g y, the s tems of Mo dal Gl ow r is e in a c res cendo f ro m the groun d, fo cusin g b oth h o p e an d grow th into the glow of ge o metr ic lanter ns . T hes e lanter ns are d esi gned to res emb l e l ead ed glas s win d ow s, that are a par t of V ic to r ian er a ar c hi te c ture, whi c h is a p ro minent ar c hi te c tur al s t y l e in Str awb er r y Mansi o n. Tak in g the fo r m of a f lower bud o r s eed, the lanter ns c o nvey a s ens e of p otential, of blo o min g , and of rebir th. T he lanter ns are glazed wi th play f ull y - c o lo red panels that are v isib l e dur in g the day an d later b e c o me illuminated wi th a wel c o min g gl ow at ni ght . T h e lante r ns shif t in color throughout t h e n i g ht , at t i m es me l ti ng rapidly from one hue to the nex t wh i l e at ot h er t i m es p u l si ng ge ntly w i th res onance. S hown here in green dur in g the day, the resul tin g ni ght tim e c o lo r s r an ge f ro m b lu es to yell ows . T he li ghtin g pro gr ams are adapt abl e and c an c han ge to resp o n d to v ar ious o c c asio ns and event s

OUR CONC EP T. D r awin g inspir ati o n f ro m the l o c ati o n of the 33r d an d Daup hin s t atio n, our c o n cept fo r Mo dal Gl ow s tr i ves to c o nne c t the natur al an d ar c hi te c tur al, whil e maint ainin g a link to the si gni f ic ant cul tur al her i t a ge of Str awb er r y Mansi o n. T he eas t sid e of the s t ati o n is b o r d ered by the v as t an d ver dant e x pans e of Fair mount par k . To the wes t, the s t ati o n is b oun d e d by a v ibr ant nei ghb o r h o o d wi th a r i c h an d ar tis ti c cul tur al his to r y. T he s t ati o n o c cupies a uni qu e liminal spa ce where lawns, meadows an d fo res t s lay in quiet ju x t ap osi ti o n to the b us y nei ghb o r ho o d.

NAT URE MEE T S ARC HI TEC TURE .... O ur d esi gn p ro ces s b e g an wi th a c o mmo n p lant, gr as s, as we s ou ght to rep res ent i t s d eli c ate an d simp l e fo r m. We s e e gr as s as a s y mb o l of the imp o r t an ce of c o mmo n event s an d rou tines . I t is thes e li t tl e thin g s - the relati o nships b uil t bi t by bi t, the c o mmu te to an d f ro m wo r k , the p e o p l e we s ee o n the s tre e t - that fo r ti f y an d maint ain a c o mmuni t y an d are wo r thy of c el eb r atio n.

We fe el that air y gr as s fo r m is als o a b eau ti f ul tes t ament to the gre en pas to r al breath that Fair mount Par k shares wi th the d ens e ur ban f abr ic of the Str awb er r y Mansio n nei ghb o r ho o d. Tak in g a cu e f ro m the s tr ik in g V i c to r ian ar c hi te c ture v isibl e in the nei ghb o r ho o d, we s ou ght to ho no r this her i t a ge by in c o r p o r atin g the lan gua ge of o r nate l ead e d glas s into the pie ce. His to r ic all y, the s t y l e of V ic to r ian ar c hi te c ture aros e par tl y ou t of a d esire to c el ebr ate fo r ms found in the natur al wo r ld. By c reatin g an o r g anic s tr u c ture ou t of tr adi tio nall y ar c hi te c tur al mater ials, we b e gin to fo r mall y b l en d the man - mad e and the bi o l o gic al as we s tr i ve to c reate a fo c al p oint fo r the c o mmuni t y.

....MEE T S MUSIC Jo hn C o l tr ane fo r ged his ear l y c are er l es s than a mil e f ro m the 33r d and Dauphin s t atio n. In C o l tr ane ’s music al c areer he was k nown fo r c o ns t ant innov atio n, inc lu din g revo lu tio nar y c ho r d s tr u c tures that drove su c h sub - genres as Mo dal Jaz z. In his s eminal c o mp osi tio n, “Giant Steps,” C o l tr ane ’s notes r is e and f all wi th ef fo r tl es s c o mpl e xi t y. Jaz z as an ar t fo r m relies o n imp rov is atio n, wi th o ne fo ot ground e d in the teac hin g s of the pas t whil e the other s teps fo r war d into new dis c over y an d reinventio n. We wanted to invo ke this spir i t of c reati v i t y and c o ns t ant rebir th in a s culpture that s er ves as a ref l e c tio n of his c o ntinu ed p res ence in the music al and cul tur al li fe of the c o mmuni t y.

OUR DESIGN. Us ing t h e m u s i ca l s core of Joh n C ol ta n e’s “G i a nt S teps” a s a n organiz i n g p r i n ci p a l a n d i n i t i a l 3 - d i m en s i on a l fra m ewo rk, we allowed i n d i v i d u a l n otes to d i ctate t h e p l a cem ent a n d c u r vat u re of the p ol es a s wel l a s t h e a r ra n gem ent of t h e l a nter n s i n sp a c e. We th en refi n ed t h e s p a ci a l com p os i t i on i n a way t h at w i l l evoke a s en s e of d y n a m i s m a n d v i ta l i t y. Our mater i a l ch oi ces were d r i ven by a va r i et y of n eed s, inc ludi n g a est h et i cs , l i g ht t ra n s m i s s i on , st r u ct u re, s afet y, durabil i t y a n d m a i nten a n ce con s i d erat i on s .

S T EM S Six c u r ved a l u m i n u m p ol es em erge from t h e g rou n d a n d a rc s ky ward . T h e p ol es a re b et ween 2 5 a n d 4 0 feet l on g , sta n d 2 0 30 feet a n d a re fa b r i cated ou t of 6 i n ch n om i n a l d i a m eter t u b i n g cur ved to va r i ou s ra d i i . B el ow g ra d e, t h e p ol es a re i n sta l l e d i n galvani zed steel m ou nt i n g s l eeves t h at a re a n ch ored to a n 1 8 inc h th i ck con crete foot i n g . T h e d es i g n a n d t h e en g i n ee ri n g of the s cu l pt u re wi l l a l l ow fl ex i b i l i t y to s u sta i n h i g h w i n d s a s well as s n ow a n d i ce l oa d . At g ra d e, t h e s i te i s p l a nte d w i t h eas ily m a i nta i n ed n at i ve s p eci es of g ra s s es t h at com p l e m ent t h e gracef u l for m of t h e s cu l pt u re.

L AN TERN S Mo dal Glow is com pris ed of s ix c ustom- b u i l t l a nter n s m ou nted ato p cur ve d aluminum poles . The m ulti-fa ceted l a nter n s a re i n sp i red by V ictorian-era stained glas s a n d a re fa b r i cated from l a ser-cut, 1 1 gau ge stainles s steel s heet. Th e t ra n s l u cent “ p a n es� o f each l antern will be distinctly col ored a n d a re m a d e o f a n ex ter io r rated architectural res in pa n el p rod u ced by 3 For m ca l l ed Var ia Eco res in XT. Thes e panels a re m a d e from 4 0 % p recon sumer recycled m aterial and are 40 t i m es st ron ger t h a n g l a s s. They have been proven to exhibit excel l ent p er for m a n ce i n th e field and maintain cons istent light t ra n s m i s s i on over t ime , eve n af ter 4,000 kJ of expos u re (rep res ent i n g a p p roximate ly 5 years of outdoor Florida ex p os u re). Ea ch l a nter n wo uld weigh approxim ately 90 p ou n d s .

n geltenden Vorschriften zu installieren.

elektricien en in overeenstemming met all elektriciteits- en bouwvoorschriften.

staladas por un electricista calificado y LIGH T ING フィクスチャの設置は、資格を持つ電気技 mas y regulaciones, tanto nacionales como D urin g t h e d ay, t h の際、 e t i nted国および地域の電気、 t ra n s l u cent p a n el s cover i n g 建築関連の法 the s eléctricas y obras. lantern s catch t h e s u n l i g ht a n d d el i catel y d i s p l ay t h ei r sp a rk l i n g 守してください。 colors . At n i g ht , h owever, t h e l a nter n s a re i l l u m i n ate d f ro m evono essere installati da un elettricista within by v i b ra nt a n d ever- ch a n g i n g h u es . Th e l i g ht s o u rc e

on le norme locali e nazionali vigenti ᖙ乏⬅ড়Т᠔᳝೑ᆊ੠ᔧഄ⬉఼Ϣᓎㄥ for eacin h l a nter n i s fou r i n d i v i d u a l l y cont rol l ed Ph i l l i ps i Co l o r Flex LM X h i g h i nten s i t y L E D n od es wh i ch em i t a fu l l ra n ge o f izie e installazione di impianti elettrici. 㺙♃‫݋‬ colors . T h e L E D ’s a re con n ected by wi res t h at r u n d ow n t h e ins ide of ea ch p ol e to a p ower s u p p l y. Th es e p ower su p p l i e s are con n ected to a d i g i ta l l i g ht cont rol l er wh i ch i s h o u se d in the el ect r i ca l room i n s i d e of t h e stat i on b u i l d i n g . T h i s program m a b l e cont rol l er stores a n d execu tes a l l l i g ht i n g re l ate d program s , i n cl u d i n g wh en to t u r n t h e l i g ht s on a n d off, w h at colors a re em i tted by t h e i n d i v i d u a l L E D n od es at a ny gi ven t i m e and how freq u ent l y t h e L E D s ch a n ge col or.

Den Schaltplan prüfen


Verifique el plan eléctrico



T h e stems o f th e piece are lit f rom bel ow wi t h t wo d i fferent l ow vo ltage P hillips LED s potlights . These l i g ht s i l l u m i n ate t h e c u r v i ng ste ms bu t are s hielded s o as to n ot n egat i vel y i m p a ct p a ssi ng traffic, SEPTA bus es driver vis ion or t h e p ed est r i a n ex p e r ience. The s am e Phillips system th at cont rol s t h e l a nter n s a l so deter mines when thes e white s potli g ht s t u r n on a n d off. T h e e ntire lig ht ing system is eas ily pro g ra m m a b l e a n d m a d e u p o f de pe ndable, ex terior-rated com pon ent s d es i g n ed a n d p rod uce d by P hillips , a world clas s lighti n g com p a ny. System s l i ke i t have be en us ed ex tens ively in light i n g p roject s ra n g i n g f rom o utdo o r pub lic art installations in For t Wor t h , Texa s to t h e ex ter io r o f the SuperBowl XLI I I stadium i n Ta m p a , F l or i d a .

LIGH T ING PRO GR AMMING A var iety o f lig hting program s will be pre- p rog ra m m ed by t h e ar tists and their lighting des igner, G i l m ore L i g ht i n g D esi g n o f B ethes da, Mar yland. The f utu re l i g ht i n g p rog ra m s ca n be desig ne d with com m unity input a n d ca n b e ea s i l y c h a n ge d to reflec t a variety of oc cas ions . T h e Ph i l l i ps i Pl ayer 3 l i ghting co ntro ller com es pac kaged wit h C ol or Pl ay 3 l i g ht sh ow autho r ing s of tware. ColorPlay 3 ca n b e i n sta l l ed on a ny W i n d ows o r Mac OS and provides the ea s e a n d fl ex i b i l i t y to c reate and manage light s hows us ing f ul l y cu stom i za b l e effect s , mu l ti -track e diting , tim e-line layering , a n d t ra n s i t i on st y l es . New lig ht shows can be uploaded to the cont rol l er v i a l a ptop or S D card.

C LE ANING T h e e ntire sculpture m ay be c leaned by p ower- wa s h i n g a s n ec essar y. The lanterns s hould be pre-wa s h ed wi t h a l i g ht water spray to loos en and rem ove inc identa l s u r fa ce d eb r i s . I t i s re co mmende d that the water pres s ure for cl ea n i n g t h e Va r i a Eco resin pane ls b e 1,500 ps i or les s and t h at t h e n ozzl e s h ou l d b e p o sitio ned a m inim um of 8 inc hes f rom t h e p a n el s u r fa ce.

MAINT ENANC E T h e sculpture s hould require virtually n o m a i nten a n ce. T h e LE D ’s are eng ineered for long life and are ea s i l y rep l a cea b l e sh o u l d the ne ed aris e. The artists will in cl u d e s evera l re p l a ce ment LE D strands for this purpos e. Th e Va r i a Ecores i n p a n els are durable and UV treated for lon g l i fe a n d col or retentio n. The artists will f urnis h additi on a l rep l a cem ent p a n els fo r each lantern color in the event t h at a p a n el s h ou l d n ee d to be replac ed. Replacing the panel s a n d /or t h e l i g ht s wou l d require o nly a wrenc h and a s crewd r i ver. T h e a b ove g ra d e e lectr ical enc los ure that hous es th e p ower s u p p l y b oxes i s ex te r io r-rated and water-tight to prevent a ny weat h er rel ated p rob l e ms. The electrical com ponents ins i d e t h e en cl os u re wi l l b e p ro tected by a s urge protector for add i t i on a l s ecu r i t y.

HHB: Ar t s in Transit Preliminar y Budget Mo d a l Glow


Design Development Structural Engineering and General Contractor Fees  Lighting Design Consulting Fees Stem Bending Cost of Poles Poles Bent to Specific Radii Paint on Poles (Optional) Delivery Mounting Sleeve Fabrication 8" I.D. Mild Steel Tubing Cut to Specified Double Miter Fabricate Mild Steel Base Plates Weld tubing to base at specified orientation Hot Dip Galvanize Sleeves Delivery Lantern Fabrication Laser‐cut sheet Stainless steel or aluminum Weld lanterns 3form Varia Eco‐resin C3 XT CNC cut to order                                    Shipping Internal Lantern Lighting Assemble Lanterns Excavation and Foundation Excavate Formwork and Rebar Pour Concrete


Site work Fill Cavity with Gravel Planting soil Install plantings Miscellaneous Costs Plaque                     Insurance Documentation           Legal Fees

$    85,000.00

Fixed Artist Fee

$   (12,750.00)

Fixed Contingency

$     (8,500.00)

Effective Project Budget

$    63,750.00

Material and Labor Total:

$    62,973.00

Material Cost

$850 ea. $325 ea. $200 ea.


24 Ln. Ft.   @   $44/ln. ft.

$1,056.00 $210.00

Cut at Nextfab Studio 6 sheets @ $707/sheet $250/ lantern

1day, 35 yds of fill  2 days  7.15 cu. yds @ $120/yd

Crane, 4 people, 1 day Crane and Cherry Picker 35 cu. yds @$75/yd installed 11 cu. yds @$44/yd

Labor cost $7,500.00 $1,000.00

Services by CVM Services by Gilmore Lighting Design

Electrical Install Above Grade Junction Box and Conduits Install Up‐Lighting Install Lighting Controller and Surge Protector Installation Drill Holes and Install Epoxy Anchors Install Mounting Sleeves Apply Bituminous Coating on Sub‐Grade Metal Install Poles  Install Lanterns

Total Project Budget

$1,200.00 $300.00 $4,242.00

$1,950.00 $1,200.00 $250.00

$1,500.00 $500.00 $1,500.00 $800.00 Done by Artists Done by artists Done by artists

$1,500.00 $750.00

$720.00 $400.00 Done by Artists Done by Artists

$285.00 $1,254.00

$2,090.00 $950.00 $2,071.00

$1,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,500.00

$1,800.00 $800.00 $500.00

$350.00 $100.00 $100.00

$1,140.00 $1,140.00 $400.00 $4,275.00 $1,900.00

$650.00 $440.00 $500.00

$1,550.00 Done by Artists Done by Artists $500.00 $3,000.00 $1,000.00 $1,000.00

HHB: Ar t s in Transit Preliminar y C onstruc tion S c hedule

Task 1 2 2.1 2.2 3 4 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 8 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.3.1 8.4 9 9.1 9.2 9.3

Design Development Construction Documentation Bid Packets Shop Drawings Stem Bending Sleeve Fabrication Lantern Fabrication Fabricate Metal Framework Fabricate Light Panels Assemble Lanterns Excavation and Foundation Excavate Formwork and rebar Pour and Cure Electrical Install Enclosure/Conduits Install LED Power  Supplies Pull Wire Install Up‐Lighting Installation Install Epoxy Anchors Install Mounting Sleeves Install Poles (Stems) Apply Bit. Coating . Install Lanterns Site Work Fill w/ Gravel  Install  Planting Soils Install plantings




1/14/2031 2/25/2013 2/25/2013 3/11/2013 4/1/2013 4/1/2013 4/1/2013 4/1/2013 5/6/2013 6/3/2013 4/29/2013 4/29/2013 5/13/2013 5/27/2013 6/24/2013 6/24/2013 7/15/2013 7/22/2013 8/12/2013 7/1/2013 7/1/2013 7/8/2013 7/22/2013 7/29/2013 8/5/2013 8/19/2013 8/19/2013 8/26/2013

2/24/2013 3/31/2013 3/10/2013 3/31/2013 6/30/2013 6/30/2013 6/30/2013 5/5/2013 6/2/2013 6/30/2013 6/30/2013 5/12/2013 5/26/2013 6/30/2013 8/18/2013 7/7/2013 7/21/2013 7/28/2013 8/18/2013 8/18/2013 7/7/2013 7/21/2013 7/28/2013 8/4/2013 8/18/2013 9/8/2013 8/25/2013 9/1/2013

6 5 2 3 13 13 13 5 4 4 9 2 2 5 5 2 1 1 1 7 1 2 1 1 2 3 1 1




Mar 18‐24

Mar 11‐17

Mar 4‐10

Feb 25‐Mar 3

Feb 18‐24

Feb 11‐17

Feb 4‐10

Jan 28‐Feb 3

Jan 21‐27

Jan 14‐20

Mo d a l Glow


1 2 2.1 2.2 3 4 5 5.1 5.2 5.3 6 6.1 6.2 6.3 7 7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 8 8.1 8.2 8.3 8.3.1 8.4 9 9.1 9.2

9.3 Sep 2‐8

Aug 26‐Sep 1

Aug 19‐25

Aug 12‐18

Aug 5‐11

Jul 29‐Aug 4

Jul 22‐28

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Jul 1‐7

Jun 24‐30

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Jun 3‐9

May 27‐Jun 2

May ‐ 20‐26

May 13‐19

May 6‐12

Apr 29‐May 5

Apr 22‐28

Apr 15‐21

Apr 8‐14

Apr 1‐7

Mar 25‐31

LIST OF CON SULTANT S: E NGI NE E R ING AND CONSTRUC TION: CV M 4 0 0 C re sso n B lvd - Suite 300 O a ks , PA 19456 C onta cts: Ro b Schaffer, P.E., J on Morris on , P. E . , S a m eh M a ji d , P. E . , M . B . A . 6 1 0 . 98 9.3 800 w w w.cvmnex m S tr u c tural E ng ineering Proj ects include: - PA FA , Le nfest P laza - Pennsylvania Academy of t h e F i n e A r t s - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA . - The O LIN Studio. Proj ec t included en g i n eer i n g for i n sta l l at i on of a C l a u s O l d en b u rg sculpture. - A n ne d' H ar no ncourt Sculpture Garden - Ph i l a d el p h i a M u s eu m of Ar t - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA . - Atk in O ls hin Schade Architects , T h e O L I N S t u d i o. - L ob lo lly H o use - Taylor ’s Is la nd, MD. - Kie ran Tim berlake - L i b er ty B ell Center - Independence Nat i on a l Hi stor i ca l Pa r k - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA . - B o hlin Cy wins ki J acks on P ro j ect manage ment Proj ects include: - Temple U niversity, Pears on-Mc Gonigle - Tem p l e Un i vers i t y - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA . -E x tensive renovation of a gym nasi u m com p l ex wi t h p a r t n er a rch i tect u ra l fi r m H 2 L 2 . - T h e Metro po lita n Apartm ents - Reinhol d Res i d ent i a l - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA . - Schade and Bolender Architec ts . O u t o n a Limb - Univers ity of Pennsylvani a ' s M or r i s Ar b oret u m - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA . - E ngage d as construction m anager a d v i s ors d u r i n g t h e d es i g n p roces s . Ge n eral Co ntracting Proj ects include: - M e r r iam Theater - Philadelphia, PA - U S P, Gr iffith H all Laboratories - Univers i t y of t h e S ci en ces - Ph i l a d el p h i a , PA - M o nte sso r i Children's Hous e - Valley Forge Pa r k - Va l l ey Forge, PA . -Spiezle Group Architecture & Plan n i n g .

LI GH TING DESIGN: G I L L M OR E LI GHTING DESIGN 7 9 3 9 No r fo lk Avenue, Suite 200 B eth esda, MD 2 0814 3 0 1 . 90 7.7 575 C onta ct: Co ffield King , M. Arch. w w w. g ilmo re lig Li g hting De sig n Proj ects include: - Newe ll Street Public Art – Silver Spring , M D. A r t i st : Hei d i L i p p m a n . -Trace Lands cape Architect. - Atturaif - A Living Mus eum – Al-D iriy ya h , S a u d i A ra b i a . - Aye rs Saint Gros s Architec ts -Plan n ers - 8 4 8 4 Geo rg ia Ave. – Silver Spring , MD. -B o nstra/ Hares ign Architec ts . - A si a Trail, Smith s onian National Zoolog i ca l Pa r k – Wa s h i n gton , D C . - Chate lain Architects and Nels on By rd Wol t z L a n d s ca p e A rch i tect s . - C h i cago B o tanic Garden, Great Bas in and L a kes i d e G a rd en s – G l en coe, I L . - O e hme Van Sweden, Lands cape A rch i tect s .

FA B R ICATIO N: R /J F LO R I G I N D USTRIAL CO., INC . 9 1 0 Bro o k Ro ad C on sho ho cken, PA 19428 6 1 0 . 82 5.6 655 C onta ct: Cur t Javic w w w.r jflo r ig .co m

Jake Bec kman EDUCATION:

Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI Master of Fine Arts with Honors – Sculpture, 2011 Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA Bachelor of Arts – Art, 2005 Studio Arts Center International, Florence, Italy. Spring 2003 Brown University, Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning, Providence, RI Teaching Certificate, 2011

SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2011 2010 2009 2005

Jake Beckman: Recent Work, Feick Arts Center, Green Mountain College, Poultney, Vermont. Salt of the Earth, Black Sheep Project Space. Providence, Rhode Island. Embodied, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio. Unseen, Cleveland Public Art, Cleveland, Ohio.

GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2012 Stirring the Waters, Between Two Bodies, Boston Sculptors Gallery. Boston, Massachusetts. 2011 New Contemporaries, invitational exhibition, Gelman Gallery, RISD Art Museum. Providence, Rhode Island. 2011 Rapture-Proof, 25CPW Gallery. New York, New York. 2011 RISD Graduate Selections Show, invitational exhibition, Sol Koffler Gallery. Providence, Rhode Island. 2011 RISD Master's Thesis Exhibition, Rhode Island Convention Center. Providence, Rhode Island. 2010 RISD Sculpture Department Biennial, Sol Koffler Gallery. Providence, Rhode Island. 2010 America, America, juried exhibition, Gelman Gallery, RISD Art Museum. Providence, Rhode Island. 2010 Boston Young Contemporaries, juried exhibition. 808 Gallery, Boston University. Boston, Massachusetts. 2010 Working Drawing, Arts Council of Greater New Haven Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut. 2009 5th Annual “19” Invitational Exhibition, Asterisk Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. 2008 Living in Your Imagination, curated by William Busta, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. 2007 On a Pedestal and off the Wall, juried exhibition, curated by Don Harvey, The Sculpture Center, Cleveland, Ohio. 2007 The 60 Second Southern Video Festival, Fugitive Art Center, Pegram, Tennessee. 2007 Art in Fact, curated by Kristin Rogers, Progressive Insurance Campus, Mayfield Village, Ohio. 2007 Spacelab Installation, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. 2006 After Hours, Coffee House Gallery, The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. 2006 Indelible Marks, curated by Abe Olvido, The Galleria at Lakeview, Cleveland, Ohio. 2006 Street Repairs, curated by Don Harvey, Spaces Gallery, Cleveland Ohio. 2006 In/Between, Gordon Collins Bostwick, Cleveland, Ohio. 2005 Thesis Exhibition, List Gallery, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania. 2003 Student Exhibition, Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy. 2002 Student Exhibition, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. 2000 20th Annual Cuyahoga County Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. 1999 19th Annual Cuyahoga County Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. UNSANCTIONED EXHIBITIONS:

Outdoor Installations, Swarthmore College Campus, Fall 2001 to Spring 2005.


COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia, PA: “3D-Design.” Adjunct Instructor. A studio-based course exploring the fundamentals of 3d design. Fall 2012.

SWARTHMORE COLLEGE – Swarthmore, PA: “Container as Architecture.” Visiting Assistant Professor. A studio-based ceramic sculpture course investigating the history, structure and purpose of container-based forms. Spring 2013.

“Art in Public.” Visiting Assistant Professor. A studio-based course exploring the process of designing, proposing and constructing art in public space. Spring 2012.

RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN – Providence, RI: “Constructing the Infinite: Sight, Sound and Substance.” Teacher. Designed and co-taught an introductory undergraduate sculpture studio course focusing on the various ways in which scientific research can interface with one’s sculptural practice. Winter term, 2011. “Sophomore Major Sculpture Studio,” Teaching Assistant, Fall 2010. Professors Lee Boroson and Ellen Driscoll. “Senior Major Sculpture Studio,” Teaching Assistant, Spring 2010. Professors Lauren Kalman and Ellen Driscoll.

THE CLEVELAND INSTITUTE OF ART – Cleveland, OH: Technical Associate, Department of Sculpture. Operated and maintained the sculpture department woodshop, metal shop, and foundry. Managed student employees and taught material and safety lessons. Fall 2005- Spring 2007. Professors Amie McNeel, Charles Tucker, Nathaniel Parsons.

PUBLIC ART: Vessel for Tomorrow’s Flood (2011) Green Mountain State College, Poultney, Vermont. Rotaflora (2010) Morgana Run Bicycle Trailhead, Slavic Village Development Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. Flow of Time (clock) (2004) Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Adirondack Chair (2002) Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: House Calls and Associates Contracting. Electrician’s assistant and carpenter. Cleveland, Ohio. January 2009- July 2009. Kadan Productions. Freelance Set Production Assistant. Assisted in the fabrication, installation and on-site support for various design and fashion related productions. New York, New York. December 2007- June 2008. Philipp Haemmerle Design Studio. Freelance Set Production Assistant. Fabricated, transported and installed various fashion related sets. New York, New York. November 2007- June 2008. Rockwell Architecture. Freelance Fabricator. Designed, built and consulted on several projects, including custom wood ceiling panels. New York, New York. January 2008 – June 2008. Master Planning Team for 120th Street Rapid Transit Station. Public Art Consultant. Worked with a team of architects, designers and engineers to perform site analyses and planning recommendations for a transit station. Created the public art master plan for the site. Cleveland, Ohio. January 2007- Jan. 2008. Department of Facilities Management, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Assistant to the project manager of a $14 million campus renovation project. Planned, coordinated, and executed various related projects. Assisted with construction scheduling, design decisions, and contractor issues. August 2004- June 2005. Bolinger Atelier (formerly AZ Bronze Atelier), Tempe, Arizona. Full Time Foundry Worker. Summer 2002.

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Cleveland, Ohio. Full time researcher in a yeast genetics lab. Summer 2000 and Summer 2001.


Visiting Artist: Lecture, 9-day-long Public Art Design/Build Workshop, and Studio Visits. Green Mountain College. Poultney, Vermont. November 2011. Professor Jessica Cuni.

Visiting Artist Lecture and Studio Visits with Senior Art Majors. Swarthmore College. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. November 2010. Professors Logan Grider and Randall Exon.

Visiting Artist at the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland. Led an afternoon studio workshop for 9 to 15 year old students. Using simple materials, students created imaginary buildings for their neighborhoods. Cleveland, Ohio. March 2009.

Presenter, “From the Studio to the Streets,” Cleveland Public Art Workshop Series, Cleveland, Ohio, June 2006.

Visiting Artist Lecture and Studio Visits with A Public Art Class. Bowling Green State University. Bowling Green, Ohio. November, 2005. Professor Greg Meuller

Informal Lecture, Art Day, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, April 2002.


Spaces World Artist Program- Cleveland, Ohio, Summer 2014. Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts- Omaha, Nebraska, Summer 2012. Vermont Studio Center- Johnson. Vermont, June, 2010.

AWARDS AND HONORS: 2010 Trails and the Arts Award for Rotaflora, The American Trail Association. 2010 S.L.Y. Herman Scholarship, The Rhode Island School of Design. 2005 Dean’s Award, Swarthmore College. 2004 Dean’s Award, Swarthmore College. 2003 Awarded the commission for the 100th anniversary of the Daniel Burnham Group Plan for the City of Cleveland Mall B Installation Competition. (Project was never fully realized) 2003 Katharine Scherman Scholarship for the Arts and Humanities. Swarthmore College. 2000 Silver key and Two Places, ceramics. ¬¬20th Cuyahoga County Scholastic Art Exhibition, CIA, Cleveland, Ohio. 1999 Silver key and Two Places, ceramics. ¬¬19th Cuyahoga County Scholastic Art Exhibition, CIA, Cleveland, Ohio. 1998 Certificate of Recognition, ceramics. Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. PRESS:

Max Utter, Douglas. Review of “Embodied.” Sculpture Magazine, Vol. 29. No. 1 Jan/Feb 2010. Litt, Steven. “Jake Beckman Transforms the Sculpture Center.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 1, 2009. Max Utter, Douglas. “Off Their Pedestals.” The Cleveland Free Times, April 11, 2007. Tranberg, Dan. “Sculpture Reveals Secret Interior.” The Cleveland Plain Dealer, January 26, 2007. Max Utter, Douglas. “Not So Mean Streets; Spaces Hits the Road.” The Cleveland Free Times, September 20, 2006. Wheatt, Dalia. “Art Breaker.” Cleveland Magazine, February, 2004. Bly, Liz. “Dragging the Line.” The Cleveland Free Times, November 12, 2003. Louderback, Joseph. “For Swarthmore Sculptor, the Campus is his Canvas.” Delaware County Daily Times, April 14, 2002. Assorted Development and Alumni Publications, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, Fall 2001-Present.


Amor Perdido 7, 9, 13, and 14 (2005) The Progressive Corporation, Mayfield Village, Ohio.


Philadelphia Sculptors

Liz z y Hindman - Har vey 305 Montrose St., Philadelphia PA 19147 919.357.4606

Education The Rhode Island School of Design Masters of Landscape Architecture, Graduated 2010 Harvard University Career Discovery Program, Summer 2006 Guilford College Bachelors of Science in Sociology with a minor in History, Graduated 2002 University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Post - Baccalaureate work in Printmaking, Biology, and Botany, 2004-2007 Teaching Experience Instructor, Digital Graphic Workshops and Urban Design Studio, Philadelphia University, 2012-2013 Developed weekly slide lectures for the basic instruction of SketchUp, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6 Coordinated with Landscape Architecture Department Director, Claudia Phillips to achieve course goals Developing Urban Design Studio Course: City as Ecosystem Visiting Appointments Lecturer Philadelphia University, Claudia Phillips, Site Design Studio, Fall 2012 Philadelphia University, Kim Douglas, Graphics for Landscape Architecture, Fall 2012 Philadelphia University, Jason Elwell, Construction Documents, Fall 2012 Critic

Philadelphia University, Claudia Phillips, Site Design Studio, Fall 2012 Philadelphia University, Kim Douglas, Landscape Architecture Department’s “Speed Dating”, Spring 2012 Swarthmore College, Jake Beckman, Art in Public, Spring 2012 RISD, Jake Beckman and Crystal Ellis, Constructing the Infinite, Winter 2011 GSD, Harvard University, Julie Gawendo, Career Discovery, Summer 2010 RISD, Alexander McCargar, Introduction to Architectural Design, Winter 2010 RISD, Dr. Elizabeth Dean Herman, Narrative Flows II, Fall 2009 The BAC, Colleen Clines, Summer Academy, Summer 2009

General Instructor, The Autism Society of NC, Greensboro NC, 2002-2003 Maintained and monitored progress of a low-functioning autistic adult Supported the general operations of a Day Program Center Developed treatment plans with Program Director Co-ordinated with family and case managers on behalf of participant Supervised other instructors in the particular complexities of participant Awards 2012, Runner Up, Studio|Bryan Hanes, ReStitch Tampa Competition

Exhibitions 2010, RISD MLA Graduate Thesis Show 2010, RISD Department of Landscape Architecture Accreditation Show 2010, Annual RISD Department of Landscape Architecture Exhibit 2009, Annual RISD Department of Landscape Architecture Exhibit 2008, Annual RISD Department of Landscape Architecture Exhibit 2006, UNC-CH Printmaking Exhibition Professional Experience Founder, Outlier LLC, Philadelphia PA, 2010-Present Representative Projects: Salter Mews Plaza, The Carlyle, Residences in Center City, Mount Airy, Roxborough, and New Bold Neighbors Master Plan Developed presentations for public meetings and private clients Supervised construction of custom elements and planting for Plaza Conceptualized design studies on a variety of scales Created high-level renderings for clients and competitions Director of Philadelphia Chapter, Anchal Project, Philadelphia PA, 2011-Present Presentations to non-profits and charities to meet fundraising goals Creating graphic design assets for print and web Copy edit program briefs and presentation scripts Cultivated partnerships between non-profit and textile designers Contributing blog writer Landscape Designer, Studio|Bryan Hanes, Philadelphia PA, 2011 - 2012 Representative projects: Rodeph Shalom Synagogue, Three Logan Tower Plaza, 37th St Pedestrian Mall, and The Navy Yard Entry Sequence at 26th St. and Penrose Ave. Supervised installation of The Navy Yard Entry Sequence Managed other staff members to complete presentations on a deadline Developed complex planting plans, complete with bulb programs Co-ordinated with other firms to produce drawings and sheet sets Designer, L+A Landscape Architecture, Providence RI, 2009 -2010 Created visualization and new signage for the Union Veterans Memorial Grove Researched and organized archival information Assisted with graphic design for upcoming publication Designed residential and historic gardens in partnership with Principal, Ron Henderson, AIA, ASLA Design Intern, Drake Design Studio, Providence RI, Summer 2008 and Summer 2009 Created drawings and renderings for high-profile residential gardens in partnership with the Principal Sarah Weihman Additional Work Experience Department Representative to the Graduate Student Alliance, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI, 2009-2010 Assisted with the organization of Open Studios events and other social activities, Participated in discussions about curricula and student life on behalf of the Landscape Architecture Department Accreditation coordinator, Landscape Architecture Department, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI, 2010 Contributed to the team effort in preparation for and during the Accreditation process, Participated in the curation and execution of the Accreditation Show for the Landscape Architecture Department

Co-owner, Lil’Farm Community Supported Agriculture, White Cross NC, 2004-2007 Created a 15 family Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, Developed and balanced a bud get and marketing plan, Designed logo identity and print materials for CSA, Organized and executed a 3 season planting schedule Executive Assistant, The Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, NC Triangle Chapter, Durham NC, 2004-2005 Improved the design and implementation of training for new volunteers, Utilized graphic design skills to prepare materials for high profile meetings and presentations to donors, Administrative support for volunteer committees and key leaders, Supervised and managed office interns and volunteers, Co-ordinated and tracked correspondence, reports, and other documents Monitored all information flow, including maintaining paper and electronic files, Responsible for, maintained, and coordinated complex calendars Computer Skills

Proficient in Adobe CS6 suite, AutoCAD 2013, 3D Studio Max 2013, Rhino V4, AutoCAD Map 3D 2013, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Earth and Virtual Earth, Currently learning Wordpress

TE AM HHB Co ntac t: 3 0 5 M o ntro s e St. Phi l ade l phi a PA 19147 Ph o ne: J-6 10. 724 1830, L -919.357.4606 j a ke @ja keb eckm liz zy @h in d m a n h ar

Modal Glow  

HHB Public Art Submission: Modal Glow