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2009 Small Business of The Year Volume 22, #1

Jan. 21 - Feb 4, 2012

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to the Tehachapi Municipal Advisory Council (TMAC) at a public meeting on Jan. 11 where it was roundly trashed as being far too broad in its scope and far too narrow in its specifics by virtually every speaker among the more than 100 attendees of the meeting. The KCPC representatives as well as TMAC chairman and Tehachapi Mayor Ed Grimes stressed that the proposed boundary was indeed merely a draft proposal and that they were seeking input from the public before adopting

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Tilting at Windmills Part XI: Whirlwind As the title suggests, the world of wind development has indeed been a whirlwind of activity in recent weeks, involving everything from boundaries and birds to layoffs and tax extensions. Here in Tehachapi, as wind developers work to harness the power of the wind, Supervisor Zack Scrivner and the Kern County Planning Commission (KCPC) have been working to harness the developers themselves with their proposed Wind Resource Area Map. This draft boundary was presented by the KCPC


a permanent wind resource boundary, but such assurances did little to quell the vitriol and outrage expressed by harea residents. Besides the fact that the map provided no overlays indicating the nesting grounds or migratory paths of protected and endangered birds in the area, the greatest complaint was the massive enlargement of the wind resource area to the north and west of the City of Tehachapi (see maps on page 15). Concerns about the effects of wind continued on pg. 15 Tilting at Windmills


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Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

Red House BBQ is Open! by Mono Lujan

A big “Thank You” goes out to you Tehachapi, for making us feel so welcomed on our return home. It is always nice to know that you are missed. Getting right to it, this is what happened on our adventure in China. As most of you know, Red House BBQ is setting up our second restaurant in China. Everything went very well and we had a great time. My family as well as our manager (Jessie) and I went all over Tianjin looking at different locations to launch our new venture. I was surprised at how expensive the leases are for commercial property though. It is on par for what you would pay in Los Angeles. The good though is that other expenses (equipment, labor, supplies etc.) are much cheaper than here. We spent a lot of our time eating all over the place (research sometimes can be grueling). This was Jessie’s first trip to China and I do believe that she was blown away with the food. She was a trooper and ate whatever was presented to her (turtle, duck, jellyfish, and even donkey). China is the ultimate food culture. You can sit in a restaurant that only cooks one thing and they have been doing it for hundreds of years (I hope it works out for them). Street food is everywhere and it is fantastic. Red House BBQ is set to be the first American BBQ restaurant in Tianjin which is the third largest city in China! Location! Location! Location! I’ve been

told that this is one of the first things they teach you in business school. Being that we are going to be the only restaurant of our kind in a city of over 12 million people, I think location is important but, not the most important. Just as we do here in Tehachapi, the most important thing has to be the food. Let me explain. On our trip, we went to Beijing to eat at the only other American BBQ in northern China. Their location is fantastic as it is on the silk road in the heart of the largest city (and capital) of China. Walk in and you would think you are in Texas. The place was basically empty though and it was soon very apparent why. The few people working there could care less if we walked in or not. We ordered a little bit of everything and when the food came we really found out why the place was empty. The food was terrible. This is a disservice to BBQ and I hope it does not put off the Chinese people on our style of cooking as it is a very bad representation of American BBQ. Back in Tianjin we went to look at restaurant equipment and food suppliers. We found just about everything that we will need. All we have to do is ship a smoker there and we are good to go. We found a location that we like and we are waiting to see if the current restaurant is going to resign a new lease there. There are other locations popping up every day and we have people in China working for us. I do believe we will have a place by the end of the year. We did spend a little time doing tourist stuff and on the first day of the New Year, my family including Jessie, climbed the Great Wall of China. If the rest of the year is anything like the first day, it is going to be a very good year. Red House BBQ Tehachapi is my focus now. I missed my staff, our customers and our town. We are still busting our butts knocking out the best food that we can. Changes are coming to the restaurant in spring and we are excited. If you haven’t tried our new 1-lb. smoked pork chop on Friday nights you don’t know what you’re missing! Rib of the Beast (huge beef rib) is still on Sat. nights and check out our 1-lb. plate of Cajun Garlic Shrimp served daily. As always, it’s made fresh, daily and there’s no microwave found here!

Pirate Insurance Relocates

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contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of staff or management. All humor is strictly meant for fun and not intended to offend. All contents of are the property of Hilltop Publishers.

Pirate Insurance Services owner Joe Snyder is celebrating relocation of his Insurance agency to it’s new location within the city limits at the Savemart Shopping Center. Chamber Directors Phillip Darling, Carl Gehricke, Claudia Henson, and Tammy Wallace along with Chamber Ambassador Cathy Criger joined Chamber President Ida Perkins at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Pirate Insurance Services on Friday, Jan. 13. Pirate Insurance Services is located at Pirate Insurance’s new location is inside the Savemart shopping area at 821 Tucker Rd. Ste. E, Tehachapi, CA. Pirate Insurance Services can be contacted via 661-823-6925.

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

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Movin’ On Plays Valentine’s Day

“Movin’ On” is returning to the Moose Lodge on Sat., Feb. 11, to play for a Valentine’s Dinner Dance. They will begin playing at 7 p.m. and continue until late that evening so the people from the Valentine’s Wine & Chocolate Walk can come in, enjoy some music, dance, and warm up! “Movin’ On” is a five-piece band of experienced musicians – four originally from the southern California area and one from Philadelphia – who now all live here in Tehachapi. All the members have played with other local bands until forming in the Spring of 2011. The band consists of Gary Levin on lead guitar and vocals; Kathleen Gair, rhythm guitar and vocals; Tom Wray, drums and vocals; AJ O’Malley, ”special effects” and vocals; and Dave Crowe bass and vocals. What makes “Movin’ On” unique would be the two female lead vocalists who deliver intricate harmonies, but all five members of the band are experienced vocalists. This allows them to do a wide range of musical genres, including Rock, Country, Blues and Standards.... One could dance the night away

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with upbeat music, slow dance to a ballad, or whet your whistle at the bar! For the past nine months they have played regularly at the Moose Lodge and the VFW, including the Moose’s Biker Run, the VFW’s New Year’s Eve Party, as well as the Souza Vineyard’s Father’s Day BBQ celebration, the Main Street Tehachapi’s Summer Wine Walk, the Farmers’ Market, the Tehachapi Airport Celebration of Flight, the Mountain Festival, the DART Fundraiser at the Stallion Springs Resort, as well as several infamous private parties. “Movin’ On” would like to thank the Moose Lodge and the VFW for helping us develop a loyal following. Also a big thanks to the Souza Winery for our first booking, to Cathie Sibley of La Bella Amore Restaurant, and our patient families. If you are interested in booking “Movin’ On”, you can email us at, call 661-300-0481, or friend us on Facebook at Movin On.

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Mortgage Matters

Revisiting Down Payments For those who served in the military, Let’s review how much money is VA loans still allow no down payment. needed to purchase a home in today’s The VA loan entitlement can be used lending environment. more than once. Before Traditionally a down using your VA loan again, payment of 20 percent of the check with the VA to be home’s purchase price was sure you have use of the required to buy a home. If full entitlement. VA loans you’re buying rental property, can be assumed as well, but that is still true today. When doing so ties up the veteran’s you’re buying a home to live entitlement for subsequent in, other options are available. purchases. Down payments of less In our zip code, the than 20 percent mean you’ll by Tammy Engel, USDA Rural Development be paying private mortgage Mortgage Advisor loan also allows for no down insurance with your loan payment. This loan caps payment. PMI protects the lender in case of your future foreclosure. household income at around $74,000 In some cases this monthly expense can annually for a family of four. If you’re be a tax write-off, but restrictions apply. using this loan type, check in with your So far FHA loans are still allowing lender before writing an offer: Not all as little as 3.5 percent down payment. lenders offer this loan type. There had been rumblings that this It can’t be said enough: Low rates was being increased to 5 percent down, and low prices mean this is the best but that didn’t happen. These loans are market ever for home buyers. Don’t currently assumable if the new buyer rule yourself out - Talk to your lending qualifies and pays a small processing fee. professional even if you think you don’t With rates as low as they have been, this qualify. Better to know for sure than to assumability feature might be a great mistakenly miss out on this once-in-alifetime opportunity to be a home owner. selling point in the future. Tammy Engel is your local Mortgage Advisor, and the only lender in Kern County authorized to display the lending integrity seal of approval. Reach her at 661/822-REAL with your real estate financing questions.

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

The Loop’s Real Estate Spotlight

Custom remodel

2415 Sq. Ft. home on 3.18 acres. Close to the gate on the valley floor. One of the most desirable spots in Bear Valley. Truly a pleasure to show! Call Terri Juergens for an appointment. (661) 303-6868. Offered at $289,000.

Charming ranch style home

Text Dream to 43766 for more listings!

located on cull de sac, sits down from street for privacy plus .55 acre lot; so horses okay. 3 Bdrm, 1.75 BA, approx. 1480 SF Covered patio. Just reduced to $110,900.

Terri Juergens

Linda Costelloe-Clough

Office: 822-4433 EXT 227 • DRE Lic#00841071 • DRE Lic#01087650

Cell: 661-303-6868

Broker Associate®


(661) 332-3191


Town & Country Real Estate

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

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Readin’ & Writin’

Lauraine Reads:

The Maid of Fairbourne Hall I am on my way to LAX and just saw book two in the Wild West Wind series will that the temperature is 83 degrees. It was 65 be out in August. in Tehachapi when I left. Sure hard to believe We all know what trouble our schools this is January. I need to water are in and with all the budget my roses and other garden plants. cuts, volunteers are needed more What a difference from last year. than ever. A longtime friend Maybe I won’t need to travel to of mine and former writing Arizona to get warm. student has written a book January is supposed to be titled Educating America: 101 the month where I snuggle in a Strategies for Adult Assistants comfortable chair, preferably in in K-8 Classrooms, a marvelous front of or near to a fire, a cup handbook to teach volunteers of my special coffee/chocolate/ how to really assist teachers Baileys beverage in my hand and in the schools. Paddy Eger, a read. I have a stack of books former schoolteacher herself waiting for just that kind of and designer of several learning by Lauraine Snelling day or week. Some books have programs saw a need from been waiting quite a while to be both sides of the educational opened because when certain author’s books fence. It is a great book to give to teachers, arrive, I grab and read them no matter what administrators and volunteers. This is not else is going on. a book on theory, but gives ideas for hands “The Maid of Fairbourne Hall” by Julie on help in a format that is quickly read and Klassen is one of those because even though applied. Paddy has already received an I am not a Regency fan, I love Julie’s books. award for this book and letters from grateful I was going to read just the first page, and schools, teachers and volunteers, who were before I knew it, I was already turning to assisted in their efforts. Any bookstore can chapter two. I didn’t read straight through order it for you and it is also available on because I had to finish the rewrite of my Amazon. own manuscript. Like Julie’s other heroines, That’s it for this month. I often mention Margaret Macy grabs your heart and mind on Facebook some of the other books I am and won’t let go until you see if and how she currently reading and enjoy swapping ideas resolves her problems. When she runs from and suggestions. Come join me, I do enjoy her stepfather’s plans to marry her off to my FB family. Also if you’re looking for his nephew, she ends up being the lowliest reading groups to join, I just read about one maid in the country estate of a man whose that really intrigues me. It is a cookbook marriage proposal she turned down in her group, where you choose a cookbook, try haughty younger days. Talk about keeping a the recipes and then have a potluck, serving secret and wearing a disguise. Yes, I know those recipes. Sounds like a fun way to try this plot has been written about many times new “eats.” before, but Julie’s unique twists and turns “Dog Daze” is the first book in my had me snatching moments throughout my new series for kids. Join the S.A.V.E. Squad day to read further. in their adventures as they work in animal Oh, and in spite of this page turner, I rescues. Watch for it in March. Happy did finish my rewrite. Whispers in the Wind, readin’and writin’ from Lauraine

Tehachapi Mountain Festival Theme Contest The Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce and the 49 th Annual Tehachapi Mountain Festival® Committee are looking for a theme for the 2012 Tehachapi Mountain Festival®. This year’s Festival will be on Aug.18 and 19 , 2012. Original or unique theme ideas should be submitted to the Chamber by Friday, Feb. 29, 2012 at 4 p.m. The winner will receive $100 prize, along with V.I.P. treatment

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Call The Loop newspaper at 822-8188 or Go online for our Rates & Publication Dates

and an invitation to ride in the Mountain Festival Parade. Participants are allowed to submit an unlimited number of theme ideas, but only one winner will be chosen. Previous years theme’s included: 2011 “Rope the Wind, Ride the Mountain”; 2010 “Windmills, Wine & Oaks Divine”; 2009 “Tehachapi 1909-2009 What a Century in Time”; 2008 “Once Upon A Mountain”; 2007 “Mountains of Memories & Dreams for the Future”; 2006 “Mountains, Memories & Magic”; 2005 “Remembering Old Times, Enjoying New Ways”; 2004 “Trains, Planes, Spurs & Lace”; 2003 “Pioneer Days and Modern Ways”; 2002 “Childhood Dreams and Wilder Things; 2001 “2001 A Mountain Place Odyssey”; 2000 “Gentle Breeze and Apple Tree’s”; 1999 “Four Season’s of Fun”; 1998 “35 Years of Memories Past”; 1997 “Apple of my Eye”; and 1996 “Family Affair in the Mountain Air” Send legibly written theme ideas to the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 401, Tehachapi, CA 93581-0401, drop entries off at 209 E. Tehachapi Blvd., Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or email to mountainfestival@tehachapi. com. Be sure to include your name and phone number.

The Butcher’s Wife

Page 5

Tomi’s Tri-Tip Supreme

Well here we are! It’s 2012 already a food processor, spice grinder, or mortar and we’re off and running to another great and pestle. Grind until the nibs break into year of delicious food as well as more particles the size of large grains of sand. Use “stories and recipes of culinary immediately or store in a tightly lore” from Yours Truly. I love covered jar for up to 1 month. January because for me… it is Rinse and pat the roast dry a time of new beginnings, new with paper towels. Generously adventures, new cloths, and old cover the meat with the rub and wine! Cheers! What better way wrap in foil or plastic wrap. The to celebrate the joy of new-ness roast can marinate overnight in then to try out this great new the refrigerator. recipe! The following is one Remove the roast from the of the best Tri-Tip rub recipes I refrigerator and bring to room have ever tried. Once you taste temperature. In the meantime, Tony and Tomi Nuckolls, it, I think you’ll agree! fire up the grill. Prepare the Butcher and Wife. Article by Leslie Reynolds grill for indirect cooking, with Tomi’s Tri Tip Rub Supreme the coals to either side. Place Ingredients the meat on the grill, fat side up, not directly 2 tablespoons Scharffen Berger Cacao over the coals. The internal grill temperature Nibs should be between 275 and 300 degrees 2 teaspoons dried red pepper flakes F. Grill the meat for 40 minutes. Check 1 teaspoon ground cumin the internal temperature with an instant1/2 teaspoon ground mustard read thermometer. For medium rare meat, 1/2 teaspoon chili powder remove from the grill when the thermometer 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice registers 125 degrees F. Let the roast sit, 2 tablespoons brown sugar, packed loosely covered with foil, for several minutes 2 tablespoons kosher salt before slicing. 1 (2 1/2-pound) tri tip roast Viola! A feast worth serving to your Directions beloved family and friends! Now stop To make the rub: Combine all drooling and get cooking! Get your Harris ingredients except the roast, in the bowl of Ranch Tri-Tip today on sale at “The Butcher Shop”! The Butcher Shop is located on Hwy 202 and Woodford Tehachapi road in the new Grand Oaks Plaza, between the Shell station and Frosty King. Come on by and try our 100 percent natural Harris Ranch Beef or call us at 661-822-9600 We’re open seven days a week.

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In the Dog House A Zulu Greeting: Sawubona – ‘I see you’

Sitting on her loveseat, Molly the her under her muzzle. The puppy began to Doberman presided over the chaos of my multiplay. Morgan stayed where she was while pet household. A regal and self-contained dog, the puppy jumped on her head, she rarely engaged in the canine climbed on her and finally, in and feline antics that are a part of exhaustion, lay beside her. During daily life in my home. However, the subsequent classes, Morgan from her perch, she ruled the house and the Yorkie had a blast chasing just through her very presence. Not each other! surprisingly, when she passed away, The quality of the she left a significant leadership void. relationship, the communication Although not ready to adopt another and the experience completely dog, I realized that my dogs needed changed when Morgan stopped another strong female in order to to see who was in front of her. be a stable pack. And this is how Seeing the dog you have is the Morgan entered my life. foundation for relational training. A three-month-old, border Many of my clients come to me Rosemary Evans collie/beagle mix, Morgan in frustration with a dog they shared a kennel with six other puppies at have recently acquired. Our conversation the Bakersfield animal shelter. When I first typically begins with this statement – “My met her, all I saw was her rear end poking last dog was wonderful. I never had any out from underneath a doggie cot where she issues training her, but this dog….” Resisting had pinned another hapless puppy! I knew I the natural impulse to compare our dogs, had found the right dog for my pack and for past and present, enables us to develop my business. Morgan is now my training engaged relationships with each of them. assistant. She helps manage the puppies Superimposing our vision of the dog we’d during puppy class, demonstrates obedience like to have, we are blind to the one we do behaviors for the obedience classes, and helps have. Each dog is an individual with a unique rehabilitate anxious, fearful dogs. I learn personality and distinctive learning style. from her every day. Effective training takes this into account. Last fall, a client brought his 4-monthI love the depth of meaning in the old Yorkie for a private lesson. Travelling Zulu greeting, “Sawubona” or “I see you.” much of the year in his mobile home, he When addressed, a respondent replies, wanted his dog to be well-behaved and “Ngikhona” which means “I am here.” For socialized. Morgan was ready to assist in the me, this greeting captures the idea of being puppy’s education. She knew the drill. Her fully present to another. Without prejudice, job was to engage the puppy in play. She preconception, or judgment, you see clearly performed her play bow and started to chase who is here. Like Morgan, I have many tools the puppy who promptly howled and hovered for training dogs, and most of the time, these at her owner’s feet! Changing tactics, Morgan work for the majority of dogs. However, tried to get the puppy to chase her. When when a training session isn’t going well, it’s that elicited more howling, she brought over not because the dog is deliberately trying to tug toys to share; when that didn’t work, sabotage the experience! He may be anxious, she darted in and out of the agility tunnel bored, over-stimulated, or fearful. The trying to engage the Yorkie. Nothing worked! trainer’s job is to pay attention to the dog’s At this point, Morgan did something quite body language, and adjust style and method to remarkable. Standing completely still, she enable effective communication. The dog is looked at the puppy. Then she lay down. The always saying, “I am here.” The trainer’s job puppy approached her, and Morgan nuzzled is to say, “I see you.”



Business Directory Advertise

Horse Boarding


$35 per issue Prepay and get 5 for $120 Call 1-661-822-8188 Today! WOLFE HAVEN Horse Boarding Stables Covered Pipe Corrals, Barn Stalls, Paddocks & Pastures

Board By The Day, Week or Month

Owner: Lynn Wolfe 25731 Banducci Road

661-823-0616 Tehachapi, CA

Horse Supplies

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

Welcome to the ADOPT-A-PET Section!! Many of the animals up for adoption can be seen at:

This Section is in need of support! For years The Loop has generously dedicated two plus pages per issue to helping local pets in need find homes and in this issue we’ve added to it. Advertisers please call the The Loop today to find out how you can help to support this section. Remember, when thinking about adopting, that the adoption cost is a tax deductible donation! If you find a pet you want to adopt please call the number listed next to the pet or in their rescue’s information. All Dobie SOS dogs are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and have received a veterinary exam. All adopted dogs come with one free bath at Canine Creek and one free grooming at Tehachapi Pet Lodge. You can see all of the Dobie SOS dogs waiting for homes at 661-886-1721 •

Jova Jova is a four-year-old purebred Doberman with natural ears and a docked tail. She is red and on the small side. Jova was found wandering and picked up by a good Samaritan. She had a registered microchip, but her owner did not want her back. We wonder why because she is a very sweet, soft and affectionate female. She is easy to handle and obedient. Jova is much more interested in her human companion than other dogs. She would be best as the only dog in a home or she could live with an tolerant male dog. Jova is crate-trained.

Angus Angus is a 6 month old male Doberman that was relinquished from a breeder who was unable to place the entire litter. He is an easy-going male that will probably grow to be quite large. He is very dog-social and loves to play with other dogs and he is friendly though a bit shy with people he does not know. Like all young Dobermans, Angus needs a home that will expose him to lots of places and things, so he can be well socialized. He has a good solid temperament and no known health issues. He will be available after he is neutered: sometime in January. Angus is crate-trained and knows how to use a dog-door.

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

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~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

ADOPT-A-PET Year-round Fundraiser Tehachapi Humane Society Calendar

*January 23rd – Office is open 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. *January 30th – Office is open 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. *Office hours every Monday (except Holidays) from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

See’s Candy @ Mountain Antiques & Tehachapi Automotive to help STOP save more dogs & cats in dire need of a 2nd chance at life ~ Be the change to make it happen ~ AND for good measure, be a volunteer, it is extremely rewarding & priceless! 661-823-4100, menu #2 (dogs); menu #3 (cats)

21600 Golden Star Blvd. Tehachapi, CA 93561. Write us at: 21600 Golden Star Blvd., Unit #3. Tehachapi, CA 93581. 661-823-0699 (menu #5 for dogs & #6 for cats)


I am Bella, a 6 month old happy go lucky Terrier/ mix, brindle with white and very friendly, but a little insecure right now. I am spayed, current on my shots and micro-chipped. I get along with my foster Mom’s dogs, but they are older and get annoyed when I play too long. Then I try to play with the cats, but they don’t want to either. I’m working at being house trained, am getting good at walking on a leash and riding in a car. I do well at night in my crate since I feel safe there. Please find a place for me that I can call my own so I can be secure.

Kandy Kandy is a 1-2 year old White and Tan Terrier Mix. She is spayed, micro-chopped and current on all of her shots, house trained and also crate trained. She walks on a leash, but needs work on it. She is very good riding in the car. Kandy is shy when she first meets people but warms up very quickly, and is loving. She gets along well with her foster brothers and sisters. We are not sure about cats. Won’t you please consider giving her a forever home?

Star and her siblings

Star and her siblings were rescued from under a metal shed in 110 degree weather after her momma suddenly disappeared. She is about 8 months old now. She needs a home with children past the toddler stage. She likes to lay down when she eats and lays on her paws a lot. She is always up for playing, likes to lay on her back, and is a real purr ball. She has a star shape on her forehead, which explains her name. She is a big talker and a good hunter. She does well with other cats and dogs. Her sister, Hope, who looks a lot like her, is also available.

Willow Willow was returned to the THS because of catastrophic illness in the family. She is now looking for a quiet, loving home. Willow is a shy girl, but curious and able to make new friends. With a little time and patience, she comes into her own with ongoing conversations and demands for affection. She is a big kitty with a very regal bearing. She prefers to lie close to you and purr rather than being held tightly. She is not accustomed to small children and is still apprehensive around dogs. She has been well cared for, is spayed, and current on shots. Please find a place in your home and heart for this beautiful girl.

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Angel is an 11 month young Jack Russell Terrier mix, cute as a button and very smart, she knows hand commands, is housetrained and play could be her middle name. She is a feisty girl, a real pistol, full of energy, and will make you smile many times over with her adorable antics. To adopt this sweet Angel in to your home and heart, please call Marsha at 661-823-7868.


My name is McTavish and my brother, McGregor, are 6 month old, 11 pound male Scottish Terrier mix puppies in dire need of a forever, safe home - STOP rescued us from a dangerous back-road where some “person” dumped us, to twist in the wind and fend for ourselves ~ That is no way to be treated, we assure you. To adopt McTavish and/or McGregor, by all means, call Lynda at 661-821-0518 or the STOP line at 661823-4100, menu #2 – Of course, being puppies, we are full of fun/have lots of love and kisses; we hope to see and be with you, pronto, how about it?


Jack is a 2 year young, Chihuahua STOP saved from a high-kill animal shelter, just in the nick of time. Jack is up-to-date on all his shots, neutered, and enrolled in housetraining 101. Jack is much happier now that he is being well cared for and loved and will return the favor, in kind – To provide gentle Jack with a safe haven, by all means, call Janis at 661-599-6400 to adopt your fur-ever friend, the one who will never disappoint you, ever.


My name is Minnie and I’m a 1 year young, 6 pound female Chihuahua mix in dire need of a forever home - Save Tehachapi’s Orphaned Pets (STOP) rescued me from a dangerous back-road where someone dumped me in the middle of nowhere, to fend for myself ~ That is no way to live, I assure you. To adopt tiny little me, call Lynda at 661-821-0518, or the STOP line at 661-823-4100, menu #2 - I hope to see and be with you, pronto, how about it?

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~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

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Rainbow Rescue is a no-kill 501 (c) 3 dog rescue located in California City specializing in puppy rescue. Donations toward our high vet bills would be greatly appreciated through our Paypal account at Your donation would truly help us make their life differences possible. Our available pets for adoption can be seen on or by private appointment by calling (760) 373-2907. So many sweet puppy kisses waiting to share with you!

Woodrow Woodrow is the most wonderful one year young, mixed Aussie Shep male pup who’s heart is completely filled with loving happiness sharing his life with yours! Instantly wonderful with cats, companion playmates, older children and families of all lifestyes. Woodrow loves his walks, sharing time with his playmates and family members, sleeping by their bed and even pulling his family members on their skateboards!

DT DT is our magical, happy heart little Chihuahua Mix, male, 8 month old best friend and companion hoping to find a family with older children and playmates. Lovingly always by our side, DT loves to follow you everywhere playing his happy munchkin games and cuddling with you looking up to you with his soft green eyes. DT is wonderful for a family with playmates, older children and especially for a single mom/dad hoping to find someone to snuggle next to at nite and share his full, loving days together.

Visit our new Pet Adoption Center at 1121 W. Valley Blvd. Ste. C, inside Books & Crannies. We offer new/ used pet supplies, photography, antiques and collectibles for donations. We raise funds continuously with a variety of See’s and Dewar’s candy. To contact us leave a message at 661-750-2261 and your call will be returned.


Barney is a beautiful Chocolate lab. He loves children and absolutely lights up when people especially kids are over to the house. He has a white chest and belly and white on his toes which might mean he has some Chesapeake Bay retriever in him. He is retriever so he is not afraid of water or rain. He stays outside mostly, but likes to come in during the evening to get snacks and loves. He loves to play with his jolly ball and all other toys, stuffed animals, and balls. Barney is about 4-5 years old, but still very much a puppy as any owner of chocolate lab will tell you, puppyhood last years. He doesn’t really bark unless there is something to bark at. He claims to hunt, but really he just picks up dead rodents the cats leave on the back porch. He is completely house trained and loves to go for rides in a car but not in the back of pickups. He is good with cats in the house, will let little kittens curl up in bed with him and love on him. However when he is outside, he will chase cats especially in a pack if you have several dogs. He gets along great with other dogs and loves to play and run with his dog friends. He occasionally talks, and it is hilarious trying to figure out what he is saying. If you would like more information on Barney, please call Gina at 661-822-8440 day or 661-822-7331 evenings. He has a $200 adoption fee and is neutered, micro chipped, vaccinated including rattlesnake vacs for 2 years and Rabies.


Maddie – She is 3-4 years old, Shar Pei(coat), Ridgeback(face), Lab(personality) and heeler mix, she is good with kids, other dogs and cats as a rule (although she will chase and has killed cats when provoked). She doesn’t bark unless there is something to bark at, she has good manners, doesn’t jump, sits on command and loves to have her belly rubbed. She is great in the house, loves to go for rides and loves to play with other energetic dogs. She has a very short coat that doesn’t shed, so she cannot be an outside only dog, needs to come in the house when weather is cold. She is spayed, has had all her shots including Rabies and is Microchipped. Please call Gina 661822-8440 or Have-A-Heart Humane Society at 661750-2261 for more info on Maddie.

Ginnie Ginnie is our very special, loved fill heart Mixed Female Doxie Mix that is the meaning of full-time devoted love, companionship and friendship to your shared lifetimes. Beautiful, happy, always tail wagging & waiting to share loving cuddles & laptimes, Ginnie needs a quiet, older family to share her day and loving heart with filling your heart with her warm & smiling heart!

Marley’s Mutts Zach @ 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327 or visit MARLEYSMUTTS.COM

Satchel This here is our boy Satchel and he is a neutered two year old, schnauzer/terrier mix. Satchel has a big piece of my heart due to the challenges we have faced together. The day after Christmas, 2 years ago, Satchels brother Frankie died of Parvo. We feared that Satch wouldn’t make it and that he would die by New Years. However, Satch never even developed symptoms. The virus didn’t plague him, like it did his brother, and we were able to find him an excellent home. Since then, Satch’s Mom has had to move to an elderly community where she is not permitted to have a dog. So, Satchel’s back with us and we couldn’t be happier to have him; it’s as though he brought a little bit Frankie back with him. Satch is not a small dog and comes in at about 45lbs. He is housebroken, rides very well in a vehicle and loves other animals. Look at that face; the emotion, the history, the potential. He’s just a great dog that deserves a great home. If you are interested in adopting Satchel, please contact Zach@661-972-3852, or visit

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

Max This is Max. He is an easy boy that gets along with everyone. Max is a bit shy at first, but affectionate once he knows you. He is about 3 years old. He is mostly outdoors. Neuter and shots are up to date.

Jinx Jinx is an adorable tuxedo mix. He is neutered, house trained and current on all vaccinations. Check out the cats and kittens Monday through Friday 10am to 6pm at Books and Crannies. Or stop by on Saturday’s from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and see everyone who is up for adoption.

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

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Wrangler Round-Up

~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

We hadn’t much wet weather so far those horses, and there will be an equine art this winter but it is coming. One of the most and a book area to meet authors. basic parts of horse hoof care is picking out There will be, of course, lots and lots of the mud, manure, stones and vendors selling all types of horseother debris from the sole of your related items. A survey taken said horse’s hooves. It can be the most about 80% of those in attendance neglect parts of horse care, especome just for that. (I would have cially when the weather gets bad. thought it was 100%). Keeping your horse’s hooves For more information on clean helps prevent common tickets, clinics, demos and everyhoof ailments such as thrush. thing else, go to http://horseexpoSometimes your horse will get small stones that will lodge in Trainer Bill Cameron is havBy Jill Barnes Nelson the grooves of the frog, which ing a Horsemanship and Jumping can cause bruising. Picking out your horse’s Clinic on Jan. 28, at his ranch in Rosamond. hooves also removes packed mud or snow, The clinic is an introduction to approachwhich can simply make it uncomfortable for ing and navigating obstacles along a course. your horse to walk. Cleaning your horse’s feet The clinic is designed for entry level riders, will provide a better view to problems such as who are unsure on how to train and introduce a puncture wound from something like a nail. their horses to obstacles. Contact Evon Kurtz So, check your horses’ feet as often as ( for entry forms and possible in winter. That way you’ll be assured detailed information. of good riding when the weather is nice. ETI Corral 12 is hosting a Driving PlayAlthough it has a different name, there day on Jan. 29, at the Stetson Ranch Equestriwill be a big horse get-together in Pomona at an Park in Sylmar. The cost is $5 per event or the beginning of February. $30 for all eight. Ribbons will be given from The Equine Affaire usually was held durfirst through sixth place. For more information ing that time slot, but cancelled after holding call Katie Twohy at 818-768-5560, ktwohy@ it for a number of years at the Fairplex. There were many disappointed equestrians and I ETI Corral 86 is holding its 3rd Annual guess someone else heard the cries. Sweetheart Ride at Paradise Falls/Wildwood It’s now called the Horse Expo will be Park in Thousand Oaks on Feb. 11. The cost held Feb. 2-4, in Pomona. Like the old event, is $25 per couple or $15 a single, and includes the new one will include a breed demonstralunch, dessert and a glass of champagne. For tion, clinics, along with a Trail Symposium to more info call Kim Brandon, 661-714-6038. talk about horse and land issues. There also Don’t forget, if you have any informawill be a Young Rider Park featuring clinicians tion to report on the horse community such as for the young riders, games and contests, horse tack sales, upcoming events, clinics, raffles painting and cookie making. or if you’ve won an award, please contact me In addition there will be trucks of all at 661-878-2932, email shapes and sizes, along with trailers to pull Thanks.

Horse Events Around the Area JAN. 21 – Jeremy Dunn Lesson Clinic, Moonraker Ranch, Mojave, Brandie Dunn, 661-3327249. JAN. 28 – Bill Cameron Horsemanship & Jumping Clinic, Cameron Ranch, Rosamond, Evon Kurtz, JAN. 29 – ETI Corral 12, Driving Playday, Stetson Ranch, Sylmar, Katie, Twohy, 818-768-5560. FEB. 4 – Jeremy Dunn’s Horsemanship Clinic For Kids, Moonraker Ranch, Mojave, Brandie Dunn, 661-332-7249. FEB. 11 – ETI Corral 83, Moonraker Ranch Ride, Mojave, Edith Frick, 661-823-7187, Edith. ETI Corral 86, Sweetheart Ride, Paradise Falls/Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks, Kim Brandon, 661-714-6038. FEB. 11-12 – CHSRA District 9 Rodeo, Zamrzla Ranch, Lancaster, FEB. 12 – Antelope Valley Gymkhana Event, Doug, 661-944-6133, FEB. 18 – JR Productions Team Penning Winter Series, Hemet, James Greer, 951-852-0606. FEB. 19 – JR Productions Ranch Sorting Winter Series, Hemet, James Greer, 951-852-0606. FEB. 25 – Bill Cameron Horsemanship & Cattle Work Clinic, Cameron Ranch, Rosamond, Evon Kurtz, FEB. 26 – EXCA Race, Natural Born Racers Buckle Series, Cameron Ranch, Rosamond, Evon Kurtz, Antelope Valley Gymkhana Event, Doug, 661-944-6133,



Good News!

Tehachapi Pet Network website is going live in February 2012! Details will be in our February 4th issue.

Ask the Advocate

Page 9

Some Core Disability Questions

“Why is it taking so long to process “How many different types of Social my disability claim?” I want to share some Security disability benefits are there?“ information with you that will hopefully shed — Signed Confused in Golden Hills some light on these questions. There are at least five About four years ago major types of Social Security the Commissioner of Social disability benefits. Disability Security implemented part Insurance Benefits is the most of a plan that is supposed to important type of Social Security speed up the application and disability benefits. It goes to adjudication process for both individuals who have worked in initial claims and appeals (this recent years (five out of the last does not apply to hearings). 10 years in most cases) who are The plan is called EDib and is now disabled. Disabled Widow’s an electronic filing procedure. and Widower’s Benefits are paid You can access the procedure to individuals who are at least by Diana Wade, at In 50 and become disabled within Disability Advocate my opinion, it has lived up to a certain amount of time after its promise. There were some problems at the death of their husband or wife. The late the start, but SSA has fixed the problems husband or wife must have worked enough and the process does seem to speed up the under Social Security to be insured. Disabled applications and appeals. Adult Child Benefits go to the children of At the end of Sept. 2011, we were persons who are deceased or who are drawing informed that there is a production crisis on Social Security disability or retirement a nationwide basis, which has lead to more benefits. The child must have become disabled delays. Many analysts were reassigned to before age 22. cover the work redistribution so calls are not For Disability Insurance Benefits, being returned. Some of the files were sent to Disabled Widow’s or Widower’s Benefits other States. and Disabled Adult Child benefits, it does One of the main reasons applications and not matter whether the disabled individual is appeals are delayed is not all representatives rich or poor. Benefits are paid based upon a file applications and appeals on line. When Social Security earnings record. Supplemental this happens the local SSA is forced to input Security Income benefits, however, are paid the applications manually. This “interview” to individuals who are poor and who are process causes major delays in production. disabled. It does not matter for SSI whether an The Commissioner has requested that all individual has worked in the past or not. SSI representatives take advantage of EDib, but child’s disability benefits are a variety of SSI many have not. If you are considering using benefits paid to children under the age of 18 an advocate or attorney, be sure to inquire if who are disabled. The way in which disability they are filing EDib. is determined is a bit different for children. An Accredited Disability Representative with more than 16 years experience, Diana Wade believes her clientele can be comfortable knowing that she is recognized by SSA and a charter member of NADR. To contact Ms. Wade call 661-821-0494, email or visit

Marley’s Mutts Zach @ 661-972-3852 or 661-821-1327 or visit MARLEYSMUTTS.COM


This tri-colored sweetheart is Daisy-girl and she is 1 ½ year-old border collie/ Australian shepherd mix. For Daisy and, it was love at first site. Since the day she arrived she has been attached to my hip, which includes sleeping in my bed and making the rounds in town. She does

everything well; rides well, listens well, performs off-leash very well and doesn’t hog the covers or move much in her sleep. She has a docked tail and is the size of a border collie but doesn’t try to heard or nip. She is extremely well behaved and even when she gets excited she’s easy to calm down and isn’t really a nuisance. She also isn’t a flight risk seeing as how she has never attempted to jump our 4 ½ ft fence. Daisy-girl would do very well in a home with children and other dogs (possibly even cats). She does need exercise and would flourish in a home that could provide that (she makes an excellent hiking partner).

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Dr. Brady - the ‘Spine Guy’

~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

Children Benefit From Chiropractic Care I have been told many, many times over respond the same to gentle chiropractic my years in practice that children are too treatment, but in my experience, most of young for chiropractic care. This attitude them do. Chiropractic adjustments are comes from many different age appropriate, in that I will sources. The medical profession estimate how much force will has issued statements to this be needed to achieve a positive effect on numerous occasions. result in that particular child. Insurance companies are How much force depends on the sometimes reluctant to pay for child’s age and size. care because of the age of the As children get older and patient. This happens most often more active, there is always the in auto accident cases. I have possibility of falls and injuries heard statements such as; “Kids from a multitude of causes. You don’t get soft tissue injuries in just have to think of your son this type of car accident”, or by Terence G. Brady, DC or daughter learning to ride “Children are too flexible to their bike or skateboard and you get a whiplash injury”. Even parents can be can imagine those possibilities. When kids mistaken about whether or not their children have these types of injuries there are often can be susceptible to moderate sprain or structural misalignments or subluxations that strain type injuries. They will sometimes occur in the spine and pelvis. If these are not say, “Oh, they are too young” or, “When they corrected they will sometimes lead to future get older, I will get them checked out”. problems that come to the surface 15 or 20 The truth is, even newborn babies years later. By that time the children and can benefit from chiropractic care to keep their parents have totally forgotten the “crash their nerve systems functioning at peak and burn” they had when they were 10 years performance. The trauma of being born is old. As a Chiropractor I see the results of this sometimes enough to cause neck problems type of incident over and over again. in babies. However babies cannot tell you My own kids had their spines checked as in words that their neck hurts, so they cry soon as they got home from the hospital. In or fuss. Since most of us can’t speak “baby” babies the most vulnerable area of the spine very well, we have to figure out what the is the very top vertebra called the Atlas. This problem really is. As the child gets older they vertebra is one of the first bones in the body can indicate where and how much pain or to begin to calcify and it can be strained discomfit they are experiencing. All we have during birth and following birth when the to do then is make a decision about what to head is not supported well enough. do about it. In my opinion it is always a good thing Some of the childhood problems I have to have your children get a chiropractic personally been able to help over the years checkup on a regular basis to help ensure that are colic in small babies, ear infections, their spine grows straight and balanced. asthma and sometimes even chronic bedwetting in older kids. Not all small children

Tehachapi Rotary Club An Appreciated Gesture to Host Cowboy Formal

Hi Folks, Thank you to the person or persons that placed those nice flowers on the graves at the Pioneer Cemetery in Golden Hills sometime during the past few weeks, it is a much appreciated gesture of thoughtfulness and kindness. The gravesites date back to 1858 with the very last burial in 1927. Pat O’Donnell Cemetery Chair Tehachapi Heritage League Tehachapi Rose & Garden Society

Tehachapi’s Own Cowboy Formal to be held at West Park Hall, D Street, Tehachapi on Saturday, April 28, 2012. You won’t want to miss this fun, exciting evening of live music, catered dinner, live and silent auctions, line dancing, couples dancing, Poker, Texas Hold-Em, a Magician, and much, much more! Presented by the Tehachapi Rotary Club. Proceeds benefit, among other things, scholarships for our local high school students. Watch this column for further details, or call Rhonda Brady at 661-821-2846.

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012


A Powerful New Year

Now that the Christmas lights are coming else’s needs will come first and you will feel down, the sweets are almost gone and life is resentment. starting to settle down, let’s talk about the The next thing is to take some time New Year. I know there are a ton each day and imagine what of articles on the subject. Just it will look like, and feel like maybe you have passed them by when you obtain that goal or and you want to hear what I do desire. Always have the end every year? in mind. Have faith and really I take a big piece of paper act as tough you know it will and a bunch of felt pens. I think happen. Here is another way about what I liked about the to have a powerful New Year. past year and what I felt was When we first saw our ranch, missing. Then I start drawing it was way too expensive for pictures. It doesn’t have to what we could afford. I took a be fancy. You can even take movie of it, and for two years pictures out of magazines and I watched that movie every glue them on your page. I am week until it was ours. People Charisse Rudolph ~The Leadership~ the planning type; I like to have would come over to the house a plan. I am also the type of and I would say, want to see person who gets out of balance easily. I seem the ranch we are going to get? I would show to forget to have fun and this helps. So I draw them the movie we took. I don’t know how it all down on what I call, “The Treasure Map these things happen, but they do. to Your Soul.” I draw in pictures of family, Of course some things you want friends, places I would like to go, things I may not come true as you planned but, would like to do. There is always something with a treasure map to your soul, you are I plan on getting remodeled (My lucky heading in the right direction. Look for the husband). opportunities to appear. I begin with meditation, or a walk in I was having a conversation with nature to really give it a good think. Then – someone last week and I was explaining once I have it down – I tape it on my mirror, that if you are going fishing with a net, it wall or door. If you are going to do this too, is best to have the net open. If you have the tape it someplace you see everyday. net closed you will not have the opportunity Life needs to be intentional. If you don’t to catch anything even if you are going lead your life, life will lead you and you may through the motion. Going through the not like the direction it takes. The cool thing motion of living is not any fun if you are about having a plan is it can take on a life of closed off to your goals or dreams. it’s own and become even more glorious then Until the next time, “To Thy own self imagined. On the other hand, if you don’t be true!” Today’s Quote; ~A goal is just a have a plan in place, goals, desires, everyone dream come true.~ The next column, Being Present. Feb. 25th will be our second Healing Horses & Armed Forces program. If you want to see the pictures, and meet Penny one of our healing mini horses, I will be at Railroad Park on Feb. 19th with the mobile Veterans Center. Tehachapi will be one of the first stops for the, Wall-to-Wall bicycle ride. The Wall of Valor, to the Vietnam wall in Washington D.C. I think we should have a band playing music and we should all be there cheering them on!

Loop ‘round the World

Richard from Protech Automotive enjoys reading the Loop after counting out silver rounds. He deals in metal and coins etc when he is not fixing your car. He has been around metal his whole life as his father was a coin dealer. Thanks for sharing.

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

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~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

Jennifer’s Thoughts...

Expiring Provisions Affect Year-End Tax Planning

Many provisions enacted in 2001 and have also applied to qualifying dividends. 2003 (the “Bush tax cuts”) expire at the end That, too, changes in 2011; starting Jan. 1, of the year, complicating planning efforts. qualifying dividends will once again be Here are some of the major taxed as ordinary income. changes that could affect you. Wealthy face reduction in Income tax rates to increase in itemized deductions and 2011 (maybe) exemptions Federal income tax rates For 2010, itemized are scheduled to increase in deductions and personal and 2011. After Dec. 31, 2010, dependency exemptions are we’ll go from six federal tax not reduced for higher-income brackets (10, 15, 25, 28, 33, and individuals. But beginning in 35 percent) to five (15, 28, 31, 2011, these deductions will be 36, and 39.6 percent). Will it subject to a phaseout based on actually happen? It’s difficult adjusted gross income (AGI). to predict–the President has Although the AGI thresholds called for all but the top two for phaseout in 2011 aren’t by Jennifer Williams current tax rates to be extended, yet available, in 2009–the with provisions put in place that last year that the phaseout would result in only those earning more than applied–itemized deductions were reduced roughly $200,000 ($250,000 for married for those with AGIs exceeding $166,800 couples filing jointly) being subject to the ($83,400 if married filing separate returns) new, higher 36 percent and 39.6 percent rates. and exemptions were reduced for those with But Republican members of Congress have AGIs exceeding $250,200 if married filing generally insisted on extending the existing jointly ($166,800 if filing as single, $125,100 rates for everyone. if married filing separately). Higher maximum tax rate for long-term “Marriage penalty” returns capital gains (maybe) Changes that were made to address Currently long-term capital gain is a perceived “marriage penalty” expire at generally taxed at a maximum rate of 15 the end of 2010. You’ll see the effect in a percent. Also, if you’re in the 10 or 15 reduced 2011 standard deduction amount percent marginal income tax bracket, a for married couples filing jointly. Married special zero percent rate generally applies. couples filing jointly will also see the effect Like the regular income tax rates, that’s reflected in 2011 tax rate tables in the form scheduled to change on Jan. 1. In 2011 the of lower tax bracket thresholds (lower tax maximum rate on long-term capital gains bracket thresholds mean that couples move will generally increase to 20 percent, with into higher rate brackets at lower levels of a 10 percent rate applying to those in the income). lowest (15 percent) tax bracket, though Credit and deduction changes slightly lower rates might apply to qualifying The Making Work Pay tax credit property held for five or more years. As with disappears in 2011, and both the child tax the regular income tax rates, it remains to credit and the Hope education tax credit be seen if the current rates will be extended, (known as the American Opportunity tax and, if they are, whether they’ll be extended credit for 2009 and 2010) revert to old, for everyone or just those who earn under a lower limits and (less generous) rules of certain amount. application. Also gone for 2011 is the ability …And dividends, too to deduct mortgage insurance premiums, and Since 2003 the same maximum rates the ability to deduct interest on student loans that have applied to long-term capital gains after the first 60 months of repayment. Please call me to find out more information, Jennifer Williams, President J. Williams Personal Financial Planning: 413 S. Curry St, Tehachapi, California Office Phone 661-822-7517 Office Email: Jennifer is a Registered Financial Consultant. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Article is Courtesy of Forefiled, LLC Securities offered through NPB Financial Group, LLC. A Registered Investment Advisor/Broker-Dealer Member FINRA, MSRB, and SIPC.

Memories of the Mayor

Page 11

Then the Bull Charged I want to thank everyone for the kind bull. This time it was different. The bull remarks about the memories I have had the charged him and he barely got out of the pleasure of sharing with you. Hopefully I corral in time. He wondered why the bull can continue to share more would charge him now when memories this new year and he had never done that before. we can all get a since of He started looking around the what it was like growing up pen the bull was in and noticed in Tehachapi some 50 to 60 an unusual amount of rocks years ago. and sticks in the pen. One Growing up on a farm conclusion led to another and is unique and different than he figured out someone had growing up in a city. You been teasing the bull. I being experience a new venue the oldest was the first one every day. In one of my other confronted with the question memories I mentioned we “had I been teasing the bull”. always had fresh meat to eat Naturally I said no, and that by Ed Grimes and that we butchered our was the truth. However, I knew own. We also liked to raise my brother had been teasing our own and never bought a calf or lamb or the bull because he told me that he got the pig because we had our own breeding stock. bull all worked up, so I knew sooner or later I will never forget the first bull we bought it would come back to haunt him. Boy did for breeding purposes. It was a white face it ever. That was one whipping I’m glad Hereford bull and he was a beauty. He was I didn’t get. Needless to say the bull was very big and I was always afraid of him never teased again and we learned a valuable because he never seemed to like people. He lesson the hard way. We eventually got rid was in fact a true bully. of the bull after he got into a fight with a You could tell he had a mean Black Angus bull. He was no match and was personality, so I never trusted him. My badly mauled and became useless to us for brother never liked him either, but the bull breeding purposes. He probably ended up on was our foster father’s pride and joy. We someone’s dinner table, but I bet it was tough got good service out of that bull, but you meat. never turned your back on him. One day our Anyway have to go again. Have a really foster father decided to get into the same good week, and remember to never tease pen with the bull to look over some fencing an animal because it is not a good thing issues. He had done this before so he wasn’t to do. God truly does love you, God bless overly concerned with the demeanor of the everyone…

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Artist Spotlight

~ Your Community News & Entertainment Guide, Since 2001

Vicki Braslow by Mel White “Once again I must say thank you to mysterious and it was interesting to watch three wonderful ladies in my life since movit evolve on the canvas. The painting was ing to Tehachapi seven years ago: My thanks finally finished the first week of January and to Flo Sussell who is what ended up on the responsible for making canvas was truly amazme paint again after ing to me. This painting a 37+ year lapse. My will be in my gallery thanks to Mel White for window as February believing I had artistic featured artist. I am talent and asking me to so very proud of this join CrossRoads Gallery creation. It is like nothsome years ago. My ing I have ever created. thanks to Cyrene Crank It speaks to me in so for being my teacher many different ways. I and mentor. I could not hope it speaks to each have made this wonderof you. ful art journey without “My love of nature the three of them! and landscape con“This past summer tinues. The colors of and fall were tough for nature are so beautiful me. I said goodbye to and it is fun to watch my 90 year old father at them as they come to the end of June; I said life in my paintings. goodbye to my sweet The fact that nothing Dachsund Mindy in September. Then I said in nature is truly perfect makes it all that goodbye to my beloved [husband] Geoffrey more fun to capture on canvas. My goal has in November. He was my number one fan. I always been to take you on a journey in each will miss his critiques greatly. of my paintings. I truly hope that is true “I had started a painting just before all for you as I continue my artistic journey on of the above began. It was dark and rather canvas.”

Vicki Braslow paints in oils and her love of nature always shines through. New works will be on display in Febraury at CrossRoads Gallery, opening on First Friday, Feb. 3.

From Our Supervisor

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

County Redistricting Complete The Board of Supervisors considered Every 10 years, after the federal government completes its census, a total of seven maps, six that were drawn up from public comment (of which one counties are required by the state constitution to adjust was disregarded by the the boundaries of the Board early in the process supervisorial districts. The because of public opposition population of Kern County and lack of any support), and after the 2010 census, minus one map drawn up by county prison populations, was staff that incorporated 811,078 people. Divided many of the concepts of the by five (the number of previous six maps. What supervisorial districts), was gleaned from the public each district should have workshops held in East Kern 162,216 people in them. Due was that citizens in that to practical reasons, it may part of the county wanted be difficult to ensure that to maintain two East Kern Zack Scrivner each district has that exact supervisors. Option 7 keeps number of people in them, so several two separate districts for the vast area of court decisions over the years has allowed East Kern, and only adjusts boundaries counties to adjust district boundaries within the metropolitan Bakersfield area. to be within 3 percent of the average. While adjusting boundaries for After accounting for this, it was found the unbalanced 3rd and 4th Districts that Districts 1, 2, and 5 were all within only makes logical sense, the Board of the population target. District 3 was 9.3 Supervisors are compelled to consider percent under target, and District 4 was other factors when adjusting district 11.7 percent over target. lines, once all the legal requirements The county must also take into are met. Those factors include consideration the federal Voting Rights topography, geography, cohesiveness, Act, to ensure minority voters have an contiguity, integrity, and compactness of communities of interest. Option equal opportunity to elect candidates 7 incorporates all these factors of their choice. In 1991, the Board of by maintaining the two East Kern Supervisors voted to create what is the supervisorial districts with their current present day 5th District, with a greater eastern boundaries, and unites the than 50 percent population of Hispanic, very similar “downtown Bakersfield” United States citizen voting-age people. The 5th District’s boundaries were neighborhoods of Westchester, Oleander, maintained in the 2001 adjustment, and Belle Terrace that had previously to continue to reflect this “majority been separated. It also pushes the minority” district’s demographics. 2 nd District further into southwest After conducting 20 workshops held Bakersfield, to account for future in 17 different communities county wide, population growth in the area, in the and four public Board of Supervisors hopes that during the next census and hearings for redistricting, Kern County district adjustment in 2021, the districts should be proud that it has held the most will not be as unbalanced. extensive effort at reaching out to the I am happy with the Option 7 in public regarding redistricting in the entire that it keeps East Ker n with two votes state of California this year. In addition on the Board of Supervisors, and I am extremely pleased with the high accounts for future population growth. level of participation in the process by Ker n County grew by 27 percent in the my 2nd District Constituents. The public last decade, the third fastest growing workshop in Mojave had 40 attendees, by county in Califor nia. I am conf ident far the highest attendance in the county, that the enacted Option 7 redistricting and nearly 10 times that of most other map meets the wishes of the public, county workshops. Boron’s workshop had and accounts for future population the third highest attendance in the entire growth that our county will surely county with 13 people participating. experience.

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

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Artist Spotlight Carole Joyce

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by Mel White

Since 1976 every president has officially designated the month of February as Black History Month, growing out of an effort that began as Negro History Week in the 1920s – giving all Americans the opportunity to learn more about the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. In Tehachapi CrossRoads Gallery will be celebrating Black History Month by featuring the artwork of local artist Carole Joyce. “I always look forward to Black History Month,” Carole says, “It’s when we honor the ones who came before us and the struggles that they went through. It’s a time when we celebrate the history and many accomplishments of Black America.” An accomplished artist herself, Carole also notes that across America the celebrations of Black History include film festivals, arts and crafts shows and musical programs. And although Martin Luther King Day is officially a holiday in January, he, his work and his life are also remembered during the month of February. “When Carter G. Woodson established Negro History Week in 1926, he realized the importance of providing a theme to focus the attention of the public,” Carole explains, “The intention has never been to dictate or limit the exploration of the Black experience, but to bring it to the public’s attention, and to recognize the important developments that merit emphasis.” Dr. Carter G. Woodson was born to former slaves and spent his childhood working in Kentucky coal mines; at age 20 he enrolled

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CrossRoads Gallery Gearing up to Love February by Mel White

in high school and later went on to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard. Disturbed to find that history books largely ignored the black American population, Woodson and a handful of other prominent black scholars began Negro History Week in 1926; now Black History celebrations are held every February all over the world. Carole Joyce, a figurative artist and sculptor who specializes in portraits, brings an intimate and personal experience to her artwork – offering an exceptional and comprehensive look at her own history and at the history of a people. “My favorite subjects show African American women in all their charm and grace,” Carole says. “Yes, I seek perfection, but I allow for imperfections. I paint from my heart. And I want the viewer to connect with the energy of love and joy that went into the work.” Carole’s motivation stems from her need to achieve, and to find balance in her own life. “My passion for creating art gives me a sense of accomplishment,” she says. “This makes me feel I am a productive human being serving humanity.” We are fortunate in Tehachapi to have such an artist to bring us her own distinctive visual presentation of the human experience. Carole’s work will be featured beginning on First Friday, Feb. 3, from 5 to 8 p.m., and will be on display for the entire month of February. CrossRoads Gallery is located at 101 E. Tehachapi Blvd., and is open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (and till 8 p.m. on First Fridays). For more information call 661-822-5242 or visit our website at www.

“Some stars shine brighter than others”, a portrait of Michael Jackson by Carole Joyce. Carole says, “I really wanted to make a portrait of him because I admired him; he was so talented and dedicated to his craft, and it really helped me work through the grief of his sudden passing. When I work on a portrait I try to get in touch with the true essence of who the person is, it’s not just what I see on the surface.”

CrossRoads Gallery has many special plans for the month of February. Starting with First Friday, the gallery will feature four very different and unique artists: Vicki Braslow, Carole Joyce, Ardean Rudolph and Alejandra Whittier. Guest artists will be featured in our annual February show “Love, Actually,” and the gallery itself is featuring many more upscale gift items, for someone you love (including yourself). For anyone who can’t make the festivities on First Friday, the gallery will once again participate in Main Street’s Annual Valentines Wine and Chocolate Tasting on Feb. 11 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Featured artists for the month include Carole Joyce, an artist who specializes in portrait work, will be honoring her own heritage by helping us celebrate Black History Month (see related article). Alejandra Whittier, an extraordinarily gifted jewelry designer, has just returned from a trip to Quartzite, Arizona, where she says she “got to go to buy some more stones and see for myself all the processes, stones in the rough, getting them into the shapes I wanted them to be…I had so much fun!” Since

Alejandra’s unique metal and stone jewelry is a favorite of customers – and especially for Valentine’s shoppers – she has a lot of exciting new one-of-a-kind creations for the month. Vicki Braslow, an oil painter, continues her love of nature and painting in colorful detail, with a new element added to her artistic visions after her recent difficult loss of her husband. Ardean Rudolph, a prolific watercolorist, covers a variety of subject matters with her finely detailed work (some find it hard to believe she achieves that detail with watercolors, but she does). She too will have new works on display in February. The February First Friday will be a great chance to get together downtown for a champagne celebration of new art and a chance to meet the artists; then a week later you can do it all again (with chocolate this time) to toast the upcoming Valentine’s Day. CrossRoads Gallery is located on the northeast corner of the Compass Rose in the middle of historic downtown Tehachapi, at 101 E. Tehachapi Blvd. For more information call 822-5242 or check out website at

Ardean Rudolph (below) paints with watercolors but manages to achive very fine detail with the medium in a variety of subjects. Her work will be featured at CrossRoads Gallery in February, opening on First Friday, February 3, from 5 to 8 p.m. Photos provided.

Alejandra Whittier (below), a gifted jewelry designer and featured artist, has new stones and new techniques and many new pieces on display for the month of February. She’ll be at the gallery for both First Friday and the Valentine’s Wine Walk, and is available for cutom work. Photos by Mel White.

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IRAs and Pensions in Bankruptcy by Stephen F. Rudin

Effective after Oct. 17, 2005 the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) in part clarified debtor and creditor rights regarding retirement assets. Section 522 (11 §U.S.C. 522) of the Bankruptcy Code now provides an unlimited exemption for most retirement assets exempt from taxes under Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code. The unlimited asset exemption applies to IRS Code sections: 401(a); 401(k); 403; 457(b) plans. Bankruptcy Code section 522 also provides exemption for traditional and Roth IRAs under IRS codes 408 and 408A. However the exemption for traditional and Roth IRAs is limited to one million dollars in aggregate. For the majority of us that limit would not be an issue. Funds in a rollover IRA maintain their original unlimited exemption. The BAPCPA also added an exception to the anti-stacking clause found in Bankruptcy Code 522(b)(3)(C). Anti-stacking means that you can’t use both state and federal bankruptcy exemptions on top of each other. The debtor must choose between state and federal exemptions. In a California bankruptcy federal exemptions are not an option to begin with. In California the debtor must generally chose between two state law sets of exemptions (one state set of exemptions is similar to the federal exemptions). Even so, a debtor is still allowed to use the federal exemptions for funds that are exempt from taxation under Section 401, 403, 408, 408A, 414, 457 or 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Retirement protection prior to BAPCPA was also available, the main change was to create the closer tie between how the IRS treats retirements and how bankruptcy views those assets. Outside of bankruptcy in California, IRAs are exempt to the extent necessary to provide for the support of the judgment debtor and support of the debtor’s spouse and dependents. Payments from a retirement plan annuity, pension, retirement allowance, disability payment or death benefit are fully exempt (Cal Civil Procedure Section 704.115

and 704.110). This means if the debtor receives payments from such source, no creditor can take that money.” Overall what this means for a debtor is that your retirement funds are most likely exempt from collection by creditors. Generally you get to keep your retirement funds. For baby boomers reaching retirement age this is a particularly good thing in contrast to the alternative of losing a lifetime of qualified retirement savings to pay off consumer debts. Both federal and state public policy favor protecting retirement assets from creditors. Although there is still disparity between the essentially unlimited protection of retirement assets and retirement income. When you hear the words “retirement asset protection,” think about 401ks, 403bs, deferred compensation, 457s, profit-sharing, money-purchase, defined benefit, pension, SEPs and Simple IRA plans. All funds inside these accounts now have protection against creditors. In addition Regular and Roth IRAs are now protected up to a balance of $1 million. If you leave a job and roll your funds from your employer plan into an IRA, keep a copy of the transfer paperwork. Also keep the final statement from your employer plan and the first statement from your new IRA rollover. To avoid the million dollar limit keep these funds separate from other IRA funds. If the courts can’t distinguish these rollover funds from your regular IRA, you won’t have unlimited protection. If you are a small business owner you need to be sure your plans are well designed. Either use a master plan for your 401k or other plan from a mutual fund or brokerage firm or get qualified professional help in designing your own tailored plan. We are a debt relief agency pursuant to Federal Law §524 of Title 11 of the US Code. We provide legal assistance and help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

“We Do It All!” State of California


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Do-It-Yourself Debugging

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

Understanding the Signals

There has been a lot of talk coming up lately upgraded frequency. Since this can be expensive about WiFi networks, and how to get the most out and problematic (not everyone knows what their of them. I’ll be covering some of the basics, as well equipment is capable of), it is best saved as a last as options to increase the range of resort. your WiFi. An intermediate option to get Security: WiFi security isn’t better reception is to get a different really that difficult. Make sure your antenna for your router. First you wireless network has a firewall (this need to make sure your router’s is pretty standard on routers), and antenna is removable. If it is, it that there are passwords for both your should simply unscrew from the wireless network and router. You can router. There are many different skip the WiFi access password if you kinds of antenna’s available; when like but, if you have neighbors nearby, browsing, keep their shape in mind. chances are they will piggyback on Any antenna’s that seem to have a by Alexander Kunstmann your signal. Though rarely dangerous, “flat” shape tend to broadcast and it will quite possibly slow down your receive in that direction, kind of like internet connection. a satellite dish. They carry your signal very far, but WiFi works on the same principals as radio only in one direction, which won’t help much if your waves, but on a much smaller scale. Just like a router is setup in the middle of your house. Another radio, the more objects you have between you and option is to use a WiFi extension cable. Much like a your router, the more the signal breaks down. This normal extension cord, one end plugs into the router, becomes worse if those objects are metal; metal the other into the antenna. This lets you place the absorbs radio-waves like a sponge. The best way to broadcast antenna higher, or in a different location, work around this is to put your router someplace up while keeping your router where it is convenient. high, like on top of a bookcase. Why do you think Finally, if you do find it necessary to get a new radio-towers are so tall? For the exact same reason. router, you don’t always need the biggest and best Other electronics you have around the router thing out there. Many simple routers will work just can also cause interference, especially ones that as well as the expensive models. Should you want to have a strong electromagnetic field. These sorts of push the limits even further, you can install custom devices are usually things like large speakers, or software on the router to give it more security and microwaves. Unlike metal structures, they don’t flexibility. There are two major programs, one called Tomato, the other, DD-WRT. You should check both actually absorb the signal; they throw out other of them and see which fits your router best. In fact signals that can scramble the WiFi signals. To avoid not all routers work with Tomato, just as not all work this simply keep your router or WiFi antennas away with DD-WRT. Check their lists, and see which from these objects. one you like. Upgrading your router isn’t really One of the big things can be the type of that hard, but it isn’t totally user-friendly either. If router you have; B, G, and N routers are each more you feel unsure about performing the upgrade, ask powerful than the one before them. Upgrading someone who is relatively tech-savy, or who handles your router can increase your range, so long as your computer work. you have an adapter that also works on that same,

Supervisor Scrivner Appointed by US Department of the Interior to the Bureau of Land Management’s California Desert District Advisory Council BAKERSFIELD – US Department of the Interior Secretary Ken Salazar appointed Supervisor Zack Scrivner to the BLM’s California Desert District Resource Advisory Council (RAC). RACs are composed of citizens from diverse backgrounds who share an interest in public lands. The Council provides advice to the BLM’s California Desert District Manager regarding the management of public land resources within the Council’s jurisdiction. The Bureau, which manages more land than any other federal agency, has 24 RACs across the West. “I am honored Secretary Salazar chose

me as the newest member of the California Desert District Resource Advisory Council. California is facing challenging times where we find more and more public land designated off limits for recreational use. As Kern County Supervisor, my constituents have made me well aware of the need for the public to be able enjoy their land. I look forward to working with the RAC and the BLM on these issues.” said Scrivner. The California Desert District covers the areas overseen by field offices located in Ridgecrest, Barstow, Needles, Palm Springs, and El Centro.

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

Part XI

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Tilting at Windmills Whirlwind

The eleventh in a series of articles examining the many aspects of the growing wind energy business in the Greater Tehachapi Area (continued from Front Page)

farms on local birds have certainly not been limited to meeting rooms in Tehachapi. In a feature story in the Jan. 16 issue of Forbes Magazine (1), a five page story discusses how the revival of the iconic but critically endangered California condor is on a collision course with California’s wind farm boom in the Tehachapi Mountains. “At this point it’s unknown whether the federally protected bird, which can f ly some 200 miles in a day, will avoid huge turbine farms or be fatally attracted to the 500-foot-high machines as it scours the landscape for carrion. That creates a great deal of financial and legal uncertainty for wind developers, operators, financiers and utilities.” According to the article, “the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are warning that most of the planned wind projects for the Tehachapi area pose a threat to the condor, which could potentially even land companies like Google and Citibank in the cross-hairs should a bird be killed”…due to the fact that last year Google and Citibank invested more than $300 million to acquire two phases of Terra-Gen’s massive Alta wind energy complex under construction in the Tehachapi. It’s not just the Terre-Gen projects under fire. Forbes goes on to say that “the Center

for Biological Diversity, a Tucson, Ariz.based environmental group, joined the Sierra Club and Defenders of Wildlife in a lawsuit filed in October against Kern County over its approval of NextEra Energy’s 300-megawatt North Sky River wind farm. State and federal wildlife officials had told the county the project posed a high risk to the condor.” Perhaps even more controversial than the potential endangerment of the condor is news that the Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to grant a permit that would allow a wind farm to legally “take” (i.e. kill) up to three Golden Eagles over its 20/30-year lifetime. A recent Wind Power Monthly article (2) states that, “if granted, the permit would be the first of its kind since legislation introduced in 1940 banned anyone from killing or disturbing the birds, their nests or their eggs without such a permit. Under regulations adopted in 2009, the conservation agency can authorize the “take” of eagles for activities that are otherwise lawful but can result in disturbance or death.” Rather than birds, the biggest concern right now in the wind industry is bucks, namely the government subsidies known as Production Tax Credits (PTC). According to another Wind Power Monthly article (3), Vestas, the Danish company which is the

world’s leading manufacturer of wind turbines has “fired off a warning to the US government and said it was prepared to cut 1,600 US jobs if the Production Tax Credit is not extended.” Renewable energy lobbyists, however, feel confident that there is a good opportunity for a quick extension of the $0.022/kWh PTC when Congress returns to work later this month, and considering the size of the wind industry in the US, this is most likely true. A Western Farm Press article (4) points out that “here in Kern County, a bastion of Big Oil and Big Agriculture, green energy has become big business. In the past 36 months the wind industry has attracted $3.2 billion in investment to a region with an unemployment rate 64 percent higher than the U.S. average. A multibilliondollar transmission line under construction in the Tehachapi will carry as much as 4,500 megawatts of renewable energy, most of it from wind farms, to coastal cities. At peak output that’s the equivalent of four or five big nuclear power plants and a linchpin of California’s mandate to obtain a third of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. With a crucial federal tax credit set to expire at the end of 2012, developers are racing to put steel into the ground and secure a spot on

by Robert Lugibihl

the wire.” Wind Power Monthly reports (5) that the value of the global wind turbine market, led by China and the US, is expected to reach $96 billion by 2016, according to research published by a US consultant. “The report, ‘Growth Opportunities in Wind Energy Markets 2011–2016’ from Dallas-based firm Lucintel, estimates that the total installed global capacity will be 568GW by the end of 2016. Asia is expected to remain the leader in wind-energy installations, with China and the US expected to continue to top the list in new turbine installations.” Local developments in wind energy growth would seem to support the conclusions of this report. Toronto-based Western Wind Energy Corp. just announced that on Jan. 4, 2012, it had erected the last and final turbine at its Windstar Project in Tehachapi, bringing the total installed capacity to the 120 Megawatt design capacity. Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners announced (6) on Jan. 12, 2012 that it has entered into agreements to acquire new wind generation assets in California including “a 150 megawatt wind project located in the Tehachapi region” and “an incremental 50 percent interest in our 102 megawatt wind farm in Tehachapi, bringing our interest to 100 percent, as well as the acquisition of a further 22 megawatts of additional operating wind generation capacity, being acquired from the company’s existing partner, the Coram Energy Group.” Wind energy development may be taking a beating from the local residents, but for better or worse, it appears to be here to stay. toddwoody/2012/01/06/condorcontroversy-puts-google-other-windinvestors-in-cross-hairs/ (2) http://www.windpowermonthly. com/go/wpdaily/ article/1110907/?DCMP=EMCCONwindpowerdaily (3) http://www.windpowermonthly. com/go/wpdaily/ article/1111743/?DCMP=EMCCONwindpowerdaily (4) government/california-condorclashes-wind-farm-industry (5) http://www.windpowermonthly. com/go/wpdaily/ article/1110711/?DCMP=EMCCONwindpowerdaily (6) story/brookfield-renewable-energypartners-increases-distributionfollowing-acquisition-of-twocalifornia-wind-farms-2012-0112?reflink=MW_news_ stmp (1)

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The Importance of Sleep By Rena Shumway, RAS, NCAC, SAP

Here it is 2012, and part of every New Years is the making of resolutions. There are the usual ones about losing weight, being better organized, saving money, stopping smoking, getting a better job and so on. One important resolution you can make this year for yourself is to get more sleep. We all love to wake up from a great night’s sleep. It refreshes us like nothing else. It can be occasionally elusive, almost always comforting, and definitely essential to our survival. And although we spend 33% of our lives asleep, we barely give it a moment’s notice....until we can’t sleep. Then we think about it to the point of obsession.

For millions of people, the consequences of a poor night’s sleep can result in higher stress, increased mistakes, difficulty concentrating, depression, anxiety, and moodiness. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The amount of sleep we need varies with each individual but on average an adult needs 8 hours of sleep. Some people are able to function well with just 6 hours sleep whereas others need 10. We all have trouble sleeping from time to time, but you can make it easier to get a good night’s sleep every night with these simple steps. Cut caffeine. Simply put, caffeine can keep you awake. Avoid alcohol as a sleep aid. Alcohol may initially help you fall asleep, but it also causes disturbances in sleep. Wake up at the same time every day. If you’re getting enough sleep, you should wake up naturally without an alarm. Be smart about napping. While taking a nap can be a great way to recharge, especially for older adults, it can make insomnia worse. Fight after–dinner drowsiness. If you find yourself getting sleepy way before your bedtime, get off the couch and do something. Get comfortable. Create a room that’s ideal for sleeping. Often, this means cool, dark and quiet. Consider using roomdarkening shades, earplugs, a fan or other devices to create an environment that suits your needs. Keep a notepad by your bed. Mental anguish can disturb not only the night’s sleep, but prevent you from entering the sleep mode. Put to rest those bothersome things by putting them on a list for the following day, so they can be off your mind so you can get a good night sleep every night. Don’t overstress about getting to sleep. If you find that you can’t get to sleep, try getting up and reading a relaxing book or listening to music for a while. Avoid fretting about the lack of sleep, instead take advantage of the time to rest and relax even while awake. Try going to sleep again after half an hour. Be sure to avoid anything physically active or stressful during this time – relaxation is the priority. When you need more help, call Tehachapi Wellness Center. We offer individual and family counseling, anger and parent education classes, and substance abuse and addiction counseling. We offer a sliding scale and accept many insurances.

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

Abundant Harvest

Resolutions by Kathryn Johnson

Often times we think of New Years as the time to change old habits that we don’t care for or make decisions to achieve goals that we believe will make our lives better, more complete or more fulfilled. At the website entitled they gave statistical information about resolutions for Americans. It has some surprising information. Less than half of Americans choose to make a resolution each year. Of that group, 75 percent are still on the program after the first week. At the end of six months less than half of those who made a resolution are still onboard. That indicates that less than 25 percent of Americans are making changes in their lives and making them last using this method. Are you in the proactive group or are you doing the same old thing week after week, year after year? If you read further on the proactive change web page you will discover that “People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't explicitly make resolutions.” That is a very remarkable statistic. I have to be honest and tell you I don’t usually make resolutions as I feel I won’t follow through. Four years ago Is made a decision to try to help my family with a more natural diet. It was a resolution if you will. I didn’t know if it would work or if it was worth my time or money. Wow! What a difference. We went from eating little or no fresh vegetables to each meal having a type of vegetable. Of course their were all types of fruit to try and then came the inevitable…Rutabagas. I didn’t know what it was so I threw it away. A friend called and asked what I had done with my rutabagas and I told her. She was aghast that I would throw away a perfectly good rutabaga. I told her I didn’t know what to do with it. I was given instruction and off I went to give it a try. That was one of the best veggies I have ever had. I love rutabagas now. Are you in the “I don’t usually make resolutions as I feel I won’t follow through” group? Maybe you are in the 25 percent of American’s who are still on the program after six months. Either way, Abundant Harvest Organics is a great way to support your healthy eating habits. After four years I feel aghast that I didn’t know what a rutabaga was or what to do with it. If your New Years Resolutions includes healthy lifestyle changes, you might want

to include Abundant Harvest Organics in your plans. We deliver fresh seasonal organic produce each week at local churches, restaurants or homes. All of our farmers are certified organic farmers. We have a wonderful selection of add-on items that include raw milk, pastured eggs, organic chicken and grass fed beef. The selection varies from week to week with some items that are there year round. We currently have three pick up locations in the Tehachapi area and several others in the Antelope Valley. We also have home delivery in a limited number of areas. If you would like to see all of our add-on items along with joining our growing community of folks who decided to make a change, our web address is www. If you have any questions, please give your local hosts a call. We are Michael and Kathryn Johnson. Our numbers are 661-557-0053 or 661-577-6712. I have always been a person who didn’t care for change…this is a change I couldn’t live without. Look for us next month in the Loop when we talk about the best way to love your Valentine. Until then, TTFN (TaTa for Now)

AAUW Sponsors Event at the BeeKay

American Association of University Women is raising funds for local scholarships by sponsoring a special afternoon at the BeeKay Theatre. It will be held Feb. 5 and begins at 2 p.m. with the performance of Neil Simon’s Sunshine Boys. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. and you will want to arrive early to buy tickets for the many items in the fundraising drawing. You will want to stay after the play is over and enjoy the delicious food and beverages which will be served in the lobby. This fundraiser is an annual event for AAUW, and it has become very popular with everyone. Tickets are $20 and have always sold out before the performance. Tickets are now available from Picture Perfect, ‘Hachapi Tees, and Bear Valley Country Store. You may also purchase them from any AAUW member or by calling Tommie at 661-8221185. Those with season tickets may trade them in and pay the difference between the purchased price and the event price.

Jan. 21 ~ Feb. 4, 2012

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Spotlight on Talent

Doug Jockenson by Leslie (almost famous) Reynolds

Al Lewis(Doug Jockenson) & Willy Clark (Gary Mazzola discuss who’s right in a rehersal for “The Sunshine Boys” .

I recently went to the Beekay Theater to watch a rehersal of the up-coming production of the Neil Simon comedy, “The Sunshine Boys”. Let me tell you, for a little town we sure do have some big talent! Directed by Ruthanne Jennings, the show stars some of our best known local talent such as, Gary Mazzola (as Willy Clark), Doug Jockenson (as Al Lewis) and Spence Frederick (as Ben Silverman). Watching these three interact on the stage together is a real treat, as they are all very talented and seasoned actors and have a real knack for drawing the audience into “their world”. In the case of “The Sunshine Boys” it’s a little bit like “Grumpy Old Men” do Vaudville, and I’m pretty sure that the play’s title was chosen sarcastically. “The Sunshine Boys” are far from “sunny” in disposition now, as they are older and their glory days as a Vaudville comedy duo act are far behind them. A falling out of their friendship created a rift for many years that only young Ben Silverman (nephew to Willy) seems to be able to try to try and repair, for one last great performance between the two old comedians. But can Ben convince Al and Willy?! I can’t wait to find out myself. “The Sunshine Boys” opens on Feb. 3 (First Friday) at the Beekay Theater. I know I’ll be there! To continue with my past (although admittedly sporadic) coverage of “Spotlight on talent” I would like to share with you some of Doug’s vast theatrical credentials. Doug

plays “Al Lewis” in “The Sunshine Boys”. Here he is – the incredible, the amazing, the talented – Mr. Doug Jockenson! • B.A. from CSU Fullerton, 1984 Technical Production and Design for Television and Theater • Grove Shakespeare, South Coast Rep., Cal Shakespeare Theater, Utah Shakespearean Festival • Master’s Degree in Education at CSU Long Beach and Ph.D. from UC Irvine • Came back to the stage in 2006 to act “Father” in TCT’s Little Women • Technical Theater Redesign for the BeeKay with David Reed for Interior Design • Won the Golden Quill Award for Best Directing (and best Acting) for the Inaugural production of the TCT Playwright’s Festival in 2009 • Bestowed the TCT Order of the Phoenix Award for the Resurrection of the BeeKay Theatre in 2008 • Served as a Board Member for TCT from 2007 through 2010 • Served as Technical Director for TCT 2007 through 2010 • Recently played The Flower Shop Owner, Mr. Mushnik, in the musical “The Little Shop of Horrors.” • Designed the set for, and had many roles in, the last TCT show, “Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus” • Designed the set for the upcoming production of “The Lion in Winter”

Supervisor Zack Scrivner Announces Board Positions Open for East Kern Cemetary District Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner announces open board positions for the East Kern Cemetery District. Supervisor Scrivner recognizes the value of citizens serving on local boards and commissions in our communities. There are many opportunities throughout the county to serve, and Supervisor Scrivner has announced two openings for East Kern Cemetery District Board of Directors.

If you are interested please visit the County of Kern web site,, under the Boards and Commissions tab, and fill out an application. Deadline Feb. 10, 2012. Appointees will be required to submit a Statement of Economic Interests, Form 700, with the Fair Political Practices Commission. If you would like an application mailed to you please contact our office 868-3660.

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Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

Mountain Gardens Nursery & Pet This Year Make Something Beautiful Happen!

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Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

Classic Cars

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Column by Randy Horne Thanks to Protech Auto Service and Scott’s Suto Body for sponsoring this column

As this will be my last article I wanted to share an experience I had shortly after arriving in Hawaii. While it isn’t car related at all, it was a wonderful introduction to the spirit of “Aloha”. Cresting the hill I saw the cemetery humble with an amazing coastal view. Two women folding chairs appeared ready to leave. I was conflicted as I approached; was I disturbing their picnic stopping to look around? A large tree grew near, excuse enough to stop and “smell the Plumeria”. Approaching I lowered a branch and inhaled the sweet fragrance of a large white Plumeria flower. Releasing the branch, the short woman greeted me in Hawaiian with a big smile. Not understanding her words, I smiled back and said “Aloha”. Explaining her greeting, she asked what brought me here on this beautiful day, I shared my fascination with old cemeteries and the peace I found in them. Hawaiian tradition is “talk story”, a sharing and catching up on life events dating back to before written language. An important tradition, considered rude to cut short, taking priority over everything – even work. She told me about her Ohana (family), showing me the graves of her grandfather and uncle. The ladies chose today to tidy the grave sites, remove leaves, weeds, and show respect for the deceased. She was born near Hana on Maui and had memories of traveling to the big island by canoe at two years old. She explained about Hawaiian lineage, the importance to know one’s ancestry, who they were and what they did. She was concerned the old ways were being forgotten, the death of Hawaiian culture. As we talked, the tall woman suggested I be shown the soldiers grave up the hill. During our talk, my new friend picked two flowers and handing them to me explaining the white Plumeria flowers begin to die when picked making them unsuitable for lei making. I carried my flowers on our walk up the hill while she told me about the young soldier. She asked if I knew any military songs, it’s tradition to sing a song for the deceased while visiting their resting place. I confessed my singing voice wasn’t good,

water in my shower stopped when I sang, and she laughed. He was killed in action in 1995 at 41 years old and is a hero in the community. A polished red granite marker stands about 2 1/2 feet tall and features his color picture, so young looking, a shame his life ended so soon. Taking my hand in hers, she began singing the Star Spangled Banner which I sheepishly joined in. Half way through the song tears began sliding down her cheeks, wiping her eyes with her free hand we continued singing. Finishing our song she spoke to him prayer like, giving thanks to his family for their loss, the ultimate sacrifice he made for his ohana and country so we could stand here together this clear sunny day, overlooking the ocean and enjoying the freedom he died for. Never before had I experienced anything like this, sharing such a personal and touching moment with a stranger. This is what is meant by Aloha – the giving, sharing, and complete enjoyment and celebration of life and all it has to offer. As we left his grave site I placed one of the flowers on the headstone. Walking back to their truck, still wiping the occasional tear from her weathered cheeks she asked about my life, how had I come to live in Hawaii? Sharing the ordeals that brought us here, I noticed I felt completely comfortable with her, like life long friends enjoying a beautiful day catching up. I told her of my dogs running away the day before moving, having to leave one behind and how, with the help of someone I had never met was able to get her back after two weeks. Again Aloha, people doing nice things for someone they have never met because it makes them feel good and because they posses the ability to do it. As we parted company she hugged me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and thanked me for being part of her Sunday adventure. Mahalo my new friend! A sincere Mahalo (thank you) to Claudia, Alysia, Sam and Protech for giving me the opportunity to write fun articles for a quality publication, it’s been fun!

Volunteer Training Begins for Poppy Reserve Wildflower Season California State Parks is now accepting volunteer applications for the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve’s upcoming wildflower season (March through May). Learn about the wildflowers, wildlife, history and volunteer duties at the 2-day training; no experience or prior knowledge is required. Volunteer opportunities include staffing the visitor center and gift shop, walking the trails, and/or leading tours. After the wildflower season, enjoy volunteer field trips and other fun activities with new friends! Volunteers may range in age from student to senior citizen, must be interested in learning, and have a positive, friendly attitude. Applicants must complete training and fingerprinting, and a minimum of

eight hours per month is requested but scheduling is flexible. Call 661-946-6900 or email to sign up for the training and receive an Application Packet. When: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., Saturday Feb. 11 and 25 (must attend both days) Where: Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, 15101 Lancaster Road, Lancaster. Directions: From Hwy 14, go west off the Avenue I exit and continue 15 miles. Avenue I turns into Lancaster Road; the reserve is on the right. From Hwy 138, go south on 170 th Street West and left on Lancaster Road. The reserve is on the left.

It’s Planting Time Again!

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Rick Gillies, owner of Mountain Garden Nursery

During the dormant months of January, February and March bareroot roses, fruit and shade trees, flowering trees and shrubs, lilacs, berries and rhubarb are available at great savings over canned prices. Twenty-five to 50 percent savings are standard, but some of the larger shade trees can show a greater percent savings! For those of you who may not be familiar with the term bareroot, I will attempt an explanation! Bareroot plants are those that come to the nursery without soil around the roots – saving money on cans/ pots, soil, amendments and labor. This can only be accomplished in the dormant season, after the leaves have fallen. On arrival the plants are carefully put away into holding beds of sand to keep them moist and protected. We recommend you dig your hole first before you purchase your plant. It saves time so plants will go into ground moist! Some nurseries sell bareroot trees and roses prepackaged in plastic bags filled with shavings to keep them moist. Caution! Buying trees or roses that have been stored inside a store can be fatal to plants in Tehachapi and the High Desert. The plants start to leaf out too early and are traumatized when planted in the frigid outdoors and they are smaller pants! I had a customer the other day who bought peaches. He couldn’t believe how big they were! He assumed all bareroot was tiny so he was very happy! The soil is very nice to dig right now! So everything is in your favor: low cost, good soil conditions, weather and the enjoyment of making your yard beautiful and more productive. These benefits, along with some winter physical exercise, are all beneficial. Every year one of the biggest mistakes people make is procrastination. They wait until spring, when the weather is nice, to buy bareroot. That’s too late for most plants! Again, bareroot is only sold in the winter months! In our climate, we are fortunate to be able to plant now! Other regions, like zones 1 to 3 may be frozen nearly all winter or more tropical zones have a very short dormant season, so even though its chilly, we are fortunate! Think of planting trees and bushes as a positive return from the production of fruit for pies, berries for ice cream, shade for summer cooling, and the enjoyment of

flowering trees and shrubs! If the weather is too bad, trees may be reserved until you are ready to plant. Prepayment is required to hold your selections! There is a difference in fruit. That’s why there are so many varieties. Why not buy something you really enjoy and have it in your backyard, instead of buying only what the fruit stands might have available? This year in bareroot, we have “4-1” Apples and Cherry. We have also added some plants that should be of interest to most people. Everyone loves apricots, but it is though to find one that does well in the mountains! I found one that does great here, Chinese Mormon Apricot. Same with plums, I went back to one that I had years ago, that does well, Green Gage Plum! I have five varieties of cherries, but if you are a pie maker, one of the best is English Morello. This year I have six varieties of peaches including Reliance, Halehaven and Indian Blood Cling! Apples that I have not carried for awhile are dwarf Garden Delicious, Jonagold and Newtown Pippin. We have a few different shade and flowering trees: Purple Pony Flowering Plum, Jacquemonti Birch, Siouxland Cottonwood, Chinese Pistache, London Plane Sycamore and Village Green Zelkova along with Danica Rose of Sharon! All are in limited supply, so come in and look around. Make this the year you “make something beautiful happen”!

Promote your Business! Call The Loop at 661-822-8188 or Go online for our Rates and Publication Dates

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Yoga 101 - Stumbling Towards Enlightenment

The Dangers of Yoga

How do you make a yoga teacher’s head eerily morphed from an egotistical, hyperexplode? consuming, violence-obsessed extremist to an Apparently by publishing an article in open-hearted, compassionate, humble source the New York Times Magazine of infinite loving-kindness. entitled “How Yoga Can Wreck All because he began to accept Your Body“. Adapted from who he truly was and how his William Broad’s new book, “The presence shaped the world. What Science of Yoga; the Myths and a nightmare. the Rewards”, the recent piece A deeper sense of ease brought on rapid fire responses and balance (physical, mental, from the yoga legions with a emotional and, dare I say it, barrage of passionate online spiritual) could infiltrate and comments. In yoga studios across soften the dry, forgotten, hollow America, you could practically space that used to house your smell the righteous indignation as heart. Run for your life, Friend; thick as incense. you’re being lured into an I read Mr. Broad’s article insidious trap of kindness and and agree with some of his compassion hidden behind the by Yogashanan points: undereducated instructors guise of Downward Dogs and teaching overzealous students Extended Triangles. Beware the to try inappropriate poses is risky. Check. perilous expansion of your chest and lungs as No one should sit on their heels for hours a your breath grows smooth, your mind comes day chanting for world peace because that home, your heart peels open and the Beauty could cause knee issues. Check. Don’t attempt of It All reveals Itself! That’s not merely Shoulderstands or Headstands without a dangerous, it’s just plain wrong. well-trained teacher at your side. Check. Most Feel a nagging urge to give something of Broad’s injury stories are rooted in the freely with no expectation of anything in practitioner forcing a pose. return? Holy smokes, Buddy, that’s generosity As my favorite teacher likes to say, “Force knocking at your heart! You’re sliding into the will always lead to injury.” Check. corrupt grip of yoga’s dangerous fist. Indeed, As fascinating as Mr. Broad’s concepts it may be too late; the yoga has completed its are, I feel he made some grave omissions. He dirty work. You are now a generous person. addresses the imminent dangers of the physical Who needs pain relief? I am quite happy practice of yoga poses (asana). Well, that’s all with my level of pain, thank you. I’ve worked fine and good when it comes to wrecking the hard to create this snake pit of confusion and body, but let’s be honest. Yoga can wreck so unhappiness. Don’t be messing with my pain. much more than the body. Yoga can wreck Worst of all, you could possibly become your entire life: mentally, physically, and a nicer person with less stress, improved emotionally. Consider my checklist of the concentration and maybe even a glimpse into dangers of yoga: that scary phenomena called peace of mind. Mindfulness can begin to soften Damn yoga, it’s ruthless. judgments and opinions. Careful, my Sister! So keep in mind these warning signs How can you possibly hold onto all those when beginning a yoga practice. I extend great impenetrable, rock-solid judgments if your gratitude to Mr. Broad for exposing the perils consciousness is constantly expanding? of this life-threatening system; a system that I Softening an opinion sounds a lot like fliphave devoted myself to for 15 years; a system flopping to me. You seriously want to consider that has transformed my life and the lives of another person’s perspective on an issue? A countless others; a system that has been around person that doesn’t look or behave like you? since the Buddha was knee-high to a lotus Well, my Friends, I think we all know how flower. Simply ask any regular yoga practitioner any real American feels about that kind of about their personal experience with this wishy-washy gentleness: it’s not right and you ancient, intelligent, and beneficial tradition. shouldn’t stand for it. (Or sit, twist or bend over But be careful! They just might lure you to the backward for it. Certainly not invert for it. That dangerous, dank, dripping pit of dark demonic is waaaaay dangerous.) agony known as Yoga. Bwaaahaaahaaa! Self Awareness? Oh, the treachery! I heard If you dare, contact yogashanan at www. about a guy that started a yoga practice and

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

Meet Your New Neighbors

hobbyists, student groups, businesses, and Irene and Nathan Brooks wanted other like-minded non-profit entities. To to live in the country and Nathan’s work date, FAR has worked with the Boy Scouts, takes him through a wide hobbyists, university students, expanse of California. They aerospace start ups, and the had lived in Visalia, Calif. for Mythbusters cable television the past eleven years. However show. Megan is an independent Nathan discovered Tehachapi consultant for Arbonne. She while on a job here. They were offers a large assortment of both able to take a good look quality beauty, health and at Tehachapi and decided it wellness products. They are was the right spot for them. vegan-friendly botanical They found a home in one of products formulated without the higher elevations of the animal by-products, parabens, Tehachapi mountains and are petroleum-based products, really enjoying the beautiful by Evie Campbell-Best artificial colors, flavors or natural settings including the Welcome Hostess sweeteners, or saturated or wild critters around their place. trans fats. You can learn more about her Irene said they have a young bobcat that products at If you are regularly sleeps right outside their bedroom interested in getting in touch with Megan window. Now that is nature up close and regarding her line of products she can be personal. Maybe a little too close for some reached at folks, but the Brooks are really getting a Megan and Jonathan met at college kick out of it. during their involvement in campus Nathan has a college degree in ministries. They have been involved in computer technology and works for AT&T. working in an orphanage in Mexico. They He is able to take Irene and their ten-year became so attached to the orphanage that old daughter, Oceana, on some of his trips they chose to have their wedding there. out of town. The family feels really lucky One of Jonathan’s hobbies is robotics, to be able to share experiences together which is the branch of technology that deals in some of these places to which Nathan’s with the design, construction, operation, company takes him. They just adopted the structural disposition, manufacture and cutest little furry puppy. I can’t remember application of robots. He has also taken part his breed, but he will be a large dog, and in the art of fencing. Megan is a musician will provide companionship and protection and has also been involved with singing for Nathan out on some of his long trips in choirs. She has expressed a desire to be with his job. Irene says she enjoys crafting involved in Community Theater. Welcome and especially likes making purses. to a very talented couple to our community. They are looking forward to getting to Lynn Keller and Shawn Williams know more about their new community. have come to us from Fernley, Calif. Shawn Welcome, to the Brooks. was transferred to manage Loves tire shop Megan and Jonathan Pickrel have at Loves Country Stores of California off come to Tehachapi from Prescott, Ariz. of Highway 58 here in Tehachapi. Shawn Jonathan is working for Dryden at Edwards is originally from Tulare, Calif. and Lynn as an aerospace engineer. He is a member was born in Reno, Nevada. Both Lynn and of FAR; Friends of Amateur Rocketry Shawn enjoy golfing, and riding around in whose mission is to educate the general Lynn’s quad. They are enjoying the small public in science, technology, engineering, town atmosphere and natural settings and mathematics (STEM) through the use found here in Tehachapi. Welcome, Lynn of amateur rocketry and to foster rocket and Shawn. technology by supporting individuals,

Welcome! If you have moved to the Greater Tehachapi Area within the last six months and would like to know more about your new community, call 661-822-8188. We will be happy to make an appointment for a hostess to come by and give you lots of helpful information, some valuable coupons, gifts and much more. Many families and individuals who come to the area are pleasantly surprised with the amount of knowledge they gather about their new home. Publishing your welcome article is completely voluntary and is not a requirement of being welcomed.

Income Tax Service Bookkeeping • Tax Preparation • Notary Public E-file Available

California Tax Education Council Registered Tax Preparer

Shelia A Rosales 112 East F St., #D Tehachapi

(661) 823-7597

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

On the Bright Side

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Life’s Finest Gifts

Last issue I wrote about how blessed I feel “Life’s Finest Gifts” illustrates that thought with the good friends who have been helping beautifully, I think: The poem was sent to me by a friend me through my recent surgery and recovery (and by the way, I spelled one who had received it from another friend connected to Father John name wrong, so here’s another shout of thanks to Eiko!). Hotstream, who worked with And this issue I seem to be Native American communities in New Mexico a few years ago. thinking along those same lines, with someone else’s words. Brace It was and is a part of an effort to honor the memory of the man who yourselves, because I’m going to keep it all going one more time in wrote the poem – Ralph Bingham the next issue too, when we’re all Cloward (9-24-08 – 11-13-00). thin king of Valentine’s Day and I am passing it on to you today for the same purpose, and love! by Mel White I hope that when you read it you As we all should know but sometimes forget, life offers us many gifts will be, as I was, reminded of and grateful for besides the ones we buy in stores and wrap all the wonderful and priceless gifts we each up and give to each other. This poem, titled received all year long through our friendships. © Marilda Mel White Mel White, local photographer and writer and owner of CrossRoads Gallery, has been looking on the bright side for various publications since 1996; she welcomes your comments at

Life’s Finest Gifts When you get on in age and you’ve lived a lot, The strife for fame and the goal they seek, And the blood in your veins isn’t quite so hot,

But the aged sits down with the setting sun

And your eyes are dimmer than what they were,

And enjoys the useful deed he’s done.

And the page in a book has a misty blur,

With a hasty word or a show of pride,

Strange as the case may seem to be, Then is the time that you’ll clearly see. You’ll see yourself as you really are When your strength gives out and your muscles tire You’ll see the folly of mad desires You’ll see what then to your eyes had hid The countless trivial things you did. Often the blindest are youthful eyes Age must come e’re man grows wise. Youth makes much of the mountain peak,

You’ll sigh for the friends that were cast aside And you’ll laugh at the medals which you prize Because you’ll see them through different eyes. You’ll understand how little they really meant For which so much of your strength was spent. You’ll see as always an old man sees, That the waves die down with the fading breeze, And the pomps of life never last for long, The great sink back to the common throng, But you’ll understand when the struggle ends That the finest gifts in life are your friends!

© Marilda Mel White Mel White, blessed since birth over 60 years ago, has been looking on the bright side for various publications since 1996; she welcomes your comments at

New United States Citizen Displays Colors Proudly

Stallion Springs Community Library by Adam Bailey

The Stallion Springs Community Library has come a long way from the two bookshelves it started with almost thirty years ago. What began as a small lending library, used mostly by retired folks, has grown dramatically. Staffed solely by volunteers, the Library has been maintained, supported – with all books being donated – by residents throughout the community. With the formation of the Library Associates in 2010, this includes members: Irene Gunshinan, Wanda Dunn, Lucy Gaglione and Sara Anson, the Library is expanding and looking to the future. These ladies, along with 24 other volunteers, are always busy shelving returns, cataloging new books, organizing fundraisers, and more. All the shelves and bookcases have been donated as well with the majority of them being constructed and installed by Jack Stull – whom the ladies call their Fairy Godfather. The demographic has certainly changed since the early days – there are now more families with children than retired people – and the library is changing to reflect that; removing obsolete material, getting more current, bringing in new authors, etc. They even provide a great children’s section with books, games, and Arts & Crafts – as well as Story Time for the younger kids. Even with all of these changes the library is still a work in progress and is

currently going through a renovation period. They are diligently working to generate income through fundraisers, book sales and donations to help supply the library with a much needed computer, printer and copy machine to help keep up with the technological demand of today. Their objective is to have something to satisfy all of their patrons’ interests. The Libraries mission is to serve the whole community and to appeal and reach out to everybody. “This isn’t just for Stallion Springs,” says Irene, “Anyone from the surrounding area – Cummings Valley, Bear Valley, Tehachapi, etc. – is welcome.” You won’t need a library card either; they use the honor system here. You’d think all this would be enough to keep anybody busy but these gals also work diligently, reaching out to other areas of the community. Donating their duplicate books and overstock to the Salvation Army, Veterans Hospital, VFW or any other organization that needs books. From children to seniors, the Stallion Springs Community Library is your home away from home; a place to bring your kids, find a great book and be treated like family. They appreciate your support. Bring your extra books, come to a fundraiser, make a donation or just stop by, pick up a book and say hi. For more information call Irene at 661-823-7844.

Albeir Rezhied, the owner of Tehachapi Liquor, located at the Village Square Shopping Center on the corner of Tucker and Valley, is celebrating his recent U.S. Citizenship by flying the American Flag 24/7. He even installed lights to keep the flags illuminated each night. The flags were purchased at the Tehachapi Mountain VFW Post 5948. Congratulations to Albeir from The Loop staff and the VFW.

Library Associates members Lucy Gaglione , Sara Anson , Wanda Dunn and Irene Gunshinan.

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’Happenings round town‘

Local Entertainment Calendar

Schedules are subject to change. Please contact the venues to confirm. The Apple Shed 2nd Friday - Alicia Hansen - Violin 233 E. Tehachapi Blvd. - 823-8333 2nd Saturday - Geezers - Folk Music 1st Friday - Will James and Maria – 3rd Friday - Moving On - Multiple Celtic & Traditional Genres 1st Saturday - Jo Stone – Piano Music 3rd Saturday - Craig Shaw – Folk 1st Sunday - Moving On – Multiple Music Genres 4th Friday - Pat Strong – Country/ 2nd Friday - Geezers – Folk Music Ballads 2nd Saturday - Guy & Debbie Martin 4th Saturday - Jug Band – Mood - Acustic Guitar and Vocal Music 2nd Sunday - Craig Shaw – Folk Senior Center Music 500 E. F St. - 822-5412 3rd Friday - Tony Vice – Mondays - Dominos and Line Country Music Dancing 1-3 p.m. 3rd Saturday - Mountain Pass Oldies Tuesdays - Wood Carving, Pinochle at 11 a.m. and Bingo at 5:30 p.m. 3rd Sunday - Moving On – Multiple Genres Wednesdays - Wii Bowling 1-3 p.m. 4th Friday - Max Valentino – Thursdays - Bridge/Cards 10 a.m. Acoustic Guitar Fridays - Poker 4th Saturday - Pat Strong – Saturdays - Bingo Country/Ballads Tehachapi Mtn. Pub 4th Sunday - Craig Shaw - Folk Music 20717 South St. - 822-0788

City Slickers Restaurant & Saloon 1001 W. Tehachapi Blvd. - 822-4939 Wednesdays - Line Dancing Fridays - DJ Saturdays - Live Music Fiddlers Crossing 206 E. “F” Street - 823-9994 Open Mike on Wednesdays. Saturday, Jan. 14 - Blue Mustard Unplugged $15. Saturday, Jan. 21 - Patrick Ball, Irish Harpist & Storyteller $15. Saturday, Feb. 11 - Dave Stamey, Cowboy entertainer SOLD OUT. La Bella Italian Bistro 209 S. Green St. 822-7419 1st Friday - Moving On - Multiple Genres 1st Saturday - Maria Werth- Mix

Saturdays - DJ Tehachapi Christian Store 108 E. Tehachapi Blvd. - 822-0626 Friday, Jan. 13 - 7-9 p.m. The “Fight Like This” band is playing. Free live concert. Veterans Hall 125 E. “F” St. - 661-303-3454 Fridays - Bingo Wine & Cheese Cellar 695 Tucker Rd. - 822-6300. Fridays, Saturdays - Live music. Last Sunday of the month - Live Music, call to find out who is playing. Main Street Tehachapi Events Call 822-6519 for details Saturday, Feb. 11 - 5:30-9 p.m. Main Street’s Valentines Wine and Chocolate Walk. Pick up tickets at the Apple Shed or Picture Perfect.

Tehachapi Karaoke Schedule City Slickers

Domingo’s Mexican Restaurant

Moose Lodge

221 W. Tehachapi Blvd. - 822-7500 3rd Friday of the month 7 - 11 p.m. Karaoke with Eric Open to VFW members & guests only!

1001 W. Tehachapi Blvd. - 822-4939 Every Tuesday and Thursday 8 to 11 p.m. with DJ Emma 123 W. “F” St. - 822-3889 Every Monday and Thursday: Phyllis Fisher & Travis. 5 p.m. ’til ?

20416 Hwy 202 - 822-7611 Wednesdays 7:30 - 11 p.m.


Club Meetings, Mixers and More Saturday, January 21

Fiddlers Crossing 206 E. “F” St. Patrick Ball performing

Tuesday, January 24

Tehachapi Police Pipes and Drums Performance - Tehachapi Veteran’s Hall, 125 E. F St. at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 24 Solar Hearing Kern County Administrative Center, 1115 Truxton Ave, Bakersfield at 2 p.m.

Thursday, February 2

Gem & Mineral Club Meeting Malachy Church youth center, 407 W. F St. at 7:00 p.m

Friday, February 3

First Friday Downtown Tehachapi 5-7 p.m..

Fridays & Saturdays, February Beekay Theatre See page 17 for showing details.

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012


AAUW Sponsors Event at BeeKay

American Association of University Women (AAUW) is raising funds for local scholarships by sponsoring a special afternoon at the BeeKay Theatre. It will be held Feb. 5 and begins at 2 p.m. with the performance of Neil Simon’s Sunshine Boys. Doors open at 1:30 p.m. and you will want to arrive early to buy tickets for the many items in the fundraising drawing. You will want to stay after the play is over and enjoy the delicious food and beverages which will be served in the lobby. This fundraiser is an annual event for AAUW, and it has become very popular with everyone. Tickets are $20 and have always sold out before the performance. Tickets are now available from Picture Perfect, ‘Hachapi Tees, and Bear Valley Country Store. You may also purchase them from any AAUW member or by calling Tommie at 661-822-1185. Those with season tickets may trade them in and pay the difference between the purchased price and the event price.

Tehachapi Police Pipes and Drums Performance The Tehachapi Police Pipes and Drums will play for the public on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012 at 7:30 p.m. The performance is free and will be held at the Tehachapi Veteran’s Hall, 125 E. F St. The band hopes to attract new members who may be interested in serving the community by joining and becoming a member. The band meets regularly, every Tuesday evening, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Veteran’s s Hall. The band is currently looking for new members to fill the ranks, either as a piper or drummer. The band does teach piping and drumming, plus marching skills, and beginners are welcome. For more information about the pipe band, please call 661-821-0493.

Solar Hearing is January 24th

A public hearing of an appeal by Recurrent Energy of the decision by the Planning Commission disapproving the placement of two 20 megawatt photovoltaic solar energy generation facilities in the Cummings Valley has been set before the Kern County Board of Supervisors for 2 p.m., Jan 24, at the Kern County Administrative Center, 1115 Truxton Avenue in Bakersfield. The project’s proposed location is southwest of Highline and Bailey roads on seperate parcels very close to one another, about 160 acres for each of the 20 megawatt facilities. The planning commission voted to disapprove the projects at their Nov. 10 meeting. Persons seeking additional information on this matter should contact the project planner, Matthew Hall, Planner 3 at the Planning Commission. Written comments may be sent to Kern County Planning and Development Department, 2700 M St., Suite E100, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

First Friday Event

As part of First Friday, all fiber enthusiasts – knitters, crocheters, spinners, all yarn crafters – are welcome to join us at Picture Perfect, 112 E. Tehachapi Blvd. #A from 5 to 8 p.m.

Gem & Mineral Club Meeting on Groundhog Day Tehachapi Valley Gem & Mineral Society invites you to attend their February General meeting. TVGMS is a non profit educational group of your friends and neighbors promoting interest in the earth sciences and lapidary arts. We make frequent field trips to the nearby mountains and deserts and to area gem and mineral shows. Each guest at the meeting will be invited to select a free rock specimen from our Buck-A-Rock tub. Our short business meeting will discuss field trips, lapidary workshop activity, and Society business. After a short break for refreshments we will view and discuss items on the show & tell table and pass out a few door prizes. The meeting will take place at St. Malachy Church youth center, 407 W. F St. (corner F and Mill) at 7 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2012. Please join us for an educational and enjoyable meeting. Any questions please contact Pat O’Donnell 661-822-6098.

Main Street’s Valentine’s Wine & Chocolate Tasting On Saturday, Feb. 11, from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Main Street Tehachapi hostsd Valentine’s Wine and Chocolate wine walk. This event sets the mood for love and friendship and is a favorite during this season. Participants taste a variety of fine wines and chocolates paired together to bring out the best in each other, just like any other great relationship. That evenng participants will receive ten tasting tickets and a map of the participating downtown businesses at 5:15 p.m. at the Railroad Depot. Tickets are $25 per person in advance and $30 at the door. Tickets can be ordered by sending a check to the Main Street Tehachapi office at P.O. Box 830, Tehachapi, CA 93581 or call the Main Street office at 661-8226519. They accept Visa, MasterCard or Amercan Express.

If you want to drink, That’s your business! If you want to stop, That’s our business! We have a solution!

We can help!

Give us a call! Alcoholics Anonymous, Kern County Central Office

(661) 322-4025

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

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Tehachapi Wind Resource Area Map

The resurgence of the wind industry but would be a certainty for the community in Eastern Kern has brought needed jobs as to where wind could be placed, and where and economic growth to the county. Kern it will not even be considered by the county. County now leads California The map would not “fast track” in permitted renewable energy or streamline wind projects. projects for both wind and Even with an adopted wind solar for over 7000 MW. Under boundary map, proposed zone the current zoning ordinance, a changes will require 2 years zone change for a commercial of studies and an entire year wind project can be proposed of public process through an anywhere in the county, Environmental Impact Report only limited by the height before consideration by the restrictions adopted to protect Board of Supervisors. our critical military missions. Companies are currently The current Tehachapi Wind contemplating land for the next Resource Area is not a phase of wind development, and Zack Scrivner binding map and has no legal I believe the Board should move standing. It is not a boundary. now to discuss what direction It is a conceptual map created by the wind we can give the industry that will support industry to assist their efforts with Southern them being good neighbors. On January California Edison and the California 31, 2012 at 2:00 in Bakersfield, staff will Public Utilities Commission to increase be presenting options to the Board and the transmission capacity and fulfill the State’s community for various maps to address this policy direction for renewable power. Wind issue. If the Board decides to move forward projects have been proposed and approved with the wind boundary, the map will be both inside, and outside, of this area. considered by the Planning Commission at a On November 8, 2011 the Board of noticed public hearing and will then return Supervisors, at my request, made a referral to the Board over the next few months for to planning staff to bring back a proposed a final decision. I asked county planning map that would clearly show the community staff to develop this map because my and wind developers the area where we constituents requested it. To view this map, would consider future commercial wind you may visit the Kern County Planning projects. Two major considerations went & Community Development Department’s into the first draft of the map – protecting Renewable Energy webpage at: http://www. the view shed for the Tehachapi area and sections of the Highway 58 corridor, and the asp I look forward to hearing your thoughts California Condor’s range. Public input will and comments and having your assistance result in modifications to the draft map. in shaping the future for renewable power in The map would absolutely not be a Kern County. guarantee of approval for a wind project,

Tehachapi Valley Arts Association to Sponsor Photo Contest by Susanna Monette

The Tehachapi Valley Arts Association will be holding it’s semi-annual photo contest in February. Photos will be accepted from Jan. 23 to Jan. 30 at Gallery ‘N Gifts, 100 West Tehachapi Blvd. in Tehachapi. Entries are $5 each with a maximum of seven photos from an individual. The store is open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Photos must be mounted or matted not to exceed 11” x 14”. Full or part-time professional photographers who receive all or a majority of their income from photography are not eligible to compete. All others may enter - regardless of age or address, a digital shooter or a film lover, an outdoor enthusiast or a studio photographer - you can enter the contest. Winners will receive ribbons and

cash prizes. Images will be judged on overall photographic and artistic quality. Categories that will be includes in the contest are: Tehachapi, Travel/Architecture, Black & White, Digital Darkroom, Details & Macro, People/ Portrait, Flowers and Still Life, and Youth Photography. Applications along with instructions and a contest description are available at Gallery ‘N Gifts or on line at 661-822-6062. An Awards Reception will be held on Friday, Feb. 3, 2012 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Gallery ‘N Gifts. The photos will be available for viewing at the Gallery throughout the month of February.

Tehachapi To Get More Bicycle Paths by Christopher Gripkey

Tehachapi City has put gears into motion to begin developing paths for our cyclists/runners/walkers. The current plan focuses on adding bike accessibility to Cherry Lane, Highline Road, Tucker Road, and Dennison Road – amongst others. Once this plan becomes a reality (and satisfies California Bicycle Transportation Act requirements), Tehachapi will become eligible for funding for such projects that California has available, said Sam Corbett, Alta Design & Planning Senior Associate. Corbett continued explaining that

funding is based on district and that only one other city in our district, Mammoth Lakes, is pursuing those funds. It turns out Alta is also working on a Kern County plan for the those areas outside city limits. Alta has a survey for assessing what Kern County members need for cycling. This survey potentially could affect everyone outside Tehachapi city proper – especially Golden Hills. Those interested can take the survey linked on the official planning site at http:// before Feb. 1, 2012.

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Bob - the ‘Wine Guy’

Glass Equals Class?

We haven’t talked about the types of wine to warm the wine. This difference is small but glasses for a while so time to review. Does the does actually happen. type of glass you drink your wine with really Another glass effecting factor is the size of matter? Well yes, sort of. Wine glasses fall into the bowl. Generally speaking a larger bowl, in general groupings i.e. the case of red wine, white wine glasses are will expose more of slightly taller than red the wine to the air, wine glasses with a which is the desired longer stem and narrow effect and will bowl. Red wine glasses produce an enhanced have shorter stems and result. wider bowls as compared So, to to white wine glasses. summarize, the Champagne flutes proper glass used to serve champagne will improve the are sort of tall and experience, but fear by Bob the Wine Guy (BTWG) skinny, holding about not you plastic glass six-ounces and stand about eight inches tall. users that too is okay. Some of you older folks (like Bob the Wine Guy) Now the wine word of the day harmonious may even remember the Champagne saucers; – a flattering descriptor of wines that are not these glasses are short and stout (again Bob the only well balanced but also express themselves Wine Guy) with a shallow bowl. So are red wine in a particularly graceful manner. This can glasses designed differently be aided I might say by from white, just for the serving in the proper glass, Valentine’s Party at the Winery, sake of being different? No, I’m just saying. Okay… Sunday, Feb. 12 1 to 4 p.m. believe it or not, there is a my Uncle Vic comes home Tickets $27.50 per person. Wine, Champagne, real reason. and my Aunt Lillian says, Fabulous Appetizers and The shorter stem on “I have been working live music with Tom Holden. red wine glasses lends itself around this house all day, Come Party with Us! to holding the glass rather you need to take me some RSVP before Feb 6 at 822-9233. than the stem which on place expensive.” So he red wine has less effect on took her to a gas station... the resulting heat transfer, from hand to glass and that’s when the fight started. Bada Bing. to wine. In general the white wine glass will Keep those emails coming to wineguy@ have a slightly longer stem, allowing the person There are some great drinking the white wine to hold it by the stem questions and I, Bob the Wine Guy, will keep Abbondanza Fortuna more readily thus not allowing body temperature you informed.

Shag said,

‘Is a Phone Call Worth Somebody’s Life? (Maybe Yours)’

I’ve been talking about the dangers of other reasons.” Six thousand? Hmmm, close to distracted driving to friends, clients, family Tehachapi’s population. Five-hundred thousand? and anyone else who would listen for some Close to the number of American killed by time now. It seems that few, if tobacco-related causes every year, any, take my concerns seriously. also avoidable deaths. Another You may recall my column study indicated that cell phone use wherein I told of the woman in a impaired reactions as much as a hurry. She pulled her BMW out blood alcohol concentration of .08 from behind me at a stop sign on percent. Curry, cell phone clamped to her Our brain and body both work ear, and accelerated through a hard when driving under normal crowded school zone, seemingly circumstances. We go through a unaware of what she was doing, continual process of searching, and who she could have killed. identifying, analyzing, deciding This was before there were law and executing. Given the right By Fred Shaughnessy, enforcement folks posted there circumstances we might go through CADC II in the morning, so she was free that process a hundred times in one and clear. Scary isn’t it? That was a distracted mile! If you think our minds can’t get distracted driver. easily, try throwing a phone call, text message, In the Californian Milt Younger, a beer, a tune off the radio, joint, cigarette, cup of prominent Bakersfield accident attorney, coffee, lipstick or any other attention-grabber into contributed an excellent Sunday Forum article the mix. entitled “Distractions are killing Americans The laws on the books now don’t seem to be every day on our streets”. It should be doing much. The wheel isn’t squeaky enough? I required reading for anyone with or getting spend a lot of time on Kern County roads, and a driver’s license. Of particular interest to the drivers who have a phone clamped to their me were the statistics Mr. Younger quoted ear seem as prevalent as before the laws. Younger from the National Highway Traffic Safety is right when he says that we must take personal Administration: “…6000 people died and responsibility for turning off devices and more than 500,000 were injured in 2008 by focusing on driving. However I think we who can accidents caused by people distracted by should be spreading the word about distracted talking on their cell phones, text messaging or driving. There are plenty of lives to be saved. I’ll allowing their eyes to leave the roadway for be back next issue…hope you are too. Fred Shaughnessy is a board- certified alcohol and drug counselor with TAASK, Inc. He holds a license in his field, a non-governmental license conferred by CCBADC/CAADAC.

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Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

Business Directory

for Sale

Auto Body & Paint



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2003 Forde Expedition–116,000 miles, very good condition, towing pkg., Seats 8, Frt & Back Heating/AC. $7,500. Call 661-822-3167.

Room for rent– $450 includes utilities. Bear Valley Springs. Contact Kristi. 661-972-6767.


Auto Glass

Room for Rent– Furnished room with w/d, cable TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, and internet. $145 per week. Call 661-823-4069 and 352216-2452.


22.03 21.11c

For rent

For lease Cell (661) 972-6411 • Shop (661) 822-4500

Separate Commercial Building– w/ fenced yard, covered patio For Lease $1,500 per month, 2,000 Sqft. Ideal for offices, medical, preschool, small private school, retail sales or small church. Available 661-822-5774.

Make Your Car a Happy Car!

Don’s Pro Technology Automotive Repair

help Wanted

Your Full Service Automotive Center

Entrepreneurs wanted!– Want financial freedom? www.

230 East Tehachapi Bld • Tehachapi


donate your vehicle to – Bags 4 Kids, a non-profit organization, helping children in crisis. 760-2170909 You are NOT alone! –  You can visit This website promotes the health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, and their friends and families in Tehachapi. Help Hotlines are available! Go online for information.

firewood Family Firewood– Cut, split, and delivered. $120 per truck load. 661557-2604.

another time around 2nd Hand Store– Misc. Furniture, House hold items, Donations/ Consignment needed. Open Tue-Sat 11-5pm. Located at 330 F. St. ‘n’ Mill.

estate sale HUGE ESTATE SALE-– Everything Must Go! Jan. 26, 27, 28. 10am-5pm. 655 Tucker Rd, #C.

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22.02 21.12


Finley Pump Service, Inc. Complete Water Well Services Design & Installation Submersible & Booster Pumps Water Storage & Pressure Tanks Down Hole Video


Locally Owned & Operated Mike Finley - Lic. #874581

Where Quality & Service are Number 1


Water Well Service



Co me to:

22.04c 21.09c

Automotive Repair

22.05 21.8s 21.02

151 N. Mill Street, Suite E • Tehachapi

Batteries installed for Off-Grid Homes •Quality US Built Batteries •Licensed and Insured •30 years experience

Career Opportunities FULL TIME EXEMPT - CHIEF NURSING OFFICER (BSN required - MSN preferred)

Please send all inquiries and nominations in confidence to:


Attention Applicants It is the policy of Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District (TVHD) to accept online applications for any position TVHD requires successful completion of a “drug test” and “criminal background check” by any applicant seriously considered for employment.

Our wages and benefits are very competitive!!

Powerstride Battery Co.

Ask for Dave (661) 549-9621

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Barber Shop



2201 22.06

R.V.RV Repair Mobile Repair

Life Insurance


Home & Office Cleaning

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Business Directory



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Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

House & Office Cleaning

Good References • Free Estimates All Services Guaranteed Alex&Dora (661) 822-6567 • Cell (661) 319-5899 1002 Green St, Tehachapi • Lic# 65484

Tires - Brakes





Pet Services



Sally Lyon Owner

Licensed Bonded

Pet Services By Sally Pet Sitting & Pet Taxi Serving the Tehachapi area

Vendor Mall


Hair Stylist


Pet Rescue


Heating & A/C


(661) 823-7136 • (661) 972-5826 Cell

Rainbow Rescue, Devoted love waiting to find you! Meet our pets on or California City, (760) 373-2907

Chimney Cleaning







Tractor Work


IRS 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization.

Advertising to Fit Any Budget! This ad in color is only

$190 for 7 issues:

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Sonner Electric • Residential • Commercial • Bonded & Insured Specializing in all Homeowner Needs • Ceiling Fans • Outlets • Lighting • Panel Changes, Etc.

661-810-7867 Licence #C10 800944


$35 per issue Prepay and get 5 for $120 Call 1-661-822-8188 Today!

Call Today! (661) 822-8188





Call 661-822-8188 Today!

The Heat Source

Woodburning, Gas & Pellet Stoves 2 Locations! (661) 823-0117 20817 South St - Tehachapi (661) 949-0906 42247 12th St. West - Lancaster

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COUPONS Look below for great discounts at your local businesses.

Hungry Howie’s (661) 822-1000




2 Large, 1 Topping Pizza & 16 piece Howie bread with a 2 liter Soda

Plus tax & delivery. Must mention coupon when ordering. No substitutions - Exp 2/29/12 - LOOP2201

Healthy, Shiny Hair Color in 1 Hour! $110 of Hairdressing Services for just


Includes: Clarifying treatment, Shades EQ color, Scalp Massage, Style/Blowdry & Deep conditioning.

Books & Crannies Bookstore Valley & Tucker - Tehachapi Next to Radio Shack - (661) 822-8440 Mon-Fri 10-6 ~ Sat 10-5 ~ Most Sun 12-3

Yarn Special! Buy one Skein & Get the second one

1/2 OFF

Must present coupon. Exp 2/4/12 - LOOP2201

Bay Front Inn Morro Bay, California on the waterfront 1-888-772-0072

$10 OFF

Merle Norman

any room, any time

Available to first 20 bookings only - LOOP2201

Expires 2/29/12 - LOOP2201

(661) 822-4322

Tehachapi Lawn & Garden Equipment Center (661) 822-3210

105 W “H” St. - Behind Train Depot - Tehachapi

$10 OFF

any service over $50

$20 OFF any service over $125 $10 OFF any new “Echo” chain saw

Must present coupon. Exp 2/4/12 - LOOP2201

Don’s Pro Technology (661) 822-1600 230 East Tehachapi Blvd. Tehachapi

$20 OFF any service

Cannot be combined with other offers. Must present coupon. Exp 2/4/12 - LOOP2201

The Lost Box

(661) 822-1480 • 125 W. Tehachapi Blvd New Location next to Kohnens for the Holidays! Open 7 Days A Week - 10 to 6pm

RE-Grand Opening Discount

10% off Select Items

Layaway & Gift Wrapping Available Must present coupon. Exp 1/31/12 - LOOP2201

Looking for a perfect sun-kissed tan for Valentine’s Day? 3 Full Body Airbrush Tanning Sessions for


A $75 value. Ask for Judy

Merle Norman

(661) 822-4322 or (661) 619-1706 Available to first 10 bookings only - LOOP2201

Mark - the ‘Collision Guy’

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

Reflecting Back Into 2011 With the year coming to an end in-fact that has accepted us with open arms. I by the time you read this article we will be cannot forget my crew because without into 2012. them sticking by my side none of this would 2011 has been a very be possible, and from the exciting year for us here at bottom of my heart I believe Tehachapi Collision Center. I have one of the best crews It is the first full year here in around. Also my family our new location, the move that puts up with my long in itself was very scary but hours and never complains. now that it is over and we are So thank you everyone for settled in, it was a good move. making this possible because We are now an 11000 square without the help from all of foot full service collision you I could have never pulled center. We now offer not this off. Thank You! by Mark Torres, Tehachapi only collision repairs where Wow! Looking forward Collision Center we work with all insurance for 2012, how exciting it will companies, but we can restore your beloved be. Look for a new car audio store in this antique automobile, you tell us what you same location very soon. There are some want to do to your Sunday driver and we other ideas I have that I would love to put can do it. We also have a full time mechanic into play but I need to take one step at a in house to handle your mechanical time. needs, and of course we are still offering As always I would like to personally windshield replacement and spray on bed invite anyone that would like a tour of our liners. facility or maybe even a nice warm cup of None of this would be possible without coffee (or tea) to stop by as we would love our loyal customers and a great community to see you.

A New Year, A New You! With Beautologie Weight Loss Center

Beautologie is making history again in Bakersfield, introducing the most comprehensive weight loss program this region has ever seen! We’ve gathered the best local resources and partnered them with our surgeons and medical doctors. The result is a system that offers solutions for everyone, from the patient who needs to shed the classic 15 to 30 pounds to those with more enduring problems. Our program has three components: medical weight loss, exercise and nutrition, and lapband bariatric surgery. Non-Invasive Weight Loss

For our clients who want to lose the proverbial 15 to 30 pounds, we offer a noninvasive (no surgery) weight loss program. You’ll be under a doctor’s supervision, with lab work and EKG tests taken at regular intervals to ensure a healthful, gradual progression toward your goal. We’ll also provide B12 shots to keep your mood high, and diet pills to curb your appetite. Get you New Years resolution started today with Beautologie. Call Beautologie at 661-327-3800 or visit us at

Jan 21 ~ Feb 4, 2012

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