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Heart for the House is always a special time for our church. It is an annual opportunity for everyone who calls Hillsong home to bring a sacrificial offering, above and beyond our regular tithes. It represents our collective passion and dedication to our shared vision. Earlier this year, we embarked on a journey to extend our focus beyond vision to embrace a clear mission. As we enter into this season for 2023 we are thrilled to launch ‘Heart for the Mission’.

We are excited as we step into this new season together and believe that our giving, contributions, and sacrifices, are for the purpose of fulfilling this mission. Just as the early church was wholeheartedly dedicated to the mission entrusted to them by Jesus – to go into the world, preach the good news, and make disciples – we too are committed to three fundamental aspects of our mission: Building healthy church communities, Developing purpose-filled followers of Jesus, and Creating significant and sustainable social impact. It is this mission that drives our giving in this season.

This year there are a few key elements that will help propel our ‘Heart for the Mission’ forward: Transparency, Trust, and Togetherness. In unity, we can achieve far more than we ever could on our own and it is within this unity that God commands His abundant blessings to flow upon us. We firmly believe that these blessings are not only for us individually but also for our church as a whole, as we sow our hearts and resources into this mission together.

Galatians 6:9 says this “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” For those of you who are sowing in this season can we encourage you with this verse and extend our sincere appreciation to each one of you for your unwavering commitment to doing good, living generously, and seeking God’s guidance in your giving.

We encourage you to take some time to pray and seek God’s guidance on how you can actively participate in this year’s Heart for the Mission. We firmly believe that it will be a testament to God’s miraculous power and provision. Every year, as we give and sow together, we witness the miraculous stories unfolding in our own lives and in the life of our church.

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude for your partnership in the mission we share. Let us press on together, with faith and expectation, as we sow into the Heart for the Mission. May your hearts be filled with joy and anticipation for the miracles that are yet to come.

HFTH 2022 Report

We thank you for your faithfulness and partnership in our Heart for the House 2022 miracle offering, we are pleased to share some highlights that were only possible due to your generous contribution. In 2022 we were able to achieve significant impact through various projects within our local church and our long-term partnerships continued with CityCare, ONE80TC, Hillsong Africa Foundation, Vision Rescue and A21. At both a National and International level, these organisations provide support tailored to the specific needs of those in their community. We are proud of the work that has been accomplished in 2022, and are expectant for what 2023 will bring!

Festival Hall

In this past year, we have finally had a consistent home for our Melbourne City church community, which is something we have been missing over Hillsong Melbourne’s 10-year church history. In 2022, we were also able to host our first Christmas Spectacular in our own building which we believe was a blessing to our church and also the community around us. Festival Hall might just be a building, but each Sunday, within these walls we are seeing a community of purpose-driven Jesus followers emerging, with a heart to see significant, and sustainable social impact.This is just the beginning for all that God has for our Melbourne City community!


This past year we have been able to run 60 programs with over 34,600 in attendance. We were also able to launch 5 new Playgroup locations and partnered with 14 new community organisations. We have started a partnership with 2 new public high schools in NSW to run SHINEGirl and STRENGTH and also started a SHINEWomen course with the Baabayn Aboriginal Corporation. In Queensland, we ran a SHINE workshop day at Mt Gravatt Westfield which opened the door to a partnership with a school. As 2023 continues, we remain committed to serving our communities and building strong partnerships to create positive change.

Global & Local Benevolent Program Highlights

ONE80TC 50% increase in clients supported through a focus on digital counselling services

Hillsong Africa


243 people graduated from Hillsong Africa SHINE & STRENGTH programs

Rebuild & National Projects 51%Festival Hall, Melbourne

Australian Facilities 19%Australian campus support & Hobart Stage 1

Global Church Planting / Support 4.6%Israel & New York

Global & Local Benevolent Programs 19.6%Social impact projects & partners

Fundraising & Support 5.8%Foundation events, staff support and fundraising

34,600 + in attendance at 60 programs facilitated by CityCare

Vision Rescue

1,013 new students joined Vision Rescue’s Beacon Learning Centre in Mumbai

A21 (Thailand)

48 survivors of human trafficking were provided with support from crisis intervention to restoration and independence

51% 19% 19.6% 5.8% 4.6%

What are we doing in 2023?

Our Mission is what drives our miracle offering, and in 2023, we are excited to introduce four initiatives that will allow our church to make a collective impact. Firstly, the Local Campus Initiatives, led by your local campus pastor, directly benefit your local community and the campus you attend. Secondly, the National Initiative, an annual project that brings us together to collectively support and advance one area of our church. This year, we’re working with our Hobart campus in continuing to see new facilities established. Thirdly, the Social Impact Initiatives, span across local, national, and international levels. Through partnerships with different organisations, we have the privilege of contributing to projects that make a meaningful difference. Lastly, we remain dedicated to our Church Planting Initiative. Having successfully planted churches locally and globally, we’re now considering the next step. We firmly believe that planting churches worldwide will continue to be a significant part of our future.

Building healthy church communities

Creating significant and sustainable social impact

Developing purpose-filled Jesus followers

Heart for the House is a fundraising initiative undertaken by the Trustee for Hillsong Church Australia and the Trustee for the Hillsong Foundation (a public ancillary fund). Tax-deductible receipts are only available for donations received by the Trustee for the Hillsong Foundation, which solely distributes funds to Item 1 deductible gift recipients (such as Hillsong CityCare and others). Accordingly, where you donate in this way, the funds will be used for the part of the Mission which can receive those funds – and not to directly fund church activities.



This year we have a new opportunity to focus specifically on meeting real needs in each campus. These initiatives have been introduced to empower every campus to invest in and focus on something specific to their needs. There will be a direct correlation between your Heart for the House contribution and the betterment of your campus and community. We are excited to see what is possible as we come together to serve and impact our local church communities together.

Local Campus Initiatives

Alexandria - Georg & Natalie Pingel

Upgrading our kids facilities.


- Barak & Joelle Pauls

Working on making our new building feel like a home.

Brisbane Central

- Nick & Sarah Khiroya

We have three focus areas: building upgrades, prayer house facility and investing into our school chaplains.

Brisbane Downtown

- John & Sarah Sparey

This year we will be investing into our Treasure Chest program and also our café space in our building.

Darwin Palmerston/Malak

- Paul & Alisya Glass

Focusing on revival nights in our community and also finding ways to help people in our community get to church.

Geelong - Joel & Karmijn Feebrey

Creative tech upgrades to help our worship team moving forward.

Gold Coast Central

- Brad & Karissa Kohring

Providing support to a local domestic violence shelter.

Gold Coast North

- Daniel & Lauren Kahika

Providing support to a local domestic violence shelter.

Greater Springfield

- Andrew & Crystal Midson

Hiring a staff member whose focus is social impact will allow us to expand our reach in our community, as well as continuing to refurbish our youth ministry hub.

Greater West - Jay & Christina Jury

Purchasing a food trailer to use on Sundays and also through the week in order to serve our community.

Hills - Sam & Kylie Di Mauro

Renovating the foyer and partnering with Diamond Women Foundation and the Lisa Harnum Foundation.


- Eddie & Rachel Parker

Stage 2 fit-out for our new venue.

Inner West - Druvi & Anita Perera

Our goal is to hire a part-time campus coordinator to help assist with facilitating and sustaining a healthy church community.

Macquarie - Tom & Angela Bachtle

Part-time kids pastor and a van to bring youth to our Friday & Sunday PM services.

Melbourne City

- Dean & Rachel Ussher

The fit-out of our newly leased office and training space.

Melbourne East - Dale & Andrea Simons

Building a café that will be open during the week and also focusing on training and upskilling chaplains in our church community.

Melbourne Greater West

- Peter & Sheridan Stavrou

As our congregation has grown over the past year, we are hoping to add a mezzanine floor to provide more space.

Melbourne West

- Nigel & Kathryn Ram

Purchasing a minivan for youth transportation.


- Bryan & Chloe Campos

As our kids ministry grows, we hope to be able to renovate our kids area.


- Scott (Sanga) & Kety Samways

Believing for a new church building.

North Shore

- Allen & Renee Yam

We are believing for a family coordinator to join our team to help bring support and care for our families, students and volunteer teams.

Northern Beaches

- Jerry & Jo Groenestyn

We want to be able to hire a staff member who will look after our youth ministry.

Perth - Andy & Lauren Koblischke

We aim to invest into our youth ministry and see it continue to grow and impact our local campus and surrounding communities.

South West

- Nathan & Jess McLean

Expanding our kids facilities so we can accommodate all the kids and families who are attending our services.

Sunshine Coast North (Noosa)

- Jamie & Janie Coyle

A paid social impact staff member will help us to be able to reach our high school and broader community.

Sunshine Coast South

- Emma & Jared Cooke

We are focusing on discipleship and investing into the next generation this year.

Waterloo - JD & Lauren Douglass

We are believing to invest into our youth ministry and local youth community along with upgrading our foyer spaces.


- Nathan & Jess McLean

Securing a 24/7 venue so we are able to continue to grow and provide consistency for our church family.

Scan the QR code to learn more about the Hillsong Local Campus Initiatives



Each year we will identity a National Initiative that will enable us to significantly move forward one aspect of our church. We’re one church and together we’re a part of something so much greater than we would be on our own. Individually we can make a small difference, but together we have the opportunity to do something extraordinary as we all contribute to our National Initiative.

Up to

Why Hobart?

We have seen the fruit of our Heart for the House offering over the years, provide much-needed facilities that provide a place of home and security for our church communities and the future generations for so many of our locations across Australia. Most recently we have invested in a place to call home for our Melbourne City, Gold Coast, Macquarie and Alexandria locations.

This year our National Initiative will be blessing the people of Hobart. Our Hobart campus faced the challenge of having to house and facilitate the community of the church in a city with limited rental spaces and a growing population. In 2020 we purchased The Avalon Theatre, a heritage building in downtown Hobart. This year we are entering stage two to fit-out and create something beautiful for our church community in Hobart. The new facility will be more than double our previous seating capacity. Plus, the kid’s facilities will be a huge step forward and the multi-storey car park next door will make Sundays so much easier for all the young families and our whole faith community.



Church planting has always been part of Hillsong’s story and history. We will continue to be strategic in both new church plants, as well as continuing to support our newer church locations around Australia and the globe. In our post pandemic world, we are assisting in rebuilding our existing church plants to be strong and stable communities. Part of who we are is a church planting movement, and we want to continue this in our future.

20% Minimum


This year we are working with CityCare, ONE80TC, Vision Rescue, A21 and Hillsong Africa Foundation. We believe that the work we are able to do through our partner organisations allows us to have significant and sustainable social impact through the trust and longevity we have built in these relationships and the great work they do to change lives and impact communities.

Ours to love and serve CityCare

In 2023, CityCare’s focus is to strengthen existing relationships and programs while also cultivating new partnerships. These existing programs encompass a wide range of initiatives, including SHINEGirl & STRENGTH, Youth Safe Spaces, Youth Events, Playgroup, SHINEWomen, Emergency Food Relief, and Community Safe Spaces. It is through these programs that CityCare is able to have a positive, long lasting impact on those within vulnerable communities.

An exciting endeavour for this year is the focus on the groundwork towards the launch of The Homeward Project (previously known as Our Village Project). This project aims to encourage more individuals to open their homes to children who need them while ensuring that they receive the support they need. Our program includes info sessions, foster care: first steps content, wrap-around teams, and traumainformed training.

Truly free ONE80TC

This year, ONE80TC is aiming to increase the number of services and programs that are offered in order to engage a greater number of people. This continued partnership with Hillsong Church and the giving from the Heart For The House offering will help enable the growth and expansion to continue.

Building a thriving nation Hillsong Africa Foundation

A big focus for the Hillsong Africa Foundation this year is to implement Local Impact projects through local church locations. This will have a farreaching impact and provide significant and sustainable change. They already have some exciting projects in progress like the Mitchells Plain Agricultural Training Program as well as the mentorship program for young men through the Power Camps in the Gugulethu location.

In 2023, the work being done in 10 local communities will continue. In the communities there are 19 different programs that are run to facilitate and support a variety of needs. These programs aim to help develop each individual’s ability to grow as a leader, create positive change and act for the benefit of the greater community.

Abolish slavery forever A21

Similar to last year, A21 plans to continue providing ongoing trauma-informed care and holistic case management to survivors of human trafficking. Going forward, A21 Thailand plans to host workshops that focus on equipping survivors of human trafficking with mental health resiliency, life skills, and vocation-related skills. These skills will help survivors reintegrate and flourish in their communities, decreasing the risk of re-victimisation. These individuals find hope in sustainable growth and development toward a life of independence. The contribution of funds and support of volunteers has helped A21 further this mission to see a world free of human trafficking. Thank you for staying engaged in the mission and continuing to support this work!

Empowering the vulnerable Vision Rescue

In the new academic year that begins in June, the first goal is to enroll children in Vision Rescue’s education programs through the Community Champions program. This ensures that each child identifies with and journeys with 50 other children and families throughout the year to provide community and support to each other.

Secondly, in the Kolkatta community, where the Vision Rescue bus currently operates, a community centre model will be rolled out. This will enable Vision Rescue to work sustainably with the families and communities in their care.

Thirdly, there will be a focus on working towards expanding operations from the urban poor in India to now also reach the rural poor through partnerships with municipal schools in disadvantaged villages.

In the 19 year-long partnership we have had with Vision Rescue, children’s lives have been drastically transformed. Some of these children have now grown up to become nurses, teachers and computer assistants and so much more. As we enter into this upcoming year, we are looking forward to keeping thousands more children free from every form of exploitation.

Prepare for your financial gift

Prayerfully consider the part you are able to play in our Heart For The House offering.

Every significant sacrifice requires a plan. Never underestimate budgeting for generosity.

Pray Plan Bring

Let’s join together for our Heart for the House offering weekend on the 18th June.*

*Giving is open until 30th June 2023.

Ways to Give

For BPAY and direct deposit info hillsong.com/hfth

Your Heart for the House offering can be received from now until 30TH JUNE 2023. All giving above $2 to the Hillsong Foundation is tax-deductible.

If your giving does not require a tax-deductible receipt (including trust disbursements), it will be deposited and receipted by Hillsong Church Australia (ABN 73 640 782 059 / TFN 99 107 8055) and used to support the Heart for the House initiatives.

Heart for the House is a fundraising initiative undertaken by the Trustee for Hillsong Church Australia and the Trustee for the Hillsong Foundation (a public ancillary fund).

App Download the ‘Hillsong
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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
Galatians 6:9 (NIV) hillsong.com.au/hfth
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