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America the Beautiful: The Monumental Landscape of Clyde Butcher The James J. Hill Reference Library and The Saint Paul Public Library, with the Metropolitan Services Agency (MELSA) and The Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library, presented an exhibit of the extraordinary black and white photographs of the acclaimed photographer Clyde Butcher.


housands of Minnesotans had the

opportunity to discover the magnificent

introduce Minnesotans to the creations of

work of the acclaimed American

this remarkable artist,” said Peter Gilbertson,

landscape photographer Clyde Butcher - known

James J. Hill Reference Library board member

as the “Ansel Adams of the Everglades” during a

and former chairman. “The Hill Library, with its

limited engagement exhibit hosted by the James

history and ambiance, was the perfect backdrop

J. Hill Reference Library and Saint Paul Public

for this extraordinary exhibit, which preserves

Library earlier this year.

“America the Beautiful: The Monumental

Landscape of Clyde Butcher” featured a collection of large-scale iconic black-and-white images that capture the beauty of places ranging from the South Dakota Badlands to the beaches

”This was a unique opportunity to

the diverse majesty of America’s landscapes.”

St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman kicked off the

exhibit during the January 28 opening with the

“The [Hill Library] interior is grand beyond imagination...Roman pillars stretching to the ceiling, creating a clear-story which makes for a feeling of dynamism...a feeling of timelessness. [...] when they added Clyde’s photography I was pretty much in tears with the emotion of it all. My love of books, history and Clyde’s photography all in one dynamic place!”

~ Nikki Butcher, Clyde Butcher’s wife The exhibit and associated programming

were made possible in part by the Arts and Culture Heritage Fund, which was voter approved in 2008 and began distributing funds

introduction of Clyde Butcher who spoke about

in 2009. The Heritage Fund has been dedicated

‘capturing the great public lands’ with his art.

to supporting Minnesota programs that aim to

The Hill Library also hosted related events, of Hawaii. Butcher composes his works at pristine and untarnished locations across the U.S., creating which included Polar Explorer and Minnesota

preserve arts and culture in the state.

America the Beautiful: The Monumental

arresting compositions that mark him as the

native Ann Bancroft and St. Paul-based Rose

Landscape of Clyde Butcher, was organized by

foremost landscape photographer.

Ensemble performing American hymns.

Exhibits Development Group (EDG).

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James J. Hill Reference Library



Hill Library Updates

Hill Library Hosts a Tradeshow and Seminar for EO Minnesota Entrepreneurs


he Hill Library’s stately Reading Room

and railroad tycoon, the Hill Library has served

created the perfect atmosphere for an

the Twin Cities community by focusing not just

exchange of ideas among the Minnesota

on the retrieval of business information but on

members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization

the sharing of it. In addition to providing patrons

(EO) who hosted their special tradeshow and

with access to information resources via online

seminar on March 9. The event focused on social

programs, the Hill Library partners with public

media and marketing featuring Robert Stephens,

and private entities to host exhibits, lectures,

founder of Geek Squad.

educational programs and other initiatives that

amplify and accelerate the sharing of knowledge

“The Hill Library is one of the Twin Cities

true hidden gems. This is the perfect venue

and give currency to the Library’s mission.

for hosting business events. The atmosphere

is unmatched,” said Chris Eilers, CEO, Dunn

Library, he foresaw it being far more than a

Bros Coffee and member of Minnesota EO.

collection of business information. He wanted

can accommodate groups of all sizes, the Hill

With more than 70 local chapter members, the

the public to see in its walls the strength of the

Library provides the perfect venue for events

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a dynamic, global

pioneers and in its collection each person’s

ranging from business seminars and meetings to

network of more than 7,300 business owners in

potential to create something new and lasting.

exhibitions and elegant receptions.

“When James J. Hill envisioned the Hill

Rasmussen, Hill Library’s CFO/COO. Boasting several distinctive settings that

42 countries that enables entrepreneurs to learn, Our library offers a host of resources for our

and grow from each other.

about corporate and private party rental options,

business community, including extraordinary

Built by James Jerome Hill, a titan of business meeting, exhibition and office spaces,” said Anne

To view the photo album and learn more

please visit

Hill Library’s Reading Room A Unique Celebration of Voted Best Venue for Wedding American Heritage WeddingWire, the nation’s leading wedding

In March, the Hill Library inaugurated a unique

technology company, announced that the

celebration of American heritage, combining

Hill Library received the 2010 Bride’s Choice

the extraordinary photographic exhibit America

Award™. Readers of Minnesota Bride Magazine

the Beautiful: The Monumental Landscape of

also selected the Hill Library for the Best of 2010 dedicated environmentalist Clyde Butcher, with Readers’ Choice Award. To learn more about the Americana Showcase, a Southern Minnesotawedding rental options, visit

based music series that honors the rich musical heritage of the American Midwest.

This celebration included a series of music

concerts performed in the midst of 50 of Butcher’s epic photographic images echoing his love of the American landscape.

“The Hill Library’s Reading Room suddenly

Often times, musicians perform in bars or

“background noise.” The Americana Showcase offers an opportunity for artists to be heard and appreciated. Through the songwriter-in-the-round format, musicians benefit by performing together and sharing personal experiences, fostering new opportunities for collaboration and musical

direction. lit up with passions of artists connecting with art- “We are pleased to see our historic space lovers,” said a concert goer. utilized for events that celebrate the rich musical other venues where their music is considered

heritage of the American Midwest,” added Anne Rasmussen, Hill Library’s CFO/COO.



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Upcoming Events Start a Franchise: What You Need to Know

Losing a Legacy: Disappearing Glaciers A photographic story of the Glaciers in Glacier National Park

June 2, 2010, 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

May 15, 2010, 10:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.

Hear about how Joe Francis, entrepreneur

A photographic story of the Glaciers in Glacier

John Fery (1859-1934): Glacier National Park’s

and founder of The Barbers, Inc., started and

National Park; Lecture: 10:00 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Artist-in-Residence; Lecture: 11:00 - 11:20 a.m.

developed his franchise and went on to

Dan Fagre, Research Ecologist and Climate

Kristin Makholm, Ph.D., Executive Director

become the 20th Century’s franchise pioneer

Change Research Coordinator for Northern

of Minnesota Museum of American Art, will

of the hair care industry.

Rocky Mountain Science Center, USGS

illustrate John Fery’s relationship to Glacier

and author of the exhibit, Losing A Legacy:

National Park, using one of Fery’s paintings of the

proved analysts wrong who claimed, “you’ll

Disappearing Glaciers, will present a

Park as an example. James J. Hill’s son, Louis W.

never be able to franchise hair salons.” In 1963,

photographic story that blends the science of

Hill, often commissioned Fery to paint outdoor

he founded The Barbers, Inc. and over the next

climate change research with the aesthetic of

scenes of the park, which were hung in Great

36 years, he became a 1,000-franchisee global

landscape photography from Glacier National

Northern Railway’s train stations, promoting

business, which was rated as one of the top

Park. Fagre will discuss worldwide glacial

travel to Glacier National Park. Fery’s featured

U.S. franchise companies in Forbes, Nation’s

recession and predictions that all of the glaciers

painting will be on display from May 10 through

Business, Venture, Success and Corporate

in Glacier National Park will melt by 2030.

May 21.

Franchising was in its infancy when Francis


Edwin Klein, author of Joe Francis

biography, and Florence Francis, wife of Joe Francis, will explore common questions that people who want to leap into a franchise business often ask. Through this talk, you’ll better understand how to: deal with business


These lectures are part of Minnesota Springs for Glacier, a series of events and exhibits held on May 14-15 in downtown St. Paul to celebrate Glacier’s 100th birthday as a national park. The event is organized by Glacier National Park Fund and is co-sponsored by The James J. Hill Reference Library.

start up challenges; select the right strategies to grow your business; take advantage of franchising opportunities; and decide whether to stay local or go national, or global.

Join us online to learn how to conduct research Article Searching - Online Training


May 12, 2010; 10:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M.

Each attendee will receive a FREE copy

Learn how to use Hill Library databases to locate industry

of the book, “Joe Francis, An American

reports and company profiles, along with articles on

Entrepreneur: His Journey from Mazeppa

management trends and regional market information.

to Moscow” by Edwin Klein FREE parking for 2 hours Register at

James J. Hill Reference Library


Register at



James J, Hill Reference Library 80 Fourth Street West Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102 Online at



Providing access to and assistance in finding the practical business information clients need to succeed

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Barbara Rostad

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Internationally renowned Rose Ensemble performed a free concert at the Hill Library amidst the “America the Beautiful” exhibit, featuring early American hymns, ballads and spiritual songs from the dancehalls of Boston, to Shaker villages, and the hills of Appalachia

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