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Second Quarter 2015

FROM THE PRESIDENT By Paul Coffman Breton Auto Wash

Don’t Miss Out!


his year, more than any other year before, I am so amped up in anticipation of the Annual MCA Expo. I don’t know if it’s the new location, this year’s exhibitors, the round table topics, or the delicious dinner.  It’s not just one thing, it’s EVERYTHING!

Round table topics this year that are pertinent to what we need to know:

I’ve seen first-hand the new venue for exhibition, entertainment and overnight stays. Let’s just say, we’ve taken a leap forward from where we have been before.

I don’t want to miss a moment of the Expo and I know you don’t either, so…..

We have exhibitors jumping at the chance to see operators in person, not just on the phone, eager to show and tell you what’s new and upcoming in products and services.

• • • • •

MIOSHA Updates Security for Your Wash What can Social Media do for You? Extra Service Upgrades LED Lighting

DON’T MISS OUT! Looking forward to seeing all of you there –


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Pet Wash

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719-277-7400 | HCA Ad Layout 2015 6.indd 1 Second Quarter

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1/10/14 3:52 PM

Introducing TunnelWatch® 4.0 New software that provides a modern user interface and powerful new capabilities

See Your Tunnel in a New Light • A new graphical interface allows

precious relay functions, but will help assure that you are getting each car as clean and with as little risk of damage as possible.

you to change tunnel services on your iPad or other tablet – while in the tunnel or even off-site (with password protection, of • “Live Invoke” features means course!). No more running back that changes take effect and forth to the office when immediately on all cars in the testing new tunnel changes. Just tunnel. So, on that busy day, load the new TunnelWatch 4.0 on you don’t need to wait until the your tablet, make changes while tunnel clears to invoke changes – at or near the tunnel and watch they happen immediately. them take effect! Perfect for fine tuning your car wash into maximum • Tunnel activity can be monitored on your phone, tablet or any efficiency and cost savings. Internet-connected computer. • A new concept called “Traits” This includes the ability to make allows you to define given types configuration changes remotely. of cars (or recognize them TunnelWatch 4.0 improves your through our Vehicle Profile ability to control and monitor the Detection product) and efficiently site for tighter security and more control all tunnel devices as a efficient operations. result. This not only can save you

• Paired with the SiteWatch®

CarPics® product, TunnelWatch 4.0 shows actual photos of the car as it progresses through the tunnel. For example, you’ll be able to see the white pickup truck progress down the tunnel and observe all the services they receive as they are activated.

What’s Next? Visit for an online demonstration or call us at 1-800-336-6338 for more information. TunnelWatch 4.0 Creating a Smarter Tunnel


800-336-6338 Green, Ohio / © Copyright 2015. All rights reserved DRB Systems

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Second Quarter 2015

Protecting Your Profits: How to Control Your Insurance Program Dollars By Brad Rutgers, Group Fund Risk Manager - Regency Group Administrators


nowing the total cost of managing your risk exposure is more important today than ever before. The recent economic crisis has exerted pressure on virtually every business, resulting in reduced staffs and tighter budgets. The lingering effects of the crisis can seem like a never-ending financial hangover. The proper risk management program will reduce costs, easing the pressure on financial resources. Historically, the cost of insurance premiums (risk transfer) was viewed as the major cost associated in a risk management program. Today, the cost of insurance premiums is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many costs that can and should be measured and controlled. An appropriate insurance and risk management program will help quantify and manage both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include insurance premiums, self-retained losses, administrative costs and broker fees. Indirect costs can include reduced employee morale, poor public relations, downtime, overtime, etc. A healthy risk management program looks at the Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). A well designed program will reduce costs, especially those associated with claims loss. Dealing with claims losses can be viewed in two basic categories: Pre-loss and Post-loss.

One of the most critical elements of any risk management program is selecting the proper partners. For instance, any vendor partner should be familiar with your business and the unique risks associated with it. You should partner with an insurance agent that understands your business and its unique exposures. That agent will have the knowledge, experience and resources to: help you control and manage risk; provide adequate protection for assets and liabilities; review the credit worthiness of insurers; and know if an insurer pays their claims fairly and timely. Implementing and monitoring a comprehensive risk management program can be a very intimidating task. Remember that insurance premiums are just a portion of costs. It is helpful to compartmentalize and examine each cost and component of risk on its own, then look at the program as a whole. Even the best program will not eliminate risk. Losses will occur. Be certain to engage in activities to avoid losses, then review and mitigate them when they happen.

Pre-loss. Planning, analyzing, training, and implementing activities to prevent losses should be ongoing and will force you to identify your exposures. Other pre-loss activities should include: work place assessments, policy reviews, loss and trend analysis, employee/supervisor training and education, consultation with loss control specialists (to include security and file protection consulting) and regulatory compliance. Post-loss. Efforts should be made to mitigate costs and reduce the impact of the loss. Post-loss activities should include: light duty work options, claim review and file audits, preservation of evidence and a subrogation investigation. Following any loss, a thorough review of the facts should be conducted and steps should be implemented to avoid future similar losses. Post-loss there are questions that need to be answered. What was the root cause of this loss? Could the loss have been avoided? Was the insurance coverage adequate? Second Quarter 2015

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Your Industry’s Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund Returning Millions Back To Members Over $18 Million since 1981 SAFETY | SAVINGS OWNERSHIP GREAT RATES PREMIUM RETURNS LOSS CONTROL INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC

• Workers’ Compensation Insurance with a 50% Average Premium Return • Safety & Loss Prevention Services • Competitive Up-Front Pricing | administered by Regency Group | 800.686.6640

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EXPO 2015

June 23 - 24

FireKeepers Casino Hotel



9:15 - 10:30 AM

Round Table Forum & Breakfast

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM Trade Show Expo Open

JOiN US Association Expo!

for the 2015 Midwest Carwash

Our show floor has space for over 60 vendor booths so you’ll get a chance to check out all the latest products and services. Drawings for free FireKeepers game play will also be given away throughout the show. This year our educational session switch to the popular Round Table format. Grab breakfast and rotate around the room to collaborate with colleagues on current topics affecting your business. We encourage you to stay Tuesday night and enjoy dinner with us. Dinner and hotel details are below.

• MIOSHA Updates • Security for Your Wash • What can Social Media do for You? • Extra Service Upgrades

Dinner Cocktails

6:30 - 8:00 PM

MCA Annual Dinner

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24TH 9:00 - 10:00 AM

This year the show moves to West Michigan and the FireKeepers Casino Hotel in Battle Creek. FireKeepers offers 2,900 slots, 70 table games and more.

Round Table Topics

6:00 - 6:30 PM


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Trade Show Expo Open 1:00 PM

Membership Meeting

DiNNER & AWARDS RECEPTiON Stay for a fabulous evening of dinner, awards and networking on June 23rd following the first day of the show. Dinner, including a hosted bar, is $55 per person. Bring your staff, co-workers and customers for a fabulous meal and networking. Sign up today, limited availability on-site.

HOTEL iNFORMATiON FireKeepers Casino Hotel 11177 East Michigan Avenue Battle Creek, MI 49014 For Reservations Call: 877.FKC.8777 or visit http://

• LED Lighting Finish Line

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Second Quarter 2015

2015 EXPO ATTENDEE REGISTRATION June 23 - 24 FireKeepers Casino Hotel

Company Name _________________________________________________________ q Member

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Other Business Name (if applicable) ____________________________________________________________________ Business Type (check all that apply)

q q q q q

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Conveyor In-Bay Automatic Oil-Lube Chemical Distributor

Detail Shop Self-Serve Credit Card Processor Insurance Provider

q q q q

Carwash Mfr. Soap Mfr. Equipment Mfr. POS

Other _____________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________ State _________________________ Zip _________________ Contact Person _____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________

Fax ______________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________________________________________________ (Please provide an up-to-date email to ensure that you receive all MCA communications)

Names of Attendees (attach list of names to this form if more space is needed) _______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EVENT Expo Show Floor & Educational Round Tables Tuesday, June 23rd & Wednesday, June 24th





Awards Reception & Dinner




Tuesday, June 23rd 2015 Midwest Carwash Association Membership SHOW SPECIAL



$110 TOTAL _______________

PAYMENT METHOD q Check payable to MCA

Check # _________



q MasterCard

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Credit Card Number: ________________________________________ Expiration: ___________________ Code: _________________ Name: ___________________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________ MAIL FORM AND PAYMENT TO : Midwest Carwash Association 120 N. Washington Square Suite 110A Lansing, MI 48933 Or Fax to 517.371.1170

Second Quarter 2015

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QUESTIONS? Please visit or contact Hillary Walilko at 1.800.610.4512 or

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Anatomy of the Foaming Brush Critical Options for Self-Serve Car Washes


n self-serve car wash bays, most car wash owners rely on foaming brushes to cost effectively remove surface dirt, film, grit, and debris from customers’ cars and keep them coming back. This is particularly important when soapy water alone will not do the job. Most owners, however, are unaware of the full range of available foaming brush options that can help optimize the self-serve wash, both for their customers and themselves.

By Del Williams

in certain situations,” says Dan Pecora, an expert on car wash supplies and CEO of Erie Manufacturing in Chicago, Ill., a supplier to the carwash industry since 1948. “In general, the shorter the brush filament length and bigger the diameter filament, the harder it presses on the car; and the longer and finer the filament the more gently it presses on the car,” explains Pecora.

A quick overview of foaming brush anatomy will help car wash owners to pick the foaming brush options that best serve their customers and themselves. Ideally, this will be a foaming brush that is cost effective, durable, easy-to-use, gentle on paint, and well lubricated with good quality foam.

According to Pecora, to reduce potential paint damage due to grit on the car or brush, it’s wise to post signs advising self-serve customers to “Use presoak wash option and pressure to remove grit from your car” and “Wash the brush before washing your car to remove any grit from the brush.” This can be particularly important when using materials like nylon, cloth and synthetic fill, which tend to hold grit.

Foaming Brush Bristles


Since foaming brush bristles are what actually contact customers’ paint jobs, getting this right is key and there is a range of choices available.

According to Pecora, while nylon brush filaments are less expensive up front, they are stiff and better suited for scrubbing off layers of dirt from older, unwashed cars. With large-diameter filaments about 2-1/2” long, they tend to accumulate larger particles and debris like sand and grit that can scratch paint. He advises against using nylon filaments on darker car colors, like black, since any marks on the paint are more likely to show.

“Materials from nylon, synthetic fill, and cloth fill to gentle foam and hog’s hair all have their advantages

Synthetic Fill Synthetic fill filaments have properties similar to nylon, but are slightly softer than nylon. With large-diameter bristles about 2-1/2” long, synthetic fill still collects grit unless the grit is washed out before use.

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Second Quarter 2015

Cloth Fill Soft Cloth fill, usually about 3-1/2” long, are a choice for car owners who want to avoid using filament brushes. Cloth is inexpensive compared to hog’s hair and some people think that that it adds shine to a car. However, cloth tends to accumulate grit. Gentle Foam Gentle Foam, about 3-1/2” long, is lightweight, less prone to accumulate grit, and similar in cost to nylon. Some people think it adds shine to a car. The gentle foam, cloth fill, and nylon brushes are also typically available in an assortment of colors to match your car wash including: green, red, blue, black, and some are also available in other colors. Hog’s Hair Hog’s Hair bristles, usually from 2-3/4” to 5” long, are the number one self-serve foam brush choice, says Pecora. Their finer, longer filaments do not scratch, accumulate less grit than others, and provide a softer, plusher wash. Since each hair is tapered, they are much softer at the feathered tips for gentle washing

but allow scrubbing when pressure is applied. Since hog’s hair is durable, super soft, and resilient despite bending and prolonged use, it is the most profitable choice in the long run. Foaming Brush Head Aluminum or Plastic As a foaming brush head material, most self-serve car wash owners choose aluminum because it is durable and long lasting in a rough environment. However, plastic foam brush heads are comparable in price to aluminum and less likely to scratch or ding your customer’s car. Rectangular or Round “In choosing a foaming brush head shape, rectangular brush heads can provide better, faster wash coverage of flat surfaces such as hoods, sides, doors, roofs, and trunks,” explains Pecora. “Round foaming brush heads, in contrast, provide better wash coverage of wheels, hubcaps, nooks and crannies.” “Some car wash owners have found that providing their customers with a choice of both a round and

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Micro Pak! Formula 600 Micro Pak AP Pre-soak

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Second Quarter 2015

Micro Pak excels in frictionless or reduced-friction cleaning and can be used as a single stage or part of a two-stage system. Get the whole story at

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Warsaw Chemical Co., Inc. P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581 Phone: 800-548-3396 Fax: 574-267-3884 Car Choice ®. “If your car could choose.”

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Foaming Brush - continued from page 9 a rectangular head brush helps to separate themselves from their competition,” adds Pecora. Number of Foam Holes In terms of foaming brush head design, the more holes available to dispense high quality foam, the more even the foam application along the entire length of the brush, and the better the wash and glide along the car’s surface. If a foaming brush head has just two holes, the foam comes out in two spots and there isn’t enough foam for all the bristles. This makes washing the car more difficult and marking the car paint more likely, particularly with stiffer filaments like nylon.

Handle Grips

Foaming Brush Handle

A slippery, foaming brush grip or lack of a grip can make the equipment difficult and tiring to hold. To accommodate a full range of customers more easily, he recommends having a non-slip vinyl or foam coating over the entire foaming brush handle to provide a secure grip anywhere. Two-point grips, in contrast, can be more difficult and tiring for the customer to use.

“As a self-serve car wash owner, you’re selling time with your equipment to car owners,” says Pecora. “If you make the equipment as comfortable and easy to use as possible, they buy more time and you make more money.”

With an awareness of foaming brush anatomy, selfserve car wash owners are now prepared to pick the foaming brush options that best meet their operational goals and satisfy their customers.

Handle Length

Del Williams is a technical writer based in Torrance, California.

“For an even foam spread that covers all the brush bristles, you need more foam holes,” says Pecora. “For instance, a 9” rectangular brush head should have at least 6 foam holes for the best wash and brush glide across the car’s surface.”

Longer foaming brush handles enable better reach, but are more tiring to use. Standard foaming brush handle length is about 40”, but could range from 36”44”. Handle Swivel “Every foaming brush handle should include a swivel screwed onto the end of handle because it prevents the brush hose from twisting or kinking,” advises Pecora. “This inexpensive, sometimes overlooked device makes the foaming brush much easier and less tiring to use. So your customer washes their car longer, gets a better wash, and gives you more business.” Finish Line

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Second Quarter 2015

Second Quarter 2015

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How to Choose the Right LED for your Business

By Michael Call, Mile High LED Systems


he reasons to change to LED lighting are now fairly well documented and known throughout the car wash industry. Owner operators understand the higher quality light from LEDs, the elimination of annual maintenance and the dramatic power savings resulting from LED lighting vs. metal halides and fluorescent lighting. If you’ve already made the switch, you likely have already recouped your investment, as the average payback is around 2 years. For the rest of the industry that has not upgraded, the question is no longer if you should change or when you should change. It is now “how to select the right LED light?” There are multiple LED lighting manufacturers today and selecting the right light can be difficult and confusing. Michael Call, VP Sales Marketing at Mile High LED Systems, has outlined the basic steps to follow when choosing an LED light for your car wash. Or, just look for products by Mile High LED Systems and be assured that the lights recommended are chosen specifically for car wash environments. The following four steps are designed to guide car wash owners and operators to selecting the right LED light for their car wash. The four steps involve 1) identifying the light output needed, 2) identifying quality products, and steps 3 and 4) choosing between seemingly comparable options. Step 1 – Determine how much light you need. The first step is to identify the amount of lumens (a measure of light output) for your wash. It’s easy to start with your existing lights as a baseline. If you are happy with the light output you have, find an LED fixture that is within 10% of your current lumen output. Use table 1 as a reference to see the amount of lumens at different metal halide and LED wattage levels. If you want more light, increase the LED wattage. Note, table 1 is based on delivered lumens, not produced lumens. Metal halides produce more light than indicated in table 1, but most of the light produced is lost and is not delivered to the area being illuminated. Delivered lumens is a measure of light where you want it. For example: A self-serve car wash has 2 x 400W metal halides per bay. Each 400W metal halide delivers 10,000 lumens, so you have 20,000 total lumens per bay.

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Table 1 Delivered Lumens 4375 6250 10000 18750 25000

Metal Halide LED Wattage LED Wattage Wattage (100 Lumen / (115 Lumen / Watt LED) Watt LED) 175 250 400 750 1000

44 63 100 188 250

38 54 87 163 217

A 1 for 1 metal halide to LED fixture swap would require finding an LED light in the 87W-100W range (depending on lumens / watt). To double the light, find a fixture with higher wattage or increase the number of fixtures. Your target total wattage would be 350W-400W of LED light per bay. Step 2 – Finding quality products. Once you identify the target LED wattage and lumen output, start looking for available lights that deliver the lumens needed. Eliminate from consideration lower quality products quickly by scanning for factors that imply lower quality. These factors include efficacy (lumens / watt), thermal management devices, LED chip types, LED rated life and the product warranties. • Lumens per watt, or efficacy, is critical to achieving the desired light output at a cost savings vs. metal halides and fluorescents. For exterior lights in car washes, 80 lumen per watt should be the minimum threshold. Any less than that and the light will not be efficient to operate and you will not achieve the cost savings over time. • Thermal management devices (like fans and automated wattage adjustments) sound like a great idea until you understand that these are tools used to maintain the right heat within a fixture. A light that has "Thermal Controls” means that after 20-30 minutes of operation, the light heats up and dims to keep it cool. Fans are not reliable and break resulting in much less LED life. Be wary of these tricks used be some lights as you will not get the same light output or longevity of an LED if these are used. • Not all LED chips are created equal. Cree and Samsung make the most reputable and reliable LEDs. If the LED

Page 12

Second Quarter 2015

Chip manufacturer is not disclosed, be wary of the light. • Most car washes operate lights from dusk to dawn – a lot of hours. Therefore, you’ll want lights that last. Look for 100,000+ hour LED life with 5-10 year warranties. Anything less than that and you risk having the light stop working just as you pay-off the expense. Step 3 – Compare 5 Year, Total Cost of Ownership. Based on step 1 and 2, you should now have a list of high quality lights that provide the right light output for your car wash needs. Now, how do you choose which light from seemingly comparable options? We recommend comparing lights on a cost per lumen basis to normalize for different factors such as different lumen output, install costs, and long-term operating costs.

Let’s continue with the example from step 1 and do the math to compare two light options that would provide roughly double the light of 2 x 400W metal halides per bay. Per table 1, you’d want ~18000-20000 lumens and 160W-200W per bay (range based on 100-115 lumens / watt). For the sake of this example, let’s say you found two options that will work and appear to be good quality lights (you eliminated lower quality lights per step 2). From here, prepare a total cost of ownership analysis of the new lights after 5 years. The example outlined in table 2 shows Product 1 being the clear winner. Easier to install with lower install costs, 7% less cost per lumen, 20% less operating expenses over 5 years and 19% less expensive overall.

• Install Costs - Installation cost can vary by light. Do you need to run new conduit? Or just 1 to 1 replacements? Can lights be daisy-chained together requiring only a single line wire? These factors all will impact your install labor costs.

Step 4 – Aesthetics.

• Product Costs - Product costs should be looked at on a cost per lumen basis. This enables you to compare lights with different lumen outputs and different costs across a common denominator.

By following these four steps, you’ll have all the facts to be able to make the right decision for you. Or, just look for the Mile High LED Systems logo and be assured the light being recommended it a best in class light designed for car washes and will provide a strong ROI.

• Operating Costs - Operating costs need to be looked at to ensure you are taking into account the largest expense with lights – running them. Finding the most efficient light source will future proof your investment and ensure you continue to save money from these lights over the next 10 to 20 years.

Table 2 Install Costs Estimated Install Hours Cost per Hour Total Cost Product Costs Product Cost Lumens Cost per Lumen Operating Costs Total Watts Power Cost Hours of operation Days Total Annual Power Cost 5 Years Total Costs after 5 Years Second Quarter 2015

Product 1

$ $ $ $

Now, compare how the lights look and if they will improve or detract from the look of your facility. A price premium may be worth it to get the right look and maintain consistency throughout your facility.

To find out more about LED lighting and whether it;’s a good fit for your wash attend the MCA Expo Round Tables June 23rd and meet Michael Call in person.

Product 2 1.00 60.00 60.00 669.00 18,000 0.037

$ $ $ $

Difference 1.50 60.00 90.00

33% 0% 33%

800.00 20,000 0.040

16% 10% 7% 20% 0% 0% 0% 20% 20% 19%

$ $

160 0.15 12 365 105.12 525.60

$ $

200 0.15 12 365 131.40 657.00







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Major Brands Oil Company is pleased to provide our customers with the Simoniz line of car wash products. Liquid High Foam Detergents

Drying Agents

Whitewall and Wheel Cleaners

Rust Inhibitor

2015 Bill Boal Memorial Golf Outing

Tuesday, September 22nd

Polishes, Sealants & Glass Treatment Major Brands Oil Company is also an Oil and Lubricant distributor of Quaker State, Shell, Pennzoil and other major brands. For any questions or inquiries please call Major Brands Oil Company.

Timber Ridge Golf Course More Details to Follow

462 West 23rd Street Holland, MI 49423 1.800.968.9000 616.392.5936

Diamond Shine Car Wash Solutions Grand Blanc, MI Office: 810.406.3300 Cell: 810.624.3069 @stevecwchemical

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Second Quarter 2015

Markets we serve.


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ceRtificAtions & licenses

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Second Quarter 2015

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k c

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