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Fiat Ducato Chassis

Claim your freedom - bring life to your passion


Claim your freedom - bring life to your passion


Fiat guarantee & service FIAT Ducato FIAT roadside assistance FIAT guarantee

Food Truck structure Weight & supply Measurements & dimensions Kitchen interior Appliances

Food Truck specifications Detail Security Kitchen structure

Green energy Solar & lithium el energy

Hii You guarantee & service




Fiat Professional guarantee & service


Fiat Ducato

130 HK, newly fabricated FIAT Ducato professional, specially built with low AL-KO chassis frame — Manual gear — Central lock — Airconditioning — 3 seats — Upholstered neck support — Electronic window — Extended mirror arms — Fog lights — Cruise control — Stereo system with 5” touch screen — incl. bluetooth w/steering wheel control — Immobilizer — Electronic monitoring system of the engine Inspection of the vehicle incl. plate number and delivery costs. Including tax payment to SKAT. The vehicle requires a regular driver’s license

Fiat roadside assistance

Feel confident with the choice of your Food Truck mounted on Fiat Ducato chassis As part of your delivery you gain the advantage of FIAT’s comprehensive service network in the world who are ready, anytime, anywhere, to help you on the European roads if you experience challenges. Fiat road assistance includes: Road assistance In case of downtime due to punctures, lack of fuel, ignition problems, shattered windshield, loss of keys. Towing To the nearest authorized or own authorized workshop upon the customer’s request. Return In case of downtime. Replacement vehicle In case of downtime.

”Peace of mind on the roads throughout Europe ”

Fiat guarantee

Warranty duration

The price of your new Fiat includes a 24-month warranty, which runs from the car’s first registration date, and has no mileage limitation.

// No km restriction

8 ÅR //

Fiat professional service includes: Paint warranty The paint warranty covers manufacturing defects in the paint and apply for 36 months after you take the car. The warranty covers full or partial re-coating of the car to remove any anomalies in accordance with the manufacturer’s standard conditions.

The warranty covers repairs and/or replacement of original parts in the chassis, which is damaged by permeated rust and is valid for 8 years from the day you get the car.

24 MONTHS //


Rust warranty The vehicle’s bodywork is covered by a rust warranty covering it against corrosion which occurs inside and out.

36 MONTHS //




”No km limit while on warranty ”


Food Truck

Food Truck structure —

Weight — Min. total weight* 2840 kg — Max. total weight* 3200 kg Supply — The vehicel is self-sufficient with gas, water and el and is combined as needed



* The following is not included: Driver and passenger, water in the tanks, diesel



Weight & supply


663 m 04 // 3

06 // 1

675 mm

07 // 1350 x 2675 mm

05 // 2760 mm

350 x 2

Measurements & dimensions


01 // Fiat Chassis length

3713 mm

02 // Lenght incl. cab

6083 mm

03 // Fiat Chassis width

2313 mm

04 // Unfolded width

3663 mm

05 // Over all height

2760 mm

06 // Serving hatch

1350 x 2675 mm

07 // Back door

2094 x 813 mm

08 // Areal in m

14,1 m2


03 // 2313 mm

02 // 6083 mm 01 // 3713 mm

09 // Unfolded areal in m2

17,9 m2

”High quality functional kitchen”

* Standard interior in a food truck. Additional gear available if needed


02 // SINK

01 // 1 GRAM 600 liters fridge (standard) 02 // Sink 03 // Extractor hood 04 // Floor rack for cleaning 05 // Bottom cabinets in stainless steel 06 // Top cabinets in stainless steel 07 // LED lights 08 // Lockable serving hatch 09 // Push-out disk 10 // Door handle with lock system 11 // Water holding tank 12 // Water heater system 13 // El-relay 14 // Fire blanket 15 // Buttons to control the use of lights (no image) 16 // LED lights in the ceiling – work lights (no image)

01 // FRIDGE


03 // HOOD

Kitchen details








13 // EL-RELAY



”Appliances tested as the market’s lowest consumption of el and gas”


The appliances are closely selected for best quality and performance, focusing on warranty and service suppliers



Moreover, our recommended appliances measured and tested for the market’s lowest consumption of electricity and gas, to ensure the optimum mobile operational reliability.

Choose the right appliances that matches your needs, see our catalog below: Catalogue // Appliances The chosen appliances, which forms your delivery, will be seen on our offer to you.


01 // Frying plate 02 // Gas cooker 03 // Deep fryer


On the right is a small selection of:


Food Truck specifications —

Food Truck specifications

It takes diverse elements, materials and advanced techniques before your mobile business can function Here is the description of how you managed to make it all come together.

Basic structure



— The structure of a professional and

— Magnets on all cabinet doors as well

— Hvis du har monteret gas i enheden vil

isolated kitchen box in white glass fiber and stainless steel elements cf. (3713 mm x2250) = 8,35 m2

— Washing unit with water heater incl. 42 liters holding tank for fresh water and a corresponding 42 liters tank for sewage (the tank can be filled from outside and emptied outside as well via the sewage handle)

— Connectivity to stationary water/drain/ sewer on the vehicle. Door to the kitchen with two-piece door incl. unique lock to secure the unit

as locks for the cabinets

— LED light in the extractor hood, ceiling lights and LED light guide on the kitchens front with a switch to fade the light up or down.

— Electric installation with HFI relay with 1 x 10 amp and 1 x 16 amp fuses incl. 4 x 230 v EU plug for connecting electrical equipment

— Gas bottle locker with connectivity

to gas bottles (at the option of the gas) to complete the installation of gas pipes, valves, and compulsory pressure test certificate

der være monteret et sikringsmodul på emhætten som gør at denne skal suge før gassen kan tændes i enheden.

— Brandslukker udstyr og brandtæppe jf. krav fra myndigheder

— Rustfri stål element monteret på væg under emhætte for at beskytte køkken for høje temperaturer

— Linoleums gulv og silikone rundt om gulvmoduler for at aflukke åbninger og sikre renlighed og fødevaresikkerhed

Kitchen properties — — Stainless steel customer desk (that can easily slide in and out of the kitchen unit to achieve more space)

— Frying and cooking area with space for installation of 3 x 40 cm modules or a total of 120 cm module

— Soap and paper dispenser — Extractor hood over the cooking area with el motor

— Stainless steel customer bar desk that can be folded and unfolded from the customer desk

— Stainless steel table surface incl. 3 bottom cabinets with 2 sinks built as a standard element in stainless steel tables and faucet with cold and warm water

— Floor grates of stainless steel for cleaning kitchen

— Motor for air extraction in unit

— A desk for the cash register (if opted)


Green energy solar & lithium —

Solar & lithium el system

Drive your mobile business with a green profile from HiiYou

Set up your device as required with 1-3 lithium batteries to ensure you many hours of electricity running in the open. Charge the batteries from shore power at night or when driving in the car. With solar panels on the roof, you are ensured another 2-3 hours of operation when the sun shines. You can always connect to the shore power. — Avoid refueling and associated operating costs for the generator — Avoid unnecessary noise and shakes in the vehicle

”Achieve a green and cheap solution with solar og lithium”

Solar & lithium


Super sophisticated battery charger that includes “adaptive charging” technology

Energy Control over 2 different power sources


Measures ampere-hours used and how much power stored in the battery

// BATTERI (3)

Protects the battery cells against over-consumption and heat




1-3 rechargeable lithium batteries with integrated cell balance

The solar panel from the food truck’s roof can harvest free energy from the sun’s rays

”Mobile business with clear conscience”

Service & guarantee —

Hii You service & guarantee

We’re always ready to help you! We vouch for our delivery and if you experience challenges, we will help you. We have a service center that performs warranty service and/or extraordinary tasks you want us to solve for you. Contact us at: 70 20 20 33

Service division: Structure of mobile business Here, our service department and factory help improve electricity, gas, glass fiber tasks, fittings, locks, elements, etc. Appliances We communicate and coordinate with the supplier if the warranty conditions apply here. FIAT Ducato We provide contact to the right person in FIAT roadside service or workshop at 80 40 12 12.

Lithium & Solar We communicate and coordinate with the supplier if the warranty conditions apply here. Always remember to follow the prescriptions of FIAT’s manual and HiiYou manual for your mobile business.

Food Truck Manual // HiiYou Leasing conditions // Fleegaard Terms and conditions // Hiiyou

Claim your freedom - bring life to your passion


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