Undergraduate Bulletin 2016 2017

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Human Relations, Sociology and Nonprofit Studies No more than 8 of the 16 elective hours can be fulfilled with the following cross-listed courses: SOA 2264, SOA 2274, SOA 3344, and SOA 3384. No more than 4 hours of SOA 4810-4815 — Internship or SOA 4018 — Undergraduate Research can be counted toward fulfilling major requirements. NOTE. Students majoring in Sociology and Anthropology may not minor in either Sociology or Anthropology. Requirements for a Minor in Sociology (20 credits) SOA 1010. The Individual in Society (4) Four courses selected from the following: SOA 2020. Sociology of Mass Communication (4) SOA/WGS 2030. Family and Kinship (4) SOA/WGS 2040. Race and Ethnicity (4) SOA 2070. Sociological Social Psychology (4) SOA/WGS 2850. Globalization and Poverty (4) SOA 3020. Appalachian Society and Nonprofits (4) SOA/WGS 3025. Sociology of Work and Family (4) SOA 3030. Health, Illness, and Medicine (4) SOA 3050. Sociology of Education (4) SOA 3070. The Social Construction of Deviance (4) SOA 3700. Research Methods in Sociology (4) SOA 3900. Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory (4) SOA/ENV 4000. Environment & Society (4) SOA 4010. Visual Sociology and Social Documentation (4) SOA 4040. Class, Consumption, and the American Dream (4) One of the four electives selected must be at the 3000-level or higher. Requirements for a Minor in Anthropology (20 credits) SOA 1020. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4) SOA 2270. Anthropology in Contemporary Society (4) SOA 3120. Ethnographic Studies (4) Select two courses from the following: SOA 2450. Introduction to Biological Anthropology (4) SOA/WGS 2850. Globalization and Poverty (4) SOA 2900. Ritual, Myth, & Meaning: The Anthropology of Religion (4) SOA 3400. Economic Anthropology (4) SOA 3600. Language and Culture (4) SOA 3800. History and Theory of Anthropology (4)


Other Departmental Minors Requirements for a Minor in Leadership (20 credits) HRE 2811. Human Relations Practicum I (2) HRE 3220. Group Dynamics and Team Development (4) HRE 3811. Human Relations Practicum II (2) HRE 4220. Contemporary Perspectives on Leadership (4) HRE 4711. Internship** (4) One additional approved course in HST or PSC (Approved by the appropriate department chair) **HRE 4711 is a unique internship experience and is in addition to internships required within a student’s major/minor. Student Learning Outcomes 1. Students will acquire knowledge and skills about leadership and leadership development from individual, group and organizational perspectives. 2. Students will acquire expertise in comprehensive human relations theory and practice, leadership theory, leadership development, group and team dynamics, and management theory. 3. Students will demonstrate competencies in the field of leadership and leadership development through the successful completion of professional experiential learning based projects, practicums, and internships.

Course Descriptions HRE 1550. Human Relations and Interpersonal Dynamics. An examination of the multiple constructs of interpersonal relations linked to achieving both organizational and individual goals and objectives by developing an understanding of human behavior within organizations. Contributing constructs in communication, perception, personality, leadership, motivation, group behavior, organizational structure, change, power, stress, creativity, and values are examined from both theoretical and practical application viewpoints. Topics will include: the interpersonal, technical, and administrative systems of an organization; an overview of project development and management; organizational behavioral effectiveness; and the challenges of the contemporary work environment. Prerequisites: Freshman, Sophomore or Junior status or permission of the instructor. Four credits.

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